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⚾ | High school baseball Shiga tournament combination decided / Shiga


High school baseball Shiga tournament combination decided / Shiga

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In addition, a softball combination lottery will be held on the 22nd, and Seta Kogyo and Mt. Hiei will play on July 7nd.

It is summer aiming for Koshien for the first time in two years.The XNUMXrd National High School Baseball Championship Shiga Tournament combination lottery will be held on the XNUMXnd ... → Continue reading

 BBC Lake Biwa Broadcasting

BBC is not in the UK. It's Shiga Prefecture's TV station "Biwako Broadcasting"! News of Shiga to be worried about is being sent every day! Please check it out ♪

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Combination lottery

Mt. Hiei

Mt. Hiei(Hieizan) isMiyako FujiAlso known as Mt. Eiyama, Mt. Hokurei, and Mt. Tendai,ShigaOtsu CityWith the westKyotoKyoto CityStraddle the northeast(I.e...Otsu City and Kyoto CitySakyo WardLocated on the border between the two prefecturesLarge metaphorLocated in Sakyo Ward with (848.3m)ShimegatakeIt is a general term for binaural peaks consisting of two peaks (Shimeigatake, 838m).KoyasanIt has been regarded as a mountain for worship since ancient times.Enryakuji Temple,Hiyoshi TaishaThere was and prospered.Higashiyama XNUMX peaksMay be included in[Annotation 1].


Mt. HieiShigaOtsu CitySouthwest of Shiga京都It is a mountain with an altitude of 848m located on the prefectural border.[1].Record of Ancient MattersIt is written as a mountain of Hie in the fresh sea, and has been around for a long time.Mountain worshipHas been the target of[1].

Geographical Survey InstituteAccording to the survey results, the eastern peak is Mt. Hiei, the western peak is Mt. Hiei, and the generic name is Mt. Hiei. "Note of dots", The first prize located at the top of the eastTriangular pointThe point name of is "Mt. Hiei".This triangulation station is with Otsu CityKyoto CityAlthough it is located on the border of Otsu City, it is located in Otsu City.The altitude of this first-class triangulation station "Mt. Hiei" was revised in May 2014 to 5m.[2]..In addition, Mt. HieiTamba HighlandsAndHira MountainsAndHanaori faultIt is said that it belongs to the Hiei Mountains or the Hiei Daigo Mountains because it is separated by the boundary.

When viewed from the Kyoto side, you can see both Mt. Shimegatake and Mt. Hiei.[3]. But,Kyoto basinIf you look at Mt. Hiei from, you can see Mt. Hiei, but the top of Mt. Hiei is hidden by Mt. Hiei.[3]..The well-balanced triangular appearance at this time is also called "Miyako Fuji".[3]..Also, if you cannot see Mt. Hiei, you may consider Mt. Shimegatake to be the summit of Mt. Hiei.Keifuku Electric RailwayEizan RopewayIn, the summit of Mt. Shimei is set as Hiei summit station.

From the summit of Mt. HieiBiwa lakeIn addition to Kyoto city, you can also see Kyoto Kitayama such as the Hira mountain range.[3]..If the conditions are good,NaganoGifu OfPrefectural borderIt is inMt. OntakeCan hope[4]..On the east side of the mountainTendai sectIs the main mountain ofEnryakuji TempleThere is[3]..In addition, since "Okuhiei" in the north of the summit is said to be "forbidden to kill", you can see the appearance of precious wild animals and plants, and it is especially famous as a breeding ground for birds.[3]..In addition, it is said that the temperature differs by 5 to 6 degrees Celsius between Kyoto city in midsummer and near the summit of Mt. Hiei.[5].

