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⚾ | Professional alumni teach the appeal of baseball Classrooms and friendly matches in Fukushima Mr. Ishige and others play

Mr. Suzuki standing at bat in a friendly match

Professional alumni teach the appeal of baseball Classrooms and friendly matches played in Fukushima

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In a friendly match with a member of the Japanese-style baseball team, former Seibu Hiromichi Ishige and others played their best to excite the spectators.

"Professional Baseball OB Festa in Fukushima" was held on the XNUMXth at Shinobugaoka Stadium in Fukushima City, and baseball by a former professional baseball player ... → Continue reading

 Fukushima private press

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Softball baseball selection team

Hironori Ishige

Hiromichi Ishige(Ishige Hiromichi,1956May 9 -) Is the originalProfessional baseball player(Infielder)・directed by-Baseball commentator,YouTuber.ChibaAsahiI'm from

In JapanIndependent LeagueAlso known as the founder and operator ofIBLJWas established and served as the first representative director.Nickname isMr. Leo,Bee.

Mainly during the active eraSeibu LionsActive in1996ToFukuoka Daiei HawksAfter retiring from active duty in, the team's second army coachOrix Blue WaveAfter working as a director,2004Shikoku Island League (currently:Shikoku Island League plus) Was founded2009FoundingKansai Independent League (first generation)But he was the chief advisor.

Since 2009Josai International UniversityVisiting professor. As of June 2014, 6,High School attached to Chiba University of CommerceBecame a technical advisor for the baseball club[1]However, he is currently retired.

From 2020,YouTuberIn addition to his own channel Hiromichi Ishige TV and Hiromichi Ishige sub-channel, he occasionally appears on the professional baseball OB club channel, but also collaborates on the YouTube channel of other former professional baseball players. Is actively carried out.


Until becoming a professional

Choshi Municipal Choshi High SchoolThen No. 1shortstopActive as, in the third year1974Summer Koshien qualifyingChiba tournamentTo advance to the final.But of aceMasakatsu Tsuchiya, No. 4Toshio ShinozukaTo holdChoshi Commercial High SchoolI lost the shutout and missed the Koshien participation. Yoji Choshi (one year younger teammate)Waseda University,Toshio ChoshiBrother of),Nobuhisa EndoThere were both pitchers.Same yearDraft meetingLotte OrionsAlthough he was nominated for 6th place, he refused to join the group and announced that he would go on to higher education.

Komazawa UniversityAfter going on to schoolTohto University Baseball LeagueThen, by the third grade, he won the championship five times.1977 OfAll Japan University Baseball ChampionshipThen in the finalTatsunori HaraIt wasTokai UniversityWas extended 10 times and won the championship. In the 4th year, he will be the captain,Fukushige Bito,Kazuharu WatanabeThe main force of offense and defense graduated,1978In the spring league, it sinks to the bottom.Day universityIn the qualification match with, the pitcher was exhausted, and Ishige suddenly pitched and became the winning pitcher.In the fall league of the same year, the league was sluggish at 4th place, but Ishige won the batting champion, and in college, he played 107 games, 378 at bats, 114 hits, batting average .302, 7 home runs, and 57 RBIs.Best nine 6 times.114 hits in totalYukio Fujinami133 hits,Takagi YutakaIn 115rd place in the league after 3 hits1976For the second consecutive year sinceUS-Japan University Baseball ChampionshipHe was elected to represent Japan.

After graduating from universityPrince HotelJoined the company.For teammatesKazuya Sumitomo,Takayoshi Nakao,Eiji KanamoriAnd so on.1979 Of50th Intercity Baseball TournamentToToshiba FuchuParticipate as a reinforcement player.He hit a home run in the first at-bat in the first match, but Nakao was reinforced in the quarter-finals.Kumagai GumiLost to.4th of the same yearIntercontinental cupHe was elected to the Japan national team and contributed to Japan's runner-up.1980Will be the first Prince Hotel51th Intercity Baseball TournamentIn the second roundNippon Steel KamaishiHe was eliminated at the end of the 13th extension.26th of the same yearAmateur Baseball World ChampionshipAlso elected to represent Japan.

Active age

Before the 1980 draft meeting, he showed an attitude of refusing to enter the professional team, but just before that, he announced that he would enter the professional team if he was nominated for the first place in Seibu.[2]..At the draft meeting, with Seibu LionsHankyu BravesSeibu assigned Ishige's nomination and joined the group.

1981, Participated in the opening starting lineup as a shortstop from the rookie year, Lotte'sHiromitsu OchiaiLeading batterHe played an active part such as playing a fight.Nagashima ShigeoSince then, as a rookie batterRegular turn at batAchieved a batting average of 3%Newcomer KingWas won.

