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⚽ | Kamatamare Sanuki players interact with children in soccer “Hometown activities” Kagawa


Kamatamare Sanuki players interact with children in soccer "Hometown activities" Kagawa

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As a hometown activity, Kamatamare engages in school visits and greeting campaigns every year, and in 2021 it has been held about 60 times so far.

Soccer J3 Kamatamare Sanuki players interacted with the children at an elementary school in Tadotsu Town, Kagawa Prefecture.Tadotsu Elementary School ... → Continue reading

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School visit

Kamata Mare Sanuki

Kamata Mare Sanuki(Kamatamare Sanuki,Kamatamare Sanuki) IsJapan OfTakamatsu,MarugameCentered onKagawaHometown in all prefectures[1]Japan Professional Soccer LeagueJoin the (J League)サ ッ カ ーIt's a club.


1956(Showa31 years)Kagawa Prefectural Takamatsu Commercial High SchoolFormed by players from the soccer clubHigh quotient OB soccer clubIs the predecessor.The club nickname "Kamatamare" isKamadama UdonAnd in italianMeans "Mare ("Best beaches) ”Is a coined word[1][3] so,SanukiIs also the old country name of Kagawa prefecture[3].emblemUdon is on top of the yellow and light blue stripes, and a soccer ball with the image of egg yolk is in the center.The management body isKamatamare Sanuki Co., Ltd., The mascotSanupi.

Home stadiumPikara Stadium[1], The practice area is on the J League official websiteTakamatsu City Eastern Sports Park[1],Marugame City Sports Park Athletics Stadium[1],Kagawa Prefectural Sports Park Soccer / Rugby Field(Takamatsu City) 3 places are listed[1] However, from 2019, Midorigaoka Sports Park Soccer Field (Mitoyo) Has been added to the practice field, and in the future there is a plan to develop the Midorigaoka Sports Park soccer field and make it a practice field that preferentially uses the soccer field (for details).Stadium / driving range sectionSee).

As a related organization, a non-profit comprehensive community sports club "NPO Kamata Mare Sports Club, And holds sports classes and sports competitions, mainly focusing on soft tennis, and receives public subsidies.



  • 1956 - High quotient OB soccer clubFounded as[1][3]
  • 1977 -1thShikoku Soccer LeagueJoin in[1][3]
  • 1979 - Kagawa Soccer LeagueDemoted to
  • 1981 --Promoted to Shikoku League
  • 1991 - 48th National Sports FestivalBecame a prefecture-designated strengthening teamKagawa Shiun(Kakawashi YeahFootball clubRenamed to[1][3]..Shiun is in Takamatsu cityIwaseo MountainsThe name of the mountain.
  • 1994 --First victory in the Shikoku League.
  • 1996 - Emperor's Cup All Japan Soccer ChampionshipFirst appearance in.
  • 1997 --The second victory in the Shikoku League.
  • 2000 - consumer loan OfSun life(Headquarters: Takamatsu City (at that time)) signed a 5-year sponsorship contractSunlife Football ClubRenamed to[1][3].
  • 2005 --End of sponsorship contract with Sun Life in March[3]..Taking this opportunity, he will be reborn as a team of Takamatsu citizens and aim to enter the J League in the future.Takuya HiraiTakamatsu Sports Club was established, and the team name is alsoTakamatsu Football ClubRenamed to[5]..In addition, we solicited new team names to be used from April 2006, and out of 4 applications, a 142-year-old company officer's proposal "Kamata Mare SanukiWas decided and announced on October 10 at the prefectural ball game field together with the new emblem.[6].

2006-2010 (Shikoku League)

2011-2013 (JFL)


Kitano system second year.Takamatsu City Council ChairmanYukinobu SumitaniBecame President and Representative Director (President'sMinoru KumanoBecame chairman of the board)[11].. In SeptemberJ League Associate ClubApproved as[12]..In the league match, he took the tentative lead as of the 16th round (9th game) of the first half, but he did not win in the final 12 games after the 10th round of the second half (3 minutes 7 losses), and the final ranking was 11th.


Kitano system third year.J League club licenseHowever, due to financial conditions and issues related to strengthening training, the license application was withdrawn on September 9, just before the examination results were announced.[13](Management section(Detailed in).

