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⚾ | [MLB] Shohei Ohtani wins the weekly MVP for the first time in 3 years 6 races 6 shots & 1 win, 3rd time in total

Photo Angels Shohei Ohtani [Photo: Reuters]

[MLB] Shohei Ohtani wins the weekly MVP for the first time in 3 years 6 races 6 shots & 1 win, 3rd time in total

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This is the third Japanese player to receive the award after Ichiro (5 times), Hideo Nomo (4 times) and Hideki Matsui (4 times).

Home run → Home run → Pitcher 3rd win → 2 home run → Home run → Home run Angels pitcher Shohei Ohtani is on the 21st (22nd Japan time ... → Continue reading


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3 degrees in total

Hideki Matsui

Hideki Matsui(Hideki Matsui,1974(49)May 6 -) isIshikawaNomi-gunNegami Town(CurrentNomi city) OriginalProfessional baseball player(Outfielder). Right-handed and left-handed. After retiring from active dutyNew York YankeesGMServe as a special advisor.Nickname is "GODZILLAOr "Godzilla Matsui".

1990 eraから2000 eraA long-distance batter who represents the world of the ballJapanese professional baseball(Hereafter: NPB)Yomiuri Giants,Major league baseball(Hereafter: MLB)New York YankeesI played an active part in. During the 2009 New York Yankees eraWorld seriesI have won the championship. The same year, the first AsianWorld Series MVPWas awarded. In 2013National Honor AwardAward.



On December 1974, 6,Ruri ChurchFather, the second bishopMasao[1]Born as the second son of a mother, Saeko. When I was bornWeightWas 3,960 grams[2].. Near my home at the age of 3NurseryEnter the park. It was said to be the largest child in the history of a nursery school. A nursery teacher at the time said, "I looked like I was about eight years old."[3].

Because my physique was extremely largeNegami TownTachihamaprimary schoolConsists of 1rd grade and above in 3st gradeBaseballOUR TEAMI was specially enrolled in the "Negami Youth Baseball Club", but I was too young to understand the director's instructions, so I quit baseball once. My father advised me to rejoin when I was in the 4th grade, but I was shocked when I was a child and refused.[4].. However, inspired by his older brother, who is 3 years old, who devotes himself to baseball, he is in the 5th grade of elementary school.Summer VacationHe joined the Japanese-style baseball team again and started playing baseball in earnest. Since that time, I'm already a professionalbaseball playerWas dreaming of[2].

Originally it was right-handed, but my brother and his friend who were baseball friends forcibly "respected" for the purpose of not hitting Matsui in order to hit the ball too much.Masayuki KakefuPlayer (at that timeHanshin Tigers fanI was advised to hit with the same left as (was), and left[Annotation 1]Changed to[Annotation 2].. This was the fateful left-handed turn.

Boy in town from the third grade of elementary schooljudoStart going to the classroom. He won the Nomi-gun tournament, finished third in the Ishikawa prefectural tournament, and was also selected as a national polity strengthening player. Matsui is proud to say, "It was more noticeable than baseball. You can stand and sleep. It was quite strong in Ishikawa Prefecture."[5].. Besides judo, naughtySumoWas also active in the tournament[6].. In addition to being active in these sports, at homeピ ア ノAlsoPerformanceTo do.

Middle school

Junior high schoolI was worried about whether to continue judo when I went on to college,Nomi City Negami Junior High SchoolI went to college and started to concentrate on baseball. Although there was a baseball club at Negami Junior High School, there was no judo club (initially, a plan to go to the judo hall after club activities in baseball was presented, but the person himself wants to concentrate on one event to work on. (Because there was also) was a big deciding factor in choosing the path to baseball.

At the time of entering junior high school, he was 170 cm tall and weighed 95 kg. In junior high schoolcatcherFrom the summer of 2nd yearpitcherTurned to[7].. The batting average has exceeded 6%, and he has hit home runs in three consecutive games. In the third grade, the flight distance reached 3m, and he often broke the softball. It is said that the substitute ball fee alone will exceed 3 yen in half a year.[8].. On the other hand, when he was in the first year of junior high school, he participated in the Nomi-gun Sumo Tournament and won the individual competition. Even in the Neagari baseball club, it was called by nicknames such as "Sekitori" and "Sumo wrestler".[6].

At that time, a teacher at Negami Junior High School and a baseball clubcoachBut Mitsuhiro Takakuwa[Annotation 3]Is known to have been the toughest of many Matsui baseball teachers,Upper swingTo MatsuiSadaharu OhThere is an episode in which Matsui, who was angry because he was shunned in the game, was beaten violently even during the game and gave up. That TakakuwaSeiryo High SchoolHe was a graduate of the baseball club, a senior of Matsui, and a director of the school.Tomoshige YamashitaAlso one of the students ofMinoshima vs. Starry ridge extension 18 timesThen, although he is in the first grade, he plays in the middle of the game as a second baseman.

Since middle schoolSatellite broadcastingMajor LeagueI began to watch the game enthusiastically. The team I longed for at that time was at that timeJose Canseco,Mark MaguireMatsui himself will join the group later, as he enters the golden age.Auckland AthleticsWas[9].

High School days

High schoolSeiryo High SchoolEnrolled in. As a result of enthusiastic solicitation from Seiryo High School coach Yamashita, who had already highly evaluated Matsui's ability, recommended by junior high school baseball manager and coach Takakuwa, and consulting with seniors who went on to Seiryo from Negami Junior High School. I decided to go to Seiryo. He said, "I wish I could play baseball until college," but as he gained attention as a batter in high school, he became more motivated to graduate from high school and become a professional baseball player.

I joined the club as a pitcher, but soon a fielder (First baseman). afterwards,third basemanTurn to. Seiryo High SchoolEntrance ceremonyHe has participated in the practice of the baseball club for some time, and in practice games with other schools, he participated in "4th and 1rd baseman" and made a hit. Served as the 4th batter from the 5st grade (3th is the XNUMXrd gradeMuramatsu Aritowas)"Hokuriku Kaidou" "Seiryo Horror First Grade No. 1"It gradually became known among baseball players, and some home runs exceeded 140m in estimated flight distance from around this time.Summer championshipThen, in the first match against Japan, Toshiaki Namba was held down by pitcher Toshiaki Namba with 3 hits in 0 at bats, and the team lost the first match, leaving a comment that "Koshien is a scary place".[10]..However, although the pitcher Namba who fought was shot, a large fly ball was thrown to the deepest part of the outfield of the third at bat, and he saw a scale of Matsui's monster, "Do you want to fly that (difficult) ball there?" I will comment later.AutumnNorth Shinetsu TournamentIn the semifinalsYoshinori UedaWithMatsu ShogakuenLost toSelectionMiss the participation.

2nd year of high schoolSummer championshipFirst round (second round)Municipal Numazu High SchoolIn the battle, Matsui's base stirs Ichinumazu and wins a close battle. 3rd roundRyugasaki Daiichi High SchoolRecorded Koshien's first home run on the light stand in the battle[10].. In the quarterfinals, he defeated Matsusho Gakuen and returned the debt of the Hokushin'etsu tournament. When the physical fitness was measured in the club during the summer vacation, the back muscle strength was 250 kg and the barbell was raised 150 kg, according to the person concerned.Kiyohara KazuhiroSince then, the figures have been issued. In the new team, director Yamashita will be appointed as captain. At Seiryo, the captain was selected by voting by members every year, but Yamashita highly valued Matsui's leadership and influence, so he appointed him as a special case.[11].. autumn'sMeiji Shrine TournamentThen, 6 out of 4 at-bats were shunned by Teikyo, but he won the championship.[12].. Also, as a second year student on the high school student selection teamKoichi Misawa(Teikyo High School), And later became a professional one year seniorTaisei Takagi-Rin Ohno-Makoto HagiwaraThe monster has been praised by others. Ohno replied in an interview with a magazine that "Matsui at Seiryo is a monster," and Hagiwara was the centerpiece of the draft of a high school batter of the year, but he said, "My home run is not a big deal compared to Matsui." I'm leaving a comment.

3nd year of high schoolSpring selectionThen,Hanshin Koshien Stadium OfLucky zoneWas removed and the number of home runs in the tournament dropped sharply, but as the word "it has nothing to do with me"[10], The opening game of the first gameMiyako High SchoolHe set a record for the tournament at that time, with two consecutive home runs in two at-bats, seven RBIs in one game, and two consecutive home runs in the game. In the second roundHorikoshi High SchoolAceYukoma YamamotoDifficult fromcurveI hit a home runNagashima ShigeoThere is also a story that he became a giant because he was watching[13].. But in the quarterfinalsTenri High SchoolThere was no home run in the game, and the team was eliminated due to their own error.Summer championshipIs the second roundMeitoku Gijuku High SchoolLost in the battle. Matsui received in this match5 at-bats in a rowIt is,TakanorenSuddenly held a press conference, etc.社会 問題Has evolved into. Director of Meitoku GijukuSaburo MabuchiAfter the match, he commented, "(Looking at Seiryo's practice) there was only one professional player among the high school students." In the final autumn national polity, he hits a home run in response to the home run sign issued by the director.[14].

The batting average for high school is .450, and the number of home runs is 60.At the summer prefectural tournament, Ishikawa recorded four home runs, which was the highest record for one tournament at that time, for three consecutive tournaments.[Annotation 4].. High school total No. 60Benibana National Athletic MeetOf the finalExtensive schoolHe recorded in the fourth at bat of the game and the final at bat in high school, leading the team to victory. By the way, running home runs are not included in the number because of Matsui's commitment that "things that cross the fence are home runs". Due to the extraordinary topicality, such as the extraordinary power carried to the back screen of Koshien Stadium with a liner trajectory, and a special net attached behind the light fence of the practice field to repeatedly cross the fence in batting practice, "4 20 person a yearmonsterWas said. In SeptemberSouth Korea-Seoul Participated in the Japan-US-Korea Three-Country Friendship High School Baseball Championship as a member of the Japanese national team[16].. Matsui has received a lot of attention from the United States, and he was represented in the United States at the same tournament.Tory Hunter"The first thing that surprised me was that he was a high school student, but he was accompanied by an unbelievably large number of media outlets. At that time, I was 16 and Matsui was 17, and the ruckus surrounding the rock star over the high school student. I was wondering what kind of monster it was. That was the media. "[17].

Matsui, who was the centerpiece of the draft meeting that year, was flooded with reporters, and in November, many reporters and photographers were waiting in front of the Seiryo High School gate. Voices began to rise locally, saying, "If the draft production continues as it is, it will be a big fuss," and an unusual "press regulation" was laid before the draft.[18].. Before the draft meeting, it was a longing teamHanshin TigersIn addition toYomiuri Giants,Chunichi Dragons,Fukuoka Daiei HawksIf the team is nominated by another teamKomazawa UniversityImplied to go on to[19].

Giant age

1992Made on August 11Professional baseball draft conferenceThen, he was nominated for the first place by the above four teams and joined the giant who got the right to negotiate as a result of the lottery.The contract fee is 4 million yen.The annual salary is 1 million yen.Uniform numberIs "55". Nagashima who returned to the giant director for the first time in 13 seasonsChunichi Dragons,Hanshin Tigers,Fukuoka Daiei HawksAfter a lottery with, Matsui's right to negotiate was assigned. At that time, Matsui was eager to join the Hanshin Tigers, and when he learned on the radio that the right to negotiate was decided to be a giant, he made a complicated expression at the press conference and said, "I had a desire to go to the Hanshin Tigers. I haven't organized it yet, but I think that feeling will gradually fade away. "[20][21].. Then directly from NagashimaTelI was impressed and decided to join the Giants smoothly.Hanshin fanIn order to attract his attention, Nagashima asks an old reporter before the director's inauguration interview, "Hideki Matsui of Seiryo High School is getting a lot of attention. What do you think of the director?" I asked him and answered, "I want it, I definitely want to grow it with this hand." Matsui's father and son who saw this on their home TV were excited and said that their intention to become a giant increased.[22].. At the draft meeting of this year, the giant front was not Matsui at first.Mitsubishi Motors Kyoto OfTomohito ItoWas planned to be nominated, but Nagashima was eager to acquire Matsui, so he switched to Matsui nomination.[19](In addition, that Tomohito ItoKatsuya NomuraWas leadingYakult SwallowsNominated from 1st place and joined the group. ). At the press conference, Matsui said, "While other new players stated their longing player names and specific performance goals as their aspirations.サ ッ カ ー(J League) AndSumo(IfexpensiveThere is a growing interest in small children in the boom). In that, I will give the children a dream and I will do my best to become a player who can come to see the stadium directly. "[23].

1993, At the first professional camp, a series of 150-meter-class out-of-field bullets were fired. On the second day of the camp, he hit 2 fences with a free blow and told the coach, "I have never seen such a high school student."[24].. In high schoolthird basemanIt was, but NagashimaOutfielderWas converted to. February 2Open battleAt that time, he struck out for the first time as a professional at bat and played against Kazuhisa Ishii, who belonged to Yakult at that time, but he struck out on a curve, and at that time he felt impatient and scared.[25][26][27].. Even after that, I had a hard time with a professional pitching fastball[28],StrikeoutAnd build a mountain of mediocrity. The open game ended with 53 hits in 5 at bats and a batting average of .094, with 20 strikeouts at the top overall.[29].. On April 4, Nagashima notified the fall of the second army, and the official game started with the second army. When he was notified of the fall of the second army, he said, "I will do my best to regret having dropped it."[4], As declaredEastern LeagueIn the opening round of Matsui and the newcomerYakult SwallowsIn 12 games, including hitting a home run from Ito who joined the team, he showed an activity of .375, 4 home runs, and played against Yakult on May 5 (Tokyo Dome) In “7.Left handI made my debut as an army. The first at batRyuji NishimuraFrom the second goro. In the second at bat, Nishimura also hit a double with a direct hit from the light fence, recording the first hit and the first RBI. In the next day's match, in the bottom of the 2thShingo TakatsuThe first time to enter a professional by carrying a straight ball from the inside angle to the middle stage of the light standHome run.. Excited, when he pulled out of the locker room after the match, he expressed his joy, saying, "I hit it" with my feet slippers.[4].. After that, he met the marks of each team and was demoted to the second army in June, but he participated in the Fresh All-Star in July and won the Outstanding Player Award.[30], When he was promoted to the 8st Army again in late August, he made a series of hits.SE LeagueHigh school graduate rookie hit 11 home runs, a new record (Pacific LeagueThe high school graduate rookie record is 1986 home runs by Kazuhiro Kiyohara in 31). Signed for 1,060 million yen, an increase of 1,900 million yen for off contract renewals. It did not reach the target of 2,000 million yen and showed a bitter expression at the press conference[31].

1994Made on August 4Hiroshima Toyo CarpRecorded two home runs in the opening game with, and in April his firstMonthly MVPWas awarded.All-star game of the same yearThen, he was the youngest in the history of the Central League and hit No. 4.Chunichi DragonsThe final round of the season, betting on the league victory with10.8 decisive battleHowever, he contributed to the team's league domination by hitting home runs. WelcomedJapan seriesThen.Seibu LionsThe team was the best in Japan, and he himself recorded 2 home runs in his second year.

1995Hit 22 home runs for the first timeBest nineAwarded. August 8thYokohama Bay StarsIn the battle, he was assigned the first number 4 in the regular season. On September 1th, when Yakult greeted with the highest win rate, Magic 9.Meiji Jingu StadiumIn the game held in Japan, he took a turn at bat in the bottom of the ninth inning with two deaths, and that yearBest Battery AwardTo winTerry brothas well as the Atsushi FurutaWas killed by the center fly. In the off-season of this year, in order to overcome the weak inner corner ball, I practiced hitting an extreme inner corner ball that seems to hit the body. Thanks to that, the results will improve dramatically from the following year. Matsui later recalled that this off-season was a turning point in his baseball life.[32].

1996Was his first opening 4th start, but from MayHiromitsu OchiaiReturned to No. 4, and Matsui returned to No. 3. After that, as the team went up, the results also went up, and in the summer, he won monthly MVP for two consecutive months in July and August.Great reversal victoryGreatly contributed to. First Central LeagueMVPWas awarded. Until the final round of the leagueTakeshi Yamazaki,Yasuaki OtoyoHome runHowever, in the final round of the October 1th season, Chunichi, which was led by Yamazaki, he participated as his first batter in consideration of Nagashima, but in all four at-bats.Shy awayHe missed the title (as a result, Yamazaki won the home run with 39 home runs). Giants fans in the spectators screamed, but Matsui himself said, "I can't help it. I'm sorry I couldn't win the title, but (in high school).Five at-bats in a rowI was more disappointed, "he said.[33].. Still, 22 home runs at the age of 38Sadaharu OhThe most home runs record by age lined up in. In addition, the same pitcher hit 7 home runs, the most home runs of the season in Thailand.Takashi SaitoReleased from. The result of the match against Takashi Saito this year was 25 hits in 7 at bats, and all the hits were home runs. In the end, he participated in 130 games with a batting average of 3%, 1 minute, 4 home runs, 38 home runs, and 99 RBIs. This year, he participated in ALL STAR SERIES and became a hot topic because he was shunned.[34]..In addition, after Matsui's avoidance at this time, Japanese batters have not been avoided for a long time in ALL STAR SERIES, and in 2014Nobuhiro MatsudaIt wasn't until it was done[35].. In the contract renewal, it doubled to 1 million yen and signed one shot. For high school graduatesIchiroIn the 4th year of joining the team, which is the shortest in history (at that time), he joined the ranks of 1 million yen players.[36].

1997 TheSeibu Lions OfKiyohara KazuhiroJoined the Giants using the rights of FA, and the combination with Kiyohara was "MK cannonWas called. Achieved a total of 4 home runs in the match against Hiroshima on April 27. April got off to a good start with 100 home runs. In the end, his batting average was slightly below 4%, but he hit 10 home runs. But,Duein HosieHe lost to the home run battle with one by one, and for the first time in history, he missed the title of home run by one for the second consecutive year. For the first time, 1 RBIs that break through Odai are listed, but this is alsoLouis LopezIt ended without a crown.

