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⚽ | Masakiyo Maezono Olympic soccer “Preliminary breakthrough, okay” is also rushed to Koji Higashino's “What?”

Photo Masakiyo Maezono

Masakiyo Maezono Olympic soccer "Preliminary breakthrough, okay" is also rushed to Koji Higashino's "What?"

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Then, MC Koji Higashino said, "It is said that the qualifying league is full of powerful players. Is that okay?

Masakiyo Maezono, a talent who was the representative of the Atlanta Olympics in soccer, will appear on Fuji TV's "Wide na Show" on the 20th. ... → Continue reading

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Powerful lineup

Koji Higashino

Koji Higashino(Koji Higashino,1967May 8 -) isYoshimoto KogyoBelongingJapan Ofcomedian-chairperson.YouTuberAlso act as.

HyogoTakarazukaI'm from.Height 178 cm, Weight 65 kg,Blood type is O type.Hyogo Prefectural Takarazuka High Schoolgraduate.

Nickname isHigashino(On the head when the hair gets wetSeaweedBecause it seemed to be on.)Koji ImadaI often work in combination with Imada, and in combination with Imada, "W KojiIs called, but it is not a formal combination[2].


In 1985, when I was in the third year of high schoolYoshimoto KogyoAuditioned for a newcomerKantaro HoshinoAfter passing the impersonation, he became a comedian.The passing product was a ballpoint pen.[3]At that time, the laughter boom was overDowntownFocusing on a new generation of comediansYoshimoto KogyoIs about to launch a new movement and as part of that auditionDowntown"Shinsaibashi Comedy Expedition" (Shinsaibashi Comedy Expedition) that was publicly recorded at the 2-chome TheaterRadio Osaka) Appear on a radio program.My friend invited me to get a gorgeous product when I appeared on the program, but I got a ballpoint pen.In addition, the same auditionLytton Study TeamWas also received.For a while, he was taken by a friend who attended college and decided to take the college entrance exam, but he failed to take the exam, but after that he became serious about entertainer activities.

In the young ageShinsaibashisuji 2-chome TheaterActivities centered onDowntownIs the moderator of the public live program "It's 4 o'clock] And so on.At the beginning of the program, it was only the role of "the man of desire" who called for the announcement of the recruitment of the amateur participation corner "Downtown Desire", but gradually emerged, and for the last six monthsKoji Imada-Yasushi IshidaI will be the moderator with them.Also, when "It's 4 o'clock" was being broadcast, a live event "2-chome jr tankentai" in which a super young person from the 2-chome theater appeared in combination with Imada (downtown is the main moderator of the upper organization " There was a live called "2-chome Expedition"), and I was in charge of the moderator.At that time, the monthly income was about 7-8 yen, and there was no particular sense of crisis or aspiration.

Also, it was broadcast as an evening band program at the same time.Kei / OsamuChaired byNice! KEI-SHU5』, Also in charge of VTR planning to report various places with a character called" Senor Higashino "in white running and wearing a trepan (this Senor character was played in the story on the stage at that time).

After the end of "It's 4 o'clock", it was urgent to rebuild at that time with Imada and others.Yoshimoto New ComedyAt first, he couldn't accept the appearance of the new comedy, so he retired as an entertainer and was thinking of changing his job to a gardener.However, due to Imada's enthusiastic persuasion, he stopped retiring as an entertainer and appeared mainly in the new comedy.

After that, one year after downtown moved to Tokyo with Imada and others, he advanced to Tokyo.NSCSince he was not originally from Japan, he made his debut in the entertainment world at about the same time, using honorifics for Imada, who is a senior in the 4th grade for several months.Kimura YuichiHigashino was a senior for several months, but he came in contact with him as a synchronization, and he was in the 5th grade.Shigeo TsujimotoBehaves as a senior to.

After entering Tokyo, after appearing on TV with Imada as "W Koji",2000 eraLaterchairpersonActivities are also increasing.

From 2020 year 2 month 23 dayYouTubeStarted distribution of a radio program called "Koji Higashino's Phantom Radio".This program is a handmade program in which the daughter edits and uploads the audio recorded in the living room, and is created without relying on Yoshimoto Kogyo.The eldest daughter is the director, and Higashino calls her "daughter D."