In the league match, he was ranked 7th, up 4 places from the previous year.92th Emperor's CupOf the J2 in the fourth roundSagan TosuVictory.


Kitano system 4th year.Taking responsibility for financial difficultiesYukinobu SumitaniResigned as president (appointed as a non-representative advisor)Minoru KumanoReturned to President and CEO.Chairman of the Board and Vice Chairman of the Club Supporters AssociationCanuckFormer presidentDaisuke OnishiWas appointed[14](Details will be described later).

The league match will be the leader at the end of Round 17, and will be in the JFL seed frame.93th Emperor's CupParticipated in, but in the second round千葉Defeated.

On September 9, the J30 license for 2 was issued by the Club License Issuance First Tribunal (FIB) on the condition that the J2014 admission examination was passed.[15], In the hearing for joining the J League on October 10, it was pointed out that the financial base has not reached the J9 level.[16].. On October 10, another hearing pointed out that the financial base was strengthened and the number of paying visitors was sluggish.[17]Conditionally at the J-League board meeting held on November 11thJ2Admission approved[18].. (Detail is#management(See)

On November 11th, the second place was confirmed in Section 10.2013 J2BottomGainale TottoriWithJ2/JFL replacement gameWill be 1 win and 1 draw, and J2014 membership from the 2 season has been decided[1].

2014-2018 (J2)

  • Club slogan: "Push forward'

Kitano system third year.Tochigi SCFrom local KagawaKazumasa Takagi,RyukyuFormer Japan national team FWKazuki GanahaAcquired.In the middle of the seasonSC Colin Chance AragoanoからG OsakaWas transferred to theEbson,SapporoからHiroyuki FurutaJoined.

J2 worst tie opening 7 consecutive losses[19] No victory until Section 14 (2 minutes 12 losses), Section 15ToyamaHe finally won his first J2 victory in the battle, but was sluggish at the bottom.41st place was confirmed in Section 21, for the second consecutive yearJ2・J3 replacement gameI went to, but with a record of 1 win and 1 minuteJ3 leagueSecond placeNaganoDefeated and decided to remain in J2.The Emperor's Cup lost to Matsumoto in the second round.

  • Club slogan: "Together'

Kitano system third year.Yasumasa Nishino,Hiroshi HatanoRetired.Masato Osugi,Koichiro Morita,Shinsaku Mochidome,Song Han KiLeft the group when the contract expired,Hiroyuki Furuta(Return to Sapporo),Daisuke Fujii(Nagasaki(Return to) has expired the loan transfer period.

Meanwhile, from G OsakaKeigo Numata,YamagataからKenta Shimizu,GunmaからRyota Nagata,MachidaからTetsuya KijimaEach with a complete transfer,京都からYuji Takahashi,KumamotoからHayato NakamaEach with a loan transfer.EbsonThe loan transfer period has been extended.In the opening roundOitaHe finished the first half of the race in 14th place, leaving a record higher than the previous year, such as winning the race.There were no players acquired during the season. November 11th, Section 8Omiya20th place or higher is confirmed by drawing in the battle.The final ranking is 16th.The total goal score of 33 was the lowest in the league, while the total score of 30 was also the lowest in the league.

  • Club slogan: "(I.e.'

Kitano system third year.Yasushi Takahashi,Ryoga SekiharaRetired,Jin Ho Jeong,Andrea,Shohei MoriyasuLeaves the group when the contract expires,Ryota Noguchi,Toshihiro Horikawa Tokai Part 1-Suzuka Unlimited FCTransfer toYuji Takahashi(Return to Kyoto) has expired the loan transfer period.

On the other hand, from OitaHironori Nishi,MitoからKenji Baba, JFL ・Honda FCからKazuya SunamoriEach with a complete transfer,Brazil-SE PalmeirasからMiguelIs acquired by transfer with a deadline.EbsonExtend the loan transfer period again,Hayato NakamaMoved to full transfer,Daiki Shinagawa,Fumiya TamakiJoined.

