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🏀 | 76ers Joel Embiid fines $ 3 Bruno of Hawks off the bench ...


76ers Joel Embiid fines $ 3 Bruno of Hawks off the bench ...

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Fernando will be suspended from the 21ers match on the 20st (76th).

On January 6th (21th local time), he was the executive vice president of the NBA basketball division ... → Continue reading

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Suspension of participation

Philadelphia Seventy Sixers

Philadelphia Seventy Sixers(Philadelphia 76ers) IsThe United States of AmericaPennsylvaniaPhiladelphiaUS professionals based inbasketballAssociation (NBA) Team. Member of Eastern Conference, Atlantic Division. The team name comes from the fact that the Declaration of Independence was made in 1776 in Philadelphia, the capital of the time. For the sake of the Seventy SixersSixersAlso called.


Syracuse Nationals

  • Philadelphia Seventy Sixers has a long history,1937ToNew York StateSyracuseWas established inSyracuse NationalsGo back to. Nationals1946Professional Basketball League NBL (National Basketball League) participated in. After playing in this league for 3 years1949TobankruptcyFrom the state NBL, and from that yearNBAI participated in the BAA (Basketball Association of America) which was renamed.
  • The Nationals, who joined the NBA, spent the first few seasons as a strong man.1948Joined theDorf ShadesIn addition, the team that was headed by joining the team in the same year and also serving as the director,1950と1952To the top of the district in 19501954ToNBA FinalAdvance to (final). In 1955, the Nationals finished the regular season with 43 wins and 29 losses and a record of league leaders ThailandFort Wayne PistonsIt defeated 4 wins and 3 losses and won the championship.

Philadelphia Seventy Sixers

Winner of the Chamberlain era

  • Sixers at that time1958Won in the draft ofHull Greer,1965Joined by tradingWilt ChamberlainCentered on1966Was a league leader with 55 wins and 25 losses, but the playoffs wereBoston CelticsLost to. In the seventh round of the series, Greer's last-minute pass mistake is well known.
  • The following 1966-67 season,Alex HanamBecame the director of Sixers. Hanam has decided to reduce the score of Chamberlain, who has been the top scorer for seven years in a row. As a result of other players being more actively involved in the offense, the Sixers ended the season with a record NBA history of 7 wins and 68 losses. In the playoffs, he defeated the region's nemesis, Celtics, and in the NBA Finals defeated the San Francisco Warriors 13-4, defeating the team for the second time in history. The Sixties of 2-21980Was announced inNBA 35th anniversary all-time team] Was chosen as the greatest team in NBA history.
  • Chamberlain1968Last seasonLos Angeles LakersThe score of Sixers gradually declined. It fell to 1972 wins and 73 losses in the 9-73 season,Charlotte BobcatsIt was the record for the lowest winning rate in NBA history until it was updated to.

Irving, the age of Malone

  • 1975The Sixers were an NBA rival leagueABA OfIndiana PacersからGeorge McGinnisEarned. The following year, ABA joined NBANew York NetsThanJulius IrvingEarned,1978In a draftMaurice CheeksNominated, the Sixers gradually grew into a powerful player who could aim to win.
  • The Sixne's nemesis of this era is1960 eraLike Boston Celtics. Irving the first year1977Then the Sixers defeat the Celtics and advance to the NBA Finals. 2 wins and 4 losses in the finalPortland Trail BlazersLost to.
  • 1980 eraThe Sixers at the beginning were one of the strongest in the league, marking around 60 victories each year, but many years have passed since they missed the championship.1980Defeats Celtics to advance to the final, but newcomersMagic JohnsonThe Sixers missed the championship with 2 wins and 4 losses. Next day1981Defeated Boston Celtics 3-4 in the playoffs. Celtics won the year. Continue1982In the playoff, they defeated Celtics with 3 wins and 4 losses and advanced to the NBA final. However, in the final, he lost to the Lakers 2-4.
  • Sixers aiming to win the championship has begun further reinforcement,Free agent OfMoses MaloneWon. The Sixers finished the regular season with the league leaders 65 wins and 17 losses, and Malone won the MVP. At the playoff, Malone left the famous comment, "Pho, Pho, Pho (4, 4, 4)." This meant winning the playoff with 12-0. In fact, he won four, five, four, and 4 wins and 5 loss, which is still the highest win rate in the NBA playoff history at the time. (In 4Los Angeles LakersWill update the winning percentage)1996Was announced inNBA 50th anniversary all-time team] Was chosen as a great team. This is the third victory in the history of the team and the last victory so far.

