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🏃 | [Athletics] Yamagata advances to the final in 10 seconds 16 Japan Championship Men's 100 meters to suppress Sani Brown

Yamagata who decided to advance to the final in the 100st place in the men's 1-meter semifinal

[Athletics] Yamagata advances to the final in 10 seconds 16 Japan Championship Men's 100 meters to suppress Sani Brown

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Ryota Yamagata (Seiko, Hiroshima Shudo Takaide) marked 100 seconds 1 in the semi-final pair, where the men's 10-meter old and new Japanese record holders confronted each other, and passed the first place.

The Japan Championships, which will be the selection for the Tokyo Olympics on land, began on the 24th at Nagai, Yanmar Stadium in Osaka.Boys 10 ... → Continue reading

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Ryota Yamagata

Ryota Yamagata(Yamagata Ryota,1992May 6 -) isJapanThe boyAthleticsplayer. SpecialtySprint.. Since "縣" is an old font, "Ryota Yamagata" can be seen in some media such as news reports and newspapers.[5].

2016 Rio de Janeiro Olympics 4 x 100m relaySilver medalist.

HiroshimaHiroshima cityNishi-ku Suzugamine TownBackground[1][6][7].. Suzugamine Elementary School,Shudo Junior High School and Shudo High School,Keio UniversityFaculty of Policy Managementgraduate[1].Seiko HoldingsAffiliation[1].. 100m Japanese record holder (9 seconds 95)[4][8]..Participated in the 2020m dash of the Tokyo 100 Olympics as a representative of Japan.He also served as captain of the Japan at the Olympic Games in Tokyo.[9].


Up to junior high school students

1992,Anniversary of timeIsMay 6[10],HiroshimaHiroshima cityNishi-ku Suzugamine TownBorn in[1][11].Premature babyBorn in Japan for two months in a dangerous state of "living or dying"Neonatal specific intensive care unitSpent in (NICU)[1].

HoweverMotor nervesGrowing up outstandingly[12]Especially, the speed of his legs surprised adults from a young age, and when he was playing with a puppy in the first grade of elementary school, his mother dog was angry and chased, but he ran faster than the dog and escaped as it was.[12].Hiroshima CarpA big fan of[13][14][15],Youth baseballBelong toBatting orderIs number oneposition Theシ ョ ー トで[13],in the futureProfessional baseball playerWas aiming for[15][16]..When I was in the third grade of elementary school, my older brother was envious of the size of the certificate that he received at the sports exchange competition 3m in Hiroshima City, and he became aware of track and field.[13][16].. The year after I was in the 4th grade, I decided to participate in the tournament as a school representative because I was the fastest in the youth baseball team.spikeTo the players who woresneakersWon and won[13][15][16][17]..This is the encounter with athletics[1], RunningLarge endI was scouted by the leader of the "Hiroshima Junior Olympia Club" that I belonged to.[1][7][12][13][16]..For this reason, I was in charge of baseball and track and field for a while, but my teammates on track and field told me, "I'm going to baseball and I'm not coming to practice on Saturday. I don't want to lose to such a guy."[1][13][16], "Running is my vocation", and from the 5th grade, I started to focus on one track and field.[13][16]..In this year's national competition, he won the 100th place in the 8m.[1][18][19].

One of the leading colleges in Hiroshima prefectureShudo Junior High SchoolTake the exam, pass and go on to higher education[7][10][16][18][20]..During the monastic era, he participated in the 100m and 400m relays all day long.

From junior high school to the second year of college, I continued to practice racing with cars at midnight[16].

High School days

Religious high school1 yearsOita National Athletic MeetShonen B100m wins[1].

In the 2 World Youth Athletics Championships when he was in his second year of monastic high school, he won the 2009th place in the 100m and won the bronze medal in the medley relay.

One yearNational bodyShonen A100m won in 10 seconds 34 (± 0) in the windless[20].. 『Monthly athletics』Decorate the cover[20]..It is said that if there was a slight tailwind, it might have broken the high school record (10 seconds 24) at that time.[20].

During the 6 years of Shudo Junior and Senior High School, he worked hard at studying in parallel with club activities, and among the 300 students,Todai,Kyoto UniversityIt is said that the students who are aiming to go on to higher education are also enrolled in the top class of liberal arts, and their grades are within 50.[1][16]..After the inter-school athletic meet, I felt that I could do what I wanted to do if the Keio race club had a free competition environment.Keio UniversityAspiring forFaculty of Policy ManagementEntered Keio University Faculty of Policy Management after the AO entrance examination (second half)[16]..At that time, the Keio University Competition Department did not have a sprint leader.[20].

