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⚾ | Deliver to the ball!Song ale Gifu High School Baseball Championship song chorus recording

Photographs Members of the music club who are recording the chorus of the tournament song and national anthem = Gifu City Onawaba, Gifu High School

Deliver to the ball child!Song ale Gifu High School Baseball Championship song chorus recording

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The director (17) revealed in his heart, "I am sad and regrettable because I had a strong desire to sing in front of you at Nagaragawa Stadium this year."

The Gifu High School (Onawaba, Gifu City) Music Club will hold the opening ceremony of the 10rd National High School Baseball Championship Gifu Tournament, which will start on the 103th of next month. → Continue reading

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Nagara River Stadium

Nagara River Stadium(While) isGifu(I.e. OfGifu Memorial CenterInBaseball field..The facility is owned by Gifu Prefecture and is operated and managed by the Gifu Prefecture Sports Association.


At present, Gifu City Nagarafukumitsu, where the Gifu Memorial Center is located,1965 HeldGifu National Athletic MeetAccording to the previous year1964 Opened inGifu Prefectural Baseball StadiumThere are sports facilities such as, and about 200m awayGifu Prisonwas there.However, all of them were closed due to aging, and prisons were also in the city.NorimatsuMoved to.These sites will be redeveloped as the general sports park "Gifu Memorial Center".The site is1988 Held inGifu Chubu Future ExpoThe memorial center maintenance project began in earnest after the end of the Future Expo, of which Nagaragawa Stadium was used as the main venue.1991 Completed in spring,May 4Opened in.After the same yearhigh school baseball,Adult baseballな どAmateur baseballIn addition to the official gameProfessional baseballOfficial games are also held.

this house,Nagoya cityBased inChunichi DragonsHolds one official match and one open match each year.Of these, the official game used to beNagoya DomeThe format was to hold the first or last day of the three consecutive battles in the Nagara River,2000 FromFukui Prefectural StadiumIt came to be held in two consecutive battles with.Previously, the "Hokuriku Series" held annually by the team was held with Fukui.Ishikawa Baseball Stadium(Kanazawa City),Toyama City Stadium Alpine StadiumAlthough it was organized in three consecutive battles with, this Hokuriku series was held on weekdays, and since it was a heavy burden to move to the dormitory of the next venue immediately after the match, it was a heavy burden from the players' association This is a measure that accompanies the reorganization into two consecutive battles between Kanazawa and Toyama, and Fukui and Nagara River.However,2008 Since the official games after that are no longer held in Fukui, the first game of the three consecutive games will be held at the main stadium, and the other two games will be held at Nagoya Dome (3).Toyohashi City Stadium→ Our stadium → Nagoya Dome, which is the middle day of the three consecutive battles).Currently in professional baseball,巨人Is an open game every yearSecond armyWe are holding an official game,2009 May 6In Gifu Prefecture, the first official match of the 58st Army in XNUMX years (againstHiroshima) Was held, and since then, except for 2011 and 2018, when the renovation was carried out, one official match is held every year.

また1991 から1997 During that time, the official game sponsored by Hiroshima Toyo Carp was held 2-3 games a year.The opponent team for this match against Hiroshima was the Chunichi Dragons in all games (in 1994, one game was hosted by Chunichi and two games were held by Hiroshima).As for the dug out, Hiroshima used the 1st base side and Chunichi used the 2rd base side as in the regular sponsored game.About thisHome and awaySee also section.For TV broadcasting, for the Chukyo wide areaCBC(TBSIf it is produced by the affiliated company and cannot be broadcast by CBC due to organizational reasons, it may be sponsored by Hiroshima.GifuhosoIn some cases, (GBS / independent UHF station) broadcasted by CBC production.For the Hiroshima prefecture area, the same series in the form of joint production with CBCChina broadcasting(RCC) may be broadcast (the actual condition may be replaced by the RCC, or the actual condition of CBC may be broadcast as it is).Hiroshima Home TV(HOME ・TV AsahiSeries)Nagoya TV BroadcastIn some cases, it was produced separately for the Hiroshima area with the cooperation of.

Other than thisKintetsu BuffaloesOnce upon a timeNagoya StadiumOrganized official games around 8 games a year (generally 3 consecutive games with 3 cards), but since 19911996 Until then, one of the three consecutive Nagoya series games was held at Nagaragawa Stadium (Kintetsu Yoro Line (currently in Gifu Prefecture)).Yoro Railway Yoro Line) Was running).