Berkeley's success and downturn

  • After that, the Sixers remained second in the division for several years, but couldn't survive the playoffs.1986Malone was released to1987When Irving retires,1984Was drafted inCharles BerkeleyBecame the main pillar of the team.
  • Berkeley grew into a league-leading forward, but team performance gradually declined,1988Missed the playoff. Berkeley gradually became distrustful of the front who was not aggressive in strengthening the team and could not advance to the playoff again.1992Finally Berkeley left the SixersPhoenix SunsI moved to.
  • Lost berkeley1990 eraThe Sixers have entered the playoff for seven years and have not played in the playoffs. The number of wins decreases year by year,1996Was the worst second place in the league with 2 wins and 18 losses. After the season, the Sixers assigned the first place in the draft,Georgetown University OfAllen IversonWas appointed.

Iverson's Age

  • Iverson was successful in winning the rookie king, but the team's performance was lost in the bottom of the league. The situation starts to improve for the directorLarry BrownWelcomed1997It was after that. The team was a star candidateJerry stackhouse,Tim Thomas,Derrick ColemanEmitsAaron McKee,Eric SnowAcquired. We created a defensive team. Shortened by lockout1999, Iverson became the top scorer, and the Sixers won for the first time in eight years with 28 wins and 22 losses.
  • Next day2000Wins 49 wins and 33 losses, continues2001However, the opening 10 wins and good progress did not stop. The team was injured after the all-starTheo Latriff,Tony Cucocci,Nazzy MohamedTo trade theDickembe MutomboTo win. The defense was further strengthened, taking the lead in the East with 56 wins and 26 losses. This season, Iverson, who became the top scorer again, is the MVP, Mutombo is the defense king,Aaron McKeeWon the Sixth Man Award, Brown won the Best Director Award, and won four crowns in the team. At the playoffs, the Sixers won the NBA final for the first time in 4 years,Los Angeles LakersPlay against. In the first race, he won after the extension, but he lost four more games and missed the victory.
  • The team then drafted in 2001Samuel Darren BearThe nomination, Coleman,Keith Van Horn,Glen RobinsonAlthough they were acquired through trading, the win rate remained around 5%.2003Larry Brown retired and was replaced by several other directors. In the middle of the 2004-05 seasonChris WebberJoined the team in a trade and became the core of the other team. Cheeks will be the director from the following 2005-06 season,2004In the draft, joined the Sixers with 9th overall designationAndre IgdaraHas grown and contributed significantly to the team. Iverson and Igudara took the initials of the two and were called Double AI, and formed a combination on the back coat.
  • After 05-06, rumors about the transfer of Iverson were mixed. At one point rumors ceased, but the 06-07 season has just begun12At the beginning of the day, the front team announced that the Iverson had been released, and the team that was unable to finish the results was forced to reorganize.May 12ToDenver Nuggets OfAndre MillerThe trade with them was established and the era of Iverson ended. Webber also2007May 1Dismissed (Buyout) IsDetroit PistonsI left.

The age of Igdara

  • After that, it is trying to rebuild mainly in Igdala.2007 OfMay 12It was famous for its sloppy managementGeneral managerHas been dismissed and his successor hasNew Jersey NetsI was appointed as a GM, but took office.
  • A long-term slump in the team was whispered by missing the playoffs for the second consecutive year, but in a draftSadeus youngNominate. In the season, veteran Miller put together a team, and Yggdra grew into one of the league's best all-round players and contributed to the victory. He made a comeback to the playoff for the first time in three years.
  • 08-09 before the seasonElton BrandIt was expected that the team will make a breakthrough. However, when the season started, the team's gears did not mesh and the results were sluggish. HC in the middle of the seasonMaurice CheeksWas dismissed. After that, the brand broke down due to a breakdown, and the team seemed to be out of the playoff area. However, the team regained momentum after leaving the brand and advanced to the playoffs.
  • In the 09-10 season, Iverson, who was on the verge of retirement, returned to the team.
  • After thatDrew Holiday,Spencer HoseTo continue in the playoffs, but before the 12-13 seasonLos Angeles Lakers OfAndrew BynumIgudara is released in exchange. After that, follow the descending line. Bynam, who was prone to injury, had no opportunity to participateCleveland CavaliersTransferred to.