1982Became director of SeibuHirooka TatsuroToSpring campThen, he was provoked, saying, "You often got a rookie king."Hirooka said, "I didn't think I was very good at defending, but I was enthusiastic about playing an active part in the blow. I thought I was a player who could be a little better, so I dared to provoke him.Tatsunori HaraIt was said that it was Kapa's Ishige, so he said, "Now, Hara is better in terms of popularity, but I can't beat even my strength.Study more. " Looking back[3].

Ishige, who rebelled against this, did not listen to Hirooka obediently at first, but as he saw Hirooka teaching his rival players how to take steps, he took the initiative, saying, "Director, please tell me too." And began to accept the teachings[4]..Since then, he has led the team as the team leader of Seibu Tsunekatsu.Yomiuri GiantsWith1983 Japan SeriesThen, in the 6th round, he played an active part such as hitting a tie with a bases loaded in the bottom of the 1th inning with a 9-point behind.

1986Is the hit triple crownHiromitsu OchiaiAnd, the record of new high school graduates was broken one after anotherKiyohara KazuhiroHe won the Pa League MVP.

1987From shortstop to third baseman due to knee injury and team circumstancesConvertHowever, in the Japan Series, in the case of a match at the home of the Central League winning teamNominated batterSometimes I can't use it, and I often keep shorts after that.ChunichiWith1988 Japan SeriesIn all five games, he made a full appearance as a shortstop, and in the first game, he was the starting pitcher who won the title with the most wins in the Central League.Kazuyuki OnoFrom solo home run, round 3Masahiro YamamotoSolo home run and timely hit, in the 5th round that decided the best in Japan, timely double hit from the first Ono, 1 point lead in the bottom of the 9th inning, relief aceGenji GuoFrom to the back screen by tying the rebirthShowaHe played an active part such as hitting the last home run of the era and won the series MVP.This year off, he will be the first Pacific League fielder to become a 1 million yen player.

In the first half of his active career, he was mainly active as the number one batter,Hajime TsujiGrowth,Orestes DestradeDue to team circumstances such as joining the team, he will be assigned the 6th position in the latter half of his active career.He is also a regular at the Golden Glove Awards, and he was also a player with a triple time signature of offense and defense, as if he had hit 200 home runs and decided 200 stolen bases and 200 sacrifice bunts.

1994, Same third basemanMike PagliaruloJoined the group.As a result, Ishige played 111 games (101 hits) and Pagliarulo played 80 games (75 hits).[5].. With the giantJapan seriesThen, it ended in 12 hit in 1 at bats, and the team also lost with 2 wins and 4 losses.

Off-season, resignedMori AkiraHe was asked to replace the director, but refused to take office.Ishige said, "I thought I could do it myself. But it's no joke to retire and become a director. Even the defense of third base.Takeshi SuzukiBetter.The director can do it now, and he had 2,000 hits in his head. "[5]It has said.FAExercise your rights on November 11thRikuo NemotoServes as managing director of the teamFukuoka Daiei HawksTransferred to.same year,Kimiyasu KudoAlso transferred to Hawks in FA, but it was the first case in history that two players of the same team transferred to another same team in the same year.

1995Was delayed due to injury, batting average 2%, home run 1, RBI 11 and ended up with his worst record, 14 games per year, 100 hits per year, regular at-bats cut off, 100 consecutive appearances in All-Star games. It was interrupted at times.It was renewed with an annual salary of 14 million yen (estimated), which is 50% down.

1996Has few turns, and has deviated from the force concept off, and announced his retirement on October 10th.After retiring, he remained in Daiei, and as a team member,1997ToLos Angeles DodgersI studied abroad as a coach.

Daiei second army coach era

October 10, after the end of the same year season,Fukuoka Daiei HawksHe was appointed as the second army coach, but was virtually dismissed in one year on October 1998, 10.Starting lineupAmida Lottery,Rock-paper-scissorsIt became a hot topic that it was decided in, but by experiencing various batting orders, for example, even if it is the main gun in the second army, in the first armyBuntThe aim was not to fail when ordered[6].

It is said that the reason for the dismissal was not the starting lineup selection, but the content that the manager of the team asked about Daiei's strengthening measures and made recommendations. "In Seibu, Mr. Nemoto (Rikuo) (Seibu management manager → Daiei managing director) first gathered people with good materials. This is a work of organization in some respects" was taken as a criticism of Daiei front, and the team side I bought my anger[7].

1999For 3 yearsNHKBaseball commentator,Sports Nippon OfBaseball criticServed.