Before the opening, Kitano set the goal of "56 points or more and 10th place in the ranking".[20] It seemed that he had a good start of 4 wins and 3 minute in 1 games from the start of this season and scored 7 points to eliminate the lack of scoring ability until last season, but after that it was sluggish and at the end of Section 40 He dropped to 2th place with a difference of 20 points from the bottom.After defeating Nagasaki in Section 41, the bottom two teams were defeated, so J2 automatic retention was finally decided.It ended without reaching the goal with 2th place with 43 points.

  • Club slogan: "flying'

Kitano system third year.Kenta Ishii,Daiki Shinagawa,Han Chang-ju,Kohei Fujita,Yuki OzawaLeaves the group when the contract expires,Kodai Fujii MachidaComplete transfer to,MiguelHas expired the loan transfer period.From KitakyushuKazuki HaraFrom Yokohama FCAtsushi Ichimura,OkayamaからShuhei MatsubaraFrom NagasakiLee Rong NaoAcquired by complete transfer. It was a transfer subscription with a two and a half year periodEbsonMoved to full transfer,Nakajima Daiki,Takuya NagasawaIs a new member.In the middle of the season, former Tokushimaア レ ッ ク スEarned,千葉からLee Joo YoungJoined with a fixed transfer.

Before the opening, Kitano set a goal to "advance to the playoffs with 6th place or higher in the league match"[21] Although it was the season, there was no victory in 5 races (3 minutes 2 losses) from the opening, and the first victory in the 6th round Shonan match, but 11 races again from the next round (4 minutes 7 losses), and 18th round Kanazawa He recorded no wins in 2 races (7 losses and 6 minute) with the second win in the race, and at the end of Section 1, he was in the 25st place in the J3 automatic relegation zone.Although he recorded 21 consecutive victories in the club record from Section 26, he was sluggish with 5 win, 31 draws and 1 losses from Section 6 to the final section.Due to the relegation battle, J5 remained undecided until the final round, and the season ended in 2th place as in the previous year.

  • Club slogan: "Sanuki power'

Kitano system 9th year. At the supporter meeting whose minutes were released on February 2018, 2, President Kawamura stated that "a medium-term vision" was to "achieve the average of J14 in terms of business scale and number of visitors, and create a club that can be promoted to J2." As an urgent issue, "acquisition of J1 club license, maintenance of practice area and clubhouse" was mentioned.

No victory in 3 races from Section 7 (3 minutes 4 losses) Section 10 1-0 against Tokushima, defeated Shikoku for the first time after being promoted to J2, and escaped from the bottom[22] However, from the 11th round, he fell to the bottom again without winning 9 races (3 minutes 6 losses).When he recorded his first home victory in the 20th round against Okayama, he won the first consecutive win of the season in the 21st round. In the 24th and 25th verses, he won the second consecutive victory and moved up to 2th place. From the 2th verse, he did not win 20 races and fell to the bottom three times.He won the match against Kumamoto in Section 26 and escaped from the bottom, but he continued to win from the next section, lost to the match against Tochigi in Section 10, and fell to the bottom again, and was confirmed to be 37st or lower, which is the J40 automatic demotion zone.[23].. On November 11th, it was announced that Kitano, who had led the club for nine years, would retire.[24]..After all, even in the final section, they lost and the final ranking was the lowest.2019 J3 LeagueDecided to be demoted to[25].


  • Club slogan: "End'

He has been the head coach since 2013 as a coachKenichi UemuraIs inaugurated. Aiming for "aggressive soccer" at the inaugural press conference on December 2018, 12[26]..In addition, at the "Supporter Meeting 2019" whose minutes were released on March 3, 8, the "Sanuki Revitalization Formulation" was set as the first goal and the return to J2019 in one year, and the concrete target values ​​and action plans were summarized. Called "Calligraphy" (SSS) to supporters and called on all Kamatamare Sanuki officials to "unify"[27].. MFDaigo WatanabeAnd DFア レ ッ ク スIs retired from active duty.MF who was subscribed for a limited timeHideo TanakaAnd MFTakumi SasakiHowever, he left the group due to the expiration of the loan transfer. FWKazuki Hara, DFNakajima Daiki, DFKazuya OkamuraWhile they transferred and left the group, DFNishino Takaharu, MFYuki Ikeya, FWRyosuke KijimaWith a complete transfer, DFBae Soo YoungWith a loan transfer. MFRyo Nakamura, MFYuga WatanabeNewly joined, youth midfielderKenta SawadaWas promoted to the top team.

