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⚾ | What women's professional baseball left on Awaji Island (1) Players now Mt. Ooyama Yui

Photo Mt. Ooyama Yui from the Hyogo Dione era (Photo: Provided by himself)

What women's professional baseball left on Awaji Island (1) Players now Mt. Ooyama Yui

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I think we have to retain the appeal of women's baseball. "

The day before the final of the National High School Baseball Championship this summer, the final of the National High School Baseball Championship (National High School Women's Baseball Championship) ... → Continue reading

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Women's baseball

Women's baseball(Joshiyakyu) isFemaleDone bybaseballThat thing.In a narrow sense, it is baseball played by female teams.It may be distinguished from the activities of female athletes within the men's team.


Originally, baseball was a men's competition, and women arranged baseball.soft ballAlthough it has been considered sufficient, in reality, women's baseball has also been actively played.

1866,New York State OfVassar CollegeIn, the world's first women's baseball team was born, but it was disbanded because parents protested that it was dangerous.1875In the United States, women's professional teams "Bronze Blondes" and "Brunets OFDMs" were born.Hold a match with an admission fee.However, the quality of play was not high, so it was disbanded in four games.Then, in the 4s, a women's baseball boom occurred in the United States, andSecond World WarUnder1943ToNational Women's Professional Baseball League(AAGPBL) was launched,1954Was operated until.In addition, these players were called "Bloomer Girls" because of their clothes.[Source required].

United States Women's Baseball Federation in 1992 (AWBF) Was founded and is in charge of women's baseball in the United States. In 1994, the women's professional baseball team for the first time in 40 yearsColorado Silver BulletsWas formed, and in 1998, the professional league (Ladies League Baseball) Has also revived.But that didn't last long either.Currently, there are only amateur leagues in North America, and professional female playersIndependent LeagueI'm playing with a few guys[Source required].

In 2007 South KoreaIn the Amateur Women's Baseball League (Women's Baseball Association Korea) Was established[Source required].

As a major international competitionWomen's Baseball World Tournament(Sponsored, abolished in 2004),IBAF Women's World Cup(International Baseball FederationSponsored by (IBAF), with the integration of IBAF and WBSC2014LaterWorld Baseball Softball Federation(Organized by WBSC),[1](Held once every two years).

Japanese women's baseball


in Japan,1910The baseball team of the Saeki Jinjo Elementary School Women's Club, which was formed in Japan, was the first women's baseball team (an article was published in the magazine "Athletic World" at that time).Since then, there have been some female amateur teams,1924Fukuoka Prefectural Nogata High School for Girls (currentlyFukuoka Prefectural Nogata Senior High School) Baseball club and Kumamoto Prefectural Daiichi High School (currentlyKumamoto Prefectural First High School) The baseball club was planning the first women's baseball game in Japan, but an article was published in the Fukuoka Nichinichi Shimbun that the former was disbanded by the order of the prefectural authorities and was not realized.[Source required].

The "Yokohama Women's Baseball Tournament" (Yokohama City) was held at Yokohama Gehrig Stadium (currently Yokohama Stadium) on August 1947, 22, as an event of the Yokohama Cultural Festival to commemorate the resumption of trade in Yokohama.・ Co-sponsored by Kanagawa Shimbun and Yokohama Cultural Federation) is the beginning of women's baseball[2]..There were more than 1 walks, errors, and stolen bases in a game, but it was a big topic.[2].1948, Hachiro Araki and Goro Koizumi formed "Tokyo Bluebird", which is a combination of softball players from Yokohama Women's Commercial High School at the dance hall "Merry Gold" in Ginza.[2]..This team was Japan's first professional women's baseball team, but the players were nothing more than companions who could play baseball.[2].

