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⚽ | Sevilla continues to be interested in Daichi Kamada!To the battle with Tottenham

Photo by Kamata Daichi Photo credit: Gettyimages

Sevilla continue to be interested in Daichi Kamada!To the battle with Tottenham

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Daichi Kamada, who performed well in the FIFA World Cup 2022 Qatar Tournament Asian 2nd Qualifying and AFC Asian Cup 2023 China Tournament Qualifying and Kirin Challenge Cup 2021 / Serbia match as a member of the Japan national team.

Japan national team MF Kamada Daichi, who belongs to Eintracht Frankfurt, will continue to have Sevilla as a candidate for acquisition ... → Continue reading

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FIFA World Cup 2022 Qatar Tournament Asia 2

Kamata Daichi

Kamada Daichi(Kamada Daichi,1996May 8 -) isEhimeFromProfessional soccer player.. Position isMF,FW.Bundesliga,Eintracht Frankfurt Belongs.Representation from Japan.

Fukushima United FCBelongs toKamada HiromuIs a younger brother[3].


Before entering professional

Started playing soccer with "Kids FC" (currently FC Zebra Kids). He was selected for the 2009 JOMO Cup and U13 J-League selection and participated in the match against Korea.At this time, Ryota Yamamoto, who was a teammate of Kids FC at the same elementary school,Ehime FCSelected from junior youth[4].

From junior high school, it was within walking distance of my grandmother's house in OsakaGamba OsakaI advanced to junior youth.However, in the position below the top, which is the main battlefieldYousuke IdeguchiThere were many rivals, and Kamada, who was still small, couldn't perform as expected due to his back injury, and even in the middle three, he often participated in the middle.It was pointed out that he was unsatisfactory in terms of defense and hard work, and he was not promoted to youth.[5].

Because my father and director Fukushige were seniors and juniors during the Osaka University of Health and Sport Sciences,Higashiyama High SchoolGo on to school.When I was the captain for three years,Takamado Miya Cup Premier League WestWhile the team is at the bottom,MFWhile registering, he recorded 4 points in the 10th place in the score ranking. Five J clubs showed interest, and in November 5 from the next termSagan TosuIt was decided to join[6].

Sagan Tosu era

2015 years,Sagan TosuJoined. May 5th J10 Section 1Masaru Matsumoto FCIn the match, he made his first appearance in the J1 league match and scored his first professional goal, which is a tie goal in the match. August,京都Convened at the U-22 Japan National Team training camp held in Japan.

Section 2017 of May 5, 27Hokkaido Consadole SapporoIn the battle, he gave the final point and celebrated his marriage himself.[7].. March 6, Section 25Urawa RedsIn the battle, he assisted the first goal and won his last game.

Frankfurt era

August 2017, 6,Bundesliga OfFrankfurtIt was announced that the clubs had agreed to make a full transfer to[8]..After that, on June 6, the Frankfurt side announced that it had signed a four-year contract with Kamada until 29.[9].. Aug. 8,DFB PokalHe was the first starter in the official game against TuS Erndtebrück in the first round. August 1th, the opening roundSC FreiburgHe made his league debut in the match.Although it was strong early in the season, it couldn't keep up, and only three games were played in the 2017-18 season.

Sint-Truiden era

From Frankfurt, August 2018, 8Marc Stendera,Marco FabianIt was out of the concept with themBelgium 1st division-Sint-Troyden VVAnnounced to transfer to rental[10].. March 9, Section 16KAA GentIn the battle, he contributed to the victory by scoring the first goal after transferring from the middle of the game.[11].. March 10, Section 20KV KortrijkScored two consecutive games in the match[12].. March 12, Section 8Standard LiègeScored in the match and reached double-digit score in the season[13].

Return to Frankfurt

Returning to Frankfurt, August 2019, 8,DFB PokalOf the fourth roundSV Waldhof ManheimScored the first goal after joining in the battle[14].. Aug. 11,UEFA Europa LeagueGL Section 5Arsenal FCHe led the team to victory by scoring two goals including the first EL goal in the battle.[15].. December 12th GL Section 12Vitoria SCIn the match, he scored a goal for two consecutive EL games and contributed to the team's advancement to the final T.

February 2, the following year, the final T20 roundRed Bull SalzburgIn the battle, he achieved his first hat-trick in his career. The Japanese scored 1 goals in one game at ELTakumi MinaminoThis is the second person since then, and it is the first time in club history to achieve a hat-trick with EL.[16].. March 5, Section 26SC FreiburgRecorded the first Bundesliga goal in the match[17].. March 5, Section 30VfL WolfsburgScored a goal in the match and achieved a double-digit goal in the official match this season[18].

Signed a contract with Frankfurt on September 2020, 9 until 16[19].. March 12, Section 5Borussia DortmundIn the battle, he scored a goal against a strong opponent.[20]August 2021, 2,Bayern MunichContributed to victory with the success of 1G1A in the battle[21]..In the same season, 3 assists, which will be the 12rd place in the league, were decided.[22]Contributed to the team.


