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🏓 | Waseda University, last time queen defeated 8 strong, also disappeared last time 4th place Seigaku University <Incare, 2nd round girls>


Waseda University, last time queen defeated 8 strong, also disappeared last time 4th place Seigaku University <Incare, 2nd round girls>

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Eight games of the second round of the women's group final tournament were held, and the previous Queen's Aichi Institute of Technology lost to Waseda University 2-8 and disappeared.

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Waseda University

Waseda University(University, universityEnglish: Waseda University) IsTokyoShinjuku wardTotsuka Town104-chome XNUMX (Shinjuku wardNishi WasedaHeadquarters located in 6-chome 1-XNUMX)Japan Ofprivate university.1920Was installed in.Abbreviation of university TheWaseda University(Yes).


Whole university

Ohte Shigenobu Political change of the XNUMXth year of MeijiEstablished after Shimono byTokyo CollegeIs a four-year university whose predecessor is[1].1920(Taisho9) at a private university in JapanKeio UniversityAt the oldest stage withUniversity decreeIt became a university based on (For details, seeOld universityreference).2019At the time, 10Academic InstituteUnder13 faculties-25 Graduate School (Graduate School)Has installed[2]..International exchange is thriving, especiallyAsiaForeigners fromStudentsThere are many.

Shigenobu Okuma is one of the representative politicians of the Meiji era,The United KingdomSince it was designed with a university centered on the style of political economy as a model, the Faculty of Political Science and Economics was designated as the faculty of signage.Faculty of Political EconomyMany graduates are active in fields such as publishing, newspapers, and literature, as well as producing many human resources in the political and business worlds.British educational magazine "Times Higher EducationIn the 2017 Japanese version ranking by 』, it was certified as the first private university[3].

Waseda University has been at Tokyo Senmon Gakko since its days.Ministry of Education"Specially licensed school rules"Vocational school ordinanceHas received the earliest approval as a private university by the university ordinance.It is a school that has led the formation of the education and research fields of the modern Japanese nation in various fields such as political science, law, literature, commerce, science and engineering, pedagogy, art, and sports.Private school maleIt is often positioned as the highest peak of private universities.[4].

Alumni AssociationIs called the Tomonkai, and there are more than 1300 organizations registered with the Waseda University Alumni Association, which is one of the leading in Japan.ScholarshipIt has become.

Building spirit

1913(Taisho2 years) President at that timeOhte ShigenobuBecomes the predecessorTokyo CollegeWaseda University declared its doctrine at the celebration of the 30th anniversary of its founding.

The basic principles are "independence of learning," "utilization of learning," and "creation of model people."

Waseda University

Waseda University aims to establish a university by achieving academic independence, making effective use of academics, and creating a model citizen.

At Waseda University, with the independence of scholarship as its main purpose, Yuki mainly focuses on free research, always strives to study originality, and hopes to supplement the scholarship of the world.

Waseda University will study science as a science with the purpose of utilizing academics, and will take the path of actually applying it, thereby contributing to the progress of the times.

Waseda University respects individuality as a loyal subject of the Constitutional Empire, develops a family, benefits the national society, and fosters a personality that can be widely active in the world, with the aim of creating a model citizen. Expect things.

Waseda University's teaching isSanae Takata,Tsuyouchi,Tamano Amano,Kenkichi Ichishima,Kazutami Ukita,Matsudaira YasukuniEtc. drafted it, and Shigenobu Okuma reviewed it and announced it.

Postwar (1949), The 14 letters of "as a loyal subject of the Constitutional Empire" are "not suitable for a new constitution proclaiming sovereign residents."[5] Was removed from the doctrine ascampusRegarding the words and phrases engraved on the monument of "Waseda University doctrine" in the book, "It is rather subordinate to the purpose of the monument to preserve it as it is as a historical document to know the transition of thought."[5] It was not scraped as.Currently, the stone monument has been relocated to the left outside the main gate so that anyone can see it freely from outside the university.[6].

Founding ancestor Guido Verbeck

"What gave the most direct basic inspiration to the founding of Waseda University"Guido FrubeckiIs.Without Verbeck, Waseda University would not have existed, and even if it was built, it would, of course, be terribly different in form and spirit. "Shigenobu OkumaNagasaki OfSaga Domainschool"ChienkanI learned English from Verbeck.Teaching materialsNew Testament,Declaration of American IndependenceAnd so on. "Drafted the United States Declaration of IndependenceJeffersonTo the United StatesDemocracy OfPoliticsIt is necessary to educate adolescents in order to carry outUniversity of VirginiaWas founded.I founded Waseda University with the same idea as Jefferson, "said Verbeck as" No Okuma without Verbeck, no Waseda University without Okuma. "Founding ancestorIs praised.

Origin of the university name

Waseda University was founded on October 1882, 15 (Meiji 10).Tokyo CollegeIs the predecessor.Initially, the villa of the founder Shigenobu OkumaTokyoMinamitoshima-gunWaseda VillageIn addition, the school building is in the same countyTotsuka VillageIt was called "Waseda School" and "Totsuka School" by the people concerned, but it was finally named "Tokyo Senmon Gakko". Around 1892, it came to be called "Waseda School" as another name for a vocational school.After that, on September 1902, 9, with the promotion from a vocational school to a university, the place name of Waseda represented by Okuma was taken and renamed to "Waseda University" (before the revision of the common kanji, "rice" was , "Waseda University" was used instead of "old", and "Waseda University" was used. The old font is still used for the diploma at the time of graduation).


(The main source of the history section is the official website[7])

1882 years(MeijiFounded by Shigenobu Okuma in 15)Tokyo CollegeIs the predecessor.After that, the name was changed to Waseda University in 1902 (Meiji 35), and in 1920 (Meiji XNUMX).TaishoOn February 9, the establishment of a university was approved based on the university ordinance (this is the first private university together with Keio University).[8]).

