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🏀 | [Breaking News] Japan vs. Chinese Taipei, Japan wraps up the first half with a 14-point lead

Photo Basketball Match Summary

[Breaking news] Japan vs. Chinese Taipei, Japan wraps up the first half with a 14-point lead

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The match will continue in the second half, whether Japan can maintain the lead or Chinese Taipei can reverse the 14-point behind.

Japan national team men's v… in the FIBA ​​Asia Cup qualifying held at Al-Gharafa Sports Club → Continue reading


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Chinese Taipei

Chinese Taipei(French: Taipei chinois,English: Chinese Taipei,Chinese: Chinese Taipei,IOC code: TPE)OlympicInternational sports such asInternational organizationIn international places such asRepublic of China(Taiwan) Is used as a name.United NationsInLost China's representation and virtually banishedSince the 1970s, when the country has been forced into diplomatic isolation, as a compromise as the country participates in the international community.sovereignty-National approvalA shelved problem.

While the name "Taiwan" cannot be used due to the fact that the Government of the Republic of China represents the whole of China, the "Republic of CHINA" is also international because the Republic of China does not actually govern the whole of China effectively. What has become unacceptable in societyPeople's Republic of ChinaArgues thatOne chinaThe background is that neither "Republic of China" nor "Taiwan" can be used due to the relationship with the theory.

This name was first usedTaipei CityHeadquartered in TaiwanNational Olympic Committee (NOC) "Chinese Taipei Olympic CommitteeAs the English name and the name of the participants in the Olympic Games.

Olympic method

"" Instead of "Republic of China"Chinese Taipei(Chinese Taipei) ”is the national flagBlue sky, white sun, red flagTo participate in an international venue without using "Olympic method(Olympic Games) ”Or“Olympic committee method(奧 會 model) ”.At the Olympics, instead of the national flagOlympic committee flagThe order is generally by the IOC code "TPE".

after thatAsia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC),General agreement on tariffs and trade To (GATT)オ ブ ザ ー バ ーParticipation,World Trade OrganizationAbbreviation for subscription name in (WTO),Economic Cooperation Development Organization International organizations (such as participation in some committees of the (OECD)Intergovernmental organization) Has also come to be used.There are cases where international competitions other than the Olympic Games and international private organizations also participate in the Olympic Games.

Olympic committee flag

Chinese Taipei Olympic Committee Flag(Chinese Taipei Olympic Committee) Is from the designPlum blossom flagSometimes calledOlympic,Asian GamesA player from the Republic of China saidChinese Taipei RepresentativeWhen participating asRepublic of China flagUsed and displayed instead of.

The flag on a white background, the blue, white, and red used for the flagnational flower(National flower of the Republic of China)plumIn the shape ofBlue Sky with a White Sun(Blue sky and white sunCrest) andOlympic symbolsThe emblem of the Olympic Committee, which features the Olympics, is placed in the center.At the awards ceremony of the tournament, etc.National Flag Anthem of the Republic of ChinaIs played.

The Chinese Taipei Olympic Committee flag may also be used in competitions that are not directly related to the Olympic Games.Volleyball world championship,World Baseball ClassicThere are examples such as.

Flag of the governing body of multi-sport events and individual competitions

Paralympic,Deaflympics,UniversiadeMany of the multi-sport events for specific people, such as the flags and emblems of the governing bodies and national teams of individual competitions, have the same design elements as the flags of the Olympic Committee.Pages on the Chinese Taipei Olympic Committee website[1]The emblems of the governing bodies of each competition and the links to their respective sites are summarized in.

Cross-strait issues at the Olympics

The history of the Olympic Committee in the Republic of China (China)1922Founded in Shanghai in "Chinese amateur movement union(China National Amateur Athletic Federation) ”was held in Paris in the same year.International Olympic Committee (IOC) NOC at the Annual MeetingChinese Olympic Committee(China Olympic Committee) ”starts with recognition.At this time, he held important positions such as Foreign Minister at President Union Akira.Wang ZhengtingWas appointed as an IOC member.1924ToChinese amateur movement union TheRepublic of China Sports FederationReorganized into.1932Los Angeles,1936Berlin,1948UKIn the three tournaments, the Chinese national team players participated under this system.

National warAs a result of1949,Mainland ChinaToPeople's Republic of ChinaWas established, and the government of the Republic of China fled to Taipei.1951Was notified that the "Chinese Olympic Committee" had moved to Taiwan and was approved by the IOC.The China Countrywide Sports General Association was established in Beijing, the capital of the People's Republic of China.Chinese Olympic CommitteeI started the activity as.1952 OfHelsinki olympicThen, participation on both banks of the Taiwan Strait was decided, but the Taipei side opposed this and withdrew participation.Host countryフィンランド The1950Approved the People's Republic of China on January 1[2].

