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🚴 | Bicycle girl, 70-year-old man was hit by a driving car and seriously injured

Photo Hyogo Prefectural Police Amagasaki North Station = 2 Minamitsukaguchi-cho, Amagasaki-shi

A girl on a bicycle, a 70-year-old man, was hit by a car and was seriously injured.

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The station is hearing from a 70-year-old man who was driving a shuttle car on suspicion of violating the Car Driving Penalty Law (manslaughter).

Around 14:4 pm on the 50th, a girl (2) in the third grade of elementary school who lives nearby rotates at the intersection of 3 Muko Motomachi, Amagasaki City, Hyogo Prefecture. → Continue reading

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Violation of driving punishment law


ManslaughterWhat is (Kashitsuchi Shozai)?NegligenceIt is a crime that kills or injures a person.

People by negligenceinjuryIf you doManslaughterNext to (Criminal lawArticle 209(1)),Legal sentenceIs less than 30 yenfineOrFee..According to paragraph 2 of the same ArticleGuilty chargesIt is said that.On the other hand, when a person is killed by negligenceManslaughter(Article 210 of the same).The statutory penalty is a fine of up to 50 yen.This is not an antragsdelikt.


Both sins暴行And injuriesPurposelyThere is no requirement that there be negligence in the consequences of death or injury.If there is intentional assault or injuryCrime of injury・ Injury lethal crime is established.

Also, in the case of business negligenceBusiness negligenceToSerious negligenceIf there is aManslaughterAnd will be punished more heavily than before.However, because the scope of "business" is widely recognized, even if it is not business (CaseThere is a tendency to find that there was gross negligence (if it is enough to be done).

In addition, if certain types of actions or omissions cause death or injuryConsequential weighted criminalTo be punished as (eg:Traffic dangerous train capsized fatal injury crime), Cases corresponding to manslaughter are limited to a narrow range.Many types are fatal injuries caused by bicycle accidents, fires, mishandling of fuel, etc., but if the circumstances and results are serious, they are often charged with manslaughter.

Incidentally,Automobile(Motorized bicycleIf you neglect the necessary precautions in driving (including) and you are injured due to negligence, you were previously charged with manslaughter in business, but after amendment to manslaughter,Act on Punishment for Acts that Cause Death or Injury to People by Driving a CarBecame punished for manslaughter.

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