  • Until before coming to TokyoOkakentaLived with[4].
  • In his private life, he married an ordinary woman in 1991 and had a second daughter. Divorced in 2001, but remarried in 2011[1][5]..The eldest daughter, "Daughter D," mentioned above lives overseas as a couple, and on the "Phantom Radio" broadcast on August 2020, 8, Higashino gave birth to her first grandson, a girl. Reported[6].
  • In February 2001, while driving a private car in Meguro-ku, Tokyo, he came into contact with a two-seater motorcycle and injured two boys on the motorcycle.One of the boys was seriously injured and the other was slightly injured.Higashino was also injured and hospitalized.
  • When I was appearing in the new comedy, I was told that I should stop using Tsurubin because only Higashino was flying on the spot when everyone was crazy.
  • Orix BuffaloesIt is a fan of.


  • Although he has a lot of experience in Tale, as soon as he makes a serious playHam actorbecome.
    • "Feeling like a mess of downtown』Was made up to a corner to train his acting ability (the corner name is" Ryu Toshinobu Actor Training TV Novel ").In this project, only in the scene where Higashino said the lines, the real lines written in the script were made into subtitles and displayed at the bottom of the screen.As a result, if you look only at the story, it is a drama with a serious scenario without gag, but it turns out that the lines that the person himself emits in the play are completely different from those in the script, and a mechanism was made to induce the viewer's laughter. ..
    • after that2001ToI have tomorrow』, But the acting ability has not grown at all, and in the end it was a disposition that induces NG of other co-stars due to the terribleness of his acting (first day of shooting) The NG that was put out in the scene was 8 times).For this reason, there are some parts that are almost NG, but there are also parts that are broadcast as "no more acting ability is required".Hamada says that the rugged movement was "only Higashino was a historical drama."
    • When I was youngV cinemaAppeared in the bed sceneCowgirlHowever, it seemed to be "high and high".
  • 2004For childrenSpecial effectsDrama"Sentai series』I had announced in my program that an offer to appear in the role of commander had come, but this isToeiProductionSuper squadronnot,ShochikuOf productionRyukendo"was.Later, this role declined due to various circumstances, and the sameYoshimoto KogyoBelongingKei ShimizuWill play.
  • The actors I admireManya Kinnosuke.


  • There is talk power at a position a little away from the center, and many other comedians interrupt the talk saying "Please wait a moment".ImitationHas been[Source required].
  • With Imada "Hinadan entertainerIs said to be a model for[Source required].
  • All the fans are middle-aged men, so they are described as "Mr. Favorable pinpoint entertainers"[7].
  • InoueI have been told by Mr. Higashino that the amount of work and the Japanese economy are linked.From the standpoint of the TV station, it is not possible to dismiss a major entertainer just because the economy is bad, and young entertainers can use it even if the economy is bad because the guarantee is cheap.The theory is that mid-career entertainers like Higashino are the easiest to cut, so the amount of work can be used to grasp the economy.2001AroundDeflationary recessionAt that time, Higashino had lost eight regulars, and he also supports this theory.[Source required].
  • Comedy duoUn GirlsBecame friends after both of them were fans of Higashino, and then formed a combination.[8].
  • It is extremely quiet and has no presence in places where the camera is not rotating, and the nature must have no emotions at all.Shimada Shinsuke,Hitoshi MatsumotoWas ridiculed by[Source required].