In the J3 league, which was his first participation, after winning two consecutive games from the opening, he also drew to Kumamoto, who was demoted from J2 the previous year, and then won two games in a row again.After losing to Nagano for the first time in Section 2, he fell from 2nd place, but moved up to 5nd place again in Sections 2 and 2.After that, they were in 6rd place from Sections 2 to 8, but suffered the first consecutive defeat in J9 in Sections 2 and 12, and at the end of the first half of the game they had 15 points and 3th place with 15nd place Fujieda in the J16 promotion zone and 3 points difference. It becomes.However, in the second half of the game, they lost three games in a row from the 26th round, and after that, they lost two games in a row. At that point, he had 2 points, and in the same section, he had 2 points in the draw, and the difference between the points and Fujieda, who was in second place, was 5 in the remaining 7 games, and he missed his return to J18 in one year.At the end of Section 3, it was decided that the final ranking would be 2th or lower for the first time as a team demoted from J2 in the first year based on the results of other teams (the previous minimum record was 11th in Kitakyushu in 1), and the final ranking. In the first year of relegation, the team finished in 3th place with 7 points and 28 wins (32 losses are the most), which is the lowest ever.At the end of the first half of the game, they were in second place and lined up with Gunma who was promoted to J51 with 2 points, but in the second half they only got 6 wins, 19 draws and 1 losses and 2 points. Despite the sluggishness, the number of goals scored was 31, the eighth highest in the league, while the score was 2, the lowest among the 10 teams, and in particular, while the number of goals increased from 2017 in the first half to 9 in the second half, the score was 10 in the first half. In the second half of the game, the number of games was halved to 15, and in the first half of the game, there were only three games, but in the second half of the game, there were nine games, which is more than half of all games. ofKentaro ShigematsuBut 7 points, next mostKazuki GanahaRyo Nakamura4 points each,Hironori NishiThe lack of scoring ability, which was 3 points and 2 points or less for the others, had a great influence.After the season, Uemura resigned as director.

  • Corporate slogan: "ALL FOR SANUKI-For Sanuki, everyone will do their best for Sanuki-"

Before the new directorHokushinetsu Football League-Fukui United FCDirector'sKazuhito Mochizuki [28], Promoted to new president from managing directorHideki IkeuchiAre inaugurated[29]Was vacantGMToGamba OsakaHas a great deal of achievement in training the academyNobuyuki UenoyamaWelcomed[30].. January 2020, 1 At the 13 season new system presentation for the press, President Hideki Ikeuchi stated his aspirations to aim for a "community-based club / community-based training club" from this year. Tetsuhiro Matsubara was appointed as Managing Director on April 2020.

After losing two games in a row from the opening, he fell to the bottom at the end of Section 2 with no victory (10 minutes 3 losses) until Section 7.He won his first victory of the season in the 6th round against Hachinohe and once escaped from the bottom, but in the end he won only one win in the first half (11 minutes 1 losses) and will be the bottom again at the end of the 6th round.After winning the 10th round of Hachinohe in the first round of the second half and winning the 16rd win in the 18st round of Tottori, he was out of the bottom again, but at the end of the 21nd round, the difference in points with the leader Akita was 3 in 22 games. The chances of winning were completely eliminated, and although he moved up to 12th place in the 37rd and 23th rounds and the first consecutive win of the season, he lost to 24nd place in the 15th round against Nagano 27-2, so the difference in points from the 1nd place. Opened to 2, and the possibility of J2 promotion after the same season disappeared completely, leaving 25 games earlier than the previous year.At the end of Section 7, he finished 2th, ending the season in 27th place, and Mochizuki retired due to the expiration of his contract.


August 2020, 12,Nobuyuki UenoyamaWas appointed as the top team manager as GM[31]..At the new system presentation, coach Uenoyama set the goal of "soccer that can call people, scoring one goal per game," and President Hideki Ikeuchi set the goal of "promotion to J1."[32].

