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⚽ | Controversy at EURO 2020! ??Griezmann explains why he gave the FK kicker to Mbappe


Controversy at EURO2020! ??Griezmann explains why he gave the FK kicker to Mbappe

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He said that there is no problem with the place kicker because the player who wants to kick should kick.

The French national team, who joined the group of death at EURO 2020, has decided to advance to the final tournament before the third round. ... → Continue reading


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Place kicker

Place kickerIt is,American FootballAtField goalIt is a position to kick.In many cases, kick-off also kicks, rarely,PantherAlso serves as.In American football, "kicker" usually refers to a place kicker.


The kicker was not originally in a special position, and until the 1960s it was common to hold other positions. In the early 1940sPacific WarDue to the shortage of players due to the shortage of players, free substitution was proposed, and when the free substitution system was stipulated as a permanent rule in the late 1940s, players were appointed as specialists for each position. Kicker specialists appeared in the late 1940s, and in the 1960s it became common for teams to include kicker specialists in rosters.[1].

Due to technical differences and the risk of being irreplaceable in the event of an injuryPantherIt is rare to double as a kicker, and it is rare to double as a kicker except in an emergency when one of them is injured.In many cases, the kicker also kicks the kickoff, but since the kickoff requires distance and the field goal requires accuracy, depending on the team, another kicker may be appointed for the kickoff and the field goal, or the panter may act as the kickoff. There is.

On the other hand, amateur teams often have a thin player base, and often serve as both kickers and panthers, and players in other positions also serve as kickers.

In a match with a close behind, it is often left to a field goal aiming for a tie or a reversal just before the end of the match, and strong mental strength to withstand the pressure is also required[2].

Positioning in the team

Kickers and panthers can earn over $ 400 million a year, but as a professional football player, they have a low salary.[3]..Compared to players in other positions, the amount of practice is small, so even if the team's practice remains, it is often allowed to return.[4]..Kickers were often small in the team, but in recent years, with strength training,Wide receiver,CornerbackLarger and heavier players are not uncommon.

Uniform number

In professional football, place kickers are divided into the same categories as panthers and quarterbacks, and are numbered 19 and below.In high school and college football, they often hold other positions, so most states require that they be numbered with qualified receivers (1 to 49, 80 to 99).



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