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⚾ | Ichinoseki Gakuin decides the combination of Ofunato and the first match of the summer high school baseball Iwate tournament


Ichinoseki Gakuin decides the combination of Ofunato and the first match summer high school baseball Iwate tournament

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The tournament will be held at three stadiums: prefectural, Hanamaki, and Shinkin Moriyama Stadium (Kanegasaki Town).

The XNUMXrd National High School Baseball Championship Iwate Tournament (sponsored by the Prefectural High School Baseball Federation, etc.) will be held on the XNUMXth at the Tonan Culture of Morioka City. → Continue reading

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Shinkin Moriyama Stadium

Kanegasaki Town

Kanegasaki Town(Kanegasaki) isIwateSouthwestern inlandIsawa DistrictBelongs totown..The town name "ke" is capitalized.



Population distribution of Kanegasaki, Iwate, Japan.svg
Population distribution by age in Kanegasaki Town and the whole country (2005)Population distribution by age and gender in Kanegasaki Town (2005)
Purple-Kanegasaki Town
Green-All over Japan

Changes in the population of Kanegasaki Town (corresponding area)
Ministry of Internal Affairs and CommunicationsStatistics Bureau CensusThan

Looking at the population change from the previous survey from the 27 national census, it was 2.63 people, a 15,895% decrease, and the rate of change is 33th among 6 municipalities in the prefecture.

Adjacent municipality


Ancient timesToYamato Imperial Court OfEzo conquest,Role of the last nine years,The role of the next three yearsIt becomes a battlefield such as中 世Isawa District LordMr. KashiwayamaLived in Obayashi Castle and ruled the Isawa region.The early modern periodToDate clanAs the northern limit townNanbu DomainWas bordering.


  • 1889(Meiji22 years)May 4 - Municipal systemWill be enforced.
    • Nishine Village and Mikajiri VillagemergerThen,Isawa DistrictKanegasaki Village is established.
    • Nagaoka Village and Sakae Village merged to form Nagaoka Village, Isawa District.
  • 1925(Taisho14 years)May 9 --Kanegasaki Village enforces the town system and becomes Kanegasaki Town, Isawa District.
  • 1954(Showa29 years)May 10 - Kitakami City(Former part of Aisari Village) will be incorporated (currently Kanegasaki Town Rokuhara area).
  • 1955(Showa30 years)May 3 --The former Kanegasaki Town and Nagaoka Village merged to form the new Kanegasaki Town.Establish a town emblem.[1]
  • 2007(Heisei19 years)May 10 --Unified the town name on the administrative notation from "Kanegasaki Town" to "Kanegasaki Town".


Wide area administration

Financial institution

Agricultural cooperative-Co-op




The main industry of the town is agriculture, but the development of the industry is also remarkable.The largest in Iwate prefecture in the townIndustrial park(Iwate Chubu (Kanegasaki) Industrial Park). The shipment value of manufactured goods in 2018 was about 6,123 billion yen, which is the first in Iwate prefecture (Iwate Prefecture Survey and Statistics Division "Industrial Statistics Survey Results Report").this isTohoku regionAmong the cities, towns and villages in the whole areaSendai city,Iwaki,Koriyama,Taiwa Town, Kurokawa DistrictIt is the fifth number after.

Main offices

post office

  • Kanegasaki Post Office (Collection and Delivery Office)
  • Rokuhara Post Office
  • Nagaoka Post Office
  • Rokuhara station square post office

Sister city/friendship city




Commercial facility

With the Aeon Supercenter Kanegasaki store and Big House Kanegasaki store at the core, restaurants, pharmacies, convenience stores, etc. are concentrated along Route 4.


  • National Health Insurance Kanegasaki Clinic
    • National Health Insurance Kanegasaki Hospital established in 19672007(Heisei19 years)May 6It was opened as the National Health Insurance Kanegasaki Clinic.
    • Clinical department: Internal medicine, surgery, gynecology, dentistry, pediatric dentistry


primary school

  • Kanegasaki Municipal Kanegasaki Elementary School
  • Kanegasaki Municipal Daiichi Elementary School
  • Kanegasaki Municipal Mikajiri Elementary School
  • Kanegasaki Municipal Nagaoka Elementary School
  • Kanegasaki Municipal West Elementary School

Junior high school

high school

Vocational school


Railway line

Transit Bus


National Route 4

License plate

  • AutomotiveLicense plateIt is,Local numberIsHiraizumiRegistered with a number (in addition to Oshu City, Ichinoseki City, Hiraizumi Town).


Sights and historic sites

Museum facility


  • Kanegasaki Fire Defense Festival
  • Kanegasaki Sakura Festival
  • Child horse warrior procession
  • Kanegasaki Marathon
  • Summer festival
  • Kanegasaki Town Agricultural Festival
  • NagaokaSomin Festival
  • Asparagus Harvest Festival
  • Owan Grand Prix
  • Kanegasaki Fortress Hinamatsuri

Specialty/Special product


  • Sengaishi Onsen
  • Nagaoka Onsen Yume no Yu
  • Kanegasaki Onsen Komako no Yu
  • Midori no Sato Michinoku Castle Ruins Hot Spring

Sports team

Famous people


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