After suffering two consecutive losses with no points from the opening, Uenoyama resigned as a director on March 2 due to an offer to resign.Until the successor is decided, the top team directorToshihiro NishimuraWill take command[33].. Aug. 4,Zemnovich ZdrabkoAnnounced the appointment of director[34].





Other awards

Stadium/practice field

Home stadium

The home stadium is in Marugame CityKagawa Prefectural Marugame Stadium(From November 2015, 9Naming rights(Called "Pikara Stadium") (fixed seat capacity 22,338 people), the stadium is the only stadium in Kagawa Prefecture that meets the J.League stadium standards. Since the promotion to J2, all home games have been held.

In the JFL era, in Takamatsu CityKagawa Prefectural Sports Park Soccer / Rugby FieldAnd Marugame Stadium was used together as a home stadium.Also, during the Shikoku League era, Kagawa Prefectural Sports Park Soccer / Rugby FieldTakamatsu City Yashima Athletics StadiumTwo places (currently Yashima Rexxam Field) were used together as a home stadium.

Yashima Rexxam Field has been using the main stadium as a practice field several times a month after it was completely renovated in April 2017.[39]..In the plan before the renovation, there was a plan to design a stadium that meets at least the J2 standard (10,000 people at that time) on the premise of Kamatamare's promotion to the J League, but the impact on noise and surrounding traffic, as well as Soccer-based refurbishment plan was questioned by Congress[40] At the plenary session of the city council held on March 2011, 3, Mayor TakamatsuHideto Onishi"At the initial stage, it will not be developed as a stadium that meets the J-League standards, but in the future, it will be possible to respond to J2 class games by repairing the stands, etc." Renewal maintenance design for J2 standard was canceled[41]..The current Yashima Rexxam Field has 5,000 seats, so it has cleared the J3 standard (5,000 or more in principle), but J2019, which was demoted in 3, has no plans to hold a sponsored game.

Practice field

The practice area isMitoyoAnnounced that it will mainly use the Midorigaoka Sports Park in Takase Town (details will be described later). On the J League official websiteTakamatsu City Eastern Sports Park[1],Marugame City Sports Park Athletics Stadium[1], Kagawa Prefectural Sports Park Soccer / Rugby Field[1] In addition to using Yashima Rexxam Field on an irregular basis, as mentioned above, it also uses a private ground that is not accessible to the general public.

The four practice areas in Takamatsu City and Marugame City are not recognized by the managers Kagawa Prefecture and Marugame City / Takamatsu City as the right to preferentially use the club.J League club license systemAchievement of "one pitch of natural turf that can be used exclusively or preferentially and an adjacent clubhouse", which is an essential requirement of the J1 license, was a major issue.[2].. Since there is no "priority right for clubs to use", there are few practice days in these practice areas that can meet the condition of "full pitch of natural turf", and it is forced to practice on artificial turf or small-sized places, and sometimes games. I have practiced at the futsal field despite the day before[42]..For many years, the unprepared environment has had an adverse effect on the team, such as the practice of recovering from fatigue and the inability to organize practice games that appeal to players who have not participated in the game or who have broken down.

In response to this problem, in July 2015, Kagawa Prefecture responded that it would like to consider what kind of support the prefecture can provide after hearing the club's thinking on the problem of the driving range.[43].. In June 2016, the club was held by the Kagawa Prefectural Football Association and Takamatsu City against Takamatsu City.Prefectural football center maintenance subsidy projectMaintained inTakamatsu City Eastern Sports ParkRequest for preferential use of (Takamatsucho, Takamatsu City), land loan for clubhouse construction, and support for construction costs[44] did.In addition, Kamatamare Supporters Association and other supporters collected signatures for 57148 people and entrusted them to the club in order to ask Takamatsu City for priority use of the Takamatsu City Eastern Athletic Park and assistance in building a clubhouse.In response, Takamatsu City announced at the December parliament that it would consider support.[45]..In addition, the office maintained in Takamatsu City Eastern Sports Park isKagawa Football Association Is exclusively.