1998Hurts his left knee during the spring camp[37], "Left kneecartilage"Injury" was diagnosed. He sat in No. 4 from the opening with anxiety about his knees, but his first home run was delayed until the 11th game, and during that time he suffered from the biggest slump in his professional life, with 32 at-bats and no hits. In April, he had a batting average of .4 and two home runs, and on May 190, Kazuhiro Kiyohara took the fourth place. On May 2th, when the pain in his knees eased, he hit his third home run after a long absence, and in the following 5 games he hit nine home runs and won the monthly MVP, regaining his original condition. After that, he continued to hit well and achieved a total of 2 home runs in the game against Yakult on July 4th. In the end, 5 home runs, 10 RBIs and his first title, the home run king.RBI,Highest base rateWon the title. It was the first time in 1977 years since Sadaharu Oh in 21 that he was a giant and won both the home base hitting king and the hitting point king. On the other hand, the failure of the left knee bothered Matsui as an old injury through his active career, and he continued to cheat by training the surrounding muscles, but the effect also extended to the right knee.[38].

1999Is the previous yearUS-Japan baseballSammy SosaRemodeled into a form that was conscious of hitting a wide angle before the season after receiving advice from[39].. Recorded five consecutive home runs from the match against Yokohama on June 6th to the match against Chunichi on June 5th. A total of 6 home runs were achieved in the Hanshin Tigers game on September 10st. He hit home runs (new record) for four games in a row in the first round of the All-Star in July, but he hurt his side when he played in the third round, and was finally removed from the starting lineup in the match against Hiroshima on July 5. At this point, the most active full-inning appearances stopped in 9 games (21rd place in history at that time). Nagashima decides to respect the record of consecutive games in a way that does not burden Matsui[40]After that, until mid-August, he will participate as a defensive player for only one inning for the record. The influence of this injury echoesRobert PetaginiAlthough he missed the home run king by two runs, he recorded his best 2 home runs. The Japanese season's 42 home runs were the first in 40 years since Hiromitsu Ochiai in 1989, and the Giants' first in 10 years since Sadaharu Oh in 1977. On October 22th, right after the end of the season,Yankee StadiumFirst time inMajor LeagueMatch (ALCSI'm watching the 2nd round) live. This experience was deeply engraved and became one of the factors that decided the major league challenge later.[41].

2000Sited No. 4 from the opening, and never gave up No. 4 to other batters, including the Japan Series and ALL STAR SERIES. By changing to a method of hitting with the right little finger on the grip, the hitting becomes more amazing because you can relax and hold without holding the bat too strongly, and hit with the momentum to aim for the Triple Crown until the middle of the season. Continued[42].. Achieved a total of 7 hits in the match against Hiroshima on July 12. In the end, he sat in 1000th place in all 135 innings, with a batting average of 4%, 3 minute, 1 RBIs, 6 home runs, and 42 RBIs. The 108th appearance in all games of the season is a giant1950It was the first record in 50 years since Tetsuharu Kawakami. He won the home base hitting king, the hitting point king, the highest base rate, the season MVP, the Japan Series MVP, and the Golden Glove Award, and became the leading player in Japan for the giant. In addition, Tetsuharu Kawakami, who won the Japan Series MVP this year,Hiroshi Oshita,Fukumoto YutakaIt became the fourth person in history to become the "MVP winner in the regular season, All-Star game, and Japan Series". Awarded to the person who contributed most to the professional baseball worldShotaro Matsutaro AwardWon the first prize[43].. Same yearUS-Japan baseballThen,Major LeagueSelectionBobby coxThe director praised "Godzilla is good. The bat swing is fast." At this point, he was negative about the major challenge, saying, "What a big league," but two years later, he said, "If you play baseball and say you don't think about the big league at all, you might be lying." Implications for FA transfer[44].. September 11thIshikawaReceived the Prefectural Honor Award[45].. In the contract renewal, the team side, which was worried about Matsui's major outflow, offered an exceptional long-term large contract with a total of 8 billion yen for 56 years.[46], Matsui stuck to a single-year contract saying "I want to play with the feeling that each year is a game" and signed with the highest (at that time) annual salary of 5 million yen.[47].

2001Achieved a total of 4 home runs in the 12th game in the Chunichi match on April 1000. Achieved the fifth consecutive appearance in 250 games in history at that time in the Chunichi match on May 5[48]。5月5日から8月13日までセ・リーグ歴代1位の65試合連続出塁を達成する。9月27日、広島カープ戦で自身初の1試合3本塁打(3打数連続)[49]In September, he won the monthly MVP with a good hit. The first of this yearLeading batterHowever, the top hitter in all innings was Sadaharu Oh and Ichiro, the third in history. On the other hand, the number of home runs did not increase easily, and it was August 3th that he hit No. 20 home runs. Until August, the pace was less than 8 per year, but when it finally entered the mass production system in September, it rebounded to 7 home runs per month, including 8 home runs in one game for the first time, but the final number was 30. I dropped a few books. The title of the home-base hitting king is regained by Petagine, who was fighting for the home-base hitting king at that time. Matsui of this year was suffering from the problem that he couldn't hit a home run without hitting a ball. Regarding the batting of this year, Matsui later said, "I took the top batter of that year, but the batting remained crazy until the end."[50].FAAs the acquisition of rights approaches the following year, the team offered a large multi-year contract with a total of 5 billion yen for 50 years in the negotiations.[46]He refused this and signed a single-year contract with an annual salary of 6 million yen (later renewed by Kazuhiro Sasaki), which was the highest amount in the history of professional baseball at that time. At the press conference after the contract renewal, he stated that he would exercise the FA right next fiscal year, saying, "You will have the choice of staying as a giant or going to the United States."[51].

2002Before the opening, Matsui commented that the giant changed the chest logo of the visitor's uniform from "TOKYO" to "YOMIURI", "Why don't you value the tradition of the giant?"Sports reportReported by the ownerTsuneo WatanabeThere was a riot that he was furious. Of the reporter who wrote the articleIsao HirookaThe situation was settled when (later Matsui's exclusive public relations) left the Giants charge.[52].. Start the 2th season with the two goals of "Japan's No. 10" and "Triple Crown"[53].. Acquired FA rights on April 4, shortly after the opening. July 13thHiroki KurodaA total of 300 home runs from. Reaching at 28 years and 0 months was the second youngest record in history after Sadaharu Oh's 27 years and 3 months, and achievement in the 2th game was the sixth fastest in history.[54].. In addition, on August 8, the number of consecutive appearances as the 1th batter was extended to 4 games.Hiroo IshiiNo. 1 alone at that time (laterTomonori KanemotoWas updated). Before the All-Star Game, the number of hits did not rise as in the previous year, and he hit 76 home runs in 18 games, but in the second half, he continued to hit 64 home runs in 32 games at an amazing pace, setting a new record for the eighth person in history to hit 8 home runs. To do. 50 in the Central LeagueRandy BathIt's been 17 years since then, and in 1986 for Japanese peopleHiromitsu OchiaiIt's been 16 years since then, and it's been the first time in 1977 years since Sadaharu Oh in 25, and no Japanese player has achieved 50 home runs at the end of this year's Matsui. The 9th home run, which was 50 points behind Petagine, was recorded in the final match against Yakult (Tokyo Dome) in 2002. Received monthly MVP for two consecutive months in July and August. 7 for 8 consecutive years, a new record for professional baseball in the match against Hiroshima on September 2scoreWas recorded. Until the end of the season, the batting average was maintained in the 3% and 5 minute range.Triple CrownIt was just around the corner, but at the end of the season, he fell ill and was fighting for the top hitter.Kousuke FukudomeI handed over the title to.With his best batting average, home run, and on-base percentage, he won the home run king, home run king, highest on-base percentage, and season MVP.In addition, in the giant, after 2002, in 2020Kazuma OkamotoNo Japanese player could win a home run until he became a home run king.Also, in 40, the giant Japanese left-handed batter with more than 2010 home runs and the top scorerShinnosuke AbeRecorded 44 home runs and did not appear until he won the top scorer in 2012.

On October 10th, after the end of the regular season, with the director Hara[55], Talks with team representative Doi on the 16th[56].. We had a long talk with former director Nagashima[4], I was asked to stay, but the conclusion was carried over after the Japan Series. On October 10th,New York TimesOn paperNew York YankeesWas reported to be aiming for Matsui[57].Seibu LionsWithJapan seriesSo, Matsui's hits were only four, but the team defeated Seibu in the first straight win (4-1990) of the team (as a giant) in 12 years since Seibu in 4, Japan. It won the crown of one. Since he retired from MLB in 4, this Japan Series was his last appearance in the Japan Series during his active career. On November 0st, he exercised FA rights and announced his challenge to MLB. "I was worried until the very end. I may be called a traitor no matter what I say, but I want to do my best to be told,'Matsui, I'm glad I went.' Told[58].. Matsui described himself as a "traitor" when making the FA declaration, and as Matsui feared, there were a certain number of Giants fans who considered him a traitor, but the entire Japanese baseball world was praying for Matsui's success. Rather, there were many praises that he was proof that he was thinking about professional baseball fans, and sympathy for his suffering leading up to the transfer decision.[4][59][60][61].. The team officials said with a painful look, "I can't prevent Matsui, who is a property of the ball world, from leaking to the United States (MLB), so what should I apologize to all the fans who support me?" I left a comment that seems to have happened even in a scandal. Initially, he planned to negotiate with the MLB team without an agent, but Matsui changed his policy when he learned of the complexity of the MLB contract.Jason GiambiAs an agent forNew York YankeesHas a track record of concluding large contracts withArn TheremWas selected as an agent[62].. He told Terem, "I want you to concentrate on negotiations only with the Yankees. If the Yankees are not good, think about the following," and eager to join the Yankees.

Yankees era

XNUM X Year X NUM X Month X NUM X DayNew York YankeesAgreed a three-year contract with a total of 2,100 million dollars (about 25 million yen at that time).ニ ュ ー ヨ ー クNewspapers are "Godzilla BronxI'm coming to you. "

2003At the press conference held at a hotel in New York City on January 1, in addition to about 14 reporters, the president of the team(English editionThe directorJoe Tori,Roger Clemens, Mayor of New YorkMichael bloombergAlso attended[63].. Matsui said, "The Yankees have a great tradition in the majors. The team has a lot of great players. I wanted to show my strength in the most inspiring team."[64].. It was in 1994 that he transferred from the giant by exercising FA rights.Tokuhiro KomadaIt was the second person since (transferred to Yokohama). Overseas FA is the first in the history of giants. The first Asian batter in the history of the Yankees (the pitcher was the first Japanese to sign a major contract with the Yankees)Hideki Irabe). March 3st, the opening game of the official gameToronto Blue JaysStarted in the game with the 5th left and the first timeRoy HaradeyHe hit the left wing in a timely manner and recorded his first at-bat, first hit, and first RBI. The opening game of the base on April 4th,Minnesota TwinsIn the battle of the previous batterBernie WilliamsFrom 2-3 at bat after being shunnedJoe MaysHe hits 145km / h into the light stand and hits a full-base home run, which is the first major home run. On April 4, he will hit the first major goodbye hit. Held in JulyMLB All-Star GameIn the fan-voted American League outfielder category, he finished third and made his first appearance. 3 for JapaneseHideo Nomo, 2001Ichiro,Kazuhiro SasakiIt was the fourth All-Star game participation following. But from JapanOrganization voteHelped by[Source required]The election in the form caused criticism in the local media, and although he played in the starting lineup and hit one hit in the game, he was booed.[65]..Also, I ordered 24 bats from Japan to exchange bats with star players, but I couldn't talk to anyone and brought them all back.[66].. In the second half of the opening game after participating in the All-Star Game on July 7thCleveland IndiansIn battle(English editionHe carried the 146km / h fastball to the right middle stand and hit the first Japanese major leaguer's walk-off home run.The third Yankee rookie in 67 years to score more than 3 RBIs (100)Tony Razeli, 1943(English edition).In the Division Series, he hit the first Japanese home run in the postseason.Boston Red SoxWithLeague championship decision seriesIn Round 7, in the bottom of the 8thJorge PosadaWhen he stepped on the tie-breaking platform with a timely hit, he jumped up and expressed joy with his whole body.Florida MarlinsWithWorld seriesIn the first round,World seriesHe hit the first Japanese home run in Japan. In the regular season, there was a rematch due to a draw in the rain, so he became the first new and Yankees player to participate in 21 games of the season in the 163st century. However, the number of home runs was only 16, which was a disappointing result. Still,Score area batting averageIs the team's best .335, RBI is the main gunJason GiambiHe showed the strength of the game by hitting 1 RBIs in 2nd place of the team, which is one difference.

2004Reflected on the fact that he hit 16 home runs the previous year, and worked off to gain significant muscle mass. As a result, Matsui's body, especially his upper body, became one size larger.[67].. It worked, and by lowering the position of the center of gravity and widening the stance.[68], Home runs to the left increased.Spring trainingThen, he won the team 2 crown with home runs and RBIs.[69].. Held at Tokyo DomeTampa Bay Devil RaysIn the friendly match between the Yankees and the Giants, which was held prior to the opening game in Japan, he hit a triumphant home run. In the opening two consecutive games with the Devil Rays, he made a full appearance with "No. 2 Left", and in the second game he hit the first home run in front of Japanese fans. There were no 2 at-bats home runs since the opening game on the mainland, but in the Red Sox game on April 2, the second home run was hit while the parents who visited the game were watching, achieving a total of 1 home runs for NPB and MLB. After that, he mass-produced home runs at a much faster pace than the previous year, and on June 61, he reached No. 4 home run in the 24rd game, which is 2 games earlier than the previous year. In the last week of May, he also won the second weekly MVP. June 350th and 6thLos Angeles DodgersIn the game, he hit home runs for the first two games in a row after a major transfer. In the first half alone, he reached 2 home runs, which exceeded the previous year.All star gamesI missed the election in the outfielder category, butFinal voteHe was selected by collecting 120 million votes, and played for the second consecutive year. Director Tori asked me to join Home Run Derby, but declined, saying, "When I come out, a can of beer will fly."[70].. On July 7th, after the ball banquet, he reached 15 consecutive appearances in NPB and MLB. August 1500thToronto Blue JaysIn the game, he hit his first two-bat consecutive home run after transferring to MLB. 2thSeattle MarinersAfter sitting in No. 4 since the World Series the previous year in the war, he became the No. 4 batter in the second half of the season. He hit the first Japanese player to hit a home run in three consecutive games against the Twins on September 9th. In the end, he recorded 30 home runs, which is the highest number in the history of Japanese major leaguers and almost double the previous year, and OPS.3, which is the same as the previous year. .. In the post-season, the batting average exploded, recording 31 hits in 912 at bats, batting average .3, 11 home runs, 51 RBIs, and OPS 21 in 412 games. With the Red Sox, which was the continuation of the previous year's matchAmerican League Championship Seriesではリーグチャンピオンシップシリーズ史上最多タイとなる14安打、28塁打を記録。第3戦には、これまた最多タイの1試合5安打、5得点を記録するなど絶好調であったが、チームは先に3連勝しながらまさかの4連敗を喫し、ワールドシリーズ出場は逃した。オフには徹底した筋力強化に取り組み、大幅な体重増(103kg→110kg)を遂げた[71].

2005Before the opening ofHome runWas also eager to win the title[72]、4月9日から5月29日にかけて46試合、202打席連続本塁打なしという不調に陥った。誕生日の6月12日には右足首を捻挫し、途中交代するアクシデントもあったものの、DHでの出場も挟んで粘り強く出場を続けた。20日には自身3度目の週間MVPを受賞し(6試合で打率.455、3本塁打、10打点)[73]In June, he recorded bases in all games and had a monthly batting average of .6, 398 home runs, 6 RBIs, and OPS 23, but he missed the ball banquet next month. On July 1.165th,Ernie BanksSet a new record for 425 consecutive appearances since his major debut[74].. In addition to playing in all games for the third consecutive year, he recorded his highest batting average of .3 and 305 RBIs in major leagues.Although he was satisfied with his batting average and RBI, which exceeded the previous year's results, he vowed to make the reduction of home runs an issue for next year.[75].. On September 9th, he achieved 8 home runs in total for NPB / MLB, and in September and October he contributed to the team's regional victory by maintaining a good batting average of .400, 9 home runs and OPS.10. HoweverLos Angeles AngelsWithDivision seriesHe was eliminated with 2 wins and 3 losses, and Matsui himself was suppressed to a batting average of .20 with 4 hits in 200 at bats. In the fifth round, when the defeat was decided, all five at-bats had runners, but all of them retired, resulting in a humiliating result of eight left on base. The batter who retired with runners in all five at-bats in the post-season series breakthrough match1986 World SeriesIn Round 6Bill BucknerIt was the second person in major history after[76].. In a post-match interview, he said, "If I had a chance, the result of the match would have changed."[77].. Since the three-year contract expires for this year only, a three-year contract totaling $ 3 million was offered before the opening, but after the end of the season, he decided to start negotiations again and resumed negotiations off. Negotiations were difficult on the way, and finally with the Yankees for a total of 3,150 million dollars for four years (about 3 million yen at the rate at that time)AgreementExtension. He commented, "I am very happy," and expressed satisfaction with the extension of the contract, which was highly evaluated. GM'sBrian CashmanSaid, "Matsui has not only talent on the ground but also the ability to attract Japanese fans," and his contribution to the business was also evaluated.[78].

