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🏉 | Breaking news] Two people related to Saga are unofficially decided for the Tokyo Olympics sevens rugby


Breaking news] Two people related to Saga are unofficially decided for the Tokyo Olympics sevens rugby

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On the 19th, the Japan Rugby Football Union announced the Japan national rugby sevens team, with Honoka Tsutsumi as the girl and Kameli Soejima as the boy.

Rugby players, Honoka Tsutsumi and Kameli Soejima, who are related to Saga Prefecture, are playing rugby sevens at the Tokyo Olympics in Japan ... → Continue reading

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"Saga TV" (Fuji TV affiliate) news account. We will send you the latest news from Saga Prefecture.

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Japan Rugby Football Association

Japan Rugby Football Union(Japanese rugby football today,British: Japan Rugby Football Union, Abbreviation:JRFU) IsRugby in Japan(Rugby union)ofhigh school-University-Japan Rugby Top LeagueIs summarizingNational Federation.


The association headquartersTokyoMinato-kuKita AoyamaChichibunomiya Rugby FieldIs inside.The old jurisdictionMinistry of education.

As an affiliated organizationKanto Rugby Football Association,Kansai Rugby Football Association,Kyushu Rugby Football AssociationThere are 3 branch associations, and for areas other than Kanto, Kansai, and Kyushu, Hokkaido, Tohoku, and Koshinetsu areasKanto Rugby Football Association, Tokai / Hokuriku and Chugoku / Shikoku districtsKansai Rugby Football AssociationIt is incorporated under the umbrella of.

Has a broadcasting rights contract with a broadcasting station[1].

Major sponsored tournaments


1926May 11Founded in[2].2013ToPublic interest incorporated foundationIt is shifting to.

Successive presidents

  1. Yoshihiro Takagi(1928-1947)
  2. Kumanzo Tanabe (1947-1955)
  3. Kayama Shigeru(1955-1969)
  4. Masao Yukawa(1969)
  5. Michio Yokoyama (1969-1973)
  6. Tokishiro Shiina(1973-1979)
  7. Yuzuru Abe(1979-1990)
  8. Ichiro Isoda(1990-1992)
  9. Toichiro Kawagoe(1992-1994)
  10. Shiggy Konno(1994-2001)
  11. Tetsuo Machii (2001-2004) (Acting:Hiroshi Hibino(2004))
  12. Mori (2005-2015)
  13. Tadashi Okamura (2015-2019)
  14. Shigetaka Mori (2019-)

Current main system

Now[When?]The main system of.

PositionNameTitle / Other Positions
PresidentShigetaka MoriChairman of Kyushu Rugby Football Association, President of Mori Glass Co., Ltd.
Vice-presidentKiyomiya KatsuyukiYamaha Motor JubiloFormer director
Vice-presidentTaisuke Yamashiro
managing directorKensuke IwabuchiJapan Rugby Sevens National Team General Manager, Former Japan Rugby 7-Man National Team GM
Director / Accounting OfficerAkira SuzukiFinance Committee Chair
Director / Secretary-GeneralShinta Tsunefuka
DirectorKeiko AsamiWorld Rugby Director
DirectorJunko IshiiDirector of All Japan Judo Federation
DirectorYuko InazawaYomiuri ShimbunSenior Researcher, Research and Research Headquarters
DirectorTakayuki HisagimotoPresident of Kyushu Rugby Football Association, in charge of "Rugby World Cup 2019" area
DirectorNaoko SaikiFormer Director of Training Institute, Ministry of Foreign Affairs
DirectorMasaki SakaidaLawyer, University of Tokyo Director
DirectorMayumi TaniguchiPart-time lecturer at Osaka University
DirectorMasato TsuchidaPresident, Japan SR Director, Former Japan National Coach
DirectorRyuji NakatakeRepresentative director of TEAMBOX Co., Ltd.
DirectorAkihiko NakamuraMedical Chairman
DirectorTakeshi HamamotoVice Chairman of Kanto Rugby Football Association, Regional Rugby World Cup 2019
DirectorYuichiro FujiiSunwolves GM, Vice Chairman of Japan National Team for 15 Men
DirectorNaoki MaedaAssistant Managing Director
DirectorTadatoshi MatsubaraPresident of Kansai Rugby Football Association, Regional Rugby World Cup 2019
DirectorYutaka MizukoshiBoston Consulting GroupSenior Partner & Managing Director
DirectorTakumi YamamotoPromotion / Competitiveness Improvement Committee,National Defense Academy Rugby Clubdirected by
DirectorYuji WataseGeneral Incorporated Association Japan SR CEO
DirectorIchiro WatanabeTokyo City University教授
AuditorsHideyuki SakaiLawyer
AuditorsHiroyuki SodeyamaCertified Public Accountant / Tax Accountant
Special Assistant to the ChairmanYoshihiro SakataIn charge of the "Rugby World Cup 2019" protocol.Osaka University of Physical EducationHonorary professor
Special Assistant to the ChairmanDaisuke OhataIn charge of `` Rugby World Cup 2019'' protocol etc.
Special Assistant to the ChairmanMakoto MizutaniIn charge of advice for promoting university rugby
Special Assistant to the ChairmanIchiro KonoResponsible for redevelopment of the Jingu Gaien area and advice on Japan Rugby Top League reform.Director of Japan Anti-Doping Agency, Vice Chairman of Tokyo Organizing Committee of the Olympic and Paralympic Games

Related organizations and organizational structure


A-class to female A-class referees are certified as referees by being approved by the Japan Association every year.In addition, A and A1 grades will be able to referee all domestic matches, including international matches.[3].

Current A-class referee

Official mascot

  • Ranger

kabukiPerformanceReamOn January 2018, 1, a parent-child pair (white-haired "Len" and red-haired "Gee") with the motif ofRugby World Cup 2019 Japan TournamentBorn as a mascot of.Both faces are rugby ball type.

A total of 10 nomination competitions, including a proven designer and production team, received 50 entries.Voting of organization committee staffWorld rugbyIt was decided by the intention of.

From August 2020, 8, as the official mascot of the Japan Rugby Football Union, we plan to promote rugby and participate in events such as the Japan national team match.[4].

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