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⚾ | Summer High School Baseball Akita Tournament Lottery Special feelings for the tournament for the first time in two years


Summer high school baseball Akita tournament lottery Special feelings for the tournament for the first time in two years

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After the third round, when the venue will be only Komachi Stadium, it is a policy to include general spectators.

The summer high school baseball / Akita tournament, which will be held for the first time in two years, will start on the XNUMXth of next month.The combination lottery was held. XNUMX ... → Continue reading

 AAB Akita Asahi Broadcasting

This is a news account of the AAB Akita Asahi TV station in Akita Prefecture.
Politics, economy, sports, events in the prefecture, etc.
We will tell you various information about Akita.

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Akita Prefectural Baseball Stadium

Akita Prefectural Baseball Stadium(Akita Inu) isAkitaAkita CityShinya (commonly known asMukaihama)It is inBaseball field. Nickname isKomachi Stadium..The facility is owned by Akita Prefecture and is an affiliated organization of the prefecture.Akita Prefectural General Public Corporation Designated administratorThe operation is managed as.

A white film roof that imitates rice grains and a festival that represents Akita that covers the back of the net of the main stand.LanternIt is a stadium with four lighting towers that have the image of.


In Akita cityAkita City Yabase Sports Park Baseball Stadium (currently PRESTO Yabase Stadium)(1941Completion) andAkita Prefectural Handprint Stadium(1950There is a baseball stadium (completed), and a bill stadium[1] As a baseball stadium to replace1974After the completion and opening of Akita Prefectural Stadium, both were used in official amateur games such as working people, universities, and high schools in the prefecture, and at Yabase Stadium.Professional baseballThe official game was also held.However, all of them have deteriorated and equipment deficiencies have become conspicuous, and since they are built on a narrow site, they can be expanded on a large scale.Night gameSince it was difficult to add lighting equipment for the building, there were voices requesting relocation and new construction.

Although the prefectural stadium was less than 30 years old, there were many problems such as poor maintenance compared to Yabase stadium, so the prefecture relocated the prefectural stadium and newly officially professional baseball. We have decided to build a new baseball stadium with facilities that can hold battles.The old prefectural stadium is2002It was closed and demolished, and the site wasAkita Prefectural BudokanIt became the construction site of.On the other hand, Yabase Stadium is still in existence while undergoing renovation work.

The current prefectural baseball field2003Completed in March in the Mukaihama Sports Zone about 3m west of the old stadium.At the same time as the move, the facility name changed from "Akita Prefectural Stadium" to "Akita Prefectural"wildThe name was changed to "ballpark".The nickname "Komachi Stadium" was decided by open recruitment. "Komachi" isYuzawaBe transmitted toOno KomachiLegends about birth and special products of the prefectureRice"AkitakomachiIt is named after.Like the old prefectural stadium and Yabase stadium, Komachi Stadium is used for official games such as working people, universities, and high schools in the prefecture, and is the largest baseball stadium in the prefecture that represents Akita Prefecture in both name and reality.

In this way, 10 years have passed since the stadium was opened, but since it was confirmed that metal pieces had fallen in May 2016, a detailed investigation was conducted in June of the following year, and as a result, night games were caused by sea breeze and rainwater. Corrosion was found in the equipment, and repair work will be carried out from June 5.[2]..In addition to this work, the membrane roof repair work for the spectators' seats and the ground repair work (turf replacement / soil replacement) will also be carried out.As a result, the official game of professional baseball will not be held in 2018. 2018May 8,12 daysToEastern LeagueOfficial gameTohoku Rakuten Golden EaglesversusHokkaido Nippon-Ham FightersIt was announced that the war would be held.