TV variety

Regular program


Special program

* MC or main cast

  • Kansai New Laughs Catalog (July 1986, 7, Kansai TV)
  • The world's most luxurious and rare dishes(1993-1995, Fuji Television)
  • pacific saury Akashiya's sports! Big broadcast(Fuji TV, 1993-1997 / 11 times in total)
  • FNS Program Opposition NG Grand Prize(1994-1999, Fuji TV)- Moderator
  • Imada Higashino Ninety-nine's entertainment world must be useless!(Fuji TV, August 1994, 10)
  • You can laugh!(1995-2001, Fuji Television)
  • Super quiz special(NTV)- Corner MC
  • Super gorgeous all-star gathering !! Program opposition Flame hot-blooded battle(Autumn 1997-Autumn 1998, TV Asahi)- MC
  • Heisei Appare TV(1999-2001, NTV)- Main moderator
  • Entertainer course (1999, Mainichi Broadcasting System)- MC
  • National Interesting News Grand Prix(TV Asahi)- Moderator
  • Bakusho mimicry mimicry Kouhaku Uta Gassen Special(2000 -)- Red group MC
  • Yoshimoto We depart on a good day (January 2003, 1, January 3, 2004, January 1, 3, Chubu-Nippon Broadcasting)
  • Shopping Road, Self-Sufficiency Edition (April 2003, 4, May 26, 2004, NTV)- MC
  • Higashino &GussanFirst Experience World Domination Tour (March 2004, 3, January 21, 2005, TV Asahi)
  • This year is also raw Entertainer gathering Legend that keeps laughing(2005-2013, TV TOKYO)- MC
  • Ken ShimuraAnd 100 Women's Shiawase Institute (March 2005, 3, Yomiuri TV)- MC
  • Quiz Enemy or ally !? 2005 Annoying Star Dama Shiai Special (December 2005, 12, TV TOKYO)- MC
  • Entertainment world tremor quiz !! Super rude lecture! Can I say so much Special (January 2006, 1, Fuji TV)- MC
  • Play with hit songs! Shogun The Song Game! (November 2006, 11, NTV)- MC
  • 100 Yoshimoto entertainers festival! Laugh and forget to enter the studio anymore SP (2006-2011, Kansai TV)- MC
  • Which cooking show(Yomiuri Television, September 2006, 3)- MC(Orange kitchen charge)
  • Overdoing urban legend(2007-, TV TOKYO)- MC
  • Beat Takeshi's Comedy Ultra Quiz(August 2007, 1, NTV)- MC
  • Wonderful Single Life Grand Prix-King of Single Aristocrats (February 2007, 2, June 26, 6, Fuji TV)- MC
  • Tokyo Comedy New Famous Place "Asakusa Flower Moon" (March 2007, 3, Fuji TV)- Navigator
  • FAQ(2007年5月6日・10月27日・2008年3月21日・3月22日、テレビ朝日)- MC
  • Neta Festival 2007 Summer Team (August 2007, 8, TV Asahi)- MC
  • Bird Human Contest Championship(2008/2010 --2018, Yomiuri TV)- MC
  • The World Cup!(November 2008, 3 Fuji Television)- MC
  • Toledaka (May 2008, 5, Mainichi Broadcasting System)
  • Brain heaven Ella Quiz! Entertainment world summit big decisive battle SP(August 2008, 5, NTV)- MC
  • Souvenir story finding trip SP(August 2008, 7, NTV)- MC
  • Baron Bushik (September 2008, 9, January 28, 2009, Fuji TV)- MC
  • Manten ☆ Talk(August 2009, 4, NTV)- MC
  • Wisdom ☆ BAG! ~ Best answer to save entertainers ~(August 2009, 5, NTV)- MC
  • Comedy entertainer thrilling championship special(May 2009, 5-June 6, 2011/6 times in total, Fuji TV)- MC
  • Celebrity / Proud Story Showdown! G Man 21 (August 2009, 8, TBS)- MC
  • Premium Stage 2009 (December 2009, 12, Yomiuri TV)- MC
  • Imada Higashino! The end of the north is my season (January 2010, 1, Chubu-Nippon Broadcasting)
  • Acupuncture points of tears ~ I will definitely cry with this! ~(July 2010, 7, Asahi Broadcasting Corporation)- MC
  • Higashino Theater Company Daikon (July 2010, 7, July 6, 7, August 13, 2011, Kansai TV)
  • World Busyke Athletics 2011 (January 2011, 1, Fuji TV)- MC
  • Higashino vsTamura Entertainer Golfer ~ !! (May 2011, 5, Kansai TV)