Main episode

Although professional baseball at Nagaragawa Stadium is played several games a year, there are occasional famous games, troubles and accidents.

  1. 1991 ,Japan-Korea Professional Baseball Super GameWhen the second round ofHete TigersWas enrolled inPreachingPitched, pitched a straight with a maximum speed of 155km / h and a super-high-speed slider, and made the name known to Japanese fans.In Round 5Chang Jong HoonReleased an out-of-field home run.This is the first time that Nagaragawa Stadium has been established.
  2. 1997 May 6Chunichi Dragons vs.Yokohama Bay StarsIn the 9th round, Chunichi made a complaint about the decision of a strike against the outer corner ball.Yasuaki OtoyoAgainstMichael DiMuroThe ball umpire was sent off, considering that he had "spoken abusive words."Immediately after that, however, Daitoyo rushed to DiMuro and protested violently, and the coaches and coaches of Chunichi also surrounded DiMuro and protested relentlessly.The hall was temporarily noisy.DiMuro submitted his resignation to the Central League secretariat the next day, saying, "I felt more dangerous than I had ever felt," and returned to Japan on the 12th. reference).
  3. 2003 May 6Chunichi Dragons vs.Hanshin TigersIn the 14th round, Hanshin won 7-2.After the match, fans of both teams had trouble on the right wing side of the outfield stand, and they were in a quarrel.At this time, someone sprayed a yellowish mist spray, and about 50 people nearby complained of pain in the eyes, nose, and throat.Gifu City Fire DepartmentWith the cooperation of the surrounding municipalities, 31 victimshospitalWe also provided first aid by setting up a temporary tent near the stadium.Gifu North Police StationIs the cause of the offensive odorTear sprayWe investigated the possibility of the person who sprayed it, but it has not been resolved even now.In addition, since then, the regional holdings where Chunichi and Hanshin will play will be hosted by Chunichi.2013 May 6ToToyama City Stadium Alpine StadiumIt wasn't until it was done in[Annotation 1].
  4. 2009 May 5,Hitoki IwaseHas achieved a total of 4 saves, the fourth in the history of professional baseball.
  5. 2012 Due to the renovation for the clear stream national polity held, the previous year2011 Was not officially organized.
    • May 3,Great East Japan EarthquakeAn open game, Giants vs. Hanshin, was held as a disaster area support game, a donation box was set up at the venue, a half-mast was raised, and a silent prayer was held.This game is the first paid game of professional baseball after the earthquake (May 3-May 3Refrained from open battlesPrivate practice matchWas done).

Achievements of professional baseball

XNUMXst Army Official Battle
Match dayHOMEScorevisitorNumber of spectatorsRemarks
October 1991th, 4Chunichi5 5Ocean3000015 times extension
October 1991th, 5Hiroshima0 8Chunichi30000
October 1991th, 5Hiroshima11 7Chunichi30000
October 1991th, 7KintetsuCanceled in the rainLotte
October 1992th, 4Hiroshima6 3Chunichi30000
October 1992th, 4Hiroshima7 5Chunichi30000
October 1992th, 6Chunichi1 3Yakult30000
October 1992th, 8KintetsuCanceled in the rainNippon Ham
October 1993th, 5Hiroshima8 5Chunichi30000
October 1993th, 5Hiroshima3 6Chunichi30000
October 1993th, 6Chunichi2 5Hanshin30000
October 1993th, 8Kintetsu4 5Nippon Ham13000
October 1994th, 4Chunichi4 3Hiroshima2900010 times extension
October 1994th, 5Hiroshima3 1Chunichi26000
October 1994th, 5Hiroshima5 7Chunichi27000
October 1994th, 8Kintetsu10 2Nippon Ham15000
October 1995th, 4Hiroshima7 2Chunichi20000
October 1995th, 4Hiroshima8 2Chunichi22000
October 1995th, 4Hiroshima5 4Chunichi24000
October 1995th, 5ChunichiCanceled in the rainYokohama
October 1995th, 8Kintetsu4 6Oryx22000
October 1996th, 5Chunichi5 1Yokohama28000
October 1996th, 5HiroshimaCanceled in the rainChunichi
October 1996th, 5Hiroshima4 3Chunichi2300010 times extension
October 1996th, 7Kintetsu7 14Nippon Ham5000
October 1997th, 4Hiroshima13 9Chunichi20000
October 1997th, 4Hiroshima9 3Chunichi26000
October 1997th, 6Chunichi3 6Yokohama22000
October 1998th, 5ChunichiCanceled in the rainYokohama
October 1999th, 4Chunichi13 5Hanshin18000
October 2000th, 5Chunichi5 0Hanshin20000
October 2001th, 6ChunichiCanceled in the rainYakult
October 2002th, 5Chunichi9 2Hiroshima16000
October 2003th, 6Chunichi2 7Hanshin23000
October 2004th, 6Chunichi5 6Hiroshima17000
October 2005th, 7Chunichi4 2Yakult17400
October 2006th, 7Chunichi8 1Yokohama16477
October 2007th, 7ChunichiCanceled in the rainHiroshima
October 2008th, 4Chunichi4 1Yokohama15982
October 2009th, 5Chunichi6 3Yakult9059
October 2009th, 6巨人4 3Hiroshima17208
October 2010th, 4巨人Canceled in the rainYokohama
October 2010th, 7ChunichiCanceled in the rainYakult
October 2012th, 5Chunichi8 3Yakult10367
October 2012th, 7巨人2 4Hiroshima14118
October 2013th, 4巨人5 3DeNA14403
October 2013th, 8Chunichi0 6Hiroshima11441
October 2014th, 8Chunichi4 6DeNA18466
October 2015th, 6Chunichi3 5Yakult17426
October 2016th, 6Chunichi2 4Lotte15821
October 2016th, 7巨人Canceled in the rainHiroshima
October 2017th, 5Chunichi8 3DeNA11063
October 2017th, 7巨人1 2Hiroshima18138
October 2019th, 5ChunichiCanceled in the rainDeNA
October 2019th, 7巨人1 8Yakult17992
October 2021th, 8巨人10 8Yakult6632