College days


Keio University1 years 2011Yamaguchi National Athletic MeetSet a Japanese junior record (at that time) of 100 seconds 10 (+23) in the men's 1.8m and won the 3rd place[20].


2 at the time of Keio University 2012nd yearOda Memorial AthleticsMarked 100 seconds 10 (+08) in the men's 2.0m qualifying, and in the same yearLondon OlympicsA exceeded the standard record.

January,London OlympicsElected as a short-distance representative from Japan. In the men's 100m run of the tournament, the 8th group of 4 seconds of 10 seconds 07 (+1.3), which set a self-record in the qualifying on August 6, ranked second in the Beijing Olympics.Naoki TsukaharaIt achieved the semi-final advancement following[21][22].. In the semi-final on August 8, he missed the advance to the final in 5th 10 (+10) in 1.7rd group and 3th place.

In addition, the Japanese team (Ryota Yamagata-Tadashi Eriguchi-Shinji Takahira-Shota Iizuka), And passed the qualifying with the fourth overall record of 1.In the final, he finished 38th in 07 (disqualified from USA, moved up from 4th to 38th).


March 4Tokyo Roku UniversityCompeting against. Last SeptemberJapan Incare・Right in the men's 100m semifinalsHamstringsを肉離れした影響により、100m予選が約7ヶ月ぶりのレースとなった。しかし、予選で10秒82(-6.4)、決勝では10秒47(-4.0)をマーク。公認範囲の追い風2.0メートルだった場合、9秒台が出ていた可能性もあるタイムだった[23].

4 month 29 dayOda Memorial・In men's 100m, in qualifyingMoscow World Championshipの参加B標準記録(10秒21)突破となる10秒17(+0.1)をマーク。決勝では追い風参考記録ながら自己ベスト(10秒07)を上回る10秒04(+2.7)をマークするも、予選で日本歴代2位の記録となる10秒01をマークしたYoshihide KiryuLost 0 seconds 01 to finish second[24]..Until then, Yamagata was a candidate for the next generation of ace, but his juniors took the lead role.[20].

In 5 monthKanto Incareに出場すると、19日の男子100m決勝を10秒30(-1.4)で制して関東インカレ初タイトルを獲得。26日の男子200m決勝では日本歴代10位(当時)およびモスクワ世界選手権の参加A標準記録(20秒52)突破となる20秒41(-0.5)をマークし、100mとの2冠を達成した[25].

6 of the monthJapan ChampionshipThen 7 daysMen's XNUM X m予選で10秒14(+0.3)、8日の決勝で10秒11(+0.7)をマークし、2レース続けてモスクワ世界選手権の参加A標準記録(10秒15)を突破。織田記念では競り負けた桐生祥秀を0秒14差で破り、日本選手権初優勝を成し遂げるとともに、モスクワ世界選手権の代表入りを決めた[26].

In 7 monthKazanHeld atUniversiadeIn the men's 100m, he finished second in 10 seconds 21. In the men's 2 x 4m relay, the Japanese team (Ryota Yamagata-Yosuke Hara-Ron Yonaguni-Shota Iizuka), and finished second in 1 in the final.

In 8 monthMoscowで開催された世界選手権に初出場。10日の男子100m予選では組3着までに入れば着順で準決勝に進出できたが、結果は10秒21(-0.4)の組4着に終わり、組3着とは0秒02差。タイムで拾われた最後の枠の選手とは0秒01差で準決勝進出を逃した[27].. In addition, I left the hamstrings during the race and left the competition without participating in the men's 4 x 100m relay that I was scheduled to participate in, but since I was not serious, I took a week off after returning to Japan. Practice resumed[28].

On September 9, the following morning, when I ran the Japan Incare Men's 7m qualifying and the 200x4m relay final, I had a backache that I couldn't get out of bed. The pain did not go away easily, and when I bent forward, the pain was intense, so I was worried whether I could kick the starting block.[29].

In 10 monthTianjinHeld atEast Asian GamesIn the men's 8m final on the 100th,SusoeIt was defeated with the same time difference (0 seconds 002 difference) and ended up with a silver medal of 10 seconds 31 (-0.8). However, in the men's 9 x 4m relay final on the 100th, the Japanese team (Ryota Yamagata-Shota Iizuka -)Cambridge Asuka-Kazuma Oseto), and contributed to win the gold medal by marking 1 seconds, which is the record for Japanese students and competition.[28].