The official professional baseball game has been held at Komachi Stadium from Yabase Stadium since the 2003 season when the stadium opened.The first official gameMay 6 OfCentral LeagueOfficial gameHiroshima Toyo CarpversusChunichi DragonsThe 15th round (the same card was used on the 22nd of the following day, and both races were won by Hiroshima. Both are day games).On the same day, HiroshimaMaeda SatoshiIs ChunichiMasashi HiraiHe hit the first home run in the stadium.Night game opening is the same yearMay 7 OfYakult SwallowsversusYokohama Bay StarsThe 17th round (the same card on the 13th is a day game. Both games were won by Yakult).

また2006May 7-9 daysTokyo Yakult Swallows vs.Hanshin TigersTwo consecutive battles were held, and the Tigers played an official game in Akita for the first time in 2 years, and in the same yearMay 9ToYomiuri Giants(Giants) The 21st round of the Chunichi Dragons was held.The giant played an official game in Akita prefecture1951May 8Akita Prefectural Bill Baseball Stadium (currentlyAkita University Baseball Stadium)soOcean WhalesIt was the first time in 55 years since I played against.However, the match was 10-2 and Chunichi won overwhelmingly, and the giant ended up with a black star in his home game in Akita for the first time in 55 years.

on the other handPacific LeagueThe official game was in 2006Tohoku Rakuten Golden EaglesHas held the first official game in Akita since the foundation of the team in two consecutive games.2009FromIwateMorioka OfIwate Prefectural Baseball FieldOne game is held every year in the form of two consecutive battles with (2 was canceled in the rain. Other details will be described later), but the sponsored card in Akita was not held in 1/2009.

Main episode

The only official professional baseball game at the former prefectural stadium

Before the completion of Komachi Stadium, professional baseball was held at Yabase Stadium as mentioned above.19905 of the monthLotte OrionsversusKintetsu BuffaloesThe two consecutive games were held at the old prefectural stadium.This is an alternative measure because Yabase Stadium was closed for one year due to renovation work in the same year.In 2, it was the only time that professional baseball was held at this old prefectural stadium.

Reorganization of the ball world, Rakuten and Akita Prefecture

2004,Tohoku regionFor details on the background of the new entry of the baseball team based inProfessional Baseball Reorganization Problem (2004)See.

At firstMiyagiSendai cityNew baseball team based inSendai Livedoor PhoenixAnnounced the idea of ​​establishingLive doorPresident'sTakafumi Horie(At that time) stated, "I would like to consider setting up the second army base of the new team in Akita."He suggested that Komachi Stadium could be used as a baseball stadium for the second army and a local game stadium for the first army.Following this, a new team based in Sendai, "Tohoku Rakuten Golden EaglesAnnounced the establishment concept ofRakutenPresident'sHiroshi Mikitani"I want to use the 6 prefectures of Tohoku as my home ground. I want to play several games of the new team in Akita," and expressed his intention to hold official games in Komachi Stadium and other parts of Tohoku.

It was the latter Rakuten that made the entry.Rakuten side immediately, the next2005Aiming to hold the official game in Akita Prefecture, we offered the media companies in the prefecture the offer of the entertainer at the time of the official game.Cards are pairedOrix BuffaloesIt will be a battle and the date will beMay 7(Tuesday. NextMay 7 TheIwate Prefectural Baseball Field) Was set.However, from the Akita prefecture side, "Already another card (Yakult SwallowsversusYokohama Bay Stars) Is scheduled to be held, and it is difficult to have two cards a year. "Akita TV), "Weekday night games have no record of holding, and there are many unknowns about profitability and ability to attract customers" (other companies), so we decided not to hold it because we could not obtain consent.For this reason, in 2005, Rakuten's official game started in Miyagi prefecture, where it is based.Tohoku regionAlthough it was held in 4 prefectures, it does not have facilities suitable for holding professional official games.AomoriIt was not held in these two prefectures in Akita prefecture.