Trust the Process Age

  • In 2013,San Antonio SpursWas the assistant coach ofBrett BrownWas acknowledged for supporting the strength of Spurs for many years, the 24th generationHead coachWas appointed to[4].
  • 2013 NBA DraftSo the SixersNew Orleans PelicansNominated in 6th placeNarens NoelThe negotiation right ofDrew HolidayAcquired by exchange trade with.Michael Carter-WilliamsWas named in 11th place. But NoelUniversity of KentuckyLeft knee in the eraAnterior cruciate ligamentDue to the rupture, despair as early as the season. The team is the champion of the previous season in the opening gameMiami HeatIt was a long-running slump with no succession, and it suffered the 26th consecutive loss in Thailand, the highest number in the NBA history. Therefore before the trade deadlineEvan Turner,Spencer HoseRelease the central player such as. Moved to a team structure centered on Carter-Williams. In the end, the season ended with 2 wins and 19 losses, which was second in the league worst. Brownhead coach was in the Spurs era,Greg PopovichUnder the head coach, in the player training coach era, he joined the 2001 team who will later play the Spurs big threeTony ParkerJoined in 2002Manu GinobiliWe have also contributed to the training of new employees, and again demonstrated their ability to train new employees, and from the draft 11th nominationMichael Carter-WilliamsIs being led to the newcomer king.

The Age of Embiid & Simmons

  • 2014 NBA DraftThen in 3rd placeJoel Embed,Orlando MagicNominated in 12th placeDario salicAcquired the ownership of. In the second roundJerami GrantNominated 4 players.
  • However, the 14-15 season was a difficult season, continuing from the previous season. In 2013, he became president and general manager of the team (Sam Hinkie) To explicitly get a higher rank in future draft nominationsD LeagueThere are only players of the class, and over the next few seasonsTankIt is suspected that he is losing (intentionally losing), and his attitude toward victory has been questioned, but in fact, he continued to lose in the form of a consecutive loss following the previous season. Off right shoulder surgeryMichael Carter-WilliamsThe team that lacked the series continued to lose from the opening, and on December 12stSan Antonio SpursLost in battleNew Jersey NetsSuffered 2009 consecutive losses, following the NBA record of 10 consecutive losses that were recorded in the 18-17 season. December 12rdMinnesota TimberwolvesHe finally won the season's first victory and escaped the league worst tie record. On the other hand, even though he has not won the home game since 2015, on January 1thCleveland CavaliersHe finally won his first home game in the 14-15 season. However, the slump continued after that, and gave up on Carter-Williams on the trade deadline (Milwaukee BucksHe made a stupid move to the end by making a mysterious trade such as (released in) and finally suffered 10 consecutive losses, ending the season with a disappointing record of 3 wins and 18 losses, the third place in the league.
  • 2015 NBA DraftSixers, who got third-place nomination in the rumor, were rumoredEmmanuel MudieAvoid the nomination ofDuke University OfJarreel okaforHowever, the bad situation that ended with 10 consecutive losses in the previous season did not change, and the 15-16 season opened 18 consecutive losses, and together with the previous season set 28 consecutive NBA worst records. December 1st, one month after the openingLos Angeles LakersWin the battle with 103-91 and finally win the season's first victory[5].. However, on the 7th of the same monthSan Antonio SpursIn the battle, the bad situation, such as the historical defeat of 68-119, did not change,Larry BrownHas not changed, such as being complained that "I can change the current situation in 5 minutes", theNew Orleans PelicansWith the work of eventually reaching the season's 10th win, President and GM Sam Hinky was forced to resign the next day. In the end, he ended without winning until the final round of the season, with a total of 10 wins and 72 losses, 72nd in the team history and 73rd in the NBA history, following 9 wins in the 2-3 season.
  • 2016 NBA DraftThe Sixers who won the first place overall ranking inLouisiana State University OfBen SimmonsNominate. It seemed that the 16-17 season would catch up, but Simmons broke his right leg before the opening. Again, a dark cloud hung over the Sixers. On the other hand, after joining the team in 2014, he was waving for two full seasonsJoel EmbedHowever, he finally made his NBA debut and became a new member.セ ル ヒ オ · ロ ド リ ゲ ス,Dario salicAlso struggle. The season has continued to lose since the opening, but on November 11thIndiana PacersHe won the season's first victory in the battle, stopping the consecutive losses from the opening in 7. After that, he struggled hard, but on January 2017, 1New York KnicksIn battle,TJ McConnellReverses at the end of the matchBuzzer beaterHe scored the 11th win of the season, which is higher than the previous season. Although he struggled even after that, he could not escape from the recent stagnation, and eventually theRobert CovingtonAs the number of injured continued, he could not fight enough and ended the season with 28 wins and 54 losses.
  • 2017 NBA DraftNo. 1 overall nomination rightBoston CelticsSixers, which was transferred fromUniversity of Washington OfMarkel FurtsNominate. to thisJoel EmbedIn addition to2017-18 seasonMade a more formal debutBen SimmonsA fun lineup such as is completed. October 10Detroit PistonsIn battle, Simmons or the youngest in league historyTriple/DoubleIn the fourth race, he recorded his first victory in the season. Done on April 4, 2018Dallas MavericksWin the battle with 109-97,Allen IversonHas won 2000 regular seasons since the 01-50 season when he was in the NBA Finals. In addition, the 14 consecutive victories recorded by winning the Mavericks match have been the record since the 1982-83 season.[6].. After all, the regular season ends with 52 wins and 30 losses at the conference third place[7]Recorded a team record of 16 consecutive victories[8].. Playoff 1st round was at 6th place in the conferenceMiami HeatTo 4 wins and 1 loss2012Since then I decided to advance to the second round of the playoffs[9].
  • Early 2018-19 seasonWolvesIn the trade withJimmy ButlerEarned. Further in FebruaryTobias HarrisTheClippersI got it by trading with. The final result was 51 wins and 31 losses, ending in 3rd place at the Eastern Conference. In the first playoff round,Brooklyn NetsTo win. At the conference semifinalsRaptorsPlayed against. It was a fierce battle until the 7th round,Kawai LeonardWas beaten by the final buzzer beater and lost at the conference semi-finals.