Back pain in the first half of the 2014 season delayed on April 4Oda Memorial・Men's 100m is 10th 26th, 4th place, held in MayWorld relaysWas not dispatched due to the schedule overlapping with Kanto Incare[30].. April 6Japan Championship/Men's 100mIn the final, it finished second at 10 seconds 27,Yoshihide KiryuIt was defeated by 0 seconds 05 difference and missed the consecutive victory.

9月の日本インカレに出場すると、5日の男子100m準決勝でシーズンベストとなる10秒14(+0.1)、6日の100m決勝で10秒20(-0.4)をマーク。Yoshihide KiryuWas absent by avoiding 100m, but achieved the first victory in Japan Incare[31].. Informally 7 seconds 4 (Keio UniversityThis is the first time in 61 years for this event.Keio UniversityContributed to the victory of the championship (winning time was 3:04:58)[32].

September-OctoberIncheonHeld atAsian Gamesに出場。9月28日の男子100m準決勝を全体3位タイとなる10秒17(+1.2)で突破するも、レース中に左股関節を痛めてしまう。約2時間後の決勝ではスタートで出遅れ(リアクションタイムは決勝8人の中で1番悪い0秒219)、10秒26(+0.4)の6位に終わった[33].. In the men's 10x2m relay final on October 4, the Japanese team (Ryota Yamagata-Shota Iizuka-Shinji Takahira-Kei Takase) And marked 1 seconds 38, but lost to the Asian record (at that time) 49 seconds 37 and lost to China, which ended in a silver medal.[34].

The left hip injury inflicted at the Asian Games heals after two weeks of practice, October 2National polity/adult boy 100 mIn the final, 10 seconds 17 (0.0) was marked. Satoshi Takase, who allowed the first-come-first-served at the Asian Games, was controlled by 0 seconds 01, and won the title of National Athletic Meet for the first time in 4 years.[35][36].. Also, this winning time was announced laterBeijing World ChampionshipIt was close to the participation standard record (10 seconds 16).

Working age


March 4Seiko HoldingsJoining[37]..Although the company does not have an athletics club[7]Became the first player for the company to support athletes[38].. By the way, by chance, on June 6th, the birthday of Yamagata,Anniversary of time.

Suffering from back pain in the first half of the 2015 season, April 4-18Oda Memorial(I was scheduled to participate in the men's 100m and 200m) missed because the condition did not improve.[39].. April 6Japan Championship・Although the men's 100m qualifying broke through in 10 seconds 60 (+0.7), he abandoned the semi-final of the next day because his back pain worsened, and missed the world championship participation for the second time in a row.[40].


On March 3th, Japan Junior Indoor Athletics Osaka participated in the men's 13m open. Marked a personal best of 60 seconds 1 in the first race and 6 seconds 68 in the second race.

4 month 2 dayTokyo Roku UniversityOpen participation in. The mark is 100 seconds 10 (+40) for men's 1.9m and 200 seconds 20 (+88) for men's 1.7m. However, with respect to the men's 100m, there was a problem in the race and they were re-partitioned, but without being aware of it, it was a re-race immediately after sprinting all the way to about 50m, so the race became exhausted.

4 month 29 dayOda Memorial・Mark 100 seconds 10 (-27) in the men's 2.5m final,Yoshihide KiryuOf the previous championshipCambridge Asuka(10 seconds 35) and so on was won. In addition, the winning time of 10 seconds 27 was the fastest time in Japan's history under the condition of a headwind of 1.5 or more, and if the strong tailwind within the official range is possible, it may have been in the 9 seconds range.[41].

March 5Golden Grand Prix Kawasaki・If you participate in the men's 100m, you will be in second place with 10 seconds 21 (-0.4) marked, even though there is an accident that will cause you to lose balance immediately after the start.Yoshihide KiryuとSani Brown Abdel HakeemJapan's top performer got a lot of attention in the first face-to-face confrontation with the champion (winner Justin Gatlin at 10:02)[42].

5月21日に東日本実業団選手権・男子100m準決勝で10秒08(+2.0)、決勝で10秒12(-0.6)をマークし、2レース続けてRio de Janeiro OlympicsExceeded the participation standard record (10 seconds 16). The 10s08 marked in the semi-finals was 4s10 for the first time in four years, and it was time to approach the personal best (0s10).[43].