2006Was done before the openingWorld Baseball ClassicI declined to participate in the event and prepared for the season.HoweverSpring trainingThe left knee pain of the old injury recurred, or the chronic diseasehay feverIt was not perfect, and he was anxious that he was "honestly not good".[79], Hit 1 hits including 4 home run in the opening round and get off to a good start. On April 4th, he has participated in 18 games in a row since his debut. The first table of the Red Sox match at Yankee Stadium on May 500th,Mark LorettaGrab caught on the grass and broke his left wrist when he tried to catch the shallow fly that he had released. I changed on the way as it was. Since he was replaced without taking one inning defense, the record of consecutive games that had been played since August 1, 1993, when he was a giant, was cut off at "8". As a result of the same day examination at the Columbia Medical Center Hospital in New York City, the left wrist (Radius) Diagnosed as a fracture. Surgery was performed the next morningDisability listEnter. The shock I gave to my teammates was great,Derek JeterSaid, "There is no substitute for Matsui."[80].. He entered the bench on August 8 for the first time in 17 days, and resumed free batting on August 98. No. 30 against the Devil Rays on September 9thNominated batterHe started for the first time in 124 days. From a crowded crowdStanding ovationResurrected with 4 hits in 4 at bats[81].. After returning, he recorded a batting average of .14 in 430 games, and finally marked a batting average of .51 while participating in 302 games. The team also won the district championship for the ninth consecutive year,Detroit TigersWithDivision seriesIn 16 at bats, 4 hits, 0 home runs, and 1 RBI, he couldn't play an outstanding role, and the team was eliminated from the Division Series for the second consecutive year.

2007In February, he published his book "Fudoshin" (Shincho Shinsho), which became a bestseller with over 2 copies. April 30, the fourth game since the opening,Baltimore OriolesWhen he ran to the first base with a grounder in the first at-bat of the second inning of the battle, he complained of a sense of discomfort as if he had a moment in his left thigh. After that, 2 innings were defensive while watching the situation by stretching etc., but since the tension of the thighs did not disappear, the leaders announced a pinch hitter just before the second at bat of the 1th inning, and retreated to the back of the bench as it was, the next day Enter the disabled list.MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging)As a result of the diagnosis, it was found that the left thigh was slightly strained. The breakdown has recovered steadily, and he was registered as a player on April 4, when the disabled list expires, and he returned to the starting lineup for the first time in 23 days against the Devil Rays on the same day. On May 16, he achieved 5 hits in total for NPB / MLB, the second major Japanese major leaguer in the Mariners game at his home base. Rushed from JapanMeikyukaiChairman'sShoichi KanedaIt was a feat achieved in front of him, and he entered the Meikyukai. Initially it was recorded as an outfielder's misstep, but later it was corrected to a double and a brawl between the two teams occurred immediately afterwards. In June, he suffered a sluggish batting average of .6, 252 home runs, and OPS.3, and on June 706, he was named by a local newspaper as a direct cause of not winning with four other players.[82].. In July, he turned around and hit well, with a batting average of .7, 28 RBIs, and OPS 345 in 28 games.Slugging percentage .1.145, 735 home runs[Annotation 5], 31 points were the top of the league. On August 8nd, the July LeagueMonthly MVPWas elected to. August 8th at Yankee StadiumKansas City RoyalsAchieved 100 major home runs in total in the game. From the end of the game to the playoffs, he suffered from a right knee injury and had a batting average of .9, two home runs and OPS.185 in September. The team lost the Division Series for the third consecutive year, and Matsui also finished with a batting average of .2 (689 hits in 3 at bats) in 4 races. The season record is 182 home runs and 11 RBIs, leaving a certain number, and in order to hit a lot of RBIs, from the association of swallowing RBIs like a character in the game, this yearPac-ManWas nicknamed[83].. However, in an off-interview, he recalled, "I had only failed this season. I can't talk about it." He was disappointed at the repeated injuries and retreats at key points.[84].. Remove cartilage from right knee at a New York hospital on November 11th after the end of the seasonEndoscopic surgeryReceive.

2008March 3ToyamaWith a 25-year-old Japanese woman fromThe United States of AmericaNew York CityCeremony inside. The next day, he held a press conference with a portrait of the bride and reported his marriage. Since the other party is a former office worker and an ordinary person, in consideration of privacy, the face photo and name are not disclosed[85][86].. Due to the change of director in the regular season, the regular was not guaranteed before the opening. The opening started with "No. 8 Designated Hitter", but in the early stages, the batting order went up, and at one point he became the top batter with a batting average of .337, which was his longest from April to May4. He hit a series of hits in the game. Also this yearAll star gamesWill be closed for the same yearYankee StadiumAs it was the last All-Star game to be held in Japan, Matsui also eagerly aspired to participate, saying, "I will never have such a stage again. I think it will be a lifetime memory."IshikawaA call for fan voting was made on the official website of[87]Was defeated. Even in June, he continued to perform well and was fighting for the top hitter, but before the match on June 6, he suddenly had a pain in his left knee, which was an old injury, and after receiving treatment to drain the water accumulated in the affected area. , DirectorJoe GirardiAnd GM Brian Cashman entered the disabled list on June 6th. The cause was that he unknowingly covered his right knee, which had been operated off, and put a strain on his left leg. Regarding the story of the surgery that was raised, as of July 27, he expressed the idea that "(surgery) will be accepted if recommended by the team."[88].. However, two days later, when Cashman recommended surgery, he changed his attitude and refused surgery despite two hours of persuasion.[89].. After two months of treatment and rehabilitation, he returned from the Blue Jays match on August 2 and continued to play mainly as a "8th designated hitter", but the hit was sluggish far from perfect. From the latter half of September, when it became difficult for the team to advance to the playoffs, it turned around again, and on the 19stYankee StadiumThe season ended with the starting lineup of the final game. On September 9nd on the left kneeEndoscopic surgeryI decided to. In the end, the batting average was less than 3%. 294, the number of hits was 99, and the number of home runs was 9 in the single digit, which was a lonely result.

2009Is "3% 30 RBIs 100 RBIs"[90]"4 stolen base"[91]Started with the goal of personal performance. As the knee rehabilitation was given top priority, the adjustment was delayed, and the spring training continued to be sluggish in the early stages, but withdrew due to a failure.Alex RodriguezSit in number 4 instead of, and on April 4th, newYankee StadiumHe hit four home runs, including a home run that added flowers to his slaughter. In the opening round, he participated as the 4th designated hitter, and in the 4th inning, he was a teacher.Nagashima ShigeoHe hit a two-point home run, which is 444 in total for NPB and MLB, which exceeds 445 in total. However, the condition of the blow did not improve easily, and injuries such as swelling of the knee and pain in the thigh occurred intermittently after May. After Rodriguez's return, the batting order dropped to 2th and 5th, and he continued to be appointed as a designated hitter while taking a break. Also, since 5 was completely registered as a designated hitter, the National League's home baseball stadium without a designated hitter system (Bush stadium) Was not nominated for the All-Star fan vote. Defensive practice resumed in late May. May 5Texas RangersIn the game, he released two at-bats in a row, including No. 450 home run, which is No. 6 in total for NPB and MLB. However, after that, the batting slump continued, such as recording no hits in 2 at-bats in a row, and the designated hitter system was not adopted at the National League base.InterleagueIn the (interleague game), he missed the starting lineup in all games. On June 6th during the interleague gameHanshin TigersIt became clear that the company is conducting an investigation to acquire Matsui, and Matsui himself commented that he was "thankful", and other giants, Orix, and even independent leagues.Ishikawa Million StarsWas reported to be eager to acquire Matsui, but he said, "It's a different matter from returning to Japan," and emphasized that he would go through his active life as a major player.[92].. In the game against Oriole's on July 7, he hit his second goodbye home run for the first time in six years since 20, and in July he continued to perform well with a batting average of .2003, five home runs, and OPS.6, but immediately after that he hit 2 at-bats in a row. I fell into. In the game against the Mariners on August 7, it exploded with 293 hits and 5 RBIs including 967 home runs, but immediately after that, the condition of his left knee deteriorated and he was the first consecutive absence of the season. However, after returning to the Red Sox on August 13, he hit two 8-point home runs and recorded his best 13 RBIs in one game. Two days later, he also hit two home runs against the Red Sox. In this way, in August, the batting average was .2, 4 home runs, 5 RBIs, OPS.8, and the "Clutch Performer Award" was given to the player who showed a strong hit. Ta[93].. Hit No. 9 home run in the Mariners game on September 19th.Don BaylorBreaking the record for the most home runs of the year as a designated hitter. He hit 2 home runs, the second most after the major transfer, and contributed to the district championship for the first time in three years with the strength of the game to hit 28 RBIs in 3rd place in the team. After the end of the regular season, he summed up, "The batting average is obviously low. (90 home runs) is neither good nor bad." I was also pleased that I was never on the disabled list for the first time in four years.[94]..American sports magazine "(English editionWas also selected in the designated hitter category as an American League All-Star member selected by[95].. In the post-season, he mainly participates as "No. 5 Designated Hitter". With Minnesota TwinsDivision seriesIn the first round, he hit a two-run home run that determined the game.[96].. With the Los Angeles AngelsLeague championship seriesIn the first round, he played an active part with 2 RBIs, but in the 4th and 6th rounds, he was a little sick with no hits, and the batting order dropped to 6th.[97], The team defeated the Angels with 4 wins and 2 losses for the first time in 1 years since 2003, the first major yearWorld seriesI advanced the piece to. The champion of the previous yearPhiladelphia PhilliesWithWorld seriesThen, he returned to No. 5 and fully demonstrated his strength in the game. The first game ended with only one hit, but in the second game, in the bottom of the sixth inning, which was tied 1-2.Pedro MartinezHit the final home run from[98].. Phillies homeCitizens Bank ParkRounds 3 to 5 held inNominated batterBecause it cannot be usedHittingIt became a participation in. In the 3rd round, he hit a home run for 2 games in a row, and in the 5th round, he hit a left front run.[97].. In Round 3, the Yankees returned to their home base with 2 wins and 6 losses, returning to the starting lineup and in the second inning.Pedro Martinezから先制の2点本塁打を放つと、3回には中前適時打、5回にも右中間を破る適時二塁打で2打点ずつを加え、ワールドシリーズ・タイ記録となる1試合6打点をマークし、スタジアムのファンからは「MVP!」の大歓声が沸き起こった。9年ぶりの世界一に貢献し、13打数8安打3本塁打8打点、打率.615、OPS2.027で日本人選手初、フルタイムの指名打者としても初めてとなるWorld Series MVPWas elected to[99].. In addition, "the first player to win both the Japan Series MVP and the World Series MVP"[100]It became. On November 11th due to the expiration of the contract with the YankeesFANext[101], Yankees did not negotiate residual with Matsui[102].

Angels era

XNUM X Year X NUM X Month X NUM X DayLos Angeles AngelsSigned a one-year contract with an annual salary of 600 million dollars and became the first Japanese fielder in the Angels (as a pitcher)Shigeru HasegawaIs enrolled in the past). Of the directorMike SciosciaWas the deciding factor for joining the Angels because he promised the opportunity to return to the defense directly.[103].. From the red uniform to the Japanese media, "Red Godzilla』It came to be called.

2010In the early stages of the game, he sat in No. 4 and played mainly as a designated hitter throughout the season as in the previous year, and even though he played only 18 games, he also took up the left wing defense for the first time since June 2008. The hit was good at the beginning, such as recording the fourth opening game home run.[104], For the first time since the transfer on April 4thYankee StadiumI faced the old nest Yankees game in. At the presentation ceremony of the World Series championship ring held before the match, there was a scene where the spectators welcomed them with a standing ovation and their former colleagues rushed to Matsui all at once and exchanged hot embrace.[105].. At this time, the championship ring presented to Matsui was a fake, but this was Jeter's mischief and Matsui did not notice until the real thing was handed over after the match. In the match against Indians on April 4, he achieved a total of 26 hits in the major leagues, and after that he suffered a total of 1000 strikeouts in MLB.[106].. April 6Colorado RockiesIn the game, he hit a full-base home run and achieved a total of 150 MLB. In the second half, he recorded .309 batting average, 11 home runs, 37 RBIs and OPS.5 in 955th place in the league, and finally left .274 batting average, 21 home runs, 84 RBIs and OPS.820, the top of the team. However, in May, the batting average was .5 and OPS.184, in July the batting average was .545 and OPS.7, in August the batting average was .228 and OPS.708, and in September the batting average was .8 and OPS304. The waves were fierce, and the batting average was .938 for the right pitcher and OPS.9 for the right pitcher throughout the season, but the batting average was .347 for the left pitcher and OPS.1.024. Since July, the starting pitchers have often been postponed when they are left-handed pitchers, and due to the sluggish team performance, the number of younger players has increased, which has reduced the chances of getting defensive. In the first half of the game, he was transferred to the Rangers in the form of being kicked out by Matsui.Bradymir GuerreroWas in great shape and was criticized by local media and fans in comparison with Guerrero.[107].. All-star games are localAngel StadiumAlthough it was held in, the designated hitter section of the fan vote ended up in second place with a big difference of more than 230 million votes to Guerrero, "I was hoping for a chance, but it can not be helped."[108].. In the second half of the game, some media reported that "it may be out of the force".[109][110]In the match against the Tigers on August 8, despite the fact that the opponent pitcher was a right-handed pitcher, the starting lineup fell, and he was so shocked that he avoided the press and kept watching TV in the cafeteria.[111].. After that, the hitter was getting better, but in the match against Indians on September 9, I also experienced the humiliation of being sent a pinch hitter for the first time in 8 years since 1993 when I was a rookie.[112].. After the season, the Angels GMTony Reagins"I didn't think the waves were so intense," he gave a strict evaluation that did not hide his disappointment.[113].. The one-year contract expired on November 11nd and became a free agent, and the next day the Angels announced that they would not offer the next year's contract during the exclusive negotiation period, which was due on November 2th.[114].

Athletics era

XNUM X Year X NUM X Month X NUM X DayAuckland AthleticsSign a one-year contract with an annual salary of $ 425 million (3 million yen at the rate at that time)[9].. At the press conference, he said, "I want to play so that I can take the lead and pull everyone."[115].. In addition to Athletics, several teams were interested in Matsui, but only Athletics provided formal conditions.[116].

2011During spring trainingMisplacedhay feverI was troubled by the temporary menu adjustment[117]On the night of March 3st, he fell in the dormitory, and the next day he appeared in the stadium full of facial scratches.[118].. He has played 3 games, the most in the last three years, but his batting average was .22, 169 home run, 1 RBIs, and OPS.2.[119].. The season started with "No. 5 DH", and in the game against the Mariners on April 4, he hit a double, which was the first hit of the season, and achieved 3 hits in total for NPB / MLB. Same as when 2500 hits were achievedIchiroIt was decided to set a record in front of. In the match against Rangers on May 5, he hit a goodbye home run for the first time in two years, saying, "Playing like today, (Great East Japan EarthquakeI hope I can give some energy to those affected by the disaster. "[120].. However, after that, it fell into a slump, and in May the batting average was sluggish at .5. In June, the starting pitchers of the opposing teams were often missed in left-handed pitchers, but in June, even right-handed pitchers were often missed. Regarding this, Matsui said, "To get out of the slump, you need to go to the game."[121].. Local TV stations have made harsh reports that even if they are given the opportunity to participate by June 6, when the interleague game without a DH system begins, they should be dismissed if they do not recover.[122].. But on June 6th, the directorBob GerenWas dismissed,Bob MelvinSince he became the acting director, he will be the starting pitcher mainly for "3rd DH" regardless of the pitcher's left or right. Melvin has been able to hit Matsui's base since he was a Mariners coach.Four ballsIt is said that he was evaluating the sense of choosing[123].. Left arm in the White Sox match on June 6th, the first match after the change of managerMark BurleyWhen he hits No. 5 home run for the first time since the walk-off home run on May 3[124], Batting average .6, 17 home runs and signs of recovery in 499 games until hitting No. 6 home run, which is 7 in total for NPB / MLB in the game against Royals on June 304.[125].. Since DH cannot be used in the match against Mets on the 21st, he became an outfielder for the first time after the transfer.[126].. However, after that, he got sick again, and his batting average was .209 at the end of the first half of the game. Although he hadn't hit a home run for a long time, he hit the 7th home run against the Tigers on July 20 and achieved a total of 7 home runs in NPB / MLB (500 in the 10 years of the Giants, 332 in the 9th major year). .. Matsui wasn't interested in the record at the time of the check.[125]"It took a little too long," he said of having stepped on for more than a month.[127].. He said that he was planning to finish his career as a major player without returning to NPB after the match.[128].. On July 7, he won the weekly MVP for the third week of July for the first time in six years. In July, he won the Team Monthly MVP with a batting average of .25, 6 home runs, and OPS.7. In the Rangers game on September 3, he hit the 7th home run, which was a total of 365 home runs for NPB and MLB, and became the 3th place in history with a total of Japanese home runs, but in August and September, he had a batting average of .997 and 9 home runs. It went down again with OPS.10. On September 505, just before the end of the season, he told reporters his enthusiasm for next season, saying, "I'll just start over from scratch," but on the other hand, "if nobody needs it, I have to retire." I also vomit my feelings[129]。後半戦は打率.295、6本塁打、OPS.779と、前半戦からは大きく数字を上げたが、シーズン通算では打率.251、12本塁打、チーム2位の72打点、OPS.698と100試合以上出場ではプロ入り後ワーストとなる成績でシーズンを終えた。また、2008年以降では最多となる27試合で守備に就き、打者に不利な球場として知られる本拠地O.dotco ColiseumThe batting average was .234, 4 home runs, and OPS.663, which was a poor result, but on the road, the batting average was .267, 8 home runs, and OPS.729.[130].. In an interview after the final round of the season, he said, "It was a very good season in terms of physical condition, but I didn't get good results. I'm not convinced."[131].. On June 10Free agentIt became. In addition to the request for retention from Athletics, this offChicago White SoxAlthough there was an offer from such as, it is said that it did not meet due to conditions etc.[132]After all, it was the first time for me to pass the year with the team I belonged to undecided.

