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⚽ | "No. 10 and less magic" Thiago Alcantara teaches the physicalization of the soccer world


"No. 10 and less magic" Thiago Alcantara teaches the physicalization of the soccer world

If you write the contents roughly
Even a playmaker with a noble technique has no chance to turn if he is late.

Thiago Alcantara is competing in EURO 10 as Spain's 2020th national team.From this season, Riva Pooh ... → Continue reading


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Command Tower (Sports)

In sportsCommand tower(Shiriito) ispathThe central player of the team that plays a role in controlling the flow of the game by instructing the other players.Playmaker (British: playmaker) [1],PasserAlso called.

Common examples

However, this word does not refer to the position itself, but to the role and type.

Soccer commander

In soccer, as in other sports, the command tower is the central player of the team that controls the flow of the game. In Japan,Hidetoshi Nakata France World CupIn the final qualifying for the match, he was an aggressive midfielder (below the top) and made two assists in the match against Iran who decided to participate in the World Cup, and Nakata's peculiar fashion, behavior and Nakata boom This happened, and this word was established with the Nakada boom. Therefore, until the early 2s, it was mainly used as an aggressive midfielder (below the top), referring to the type of player who makes a lot of passes in the forward. However, in recent years football has become more likely to assemble attacks from a lower position, and some teamsDFAnd defensive midfielder (Jubilo IwataIn the golden age ofNanami Hiroshi,Brazil World Cup Final QualifyingAtYasuhito EndoEtc.) played the role of commander, and there were many teams who did not place passer types on the players under the top. For example, in 2010-11Borussia DortmundInShinji KagawaIs an aggressive midfielder (below the top), but not a command tower.

The United KingdomNow, let’s talk about a commander-like playergeneral(General)” or “Midfield generalIt’s called American football quarterback.Field generalIt came from what I was calling.

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