Made on August 6Fuse Sprintに出場。1レース目は10秒23(-0.6)で2位となったが、2レース目では自己ベストを更新する10秒06(-0.5)をマークして優勝。この記録は日本歴代5位、向かい風の条件における日本歴代最高記録である[44].

6 month 25 day100th Japan Championship・In the men's 100m final, 10 seconds 17 (-0.3) was marked and second place,Cambridge AsukaI was defeated by a hundredth of a second. On the 100thCambridge Asuka,Yoshihide Kiryuと と も に2016 Rio de Janeiro OlympicsSelected for the Men's 100m Japan National Team.

Rio de Janeiro OlympicsMen's XNUM X mでは、予選で10秒20(-1.3)をマーク、8組2着となり準決勝に進出。準決勝では自己ベストを更新する10秒05(+0.2)をマーク、2組5着となり、0秒04差まで迫る[45]Missed the final advance[46].Men's 4 x 100m relayThen the Japanese team (Ryota Yamagata-Shota Iizuka-Yoshihide Kiryu-Cambridge Asuka), and set a new Asian record of 1 in qualifying, and advanced to the final in overall second place. In the final, he won the silver medal with 37nd place at 68 seconds 2, setting the Asian record for qualifying.

9 month 25 dayAll Japan Business GroupIn the men's 100m, he won the final with 10 seconds 03 (+0.5), which is his third best update of the season.


March 3Australia OfCanberraParticipated in the competition held in. Mark 1 seconds 10 (+06) in the first race and 1.3 seconds 2 (-10) in the second race. To be held in AugustWorld Athletics London GamesThe participation standard record of 10 seconds 12 was exceeded. It was the first time for a Japanese person to hit 1 seconds 2 times twice a day, and for the 10th time, it was the highest number of Japanese people, surpassing Kiru who was lined up.[47].

Due to the feeling of discomfort in my right ankle, I was making an entry on April 4Oda Memorial, June 5Golden Grand Prix Kawasaki, June 6Fuse SprintMiss. It was a return gameJapan ChampionshipFinished sixth in 10 seconds 39 (+0.6),World Athletics London GamesI missed out.

9 month 24 dayAll Japan Business GroupThen, he set a personal best and set a record of 10 seconds 00 (+0.2) to break the tournament record, and achieved the second straight victory.[15].

I had entered the 10m adult boy of the Ehime National Athletic Meet starting on October 6th, but I missed because of the meat on the back of the right thigh.


4 month 29 dayOda MemorialMarked 10 seconds 17 (+1.3) in the final,Cambridge Asuka(10 seconds 26) and so on, he won the first victory in two years.

5 month 20 dayGolden Grand Prix OsakaThen, in the men's 100m, 10 seconds 13 (-0.7) was marked, and Japan was in the second place (winner Justin Gatlin at 2 seconds 10). In the men's 06 x 4m relay,Rio de Janeiro OlympicsHe was one of the same members of Japan A team and won 1 seconds 37.

6 month 3 dayFuse SprintMarked 10 seconds 12 (-0.7) in the final,Shota Iizuka, Cambridge Asuka,Shuhei TadaIt was the first time in two years to win the championship.

6 month 23 dayJapan ChampionshipIn the final, he marked 10 seconds 05 (+0.6), which was a tie for the tournament, and won the championship for the first time in five years.

In 8 monthJakartaで開催されたアジア大会に出場した。8月26日の男子100m決勝では10秒00(+0.8)の自己ベストタイの記録をマーク、3位となり銅メダルを獲得した(1位は9秒92の大会新記録をマークしたSusoe)[15].. In the men's 8x30m relay final on August 4, the Japanese team (Ryota Yamagata,Shuhei Tada,Yoshihide Kiryu,Cambridge Asuka) For 1st run, marking 38 seconds, becoming 16st, and winning a gold medal of the same kind for the Japanese for the first time in 1 years.

On September 9rd, he marked 23 seconds 10 (+01) and won his third consecutive title. The number of cars with 0.0 seconds and 3 units became the highest for the Japanese in the 10th time.

Marked 10 seconds 6 (-10) at the Fukui National Athletic Meet final on October 58th,Yuki Koike(10 seconds 71) and so on, he won the first victory in two years.

This season, he was undefeated by the Japanese in all 19 races he participated in.[20], Extends the undefeated record against Japan since July 2017 to 7 races[48].