Performance by season

Note: Win = Number of wins, Loss = Number of defeats,% = Win rate

SeasonWinDefeat%play offResult
Syracuse Nationals
1949-50 5113. 797Division Semifinal victory
Division Final Victory
NBA FinalDefeat
Nationals 2, Philadelphia 0
Nationals 2, Knicks 1
Minneapolis 4, nationals 2
1950-51 3234. 485Division Semifinal victory
Lost the division final
Nationals 2, Philadelphia 0
Knicks 3, nationals 2
1951-52 4026. 606Division Semifinal victory
Lost the division final
Nationals 2, Philadelphia 1
Knicks 3, nationals 1
1952-53 4724. 648Lost the division semifinalsCeltics 2, nationals 0
1953-54 4230. 583Round-Robin
Division Final Victory
NBA FinalDefeat
Nationals 2, Celtics 0
Nationals 2, Knicks 0
Nationals 2, Celtics 0
Minneapolis 4, nationals 3
1954-55 4329. 597Division Semifinal victory
NBA FinalWin
Nationals 3, Celtics 1
Nationals 4, Fort Wayne 3
1955-56 3537. 486Tie break game win
Division Semifinal victory
Lost the division final
Nationals 1, Knicks 0
Nationals 2, Celtics 1
Philadelphia 3, nationals 2
1956-57 3834. 528Division Semifinal victory
Lost the division final
Nationals 2, Philadelphia 0
Celtics 3, nationals 0
1957-58 4131. 569Lost the division semifinalsPhiladelphia 2, nationals 1
1958-59 3537. 486Division Semifinal victory
Lost the division final
Nationals 2, Knicks 0
Celtics 4, nationals 3
1959-60 4530. 600Lost the division semifinalsPhiladelphia 2, nationals 1
1960-61 3841. 481Division Semifinal victory
Lost the division final
Nationals 3, Philadelphia 0
Celtics 4, nationals 1
1961-62 4139. 513Lost the division semifinalsPhiladelphia 3, nationals 2
1962-63 4832. 600Lost the division semifinalsCincinnati 3, nationals 2
Philadelphia Seventy Sixers
1963-64 3446. 425Lost the division semifinalsCincinnati 3, Sixers 2
1964-65 4040. 500Division Semifinal victory
Lost the division final
Sixers 3, Cincinnati 1
1965-66 5525. 688Lost the division semifinalsCeltics 4, Sixers 1
1966-67 6813. 671Division Semifinal victory
Division Final Victory
NBA FinalWin
Sixers 3, Cincinnati 1
Sixers 4, Celtics 1
Sixers 4, San Francisco 2
1967-68 6220. 756Division Semifinal victory
Lost the division final
Sixers 4, Knicks 2
Celtics 4, Sixers 3
1968-69 5527. 671Lost the division semifinalsCeltics 4, Sixers 1
1969-70 4240. 512Lost the division semifinalsBucks 4, Sixers 1
1970-71 4735. 573Lost the division semifinalsBaltimore 4, Sixers 2
1971-72 3052. 366
1972-73 973. 110
1973-74 2557. 305
1974-75 3448. 415
1975-76 4636. 561Eliminated the second roundBuffalo 2, Sixers 1
1976-77 5032. 610Conference semi-final win
Conference final win
NBA FinalDefeat
Sixers 4, Celtics 3
Sixers 4, Rockets 2
Blazers 4, Sixers 2
1977-78 5527. 671Conference semi-final win
Lost the conference final
Knicks 4, Sixers 0
Washington 4, Sixers 2
1978-79 4735. 573First round victory
Lost the conference semifinals
Sixers 2, Nets 0
Spurs 4, Sixers 3
1979-80 5923. 720First round victory