To be held in May 2016Toulon International ConventionChallengeU-23 Japan National TeamWas convened in.In the same tournament, it was placed under the top but did not show good play[23],Rio de Janeiro Olympics held in the same yearI missed joining the member.

2019 year 3 month,Giraffe challenge cupChallengeJapan national football teamFirst convened in[24], June 3コロンビアFirst appearance in the national team.In addition, on October 10th, the World Cup Asian 10nd qualifying roundEur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.euFirst goal scored in the match.

Affiliation club

Youth career
Professional career

Individual grade

Domestic competition individual performance
年度ク ラ ブUniform numberleagueLeague matchLeague cupOpen cupTotal period
JapanLeague matchLeague cupEmperor's cupTotal period
GermanyLeague matchLeague cupDFB PokalTotal period
2017-18 Frankfurt40Bundes Part 130-1040
ベルギーLeague matchLeague cupBelgium CupTotal period
2018-19 Sint Troyden15Jupiller2412-212613
GermanyLeague matchLeague cupDFB PokalTotal period
2019-20 Frankfurt15Bundes Part 1282-42324
2020-21 325-20345
GermanyBundes Part 1637-72709

Other official games

Domestic competition individual performance
年度ク ラ ブUniform numberleagueLeague matchTotal period
JapanLeague matchTotal period
  • 2019
    • Belgium/European League playoffs 10 games 3 goals
International competition individual results
年度ク ラ ブUniform numberParticipationscoreParticipationscore
2019-20 Frankfurt15106-

Other international official games

  • 2019
    • UEFA Europa League qualifying 6 games 0 goals


ク ラ ブ



  • J-League Monthly Best Goal Award: 1 time (October 2016)

Representative history

Participation meet

Number of matches

  • International A Match 13 games 4 points (2019 -)

Representation from JapanInternational A Match


No.DatesHost cityStadiumOpponentResultdirected byConvention
1.2019/3/22Japanese flagYokohamaNissan StadiumColombia flag コロンビア● 0-1MoriichiKirin Challenge Cup 2019
2.2019/3/26Japanese flagKobeNoevir Stadium KobeBolivian flag ボリビア○ 1-0MoriichiKirin Challenge Cup 2019
3.2019/10/10Japanese flagSaitamaSaitama Stadium 2002Mongolia flag Eur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.eu○ 6-0Moriichi2022 FIFA World Cup Asia Round 2 QualifyingandAFC Asian Cup 2023 Qualifying
4.2019/10/15Tajikistan flagDushanbeDushanbe Central StadiumTajikistan flag Eur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.eu○ 3-0Moriichi2022 FIFA World Cup Asia Round 2 QualifyingandAFC Asian Cup 2023 Qualifying
5.2020/10/9Dutch flagUtrechtStadion GalgenwaltCameroon flag カ メ ル ー ン△ 0-0MoriichiInternational friendly match
6.2020/10/13Dutch flagUtrechtStadion GalgenwaltCote d'Ivoire flag コ ー ト ワ ワ ー ル○ 1-0MoriichiInternational friendly match
7.2020/11/13Austrian flagGrazMercour ArenaPanama flag パナマ○ 1-0MoriichiInternational friendly match
8.2020/11/17Austrian flagGrazMercour ArenaMexican flag メキシコ● 0-2MoriichiInternational friendly match
9.2021/3/25Japanese flagYokohamaNissan StadiumRepublic of Korea flag South Korea○ 3-0MoriichiInternational friendly match
10.2021/3/30Japanese flag千葉Fukuda Electronic ArenaMongolia flag Eur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.eu○ 14-0Moriichi2022 FIFA World Cup Asia Round 2 QualifyingandAFC Asian Cup 2023 Qualifying
11.2021/5/28Japanese flag千葉Fukuda Electronic ArenaMyanmar flag Myanmar○ 10-0Moriichi2022 FIFA World Cup Asia Round 2 QualifyingandAFC Asian Cup 2023 Qualifying
12.2021/6/7Japanese flagOsakaPanasonic Stadium SuitaTajikistan flag Eur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.eu○ 4-1Moriichi2022 FIFA World Cup Asia Round 2 QualifyingandAFC Asian Cup 2023 Qualifying
13.2021/6/11Japanese flagKobeNoevir Stadium KobeSerbian flag Eur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.eu○ 1-0MoriichiKirin Challenge Cup 2021


#Date heldvenueOpponentVictoryMatch outline
1.2019/10/10Japan,SaitamaMongolia flag Eur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.eu○ 6-02022 FIFA World Cup Asia Round 2 Qualifying
2.2021/3/25Japan,横 浜 市Republic of Korea flag South Korea○ 3-0International friendly match
3.2021/3/30Japan,千葉Mongolia flag Eur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.eu○ 14-02022 FIFA World Cup Asia Round 2 Qualifying
4.2021/5/28Japan,千葉Myanmar flag Myanmar○ 10-02022 FIFA World Cup Asia Round 2 Qualifying

Main appearance



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