However, the situation of consideration after that did not progress slowly, and after the final war of the same year on November 2017, 11, Kamatamare supporters put up a huge banner saying "Where are the ambitions of 19 people?"There was no explanation or reply from the club or Takamatsu City to the supporters.[46].. In the minutes of the supporter meeting released on February 2018, 2, President Kawamura talked about the issue of support for the practice field and clubhouse, and in December 14, Mayor Hideto Onishi of Takamatsu City said, "Kamatamare Sanuki of Takamatsu City. "The cooperation system for the project has not changed." "First of all, I would like Sanuki to make preparations such as securing funds." However, Kamatamare Sanuki could not respond and the right to use it preferentially is still available. The explanation was limited to the fact that it was not approved.

The inadequacy of the practice environment has been raised by the director and players, and he was the director at the press conference after the end of the 2017 season.Makoto Kitano"I told reporters that I wouldn't sign a coach contract unless I improved (the practice environment), but it hasn't changed at all. I want the club to work hard to motivate the players," he told reporters and clubs.[42] In addition, FW, which was active as a mainstay in 2016 and 2017Kenji BabaAlso appeals for improvement of plight on his blog[47], FW that was active as a mainstay in 2017/2018Kazuki HaraAlso demoted to J3KumamotoIn a comment at the time of leaving the team due to the transfer to, "Given the rest of my soccer life, I decided that daily practice in a well-organized environment would lead to further growth and reduction of injuries," he said. Is cited as the reason for the transfer[48]..In response to this situation, President Kawamura explained at the 2018 season general press conference on November 11, 27, I think that the number of times the turf practice field can be used will increase.The answer was that the practice area is expected to improve.[49]

Entering 2019MitoyoRevealed that it will develop the Midorigaoka Sports Park in Takase-cho, Kamitakashi City to attract club practice bases, and on February 2019, 2, it is the designated manager of the city, clubs, and sports parks.Shikoku Gakuin UniversityConfirm that the club preferentially uses[50]..The city plans to allocate about 2019 million yen as maintenance cost to the initial budget for 2, prepare one pitch of natural turf and practice space for artificial turf, and aim to start operation in the summer of 3,000.He also showed his willingness to convert the park management office into a clubhouse when he was promoted to J1.[51].

The team will continue to practice in both Takamatsu and Marugame until the pitch maintenance of Midorigaoka Sports Park is completed.[51][52].

The practice areas used in the 2019 season are private ground 34%, eastern sports park artificial turf 24%, Marukame general sports park 18%, Midorigaoka general sports park 11%, Kagawa prefecture general sports park 9%, eastern sports park natural It was 4% turf.

On July 2020, 7, Midorigaoka Sports Park was reopened and put into service.[53].

On March 2021, 3, Mitoyo City proposed to renovate the Hozan Lake Grand (8 natural turf, 1 artificial turf) at the Mitoyo City Council and invite a practice field for Kamatamare Sanuki, and at the same time made a press release.[54]On March 3, Kamatamare Sanuki issued a memorandum of understanding regarding the practice field with Mitoyo City, and one side of the ground is expected to become the priority ground for Kamatamare Sanuki, which is scheduled to be completed over two years from the summer of 30. A press release was made when it came to the renovation work of "Hozan Lake Ball Park".[55]


Uniform color
カ ラ ーshirtPantsstockings
FP (1st)light blueNavy blueNavy blue
FP (2nd)whitewhitewhite
GK (1st)yellowyellowyellow
GK (2nd)pinkpinkpink
FP 1st
FP 2nd
GK 1st
GK 2nd

Team color

  •     Sax Blue[1]
        Navy blue[1]

Uniform sponsor

Posting locationSponsor nameNotationPosted yearRemarks
clavicleEmmeL'arcobaleno2021-Written on the left
Hyakuju BankHyakuju Bank2020-Written on the right
2015-2019 is the front of the pants
Upper backMaxvalu West Japan[56]Marnaka2015-2014 is the front of sleeves and pants
Lower backNone--

Uniform supplier itinerary

Successive uniforms

Chronology of successive uniform sponsors

chestLeft clavicleRight clavicleUpper backLower backsleeveFront of pantsBack of pants
2005Sun life
/ -
Before ban- /
Marugame Town
Marugamemachi Shopping Street
Before ban--Before banPUMA /
2007Anabuki Construction CompanyRCSPikaraDIADORA
2008Tutor try
2009Sanuki Udon[57]
2011-K's K's DenkiTOP TOUR㍿ Tokai
2012Udon prefecture[58]
2013-Udon prefecture
2014Jinnai FarmMarnakaATHLETA
2015MarnakaTADANOHyakuju Bank
2020-Hyakuju Bank--


