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⛳ | Hinako Shibuno, whose road to the Olympics has been cut off, feels like "I will live hard at this moment"

Photo Image: Hinako Shibuno Official Instagram

Hinako Shibuno, whose road to the Olympics has been cut off, feels like "I will live hard at this moment."

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The selection of representatives for the Tokyo Olympics has ended at this tournament, and the Japanese golf women's representatives have been confirmed by Nasa Hataoka and Mone Inami.

On the 28th, professional golfer Hinako Shibuno updated her Instagram to describe her feelings after the tournament. ... → Continue reading

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Inemi Moning

Inami Moning[1](Mr. Inami,1999May 7 -) isTokyoToshima wardNative Japanese girlProfessional golferIs. AffiliationTsuzuki Electric[2].Japan Wellness Sports UniversityStudent[1].2020 Tokyo Olympic Golf competitionsilver medalWas won.


Amateur age

Start golfing at the age of 9 with family recommendations[3].

"Kanto Elementary School Golf Championship" (2012)[3], "Kanto Junior High School Golf Championship Spring Tournament" (2014)[3], "East Japan Women's Public Amateur Golf Championship" (2015)[3],Ai Facial Tunagu Hime National Athletic Meet(72nd National Athletic Meet) Golf competition” (Women/Individual = 2017)[4].. In 8, which was the best 2015 again,Japan Women's Amateur Golf Championship"[3]Has passed the top of the qualifying round and has become a medalist[5].

As a main result in professional games during the amateur age,Yamaha Ladies Open Katsuragi(2015)Japan Women's Professional Golf Association(JLPGA) Tour first appearance (Qualifying omission)[6].. afterwards"Chukyo TV Bridgestone Ladies Open(2015 = 10th Thailand)[7],Golf 5 Ladies Pro Golf Tournament(2015 = 11th Thailand)[8],Hisako Higuchi Mitsubishi Electric Ladies Golf Tournament(2016 = 8th place Thailand[9]2017 = 19th Thailand[10]) In eachLow amateurEarned. We also achieved a hole-in-one at the 2016th hole on the first day of the 5 Golf 8 Ladies Pro Golf Tournament.[11].

From "Chukyo TV Bridgestone Ladies Open" in May 2015 to "Hisako Higuchi Mitsubishi Electric Ladies Golf Tournament" in October 5, he has passed the qualifying round for nine consecutive JLPGA tours as an amateur.[12].. This record will be the 4th tie in history[Note 1].

Japan Wellness High SchoolIn the ageJGAWe have entered the national team (first half of 2016, second half of 2017, 2016).Neighbors Trophy Team Championship, Participated in the "Toyota Junior Golf World Cup" in the same year[3].

After entering the professional

After graduating from high school in 2018, entered the JLPGA final protest and passed the first challenge (20th place Thailand)[13], JLPGA 90th generation[1].. The third qualifying tournament (QT) A district 44th place did not advance to the final in the same year[14].

Member of Tsuzuki Electric since 2019[15]Studied under Masaaki Okushima even before the start of the season[16].. In the same year, it started at QT ranking 103[17]JLPGA tour appearance of only 7 games, "1st re-ranking[Note 2]I’m in 14th place[18]Qualified for the midfield of the tour[17].. July of the same yearCentury 21 Ladies Golf TournamentIn the tour for the first time[19].. Eventually ranked 13th in the annual prize money ranking and achieved his first seed[20].. In the same year, the paron rate[Note 3]Marked 1, the first place in history[21].. In December of the same year, Japan Golf Tournament Promotion Association (GTPA) "Rookie of the Year"Shibuno Hinako,Kawamoto Yui,Erika HaraAwarded with[22].. Furthermore, he received the JLPGA Award "New Face Award"[23].

2020 isImpact of COVID-XNUMXDue to the delay in the opening, it was a combined season with 2021 and in October of the same year.Stanley Ladies Golf TournamentInBae Sung Woo(South Korea),Saki Asai(Kosugi CC) Won the playoffs and won the tour for the first time in 1 year and 3 months.[24].

2021 is the second round of resuming the seasonMeiji Yasuda Life Ladies Yokohama Tire Golf TournamentOn the 3rd day, he took the lead and dropped the score on the final day due to the strong wind.Kana Nagai(Denso), But after Nagai made a bogey in the third hole of the sudden death display off, he saved the par and decided the victory, and won the tour third victory.[25]..Two weeks laterYamaha Ladies Open KatsuragiThen, he went around the two days of the final round with 2, and on the final day when he started 66 strokes behind the lead, he was in the lead for 3 days.Mimu Yamashita(Kaga Electronics) Was turned over with a birdie on the 18th hole and won a come-from-behind victory with a total of 12 under, and won the 4th tour with a bonus to update the tournament record.[26].. ContinueFuji Film Studio Alice Women's OpenThen on the last dayCherry blossom,Eri Okayama(bothNitoriFrom the battle for the lead with (affiliation), it became a playoff with a small celebration lined up with 5 unders, and in the second hole of the playoff, a birdie of long putt was decided and the small celebration was shaken off, and the tour's fifth victory in the second consecutive week victory Listed[27]..Then two weeks laterFuji Sankei Ladies ClassicThen, he played stable golf on the final day when he came out in 1nd place with 2 stroke difference, and won the 2th tour with a total of 3 unders, which is 12 strokes behind 6nd place Mimuyu Yamashita.[28]..Three weeks after Fujisankei Ladies, at the Chukyo TV Bridgestone Ladies Open, on the first day of the two-day competition due to bad weather, the JLPGA tour took the most 2 birdies in one round, and the minimum stroke number of 1 holes was "13" and the tour tie record When you hit the score of 18 under and take the lead[29]On the final day, he scored the 15th win of the tour (2th win of the season), which extended to 7 unders with stable golf and greatly separated the 6nd place and below.[30]..In just a few months, the world ranking has risen significantly, and as of June 6, he was ranked 28th, the second Japanese player, and was selected as the Tokyo Olympic Golf Japan National Team player.[31].