Conference semi-final win
Conference final win
NBA FinalDefeat
Sixers 2, Washington 0
Sixers 4, Hawks 1
Sixers 4, Celtics 1
Lakers 4, Sixers 2
1980-81 6220. 756First round victory
Conference semi-final win
Lost the conference final
Sixers 2, Pacers 0
Sixers 4, Bucks 3
Celtics 4, Sixers 3
1981-82 5824. 707First round victory
Conference semi-final win
Conference final win
NBA FinalDefeat
Sixers 2, Hawks 0
Sixers 4, Bucks 2
Sixers 4, Celtics 3
Lakers 4, Sixers 2
1982-83 6517. 793Conference semi-final win
Conference final win
NBA FinalWin
Sixers 4, Knicks 0
Sixers 4, Bucks 1
Sixers 4, Lakers 0
1983-84 5230. 634Eliminated the second roundNets 3, Sixers 2
1984-85 5824. 707First round victory
Conference semi-final win
Lost the conference final
Sixers 3, Washington 1
Sixers 4, Bucks 0
Celtics 4, Sixers 1
1985-86 5428. 659First round victory
Lost the conference semifinals
Sixers 3, Washington 2
Bucks 4, Sixers 3
1986-87 4537. 549Eliminated the second roundBucks 3, Sixers 2
1987-88 3646. 439
1988-89 4636. 561Eliminated the second roundKnicks 3, Sixers 0
1989-90 5329. 646First round victory
Lost the conference semifinals
Sixers 3, Cabs 2
Bulls 4, Sixers 1
1990-91 4438. 537First round victory
Lost the conference semifinals
Sixers 3, Bucks 0
Bulls 4, Sixers 1
1991-92 3547. 427
1992-93 2656. 317
1993-94 2557. 305
1994-95 2458. 293
1995-96 1864. 220
1996-97 2260. 268
1997-98 3151. 378
1998-99 2822. 560First round victory
Lost the conference semifinals
Sixers 3, マ ジ ッ ク 1
Pacers 4, Sixers 0
1999-2000 4930. 598First round victory
Lost the conference semifinals
Sixers 3, シ ャ ー ロ ッ ト 1
Pacers 4, Sixers 2
2000-01 5626. 683First round victory
Conference semi-final win
Conference final win
NBA FinalDefeat
Sixers 3, Pacers 1
Sixers 4, Raptors 3
Sixers 4, Bucks 3
Lakers 4, Sixers 1
2001-02 4339. 524Eliminated the second roundCeltics 3, Sixers 2
2002-03 4834. 585First round victory
Lost the conference semifinals
Sixers 4, Hornets 2
Pistons 4, Sixers 2
2003-04 3349. 402
2004-05 4339. 524Eliminated the second roundPistons 4, Sixers 1
2005-06 3844. 463
2006-07 3547. 427
2007-08 4042. 488Eliminated the second roundPistons 4, Sixers 2
2008-09 4141. 500Eliminated the second roundマ ジ ッ ク 4, Sixers 2
2009-10 2755. 329
2010-114141. 500Eliminated the second roundHeat 4, Sixers 1
2011-123531. 530First round victory
Lost the conference semifinals
Sixers 4, Bulls 2
Celtics 4, Sixers 3
2012-133448. 415
2013-141963. 232
2014-151864. 220
2015-161072. 122
2016-172854. 341
2017-185230. 634First round victory
Lost the conference semifinals
Sixers 4, Heat 1
Celtics4, Sixers 1
2018-195131. 622First round victory
Lost the conference semifinals
Sixers 4, Nets 1
Raptors 4, Sixers 3
2019-204330. 589Eliminated the second roundCeltics 4, Sixers 0
2020-214923. 681First round victory
Lost the conference semifinals
Sixers 4,Wizards 1
Hawks 4, Sixers 3
Total loss2,9492,746. 518
Playoff235220. 5163rd win