Chronological Table

  • 1781 (first year of Tenmei) -The 8th feudal lord of the Saga domainHarushige NabeshimaIs a Confucian scholarSeiri KogaOrdered to the clan school "HirodokanWas established.
  • 1844 (first year of Koka) -Waseda University founderOhte ShigenobuEntered Kodokan.
  • 1856 (3rd year of Ansei) -Shigenobu Okuma enrolled in the Dutch school dormitory.
  • 1865 (first year of Keio)- Verbeck, Shigenobu Okuma, Saga Clan School in NagasakiChienkanEstablished.Learn English from Verbeck.
  • December 1881 (Meiji 14)- Political change of the XNUMXth year of Meiji.
  • 1882 (15th year of Meiji)
  • 1883 (16th year of Meiji)
    • May-Lecturer, teacher, student joint social gathering, large athletic meet,AsukayamaHeld in (Sports dayBeginning of)[14].
    • September-Established a preparatory course (Training period1 year).Renamed the Department of Political Science and Economics to "Department of Political Science".Abolish the science departmentDepartment of Civil EngineeringSettings.
  • 1884 (17th year of Meiji)
    • June-Formed a student group "Doshukai".
    • July-The first graduation ceremony was held.
    • September-Renamed the Department of Political Science and Economics to the Department of Political Science.
  • 1885 (18th year of Meiji)
    • June-Councilors,KandaRejected the relocation plan.In addition, it was decided that the law abolition plan would continue.
    • September-Established a high school (later graduate school).Stop recruiting students for the Department of Civil Engineering.
    • 12 month - Alumni AssociationFormed[15].
  • 1886 (19th year of Meiji)
    • 1 month - Azusa OnoDied.
    • 5 month - Off-campus student systemWaseda and published "Waseda Lecture Record".Later when joining the armyKakuei TanakaWas also one of the out-of-school students.
    • August-Private Law School Special Supervision Ordinance Regulations.
    • September --The undergraduate system was enforced and the names of the Political Science, Law, and English departments were changed to Political Science, Law, and English, respectively.Training periodIs extended to 4 years.
  • 1887 (20th year of Meiji)
    • May --The red brick large auditorium was completed with the donation of Shigenobu Okuma (LibraryMoved to the 1st floor of the auditorium).
    • September --Political lecture, renamed Tokyo Vocational School Publishing Bureau (Waseda University PressPredecessor).
  • 1888 (21th year of Meiji)
    • 3 month - Five major law schoolsParticipate in the Union Grand Debate[16].
    • June-Abolition of undergraduate system and high school with the promulgation of the Ministry of Education Ordinance "Specially Approved School Regulations".Training periodEstablished a 3-year political department, law department (judiciary department = first law department), administrative department (second law department), English department, and Shuei department.
  • 1890 (23th year of Meiji)
  • 1891 (24th year of Meiji)
    • April-The 4st Pseudo Diet is held.
    • September --Revived the three-faculty system of the Faculty of Political Science, the Faculty of Law, and the Faculty of Letters.
    • May - "Waseda Literature] First issue.
  • 1893 (26th year of Meiji)
    • August-Held a traveling academic lecture in collaboration with alumni associations around the world.
    • 9 month - Graduate SchoolNewly established (Training period2 years).
    • 12 month - Ministry of JusticeUpon notification, the school will be designated by the Ministry of Justice, and the law department will be eligible to take the examination for the appointment of a judge.
  • January 1894 (Meiji 27) --The Alumni Association decides the first 1 alumni to be selected.
  • April 1895 (Meiji 28)-Waseda Club (predecessor of the physical education club) was established.
  • 1896 (29th year of Meiji)
    • January-Waseda Law Society was established.
    • November-Waseda Bungakukai was established.
  • 1897 (30th year of Meiji)
    • February-Enacted physical education club rules.
    • March --Established Waseda Society and published the journal "Waseda Gakuho".Shichitokudo (gymnasium) opened.
    • July-Shigenobu Okuma attends the 7th anniversary celebration[Annotation 1].
  • 1898 (31th year of Meiji)
    • 6 month - Second Okuma CabinetEstablished (total resignation in November).
    • September-New Department of History established in the Faculty of Letters.
    • November --The Governor of Tokyo approves the incorporation of Tokyo Vocational School.
  • 1899 (32th year of Meiji)
  • 1900 (33th year of Meiji)
  • 1901 (34th year of Meiji)
  • 1902 (35th year of Meiji)
  • 1903 (36th year of Meiji)
  • 1904 (37th year of Meiji)
  • 1905 (38th year of Meiji)
    • 4 month - Baseball clubDeparted for the first US baseball team as a Japanese baseball team under the leadership of Isoo Abe (26 races, 7 wins, 19 losses, returned to Japan in June).
    • September-Established Qing Dynasty International Student Department (closed in 9).
    • Former director of Gakushuin UniversityMitsuaki TanakaThan"TributeKomoto Souyoshi ”Volume 59 1 (National treasure) Donated[20].
  • 1906 (39th year of Meiji)
    • 2 month - Toa Dojinkai(Chairman Shigenobu Okuma), Tokyo Dojin Pharmaceutical School (Principal)Kazuichiro Okada) Is set up on the campus of Waseda University.
    • November --The Soukei baseball game was canceled due to overheating of support (revival in 11).
  • 1907 (40th year of Meiji)
    • April-Abolished the principal / school supervision system and adopted the president / president system.President Shigenobu Okuma (honorary position)Sanae TakataThe president takes office.
    • 10 month - school songEnactment (lyrics:Soma Mifu, Composition:Togi iron flute).Shigenobu Okuma,University groundsAnnounced donation of land owned by.The statue of Okuma (first generation) was erected.
    • November --Opened Waseda Dojin Clinic attached to Tokyo Dojin Pharmaceutical School.
  • 1908 (41th year of Meiji)
    • February --Announcement of recruitment of 2 million yen for the second expansion fund to establish science and engineering departments and medical departments.Purchased 150 tsubo under Anahachiman (currently part of the Toyama campus).
    • April-Fifth Higher Preparatory Course (Science and Engineering) Launch.
    • May-Given 5 yen from the imperial family for the second expansion plan.School organizationFoundationAnd
  • 1909 (42th year of Meiji)
    • July-Determined policy to prioritize science and engineering and postpone medical science in the second expansion plan.
    • September-University Department of Science and Technology, Department of Mechanical Engineering, Department of Electrical Engineering opened.
  • 1910 (43th year of Meiji)
    • May-Established an off-campus education department.
    • September-University Department of Science and Technology, Department of Mining and Architecture.
  • 1911 (44th year of Meiji)
    • 5 month - Waseda Technical SchoolOpened school.Completion of the Onshi Memorial Hall.
    • November-Completion of science and engineering drafting class and laboratory.Political Society (student group) established.
    • Abolished Tokyo Dojin Pharmaceutical School and attached Dojin Clinic.Current students千葉,Kanazawa OfMedical CollegeTransfer to
  • 1912 (45th year of Meiji/TaishoFirst year)
  • 1913 (Taisho 2th year)
    • August 2- GrandchildVisits President Shigenobu Okuma[23].
    • October-Held a ceremony to commemorate the 10th anniversary of the founding, and established "Waseda University Teachings", school flag, ceremonial clothes, and ceremonial cap.
  • 1915 (Taisho 4th year)
  • 1916 (Taisho 5th year)
    • May-Renamed the 5st to XNUMXth higher preparatory courses to the XNUMXst, XNUMXnd, XNUMXrd, XNUMXth, and XNUMXth parts of the higher preparatory courses, respectively.