1954At the IOC Session in Athens, the two "Chinese Olympic Committees" were both approved.1956 OfMelbourne olympicThen, in protest of the Republic of China raising the national flag, the blue sky, the white sun, and the red flag, the People's Republic of China withdrew just before.1958The Beijing Olympic Committee saidTwo ChinaAs protesting the move to create the IOC and several majorInternational Federation Withdrew from (IF) and declared a break in relations. Independently with countries dissatisfied with the IOCEmerging country competitionI also went.

on the other hand,1959On May 5, the IOC Session adopted a resolution that the Olympic Committee in Taipei could not continue to be approved under the name of the "Chinese Olympic Committee" because it did not represent and control all of China.In response to this, the Taipei Olympic Committee immediately said, "Taiwanese Olympic Committee (Republic of China Olympic Committee) ”and applied to the IOC. IOC1960Although he admitted this to the match,Taiwan (Taiwan) ”Or“Formosa (Formosa) ”Was requested to be used.The Taipei side did not accept the use of these Taiwanese names, and the same yearRome olympicIs protesting at the entrance ceremony against the use of the name "Formosa".1964Tokyo Olympicsと1968Mexico City OlympicsThen, I participated under the name of "Taiwan Republic of China".1968, IOC is an abbreviation for Republic Of China, which is written in English in the Republic of China.ROCI saw a tentative conclusion by using the name.First participation in the Winter Games1972Sapporo OlympicsAnd the same yearMunich Olympics,1976Winter GamesInnsbruck OlympicsThen, I participated under the name of "Republic of China".

1971,United Nations General AssemblyBut the only legal representative of China is the People's Republic of ChinaChiang Kai-shek"Representative of" is immediately expelledUN General Assembly Resolution 2758 (Albania Resolution)By adopting, the Republic of ChinaUnited NationsDeclared withdrawal.1970The People's Republic of China continued to improve relations with Western countries, including the establishment of diplomatic relations with Canada, and diplomatic relations between the Republic of China and these countries continued to break.

To respond to these movements1973The Olympic Committee in Taipei is JapanJapan Sports AssociationEquivalent to "Republic of China Education Cooperation AssociationSeparated from "Chinese Taipei Olympic CommitteeWas reorganized.on the other hand,1975In April, the Beijing side applied to the IOC for a return.It was shelved due to inadequate documents, but like the United Nations, it is subject to expulsion from Taiwan on the premise of one country and one representative (""United Nations methodThe problem of returning to China became one of the biggest concerns of the IOC and the international sports world at that time.

1976 OfMontreal olympicSo, the host country, Canada, has taken the policy of not accepting the team from Taiwan as long as it uses the name "ROC = Republic of China" and its national flag, the blue sky, white sun, and red flag. The IOC accused it of violating the 1969 agreement, but Canada remained unchanged and the issue also considered canceling Montreal. The ROC Olympic Committee did not accept the compromise to raise the Olympic flag using the IOC's name "Taiwan," and recalled the team waiting to enter Canada in the United States.

The People's Republic of China made concessions in stages through negotiations to return to the IOC and IF. He abandoned the "UN system", withdrew the claim of expulsion from Taiwan, and insisted on participation in a unified team including Taiwan, softening his attitude.Eventually, he admitted that Taiwan would be a separate team on the premise of "a region of China."

1979On October 10, at a resolution of the IOC Executive Board held in Nagoya, Taipei Olympic Committee member Kaoru Kabayashi said, "Chinese Taipei Olympic CommitteeUnder the name of ", the flags and songs will remain on the condition that they use the ones approved by the IOC that are different from the previous ones (flags and national anthems of the Republic of China), and the People's Republic of China will join the" Chinese Olympic Committee (Chinese Okubayashi Olympic Committee= National flag in the name of "Chinese Olympic Committee)"Five-star red flagAnd national anthemGiyu army progress songWas allowed to return to the Olympics usingNagoya resolution).After that, due to the recognition of equal rights and status with the current symbol and other NOCs, and the guarantee of membership in the IOC and related IFs,1981XNUM X Month X NUM X Day,LausanneIn discussions with the IOC held at the Chinese Taipei Olympic Committee, the Chinese Taipei Olympic Committee accepted the change in English name, flag and emblem ("Rakuso talks<Lausanne Agreement> ").

1984 OfSarajevo(winter)・Los Angeles(summer) From both tournaments, teams from both banks of the Taiwan Strait have started to participate in the Olympic Games.