  • Unexpected Law Great Discovery !? Nyu-Ton no Apple(Yomiuri Television, September 2011, 6)- MC
  • I asked 100 Yoshimoto! Speaking of ○○ !? That entertainer (July 2011, 7, Mainichi Broadcasting System)- MC
  • Celebrity check variety show! (September 2011, 9, Fuji TV)- MC
  • All-Star Thanksgiving(September 2011, 10, TBS)- MC
  • Laughing Economic White Paper THE Pinkiri SHOW(January 2012, 1, March 25, 3/14 times in total, TBS)- MC
  • Imitation throne decision match(2012-, Fuji TV)- MC
  • Mansai Lovers(2012-2017, Yomiuri TV)- MC
  • 1 people choose! Yoshimoto all generations (secret) ranking 100th anniversary DE big ban SP (April 2012, 4, Yomiuri TV)- MC
  • Shine! Nippon Treasure Award-National "Yacchitta" Owner Retsuden- (May 2012, 5, Fuji TV)- MC
  • National participation quiz SHOW! QB47(2012年8月24日、2013年1月2日・3月29日・5月8日・8月5日・12月5日、2014年3月19日・9月27日・12月29日、2015年3月25日/全10回、NHK general TV)- MC
  • Entertainment World Boss Boast Summit (August 2012, 8, Kansai TV)- MC
  • Koji Higashino, General Manager, Divani Department, Entertainment World (September 2012, national stations)- MC
  • ディクショナリーTV見る 日本語ランド(2012年10月28日・2013年2月7日・2月14日・2月21日・2月28日、関西テレビ)- MC
  • The bottom of Higashino/Ariyoshi(December 2012, 12-October 30, 2013/10 times in total, TBS)- MC
  • Itte Q with DASH! Shabekuri No.1 deciding match for popular Japanese TV programs(2013-2020, NTV)- MC
  • Emergency live broadcast! (Secret) Personal information leaked! Yoshimoto ranking(2013-2015, Kansai TV)- MC
  • FNS 27-hour TV(2013/2014, Fuji TV)
  • West Japan Crossing Live Broadcast Special 2013(January 2013, 1, Mainichi Broadcasting System)- MC
  • If you don't have common sense, you'll be hungry. Kyoto Hannari Tour (January 2013, 1, TBS)- MC
  • It's amazing at a very popular store! Impossible products sell !? Can't sell !?(August 2013, 1, Nippon Television)- MC
  • This is what happened !? The theory of evolution of the Anno people (March 2013, 3, Fuji TV) - MC
  • World Riniri Variety "Kurofune SHOW" (March 2013, 3, Yomiuri TV)- MC
  • Manzai History Mystery Laughter Jobs(March 2013, 3, Asahi Broadcasting Corporation)- MC
  • Am I an Ita parent? Entertainment world mom friend large set SP(September 2013, 3, TBS)- MC
  • LOL Plus 1 SHOW (April 2013, 4, TV Asahi)- MC
  • Exciting experiment variety Let's do it!(September 2013, 5, TBS)- MC
  • 24 wallets that you definitely want to peek at-How to use super celebrity's smart money- (June 2013, 6, Mainichi Broadcasting System)- MC
  • TV Ace ~ Senior! Please tell me ~(October 2013, 7, TBS)- MC
  • ザ・ドキドキどっきり(2013年7月4日・2014年6月26日・2015年1月9日/全3回、フジテレビ) - MC
  • Annual Income Discrimination! Money Variety Pyramid (July 2013, 7, March 27, 2014/3 times in total, TBS)- MC
  • Adult fight (October 2013, 10, NTV)- MC
  • Quiz! Fast Press Sprinters (December 2013, 12, Fuji TV)- MC
  • TV that hurts my ears(2014-2016, NTV)- MC
  • New Year's gorgeous stunning festival! (January 2014, 1, Fuji TV)- MC
  • Return to the local area! 100 million yen hero (January 2014, 1, NTV)- MC
  • Go for it! Japanese Teachers (April 2014, 4, TBS)- MC
  • Makafushi (May 2014, 5, August 17, December 8, all three times, Fuji TV)- MC
  • Soul Culture TV (June 2014, 6, November 21, 11/5 times in total, TBS)- MC
  • Trimmer Keyman (September 2014, 9, NTV)- MC
  • Aside Grand Prize(October 2014, 12-August 23, 2016, TBS)- MC
  • Nao Soya's Adventure! (January 2015, 1, February 28, Mainichi Broadcasting System)- MC
  • Adult circumstances that adults do not even know (February 2015, 2, June 14, 6, TV TOKYO)- MC