Main players

Active player

playerス タ ッ フ
F17Ignas Brazdeikis (Ignas Brazdeikis) TW.pngカナダ22 (1999 / 01 / 08)6ft6in(1.98m)205lb(93kg)University of Michigan 
G31Seth curry (Seth Curry)The United States of America30 (1990 / 08 / 20)6ft2in(1.88m)183lb(83kg)Duke University 
F / C21Joel Embed (Joel Embiid)カ メ ル ー ン27 (1994 / 03 / 16)7ft0in(2.13m)280lb(127kg)University of Kansas 
G / F14Danny Green (Danny Green)The United States of America34 (1987 / 06 / 23)6ft6in(1.98m)210lb(95kg)University of North Carolina 
F12Tobias Harris (Tobias Harris)The United States of America28 (1992 / 07 / 15)6ft8in(2.03m)226lb(103kg)University of Tennessee 
G3George hill (George hill)The United States of America35 (1986 / 5 / 4)6ft4in(1.93m)188lb(85kg)IUPUI 
C39Dwight Howard (Dwight Howard)The United States of America35 (1985 / 12 / 8)6ft10in(2.08m)265lb(120kg)Georgia 
G7 (Isaiah Joe)The United States of America22 (1999 / 07 / 02)6ft5in(1.96m)180lb(82kg)Arkansas 
G / F30Furkan Korkmaz (Furkan Korkmaz)トルコ23 (1997 / 07 / 24)6ft7in(2.01m)190lb(86kg)トルコ 
G33 (Dakota Mathias) TW.pngThe United States of America25 (1995 / 07 / 11)6ft4in(1.93m)200lb(91kg)Purdue University 
G0Tyreese Maxi (Tyrese Maxey)The United States of America20 (2000 / 10 / 04)6ft3in(1.91m)200lb(91kg)University of Kentucky 
G / F18Shake Milton (Shake Milton)The United States of America24 (1996 / 09 / 26)6ft5in(1.96m)205lb(93kg) 
F44 (Paul Reed) TW.pngThe United States of America22 (1999 / 06 / 26)6ft9in(2.06m)220lb(100kg)DePaul University 
F1Mike Scott (Mike Scott)The United States of America32 (1988 / 7 / 16)6ft8in(2.03m)237lb(108kg)University of Virginia 
G / F25Ben Simmons (Ben Simmons)Australia24 (1996 / 07 / 20)6ft11in(2.11m)240lb(109kg)Louisiana State University 
G22Matisse Sible (Matisse Thybulle)The United States of America24 (1997 / 03 / 04)6ft5in(1.96m)200lb(91kg)University of Washington 

Symbol Explanation

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Major players by age

Bold…Hall of Fame (C)…Players who were enrolled at the time of victory (M)…When enrolledMVP(50) who won the... 50 great


Coach, other

Team record

Philadelphia Seventy Sixers team record


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