2012From the beginning of the year, the old nest YankeesLos Angeles Dodgers,Milwaukee Brewers[133]Various teams emerged, but no formal contract was reached, and the opening began without belonging for the first time after joining the professional team.

Rays era

XNUM X Year X NUM X Month X NUM X DayTampa Bay RaysIt was announced that a minor contract was signed with[134].. On May 5st, we held a press conference to join the group, which is unusual for a minor contract.[135][136].. AAA gradeDurham BullsIn 13 games, the batting average was .170, 0 home runs and the condition did not improve, but due to the team situation where the main players were injured one after another, he was promoted to major on the 29th. Regarding the uniform number, "55" is the main pitcherMatt MooreBecause it was attached, "35", And the uniform number will change for the first time after joining the professional team. In the White Sox match on the day of promotionPhilip HumberNo. 1 and 2 home runs, and on June 6st against Oriole'sChen WeiyinThen, he hit a No. 2 2-point home run that jumped into the top of the spectators' seats, but there was no home run after that. As a result, this home run became the last home run in active duty (MLB total 175, NPB / MLB total 507). The extra-base hit was also the last to hit a double against the Marlins on June 6. Still the directorJoe MaddonBelieve in demodulation and alsoEvan LongoriaAs the main force is still out of order, we decided to "judgment based on the result of hitting 6 at-bats" for the story outside the force that was out as of June.[137], Continued to be the starting lineup. In June, I practiced defensively on the first base[138], In the mass-behind scene, there was a scene where he volunteered for relief as a pitcher.[139], I had no chance to participate except for outfielders, designated hitters, and pinch hitters. In the Tigers game on July 7st, he played an active part with 1 hits in 3 at bats, but the day after he started in the 2th right wing, he accidentally dropped the ball in the right wing defense against the Yankees on July 4nd and chased the foul. At that time, he hurt the back of his left thigh and was told to take turns without standing at bat.[140]Since then, the number of participation opportunities has dropped sharply. As a result, the third at-bat on July 7st was the last hit in active duty (1th in MLB, 3th in total for NPB / MLB), and July 1253nd was the last match in active duty as the 2643th starting lineup. In late July, it is home to every retreatTropicana FieldBig boos from fans of[141]。結局、7月19日のインディアンズ戦がスタメンで守備に就いた最後の試合(6番ライト)、7月22日のマリナーズ戦がスタメンとして出場した最後の試合(6番指名打者)、7月23日のマリナーズ戦が現役最後の出場試合(代打、ショートフライ)となった。出場機会のなかった7月24日のオリオールズ戦試合後にマドン監督から戦力外を通告され、翌25日に球団からDFAWas announced[142].. On August 8st, it will be a free contract at the request of the person[143], Waited for an offer from another team, but no team was able to win by August 8, the transfer deadline for post-season participation.[144].. In the end, this season, the final year of his career, ended in a record low of .34 batting average, 147 home runs, 2 RBIs and OPS.7 in 435 appearances. After leaving the group, he said that he had not decided anything about his departure.[145][146].


An emergency press conference was held at a hotel in New York City on December 2012, 12, and it was announced that he would retire from active duty only for the 27 season.[147].. As the reason for deciding to retire, he said, "I've been playing for 10 years with the feeling of playing for my life and demonstrating my strength in the majors, but no results have been obtained." I wasn't confident that I could live up to the expectations of the fans who imagined my success in Japan. "[148].. The most memorable thing was "there are a lot", but he mentioned "the time when he and Nagashima shook up".[149].. After his retirement, he showed an attitude of "I want to think about the future slowly".[150].. On the same day, the giant ownerKojiro ShiraishiWill make Matsui a giant in the futuredirected byHe expressed his intention to welcome him as a coach and revealed that he had already consulted with the Yankees to study abroad as a coach.[151].

Following Matsui's retirement, many people involved in the ball world announced their discourse.[152].. Matsui's teacherNagashima ShigeoComplimented as "the best home run batter of our time"[153].Chief Cabinet Secretary OfYoshii Kan,Minister of Foreign Affairs OfFumio KishidaComments were received from government officials such as[154][155].

Matsui's retirement was reported in various countries shortly after breaking news in Japan, and there were a series of voices from the media and fans regretting his retirement.[156].. I was a teammate at the YankeesDerek JeterOn the official website of the team, he gave a special word, "Hideki is a special existence," and the Yankees ownerHull Steinbrenner"It will contribute significantly to the success of the Yankees and will always be loved as a member of the Yankees family."[157].. Of the Yankees era directorJoe Tori"I'm proud to have been Matsui's director."[152]. Also,CBS sports"Matsui was one of the best human beings in the Yankees and was loved by everyone," said John Hayman, a reporter.[158],YES network"Matsui was one of the finest players I interviewed," said Jack Curry, a reporter.[159].New York TimesThe paper published a two-page article about Matsui's retirement.[160].

After retirement

2013In early MarchFirst sonReveals that was born[161].. On the afternoon of April 4, the Chief Cabinet Secretary Yoshihide Suga held a press conference with the Japanese government.National Honor AwardClarified that we are considering awarding at the same time as Shigeo Nagashima[162][163][164], Officially decided to award the National Honor Award on the 16th[165].. Aug. 5,Tokyo DomeYomiuri Giants vs.Hiroshima Toyo CarpMatsui's before the warRetirementWith the ceremonyNational Honor AwardThe award ceremony was heldPrime Minister OfShinzo AbeWas awarded the National Honor Award from[166]..At the opening ceremony after that, Matsui wore a uniform from the Giants era, hitting Nagashima, and coaching the Giants.Tatsunori HaraWas caught and Abe was the referee and the opening ceremony was held.[167].. September 5thNew York YankeesBut of the teamOpenerJuly 55th, which will be the 55th game home game (due to postponement of rain, etc., it was not the 7th game on the day of the ceremony)San Diego PadresAnnounced to hold a retirement ceremony in the war[168].. Short A class under the Yankees from JulyStaten IslandBatting pitcherAct as[169]. On September 7,NHK BS1 OfMLB All-Star GameBy relay, localCity fieldServed as a guest commentary from[170].. On July 7, he signed a one-day minor contract with the New York Yankees before the day's raise match.Yankee StadiumMatsui as a member of the Yankees at a retirement ceremony on the groundbaseball playerEnded his life[171][172].. Retire on September 9nd for the same seasonMariano RiveraAttended the retirement ceremony of[173].

2014From June 2 to 1Yomiuri GiantsTemporary at Spring CampcoachAfter serving[174], Was a guest coach at the New York Yankees Spring Training from February 2th to March 19th[175].. September 5thCooperstownDone inAmerican Baseball Hall of FameParticipated in the commemorative match as a representative of the Yankees[176][177].. Participate in home run competition[178], In the commemorative matchSteve averyShowed an activity of 3 hit and 1 RBI in 1 at bats such as hitting a home run from[179].. He attended the Yankees' Old-Timers Day on June 6, and pitched as a pitcher in the middle of the commemorative match.[180].. On August 8, he was a Yankees era teacher and his uniform number "25" was recognized as a permanent Yankees number.Joe ToriAttend the commemorative ceremony[181].. Also, on September 9th, alliesDerek JeterAttend the retirement ceremony[182]..On September 9, the final round at Yankee Stadium in the same year, a guest commentary was given from Yankee Stadium during the broadcast on NHK BS25.The Yankees won a dramatic victory in Jeter's goodbye timely match[183].

2015Giants of the old nest for two days on February 2rd and 3thMiyazakiVisit the camp. From February 2th to 5thOkinawaGinowanDeNAI visited the camp. Appointed Yankees GM Special Advisor on March 3 (contract period is 11 year)[184].. Camping Florida-Tampa with GM Brian Cashman at a press conference, "I had a great time at the Yankees. I want to do my best to help young players. It's a big challenge, "he said. Giants vs. Open Battle held at Tokyo Dome on the 21st of the same monthHokkaido Nippon-Ham FightersCeremonial first pitch with Derek Jeter in the battle[185].. After the match, a charity event "Tomodachi Charity Baseball Game" will support elementary and junior high school students in the areas affected by the Great East Japan Earthquake at the same stadium.[186]Participate in. At the hitting challenge held at the end of the charity event, he said, "I will hit it because so many customers have gathered."At-batStanding inSatoru KomiyamaHe threw the fifth ball into the right wing stand[187].

2016Also works as a Yankees GM special advisor. On April 4th, the opening ceremony was held at the Yankee Stadium, which was the first time for a Japanese player to play a match between the Yankees and the Astros.

2017Revealed that the second son was born in early January[188].. Continues to work as a Yankees GM Special Advisor.

2018XNUM X Month X NUM X Day,Baseball Hall of Fame MuseumIs in 2018Baseball hall of fameAnnounced that Matsui has been selected as an award winner in the athlete award player category.[189].. In addition, MatsuiHideo NomoBecame the youngest baseball hall of fame honoree at 2014 years and 45 months, renewing 4 years and 43 months (7)[190].. This yearAmerican Baseball Hall of FameAlthough he was qualified to be inducted into the Hall of Fame, he lost his qualification to be inducted into the Hall of Fame in the first year after only receiving 1 votes (24% vote rate) in the press poll held on January 4th. He continues to work as a Yankees GM Special Advisor.

Started on August 2018, 8100th National High School Baseball Championship Memorial TournamentOpening game, Seiryo (Ishikawa)-Toin(Oita), Matsui appeared at the opening ceremony as an OB of Seiryo High School, but it was a one-bound pitch and he held his head and smiled bitterly.[191].. In addition, at this timeAsahi Broadcasting TVTomoshige Yamashita, Honorary Director of Seiryo High School Baseball Club, appears as a commentator on the TV broadcast at Seiryo High School, watching Matsui's opening ceremony.[192].. After the opening ceremony, Matsui watched the opening game behind the net from beginning to end, and immediately after Seiryo won with a score of 9-4, Matsui sang the school song of Seiryo High School in an upright and immovable posture.[193].. In addition, next to Matsui, he used to be a teammate of Seiryo High School's fellow students, and is nowAsahi ShimbunReporter Motonobu Fukukaku was sitting, and when he won his mother's school, Matsui himself smiled and urged reporter Fukukaku to sing the school song, "Oh, I'll sing!"[194].

2021May 7,MLB OfLos Angeles AngelsBelongs toOtani XiangpingThe player is the 31st run of the seasonHome runWas released and recorded by MatsuiJapaneseThen the most MLBSeasonLined up with the number of home runs.Immediately after, Matsui sent a message to Otani, praising and supporting Otani as follows.[195].

  • "I'm just impressed with Otani's incredible home run pace. In addition to his qualities, his quest for batting and training may have made him one of the major long-distance hitters. I'm wondering if there is any. "
  • "IYankeesWhen I was playing inJason GiambiPlayers andGary Sheffieldplayer,Alex RodriguezI was surrounded by players, but overwhelmed by their power, I said, "HereLong-distance batterIt's difficult to be. "However, now Otani is completely on that side. "
  • "I think the baseball fans who wanted me to be a long-distance hitter in the major leagues were disappointed to see me, but when I saw Otani now, I was finally Japanese. Isn't it refreshing to be a long-distance hitter in the major leagues? "
  • "And he's not just that, it's greatpitcherBut there is also.It is a unique existence that has changed the common sense of the long history of baseball.From now on, I think that the number of fans who support Otani and the boys who want to be like him will increase. "
  • "I look forward to seeing the dreams of fans and boys in the future as a baseball fan."

In addition, the same year three days laterMay 7Otani recorded the 32nd home run in Japan and became the single leader among Japanese (at this point, MLB's same).SeasonIt is also the most home run number in theAll star games32 home runs or more and 12 beforeStealThe above achievement was also the first record in MLB history)[196]..At that time, Matsui sent a similar message of congratulations, and Otani said, "I've been watching it since I was a kid, so I'm honored." I want to do my best to meet my expectations so that I can still hit. "[197].

Characteristics as a player


He hit 507 home runs in total for NPB and MLB.巨人At that time, he was a long-distance hitter representing the Japanese baseball world, and hit 10 home runs in 332 years.UniversityThe number of home runs in 10 seasons after graduation isSadaharu OhIt is the second batter in history after 356 batters, and only two batters, Wang and Matsui, have hit more than 2 batters. While maintaining a batting average of over 300%, he always left the league's top class results in home runs and RBIs.OPSHowever, with a total of 4000 at bats or more, he is second only to Sadaharu Oh in total .2.

After transferring to MLB, he played an active part as a middle-distance hitter with attractive game strength.Although I couldn't leave enough numbers to compete for the title, as a Japanese major leaguer, the season record for home runs isOtani XiangpingSecond in history (2st in total), 1st in both season record and total record in slugging percentage and OPS, and 1nd in history in both season record and total record in batting average, hits and on-base percentage.In addition, it is the degree of outstandingness of the score produced by the batter per turn at bat, and the scoring environment for each league.Park factorIs also taken into consideration, so the batter can be evaluated under uniform conditions.wRC +And, the park factor is also taken into consideration, and the degree of prominence from the league average is measured.OPS +But Matsui is number one in both season record and total record.[Annotation 6].

Regarding hitting, "swing easily and accurately", "slowly grasp the time to identify the ball", "smoothly shift the weight from the left axis foot to the right foot to step on", "(Speed) Look at the ball slowly so that it looks like 140 kg. "[198].

The Japanese era is narrowTokyo DomeWas based in, but wideNagoya Dome,Koshien StadiumBut I was mass-producing home runs[199].

Before transferring to MLB, "even majorHome run"I want to be a batter," he said, but since he transferred to MLB, his home runs have decreased, and he is often described as a "middle-distance hitter in major leagues."[200].. From various data, you can see the transformation from a smasher to a skillful batter.[201].. In the NPB era, he exceeded OPS 5 five times, but after transferring to MLB, .1.000 in 2004 was the highest.Long batting averageIs also below .2004 except in 2009 and 500. Regarding the decrease in home runs in MLB,Asahi ShimbunOn paperKoji UeharaIn the conversation with, "the ball does not fly" and the difference in the quality of the ball of NPB / MLB (the ball used in MLB is said to fly much less than the ball used in NPB).[202].. In addition, the strike zone is wider than the NPB, and the ball that falls to the outside angle while subtly changing at the batter's hand, which he says is a "ball that he has never seen" (Moving fastball) Also suffered[203].. And, as the "biggest problem", he pointed out that since he is a right-handed left-handed batter, the force to push the ball with his left hand is inevitably weakened. It requires skill and power. To do that, you have to push your left hand properly. "[204].. Due to these factors, the number of home runs has decreased significantly compared to the NPB era.

After the second year of MLB, instead of catching the ball in front as in the NPB era, I switched to a style that catches the ball with the core of the bat after getting as close to the body as possible. Also, in weight training etc., we focused on training our left hand and made efforts such as holding chopsticks with our left hand.[204].. For the ball on the outside angle, he gradually overcame it by saying, "You don't have to hit the ball that you can't hit," and by having the feeling of hitting back strongly to the left side.[32].. Matsui adapted to MLB in this way, but by changing to a style of hitting the ball after getting closer to the body, it became difficult to get a long distance, and it was no longer possible to record the overwhelming number of home runs as in the NPB era. It is more directly linked to the victory of the team than the home runRBIHe became particular about it, and has recorded more than 9 RBIs four times in his nine years at MLB. Former MLB columnist Larry Rocka said, "Matsui has the various weapons he needs to win the game, which is more important than hitting 4 home runs."[205].

Still, there are only two Japanese players (the other is Shohei Ohtani), who recorded more than 30 home runs in the season at MLB and more than 5 home runs in the only five seasons. In 20, he hit 2004 home runs, the only Asian player at the time (later updated by Shohei Ohtani in 31), and in 2021, he was the top Japanese in all three categories: batting average, home runs, and RBI.This 2005 was the third year of MLB, but it was the first time in Japanese history to release 2005 MLB totals, 3 in 50 (2007th year), and 5 in 100 (2010th year). It was.In 8, Ichiro reached MLB No. 150 in total, but these are the only two Japanese who have hit more than 2012 home runs in MLB.In 100, the final year of his career, he hit two home runs and retired with a total of 100 MLB.During his active career, he often made remarks that ooze his commitment to home runs.[206]Before the start of 2009, he stated that he would return to his original form of sticking to home runs rather than batting average.[207].. In the same year, he returned to a stance of sticking to home runs, and in the 7th year of MLB, he recorded his highest home run rate (16.3th in the league) of 1 in 7 at bats, and showed an activity of hitting 4 home runs in the playoffs. This is because he has been in MLB for a long time, has become accustomed to the trajectory of the ball thrown by the MLB pitcher, and is able to catch the ball again in front of his body.[203]..However, the following year, 2010, it showed a decline, and both the number of home runs and the home run rate deteriorated. In 2011, with the exception of 2006 and 2008, when he left for a long time due to injury, he ended up with 2003 home runs, down from the lowest of 16 in 12 after transferring to MLB, and in 2012, he hit two home runs with seven at-bats after being promoted to MLB. Although he showed his willingness to release, he did not hit a home run in 7 at-bats until he was notified that he was out of force.

In the Yankees era, home runs are likely to occur for left-handed battersYankee StadiumWas based in Japan, but he hit home runs regardless of the stadium. Of the 2009 home runs in 28, less than half of the 13 home runs were hit at Yankee Stadium, 15 home runs, and the remaining XNUMX home runs were hit by visitors.[208].. As mentioned above, since he is a right-handed and left-handed batter, he self-analyzes that his left hand is weak.[32], The hit ball that is thrown to the left does not stretch much. Of the 7 home runs he hit in the seven years of the Yankees, less than 140 home runs to the left.[209].. When there is a problem, the hit ball does not go up and the infield ground ball tends to increase. In 2001 and the first half of 2002 during the Japanese era, he had a hard time hitting the ball. latestSaber metricsFangraphs, a major US record site that deals with [2] According to the report, GB / FB (total number of ground balls ÷ total number of flies) in 2003, which suffered from sinking fastball, reached 2.30, and the ratio of ground balls to all hit balls reached 54.7%.On the other hand, the percentage of flies was only 23.8%.This is known for having a lot of ground ballsIchiroIt was almost the same number as. However, from the year following the major, the number of hits increased and the ratio of flyability increased, and GB / FB also remained in the range of 0.89 to 1.36.

