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🏐 | Volleyball Kunihiro Shimizu to be represented by Tokyo Olympics Director Yuichi Nakagaichi

Photo Kunihiro Shimizu

Volleyball Kunihiro Shimizu to be represented by the Tokyo Olympics Director Yuichi Nakagaichi

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The representative director is Yuichi Nakagaichi (53) = from Fujishima High School =.

The Japan Volleyball Association announced the Tokyo Olympics men's representative from Japan on June 6, and the Fukui prefectural team is from Fukui Institute of Technology Fukui High School ... → Continue reading

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From Fujishima High School

Yuichi Nakagaichi

Yuichi Nakagaichi(Yuichi Nakaichi,1967May 11 -) Is the original of JapanvolleyballAthletes (former captain of Japan), leader.Volleyball Japan Men's National Teamdirected by.FukuiFukui CityI'm fromUniversity of Tsukubagraduate.


I started playing volleyball when I was in junior high schoolFukui Prefectural Fujishima High SchoolSo I couldn't compete in the national competition, but after graduation1986ToUniversity of TsukubaPhysical education specialty group[1]Talent blooms when you enroll in.Became a regular from the first year of college and is still in school1989ToAll Japan representativeFirst elected.Held in the same yearWorld CupFirst appearance in.

Graduated from college1990ToNippon SteelJoining club.Rookie year, MVP, rookie award, best 6 and many other awards, such as sweeping a number of awardsSuper AceActive as.1992Barcelona OlympicsParticipated in numerous international competitions, etc.1994Served as captain of all Japan.2000ToSydney OlympicsMissed participation and retired from the All Japan National Team.2004Retired from active duty.

Sakai BlazersBecame a director. Winner of the V League in the 2005-2006 season.2009In May, he resigned from Sakai Blazers coach and became a team advisor.From the summer of the same yearJapan Olympic CommitteeDispatched overseas for two years as a sports instructor overseas trainee,2011Since April2013Until DecemberNaoki MorokumaWithAll Japan Men's National TeamServed as a coach[2]..For the next three years, he devoted himself to the company business at Nippon Steel & Sumitomo Metal, which was the management body of Sakai at that time, and was in charge of sales of building materials such as steel sheet piles.[3].

Appointed Director of Sakai Blazers in 2016[4].

August 2016, 10,Japan Volleyball AssociationBy majority vote by 16 directors at the board[5][6]Was elected as the coach of the Japan Men's Volleyball National Team[7]..At the inaugural press conference, he apologized for his infidelity when he was a coach of the All Japan National Team.[8][9].

On November 2016, 11, as the director of Sakai Blazers, he was driving a company car himself to go to the home of a new member of the 9 team for a greeting.Chinese motorwayNakagakiuchi apologized to the press and explained the circumstances after a traffic accident that hit a male security guard under construction restrictions on the down line.[10].. On December 12, the Japan Volleyball Association announced that it would be punished against Nakagaito.[11].. On May 2017, 5, the Japan Volleyball Association said that it would refrain from external activities in Nakagaito for the time being.Philippe BlainAnnounced that the coach will act as the director[12].

July 5st of the same year,Osaka Summary CourtReceived an informal order with a fine of 70 yen. Returned to All Japan coach from June 6th[13].


  • Derived from surnameGaichiHe was also well known for his nickname, and in addition to his main business, he also worked as a model and talent because of his good looks.
  • The highest point was 346 cm, and it is said that the jumping power in the heyday was more than 1 m.
  • For classmates at University of Tsukubaサ ッ カ ー OfMasami IharaMasafumi Nakayama,basketball OfHiroharu KanekoThere are

Ball history / award history

  • Team history
Fukui Prefectural Fujishima High SchoolUniversity of TsukubaNippon SteelSakai Blazers
directed by
Sakai Blazers
  • Awards
    • 1990 24th Japan League Most Valuable Player, Smashing Award, Rookie Award, Best 6
    • 1991 25th Japan League Fighting Award, Smashing Award, Best 6
    • 1992 26th Japan League Smashing Award, Best 6
    • 1993 27th Japan League Best 6
    • 1994 1st V League Fighting Award, Best 6
    • 1995 2st V League Fighting Award, Best 6
    • 1996 3rd V League Most Valuable Player, Best 6
    • 1997 4rd V League Most Valuable Player, Best 6
    • 1999 6th V League Best 6
    • 2007 V League Honor Award (contribution to victory, personal record)

As a commentator

  • From active dutySpring high valleyIs explained.After retirement2003 World CupExplains the men's tournament.In most games, he is an all-Japan seniorShunichi KawaiIs forming a combination with.
  • In addition to commentary, he also reports on the venue of the program.



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