Mt. Hiei is also popular for mountain climbing.Kyoto CitySakyo WardClimb from ShugakuinMica slope(Kirarazaka) is a road that has been used by monks and soldiers who travel between Kyoto and Enryakuji Temple and the messenger of the imperial court for a long time.[3]..It is said that it takes about 2 hours and 20 minutes on foot from the mica slope trailhead to the summit of Mt. Hiei.[6]..From the Shiga prefecture sideHiyoshi TaishaIn front of the town坂 本There is a mountain trail that goes up through Mudoji Valley via Omotesando.[3]..This mountain climbing route is also said to take about 2 hours 10 to 20 minutes on foot.[6]..From Otsu to Kyoto in YamauchiOharaExit in the directionTokai nature trail[3],Kitashirakawa・ It will be a section between OharaKyoto Round Trail[7]Is passing.In addition, Shimei-dake is located on the grounds of Garden Museum Hiei, and you need to enter the garden to reach the summit.

There are many theories about the notation or reading of Mt. Shimegatake, and in addition to "Mt. Shimegatake" by the Geographical Survey Institute, "Mt. Shimegatake" in "Place Names of Kyoto City" "Gatake" and "Shimegatake" are mentioned.Mt. Hiei, another name for Mt. Tendai, and Mt. Shimei are the sacred mountains associated with the Tendai sect.Chugoku OfMount Tendai, Derived from Mt. Shimei.


In Kojiki, Mt. HieiHieyamaIt is written as (Hienoyama),Mt. Ooyama 噋神Is enshrined on Mt. Hie in Omi Province, and it is written that Naruto is the deity.SafeAfter the transfer of capitalClearestHas become a national guardian temple that suppresses the demon gate of the royal castle since the temple was built and the Tendai sect was opened.[1]..KyotoDemon gateHitNortheastMt. Hiei was regarded as a mountain for the protection of the royal castle.[1].

Since Enryakuji was opened on Mt. Hie, Mt. HieiBig GodToshi Kobie is Mt. OoyamaLandlordAs the guardian deity of the Tendai sect and Enryakuji Temple, it is against Mt. OoyamaSanno FaithHas spread.Also, visit the temples on the summit of Mt. Hiei and the Hiyoshi Taisha Shrine at the foot of the mountain.Kaiho lineIt is also a mountain of faith. "There are many mountains in the world, but Hiei is the only mountain in the world."JienAlso known as[3].


Many tourists visit on holidays because they can reach the summit by toll road, fixed-route bus, cable car, and ropeway."Hiei YAMA Beer Garden" is held every August at the middle plaza of Cable Hiei Station of Eiyama Cable (cable car and ropeway transit plaza) under the operation of Keifuku Electric Railroad.[5][8]..Obon festival may be open at night[9].

Long time agoHiei Summit Amusement ParkHieizan Artificial Ski ResortThere were, but each2000(Heisei12 years),2002It was completely closed in (14), and the site of the mountaintop amusement park is the museum "", and the site of the ski resort is the cosmos garden.Also, at the foot of the Kyoto sideYaseToSports Valley KyotoThere was also (Mori no Yuenchi), but this one too2001(13)May 11It was closed in.On the siteResort trustByMembership resort hotelWas built.



To Sakamoto, Otsu City

Kyoto City Yase area


Transit Bus

Broadcasting station

KBS Kyotoas well as the Commercial TV station in Osaka Kyoto CitySakyo WardOn the side,NHK Otsu CityThe transmission stations or relay stations of the broadcasting facilities shown below are installed on each side.

Official broadcaster name

  • NHK Kyoto General / Osaka Education ... Mt. Hiei Television Broadcasting Station
  • KBS ... Mt. Hiei TV transmission station