    • October-The second Okuma Cabinet resigned.As part of the Enthronement ProjectZenemon Konoike Koike BankJointly named with Tokyo Manager Junsaburo Akita and Jiro Harada (Gakuen School Guest) who was the director of KonoikeKaruizawaDonated 2 tsubo of land to Waseda University[24].
    • 12 month - Mrs. Okuma statue problemOccur.
    • Protestants (Tachigumi)[25] Mother school reform movement by.
  • 1917 (Taisho 6th year)
    • April-Higher Preparatory CourseTraining periodIs extended to 2 years.
    • 6 month - Waseda riotIs reported in the newspaper and becomes a public concern[26].
    • September-Innovation Team (Tamano AmanoA school gate occupation case occurred by a supporter).Established Department of Applied Chemistry, Department of Science and Technology, University.
    • November-Approved the resignation of the maintenance staff, Tameyuki Amano's lecturer and maintenance staff.
  • 1918 (Taisho 7th year)
    • 7 month - Tokyo tram Waseda bus stopOpened until.
    • October-To the president who has been vacant since September of the previous yearShiraro HiranumaIs inaugurated.Waseda University Supporters Association established.
  • 1919 (Taisho 8th year)
    • January-Started recruiting university funds (target amount: 1 million yen).
    • 2 month - People's AllianceFormed.
    • April --The Department of Literature is divided into three majors: philosophy, literature, and history.
    • 6 month - University decreeEstablished an implementation preparatory committee.
    • 11 month - Builders AllianceFormed (branch from the People's Alliance).
    • September 9-Application for approval to establish Waseda University in Tokyo Prefecture[27].
    • August 9-Official gazetteWaseda University Foreign Student New Year Recruitment[28].
  • 1922 (Taisho 11th year)
    • April-FounderOhte ShigenobuDied.Hibiya ParkFaculty and students attended the state funeral held in.
    • March-Higher preparatory course abolished.
    • April-Waseda High School 4st and XNUMXnd Department XNUMXst Waseda High School (Toyama) ・ Second Waseda High School (University campus).
    • December-The 11st RugbyEarly raceHeld (Mita Tsunasaka Ground, Early 0-Kei 14)[35].
  • 1923 (Taisho 12th year)
    • January-Formation of a cultural alliance (on-campus organization of the builder alliance).
    • March-Renamed the president / president system to an honorary president / president system and became an honorary presidentNobutsune OkumaTo the presidentSanae TakataInaugurated (May).The former Okuma House is named Okuma Kaikan.
    • April-Graduate school established.
    • 5 month - Waseda military affairOccur.
    • June-Laboratory overrun incident occurs (First Communist Party caseThe beginning).
    • 9 month - Great Kanto EarthquakeThe old auditorium collapsed.Established a legal counseling department and a building counseling department for the victims.
    • December-The 12st RugbyEarly battleHeld (Totsuka Stadium, Early 42 --Ming 3)[36].
  • 1924 (Taisho 13th year)
  • 1925 (Taisho 14th year)
    • 3 month - Vocational school ordinanceAbolished the university department by.
    • August-Waseda Vocational School is certified as equal to or higher than the high school university preparatory course.
    • 9 month - Tokyo Roku University Baseball FederationInauguration.From Seibu RailwayKitama-gunHoya VillageObtained about 25,000 tsubo of land (currently Higashifushimi Campus).
    • October-Resurrection of the Soukei baseball game (Totsuka Stadium).Library (currently Building No. 10), student hall, drafting classroom, Daiichi High School pool (Takaishi Memorial Pool)[37], Main gate completed.
  • 1926 (Taisho 15 /ShowaFirst year)
    • May-Opened Waseda University Student Co-op (the first branch of the Tokyo Student Co-op).
    • October-Completion of Laboratory / Laboratory (Building No. 10), Faculty of Science and Engineering.
  • 1927
    • 1 month - Mt. Ooyama IkuoDismissal of professor (Mt. Ooyama case).In the libraryYokoyama Taikan-Kanzan ShimomuraThe mural "light and dark" is installed.
    • 10 month - Okuma AuditoriumWas completed.Completion of Waseda Publishing Department office.A department manager is assigned to each department of the specialized department.
  • 1928
  • April 1929 (Showa 4) --- Opposition to the dissolution of the eloquence, a demonstration requesting student autonomy occurred.
  • October 1930 (Showa 5) --The Soukei baseball game ticket incident occurs.
  • 1931
    • May-Completion of the Faculty of Letters school building (former Building No. 5, dismantled in 8).
    • June-Japan's first at Totsuka StadiumtelevisionSuccessful experimental broadcast.The sixth cheering song "Azure Sky" in the Waseda-Keio match (lyrics :, composition:Yuji Koseki) For the first time.
    • The old school building of the Faculty of Letters was relocated to the Higashi-Fushimi Athletic Field and became a training camp for each physical education department (used until 1988 under the name of Greenhouse).[39].
  • 1932
    • April-The number of elective courses will be greatly increased due to the revision of the school rules.The one-year preparatory course of the higher normal department will be abolished and the three-year main course will be changed to a four-year system.
    • May-Baseball club withdraws from Tokyo Big5 Baseball League (returns in September).
    • October-Held a ceremony for the 10th anniversary of our founding.Statue of Shigenobu Okuma(2nd generation, current one) and Sanae Takata statue erected.
  • 1933
    • 1 month - Rugby club, Achieved the first national domination (garden, Waseda 27-3 Doshisha)[40].
    • March --Announced the 3th anniversary commemorative project (announced renovation of old school building and establishment of Central Research Institute, Faculty of Science and Engineering).
    • April-Completion of the headquarters school building (former Building No. 4 south side, dismantled in 3).
    • November-Budokan opens.
  • April 1934-Completion of the government and law school building (former Building No. 9 north side, dismantled in 4).
  • 1935
    • April-Industrial management department is newly established in each department of the Faculty of Science and Engineering.Established an extracurricular lecture department.
    • 6 month - Specialized department・ Completion of the Higher Normal School Building (currently Building No. 1).
    • Removed the gate pillars and gates from the front entrance of the university (becomes a gateless gate).
  • 1936
    • July-Completion of Higashifushimi Pool.
    • September --Completion of Applied Chemistry Laboratory, Faculty of Science and Engineering.
  • 1937
    • 4 month - Helen KellerI visited the school and gave a lecture entitled "The World I Live in" at the Okuma Auditorium.[41].
    • September-Completion of the laboratory of the Faculty of Science and Engineering.
  • 1938
    • 3 month - KansenenAcquired.
    • April-Established the Department of Arts in the Department of Philosophy, Faculty of Letters.Established Department of Applied Metals in Faculty of Science and Engineering.Established a special Toa major (only for 4 years).
    • June-Adopted a 6-year-old retirement age system for teachers (implemented in 70).
    • October-Held the 10th anniversary of Shigenobu Okuma's birth.Completion of the Faculty of Commerce school building (former Building No. 11, dismantled in 2006).Founding of Foundry Research Institute[42].
  • April 1939-Four female students enter the faculty for the first time.Specialized departmentOpened the engineering department.
  • 1940
    • January --Resignation of Professor Sokichi Tsuda, Faculty of LettersTsuda case).
    • Summer --Established the Faculty of Science and Engineering Research Institute (currently the Research Center for Science and Engineering).
    • Autumn-Toa Legal Research Institute established in the Faculty of Law.