The batting average is also the total in the NPB erabatting averageExceeded 3%, in 2001Leading batterHas also won the title of. MLB also recorded a batting average of .2005 in 305, surpassing Ichiro's batting average this year.In other years, the batting average remains around 2008% until 3.Selected eyeIt is excellent at bat, and at bat, it firmly identifies the ball and does not hit it indiscriminately. It is rare to touch the ball with a fast count, and even if you are driven into two strikes, you will not give up easily[210].. The number of strikeouts is not very large. We have the consciousness that "the batting average is common to all batters", and the batting average is used as the criterion for determining the condition and compatibility rather than the number of home runs.[211][212].. The lack of a course that I was not particularly good at was also a factor in maintaining a stable batting average, but in 2009 the batting average of the outer corner ball dropped significantly, narrowing the hit zone to a limited course.[210].. In addition, the rate of pulling hit balls increased, and the degree as a so-called pull hitter became stronger. Therefore, after the summer, a defensive shift was laid in preparation for hitting the ball to the right from the opponent team.[213].. In 2009, the results for fastballs, which he had been good at until then, also declined, and it is believed that this was a factor in the batting average as well as the response to outer corner balls.[210].

He is basically a slow starter, and although he sometimes suffered from a low batting average in April and May, he got better in the second half. The total results at MLB are also in April and May.OPSIs .700 units, and has exceeded .6 since June. Especially in Julybatting averageWe are good at .309 and OPS.916[214].

Although he is a left-handed batter, he was known for not bothering the left-handed pitcher. In 1, the first year of MLB, the batting averages of both right-handed and left-handed pitchers were .2003, and in 287, right-handed pitchers had .2004 and 314 home runs, and left-handed pitchers had .25 and 265 home runs. It stood out[215]In 2005, the right-handed pitcher hit .281 and 15 home runs, while the left-handed pitcher hit .354 and 8 home runs.[216].. In 2009, he mass-produced home runs from left-handed pitchers, and as a left-handed batterPrince FielderAlong with, he hit 13 home runs, which is the most tie in both leagues, from the left pitcher.[208].. However, the batting average against the left pitcher was sluggish in 2010, and in the latter half of the season, when the starting pitcher was the left pitcher, the bench was often warmed up. In 2011, the right-handed pitcher hit four home runs and OPS.4, while the left-handed pitcher hit eight home runs and OPS.654.[130].. In the MLB 10-year total, the batting average for right-handed pitchers is .3534, 281 home runs and OPS.119, and the batting average for left-handed pitchers is .831, 1532 home runs and OPS.284.[214].

Regarding the compatibility with the pitcher, he said, "I don't think about the compatibility with the opponent. Depending on the pitcher, I just narrow down the target ball to some extent and enter the turn at bat."[217].. The pitchers to play against are classified into types such as "what kind of pitcher you have", "what you use to make you miss the pitcher", and "how you try to fit it during the operation", and the representative of the pitcher type. It is said that he faced the battle by applying it to influential pitchers known as typical users and pitchers with many battle opportunities.[218].. "So-calledMagic ballRather than a changing ball with a slow ball speed and a large changecutterSystemsinkerSuch as systemMoving fastIt is more troublesome to remove the core of the system. "[218], Manipulated these moving fast type ballsPedro MartinezRoy HaradeyIs listed as the "best pitcher"[198][218].

In the NPB era,Kazuhisa IshiiWas not good at[219].. In 1999Toyama ToshiHe was able to hit no hits in 13 at bats, but in 2000, when he hit 3 hits including a home run from Toyama, he had the patience to overcome his weak pitchers by making efforts and ingenuity, as if he had hit in the opposite direction since 2001. Have[220].

In the 10 years he was in MLB, he played against a total of 782 pitchers, but 30 pitchers have played more than 24 at-bats. Among them, the competition resultsOPSPitchers with a value above 1.000Derek Lowe(1.213),Johann Santana(1.189),Jeremy Bonderman(1.118),Bartolo colone(1.033),Edwin jacksonThere are five people (1.009). OtherwiseJames Shields(26 at bat 1.542),Doug Wector(24 at bat 1.378),Bronson Arroyo(23 at bat 1.379),Brian TalletIt goes especially well with (21 at bat 1.521). On the contrary, the minute is badJered Weaver(.454),Bruce Chen(.502),Scott Kazmir(.531),Jeremy Guthrie(.552). OtherwiseBJ Ryan(.24 at bat),Gustavo Chacín(.24 at bat),Scott SchoeneweisEspecially incompatible with (.21 at bat 267)[221].. In addition, we have played 69 times, which is the largest number among all pitchers.Boston Red Sox OfknuckleBorer,Tim WakefieldI was not good at it. For Wakefield, the batting average is .62 and OPS.13 with a total of 210 at bats and 645 hits. "I can't hit that ball because there is no pitcher who can throw such a ball, so I can't practice. I'm impressed[222].

In addition, Roy Halladay, who hit the first MLB hit and paid homage to him as the "best pitcher," had 2 matches, the second most after Wakefield, with a batting average of 67 hits in 63 at bats.14. However, along with James Shields, he has hit four home runs, the most among all pitchers. I used to be very bad at Haraday, but in my later years I overcame my weakness[223].. Even for Haraday, who has many opportunities to play, he says that he tries to narrow down the aiming ball when playing.[224].

Hitting obstructionThere are more bases on base than general batters. In 2010, he was hit four times, but this was the entire MLB.Carl CrawfordIt was the second highest number after (5 degrees)[225].

Blow formWas subtly changed every year[226].. In the first year of the pro, I kept the grip low, but in about a year I corrected it to the height of the base of the neck. 1 or moreHome runAround 1996, when mass production began, the bat was standing vertically against the pitcher. With 50Home runIn 2002, when he won the title, he tilted his bat a little more and twisted his hips more.This practice continued even after the major transfer, and after 2007, when he recovered from a broken left wrist, he began to stand in his crotch and stick out his hips, and from 2010, he necked the grip to be aware of hitting to the left. I held it higher than the base of the hip and tried to meet near the body even with a ball on the outside corner.

Base run

I have never recorded a double-digit stolen base, but the 2m dash time was in the 100-second range, so it is not the slowest in MLB.[227],YankeesAt the beginning of the transfer, it took 4.15 seconds to reach first base, which was an average time for a left-handed batter.[228].. In his later years, it became difficult to perform a satisfactory run due to a series of leg failures, so some people said that he was "third-class" in terms of running and defense.[229].. On the other hand, even in his later years when he hurt both knees, he did not neglect his sprint, so the Yankees player said, "PosadaFaster than[230].

To prevent accidents while running on a regular basisleg OfclawWas enthusiastic about the care of[231].


I used to be a catcher and pitcher when I was an amateur[232],UniversityAfter enrollment, it is fixed to the infielder and finallythird basemanServed. As the person himself, he was particular about third baseman, but immediately after joining the proOutfielderOrdered to convert to.Although he was a left wing in 1993 when he was a newcomer, he turned to the right wing from April 4, just before the opening, due to the fact that the defense and shoulders of new foreigners Dan Gladden and Henry Cotto were bad in the open game the following year. Since 2, when Shane Mack leftMedium-sizedFixed as. 2000 consecutive years from 2002 to 3Golden Grab AwardWas won.巨人Until a certain time, he aspired to return to third baseman, and reconversion was often talked about, but it did not happen. In 1998JA Zenno Go/Go Award・ It has been said that he has a strong shoulder in the Japanese era, such as receiving a strong shoulder award, but after transferring to the Yankees, he said, "When throwing from a firm posture, he shows a strong throw, but he has a stable tool. In addition to being described as "the only weakness"[228][233]After transferring to the Yankees, became a regular mid-level playerBernie WilliamsBecause of this, he was mainly appointed as a left fielder. In the nine years leading up to the 2011 season, he has started in 9 games as a left fielder, 609 games as a center fielder, and 77 games as a right fielder. 7 in 5163.1 innings on the left, the main defensive positionfaux pas,Defense rate.983,Range Factor(RF, number of outs achieved per 9 innings) 2.05,catching and killingThe number 39 is left. After the major transfer, there was a conversion to a left fielder, and he struggled for the first two years, but since then he has improved many defensive indicators (details will be described later). After the major transfer, he changed from the giant era and began to play flashy even in defense, which surprised the people involved in the Japanese era, but he could not play unreasonably at the artificial turf Tokyo Dome. He explained that he intended to have played in the same way at Koshien and Hiroshima Municipal Stadium in Japan.

Since 2007, the Yankees have set a defensive policy, and instead of Matsui, who tends to break down,Johnny DamonHas increased in use as a regular left fielder[234], The number of participation as a designated hitter has increased. Since he hurt his left knee in June 2008, he has been a designated hitter, and defending his left wing against the Astros on June 6 of the same year was the last chance to defend in the Yankees era. At one timeFirst basemanA proposal to convert to was also proposed, but was rejected by Yankees GM Brian Cashman.[235].. Especially in 2009, I never had the opportunity to defend myself for the first time since I became a professional player, and on April 2010, 4Minnesota TwinsBecame the official defense for the first time in two years in the war[236].

For defensive technology, in 2004, an article in Sporting News praised the throwing of the ball after catching it.[237].catching and killingThe number is the highest among the left fielders in the league, and he regards the assist at home base as "the best outfielder's showcase".[238].. Of sabermetricsthink tank"Hardball TimesIs based on each outfielder's throwing number such as Kill + (assistance point), Hold + (point that did not advance the runner to the first base), Runs / 200 (number of runs prevented per 200 innings) In the comprehensively evaluated "Best Outfield Arms", it ranked 30th out of 6 MLB left fielders.[239].

On the other hand, the evaluation was low in the comprehensive defensive index including the defensive range. Invented by and currently one of the most widely used defensive indicators in the United StatesUZR(Ultimate Zone Rating) ”(an indicator of how much you have prevented a goal compared to the average player in the same position in the same league in the same season) is -77.3 in total (-65.5 for the left wing, -10.6 for the middle wing, right wing) I enjoyed the low number of -1.2),ESPNReporterRob NeyerWas selected as the worst grab (left fielder) in the 2000s, which was selected based on UZR.[240].Defense pointHowever, he was below average with a total of -27 as an outfielder and -18 as a left fielder.[241]

With the relatively popular comprehensive defensive indicators such as UZR and DRS mentioned above, the total number was well below the average, but some defensive indicators sometimes showed unexpected results. For example, "Baseball MusingsAccording to the "PMR (Probabilistic Model of Range)" devised by David Pinto, 2007 is known for its good defense.Carl CrawfordThere was no big difference, and the analysis result was that it was the top class among the left and right fielders.[242].

Participation in consecutive games

Until the record was cut off due to a breakdown in 2006, 1250 games in NPB, 518 games in MLB (518 games in a row since debut in MLB are the first in history as a Japanese player), 1 games in total in Japan and the United States. Counted. In 1768, he said, "Rather than hitting a home run, he will participate in consecutive games."[243]He has an extraordinary commitment to participating in consecutive games, and even on holidays with the idea of ​​"for fans who come all the way from afar".Hitting,Substitute, Participated in even a short time with a defensive change, 2006fractureI kept the record until. However, the media in New York said, "It is better for the team to take a rest when tired than the record," and skeptical voices were raised about participating in consecutive games.Joe ToriAlso said, "I don't want to be a bad guy by breaking the record of consecutive games."[244].. In this way, I had an extraordinary commitment to participating in consecutive games, but immediately after the fracture in 2006, I felt great pressure that the record might be cut off someday, saying "I was scared in my heart." I revealed that I was there. At the same time, he thanked Director Tori for supporting his consecutive appearances.[245].


The blow has been generally highly evaluated even after the major transfer. When transferring to a free agent (FA)MLBWith the mechanismMLB Players AssociationIn the PLAYER RANKINGS evaluation (the results of the past two years calculated by the US Major League Baseball official recording company "Elias" using its own calculation method and scored), which is used as a material for player evaluation based on the labor-management agreement of , 2-2003 season[246], 2005-2006 season[247], 2007-2008 season[248]Any ofIchiroIt was the top evaluation among Japanese batters. All of them have received high praise of "A" rank, and the entire American LeagueFirst baseman-Outfielder-Nominated batterThe rankings in the category were 7th (2003-2004), 14th (2005-2006), and 16th (2007-2008).

Home run,Four balls,Steal"XR (extrapolated runs)" is an index that measures the score production capacity of individual athletes by scoring such items.[Annotation 7]Then,NPBAlthough he has been in the company for 10 years, he is ranked 10th in the history of NPB. However, comparing the XR per turn at bat for the three years immediately before and after arriving in the United States, the difference in league level has affected the situation, and it has dropped by 3%.[249].. Index to evaluate attack powerOPS(Base run rate+Long batting average) Has recorded a total of .7 for 852 years in MLB, and is a comprehensive hit index "XR27" (improved version of XR).[Annotation 8]Marked 7 in the same seven years. These are all the top numbers among Japanese major leaguers.

A comprehensive index that combines striking, running, and defense, which has become widespread in recent years.WAR(Wins Above Replacement. The number of wins added compared to the substitute player in the same position) is +21.3.[250].. Regarding WAR defensive evaluation, discussions on its accuracy are continuing (for details, seeWAR (baseball)(See)[251][252].. For example, in the "Baseball-Reference.com" version of WAR, the total is +18.6. The career high of +2004 recorded in 4.6 was the 10th place in the league.[253].

On February 2008, 2, the sports magazine "Sporting News" announced the worst 21 categories of "players who seem to be getting a high salary for their grades".Among them, Matsui ranked second in the category of "batters with a short contract period" whose contract period up to the previous year was two years or less (first place is).JD Drew). The magazine picked out 800 players who had multi-year contracts from before the previous year out of players with an annual salary of $ 86 million or more, and assessed how many wins they contributed per million dollars. As a result, Matsui was said to have contributed only 100 wins in the last two seasons (average 2 wins). The magazine said, "Matsui once said,鉄 人However, he pointed out that the number of games played has decreased in recent years due to repeated breakdowns.[254].

Isao HarimotoIs his own book "The Strongest Strike" (Baseball Magazine New Book(Issued), "Matsui has not yet grasped the point to catch his own ball, and there are places where he is cheating with tricks. Therefore, although it works wonderfully when it is in good condition, it is difficult to get out if it gets out of order." .. For example, the fact that there are no 2005 at-bat home runs after hitting three home runs in the opening four games of 4 confirms this. "Even when I hit 3 in 202, which was the best result for Matsui, I didn't get the point," he added.Sadaharu Oh"I think it's great because I hit more than 30 home runs in the US. I don't need to compare 50 hits in the Japanese baseball world with 30 hits in the US."[255]"I was hitting a great home run with a lot of numbers and contents."[255]Praised.

It has always been ranked high in various popularity surveys, but since 2005, it has suffered a series of failures and the resulting poor performance.WBC declinedDue to the influence of such things, the shadow was beginning to appear.Central research companyIn the "Most Favorite Athletes" section of the "Popular Sports" survey conducted by the company, in 2003 and 2004, it was ranked first, with an overwhelming difference of second or lower for the second consecutive year. After suffering from a breakdown, the approval rating dropped and dropped to 2th place in 2.[256].BandaiNo. 2004 in 1 in "What is your child's favorite athlete?"[257]Was out of service in 2009[258].

Evaluations from other players and managers are high across the board.Nagashima ShigeoDescribed as "the best home run batter in modern times" after Matsui announced his retirement.Tatsunori Hara"I was amazed at the strong mental strength, strong body, and extraordinary power," he said.Shinnosuke Abe"The body was big and the flight distance of the hit ball was outstanding. I saw what he should be as a top-class player in the attitude of playing silently without showing pressure."Koji Uehara"I don't think there are any more players than that person, both humanly and as a baseball player," he said, showing respect not only for his ability but also for his humanity.[259][152].Kazuhiro Sasaki"There was an atmosphere and I was scared to play against him. Unlike other batters, he was a special class player."[260]However, Sasaki was a bad pitcher for Matsui when he was a giant. Kazuhiro Kiyohara said, "There was no more power hitter than Matsui."[261],Tomonori KanemotoIn an interview in 2001, he said, "(Matsui) is a goal. He's not a rival. He's amazing. That swing, the strength of the hit, I can't beat him."[262].. Known for its drynessKatsuya Nomura TheON gunMatsui is the most highly regarded among the 4th batters of the giants since then.[263]He also said, "I wanted to teach as a director."[264].. In addition, while Ichiro and Hiromitsu Ochiai, who are higher than Matsui, disliked the media, Matsui always responded to any media without discrimination, and he highly evaluated that he was "personally". It ’s also wonderful. ”“ It ’s a vessel that can be a director in the future. ”[263].

Former teammateYankeesCaptain'sDerek Jeter"Matsui is my favorite player. He has a good swing and can't handle it when he's in good shape." "He thinks the team will win. It's just a professional."[265][266]. SameAlex Rodriguez"Hideki knows baseball well. Not only hitting but also running base is high."[267],Andy Pettit"Matti (nicknamed Matsui) has been a strong player ever since I met him. Anyway, he is a strong player."[268].Bobby abreuilHighly praised Matsui's personality as "Matsui is a really good person and a professional"[269],Tory HunterIn his blog, "Matsui is a Japanese legendary" Godzilla ". The batting balance is excellent, the swing is smooth, and the swing is reasonable. And he is very strong against left-handed pitchers and chances."[270].. Yankees scout Jon Cox, who advised him to win Matsui in 2002, paid attention not only to Matsui's hit, which hit 50 home runs in the same year, but also to his defense, saying, "Matsui knows baseball well and is a mental mistake. I did not do it. "[271].