  • On-site stupidity (March 2015, 3, NTV)- MC
  • The Strongest Cultural Coliseum Tenkaichi Bundokai(June 2015, 6, October 17, 10, TBS)- MC
  • I want to ride now! Happy sightseeing train best 20 (December 2015, 12,RKB Mainichi Broadcasting System)- MC
  • No.1 Diva Final Battle-The 2015st Dream Stage Singing Contest- (December 12, 23, September 2016, 9, Fuji TV)- MC
  • Kamiwaza JAPAN (December 2015, 12, Fuji TV)- Cheerleader
  • eh!AndImada Higashino covers the story at midnight (provisional) (January 2016, 1, TBS)- MC
  • THE Mission (January 2016, 1, Fuji TV)- Commentator
  • Dismantling Japan now to know and benefit! New Joe Ceremony (March 2016, 3, Kansai TV)- MC
  • Let's say! Reaction Word (March 2016, 3, NTV)- MC
  • LOL! Like Video Theater (March 2016, 3, Fuji TV)- judge
  • Toshi has Toshi's worries(August 2016, 4, NTV)- MC
  • Omaka Selfie-All the islands-Kina self-portrait- (May 2016, 5, Fuji TV)- MC
  • I used to live here! TV that celebrities suddenly visit (June 2016, 6, January 18, 2018, January 1, 27, TV TOKYO)MC
  • Nobishiro of Japan (June 2016, 6, Fuji TV)MC
  • 1st place Entertainers gather! Netafes 2016 Summer Laughter (August 2016, 8, Asahi Broadcasting)- MC
  • Why charisma !? ~ A person who makes you enthusiastic (October 2016, 10, TBS)- MC
  • Entry without permission (October 2016, 10, Yomiuri TV)- MC
  • Billi Studies (November 2016, 11, TV Asahi)- MC
  • Mrs. Sekirara (November 2016, 11, April 27, 2017, TV Asahi)- MC
  • Last Day The Last Words-Is that really good?-(December 2016, 12, March 11, 2017, April 3, 26, NTV)- MC
  • Goodbye, Futen Life (December 2016, 12, Fuji TV)- MC
  • Annoying News 2016 It's okay to talk to 100 Yoshimoto entertainers !! (December 2016, 12, Kansai TV)- MC
  • Who is the most enviable national rich grand prix in Japan !? (January 2017, 1, Kansai TV)- MC
  • Hero of Laughter (March 2017, 3, August 30, 8, Fuji TV)- MC
  • Who is this ?! Great man biography !? Large survey team (June 2017, 6, Asahi Broadcasting)- MC
  • It's different from what I heard! ~ Pit pits in the boom ~ (July 2017, 7, December 7, 12, Fuji TV)- MC
  • Neta Festival Summer 2017 Team (August 2017, 8, Asahi Broadcasting Corporation)- MC
  • 24-hour TV 40 "Love Saves the Earth"(August 2017th and 8th, 26, NTV) --Special supporter
  • Japan's classic! The definitive World Betapedia compared to the world (September 2017, 9, Yomiuri TV)- MC
  • Seriously! What you are looking for Crazy ~ Who are you? (October 2017, 10, Asahi Broadcasting)
    • Seriously !! Looking for Dangerous Who are you? (October 2018, 10, Asahi Broadcasting)
  • Higashino Attack (October 2017, 10, Fuji TV)
  • The cry of 1 million people! I don't like this world!(August 2017, 12, NTV)- MC
  • B-side politician(November 2017, 12, August 24, 2018, NTV)- Chair
  • Amazing people who can never come to the studio (December 2017, 12, June 26, 2018, Mainichi Broadcasting System)- MC
  • Yoshimoto LOL Data Bank 2017-105 people will be firmly attached SP (December 2017, 12, Kansai TV)- MC
  • Japan Raising Dictionary (December 2017, 12, TV Asahi)- MC
  • Ask the super awesome people in the world! Isn't it pretty good just for a moment? (January 2018, 1, Fuji TV)- MC
  • How much is this house in a house peep study? (January 2018, 1, TV Asahi)- MC
  • News runnerSP turbulent Kansai 60 years Behind the shock news (April 2018, 4, Kansai TV)- MC
  • The habit is too strong! Sachi family(August 2018, 4, NTV)- MC
  • Minna no Kojien (May 2018, 5,Chukyo TV)- MC