    • October-Established a student training department.
    • November --Established Koa Economic Research Institute (currently Asia Pacific Research Center).
    • December-The Hokoku monument was erected (removed in 12).
  • 1941
    • April --Renamed Kodaira Rensei Dojo to Kurume Dojo, Higashi-Fushimi Dojo to Higashi-Fushimi Dojo, Totsuka Stadium to Totsuka Dojo, and Daiichi High School Athletic Field to Toyama Dojo.
    • August --Formed Waseda University Bulletin Corps.
    • October-Waseda Technical SchoolYouth schoolIt is recognized as a school equal to or higher than.
  • 1942
    • April-Opened Department of Telecommunications, Faculty of Science and Engineering.Established National Physical Training Department in Higher Normal School.
    • October-Completion of integration of the athletic club into the student training department.
  • 1943
  • 1944
    • March --The Koa Institute for Research in Humanities was established by integrating the Koa Economic Research Institute and the Toa Legal Research Institute.
    • 4 month - Specialized departmentAnd the commercial department of the vocational school was renamed to the management department (returned to the old name after the war).Specialized departmentEstablished Department of Aircraft, Department of Telecommunications, and Department of Mining Geology in the Department of Engineering.
  • 1945
    • 5 month - Pacific WarUnderAir raidOkuma Kaikan, Onshi Memorial Hall, Daiichi High School (Toyama), etc. were burnt down.
    • August-due to the end of the warStudent mobilizationRelease.
    • October-Reopened student hall.
    • November-Resurrection of the athletic club.
    • December-Resurrection of the Alumni Association.The Department of Aerodynamics and the Department of Aircraft in the Department of Mechanical Engineering, Faculty of Science and Engineering were abolished, the Department of Petroleum Engineering was renamed to the Department of Fuel Chemistry, the Department of Engineering and Aircraft in the Specialized Department was renamed to the Department of Transportation Machinery, and the Department of Aircraft at Waseda High School of Technology was abolished.
  • 1946
    • February --Renamed Koa Institute for Research in Humanities to Institute for Research in Humanities.
    • April-of the 4st and XNUMXnd High SchoolTraining periodBoth are set to 3 years.The Department of National Physical Education of the Higher Normal School was renamed the Department of Physical Education, and the Department of Social Education was newly established.
    • May-Enacted school rules including presidential election rules,Koichi ShimadaBecame president (September).Board of directors,Student associationApproved the establishment of.
    • October-Addition of newspaper department to the Faculty of Political Science and Economics.
  • April 1947 (Showa 22)-Students' Union is established.
  • 1948
    • April-was in exile in the United StatesMt. Ooyama IkuoReturn to work.Specialized departmentEstablished the Department of Autonomous Administration in the Department of Political Economy.
    • July --Applied to the Minister of Education for approval to establish the new Waseda University.
    • November-Waseda Technical School closed.
  • 1949
    • March --The old system 3st and 1nd Waseda High School is closed, and the current students are transferred to the 2st and XNUMXnd year undergraduate students of the new university.
    • 4 month - School reformAlong with,New systemWaseda UniversityInstall[43]..New systemWaseda University High SchoolOpened school.Stop recruiting students and students from the old system of faculties, specialized departments, higher normal departments, vocational schools, and high school.Established a physical education department.
    • May-Revised "Waseda University Teachings" and deleted "Loyal subjects of the Constitutional Empire"[6].
    • 7 month - Takadanobaba Station-Between the front gates of the universitySchool busOperation starts.
  • 1950
    • August-Held the first social education course in Hokkaido and the Tohoku region.
    • October-Waseda University incident occurs.
  • 1951
    • 2 month - School reformAccompanySchool corporationOrganizational change approval to[44].
    • March-Held the graduation ceremony for the last of the old faculties and the first of the new faculties.
    • April --Abolished the old high school and vocational school.Established a new system, Waseda University Graduate School 4 Graduate Schools (Master's Program).
    • October-Old systemSpecialized department, Abolished high school.
  • 1952
    • April-Established a physical education bureau by integrating the physical education association and the physical education department[45].
    • May-"May 5 Waseda Incident" occurs.
    • October-Completion of the common classroom school building (currently Building No. 10).
  • 1953
    • May-Established a doctoral program at the graduate school.
    • July-Dispatched the first overseas students after the war.
    • November-The 11st Unified Waseda Festival is held.
  • 1954
  • 1955
    • February --Launch of special selection system for foreign students.
    • April-Opened Okuma Memorial Institute of Social Science.
    • November-Completion of the Alumni Hall (in Okuma Garden).
  • 1956
    • February --Established Production Research Institute (currently Asia Pacific Research Center).
    • 8 month - Higher CollegeMoved to Kamishakujii, Nerima-ku.
    • October --Completion of Radioisotope Laboratory (Research Institute of Science and Engineering).
  • 1957
    • March-Enacts rules regarding honorary doctors[47].
    • October --The memorial hall is completed. (1964 Tokyo Olympics OffencingUsed as a competition venue)
  • 1958
    • March --Waseda University Publishing Department abolishes correspondence lecture record business.
    • 4 month - Comparative lawEstablished a laboratory.
    • May-Established Okuma Memorial Academic Award and Azusa Ono Memorial Award[47].
  • 1959
    • July --Established Language Education Laboratory (currently Institute for Research in Language Teaching).
    • October --Established an electronic computing room (currently Media Network Center).
  • 1960
  • 1961
    • March --Renamed the Graduate School of Engineering to the Graduate School of Science and Engineering.
    • April --Stop recruiting students for the Second Faculty of Science and Engineering.Renamed the Department of Mining of the Faculty of Science and Engineering 4 to the Department of Resource Engineering.
    • September-Completion of the second common classroom (Building No. 9).
    • 11 month - Tamano AmanoHeld the XNUMXth anniversary of birth.
  • 1962
  • 1963
    • April-Established International Department.
    • July --Reorganized the Okuma Memorial Institute of Social Sciences into the Institute of Social Sciences.
    • 12 month - Waseda Business SchoolBecomes a affiliated school.
  • 1964
    • April-Established a new science department (mathematics, biology, and earth sciences) in the Faculty of Education.Addition of physical education specialization to the education department.
    • 12 month - Tozai LineWaseda StationOpening of business.
  • 1965
    • April-Second Faculty of Law and Second Faculty of Commerce stop recruiting students.Established the Department of Physics in the Faculty of Science and Engineering.
    • June-Published "Waseda University History Report".
    • 10 month - Waseda struggleOccur.
  • 1966
    • April-Second Faculty of Political Economy stops recruiting students.Faculty of Social ScienceInstalled.Second Faculty of Political Economy stops recruiting students.Established Faculty of Social Sciences.The 2st Faculty of Literature will be changed to 18nd class and 2 majors, and the 7nd Faculty of Literature will be changed to XNUMXnd class and XNUMX majors.