Special mention


My parents' house is a religious corporation established by my grandmother, Ruriju Matsui.Ruri Church". Ruriju, the first bishop, and his father, the second bishop.MasaoThe existence of was greatly influenced by Hideki's personality formation.

He was raised as "Hide-san" because of the Ruri Church's policy of "treating children as if they were adults."[272].. He cherishes the word "It is a talent to be able to make an effort" given by his father when he was in the third grade of elementary school, and he said that he had a long paper with the word written on it in front of the study desk.[4].. He is a young player who can serve as a model for young players even outside the ground, from games, practice, and interviews to how to spend his private time. It is said that no other player is as human as Matsui.[273].. Regarding his personality, Matsui said, "There is a place where I'm pretty cold, nothing! Doesn't it move? Yeah, I can say it well (laughs). That's why I'm always out of focus (laughs). I like being there. " Basically mild-mannered personality, rarely angry outside of baseball[2].. Was a Yankees teammateCC Sabacia"Matsui is usually quiet, but he's a very nice guy," he praises his humanity.[274].

One of Matsui's beliefs is that he does not speak ill of others. When Matsui casually said bad things about his friend during dinner with his family when he was in the second year of junior high school, his father put down his chopsticks and said, "Don't do anything ugly like saying bad things about others. I won't do that again here. Promise me, "he cautioned. Matsui said, "Because it's a promise with my father, I haven't spoken badly about others since then."[275].

Grab,spikeWe treat baseball equipment very carefully. In particular, he polishes his glove every day, and Matsui himself says, "I've been playing baseball ever since."Joe ToriHowever, he said, "I have never seen a player who has as much respect for tools as he does," and highly appreciates Matsui's humanity.[276].. Lou Kakuza, a Yankees equipment clerk, saw Matsui, who always carefully arranges hats and grabs before starting preparatory exercises, while other players are willing to throw hats and grabs, saying, "Matsui is wonderful. Don't forget your feelings. I want other players to follow suit. "[277].. Regarding the attitude of valuing tools, he faithfully adheres to the childhood teaching of "Take care of tools," and says that grab polishing is "the origin of my baseball." Also, "onebat, One grab is made by the hard work of various people ", and I am always grateful to the people involved in making the equipment.[278].

In addition to his main business of baseball, despite his hard work such as shooting commercials and appearing on TV, he does not refuse even if fans ask him to sign after practice, and he is polite in dealing with reporters. Because of this behavior, "honesty" and "brightness" were taken up, such as appearing in the moral supplementary readers of elementary schools in 2005 and junior high schools in 2006, and the response when receiving five consecutive walks at Koshien.[279].

When I was in Seiryo High School, the front seat by the window was a "reserved seat" in the classroom because "it would be a blind spot even if I fell asleep", but Yamashita said, "(Matsui's) class attitude was good." Confessed. The practice of the baseball club is difficult and it takes time to go to school, so I tried to learn everything in class.GradeWas also good. I was absent for less than a day except for baseball club activities[4].. At the graduation ceremony of Seiryo High School, his success in the baseball club was highly evaluated and he runs Seiryo High School.School corporation Inaoki GakuenReceived the "President's Award"[280].

Originally due to my father's influenceHanshin TigersWas a fan of[2][281].

In high school, while being selected for Japan and playing games in the United States, he stayed with a Japanese family living in Los Angeles and was taken to watch major league games. The exchange is still ongoing and is sometimes broadcast on sports news. Matsui calls the owner of the family an American father.[282].

The most memorable giant's fourth batter in MatsuiHiromitsu OchiaiThen, when Matsui first settled in No. 2000 in 4 and the team also won the championship, Matsui wrote in a memorandum of the Hochi newspaper, "That person was like No. 4. He had an atmosphere. He had his own world. Team. I was on the brunt when I was having a hard time. So to speak, a windbreak. That also led to a sense of trust. "[283].

Shigeo Nagashima launched the "1000-day plan" to raise Matsui into a player who represents the ball world in three years from the place where Matsui's joining was decided in the draft.[284].. It is said that he had Matsui pretend to teach in the practice field inside the dome for the Tokyo Dome game, and in the Nagashima room of the hotel for the expedition destination. On the spot, Nagashima used the sound of the swing to judge whether Matsui's swing was good or bad.[32].

Hiroko Akagi's book, "Hide-san, Hideki Matsui was created," states that Matsui's leadership until adolescence was outstanding. In elementary school, the problem was solved just by hiding the bullied child in the class behind Matsui, and in the 5th grade Little League, the newly appointed director made a blank slate even though the captain had already been decided. Shows a presence that makes you say, "Matsui has leadership, so I'll ask."[285]When I was in junior high school, my homeroom teacher said, "If only Matsui is on your side, this class is okay."[286]At Seiryo High School, as mentioned above, Director Yamashita overturned the practice of voting among members and was nominated directly by Yamashita as the captain.

As mentioned above, he has a serious personality, but he is also famous as a late demon. 2004年のオールスター戦でも遅刻し、ア・リーグ32選手中最後に球場入りしているHe was late for the XNUMX All-Star game and was the last of the XNUMX American League players to enter the stadium.[287]..巨人時代から、遅刻するとなぜか本塁打を打つことが多いSince the Giants era, I often hit home runs when I'm late.[288].2009 World SeriesBefore the second matchTraffic jamAlthough he was 30 minutes late for the meeting time, he hit the final home run in the match.Derek Jeter"I'll be late from tomorrow. Well, if you hit a home run, I don't mind being late every day," he joked.[289]..米メディアでも、松井が遅刻すると何故かホームランを打つ「ジンクス」が報道されたIn the US media, "Jinx" was reported to hit a home run for some reason when Matsui was late.[290]..一方で、松井本人は「遅刻したつもりないんで、わからない(笑)」「え、反省?昔からしてない」と冗談混じりに応えているOn the other hand, Matsui himself responded with a joke, "I don't mean to be late, so I don't know (laughs)" and "Oh, remorse? I haven't done it for a long time."[291]..In addition, it is said that he was late when he was enrolled in the giant, and there is a testimony that he was late for the time called "Giants time" where all the players are gathered 30 minutes before the meeting time.[292].

From around 3 or 4 years oldピ ア ノIn the 4th grade of elementary school, I started learningmy way"Double shotWith enough skill to doMozartBecause he had been listening to it, he was called "Mozart on the root".現在もEven nowClassical musicI like to listen to it, but after joining the Giants, I no longer have the opportunity to play the piano, and now I can't play it.[293][294].

Since the time when the Giants were enrolledhay feverSuffering from[295].. MLB移籍後は4月から5月にかけて調子を落とすことが多く、特に2010年は遠征時の打率が非常に低くなっているが(同年4・5月の打率は本拠地では.278なのに対し、遠征では.165と1割以上低い)、これについても花粉症の影響が指摘されることがあるAfter transferring to MLB, he often loses his temper from April to May, especially in XNUMX when the batting average during the expedition was very low (the batting average in April and May of the same year was .XNUMX at the base, while the expedition Then, it is .XNUMX, which is more than XNUMX% lower), and the effect of pollinosis may be pointed out.[296]..実際2005年には、本人自らメディアに「花粉症がつらかったんです」と語り、序盤の不調の原因が花粉症だったことを認めているIn fact, in XNUMX, he himself told the media that "hay fever was hard" and admitted that the cause of the early upset was hay fever.[297]..7 hours of sleep during the season.visionIs 1.5 for both eyes.Foot size is 29[298].

Right-handed when serving as a temporary coach for the Giants at the 2014 Spring Camp after retirementknockHowever, the missed swing was conspicuous, and the bat broke due to clogging, revealing that he was not good at knocking.ノックの名手として知られるKnown as a master of knockingNobuhiro TakashiroAccording to the report, even a great batter often cannot knock, not because of a swing problem, but because the toss cannot be raised well.また、通常は左打ちの松井が右打ちでノックをしていたのは、本人が「右でないとトスを上げられない」ためであったというIn addition, it is said that the reason why left-handed Matsui usually knocked with right-handed was because he "cannot raise the toss unless he is right".[299].

Programaming Logic

I don't speak English very often in publicTohoku-Pacific Ocean Earthquake(Great East Japan Earthquake) Immediately after, on March 2011, 3, when I read a 19-second message calling for support for the victims on the official website of Athletics, to which I belonged at that time.[300]And so on.球団のイベント等で英語を読み上げるときも「流暢ではないので単語をひとつひとつはっきりと発音した」と謙遜しているEven when reading English at a team event, he humbly says, "I'm not fluent, so I pronounced each word clearly."[301]..インタビューなどの公式の場では、専属通訳のを通して受け答えをしているIn official places such as interviews, we receive and answer through an exclusive interpreter.[302]..At the time of major transfer, the English textbook for the second year of junior high school "New HorizonThere is also an episode that he brought to the United States[303].

After improving my English to the extent that there were no problems with daily conversation unless it was difficult English, I also had conversations with my teammates in English.[304]..ヤンキース時代のチームメイトのOf my teammates from the Yankees eraCC SabaciaSaid Matsui's English ability, "Matsui speaks good English. I understand everything I say and it's enough to talk."[274]..ニューヨークの記者によると、松井のリスニング能力には「不自由を感じたことはない。こちらの話していることは十分に理解している」というAccording to a New York reporter, Matsui's listening ability "has never felt inconvenient. I fully understand what I'm talking about."[305]..英語力が上達してからも通訳を通して受け答えをしていた理由については「僕の拙い英語で万が一、誤解が生まれると困るから」と語っている他、「(カーロン通訳の)仕事を奪ってはかわいそうだからね」とも語っているAs for the reason why he answered through an interpreter even after his English ability improved, he said, "I'm in trouble if my poor English causes a misunderstanding." I'm sorry, "he said.[306]..現役引退後もニューヨークで週に数回英語のレッスンを受けているというEven after retiring from active duty, he takes English lessons several times a week in New York.[304].. At a press conference held by a foreign correspondent in 2014, all speeches and questions and answers were given through an interpreter because he was not good at English.


Nickname is "Godzilla".The first time the media camp used the nickname "Godzilla" for Matsui was before the spring selection tournament in 3, when he was in the third year of Seiryo High School.名付け親はThe godfatherNikkan SportsIn the reporterhigh school baseballAkahoshi (current surname, Fukunaga) Misako who was in charge of[307]He said that he named it "Godzilla" because "the lower body is big and the canines are characteristic".[308]..当初、松井は「ゴジラなんて勘弁して下さいよ。もっと可愛いニックネームはないんですか?」と不満気だったが、名付け親の赤星は「あら、ゴジラだってカワイイじゃない?私は似合ってると思うのよ」と一蹴At first, Matsui was dissatisfied with "Please forgive Godzilla. Is there a more cute nickname?", But the godfather Akaboshi said, "Oh, Godzilla is cute, isn't it? Nickname[309][310]..By the way, in the all-Japan team selected in the fall of the second year of high school, "monsterWas nicknamed[Annotation 9][311][312]..In Akaboshi's words, this nickname, which was conceived from its appearance, will eventually become widely established as the perfect match for Matsui's batting record as it builds up.

Since then, he has been active in the Koshien tournament and has been nationwide.Godzilla MatsuiThe nickname of "" will be known at once.Even after that, when I was walking around the city, the children said, "Oh, there's Godzilla!", And Matsui himself was willing to accept the nickname, "I don't mind Godzilla anymore." It was.巨人入団直後には、某スポーツ紙で「ゴジラは嫌だ。新しいニックネームを募集中」とも報道されたが、松井は「それは全く違う。野球ファンの皆さんに『ゴジラ』で親しまれているなら、僕は大歓迎」と自身の著書に記しているImmediately after joining the Giants, a sports newspaper reported that "I don't like Godzilla. I'm looking for a new nickname." Matsui said, "That's completely different. If baseball fans are familiar with" Godzilla ", I am very welcome, "he wrote in his book.[313]..渡米後も、「アメリカ人も覚えやすいから良いんじゃないですか」と語っており、現在では自らの愛称を気に入っている様子であるEven after moving to the United States, he said, "I think it's good because Americans can easily remember it," and now he seems to like his nickname.[308].

2002 movieGodzilla x Mechagodzilla』, Co-starred with a real Godzilla in the TV commercial of the 2009 canned coffee" Kirin Fire "[314]..Even after moving to the United States, the nickname of "Godzilla" was accepted by Yankees fans,Yankee StadiumMatsuiHome runOrTimely hitWhen I hit, Godzilla's roar was heard.また、ヤンキース移籍直後の2003年にはAlso, in XNUMX, immediately after the transfer to the YankeesBlue Oyster Cultof"GodzillaWas used for the admission song[315][316]..In English, it is customary to put a nickname between the names, so "Hideki Gazzira Mattui (Hideki "Godzilla" Matsui) ”.ヤンキースの公式サイトにあったファンフォーラムでは「mats」、または好機に強いことから「Clutchzilla」と呼ばれIn the fan forum on the Yankees official website, it was called "mats" or "Clutchzilla" because it was strong against opportunities.[317], Yankees teammates often called "mats", but since 2008 he has been appointed Yankees coachJoe Girardi,Andy PettitWas called "matty", and Tatsunori Hara, the director of the Giants era, called it "Goji".As mentioned earlier, in 2007 it was nicknamed "Pac-Man" within the team.In the AngelsTory HunterNamed the new nickname "The Quiet Assassin (Quiet Hitman)"[318].

Internet bulletin board "channel 2In some of ", Matsui is referred to as"LumpIs expressed.This expresses Matsui with the least number of charactersemoticonIs.Originally it was "smiling", but with improvements, it settled down to "smiling".Matsui was taught this by a reporter and smiled, "What's this, me?" "Well, it's funny. Who thought it?"[319].

Uniform number

The jersey number was consistently 55 when he was a member of the Giants, Yankees, Angels, and Athletics.巨人に入団当時、本人は高校時代につけていた5を希望していたが、当時は在籍していたAt the time of joining the Giants, he wanted the XNUMX he had in high school, but he was enrolled at that time.Ika OkazakiWas wearing.岡崎引退後に5番を譲ってくれると思っていたものの、FA移籍した清原が着けることになった時には非常にガッカリしたことを述懐しているI thought that he would hand over No. XNUMX after retiring from Okazaki, but I remember that I was very disappointed when Kiyohara, who transferred to FA, was supposed to wear it.[320].There is also a theory that it became 55 because 55 happened to be vacant.[Source required]..巨人時代に年間最多本塁打55本を打った同球団OBでのAt the alumnus of the same team who hit XNUMX home bases in the year when he was a giantSadaharu OhThe person himself denies that it was attached to the record of the newspaper company.[320]..ヤンキースに移籍した時には「背番号は何番でもいい」という発言をしていたが、前年までヤンキースに在籍し背番号55をつけていたWhen he transferred to the Yankees, he said, "You can use any number," but until the previous year, he was enrolled in the Yankees and had a uniform number of XNUMX.Ramilo MendozaWas transferred to the Red Sox, so the Yankees were able to number 55.

As the main batter who added 55 to Nippon Professional Baseball at the time when Matsui joined the teamYasuaki Otoyo(Chunichi[Annotation 10]Because of the success of the two, the value of 55, which had been downgraded as a uniform number until then, was raised, and they were both left-handed and long-distance hitters.55th equal left-handed power hitterThe image became stronger[Annotation 11].

After Matsui moved to the Yankees, no one appeared to be number 2008 until the end of the 55 season, effectivelySemi-permanent missing numberIt was treated.しかし2009年シーズンからBut from the XNUMX season2008 Draft ConferenceWas nominated by the Giants in the first roundTaiji OhtaWill be attached.この際、実績皆無の高卒新人に55番を継承させることについては、「松井に失礼」だという非難の声も上がったAt this time, there were criticisms that it was "excuse me for Matsui" to let a new high school graduate with no track record inherit No. XNUMX.[321]..After that, Daejeon made almost no results and changed to No. 2014 in 44, and no one has been carrying No. 2015 since 55.

At the time of transfer to Angels, while enrolledSean O'SullivanHad a uniform number of 55, but the uniform number was handed over, and the Yankees missed the uniform number 2010 as an honor number for the 55 season.

In 2012Tampa Bay RaysWhen he was transferred to Major League Baseball on May 5, he was a promising young stock of Rays.Matt MooreHas a uniform number of 55, so Matsui chooses a uniform number of 22 from among the vacant numbers (25, 35, 44, 66, 88, 35, etc.).翌年にムーアが初選出されたMoore was first elected the following year2013 MLB All-Star GameWhen he commented on the TV broadcast, he revealed that he had been told by Moore that he would give up his uniform number at the time, but refused. Regarding the reason for choosing 35, "Because it was vacant. I wanted to keep No. 5. The main reason was the master (Nagashima Shigeo) I got one number.He left great numbers as he got older (of his teammates from the Yankees era)Mike MussinaOne thing I want to do is to be ridiculed. "[322][323].

Expand the chain as Kanazawa curryGo-go curryThe founder and president, Hirokazu Miyamori, is from Ishikawa prefecture, and he decided to start a business after being inspired by Matsui's grand slam, so he supported Matsui.The store name Go Go is derived from the number 55.On the day Matsui hit a home run when he was active, he provided a topping ticket distribution service.As if nothing had happened even after changing to No. 35 in the raise (I didn't mention that on HP etc.), I continued the topping ticket distribution service.


When I was singleAdult videos(AV) AppreciationHobbiesWas professing that. AV鑑賞は本人曰く「松井流ストレス解消」で、多忙な中にあっても「月に数本」のペースでAV鑑賞に勤しんできたAV viewing is "Matsui style stress relief" according to the person himself, and even while he is busy, he has been working at a pace of "several a month".[324]..好みのジャンルは「ストーリーのしっかりした単体もの」で、特にMy favorite genre is "single story with a solid story", especiallyMai Asakura,Miho ArigaLiked[325][326].. In 2007Tokyo SportsSoft on demandCo-sponsored "OF OPEN』And also serves as a special judge, has a deep relationship with the industry. Since the latter half of 2007, I have come to often talk about "AV seal"[327], Says that he "disposed of all the over 2008 AV collections he had" with his marriage in 1000.[328].. However, in 2010, he suggested to the press that he was resuming AV viewing.[329].. It is also reported that the United States often owns a collection of 55,000 pieces.[330][331].

