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🏀 | Basketball loses Japan to China Men's Asian Cup qualifying

Photo Hiejima playing against China (left) = Clark (co-provided by the International Basketball Federation)

Basketball loses Japan to China Men's Asian Cup qualifying

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In the first half, Japan acquired Japanese nationality and attacked mainly Edwards (Chiba), who participated in the national team for the first time, but the score was sluggish and turned to the defensive.

The 2021 Asian Cup qualifying for men's basketball was held in the Philippines on the 16th, and the world ranking in Group B ... → Continue reading

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Japanese nationality

Japanese nationality(Japanese cough, Japanese cough)The Constitution of JapanArticle 10ReceivedNationality lawStipulated by

The Nationality Law (Law No. 25 of 147) stipulates "requirements for being a Japanese national", and it is said that a person who owns Japanese nationality is a Japanese national.As a general rule, both parentsPedigreeHowever, the exception is acquisition by fabricism andNaturalizationIs also approved.


Japanese nationality is possessed by a person whose father or mother was a Japanese national at the time of birth or a person who was naturalized from a foreign nationality.1984(ShowaSo-called fatherhood until 59)Pedigree(If the father is Japanese and the mother is foreign national, the child is Japanese, and in the opposite case, automatic Japanese nationality cannot be obtained due to birth and only naturalization is possible.) There is. When changing the system, within a certain period under the old system (1965(40)May 1From 1984 (Showa 59)May 123) time-delayed transitional measures (immediate acquisition of Japanese nationality by notification) were adopted for mothers born to

Incidentally,EmperorとroyalAlso has Japanese nationality, and is therefore a Japanese national (member of the state) referred to in Article 10 of the Constitution. However, the Emperor is not a "nation as a sovereign" because it is a symbol of national and national integration according to Chapter 1 of the Constitution and is subject to certain human rights restrictions, including suffrage. For the royal family,Imperial ruleAlthough there are some restrictions due to other laws, the difference with the general public is not large in nature. RoyalSuffrageIs because the royal family has no family register,Public office election lawIt has only been suspended for the time being by appendix. However, as a matter of fact, the rights and freedoms of royalty are severely restricted. This is said to have been because "there was a special status of the royal family and should be restricted in the same way as the emperor" was strong among the citizens.[1][2]

Japanese nationality


Birth and quasi-acquisition

In the nationality law, the following three conditions are set as conditions for acquiring Japanese nationality by birth, and in these cases automatic acquisition[3].. In addition, it is said that the “quasi-formal” acquisition can be obtained by notification.

  • Father or mother is a Japanese national at birth
  • Japanese nationals when their father died before birth
  • Born in Japan, when both parents are unknown or do not have nationality

Acquisition by naturalization

Nationality lawNaturalizationAs a result, non-Japanese nationals (foreigners) can acquire Japanese nationality.For naturalizationMinister of JusticeIn principle, only foreigners who have the following conditions can be permitted to naturalize. (Article 5)

  • Have an address in Japan for at least 5 years.
  • Must be at least 20 years old and have the ability to act according to the law of the home country.
  • Good behavior.
  • Being able to earn a living from the assets or skills of one's own or a spouse or other relative who makes a living.
  • Do not have nationality or should lose that nationality by acquiring Japanese nationality (Multiple nationalityLimits).
  • Never have formed or joined a political party or other organization that attempts or claims to violently destroy the Constitution of Japan or the government established under it, or attempts or claims to do so. ..

For spouses of Japanese (Article 7) and children of those who once had Japanese nationality (Article 6), it may be possible to permit cases that do not meet the above conditions.In addition, "foreigners who have special achievements in Japan" are not based on the above.国会Naturalization can be permitted with the approval of (Article 9).If naturalization is allowedOfficial gazetteWill be notified in (Article 10).


The Nationality Law stipulates that Japanese nationality will be lost in the following cases.

  1. When acquiring a foreign nationality based on his/her desire
  2. A Japanese national who has acquired a foreign nationality due to birth and is born abroad (if the parents are Japanese nationals and born in a country of birth, or if the father or mother is a foreign national who adopts pedigreeism. If you are born outside Japan, but do not indicate your intention to retain Japanese nationality

In addition, Japanese citizens of other nationalities say that they can "leave" their nationality by notifying the Minister of Justice (not "lost").

Restriction of heavy nationalities

An adult heavy nationality with other nationality and Japanese nationality,Multiple nationalityYou must choose one of the nationalities within two years of becoming If you choose Japanese nationality, you must either withdraw from another nationality or make a declaration that you choose Japanese nationality and try to withdraw from another nationality. However, there are no penal provisions if a person who has selected Japanese nationality does not leave other nationalities (whether due to intention, negligence, force majeure, etc.).


In the case of Japan, although the nationality law stipulates how to acquire nationality,CountryThere is no stipulated record system (corresponding to the national registration system in other countries) that allows centralized, direct registration, management, and certification byFamily register lawCreated and managed based onFamily register(MunicipalityManagement) is a de facto nationality registration, andJapanese Government(Minister of Foreign Affairs(Ministry of Foreign Affairs) Authority)Japan passport"(passport) Plays the role of proof of Japanese nationality outside Japan.Special permanent residentAs a result, "I do not have Japanese nationality", of course, a Japanese passport will not be issued.

Japanese people as sovereign

The Constitution of JapanIs declared and prescribed by the Japanese peopleConstitutionalismAnd in JapanSovereign inhabitantsIs clearly sung. "Civil servantAnd select thisrecallRight toArticle 15 of the Constitution of Japan) Is a right peculiar to the Japanese people. That is, in Japan, only those who have Japanese nationality (Japanese nationals)Suffrage, Which basically has nothing to do with the country of residence (Overseas election). The emperor is excluded from the sovereignty of the people due to the peculiarity of his position.

Example that requires Japanese people

The main items that clearly state that only Japanese citizens can participate outside the legal system in Japan are as follows. (Political Funds Control LawIf a person who does not have Japanese nationality registers as a party memberPolitical funding partyTo participate and pay the membership fee,Political contributionUnlike, there is no stipulation in the loophole)

Japanese political parties, etc.

Party memberIs limited to Japanese citizens,Japanese political partyThe effects are shown below.



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