    • November-Completion of new construction of Building No. 11 and extension of Building No. 15.
  • 1967
    • February-Completion of Building 2 (Faculty of Education).
    • April-Okubo Campus (currently:Nishi-Waseda Campus) Is completed, and the XNUMXst and XNUMXnd Faculty of Science and Engineering are relocated.
    • Okuma GardenOpen to students.
  • April 1968 (Showa 43) --The Second Faculty of Science and Engineering was abolished, and the First Faculty of Science and Engineering was renamed the Faculty of Science and Engineering.Established Student Counseling Center.
  • 1969
    • February-University problem study group established.
    • August-Completion of Oiwake Seminar House (currently Karuizawa Seminar House).
    • September --Completion of Hosho Laboratory Building (Building No. 9).
  • 1970
    • April-The Second Faculty of Literature abolishes the classification of Class I and Class II and expands the literary major.
    • September --Changed the display of the building / school building.
    • November-Held the 11st Homecoming Day.
  • April 1971 (Showa 46) -Faculty of Literature 4 abolishes the classification of Class I and Class II.Established the Ancient Egypt Research Committee.
  • 1972
    • April --Renamed the Department of Telecommunications, Faculty of Science and Engineering to the Department of Electronic Communication.
    • June-Held a lecture and exhibition commemorating the 6th anniversary of the death of Shigenobu Okuma.
  • 1973
    • April --Renamed the Faculty of Political Science and Economics to the Faculty of Political Science and Economics, the Faculty of Law to the Faculty of Law, and the Faculty of Commerce to the Faculty of Commerce.Abolished the Department of Newspapers and Department of Autonomous Administration, Faculty of Political Science and Economics.The Department of Chemistry was added to the Faculty of Science and Engineering.Renamed the Department of Applied Physics, Graduate School of Science and Engineering to the Department of Physics and Applied Physics.
    • 5 month - Sukenaga MuraiThe president abduction case occurred[48].
    • July-Revision of school regulations (prohibition of three presidential elections).
  • July 1974 (Showa 49) --Established Industrial Management Research Institute.
  • April 1975 (Showa 50) --Started to solicit school bonds.
  • October 1976 (Showa 51) --Established the Waseda University Japan Foundation.
  • 1978
    • March-Started publishing "Waseda University 3 Year History" (completed in 1997).
    • April-Established Institute of Politics and Economics.Waseda University Vocational SchoolOpening school.
  • 1979
  • 1980
    • February-At the Faculty of CommerceIllegal entrance examIs discovered.Arrested and suicided by faculty and staff.
    • November-Completed the renovation work of the Second Student Hall.
  • 1981
    • April-Established extension center.
    • May --The Board of Trustees decides the site for the new campus as the Mikajima district of Tokorozawa City (currentlyTokorozawa Campus).
    • October-Completion of physical education and welfare facility (Building No. 10) (former Budokan site).
  • 1982
    • 4 month - Honjo High SchoolOpening school.
    • October-Held a ceremony to commemorate the 10th anniversary of our founding.Established sports merit commendation rules[47].
  • 1984
    • April-The department system is revived in the Faculty of Literature, and the Department of History establishes an archeology department.
    • December-Established rules for commendation for artistic achievements[47].
  • November 1985 (Showa 60) --Completion of the extension center building.
  • 1986
    • April-Waseda University Education Research Laboratory opened[49].
    • October-Completion of Matsushiro Seminar House.
  • 1987
    • 4 month - Tokorozawa CampusOpened.Faculty of Human Sciences・ Established the University of Human Arts and Sciences.Renamed the Department of Metal Engineering, Faculty of Science and Engineering to the Department of Materials Engineering.
    • 11 month - Abe Stadium(Former Totsuka Stadium) Closed.
  • 1988
    • April-Established Japanese Language Education and Research Center.Opened an open college.
    • October --Renamed Foundry Research Institute to Commemorative Materials Technology Research Institute[42].
  • 1989 years(Heisei11st year) November-Completion of Someya Memorial International Hall.
  • 1990
    • March --Completion of Okuma Garden House.Established Graduate School of Education.
    • April --Completion of Tokorozawa Sports Hall.
  • April 1991-Established Department of Informatics in Faculty of Science and Engineering.General Academic Information CenterIs open.Established Graduate School of Human Sciences.
  • 1992
    • April --Completion of Toyama Campus Library Building, Dining Room Building, and Pool.
    • November-Completion of the 11nd Research Building, Faculty of Letters, Toyama Campus.
  • 1993
    • March --Completion of the Science and Engineering Research Center Building and Research Building (Okubo Campus).
    • 7 month - Bill ClintonPresident of the United StatesVisit school.This was the first visit to a Japanese university by an active president.
    • November-Completion of Sugadaira Seminar House.
  • 1994
    • February --Completion of Okuma Kaikan and Hotel Building (headquarters offices moved from Building 2 to Okuma Kaikan the following month).
    • April-Established Graduate School of Social Sciences.Faculty of Education Department of Education Physical Education Specialization abolished. Sanae Takata Memorial Research Library opens in Building 4 (former library)[50].
    • December --Started Nishi-Waseda Campus maintenance plan (rebuilding of Buildings A, B, and C), and rebuilding of Building A (Building 12) begins.
  • June 1996-Established Media Network Center. (Transferred to Global Education Center (GEC) in April 8)
  • 1997
    • April --Renamed the Department of Electronics and Communication, Faculty of Science and Technology to the Department of Electronics and Information and Communication.
    • July --Established Asia Pacific Research Center.
    • December-High-tech research center completed.
    • Doshisha UniversityFormed a domestic mutual study abroad system and academic exchange system.
  • 1998
    • April --Renamed the Department of Resource Engineering of the Faculty of Science and Engineering to the Department of Environmental Resources Engineering, the Department of Materials Engineering to the Department of Material Development Engineering, and the Department of Mathematics to the Department of Mathematical Sciences.Graduate School of Asia Pacific StudiesInstalled.
    • May-In Building 5Aizu Yaichi Memorial MuseumEstablished[51].
    • June --Established International Information and Communication Research Center[52].
    • September --Reorganized the Education Research Laboratory into the Education Research Institute[49].
    • December-Established a comprehensive health education center.
  • April 2000-Established Graduate School of International Information and Communication Studies, Open Education Center, and Admission Center.Establish a comprehensive research organization and establish a system to open and operate a project research institute by professors[53].
  • 2001
  • April 2002-Shibuya Makuhari Singapore SchoolWaseda University affiliated Waseda Shibuya Singapore SchoolBecome[54].
  • April 2003- Faculty of Sports ScienceAlso, Correspondence Course, Faculty of Human Sciences, Graduate School of Asia Pacific Studies, Department of International Technology Management (Professional graduate schoolA), Graduate School of Public Management (Professional Graduate School), Graduate School of Information Production Systems (Kitakyushu) Is installed.Reorganized the Physical Education Bureau into a competitive sports center[45].Kawaguchi Art SchoolOpened.
  • 2004