However, in Akita Prefecture, the long-awaited theory of holding the official game was becoming stronger because the official game of Rakuten was not held even though there was a Komachi stadium.In response to this, the Rakuten side said, "The next day, when the representative of Jun Yoneda visited Akita City in the fall of the same year.2006Even if the local side cannot find an entertainer during the season, we would like to hold an official match by the team's voluntary entertaining. "Thus 2006May 8-May 8In addition, as the prefecture's first official match sponsored by RakutenChiba Lotte MarinesTwo consecutive battles sponsored by Rakuten Baseball Team,Akita Satoshi ShinpoAkita Asahi BroadcastingIt will be held with the support of.However, because there was no local entertainer, most of the management had to be managed by the team, and due to lack of PR, the number of paying visitors was 8 on the 7,069th, 9 The number of mobilization was disappointing at 9,024 on the day, and the match also allowed Lotte to win consecutively with 2-5 and 5-11.

Rakuten is2007In the season as well, negotiations were held with the local entertainers to hold the official match of the 4st Army in the 1 prefectures of Tohoku except Aomori Prefecture, but no agreement was reached in terms of profitability.In addition, since there are concerns about profitability of holding the event by voluntary entertainment, Akita Prefecture, Aomori Prefecture, etc. will be held by the end of January in the same year.YamagataDecided not to hold the official match of the 3st Army in the XNUMX prefectures2008However, the event was postponed in Akita.

2009May 7, For the first time in 3 yearsSaitama Seibu LionsThe battle was organized, and after the same year, the management format was jointly sponsored by the Rakuten Baseball Team and Akita Asahi Broadcasting.Although it was hit by heavy rain on the day, the organizer took measures to wait for the weather to recover and hold the event forcibly, opening as planned and letting the spectators enter the stand.However, the ground was in poor condition such as floating rainwater, and it was judged that it would be difficult to hold the event because the rain stopped and the rain legs became stronger, so it was canceled at 6:12 pm.After the cancellation decision, Rakuten director'sKatsuya Nomura"I'm sorry for the players and the customers who have been waiting because there is no reason to be able to (match). It's the first time I've been a professional for 50 years. I'm only thinking about making money." To reveal the frustration of director SeibuHisanobu Watanabe"It's the first time I've been here for more than 20 years. (While waiting for the start) I can complain at the scene, but fans can't do that," he sympathized with the local fans.

2010May 8Held inHokkaido Nippon-Ham FightersThe 18th round was held in Akita for the first time in four years.Rakuten won the match 4-4 and scored their first victory in Akita in the sixth season of the team's founding.

2011After that, one game a year until 2017 (Iwate Prefectural Baseball Field(As one of the two consecutive games), Rakuten-sponsored games are being held.Of these, the 2 event will be held in the same city of Akita due to the above-mentioned construction and access problems.Akita City Yahashi Athletic Park Hardball Baseball FieldChanged to (PRESTO Yabase Stadium)[3][4][5] However, there was a problem with the safety aspect of the PRESTO Yabase Stadium (the place where the ball-proof net was planned to be temporarily installed), so it was decided to be held as a night game at Komachi Stadium on the same day.[6].

May 2020, 5 for the first time in three yearsHokkaido Nippon-Ham FightersThe match was scheduled to be held, but the match was canceled due to the spread of the new coronavirus infection.

Yakult and Akita Prefecture

Akita TVAt Yabase StadiumChiba Lotte MarinesAlthough it hosted the war, the company has been hosting the game since the completion of the stadium in 2003.Tokyo Yakult SwallowsIt came to hold a battle.This is Yakult's key stationFuji TelevisionIt is said that having a capital relationship with the company has an effect.Also, Yakult is from Akita City.Ishikawa MasanoriThe pitcher is enrolled, and he was also from Akita City before.Yuya KamataThere is also a connection that the pitcher was also enrolled.The card is usually organized in two consecutive games on Saturday and Sunday, with night games on Saturday and day games on Sunday.