Japan-Korea Professional Baseball Super Game
Match dayFirst strikeScoreAfter attackNumber of spectatorsRemarks
October 1991th, 11 South Korea0 8JapanRound 5
October 1995th, 11 South Korea1 1JapanRound 5
October 1999th, 11Japan5 3 South Korea24000Round 2


National High School Baseball Championship Gifu TournamentThe opening ceremony and the games after the quarter-finals will be held in this Nagara River.At the entrance to the stadium, Gifu Commercial School (currently) was the winning pitcher in the prewar selected secondary school baseball tournament.Prefectural Gifu Commercial) PitcherEizo MatsuiA bronze statue of "Aiming for Glory" is erected.

またAdult baseballThen, it is held every year from the end of April to the beginning of May.JABA Baby Blues Cup CompetitionIt is the main stadium for the event.

The number of cases is decreasing at professional baseball stadiums, but at Nagaragawa stadium, when a home run is hit in a professional baseball game, it will be broadcast on the stadium regardless of home visitors.FanfareIs played, and the "Aurora Fountain" provided in front of the back screen raises water droplets.2004 The scoreboard was colorized and the freeboard part was replaced with a video device when it was refurbished.

Jet balloonsCan be skipped.ConfettiIs prohibited, but the official game of ChunichiOpen battleThen, it is used in large quantities in the right wing outfield, and many fans continue to ignore it even if there is an announcement to stop it.

Nagara River National Fireworks Festivalas well as the Nationally Selected Nagara River Chunichi Fireworks FestivalWhen the event is held, the infield stand will be open for free in the evening and you can watch fireworks at the stand.

Equipment outline

  • Ground area: 13,233m2
  • Both wings: 97.6m (320ft), middle left and right: 111.7m (366.5ft), mid-sized: 122m (400ft)
  • Infield: Black soil, Outfield: Natural turf, Foul area (part):Artificial grass
  • Lighting equipment: 6 units (maximum illuminance: 2500Lx between batteries, 2000Lx infield, 1200Lx outfield)
  • Scoreboard: full colorLEDformula
    • There is a large video device and ball speed display under the inning score display
  • Capacity: 22,030 (Infield 13,894, Outfield: 8,136)
    • There is a shed at the top of the stand in the inner and outer fields
  • No fence ads
  • Equipped with broadcasting seats (2 rooms) on the upper back of the back net.
  • Doug Out Home (1st base side), Visitor (3rd base side)


Gifu Memorial Center #AccessSee


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  1. ^ Meanwhile, the Hanshin Tigers held a match against China and Japan at Kyocera Dome Osaka and Kurashiki Muscat Stadium depending on the year.Also, in 2013, when Chunichi hosted the war against the Hanshin Tigers in the region for the first time in a long time, it was also sponsored by the Hanshin Tigers.Okinawa Cellular Stadium NahaThe war against China and Japan was held in.


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