basic data


In this way, since there are multiple campuses, the campuses are inter-campus.Connecting busIs set.Waseda Campus-Toyama Campus Main Gate-In front of Student Hall-Nishiwaseda Campus, Waseda Campus-Advanced Biomedical Science Center (Tokyo Women's Medical University(Jointly established with, located on the same university campus)-Nishiwaseda Campus, Waseda Campus-Nishiwaseda Campus-Honjo Campus, Tokorozawa Campus-Kotesashi Station, students and faculty members can use it free of charge.


School color

School color TheEnji(Shrimp brown).Baseball clubAsked the teacherUniversity of Chicago OfuniformWhen imitating, this color was introduced along with the chest character (so-called Waseda character).Harvard UniversityThe school color of is also Crimson Red (Enji).The school emblem is "the UniversityHanging on both sides of the characterRiceIs the motif.There are also faculty colors for each academic institute / faculty (Faculty of Political Economy The橙色,Faculty of Law Thegreen,Faculty of Commerce TheEggplant dark blue,Faculty of Education TheMagentaetc).

Okuma Auditorium

In 1927Koichi SatoIt is a building that is literally known as the face of Waseda University, completed by the design of.Waseda CampusThe official name is "Waseda University Okuma Memorial Auditorium".It is also written as "Waseda University Building No. 21" on campus.Important cultural propertyIt is a building that is also designated as.

Gothic RevivalInspired by British architecture in the midst ofTudor gothic styleとRomanesque styleIt is an eclectic architecture.

There was another symbolic building alongside the Okuma Auditorium called the Onshi Memorial Hall, but it was destroyed by air raids.


Shigenobu Okuma's long-cherished desire was to make the only hat in the world so that he could be recognized as a Waseda student wherever he went.Clothes store "TakashimayaI asked my husband, Yashiro.On the back of the mortarboard that was registered as a product with the emblem of Kim Mall, in addition to the first and last name and department name, the school seal is stamped and the words "Waseda students are different" are added, which also serves as identification. Served as a substantial status symbol[90][91].

"Gateless Gate"

From Waseda University1935Gate pillars and gates were removed in (Showa 10)[92], It became "Gateless Gate".According to the university, it symbolizes the founding spirit of making the university open and not rejecting those who want to study. Fully barrier-free in 2015[93]..However, the other name of Waseda University, "Tomon," remains the same at that time.