The first year of JFL entry2011On September 9, I submitted the membership application documents for joining the J.League in 30, but at the press conference on October 2012, before the hearing of the J.League, the condition for joining the J.League was "Annual income 10". billion complained of a clear to to help expand that 17 million yen or more "and the prospect to meet the" sponsorship revenue 1 million yen or more of next season, "do not stand[59]..In response, Kagawa Prefecture announced that it would invest in the club if it was promoted to J2, but said that it would be difficult to provide additional financial support at this stage.[60]..After that, with the support of companies in Kagawa prefecture, they were allowed to join the J-League if they cleared the standards and met other conditions such as league ranking and mobilization of spectators.[61], I couldn't be promoted because I didn't meet the ranking conditions.The average number of spectators in each of the 16 season home games exceeded 1, clearing the standard.

2012年3月1日、2012年1月期は営業収益(売上)1億3,100万円、営業損失5,100万円の見込、2013年1月期は営業収益で2億100万円、営業利益で1,100万円の予算を組むとした[62]..As some of the income was premised on promotion to J2, it was not possible to clear 1 million yen as a result, but it has almost doubled since the Shikoku League era.[63].. In 2012, I couldn't find a uniform breast sponsor, so I put "" on the chest mark.Udon prefecture"ofLogo typeAnd solicited a sponsorship of 100 million yen per bit[64].

Of 2013J League club licenseIn 2012, we applied for a license and proceeded to obtain a license, such as increasing capital to resolve insolvency and establishing a subordinate organization (youth, etc.).May 9It is difficult to meet the operating funds, training of players, and the number of visitors (average of 1 or more per game), and it is judged that the current situation is not sufficient to compete in J3,000, so apply without waiting for the announcement of the examination results Withdrawn[13].

In the fiscal year ended January 2013, total revenue was only 1 million yen, and a deficit of 1 million yen was recorded, resulting in insolvency of about 4,800 million yen.[65].. In March, the Kagawa Prefectural Assembly passed a budget to spend 3 million yen on Kamatamare.Yukinobu SumitaniPresident and CEO took responsibility for poor management and investment of public money into the company and resigned on May 2013, 5, and Chairman Minoru Kumano returned to the president.[14]..Kumano has announced a capital increase plan of 1 million yenKagawaTakamatsu,MarugameRequested a total of 5,000 million yen[66].

In September 2013, a J9 license was issued with conditional and correction notices.at the same timeDebt overrun"The admission examination will be rigorously examined and the J.League will be asked to leave sufficient net assets at the end of 2013." "The 2014 budget will be organized with sufficient rationality and the season will be stable. Two correction notices were made, "I will send it to the J League so that it will be evaluated as being able to operate."[15].


On October 10, a hearing by the J.League was held again in Tokyo, and the J.League requested that the J.League aim to strengthen its financial base, including securing advertising revenue and eliminating insolvency.There was also a mention that the number of paying visitors was sluggish.[17]..In response, Keizo Hamada, the governor of Kagawa Prefecture, has pledged to invest in the club.From the league, "there is no example of such administrative cooperation," the support for administrative clubs was evaluated as top class among all J1 and J2 teams.

KagawaIs 2,000 million yen,Takamatsu,MarugameAs a result of the two cities investing 2 million yen each, the insolvency was resolved, and it was possible to meet the financial requirements such as securing advertising revenue of 1,000 million yen in 2014, so on November 1th I was admitted to the J League.On the other hand, the league side also pointed out that "the financial situation is extremely severe and I think it will be a more difficult examination next season."[67][68]..The average number of spectators was 6 per game in a total of nine home games from the opening to June 2, but after that, residents were invited by holding Home Town Day.[69], Finally cleared the J1 promotion standard of 3,000 people per game in the final round of the season[70].. The financial results for the fiscal year ended January 2014 were the first in the sixth year of a corporation to record ordinary income of 1 million yen in the black.