Due to his pneumothorax, he withdrew from the front line and abandoned the Japan Championship, which he planned to participate in.


6 month 6 dayFuse Sprint2021 Men's 100m Final (Tottori City-Yamata Sports Park Athletics Stadium)so9 seconds 95Mark a new record in Japan[6][4].

At the 6th Japan Championships in Athletics on June 26th, he finished 105rd in 10 seconds 27 and was appointed as the Olympic representative. On July 7st, he was appointed captain of the Japan at the Olympic Games in Tokyo.Through the JOC, Yamaken said, "I have appointed the captain of the Japanese national team at the Olympic Games held in my country, and I feel a great responsibility. It is a very difficult situation, but I think that what we should do remains the same. Hinomaru's pride With that in mind, I will do my utmost to comply with the Code of Conduct and deliver positive news to the people as a Japanese national team. "[49].

Athletics at the 2020 Tokyo OlympicsIn the men's 100m qualifying, he finished 10th in a group in 15 seconds 3 and could not advance to the semi-finals.[50].

Personal best

Wind speed (m/s) in parentheses. + Is a tailwind,-is a headwind.

100cm9 seconds 95 (+2.0)2021/6/6Japanese flag Tottori CityJapanese record
200cm20 seconds 41 (-0.5)2013/5/26Japanese flag 横 浜 市
4 x 100mR37 seconds 602016/8/19Brazilian flag Rio de Janeiro1 run
60cm6 seconds 622016/3/13Japanese flag Osaka

Annual record

TaiziIs a personal best. The record was at that time.

100cmwind speedRemarks200cmwind speedRemarks
(6th grade)
12 seconds 96
(1st year of junior high school)
12 seconds 39
(2st year of junior high school)
11 seconds 69+1.8
(3st year of junior high school)
11 seconds 24+1.822 seconds 30
(1st year in high school)
10 seconds 65+0.9
(2st year in high school)
10 seconds 56+1.921 seconds 59+0.9
(3st year in high school)
10 seconds 30+1.65th place in high school history Thailand20 seconds 81+1.15th place in high school history Thailand
(1st year university)
10 seconds 23+1.8Junior japan record20 seconds 62+0.0Junior Japan 4th place
(2st year university)
10 seconds 07+1.3Japan 4rd place Thailand
Japan student history 2nd place Thailand
20 seconds 66.
(3st year university)
10 seconds 11+0.920 seconds 41.7th in Japanese student history
(4st year university)
10 seconds 14+0.120 seconds 62+0.0
(1 year working adult)
10 seconds 36.20 seconds 89.
(2 year working adult)
10 seconds 03+0.5Japan 4rd place Thailand20 seconds 88+1.7
(3 year working adult)
10 seconds 00+0.2Japan 2rd place Thailand20 seconds 89+1.4
(4 year working adult)
10 seconds 00+0.8
(5 year working adult)
10 seconds 11+1.7
(7 year working adult)
9 seconds 95+2.0Japan new record[4]

Main battle history

Wind speed (m/s) in parentheses. + Is a tailwind,-is a headwind. The record was at that time.

Major international competitions

2009World youth championshipBressanone100m run4 bit10.80 (-1.2)
1000mR3 bit1:52.82 (2 runs)
2012OlympicUK100m runSemifinal 13th10.10 (+ 1.7)3 group 5 arrival
Qualifying 10.07 (+1.3) is the highest record in Japan in the Olympic Games, 4th place in Japan
4x100mR4 bit38.35 (1 run)Advancement due to disqualification in the United States
2013UniversiadeKazan100m run2 bit10.21 (+ 0.5)
4x100mR2 bit39.12 (1 run)
World championshipMoscow100m run22rd place in qualifying10.21 (-0.4)7 group 4 arrival
East Asian GamesTianjin100m run2 bit10.31 (-0.8)
4x100mRWin38.44 (1 run)New record
2014Asian GamesIncheon100m run6 bit10.26 (+ 0.4)
4x100mR2 bit38.49 (1 run)
2016OlympicRio de Janeiro100m runSemifinal 11th10.05 (+ 0.2)2 group 5 arrival
5th in Japan
Olympic Japan record
4x100mR2 bit37.60 (1 run)Japan new record
New Asian record
2018Jakarta100m run3 bit10.00 (+ 0.8)Japan 2rd place Thailand
4x100mRWin38.16 (1 run)