Akita Television is a Yakult baseball team every year to coincide with the Yakult game.Circle K ThanksIn collaboration with Kamada and Ishikawa, the motif is Yakult's main players.Box lunchHe is showing a positive attitude toward attracting customers, such as planning.However, in 2009, the team sideMay 7(Tuesday)·May 7Against (Wednesday)Yomiuri GiantsAlthough I was asked to hold two consecutive night games on weekdays,National High School Baseball Championship Akita TournamentIt turned out that it overlapped with the holding time of, and the adjustment on the Akita side side was also unsuccessful, so the holding was postponed, and the first day of these two consecutive battlesFukushima Prefectural Azuma Stadium, The second dayMeiji Jingu StadiumIt was changed to the irregular schedule of.

2010 isMay 7-May 7The Chunichi Dragons match was held on Saturday and Sunday in two consecutive matches.As usual, the game will be a night game on the 2rd and a day game on the 3th. In the 4th round on the 3rd, starting pitcher Ishikawa made a good pitch, such as scoring 10 goals in the middle of the 7th inning, and in the 2th round on the 4th.Aoki NobuchikaHas achieved a total of 1000 hits, the fastest in the Central League history.

2012 isMay 5-May 5To Saturday and SundayYomiuri GiantsThe war was held. In the 13th round on the 8th, the giant won 5-1 and in Akita Prefecture, he won for the first time in 61 years (the 12th round on the 7th was a draw).

2013 isMay 8-May 8To Saturday and SundayYokohama DeNATwo consecutive battlesDusk starting at 17:00 on both days (quasi-night game)Held in Akita Prefecture on the 11thHoneyHeld the opening ceremony.Also, from the same year, from Akita prefectureTaishi IshiyamaPitcher andFujita TaiyoThe pitcher is enrolled in Yakult, Ishiyama pitched on the 10th (after throwing one inning in the top of the 11th inning, and then a goodbye wins behind it to win the pitcher), and Fujita pitched on the 1th.

2014 isMay 6Against saturday巨人The war was held.Next dayMay 6The card was scheduled to be held on Sunday, but it was canceled before the match due to bad weather.

2015 isMay 5-May 5Two consecutive battles against Chunichi Dragons on Saturday and SundayDay game starting at 13:00 on both daysIt was held in.

In 2016, the Giants match was held on Saturdays and Sundays on July 7nd and 2rd. The night game was held on the 3nd and the day game was held on the 2rd.

For the two years of 2017 and 2018, the official Yomiuri Giants match was not organized, but in 2, the Yomiuri Giants match was held on Saturday and Sunday, June 2019th and June 6th for the first time in three years.

Hiroshima Toyo CarpThere is no record of the match against as of 2019.The Hiroshima baseball team is a competing station in Akita Prefecture.Akita BroadcastingCo-sponsored by Yabase Stadium (until 2002) and Komachi Stadium (2003). In 2002, the Yakult game was organized, but it was canceled in the rain.

Attract professional baseball all-star games

2011May 8, Akita Prefecture and Akita City are joint names, "2014 OfProfessional baseball all-star gameI want to invite you to our stadium. "Japan Baseball OrganizationSubmitted to the Executive Director of (NPB).May 9IsNorihisa SatakeThe governor stated, "I request that the festival be held in conjunction with the National Cultural Festival to be held in Akita Prefecture."In response, NPB said, "It has not been decided whether or not to hold a local event."Then the same yearMay 10,Hiroo IshiiMember of the House of Councilors[7] And Governor Satake,HozumiMayor of Akita visited NPBRyozo KatoI submitted a request for an all-star event to the commissioner.House of Councilors Ishii commented, "All-stars have never been held in Akita. I want them to be held with priority so that they will be memories of the lives of children."

However, this request did not pass, and the 2014 All-Star Game was the first round.Seibu Dome, Round 2Hanshin Koshien StadiumMade in.