For the Chinese name of Chinese Taipei,1989Until, the Taipei side insists on "medium"flowerMake it "Taipei" or "Medium" claimed by the Beijing sideCountryI couldn't decide whether to make it "Taipei".1990 Asian GamesIt was necessary to prepare for several international competitions to be held in Beijing, including.1989April 4th, Secretary-General of the Chinese Taipei Olympic Committee (Secretary-General)Lee GyeonghuaIn a discussion held in Hong Kong by Zhen Liang, the chairman of the Chinese Olympic Committee, it was agreed that the Chinese name of the Taiwanese sports organization would be "Chinese Taipei."With the first Chinese Taipei national team heading to Beijing to participate in the Asian Youth Gymnastics Championships, which opened on the 20th of the same month, direct sports exchanges on both banks of the Taiwan Strait began.

2021May 7Made inOpening ceremony of the Tokyo OlympicsOpening ceremony at the entrance march of the Taiwanese teamlive broadcastWasNHK OfSpecial programWas in charge of the moderatorMayuko WakudaannouncerCalled the "Chinese Taipei" teamTaiwanI introduced[3][4][5][Annotation 1]..In Taiwan, there is a backlash against the name of Chinese Taipei, soTaiwanMediaWelcomed "bringing a moment of pride to Taiwan," whileChinese Communist PartyBulletin "People's Daily"Affiliated"Ring and ball news"(NHK)Public broadcastingAsOne chinaShould not be reported in a way that damages. "[4].

Naming problem

How to write Chinese Taipei in Chinese is a politically delicate issue.

The name of the Chinese Taipei Olympic Committee is the Chinese Taipei Olympic Committee, which is an external name, but the Chinese name for the domestic market does not use the letters "Taipei" but is "Chinese Taipei Olympic Committee".Like the Olympic Committee, other competition management organizations use Chinese Taipei as the English name, but in many cases the Chinese name is "Republic of China XX Cooperation".

In Taiwan, the national team is generally called the "Chinese corps (corps = team)".Supporting mainland TaiwanPan-GreenSystem media (Free timeEtc.) use the name "Taiwan Corps".

on the other handMainland ChinaSo, while "Chinese Taipei" is used in official venues such as match venues, "Chinese Taipei" is used in the press.CountryShould be called "Taipei"[6]..In the same context on the continentHong Kong"China Hong Kong",MacauIs called "Chinese Macau".When "Taipei, China" was used as the Chinese name in official and external settings, the Taiwanese side has filed a protest.

Beijing OlympicsImmediately before July 2008, the Taiwanese side suggested a boycott of the opening ceremony and tournament due to this naming problem.[7]In response, the continental side also made concessionsXinhua Trading Company, For overseas ChineseChugoku Shimbun (China News Service)State-ownedNews agencyThe name "Chinese Taipei" has come to be seen in articles distributed by the continental media.Before the Beijing Olympics, the name "Chinese Taipei" was used by the mediaHong KongWas limited to.But also in Hong KongLarge bulletin-BunhuiThe continental media such as "Taipei, China" was used.

JapaneseIn the official scene, "Chinese Taipei" and "Chinese Taipei" are also used, but in other cases, they are often simply referred to as "Taiwan".

Return to "Taipei, China" on the continental side

Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of ChinaShould translate Chinese Taipei as Chinese Taipei. People's Republic of China in 2008State Council Taiwan Affairs Office(Taiwan) spokesperson Yang Yi, on the other hand, has Chinese translations of both "Chinese Taipei" and "Chinese Taipei", and the agreement of the Olympic Committee is outside the scope of the continental organization. He explained that it does not extend to the right of individuals to use "Taipei China", and it is not pointed out that "Taipei China" is a dwarf of Taiwan.[8]..At the same time, Yang said that in documents such as the Beijing Olympics Organizing Committee, when referring to Taiwanese sports organizations and organizations, the notation is unified as "Chinese Taipei."

The name "Taiwan Taipei" has not changed for some time since President Tsai Ing-wen took office in May 2016, but between the Government of the People's Republic of China and the Government of the Republic of China.Ninety two common senseWhen there was a disagreement about, the relationship between the two became tense, and the media in mainland China began to use "Taipei, China" again.

Xinhua News AgencyIn the 2016th item of "Shinkasha Shimbun Newsletter, Forbidden Words in Taiwan (Revised in July 7)" Taiwanese organizations among international organizations and private international organizations related to economic trade, culture and sports that can participate even if they are not countries should not be called "Taiwan" or "Taipei", but rather "Taipei China" or "Taiwan China". If you want to use "Chinese Taipei" for special circumstances, ask for instructions from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Taiwan in advance. "[9]That.

2017 year 4 month,China Central TelevisionRegarding the fact that Chinese government-made media came to call Taiwan "Taipei China" instead of "Taipei China" in sports broadcasts, the Republic of ChinaContinental Office of Government OfKatharine Chang"We can never accept that the continental media has unilaterally diminished our name (" Taipei, China ").Taiwan is by no means part of mainland China.Formally protest the continental side. "[10].

