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⚾ | "If you think you've been hit by a loss ..." Teruaki Sato's "high difficulty" bullet is "one million more plays!"

Photo Hanshin / Teruaki Sato [Photo: Yuji Arakawa]

"If you think you've been hit by a loss ..." Teruaki Sato's "high difficulty" bullet "has already played 100 million!"

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Teruaki Sato proved to be "the strongest Mononov in the ball world" by voicing 2 hits and 1 RBI in the match against the same Mononov Softbank Shuta Ishikawa.

One ball that Ma threw according to the sign ... "I'm good at being thrown too much in the internal angle" Hanshin's draft 1st place, Sato ... → Continue reading


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The strongest mononov in the ball world

Hiiragi Ishikawa

Shuta Ishikawa(Ishikawa Shuta,1991May 12 -) isTokyoShinagawaFromProfessional baseball player(pitcher). Right-handed and right-handed.Fukuoka Softbank HawksBelongs.


Before entering professional

Started baseball at "Motoshiba Hayabusa" from the second grade of Shinagawa Ward Witness Elementary School, and at "Mizugami Fighters" until junior high schoolBaseballWas doing[1].
Tokyo Comprehensive Industrial High SchoolGo on to school. In the spring and summer of 3rd year, he left a track record of entering the top 8 in Tokyo.[2]..East Tokyo Tournament 4th RoundTakanawa High SchoolRecorded a shutout victory with 5 hits in the battle[3].
At the time of the examination season, it was thought that there were some universities where it was impossible for Ishikawa to be promoted regularly due to his ability.[4]. Soka UniversityAfter going on to school, seniorsYasuhiro OgawaAfter graduating, he had more opportunities to pitch, and in the fall of 4 he contributed to the league title with four wins and undefeated activities. For juniors in the third gradeSeigi TanakaThere was

2013 NPB Training Professional Baseball Draft Conferenceso,Fukuoka Softbank HawksNominated in the third round from[5].Training playerJoined as.When I first joined the groupUniform number The138.

Softbank era

2014For the next two years, due to a series of breakdowns of the right shoulder and right elbow, the affected areaRehabilitationPriority[6]..Although I had the opportunity to pitch in the third army battle[7], The second armyWestern leagueIt did not reach the official pitch.

2016, In the Western League official match, May 5st vs.Hanshin TigersFirst pitched victory in the battle[8].. On July 7stControlled player contractMove to and change the uniform number29Changed to[6].. Although he was registered as a player for the first time on July 7, he did not have the opportunity to pitch in the official game of the 5st Army.[8]..In the official game of the second army, he pitched in 9 games and pitched 33 times, leaving a record of 4 wins and 0 losses and an earned run average of 3.00.[9].

2017, Miyazaki spring camp is spent in group A centered on the main players[10]When,Open battleHowever, as he continued to pitch well as a relief pitcher, he joined the opening team.[11].. About the selection of group A Initially, "TanakaYou were called as a conversation partner for (justice), "he said masochistically.[4].. June 4 vsTohoku Rakuten Golden EaglesBattle (Kobo Park Miyagi) Debuted in the 7st Army official game as the 4th pitcher in the XNUMXth inning[12]..In subsequent gamesRelay pitcherIf you repeat the pitching as, the pair on May 5Orix BuffaloesBattle (Kyocera Dome Osaka) Firstホ ー ル ドWas recorded.Sep-pa Exchange BattleMay 5st vs.Chunichi DragonsBattle (Fukuoka Yahoo Auctions! Dome) Recorded the first starter and first victory of the XNUMXst Army official game[13]..After that, he pitched in the starting lineup, but due to the formation of the team, it was August 8th.Orix BuffaloesFrom the war, he was appointed as a middle pitcher again and won two wins.

Post seasonIt is,Tohoku Rakuten Golden EaglesWithClimax series final stageThen, he pitched in 3 games, and in the 10th game on October 21, he pitched 4 point behind in the 6th inning. In the top of the 1th inning, 6 inning was closed with no hits and no runs, and the team reversed to the bottom of the 1th inning to become the winning pitcher.[14].Yokohama DeNA BaystarsWithJapan seriesThen, he pitched in 4 games, and in the 2nd and 3rd rounds, he pitched 1 inning each and became a winning pitcher.Chiga UniversityWith three consecutive victories of pitchers from training for the first time in the history of the Japan Series[15], Contributed to the team's first recapture in Japan in two years.

On December 12th, off-season, he faced negotiations for contract renewal at the baseball team office in Fukuoka Yafuoku! Dome, and signed an annual salary of 18 million yen (estimated amount), an increase of 500 million yen from the current annual salary of 2,500 million yen. 3,000% up rate2003 OfTakeshi WadaIt was the first increase in the history of the team, surpassing 433% of the total.[16].

2018, Became the winning pitcher in the relief pitching in 4nd place in the match against Orix on April 1st.[17].. June 4 vsNippon HamIn the game, he started pitching and scored his second win with a good pitch without any goals in the 7th inning.[18]..After that until early AugustStarting rotationHe plays a part and marks 16 wins in 7 games.As in the previous year, from the match against Orix on August 8, we will use relief.[19],Long relief,One point relief,Set upperなど様々な局面で起用され、5勝と5つのホールドを挙げる。シーズントータルで42試合の登板で127回1/2を投げ、チーム最多勝タイの13勝6敗6ホールド、防御率3.60を記録した。

Post-seasonClimax seriesIn the first stage with Nippon Ham, he pitched in two games, and in the third game, he pitched in relief as second and became a winning pitcher.SeibuIn the final stage with, he pitched in relief in the same two games, and in the fifth game, he pitched 2/5 once in 3rd place to win the team.Japan seriesContribute to advancement.Hiroshima Toyo CarpIn the Japan Series with, he pitched as 1rd in the 3st round and pitched well, but he developed a feeling of discomfort in his right elbow and was removed from the benched members from the 3rd round.[20].