1950(25) With the birth of "Romance Bluebird," "Red Sox," "Homer Women's Team," and "Pearls," the professional leagueJapan Women's Baseball FederationWas launched, and in Kansai, "Osaka Diamond", "Stars", "Sisters", "Kobe Tigers", "Kobe Dark Horse", "Kyoto Maruei Eagles", "Kyoto Vinas", "Kyoto Yatsuhashi Izutsu", and "Shiga Lake Quinn" were born.[2]..However, after splitting into a faction that emphasizes the show-like aspect of women's baseball (Women's Baseball Federation) and a faction that aims for sound sports (Women's Baseball Federation), it converges again to the Japan Women's Baseball Federation, but only by mobilizing spectators. 1952 (Showa 27) shifts to non-professional = adult baseball[2]..After that, while the popularity of professional baseball for boys increased dramatically after high economic growth, the popularity of women's baseball continued to decline, and disappeared with the suspension of activities of "Salon Pass" in 1971 (Showa 46).[2].

Kuniko Yagi explained that the reasons for the disappearance of women's baseball in the Showa period were the weakness of the management body, lack of attractiveness as a show business, low baseball ability itself, low affinity with television, marriage and retirement of players, and business. The prosperity of the group "Women's Softball" is mentioned.[2].

After Heisei

1980 eraTo enter the,1986National University Women's Baseball Federation1987The National Women's Baseball Federation was established in Japan. 1987st in 1All Japan University Women's Baseball ChampionshipIs opened,1990To the 1thAll Japan Women's Softball Baseball ChampionshipWas held.Women's baseball1997ToNational High School Women's Hardball Baseball FederationWas launched, the firstNational High School Women's Baseball ChampionshipWill be held.

2002, A new organization that aims to popularize and develop Japanese women's baseballJapan Women's Baseball AssociationHas been launched.In the fall of the same yearSaitama Sakae High SchoolThe Kanto Women's Baseball Federation was established centered on the women's baseball club, and a league match with four teams started.The league match is held twice a year in spring and autumn, and with this as an opportunity, clubs and university teams have been created one after another, and currently 4 teams from 2 groups are members.Yomiuri GiantsThe scale is expanding year by year with the support and sponsorship of companies. In 2007, a selected team from the federation went on an American expedition to play against the American and Canadian national teams. From 2009, the Youth League (13 to 16 years old) was established, and seven teams played a league match.These are commonly knownVenus LeagueIt is called.

2005Is sponsored by the Japan Women's Baseball FederationAll Japan Women's Baseball ChampionshipWas held.

2009ToJapan Women's Professional Baseball OrganizationWas launched, and from the following year, women's professional baseball was revived based in Kansai.2011, A general championship in which working people including professionals, universities, and high school students are unitedWomen's Baseball Japan CupIs done,2013After that, the "NPB Girls Tournament" for girls' school children will be in charge of men's professional baseball.Japan Baseball Organization(NPB) andAll Japan Softball Baseball FederationIt is co-sponsored by.

2018HeldAll Japan Junior High School Baseball Championship Giants CupThen, it was talked about that the winning pitcher was a female player.[3][4].

2020ToSaitama Seibu Lions Ladies,2021ToHanshin Tigers WomenThere are also cases where existing professional baseball teams have women's baseball teams under their umbrella, such as the establishment of.

2021,Hanshin Koshien StadiumThe 25th National High School Women's Baseball Championship Final (scheduled for August 8) will be held at[5].

Women's professional baseball

In 2009Japan Women's Professional Baseball OrganizationWas launched,2010Women's professional baseball will be revived in Japan based in Kansai.However, the deficit balance has been continuing every year since 2010, and the Japan Women's Baseball League is considering withdrawing from operation only in 2019 if there is no prospect of turning into the black such as increasing the number of spectators.[6].. In 2018, sales were around 1 million yen for more than 2 million annual expenses per team.[7]..On November 11, the same year, the Japan Women's Baseball League announced the departure of 1 players, half of the 71 players.[8].

MoreJapan Women's Professional Baseball Organizationchecking ...



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