Professional baseball fresh all-star game held

September 2012, 9, NPB2013Professional baseballFresh all-star gameAnnounced to be held at this stadium[8]..The match was held on July 7th.Fresh all-star games held in the Tohoku region2008Yamagata Zao Takamiya Hotels Stadium (currently: Sonai Bank, Nissin Pharmaceutical Stadium Yamagata =Yamagata baseball field) This is the second time since.
The match isEastern LeagueRepresentative from Akita prefectureKimura YutaThe pitcher held down the last two innings with no runs, and all Easterns won 2-7.Kimura was selected as one of the Outstanding Player Awards.Also from Akita prefectureTaishi IshiyamaWas also scheduled to participate,Mazda All-Star Game 2013Was elected to, so insteadTakeaki TokuyamaParticipated in[9].

Facility naming rights

Akita Prefecture will be with our stadium in the spring of 2008Akita Prefectural General Pool,Akita Prefectural Oga AquariumAbout 3 facilities of (GAO)Facility naming rightsDecided to recruit sellers of (naming rights)May 3からMay 5We recruited up to.In each case, the contract period is 3 years, the annual contract amount is set to 1,000 million yen for GAO, 500 million yen each for Komachi Stadium and general pool, and it is a condition that "GAO", "Komachi Stadium" and "Pool" are included in each name. However, no applicant company appeared by the deadline for all three facilities.The person in charge of the prefectural general affairs section who was in charge of the recruitment said, "The amount was decided by referring to the example of other prefectures. I do not know the cause whether the fee was too high or it was a condition to incorporate the nickname. I explained.

In response to this, the prefectureMay 5The "Advertising Business Review Board" was held in Tokyo to reexamine the application conditions, and although the company visited the company for re-recruitment, the reaction of the company was sluggish due to the economic downturn, and the facility was eventually re-examined by the end of the same year. The introduction of naming rights has been suspended.

After that, in May 2010, the examination work was resumed for the sale of the naming rights, but the sale destination did not appear, and the sale plan has not been materialized for all three facilities (as of January 5).

Equipment outline

  • 2003 Year 3 Month completed
  • Ground area: 14,397m2
  • Both wings: 100m, Mid-size: 122m
  • Backstop: 20m
  • Infield: Black soil, Outfield: Natural turf
  • Scoreboard: Magnetic reversal type
    • During the winter closure period from 2011 to 12, the count display was changed from "SBO" to the international standard "BSO".
  • Night game lighting equipment: 6 units (4 steel towers, 2 membrane roofs installed)
    • Between captures: 2400Lx, infield: 2000Lx, outfield: 1200Lx (variable illuminance)
  • Capacity: 25,000
    • Uchino: 15,000 people (individual seats with backrest, individual seats, bench seats)
      • For a while after the opening, seats were often handled as S seats (individual seats with backrest), A seats (individual seats), and B seats (bench seats) from the back of the back net toward both outfields. In recent professional baseball games, the lower tiers of individual seats are sold as S seats, and the upper tiers of individual seats are also sold as B seats, so they are not always unified.
      • The individual seats have an orange color scheme on the first base side and a yellow color scheme on the third base side (see the photo above).It is said that the image colors of both teams are used in the design with the wish that "someday, a" traditional battle ", the Giants vs. Hanshin Tigers, will be held at this stadium."[10].
    • Outfield: 10,000 people (lawn seats)
    • Wheelchair space: 40 seats
    • There are two stand entrances, the main entrance in front of the stadium (behind the net) and the back entrance in the outfield (behind the back screen).Since the infield and outfield passages are connected, you can enter both stands from either entrance.
  • In the front lobby, there is an exhibition about professional players from Akita prefecture and the winning schools of high school baseball.

Reference ・ Old prefectural stadium

  • Completed in 1974, closed in 2002
  • Both wings 97.5m, mid-sized 122m
  • Infield: Sat, Outfield: Natural turf
  • Capacity: 12000
  • Night game lighting equipment: None
  • Scoreboard: Panel type



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