My favorite food issushi[298],Grilled meat,coffee[332].. Since high school, I went to a local yakiniku restaurant on my way home from practice, and from that time I was surprised by the big eater. Even now, I do not miss a dinner with reporters and a barbecue party. Hometown·石川Is a specialty ofcrabIs one of my favorite foods, even in AmericaseafoodFamous forBaltimoreI often go to eat crab dishes when visiting on an expedition[333].. After a major transfer日本 食Centered onKorean cuisine,Chinese cuisine,Indian cuisine,タ イ 料理I went through Asian restaurants in order[334].. "Athletes also work to eat," he said, enthusiastically delicious.RestaurantsAs a result of continuing to search for, I now have a list of restaurants in each city in the United States in my head.[335][336].. However, after getting married, eating out has decreased, and in New York, where I live, my wife lives mainly on home cooking.[337].. Stay with spring trainingTampaThen, Thai foodVietnamese food, I often eat out mainly Chinese food, but where I stayCondominiumThen, from Ishikawa PrefectureKoshihikari RiceIs the staple food[338].. In the Yankees eraYankee StadiumWhenever there was a match in, my wife grabbed itrice ballI brought[339].. In Japan, I used to drink alcohol with a glass of beer, but since I came to the United States,ワ イ ン セ ラ ーBuy and even during the seasonRed wineBecome a wine connoisseur[340][341].

The songs that appear when entering the turn at bat are mainly friendsHotei Torayasuof"BATTLE WITHOUT HONOR OR HUMANITYWas used, but othersLed Zeppelinof"Immigrant song"ビ ー ト ル ズ[342],Inoue Yosui,Tamio Okuda[343],AC/DCI also used the music of.

Known as a reader, he often reads before games and on rainy days. When you go off, you can indulge in reading without seeing the playoffs of other teams.[344].. He also said that he would like to work on books when he retires as a baseball player.[345].

My favorite writer isMishima Yukio.. I have read all of Mishima's works, especially "Afternoon towingI like[346].. The ones who are devoted to historical figuresKukaiSo, he says he reads a lot of related books. In his book "Confession"ClearestThanKukaiHe talks about why he is attracted to.

Because he is a former sumo boy,Grand SumoI'm a fan.Koji Takanohana(Former yokozuna, Takanohana) is a relationship that was working hard at the same facility when he was active.TakamimoriHe is also a hidden fan of.MatchfixWhen the email problem was discovered, he commented, "I'm sorry as a sumo fan."[347].. Also, because I am from Ishikawa prefecture,Onaruto MasterAlso close.


1997 yearsHeavy oil spill accidentDonate 100 million donations[348].. Occurred on March 2004, 12Indonesia-Sumatra offshore earthquakeIn that case, 5,000 million yen will be donated[349]Occurred on July 2007, 3Noto Peninsula EarthquakeDonated 1,000 million yen at the time[350].. Since the Giants era, we have donated tens of millions of yen at a time to victims of natural disasters and terrorism. As an economical foster parent, we also send support to about 20 children who live as orphans in Vietnam.[349].. Occurred in October 2011Tohoku-Pacific Ocean EarthquakeThen donate more than 5,000 million yen and donateMLBPosted a video message in English calling for assistance to the disaster area on the official website of[351][352].


Reporter / media

"If you can't build a good relationship with the media, you'll be disqualified as a player no matter how good you are," he says.[353], Exclusive public relationsIsao HirookaAndSankei sportsReporter Shunsuke Ami[354]Reporters of each sports newspaper includingMediaHe has a close relationship with the Yankees, and even after transferring to the Yankees, he holds a press conference after each match and answers the questions of the reporters sincerely. If the time is delayed due to an extension, etc., we may give priority to interviews and receive a press conference in uniform. Coverage of magazines and weekly photo magazines without distinction[355].. After the end of the season, "Kusa Baseball", which is held with reporters and interpreters as members, is an annual event that Matsui himself is looking forward to. At that time, Matsui secretly practices changing balls to serve as a pitcher.[356].. Matsui as a pitcher is an estimated 120km / h fastball.curveThrow[78].. As a handicap when standing at bat, look back on the above-mentioned elementary school days and swing the bat in the right at bat. He often eats and plays catch with reporters, and is often published in articles. Even at the expedition destination, I sometimes go to the stadium with my car of the press without riding the team bus[357].. Also, with a reporterbarbecueThe party is also an annual event[358], Besides, from everydayGrilled meat[359],steak[360],Shabu shabu[361]We are deepening our friendship with reporters.

On June 1, 2003, the first year of the majors when Matsui was suffering from a serious slump, the press said, "Let's encourage Matsui who is depressed by doing barbecue."CincinnatiWe held a barbecue party at. Matsui was more depressed than ever, but this barbecue succeeded in changing his mood. Three days later, he escaped from the slump with a big explosion with 3 hits and 26 RBIs, including the 119th home run for the first time in 4 at-bats in 4 games. This event was deeply engraved in Matsui's heart as "Remember, Cincinnati", and after that, even when he fell into a slump, he was able to overcome it without revealing the darkness.[362].

To the reporter who shared the meal, "Occasionally write a good article."[363], "Everyone can't write badly about my defense anymore."[360] There is an episode that he said. He has had the idea that "there are fans behind the media" since he was a giant, and he is highly trusted by local reporters in New York.Robert WhitingAccording to the report, Matsui invited local NY media reporters to a meal at the camp in the first year, but he was the first player in the Yankees' long history to do this. Moreover, at that time, Matsui presented the reporters with an adult video that he owns. Partly because of that, the reaction of the local media was relatively calm even during the above-mentioned sluggish blow.[364].. In this way, in the first year off, the Baseball Writers' Association of America NY branch also won the "Good Guy Award", which recognizes the players who were most supportive of the interview.[365].

In this way, Matsui had a very good reputation from the press, but he often gave vague answers to the alternative question, "I can't say either," which sometimes bothered reporters.[366].


The only high school graduate to join the groupYoshinori MurataIs a close relationship, such as going out for a meal even after retiring from active duty.[367].

Koji UeharaThe relationship is not bad, especially after leaving the Giants together. Uehara is "a younger brother" to Matsui, and he keeps in touch by phone and email even after the major transfer. Sometimes I go out to eat together when I'm off[368].. In 2009, Uehara was in the same area as the YankeesBaltimore OriolesWhen the transfer was decided, "Congratulations, I'm really looking forward to the match", I was delighted like myself[369].. Matsui is also a special player for Uehara, and after joining the Oriole's, he was strongly aware that "Mr. Matsui is the most interested batter" and was looking forward to the match.[370].. In the season, Uehara played six times and ended up with no hits before leaving due to an injury to his right elbow.

Both were active on the front lines during the Giants eraTakayuki Shimizu,Yoshinobu TakahashiSaid that he had a strong respect and trust in Matsui after Matsui retired, and at the same time he said that his teammates had great trust.[371].. Yoshinobu said that he first met Matsui after deciding to become a giant in the draft when he was a college student, and he said that he could not look up one level, the dimension of power is different, there is a difference from himself every year. He also said that he was there[372].. He also said that he wanted to be like that because he was imposing and unmoving.[373].

In Major League Baseball, he was the captain of the Yankees in the same year.Derek JeterMany exchanges with were known. When I was single, I lived in the same apartment as Jeter.[374]Since I first met in February 2003, I have deepened my friendship by sharing meals and sometimes attending home parties at home.[375].. As a player, he says that he feels a similar situation to Jeter who has made efforts rather than genius skin and has respect, and he began to study English conversation enthusiastically because he wanted to talk more with Jeter. Ta[305].. "I'm the same age, but I'm impressed with Jeter's leadership," he said, and he had a strong desire to play a role in supporting Jeter, who is the captain.[376].. Jeter also highly appreciates Matsui because he shares it with Matsui in that he plays the team's victory first over individual records.[266]Before the start of the 2005 season, Matsui was eager to stay with Matsui with the desire to "build a golden age together" for Matsui, whose three-year contract expires for the same season.[375].. When Matsui left the battlefield due to a broken bone in 2006, he said, "There is no substitute for him," and hoped for an early return.[377].2009 World SeriesJeter was more than happy with Matsui's success when Matsui won the MVP, and Matsui also said, "He has a special feeling for pulling the team even when he can't win."[266].. Jeter likes to use the word "Toshiyori" taught by Matsui in various situations.

Joined the Yankees in 2009Mark Tesheira TheCatch ballWas a partner of the game and played catch every day before the game[378].. A superstar representing not only the Yankees but also the major leaguesAlex RodriguezWhen his steroid use was discovered, he said, "Unfortunately, there is nothing I can do about the past. The important thing is the future." He said that his view of Rodriguez would not change.[379].


He has a wide range of friendships with celebrities other than baseball. In particularギ タ リ ス ト OfHotei TorayasuDeep friendship with[380][381], I also use Hotei's songs for my own songs[382].. Also, of the writerIjuin ShizukaThe relationship with is special, even during the seasonニ ュ ー ヨ ー クI have attended a press conference of Ijuin held in Japan. Ijuin highly appreciates Matsui's personality, and writes in the obi of his book, "Hideki Matsui sent out to the United States,'The most beautiful Japanese!'"[383].. Already in 1995Professional baseball aiIn an interview with, Matsui cites Ijuin's "Received Month" as an interesting book he recently read.[2] However, when Shinchosha approached Matsui in 1999 to plan a dialogue, Matsui nominated Ijuin, who was a favorite reader of the work. Ijuin was surprised, but hesitated because he was often disappointed when he met a young star baseball player. However, after actually having a conversation, he fell in love with Matsui's personality, and the friendship that continues to this day began.[384].

KAT-TUN OfKamenashi Kazuya[385], CasterHitoshi Kusano[386],kabukiActor'sKoshiro Matsumoto[386], Of the actressTakako Matsu[386], Of the singerKohei Otomo[387]I have a close relationship with them both publicly and privately.

Actor'sRichard GereIs an old friend. Whenever I meet, I chat in English[388].. Yankees old catcherYogi BellaWas a good counselor[346].. On September 2011, 9, the movie "Money ball"soAuckland Athletics OfBilly BeanPlayed GMBrad PittAnd met for the first time at the premiere preview. "It was very cool (pit)" "He was a wonderful person (Matsui)" and praised each other[389].

Also when I was singleNoriko Harada[390],Kusano Mitsuyo[Annotation 12],Takako Matsu[391],Hayasaka Yoshie[390],Miki Sakai[390],Naho Toda[390][392]Dating withChristel Takigawa"Maiai" was also reported[393].. Especially,ParisHe has a close relationship with Toda, such as a trip to Toda, and in 2005 his father,Matsui MasaoSuggests marriage[394] It was said that he was about to get married, but it ended in catastrophe the following year. In response to Matsui's repeated vague comments to the press even after the dating was discovered, Toda said that he was distrustful that "Mr. Matsui did not protect".[395].

85th and 86th generationPrime Minister-MoriIs from a village next to Matsui's parents'house (according to Mori, the parents' houses are 500 meters apart) and is also a graduate. Mori is the Honorary Chairman of Matsui's Supporters Association, and sometimes visits New York for encouragement.[396].

New Year's Eve 2006Orchestra Ensemble KanazawaMatsui cheering song "Road of glory (Hikari)"(Akira MiyagawaThe composition and lyrics were premiered by the general public). Music director of Orchestra Ensemble KanazawaHiroyuki IwakiIwaki sent an ale to Matsui in May of the same year. Iwaki passed away in June of the same year, so it was the last letter he wrote in his lifetime.

Relationship of trust with Joe Torre

Directed the Yankees until 2007Joe ToriWhen he first joined Matsui, he had the impression that he was a "home run batter who swings around", but by the end of the season he evaluated him as "a smart player who can batting according to the situation." Matsui says he is grateful for Tori's concern for the rookie year.[397].. In May 1, the first year of joining the team, there was a time when Matsui couldn't hit at all, and New York newspapers and ownersGeorge SteinbrennerEven though he criticized Matsui, Tori continued to defend Matsui and encouraged him, saying, "Don't worry if you don't hit it. You're making a great contribution to defense and advancement."[398].. Matsui later said that it was Tori who gave him the opportunity to escape from the slump, and that he was able to accept the advice because he trusted Tori. Tori calls Matsui "pine".

Matsui repeatedly talked about his trust in Tori.[399].. Tori also praised the Yankees when they renewed their contract, saying, "Even if you collect money from all over the world, the Yankees should contract with Matsui." He asserted, "Matsui is the most reliable man in my life. I always demand a sense of responsibility and captain from him," and asked him to become a spiritual pillar of the team alongside Jeter.

Regarding Matsui's dedication to winning the team, Tori also praises, "I was a superstar who hit 50 home runs in Japan, but I will do anything here without dislike."[273].

Tori retires from the Yankees in 2007DodgersEven after moving to, the relationship of trust did not fluctuate. I didn't have a chance to play in 2008 and 2009, but I met him for the first time in the open game in March 2010 when I transferred to the Angels.Even after that, he exchanged greetings when playing against the Dodgers.In November of the same year, when Matsui attended a charity fund party hosted by Tori in New York, Tori said, "I can support Matsui no matter which team he goes to."[400].

When Matsui announced his retirement in 2012, Tori commented, "I'm proud to have been his coach."[152].

Relationship with Ichiro

1990 eraAfter the middle stage, with MatsuiIchiroAre players of completely different types, but the two who have outstanding abilities in each of banging and skillful hitting were enrolled in Japan at the same time and played in the major leagues, so they were subject to comparison every time.[401].. The day after receiving the World Series MVPAsahi Shimbun"Tensei Human Language"Ichiro SuzukiRazorThen GodzillaNataIs it the sharpness of? "[402].. Same daySankei Shimbun"Sankei-sho" contrasted the two as "Ichiro of record" and "Matsui of memory".[403].. CartoonistYaku Mitsuru"Cool Ichiro is a modern hero. Matsui, who feels simple, reminds me of old players like Mr. Nagashima and Mr. Wang."[404].. However, Matsui himself said that he would continue to be compared with Ichiro, "I honestly don't think about it. It's not something that I can control with media and fans other than the two. I myself, Ichiro. I don't compare it with. "[405].

Ichiro, one year older, already knew Matsui's name when he was in junior high school.[406].. Held on June 1990, 6 at Seiryo High School GroundAiko DaimeidenThe two met for the first time in a practice match with. Ichiro remembered having a conversation on the first base at that time. Ichiro said, "There is one big player and the swing is very fast. That was Mr. Matsui." Matsui recalls, "Ichiro's hit was good. I think he was hitting left and right neatly."[404].. The following year, when we met again at the training camp of Aiko Daimeiden, we happened to be together in the bath, and then we were alone talking about future professional careers. Matsui says he clearly remembers this time. The two, who were both astute in the high school baseball world, were already aware of each other from that time.[407].

1996 All-Star GameIn the second round, in the bottom of the 2th inning, there were no runners, and in the scene of batter MatsuiAll OfAkira AokiThe directorIchiroWas sent to the mound,AllDirector'sKatsuya NomuraPinch hitter to MatsuiShingo TakatsuWas sent, so the match between the two was not realized. Matsui commented, "I was asked by Mr. Nomura (Director) what to do, so when I answered" I don't care, "he said," If it's a substitute. " He also said, "Mr. Ogi's playfulness has come out, but I don't think I would do it if I was the director. The fielder has the role of a fielder, and the pitcher has the role of a pitcher."[408].

Since I belonged to a different league during the Japanese era, I had few opportunities to interact, but it is the same as the Mariners.American leagueAfter transferring to the Yankees, who belonged to the Yankees, Matsui often went to Ichiro to greet him during the match. In the Mariners vs. Yankees match on May 2003, 5, Ichiro, who caught a big fly ball in front of the fence in the scene of 7st third base (runner Matsui) in the 4th inning, showed a no-bound big return ball to the home base. .. It wasn't the right time, but Ichiro said, "If you stab Matsui, it will be a story. I was 1% conscious."[409].. Same yearAll-star gameThen, before the game, Ichiro called out "Let's get together" and we played catch together.[410].. During the off-season, a two-hour conversation is held in the planning of a TV program. However, at the end of 2, there was almost no contact between the two. About this,2006 WBCMultiple before and aftertabloidPaperweekly magazineThe theory of "Ichiro's conspiracy" and the theory of disagreement between the two over the process of declining WBC participation were reported.[411][412][413][414].New York Times"Matsui isn't a friend of Ichiro, so you wouldn't want to play with the Mariners," the newspaper said in a 2009 article featuring Matsui's departure issue.[415].. When Matsui decided to join the Angels in December 2009, the exchange between the two, which had been cut off, was revived.Ichiro says "Well turtle We welcomed the transfer to the district with a unique phrase, "to west Division" and "Let's train our buddies and do our best!"[416]..In 2010, when I became a member of the same district, the conversation was realized for the first time in five years in the open game.[417].. It is reported that Matsui and Ichiro chat with each other before the match even during the season.[418].

In 2004, Ichiro described Matsui's impression as "a charming atmosphere, or a hateful play."[419].. On the other hand, he also said, "I think that Matsui and Ichiro have opposite ideas and methods."[420].

When Ichiro achieved 2009 hits for the first time in history for nine consecutive years in September 9, Matsui said, "The technology to catch the ball with the core of the bat is one of the best in the major leagues." "Ichiro always attracts fans. It's amazing to be conscious of doing it, "he commented praising Ichiro.[421].