On December 12th, off-season, we faced negotiations for contract renewal at the baseball team office in Fukuoka Yafuoku! Dome, and signed with an annual salary of 19 million yen plus volume payment (estimated amount), which doubled from 3,000 million yen.[21].

2019, It was found that the muscles of the right thigh had been strained on January 1, and the Miyazaki Spring Camp started from the rehabilitation group.[22].. In the middle of March, he was recovering by pitching on the seat.[23], April 4rd, flu[24].. On the 15th, he developed right elbow pain and was forced to withdraw.[25]..Although he will return to the pitch in the match against Orix on September 9, the end of the season.[26], Due to the above injury, only two games were pitched.

In the postseason, it took place on October 10ndYomiuri GiantsWithJapan seriesIn the 3rd round, he pitched in 2nd place and won the 2nd inning without any goals and became a pitcher, contributing to the team's 3rd consecutive victory in the Japan Series.[27].

2020, Starting in the game on August 8 (against Seibu / Fukuoka PayPay Dome), in the scene of 1 death 6 timesCory SpangenbergHe was hit in front of the right, but he allowed only this one hit and threw it to the final round and entered the pro.First complete game-First shutoutAchieved[28]..As a team, it was the first complete game and the first shutout of the season.In addition, he recorded 13 strikeouts, the most in this game. October 10st Seibu match (31th inning, 6 hits, 4 run at MetLife Dome, 1th win[29].. In the final round of the pennant race on November 11th (against Seibu / Fukuoka PayPay Dome), he pitched as 9nd from the 4th inning and became the winning pitcher with no runs in the 2rd inning.This willChiga University-Hideaki Wakui11 wins alongside the same, the firstMost winsWon the title.In addition, IshikawaNot reached the prescribed pitching timesIt was the most wins in2005 OfHanshin TigersGo ShimoyanagiThis is the third record in 15 years since it was recorded.Also, the first time aloneHighest win rateAlso won the title of (.786)[30].. Contributed to the league title for the first time in 3 years[31].. With the giantJapan seriesThen for the first time in the second game[32]And the goal isWheelerHe was the first starting pitcher to win by throwing 2/5 in the 1th inning with 3 hits.[33][34].. It also contributed to Japan's number one for the fourth consecutive year.

2021, On February 2th during campingKimiyasu KudoFrom the director of the same year seasonOpening pitcherIt was announced that he was nominated as.Ace Senga and Higashihama, the opening pitcher of the previous year, became a rehabilitation team and adjustments were delayed.[35]..This is the second and third pitcher in NPB history, following Senga's second pitcher.In the opening game against Lotte (Fukuoka PayPay Dome) on March 2, he showed a good pitching to consolidate 2 innings to 3 goal, and became the first player from training to win the opening game in history.[36].

Characteristics as a player

Fastest 156km / h[37] OfstraightAnd make a big turnPower curve, Of small changessliderAuthentic right arm throwing[38]..The power curve isTomohito ItoIt is a reference to the slider of, and it is a weapon called a magic ball.[38]..The pitching interval is very short, and the average pitching interval for non-runners in 2018 was in the low 9 seconds range.


TeammatesYuki Yanagita-Chiga UniversityAs well asMomoiro Clover ZA fan of the so-called "Mononov".For match gloves,four Leaf CloverEmbroidered[39]..Recommended member (favorite member)Ayaka SasakiIs[40], In 2020, as an appearance song exclusively for Ishikawa, "work hard] (Ayaka Sasaki solo) was produced, and the music has been provided in the same way from the following year onwards.In addition, there is an episode that when a relative who has been taking care of me since I was little asked, "I want you to play a song of a local idol in Fukuoka as an appearance song", I refused categorically.[41]..I go to live during the off-season,TwitterAnd so on[42].

Detailed information

Pitcher results by year


Every time











A person




2017Softbank34120008301. 72740998.169115007994138363.291.21
2018421600013606. 684541127.11152043013964055513.601.24
2020181721011300. 786 443111.2689410121030032302.420.98
Total: 4 years9645210321208. 7271404340.125440134032301911251173.091.14
  • At the end of the 2020 season
  • Of each yearTaiziIs the best league

Pitcher (starter) results by year


Every time





201726Pacific League-------
201827--3 bit5 bit---
201928No starting pitcher
2020292 bit1 bit1 bit1 bit-7 bit-
  • -Is less than 10th place.In the season when complete games and shutouts were 0, less than the specified number of pitches in the ERA, and less than 13 wins in the win rate (2020 wins in 10) are also written as-.

Defensive results by year

Every time






20184271710. 960
20201842013. 960
total96145125. 970
  • At the end of the 2020 season




First record
Pitcher record
Hit record

Uniform number

  • 138 (2014-April 2016, 6)
  • 29 (July 2016, 7 -)

Appearance song



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