Japan Championship

201195th Japan Athletics ChampionshipsKumagaya100m run4 bit10.52 (-0.5)
200m run6 bit20.84 (0.0)
201296th Japan Athletics ChampionshipsOsaka100m run3 bit10.34 (0.0)
201397th Japan Athletics ChampionshipsChofu City100m runWin10.11 (+ 0.7)
201498th Japan Athletics ChampionshipsFukushima100m run2 bit10.27 (+ 0.6)
201599th Japan Athletics ChampionshipsNiigata100m runSemifinalsDNSQualifying 10.60 (+0.7)
2016100th Japan Athletics ChampionshipsNagoya city100m run2 bit10.17 (-0.3)
2017101th Japan Athletics ChampionshipsOsaka100m run6 bit10.39 (+ 0.6)
2018102th Japan Athletics ChampionshipsYamaguchi City100m runWin10.05 (+ 0.6)Tournament record thailand

Other tournaments

  • 2007 (middle 3)
    • All day100m qualifying, 4 x 100m relay
  • 2008 (High 1)
  • 2009 (High 2)
    • Hiroshima high school overall 100m championship (2 consecutive wins)
    • China high school overall 100m championship
    • National high school overall100m qualifying
  • 2010 (High 3)
    • Hiroshima high school overall 100m championship (3 consecutive victories), 200m championship (short-distance 2 crowns including the second relay)
    • China high school overall 100m, 200m champion (short-distance 2 crowns including the second relay)
    • National high school overall100m 3rd place / 200m XNUMXnd place
    • National bodyShonen A 100m championship
    • Japan Junior Championship100m win, 200m win
  • 2011 (Large 1)
  • 2012 (Large 2)
  • 2013 (Large 3)



  • The Yamagata family was Hiroshima City until their grandfatherNakajima TownCurrentLizard(Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park) By the side, on August 1945, 8Atomic bomb droppedAnd the great-grandfather died instantly[51][52].. GrandfatherMiyajimaToEvacuationI escaped the difficulty because I was doing, but immediately after I entered Hiroshima city and was exposed to the atomic bomb[51].
  • I belong to a sports business seminar at university, and my graduation thesis is "Considerations for Japanese sprinters to obtain a good competitive environment in the United States."[53].
  • I like fish and my hobby is sea fishing[1][12]..Judge the fish you caught yourself[1][12]..Especially when you are injured and have a hard time, it will be a change of pace.[1]..Another hobby is reading[1].. Music isQueen,Southern All Stars,Mr. ChildrenEtc. 90'sJ-POPListen carefully[17].


  • In 2011, he set a junior Japanese record of 100 seconds 10 (at that time) in the national 23m final, but I was flustered because I couldn't understand why I was out. At the next Japanese Junior Championship, which ran the same way, it ended in 10 seconds in 5 seconds and fell considerably.[54][55].
  • With Nobuharu Asahara at the Japan Athletics Federation training camp held in March 2012.Hirohiro TsuchieI got technical advice from him and it became a catalyst for the leap. Until then, Yamagata was a player who thought "start is life",Nobuharu AsaharaAlso recalled Yamagata at the time as a player with a distinctive start and a stall in the second half. However, at this training camp, I was told that the start was not all, and I was told that there is an intermediate sprint at 100m.[54][55].
  • 2012 Year of 4 MonthOda Memorial100m予選で10秒08をマークした時は自分でも驚いたが、8月のロンドンオリンピック100m予選で10秒07をマークした時は、自分でもなぜその記録が出たのか分析できていた。そのため、「9秒台もそのうちいけるだろう」「どんどん(9秒台と)言ってくれ」という気持ちで、周囲の高まる9秒台の声も苦ではなかった[53].
  • Since 2012, I've been so strict about myself and others that I'm asking for a full-fledged result, and when I was in the 3rd year, I sometimes had a hard time syncing during university practice. However, after the race in which he was injured after losing the qualifying at the 2013 Moscow World Championship 100m, Yamagata, who thought he would be blamed by others, was a kind word from his coach, including Koji Ito. I was very happy about this and thought, "It's a bit different to keep in touch with people."[53][54].
  • At the 2013 Moscow World Championships, he returned to Japan without participating in the 4x100m relay due to an injury, but before leaving the team, he left a letter to all members and staff to coach Koji Ito.[56].

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  • Seiko Holdings Corporate CM "TIME IT" (2019-) "Now, 140 years beyond." (2020-)
  • Dream Bed Serta, provided by bed mattress, CM appearance "Serta dark life starts from dark sleep" (2019-)


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