Situation in Taiwan

Chiang Kai-shek-Chiang Ching-kuoDuring his administration, he claimed that the Government of the Republic of China was the orthodox government that represented all of China.To represent the Republic of China (that is, tatemae, all over China), calling Taiwan threatens its legitimacy (""Jurisdiction").Therefore, the names "Taiwan" and "Formosa" were not accepted by the Republic of China at that time.At that time, in the Republic of China, even private organizations could not use "Taiwan" in the names of national things, but had to use "Republic of China", "China" or "China".

Head ministerIsLee Teng-huiPresidentBegan to solidify the administration base, "The president of Taiwan(President from Taiwan) ”visited Singapore and“Diplomacy(Real-life diplomacy) ”has been developed since March 1989, and the situation has gradually changed.

2007 year 4 month,Chen Shui-bianAt the meeting with the return delegation of Taiwan's overseas business group, the president made "Chinese Taipei" a "strange name" and said that the Taiwanese name could not be used at the Olympic Games. "It was a matter of considering various realities at that time," he said, but he said "unfair treatment" and changed the name to Taiwan (Taiwanese name movement) Showed motivation[11].

2008 year 4 month,Ma YingjiuBefore taking office as presidentChuotsushaIn an interview withwho (WHO) Regarding the membership issue, "外交部Says not to use "Chinese Taipei", but the question is, have you ever succeeded (joined) with a name other than "Chinese Taipei"? In addition to the more unacceptable name "Taipei China", is there anything more appropriate (participable) than "Taipei China" now? "And" Chinese Taipei "is accepted by the international community. He acknowledged that it was an appropriate name, and stated that he would not promote the use of the Taiwanese name in the future.[12].

August 2018, 11,2020 Tokyo Olympics-ParalympicThe referendum to change the name of the team to "Taiwan" and ask whether to apply to the IOCUnified Local Elections of the Republic of ChinaIt was done in combination with.As a result, the negative votes exceeded the positive votes by nearly 100 million and were rejected.Before the vote, the IOC said, "The name was decided by the Republic of China in 1981. Any change in the name that violates the agreement is considered to be interference from external forces." Warned of suspension and deprivation of rights[13][14]..In addition, Taiwan's NOC, the Chinese Olympic Committee, said, "The referendum is a political act and will break the agreement with the IOC, and the eligibility to participate in the Olympics will be suspended.Independent Olympians of the OlympicsIt is disadvantageous if you participate as a coach because you cannot receive backup.I'm categorically opposed to protect the players. "[15].

Use case


International organization

Miss Contest

Name used for the same purpose

Taipei, China
Asian Development Bank [20][21]
  • The Republic of China has been a member since its inception, but was changed to "Taipei, China" when the People's Republic of China joined in 1986.In protest of this, the Republic of China boycotted the 1986 General Assembly, returned from the 1987 Manila General Assembly, and attended the Beijing General Assembly in 1988.
Separate Customs Territory Area (Separate Customs Territory of Taiwan, Penghu, Kinmen and Matsu)
World Trade Organization [22]
  • In Japanese, "Taiwan,Penghu Islands,Golden Gateas well as the MazuIt is translated as "independent tariff area consisting of".In addition to "TPKM", "Chinese Taipei" is also used as an English abbreviation.Republic of China is the predecessorGATTHe was a member of the 1948 founding, but withdrew in 1950 and continued to participate as an observer until he left the United Nations. When applying for a return to GATT in 1990, this name was used as "to avoid becoming a political issue."Joined in 12, 2002 years after the application.
  • Regarding whether works created by the people of Taiwan (Republic of China) are protected by Japanese copyright law, Taiwan is designated as "an independent customs duty area consisting of Taiwan, Penghu Islands, Kinmen and Matsu".WTO agreementTo protect intellectual property rights, including copyrightsTRIPS AgreementHas been effective for Taiwan, so it has been ruled by a Japanese court that it will be protected in Japan as well.
  • "Taiwan Kinma" is an effective area of ​​the Republic of China.TaiwanIt is sometimes used by the private sector as a name to refer to "Free Area of ​​the Republic of China".For exampleToryu PublisherThe translated book of Japanese manga published by the company states that sales will be limited to the Taiwan area.Free Area of ​​the Republic of KoreaIt is noted.However, it is "TAIWAN" in the English text written together.
Taiwan, Province of China
International Standards Organization
  • In May 2011, it was found that it was called "Taiwan Province of China" in an internal notification, and it has been protested by the Republic of China side.[20]..Taiwan participated in WHO's annual meeting as an observer under the name of "Chinese Taipei" from 2009 to 2016, but it has been locked out after the inauguration of the Tsai Ing-wen administration.[21].
Taipei Economic and Cultural Office
  • A contact agency (overseas mission) established by the Republic of China (Taiwan) in a country without diplomatic relations to handle business relations.The name is not fixed, but it is often named "Taipei".


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