Tokyo Olympics Women's Golf held from August 8 (Kasumigaseki Country Club In Par71), after tying 70th at 16 on the first day, he ranked first with a good score of 2 on the second day.Nelly Korda(The United States of America)と6打差の6位タイ、3日目は68で3位タイに浮上、首位コルダとの差も5打差に縮め、最終日首位を猛追、17番ホール終了時点で首位コルダに一旦は並んだものの、18番で2打目をグリーン手前バンカーに打ち込み同ホールボギーとし同日65、通算-16で終了。次の組で周ったコルダがパーだったため、Lydia Ko(New Zealand), It became the second place tie.For this reason, it was a ranking playoff with Lydia Ko according to the competition regulations.In the playoffs, Inami made the first 2th hole a par, and then Ko removed the par putt and won the silver medal, which is the first Olympic golf medal for both men and women as a Japanese player.As a result, the Japan Women's Professional Golf Association will give a medal reward of 18 million yen and a 1,000-year JLPGA tour seed right (which can be exercised within 5 years from 2022).[32][33].

The tour after the Tokyo Olympics will be in late AugustNitori Ladies Golf TournamentOn the final day, he started 3 strokes behind the lead, scored 67 and won a come-from-behind victory with a tournament record of 16 under, scoring his 8th victory in total on the tour.This victory is also the 2020th victory of the 21/7 season, and 1 or more wins in one seasonImmovable Yuri[Note 4],Lee Bomi,Suzuki AiIt became the fourth grandeur in history after[34]..Furthermore, the 9th in SeptemberJapan Women's Professional Golf ChampionshipThen, he turned 64 on the final day, showed golf without a chance to hit 3 unders only on the third and final days, and when it was over, he won the tournament record with 15 unders and won the first major domestic tournament.And eight wins of the season became the record-breaking victory since Yuri Fudoh in 19.[35].


Tour winner

JLPGA Tour (9)

No.DateTournamentScoreDifference from second place2nd place (Thailand)
12019/7/28Century 21 Ladies Golf Tournament-9 (68-69-70 = 207)1 strokesJapanese flag Reina Aoki
Republic of Korea flag
22020/10/11Stanley Ladies Golf Tournament[Note 5]−5 (72-67 = 139)play offJapanese flag Saki Asai
Republic of Korea flag Bae Sung Woo
32021/3/14Meiji Yasuda Life Ladies Yokohama Tire Golf Tournament-6 (68-66-76 = 210)play offJapanese flag Kana Nagai
42021/4/4Yamaha Ladies Open Katsuragi-12 (70-74-66-66 = 276)1 strokesJapanese flag Mimu Yamashita
52021/4/11Fuji Film Studio Alice Women's Open-5 (72-69-70 = 211)play offJapanese flag Cherry blossom
62021/4/25Fuji Sankei Ladies Classic-12 (67-67-67 = 201)3 strokesJapanese flag Mimu Yamashita
72021/5/23Chukyo TV Bridgestone Ladies Open[Note 6]−15 (61-68 = 129)6 strokesJapanese flag Momoko Osato
82021/8/29Nitori Ladies Golf Tournament-16 (70-66-71-67 = 274)1 strokesRepublic of Korea flag Zenmei Tei
92021/9/12Japan Women's Professional Golf Championship-19 (70-70-65-64 = 269)4 strokesJapanese flag Mao Saigo


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注 釈

  1. ^ Yuka Yasuda goes to qualifying for 10 consecutive gamesAccording to (GDO), he is in third place for nine consecutive games, but after thatAma Yasuda's consecutive qualifying record stop was also a "good experience"As in (Sanspo), Yuka Yasuda extended the record to 10 games, so Inami's record is 4th place tie.
  2. ^ About introduction of reranking system to 2018 LPGA tourAs shown in, the TP registrants other than the seed players will be qualified for participation according to the winnings up to the Earth Mondamine Cup.
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  4. ^ Yuri Fudoh has won more than seven wins for the second consecutive year in 2003 and 2004.
  5. ^ Typhoon No. 2 for 14 yearsThe second day was canceled due to the influence of, and it became a shortened competition.
  6. ^ Due to bad weather, the first day was canceled and it became a shortened competition.


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