In 2016, the club's operating revenue rose significantly to 613 million yen.Net income is ▲ 16 million yen[72].


Sponsors and partners, which greatly affect operating revenue, have been pointed out as a major issue when Kamatamare Sanuki develops from an early stage, and in addition to acquiring many small sponsors, support other than funding and diversification of advertising media The proposal is proposed[73].

Number of visitors by year

  • "Marugame" "Pikara Stadium":Kagawa Prefectural Marugame Stadium(Pikara Stadium = after September 2015.9), "Ikushima":Kagawa Prefectural Sports Park Soccer / Rugby Field
  • The stadiums in bold are the stadiums registered in the home stadium.
  • The number of visitors in bold is the highest in history for each league
  • The number of visitors is the lowest in history for each league
  • The number of games and the number of visitors are only for league games.
Number of visitors
Maximum number of visitorsMinimum number of visitorsaverage
Number of visitors
Number of matchesHome games
Holding stadium
Number of visitorsOpponentVenueNumber of visitorsOpponentVenue
2011JFL48,39311,178AndMarugame1,065Sagawa PrintingKagawa3,02516Marugame 8, Kagawa Sa 8
201237,5113,457Fujimori1,216Honda2,345Marugame 10, Kagawa Sa 6
201353,1298,968Yokogawa1,037AkitaMarugame3,12617Kagawa Sa 9, Marugame 8
201576,82410,447C OsakaPicaster2,152MitoPicaster3,658Picaster21
2019J335,9063,339Kitakyushu1,120YS Yokohama2,11217Picaster17
(No audience)
G large 23869


マ ス コ ッ ト

The team mascotKamadama UdonWith the motifSanupiEstablished in 2017.

Before being promoted to the J LeagueJun IshikawaThere were characters "Kama-chan" and "Tama-chan" designed by, but they were discontinued around 2012 due to rights-related issues, and the mascot did not exist until the birth of "Sanupi".

Official support song

  • Victory Bell (Lyrics / Composition / Song:Fujioka Yuka
    Selected as Kamatamare Sanuki official support from the 2016 season[74][75].
    Included in Tomoka Fujioka's album "This is not a Love Song".


2019 year 1 month 7 dayFM Kagawa JOY-UclubAt the "Burning the Road to J1 Kamatamare!" Corner, President Kawamura stated his goal to increase the number of players from the academy and players from Kagawa prefecture to one-third of the team by 2034. From U-1Hamaguchi Sota-Kenta SawadaHas been promoted to the top team.

  • Kamatamare Sanuki U-18:Takamado Miya Cup JFA U-18 Soccer Prince League Shikoku
  • Kamatamare Sanuki U-18 Second: Takamado Trophy JFA U-18 Soccer League Kagawa XNUMXnd Division
  • Kamatamare Sanuki U-15: Takamado Trophy U-15 Regional League Shikoku Regional Clover League
  • Kamatamare Sanuki U-14: J League U-14 Southern Cross A League (2018 Yoshiaki Matsubara will be the first junior youth team,JFA Elite Program Selected for U-14[76][77]
  • Kamatamare Sanuki U-13: Shikoku U-13 Southern Cross League
  • Kamatamare Sanuki Junior School

Cooperation with other competitions / regions



  • On November 2011, 11, the coach of the top teamPublic obsceneOn suspicion ofTakamatsu Kita Police StationKagawa Prefectural PoliceHe was arrested by Investigation Division 1 and charged in December of the same year.The coach was later canceled (note that in February 12).Takamatsu District CourtThe former coach was sentenced to 1 year and 2 months in prison and a suspended sentence of 3 years, and the sentence has been confirmed.)[80].
  • Winner of the Kagawa Prefectural Governor's election executed in August 2014Keizo HamadaIn September, he received strict attention from the J.League about submitting a letter of recommendation in the name of the president at the end of July, saying that it might violate the J.League rules prohibiting political activities. Withdrawn on August 7)[81].
  • On September 2018, 9, President Nobuhiro Kawamura walks with the car he drives after the match at the Ningineer Stadium in Matsuyama City, Ehime Prefecture, where the 8 Meiji Yasuda Life J2018 League Section 2 Ehime FC match was held. Has caused a contact accident.[82]


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