In July 2012, when Ichiro transferred to the Yankees by electric shock, there was a lot of comparative theory between the two in the United States.[422].. Regarding Ichiro's entry into the Yankees, Matsui commented, "The Yankees are always trying to increase their strength. Surprise? It wasn't."[423].. On the other hand, Ichiro sent the utmost compliment to the Yankees' seniors, saying, "The long time spent at the Yankees itself shows the greatness not only as a player of Matsui but also as a human being."[424].

When Matsui announced his retirement in December 2012, Ichiro made a sentimental comment saying, "It's just lonely for the only professional baseball player who has known his existence since junior high school to take off his uniform."[406][425].

Yankees GM Special Advisor

In practice, he is a traveling coach in all minor league categories, and while giving direct batting guidance, he sees out the batters who will be able to play an active part in the upper categories, such as 1A for rookie league and major for 3A. He also played the role of advising the director.Among the players who achieved major promotion in that wayAaron Judge,Gary SanchezThere is[426].

WBC declined

World Baseball ClassicWas expected to represent Japan for the second consecutive tournament, but both have declined.

1th competition

2005 off, the 3st World Baseball Classic to be held in March of the following yearRepresentation from JapanI received a request to participate as the 4th batter.

As of November 11th, he answered, "I'm not thinking about anything."[427]At the stage of the 29th, he said, "If everyone feels like'Please go to WBC', then I will go out."[428][429]And so on, it came to show a positive attitude. But on December 12nd, the directorSadaharu OhAfter being officially requested to participate, he said, "I'm honored to say that (No. 4, captain, etc.), but I can't say anything more."[430].. On the 7th, it was reported that the Yankees Cashman GM had indicated his intention to accept Matsui's participation in WBC, but Matsui himself remained cautious.[431].. After that, information that the name will be entered in the first candidate player[Annotation 13]When I was informed, I was confused, "I didn't reply, but I entered my name !?"[432].. On the 3th, three days later, Matsui's true intention was reported, "I don't want to appear (at WBC)."[433].

On the 14th, he decided to decline participation mainly because he gave priority to contributing to the Yankees and could not agree with the holding of WBC where commercialism was hidden.[434].. In addition, some media reported that the Yankees Cashman GM had sent a "master letter" requesting WBC absence.[435].. But the local newspaperNew York Daily NewsAccording to the report, the player who the Ya army requested not to participate in the WBC secretariat was a starting pitcher who was blamed for his age and breakdown.Mike Mussina,catcherJorge PosadaThere were only 4 people, and there was no request to not participate in Matsui, and it became clear that it was a lie for making an excuse.[436].. About two weeks later, the Yankees' small team representative also denied the existence of such a document.[437]..In 2008, Cashman GM himself said that this "master's book" report was "totally crap."[438].. There were also some reports of poorly grounded speculation, such as "Ichiro was deceived." Matsui's withdrawal from participation due to such a process has been criticized not only by Japan but also by the United States, Major League Baseball Players Association and WBC officials.[439][440].

The king continued to seek Matsui's participation, but on December 1, about a month after the request for participation, he officially announced that he would decline WBC. In that case, "Sadaharu OhPalaceI sent a letter of 15 letter papers with the address to the king through a reporter and explained the reason for the decline. He wrote an apology for the painful decision as a result of careful consideration and the fact that it took nearly a month to respond.[430].

During the tournament, Matsui was watching the match of the Japanese national team on TV.[338].. However, the criticism of Matsui became stronger due to the fact that he had already declined WBC and had changed to that point, and he also showed the appearance of bashing. U.S. national newspaperUSA TodayOn paper, "At WBCIchiroWon, and Matsui seems to have become a "loser". "[441]I commented. Looking back on this, I will be in charge of public relations for MatsuiIsao HirookaLater admitted that his public relations strategy failed[442][443].

Also, on April 4, the same year, "FridayIn an interview in the magazine, he said that the reason for declining was "I am not confident that I can show the best performance at this time", and revealed that it will be difficult to participate if the holding time does not change after the next competition. did.

At the end of 2006Television Tokyo Channel 12, Ltd.series"Nikkei Special Cumbria Palace』In the projectサ ッ カ ーyuanRepresentation from Japan OfChiura MiuraWhen I talked with him about WBC decline, he said, "Baseball is still more than soccer.nationalismIs a weak sport. When it gets stronger, I want to do it if I have a chance, and I think I can feel the pride of the country. "[444].

Three years later, before the start of the 3 season, in an interview with Number magazine, he said, "There was a situation at that time. I never regret it."[445].

2th competition

It was said that the possibility of WBC participation had disappeared when the left knee surgery scheduled from the middle of the 2008 season was extended until September 9nd.[446].. However, it was reported that Matsui himself, who was reluctant to participate in the 2009nd tournament immediately after the previous tournament, also showed motivation, as he was asked to participate in the 2nd WBC in 2.[447].. However, the Yankees have announced a policy not to give permission to Matsui after the surgery.[448]In some cases, he announced his intention to decline at the end of November in order to prioritize the recovery of the left knee after surgery. When declining, the directorTatsunori HaraCalled directly to and said that he was "full of regrets"[449].. Nevertheless, Hara continued to wait for Matsui's participation until the provisional roaster registration deadline, but officially abandoned the convocation on January 1th of the following year because his knees did not recover in time.[450].

Exclusive public relationsIsao HirookaAccording to the report, Matsui wanted to participate because he had just signed a large contract, and unlike the last time he wanted to spend his time camping at the Yankees, this time he was strongly aware that he was the last chance to compete as a representative of Japan in terms of age. It is said that. In addition, there was a reason for knee surgery and opposition from the team to which he belongs this time, and Hirooka read the domestic air and flow and announced his decline at the right time, so bashing like the previous time did not occur.[443].. When Japan's second straight victory was decided, Matsui announced a comment that "I think that Japanese baseball will be accepted in the world."[451].

In an interview with Number magazine, he reiterated that his poor physical condition was the direct reason for his decline. In addition, four years later3th competitionHe admitted that he was unlikely to play for age reasons, saying, "It can't be helped. (WBC) had no connection."[445].

3th competition

Became the director of the Japanese national teamKoji YamamotoWhen asked about joining the Major League Baseball team at the inaugural press conference on October 2012, 10, he said, "Dal, Ichiro, Aoki, Kuroda ... That's why those players are the main players. Matsui also has a blank, but he hasn't practiced. I've heard that it is. I want those who have experience in the major leagues to come out. Do you care about Matsui's trends? That's right. Both Matsui and Ichiro have strong achievements. I said, "[452], Since the raise was out of force in July, it has been a bottleneck for a long time to be away from the actual battle, and it was decided to send off the convocation on November 7th.[453].. After all, Matsui never appeared in WBC as a player while he was active.


OnceCentral horse racingA racehorse called "Yoban Matsui" was enrolled in[454].. On November 2006, 10Chukyo RacecourseIn the race that took place inAndo KatsumiHe won his first victory in the Japan Racing Association by riding, and the horse number at that time was4was.

school days,Matsuyama hostess murder caseWas on the run after undergoing plastic surgeryKazuko FukudaThere is an episode in which Matsui often came to buy sweets as a customer and met Kazuko Fukuda when he was at the common-law seat of a Japanese sweets shop in Neagarimachi, Ishikawa Prefecture. In an interview after Kazuko Fukuda was arrested, Matsui said, "I was a very beautiful and kind aunt."[455].

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1993巨人5720318427419011832710001702501. 223. 296. 451. 747
19941305695037014823420239666314571410112. 294. 368. 475. 843
1995131569501761423112224180972262129312. 283. 363. 481. 845
199613056948797153341383039972077114985. 314. 401. 6221.023
199713559648493144180372731039306100106845. 298. 419. 564. 984
1998135603487103142243342741003504104281017. 292.421. 563. 984
1999135573471100143242422979504069332993. 304. 416. 6311.047
2000135590474116150321423101085207106521081. 316.438. 6541.092
200114061148110716023336297104330712063969. 333. 463. 6171.081
20021406235001121672715034610734031141761044. 334.461. 6921.153
2003NYY1636956238217942116271106220663538625. 287. 353. 435. 788
2004162680584109174342313051083005882310311. 298. 390. 522. 912
200516270362910819245323312116220863737816. 305. 367. 496. 863
2006512011723252908852910022720236. 302. 393. 494. 887
200714363354710015628425267103420107323739. 285. 367. 488. 855
2008933783374399170914345000038634710. 294. 370. 424. 795
200914252645662125211282329001026414754. 274. 367. 509. 876
2010THE A145554482551322412122184010467619810. 274. 361. 459. 820
2011OAK141583517581302801219472110956318410. 251. 321. 375. 696
2012TB34103957141022170000810225. 147. 214. 221. 435
NPB: 1012685506457290113902451633226638894633346844463993459. 304. 413. 582. 996
MLB: 1012365056444265612532491217520517601390465473521689106. 282. 360. 462. 822
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199319NPBSE League------
199420-9 bit--6 bit-
199521-5 bit4 bit10 bit6 bit-
1996227 bit2 bit4 bit-6 bit7 bit
199723-2 bit2 bit-10 bit2 bit
199824-1 bit1 bit-8 bit1 bit
1999259 bit2 bit5 bit--3 bit
2000263 bit1 bit1 bit-9 bit1 bit
2001271 bit2 bit3 bit-5 bit2 bit
2002282 bit1 bit1 bit-3 bit1 bit
200329MLBA league--10 bit---
200430--10 bit--10 bit
2005317 bit-8 bit-9 bit-
  • --Is less than 10th place (Batting average and on-base percentage are written as-even if the batting average has not been reached)
  • The batting titles in NPB are top hitter, most home bases, most hits, most stolen bases, most hits, and highest on-base percentage.
  • The batting titles in MLB are top hitter, most home bases, most hits, most stolen bases.

MLB postseason batting record


Every time
















2003NYY1772646184022811000160082. 291. 347. 438. 785
200411575112217133913000151080. 412. 456. 7651.221
2005522204410181000020032. 200. 273. 400. 673
2006416161410061000000020. 250. 250. 313. 563
2007416111200020000051020. 182. 438. 182. 619
200915524351520423130000900101. 349. 462. 6741.136
Participation: 6 times562352053264151101113900022721335. 312. 391. 541. 933

Defensive results by year

Every time
Left fielder (LF)Center fielder (CF)Right fielder (RF)


















2003NYY1182101173. 96946110211. 991-
2004160303872. 978324001.000-
2005115219731. 98728540001.000460001.000
20063682111. 988--
2007112213630. 986--
20082140211. 977-320001.000
2010THE A18161001.000--
2011OAK2753312. 982--
total6161142392310. 98177168211. 99413160001.000
  • Of each yearTaiziIs the best league




Other awards


NPB record
  • Total home runs: 332 (1993-2002) * 10th place in history despite 34 years of actual work
  • Annual high on-base percentage: .463 (2001) * Yomiuri Giants team record
  • Most bases of the year: 346 (2002) * Yomiuri Giants team record
  • Full inning consecutive games participation: 574 (May 1995, 5-July 30, 1999) * Yomiuri Giants team record
  • Over 7 home runs in 30 consecutive seasons (1996-2002) * 4th place in history Thailand
  • Over 5 points for 100 consecutive seasons (1998-2002) * Nippon Professional Baseball record
  • Five consecutive home runs (July 5, 1999-July 6, 5)
  • 65 games in a rowFirst base(May 2001, 5-August 5, 8) * Central League record.
  • Participated in 1250 games in a row (August 1993, 8-October 22, 2002) * 10rd place in history.読売ジャイアンツ球団記録Yomiuri Giants baseball team record
  • totalLong batting average: .582 (1993-2002) * 3rd place in history
  • Total number of walks: 844 (1993-2002) * 10st place in history despite 31 years of actual work
  • League outfielderRange factor (RF / G)1st place: 1 time (2000: 2.11)[459]
  • All star gamesParticipation: 9 times (1994-2002)
  • All-star game 3 consecutive home runs (2001) * First in history.Norihiro NakamuraAchieved at the same time.
  • In 4 gamesJapan series5 walks2002) *Kazuhiro YamauchiSeries tie record alongside
  • Selected as an MVP in the regular season, Japan Series, and All-Star games *Tetsuji Kawakami,Hiroshi Oshita,Fukumoto YutakaSecond in history after
    • Kawakami, Oshita, Fukumoto, and Matsui were all left-handed batters, but Kawakami, Oshita, and Fukumoto were left-handed and left-handed, and Matsui was right-handed and left-handed.
MLB recording
  • Most newcomers to the season: 163 (2003)
  • Most consecutive matches since debut: 518 matches (March 2003, 3-May 31, 2006)
  • World Series 1 game most hits: 6 (Round 2009 of 6) * Thailand record
  • League championship seriesMost hits: 14 (2004) * Thailand record
  • League Championship Series Most Doubles: 6 (2004)
  • League Championship Series Most Bases: 28 (2004) * Thailand Record
  • League Championship Series 1 game most hits: 5 (Round 2004, 3) * Thailand record
  • League Championship Series 1 game most points: 5 (Round 2004, 3) * Thailand record
  • MLB All-Star GameElection: 2 times (2003, 2004)
NPB / MLB total record

* Since successive records include MLB records, they are reference records.

  • totalmatch13th place in history 2504 games
  • totalAt-bat6th place in history 10562 at bats
  • totalNumber of strokes 6th place in history 9014 at bats
  • totalscoreNumber 4th in history 1557
  • totalHitNumber 6th in history 2643
  • totaldoubleNumber 4th in history 494
  • totalHome run7th place in history 507
  • totalHome runNumber 5th in history 4714
  • totalRBI5th place in history 1649 RBIs
  • totalLong strokeNumber 3th in history 1029
  • totalStrikeoutNumber 12th in history Thailand 1623
  • totalFour ballsNumber 3th in history 1391
  • totalSacrifice flyNumber 5th in history 92
  • Total number of full-base home runs 9th place in history 12 ties
  • Total number of goodbye home runs 4th in history Thailand 8
  • NPB / MLB total 1768 games participation (August 1993, 8-May 22, 2006) * Records exceeding this are NPBKinugasa Yoshio,Takashi Toritani, In MLBCal Ripken,Lou Gehrigonly
  • 2000 hits in total for NPB / MLB (May 2007, 5)
  • 2500 hits in total for NPB / MLB (May 2011, 4)
NPB first record
  • First appearance/first start: April 1993, 5, vs.Yakult Swallows2rd round (Tokyo Dome), No. 7Left handStart with
  • First turn at bat: Same as above, two times behindRyuji NishimuraFrom Nigoro
  • First hit / first RBI: Same as above, right wing fence direct hit from Ryuji Nishimura in the bottom of the 5th inning
  • First home run: May 1993, 5, against Yakult Swallows 2nd round (Tokyo Dome), in the bottom of the 2thShingo TakatsuFrom Uegoe 2 run
NPB milestone record
  • 100 home runs: August 1997, 4, vs.Hiroshima Toyo Carp6st round (Tokyo Dome), 5rd backKen YamasakiFrom right-field tie 2 run * 188th person in history
  • 150 home runs: July 1998, 7, 28st round against Yakult Swallows (Meiji Jingu Stadium), 8 timesKenjiro KawasakiTo Uekoshi solo *107th in history
  • 200 home runs: August 1999, 9, vs.Hanshin Tigers25st round (Tokyo Dome), 3rd backSaint FunakiFrom right fielder 2 run * 71st person in history (achieved in 841 games is 11th place in history)
  • 1000 hits: July 2000, 7, 12th round against Hiroshima Toyo Carp (Maruyama Stadium, Sapporo City), back three timesToshikazu SawasakiFrom to the right wing line Entitled double * 202nd person in history
  • 1000 games participation: April 2001, 4, Chunichi Dragons 12nd round (Nagoya Dome), No. 2Medium-sizedStarts with *The 366th player in history
  • 250 home runs: Same as above, in the top of the 5th inningMelvin BunchFrom right-field tie solo * 41st person in history
  • 300 home runs: July 2002, 7, 9th round against Hiroshima Toyo Carp (Hiroshima City Stadium), 9 timesHiroki KurodaFrom solo to the middle right * 27th person in history

Uniform number

  • 55 (1993-2011)
  • 35 (2012)

Related information


Single Author

As of December 2007, sales exceeded 12 copies[460].. Regarding the title "Fudoshin" Matsui said that when he met Shigeo Nagashima during the medical treatment for his injuries in 2006, he was asked to select "Fudoshin" from the two candidates. At that time, Nagashima said that it was decided immediately by saying "this" without saying anything in particular.[Source required].



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  • "Home Run Myth" (VHS, November 1996, 11)
  • "Hideki Matsui 2000-The Strongest 4th Batter-" (VHS, November 2000, 11)
  • "GLORIOUS Hideki Matsui ~ 10years of homerun memories ~" (CD, December 2002, 12)
  • "Hideki Matsui Complete Edition-Thank You for Your Dreams and Impressions" (DVD, December 2002, 12)
  • "Rising Sands 2" (DVD, December 2003, 12)

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  • BS Japan 15th Anniversary Special Project Hideki Matsui Going to the Caribbean (BS Japan, January 2015, 1)[462]
  • Exclusive! The Truth of Shigeo Nagashima-40 Years of Father and Daughter- (TBS January 2015, 1)


And many others



All showsNippon Broadcasting System, Inc.Is being broadcast on.


  • "Dokaben Pro Baseball Edition] Appeared in the All-Star Game, Japan Series.
  • "Kiyohara-kun』\ One of the main players.
  • "Go Go! Godzilla !! Matsui-kun』\ The hero.
  • "I know Matsui's diary!』\ The hero.
  • "Jitsuroku Sports Hero Retsuden Matsui Hideki Monogatari" A one-shot manga about the half-life of Matsui, published in the 1999 magazine.
  • "Manga People's Museum" Hideki Matsui (2005, Shogakukan) A cartoon that follows from the birth to the first defeat of the team in the major leagues. An interview with Matsui is also recorded at the end of the book.


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