Orix director era

2001May 10Orix Blue WaveBecame a director.However, before the official announcement, NHK asked me to explain the postseason of Major League Baseball, and I was forced to confess my appointment to decline.NHK News』, And it was unavoidable that this happened, he also confided the story of the director's consultation to Sponichi.The owner said, "I don't trust anyone who leaks internal secrets to the outside."Yoshihiko MiyauchiIshige also repelled and responded, "Let's return this story to a blank sheet."[8]..In the end, I asked NHK and Sponichi not to report in advance, and both responded to refraining from doing so.

Eventually, he became a coach and became a batter coach.Tachibana YoshiieInvited[5]..Became the director of Orix,Akira AokiThe former coach met the players togetherMeetingI was surprised to hear that the instructions had been given to the players individually, and I immediately asked the manager to secure a place for the meeting.

It will be the first year2002Has been in the team for the first time in 39 years and finished at the bottom for the first time in Orix.2003Was sluggish from the opening, and was dismissed on April 20, the end of 7 games (12 wins, 1 losses, 4 draw).

Although his qualifications as a director were questioned by Saihai, Ishige said, "IchiroAlsoTakeshi TaguchiAlsoGeorge AriasAlsoShinichi KatoI wasn't there and I didn't have enough strength. "[5]It has said.According to Ishige, the dismissal was triggered by a new foreign player.Roosevelt Brown,Jose OrtizIt is said that he was dismissed because he was dismissed because he was slumped and dropped to the second army, which was regarded as a return to the president of the team he hired.[9].

Independent league founded

2004, Established IBLJ and assumed the post of representative director, Shikoku Island League (currentlyShikoku Island League plus) Was established.After the dismissal of Orix, he said that he came up with the idea of ​​establishing IBLJ. Please think. "[10].

2007On March 3, he retired from IBLJ's CEO and became a full-time commissioner, and withdrew completely from league management when the contract expired on December 10, but he is still a major shareholder since the company was established (fully owned by the company). The name is left in.Regarding his retirement as a commissioner, he explained on his blog that he "did not renew his contract on the league side, not what he said."2008January,Ehime Mandarin PiratesBecame a senior team advisor for.

Also, in April 2008Kansai Independent LeagueExpressed the concept of2009After the inauguration of the Kansai Independent League, he became the chief advisor.However, it was reported that there was almost no touch on management after the league was established in connection with the problem of unpaid distributions from the league to the team, which was discovered in May of the same year.Became the representative of the operating company to replace Stella Co., Ltd., which withdrew from league managementTakeshi KimuraSaid at a press conference after the meeting held on May 5, "You can think that the relationship (with Ishige) has been separated," and Ishige will not be involved in the league management after the new company is established. Ishige resigned as chief adviser.Regarding this, Ishige said, "I feel like a (league) advertising tower (participated in)" "(to the voice of each team that they did nothing even though they were the top advisers) I did various things before the launch. In addition, there is no way to say "I didn't do anything" after this, without any thanks, reports, or consultations, "he said." Even if I was made a bad guy, I survived (independence). I hope the league will expand. "[11].

After independent league

In 2009, "Seibu Lions of the old nest sponsored"Lions Classic 2009』Inaugurated as an executive producer and also appeared at the opening ceremony. Headquartered in Chiba prefecture on September 9stJosai International UniversityBecame a visiting professor.

2010XNUM X Month X NUM X Day,Baseball hall of fameListed in the entry candidate list / player section[12].

2013,FOX SPORTS JapanIn response to the entry into the NPB game broadcast by, the station's professional baseball broadcast and information program "BASEBALL CENTER』Analyst (exclusive commentator) appointed.On the other hand, I attended a training session necessary for teaching student baseball by experienced professional baseball players.[13].

2014, January 1th,Japan Student Baseball AssociationCertified to restore student baseball qualifications[14].. From June 6st, Kiichi Someya, a two-year senior of Ishige from Komazawa University, will be the director.High School attached to Chiba University of CommerceIn the baseball club, he teaches members as a part-time technical advisor.By the way, Ishige is the first person who has experience as a coach of the NPB baseball team to teach baseball in earnest at a high school other than his mother's school.[1].

As a baseball commentator, from 2018,Sunday Morning''(TBS TV)'S sports corner "Weekly Opinion Number" corner.From 2018 as Seibu OBNippon Cultural Broadcasting, Inc.In addition to appearing as a guest of, from 2020 as a number contractSaitamaAppeared in a professional baseball broadcast.