Overview of existing stations

Digital terrestrial television broadcasting transmission equipment

Installation of digital TV relay stations for each station in Osaka
  • 2009(21)May 12,Ministry of Internal Affairs and CommunicationsKinki Communication Bureau The2010(22) Around the summer, the Kinki wide area will be designated as a broadcasting target area in order to eliminate reception problems from the Ikomayama relay station due to the effects of high-rise buildings and topography in and around Kyoto city. The plan to set up a relay station for each station was clarified.
  • Areas where it is difficult to receive terrestrial digital broadcasting from the Ikomayama transmission station (building shadow,Nagaokakyo(Some of them, etc.) existed.In terrestrial digital broadcasting, it is basic to consolidate relay stations and cover a wider area with a small number of relay stations, but the installation of a new relay station on Mt. Hiei is the existing equipment of each household (for Mt. Hiei).UHF antenna) Was considered as a measure to solve the reception difficulty.[10].
  • 2010(22)May 7, Opening date is the same yearMay 7Was announced that[11][12]..In addition, this day is one year before the complete digital transition of television broadcasting, and an event to popularize terrestrial digital broadcasting.[Annotation 2]Was planned before the opening date was decided[Annotation 3]..2 at the beginning of the stationWHowever, it was boosted to the rated (full power) 2010W from September 22, 9.

The broadcasting areas of NHK Educational TV and wide-area commercial broadcasters in Osaka are the following areas or some areas.

Remote control key IDBroadcasting station namecallsignPhysical channelAntenna powerEffective radiant powerBroadcast target areaBroadcast areaNumber of householdsOpening dateRemarks
JOOK-DTV 25 ch 1kW7.2kWKyotoApproximately 1,130,000 households2005/4/1[13]
(Kyoto relay station) 40 ch 20W360W全国Approximately 537,000 households2010/7/24[14]
Every day broadcasting
33 ch Kinki wide areaApproximately 574,000 households[15]
Kyoto broadcasting
JOBR-DTV 23 ch 1kW4.9kWKyotoApproximately 1,250,000 households2005/4/1[16]
Asahi Broadcasting TV
(Kyoto relay station) 38 ch 20W360WKinki wide areaApproximately 574,000 households2010/7/24[17]
Kansai TV broadcasting
42 ch [18]
讀賣TV broadcasting
35 ch [19]
Wide area station relay station test broadcast start date

FM complementary relay station transmission equipment

KBS Kyoto is located in Kumiyama Town, Kuse District, Kyoto Prefecture.AM wave transmitterGiven the potential for floods to failWide FM broadcastingDecided to start. A preliminary license notice was issued by the Kinki Bureau of Telecommunications, Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications on December 2017, 12, and after the test broadcast started around February 12, the main broadcast started on April 2018, 2.[20][21][22].

frequencyBroadcasting station nameAntenna powerEffective radiant powerBroadcast target areaNumber of households in broadcasting areaRemarks
Kyoto broadcasting
3kW[23]5.5kW[24]Kyoto-Shiga[21]-April 2018, 4 Broadcast start in Japan[20][21][22].

Overview of abolished stations

Terrestrial analog television broadcasting transmission equipment

Broadcasting station namecallsignChannelAntenna powerEffective radiant powerBroadcast target areaNumber of households in broadcasting areaOpening dateBroadcast end date
Kyoto synthesis
JOOK-TV 32 ch Video 10kW / Audio 2.5kWVideo 66kW / Audio 16.5kWKyotoUnknown1972May 32011May 7
Kyoto broadcasting
JOBR-TV 34 ch Video 45kW / Audio 11kW1968May 12

Multimedia broadcast transmission equipment

frequencyBroadcasting station nameAntenna powerEffective radiant powerMain broadcasting areasNumber of households in broadcasting area
214.714286MHzJ Moba
Kyoto MMH
7.5kW23kWKyoto City·Otsu City-Nara-OsakaAbout-XNUMX households


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注 釈

  1. ^ The theory that the northern end of Higashiyama is Mt. Hiei and one south of itRuyigatakeThere is a theory that it is said to be its branch peak, Mt.In recent years, there is a document that the power including Mt. Hiei is strong, but the definition of Higashiyama XNUMX peaks itself is ambiguous (the number XNUMX is meaningless in the first place) and no conclusion is seen.For details, see the relevant itemRuyigatakeSee.
  2. ^ The event name is "Japan National Chidejika Daisakusen in Kyoto-Summer 2010, Kyoto Chidejika from Hiei!".
  3. ^ The PR theme was the opening of the wide-area station Kyoto relay station and the complete digitization of television one year ago.The analog broadcast ended on this dayIshikawaSuzu CitySimilar events were held all over the country.


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