school song

Waseda University Song
  • The lyrics areSoma Mifu, CompositionTogi iron fluteAnd the 25th anniversary of the founding (1907) Was enacted.It is composed of No. XNUMX, and the phrase "Northwest of Waseda Waseda no Mori ni" at the beginning of the first lyrics is especially famous, so it is also called "Northwest of the capital".Waseda University itself is often referred to as the "northwest of the capital."The phrase "Saseda Saseda ..." at the end of each number is also particularly famous, and he was also a novelist and taught at the same university.TsuyouchiIs based on the idea of[94].Yale UniversityIt is said that it was made with reference to the melody of the student song "Old Yale". "Old Yale" itself was also in 1837The United KingdomThe song "The Brave Old Oak", which was popular in Japan, is said to be the original song, and it has been pointed out that the song "Hearts of Oak" in the 18th century may have its roots.[95].Doshisha UniversityThe college song has the same melody as the school song of Yale University, and has a strong relationship with Yale University.Ito HirobumiFirst generationPrime MinisterHas also received a PhD from Yale University and is also the firstBank of JapanPresident'sShigetoshi YoshiharaIs also from Yale University, and it is believed that Japan in the Meiji era had strong ties with Yale University.
  • At the 40th anniversary ceremony on October 1907, 10 (Meiji 21)Army Toyama SchoolMilitary bandIt was first shown by the brass band.
  • The lyricist Gyofu Soma is a poet who graduated from Waseda University.Miki Rofu,Noguchi UjoFormed Waseda Poetry Company with them.Colloquial free verseWas advocated.The composer Tetteki Togi is the predecessor of Waseda UniversityTokyo CollegeOriginally (dropped out)Waseda Junior High School/High SchoolAlso composed the first school song of.
  • It is a symbol of Waseda University and has long been said to be one of Japan's three major school songs.[Source required].
  • This college song is from an affiliated schoolWaseda University High School, Junior High SchoolandWaseda University Honjo High SchoolIt is also the school song of.Affiliated schoolWaseda Saga Middle School/High SchoolIs used under the name of "school song".
  • Waseda Business School"Northwest" of "Northwest of the capital" is just like the beginning of the school song of "Miyako Inui Waseda Naru"ä¹¾Represents (戍亥)day-monarch-(I.e.It symbolizes ("Kojien''Daijisen] Etc.)[96].
  • Before the enactment of "Northwest of the capital," the commemorative song "Glittering 35 bonfires" (lyrics: Tsubouchi Shoyo, song) was enacted at the Waseda University opening ceremony celebration in XNUMX.Kenshi Nagaiof"MasterWas treated as a school song[97][98].
  • The beginning of the third lyrics will be "Look at that" laterAShiko "[99] From "Look at thatOrIt was changed to "Shiko",AとA OfAlliterationThere is also criticism that it is an act that breaks alliteration and is never allowed.[100].

Waseda University cheering song

The sky of a rose
  • 1931(6)6Waseda University was established inCheer song..At the time of creation, it was the sixth cheering song, but now it is the first cheering song.The lyrics are by Haruo Sumi, and the composition isYuji Koseki.. at that time,Early raceWas winning in a rowKeio UniversityCheering song "Young bloodWas created as a cheering song to counter.
  • Support sectionFrom about thirty entries collected by recruiting lyrics fromEighty SaijoBy professorHigher Normal DepartmentHaruo Sumi's "Azure Sky" was selected for 3 years.Composed by a leader of the cheering club (a singer who had a close relationship with Koseki)Hisao ItoCousin[101])'S recommendation is his childhood friendNippon ColumbiaIt was left to the exclusive Koseki.
  • The beginning of the songSchubertSymphony "The Great』Similar toClassical musicIt has a good reputation among enthusiasts.
  • As a new cheering song for Waseda that overcomes the corona, "" with the motif of "Azure Sky" was born.

Combat March

  • 1965(40) A cheering song that appeared in the autumn match against Waseda-Keio.At that time, the cheering club was 4 years laterKagawaTonosho TownComposed by Yujiro Miki, who served as the head.The first in Japan to take the form of involving general students in cheeringChance themeAndCombat March』Has become synonymous with chance themes, and has been diverted to chance themes in many schools.

Great advance

A song devised as a song that can be used during an attack other than the combat march and timely march.Composed by Takeaki Kojima.It is an indispensable song for baseball support as a song that opposes Keio's "Assault Theme".

Mascot character

A cartoonist from our university to commemorate the 125th anniversary of our founding as the official mascot character of the university.Hirokane Kenshi"Waseda Bear" has been established by.The founder Shigenobu Okuma's "Kuma" was twisted into a "bear"bearIt is a character of, and various goods are also on sale. At the time of the student competition for the 2032th anniversary of its founding in 150, a group of female university students came up with the idea of ​​formulating a female version of Waseda Bear, "Waseda Bear".Although he missed the victory in the competition, he caught the eye of the university and asked Hirokane to formulate a female version. It was completed in March 2014, and the name was solicited for the July 3 issue of the public relations magazine "Waseda Weekly". , Approximately 7 applications, claiming to promote gender discriminationFeministThere is a backlash from the teachers, and it is "in storage"[102]..In addition, on the Toyama Campus, there is a "Bunkora" made to commemorate the 120th anniversary of the founding of the Department of Literature.TsuyouchiAnd wisdomSymbolフ ク ロ ウThere is a character such as "Showho" that combines[103]. Also,Waseda University Support ClubIn connection with the cheering song "Howling Waseda's Lion"LionThere is also the character "Wow Okun"[104].

Once the main character of manga anime "Fuku-chan"(Ryuichi YokoyamaWritten)College baseball OfEarly raceIt is typically used in such places, but it was often used as a support mascot for Waseda University.This is because Fuku-chan was wearing a mortarboard,1950It is said that it was realized when Yokoyama consented to use it around that time.However, in today's copyright compliance spirit, it is a thing of the past.

By the way, Keio's mascot was Mickey Mouse, but for the same reason it is a thing of the past.

Education, research and internationalization

Acceptance system for international students

From overseas in all facultiesStudentsIs accepting. As of May 2015, 5, 1 people learn from more than 90 countries and territories[105]..As of May 2014, 5, the number of international students accepted is the highest in Japan.[106].

Currently, we have set a goal of accepting 8000 international students.The active acceptance system for international students has been highly evaluated, and the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology's "Internationalization base maintenance business(Global 30) ”,Faculty of Political Science and Economics(Faculty of Political Economy),Faculty of Science and Engineering(3 faculties and 3 graduate schools), Faculty of Social Sciences (XNUMX faculties)Faculty of Social Science) Was selected[107].

By nationalityChugokuIncludingAsiaThere are many international students from the area. Aiming to be a "node institution for education and academic research in Asia", in academic research, "creation of contemporary Asian studies"[108]In terms of education, "a global human resources development base for regional integration in Asia (Conceptual diagram) ”, And ambitious efforts will be made.This attitude of emphasizing Asia has already been achieved by the founding spirit of "harmony and fusion of East and West civilizations."PrewarAt one point, 25% of current students were international students from Asia.