Detailed information

Hit results by year


Every time
















1981Seibu1214924098212721321217552593144424965. 311. 380. 531. 911
198212453746464120172151865422415255211125. 259. 337. 401. 738
198312852543986133267162216429521059066310. 303. 393. 503. 896
198412452345291117281262257126101145303824. 259. 338. 498. 836
1985130607504961412642725676113858842864. 280. 386. 508. 894
198612958651491169230272738919101374626716. 329. 386. 531. 917
1987130582525801412001119441143524753896. 269. 331. 370. 701
198813059450884144151212246322412666727910. 283. 364. 441. 805
198913061248678131214162086328517598566616. 270. 395. 428. 823
199010041335948107211815447719539214112. 298. 364. 429. 793
1991122487417491122411317761842264111649. 269. 331. 424. 755
19921255044386413027081815211322139048016. 297. 359. 413. 772
199312250643464133262152085312513059108310. 306. 389. 479. 868
19941114393806010113211151468415341107913. 266. 335. 397. 732
1995Daiei52134120112460133110131802314. 200. 260. 275. 535
19961829231300031101140052. 130. 250. 130. 380
Total: 16 years17967570647210491833314282362911847243712185278732411127132. 283. 362. 450. 812
  • Of each yearTaiziIs the best league

Supervision results by year


Every time









2002Oryx6 bit14050873. 36539102. 2353.5846
2003--207121. 368(33.5)(174)(.276)(5.95)46
total16057994. 365
  • 2001 games from 2003 to 140
    In 2003, the director was dismissed on April 4.The successor directorLeon Lee..The results in parentheses are the season records for that year.



First record
  • First appearance/first start: April 1981, 4, vs.Lotte Orions1rd round (Kawasaki Stadium), No. 1shortstopStart as
  • First bats and first hits: Same as above, 1 times in the tableChouji MurataTo middle hit
  • First stolen base: Same as above, second stolen in the top of the first (pitcher: Choji Murata, catcher:Kenji Doi
  • First home run / RBI: Same as above, Choji Murata to Ugoe solo in the top of the 5th inning
Record of milestone
  • 100 home runs: August 1985, 8, vs.Hankyu Braves17th round (Seibu Lions Stadium), in the bottom of the 5thYutaro ImaiFrom solo * 141st person in history
  • 1000 Hits: August 1988, 6, againstNankai Hawks7th round (Seibu Lions Stadium), in the bottom of the 3thShinichi KatoTo hit Nakamae *152th person in history
  • 150 home runs: August 1988, 7, vs.Nippon Ham Fighters16rd round (Tokyo Dome), 8 timesHirofumi KonoFrom solo * 86st person in history
  • 1000 games participation: September 1988, 9, 23th round against Nankai Hawks (Osaka Stadium), No. 1third basemanAs a starter ※The 279th person in history
  • 200 home runs: August 1991, 8, vs.Kintetsu Buffaloes17th round (Seibu Lions Stadium), in the bottom of the 3thKazuyoshi OnoFrom solo * 60st person in history
  • 1500 games participation: April 1993, 4, 17nd round against Chiba Lotte Marines (Chiba Marine Stadium), Starting as 1st and 105rd baseman * XNUMXth in history
  • 1000 strikeouts: September 1993, 9, against Chiba Lotte Marines 29rd round (Seibu Lions Stadium), in the bottom of the 23ndKatsuo SoFrom ※ 18th person in history
  • 200 sacrifice bunts: April 1994, 4, 10nd round against Kintetsu Buffaloes (Seibu Lions Stadium), in the bottom of the 2thHideo KoikeFrom the third base sacrifice bunt * 13th person in history
  • 1000 points: June 1994, 6, against Fukuoka Daiei Hawks 12th round (Seibu Lions Stadium), in the bottom of the 11ndIto workSurvived and recorded by hitting the left front in a timely manner * 25th person in history
Other records
  • 17 consecutive hits in the Japan Series: Round 1985 of 5-Round 1988 of 1 * Series record
  • First batter home run in total: 30 (18 on the front, 12 on the back) * 4th place in history
  • First batter of the season Home run: 8 (1986) * Nippon Professional Baseball Thailand record at that time (2007)Yoshinobu TakahashiIs updated with 9), even nowPacific LeagueThai record (1972)Fukumoto Yutaka・1996Rob DuchyAnd Thailand).1978 as a right-handed batterDave HiltonAnd 1999Takashi OgataAlong with Nippon Professional Baseball, the most Thai record, Pacific League record
  • 1 inning 2 home runs: June 1994, 6, against Fukuoka Daiei Hawks 11th round (Seibu Lions Stadium), in the bottom of the 11thIkeda Shinko-Yano not ridingから
  • 23 consecutive hits: July 1986, 7-August 29
  • SeasonDefense rate: .991 (1990) *third basemanPacific League record as
  • All star gamesParticipation: 14 times (1981-1994)

Uniform number

  • 7(1981-1994, 1996)
  • 0(1995)
  • 78(1998)
  • 87(2002-2003)

Related information


  • "Hiromichi Ishige's" Independent League "Struggle" Atlas Publishing, November 2009, 11 First Edition ISBN 978-4-901108-85-0



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