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⚾ | Hiro 5-8 Ya (23rd) Yakult wins 3 consecutive wins

Photo 3 times Yakult 1 death, 3rd base, Osuna shoots XNUMX runs over the left.Catcher Sakakura = Mazda

Hiro 5-8 Ya (23rd) Yakult wins 3 consecutive wins

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Hiroshima, where Guri was driven in, lost 6 consecutive cards.

Yakult wins 3 consecutive wins. In the 1rd inning of 2-3, he caught up with a misstep and won with Osuna's 5-point home run. 4 times of XNUMX-XNUMX ... → Continue reading

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6 consecutive losses of cards


Guri(Cucumber, Kunori)

Place name

  • Omi countryGamo-gun() And nearby place names,1874Merged with[2]Part of. Kongoji Village was adjacent to.1889With Ueda, Sugimori, Nagata, Nishijo, AsagoiKaneda VillageKongoji Temple (as well as the Nishi Hongo / Falconry). CurrentShigaOmihachiman,as well as the Place names in the Hongo district (Nishihongocho Miyashiki, Nishihongocho west, Nishihongocho east, Minamihongocho), Takakai Higashicho, and Takakaicho. (Kunori Shikan), (Hongo Castle[3]Location of. (Mr. Guri)HonukiOn the ground orMizuseki Okayama CastleHe was also the owner of the castle (Omihachiman City)
South Korea

Full name

  • (Kunori, chestnut). Hokuriku and Kinki clans. There are varieties such as Kunosato (Kunosato), Kuho, and Kujo (Kujo) in the notation.



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