  • For the world For people! How many people will come if you call it? (July 2018, 7, NTV)- MC
  • Rice Terrorism-1 Grand Prix(November 2018, 9 Fuji Television)- MC
  • Higashino/Kato Best Ten I Want to Listen to This Song(September 2018, December 9, 23, October 12, 29, NTV)- MC
  • Enka Ran (September 2018, 9, March 25, 2019, TBS)- MC
  • Japanese in Prison (December 2018, 12, December 30, 2019, TV TOKYO)- MC
  • Yoshimoto LOL Data Bank 2018 Heisei Last 100 Raw People SP Sodane ~ (December 2018, 12, Kansai TV)- MC
  • Excavation! Real Japanese folk tales-What happened when there was no such thing?-(January 2019, 1, TV TOKYO)- MC
  • Highest and lowest (March 2019, 3, TBS)- MC
  • Rice Teller 1 Grand Prix (March 2019, 3, Fuji TV)- MC
  • Dear Sir, Entertainers-A lot of letters have arrived- (July 2019, 7, December 13, 12, Fuji TV)- MC
  • Quiz! 10 counts(October 2019, 9, TBS)- MC
  • Hell Picture Grand Prix (September 2019, 9, Yomiuri TV)- MC
  • Koji Higashino's Space Science Special Investigation Corps Professor Einstein, the world was made of "strings" (September 2019, 9, Asahi Broadcasting Corporation)- MC
  • Back special dane live TV that did not make a sports reporter article(November 2019, 11 Fuji Television)- MC
  • Woman's Great Reversal Bank (November 2019, 11, Fuji TV)- MC
  • (December 2019, 12, December 7, 2020, Asahi Broadcasting Corporation)- MC
  • Crisis Avoidance Variety Was There a Hand (December 2019, 12, TBS)- MC
  • Higashino(I.e.Beshari Room ~ Reiwa's Events Talking SP ~ (December 2019, 12, Mainichi Broadcasting System)
  • Yoshimoto 100 people! Databank 2019 ~ Reiwa is also live ONE TEAM Comedy Scrum SP ~ (December 2019, 12, Kansai TV)- MC
  • Daddy of Higashino and Chidori is a comedian family and a manzai (decisive battle / GP)(December 2020, 2, December 29, 2021, Fuji TV)- MC
  • Entertainer who understands numbers God of numbers (March 2020, 3, Fuji TV)- MC
  • Ultimate Cultural Battle ~ Tennoyama ~(October 2020, 4, TBS)- MC
  • Second speed! Enter SHOW Ah, Theater (April 2020, 4, TBS)- MC
  • The strongest impersonation festival 2020 (June 2020, 6, Fuji TV)- MC
  • Quiz pinch hitter(March 2020, 7, July 11, 12, Fuji TV)- MC
  • Those who like the same thing(October 2020, 8, TBS)- MC
  • Koji Higashino's Bakuken! Mirai Science Special Investigation Team (September 2020, 9, Asahi Broadcasting Corporation)- MC
  • Katsuya Honpo-Reconstruction from the bottom before and after (October 2020, 10, October 12, 10, TV TOKYO)- MC
  • D4DJ prasents CDTV Special Edition God Playlist Music Festival (October 2020, 10, TBS)- MC
  • Chubu 10 prefectures special program Let's just say this before the end of the year! Grand Prix 2020 (December 2020, 12, Chukyo TV)- MC
  • Higashino & Yoshida's unrelieved people (January 2021, 1, March 3, March 3, Mainichi Broadcasting System)
  • Interesting room * Koji Higashino is being monitored (March 2021, 3, March 22, March 3, TV TOKYO)- MC
  • Asumirai ~ SDGs that you can laugh and learn ~ (March 2021, 3, Asahi Broadcasting)- MC

Internet distribution


TV drama



Video games

Music video



Participated as a memberRe: Japan,Eccentric Boy Bowie All Stars(As Niihao),Hikage Ninja Katsuhiko All StarsSee also (Ame entrance role).
In addition,Tay TowaHe also participated in Imada's KOJI 1200 album "I LOVE AMERICA (I love America!)" Produced by Imada in the role of supporting Imada.He performs songs and rap, chorus, bass (imitation of mouth), and tale.


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