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⚽ | From Hokkaido to the Mongolian League!Soccer player Ayumu Nakano

Photo Ayumu Nakano aiming to play an active part in the Mongolian League

From Hokkaido to the Mongolian League!Soccer player Ayumu Nakano

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While I couldn't actually try out or participate in practice due to the influence of Corona, I edited the play video by myself like a YouTuber and approached various overseas teams.

Ayumu Nakano, a 19-year-old from Iwamizawa, Hokkaido, who participated in the national soccer tournament when he was in Hokkai High School.High school graduate ... → Continue reading

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Try out(tryout) Originally means aptitude test / test performance.Generally, it is a place where athletes who wish to join a sports competition group appeal their abilities in front of the people involved in the group and aim for a contract.scoutThe difference is that in the scout, the team asks the opponent to "come" with all their gratitude, while in the tryout, the applicant volunteers for the team.


If the tryout is defined as above, each player visits each team's camp, so-called "Joining testHowever, in Japan, when we usually call it a "tryout", we often refer to a "joint tryout" by multiple teams or groups (those sponsored by a team may be called a "team tryout").Also,Golf,Bowling,boxing,wrestlingThe meaning is also different from "protest" such as.The tryout has a strong image of digging up potential players.

The target differs depending on the organizer.

In recent years in North America, "Testing combine(Testing combine) "or simply"combineThe name "" is well established.

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Free contractFor players
For all applicants
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