1996(8),Faculty of Social ScienceBecomes Waseda University's first full-time Chinese professorJie LiuWe actively invited foreign researchers other than language faculty members, and promoted the globalization of professors.The goal is to increase the ratio of foreign faculty members to 20% in the future.2004In (16), the "Faculty of International Liberal Arts" was established, where almost all faculty members teach in English.Tokyo Roku UniversityFor the first time, it became a faculty where it was possible to obtain a degree only by teaching in English.2010(22)9From now on, "International Courses" will be set up in 3 faculties and 3 graduate schools of the Faculty of Science and Engineering, which allow students to obtain a degree only by teaching in English (as part of the "Project for Establishing Internationalization Centers (Global 30)", politics. Also established at the Faculty of Economics and the Faculty of Social Sciences)[107].2014In TokyoNakano中 OfPolice collegeOn the siteNakano International Community PlazaWas opened, and it became one of the facilities where international students and Japanese students can live together and interact with each other.


Academic Institute

2004(16)9Since then, all faculties and graduate schools have been integrated into a unique organization of 10 academic institutes, and all faculty members of the faculties and graduate schools have also belonged to one of the academic institutes.University administration, such as on-campus decision-making, is also carried out on a faculty basis.Therefore, in this section, faculties and graduate schools are listed in units of academic institutions. "Waseda Universitygraduate SchoolIn the admission guide 2017 ”, in the following order,Graduate SchoolIs introduced.

Graduate School:Graduate School of Political Science,Graduate School of Economics,Graduate School of Law,Graduate School of Literature,Graduate School of Commerce, Graduate School of Science and Engineering, Graduate School of Creative Science and Engineering, Graduate School of Advanced Science and Engineering,Graduate School of Education,Graduate School of Human Sciences, Graduate School of Social Sciences, Graduate School of Sport Sciences, Graduate School of International Communication, Graduate School of Asia Pacific Studies, Graduate School of Japanese Language Education, Graduate School of Information Production Systems, Graduate School of Law, Graduate School of Accounting, Graduate School of Environment and Energy, Business Management Research Department.

Faculty of Political Science and Economics
School of Law
Faculty of Letters
Faculty of Education and Comprehensive Science
  • Faculty of Education
    • Department of Education
      • Educational major
      • Department of Primary Education
      • Lifelong Education Major
    • Department of National Language and Literature
    • Department of English English Literature
    • Social studies
    • Department of Science
    • Mathematics(Former Department of Science Mathematics) *2007Newly established
    • Department of Multidisciplinary Culture (former interdisciplinary course) * Newly established in 2007
  • Graduate School of Education
    • School Education Major (hereinafter referred to as Master's Program)
    • Japanese Language Education Major
    • English education major
    • Social Studies Education Major
    • Mathematics Education Major
    • Department of Basic Education (hereinafter referred to as the doctoral program)
    • Subject Education Major
  • Graduate School of Teaching (Teaching graduate school) *2008Newly established
    • Advanced Teaching Practice Major
Faculty of Commerce

(Newly established by integrating the Graduate School of Business, Department of International Management, Graduate School of Asia Pacific Studies, and the Graduate School of Finance, Waseda University, and the Night Graduate School)

  • Graduate School of Accounting (Professional Graduate School)
    • Accounting major
Faculty of Science and Engineering
  • Faculty of Science and Engineering
  • Faculty of Creative Science and Engineering
  • Faculty of Advanced Science and Engineering
  • Graduate School of Science and Engineering
  • Graduate School of Creative Science and Engineering
  • Graduate School of Advanced Science and Engineering
  • Graduate School of International Information and Communication Studies (GITS)
  • Graduate School of Environment and Energy
  • Graduate School of Information Production Systems
  • (Old) Faculty of Science and Engineering[110]
  • (Old) Graduate School of Science and Engineering[110]
Faculty of Social Sciences
Faculty of Human Sciences
Academy of Sport Sciences
International Academy
Affiliated institution belonging to the academic institute
  • Faculty of Political Science and Economics
    • Institute of Politics and Economics
  • School of Law
    • Comparative Method Research Institute
    • Legal Education and Research Center
  • Faculty of Education and Comprehensive Science
    • Education Research Institute
  • Faculty of Commerce
    • Institute of Commerce and Science
      • Industrial Management Research Institute
      • WBS (Waseda Business Finance) Research Center
    • Finance Research Center
  • Faculty of Science and Engineering
    • Institute of Science and Engineering Research Institute
      • Research Institute for Materials Technology
      • RIKEN
    • International Information and Communication Research Center
    • Environmental Research Center
    • Information Production System Research Center
  • Faculty of Social Sciences
    • Institute for Advanced Social Sciences
  • Faculty of Human Sciences
    • University of Human Arts and Sciences
  • Academy of Sport Sciences
    • Sports Science Research Center
  • International Academy
    • Asia Pacific Research Center
    • Japanese Language Education and Research Center

Another course

  • Japanese language specialization course

Museums and museum

Seminar house

A seminar house has been set up with the aim of conducting intensive and extracurricular lessons while living together, fostering relationships of trust between students and faculty members, and contributing to the formation of human relationships.

Affiliated organization

  • Waseda University Library -About 2012 million books at the top of private universities in 536, and in 2017Nihon UniversityIt holds about 2 million books, which is second only to[111].
    • Central Library-Collection of approximately 240 million books and 1 scholarly journals.There is also an international conference hall.
    • Sanae TakataMemorial Research Library
    • Toyama Library
    • Science and Engineering Library
    • Tokorozawa Library
  • Waseda University Institute of Advanced Studies
  • Independent center
    • Media Network Center
    • Open Education Center
    • Distance Education Center
    • Extension center
    • Environmental Conservation Center
    • University History Materials Center
    • 保健 セ ン タ ー
    • Hirayama IkuoMemorial Volunteer Center
    • Competitive sports center
    • Study Abroad Center
    • Research Strategy Center (former Waseda Business Site)
  • Research Organization, etc.
    • Research Organization (Project Research Institute)
    • Asian Studies Organization
    • Japan-US Research Organization
    • IslamArea Studies Organization
    • Japan-Europe Research Organization
    • Priority Area Research Organization
    • NanoScience and Engineering Research Organization (Nano Science and Engineering Institute)
    • Advanced Science / Healthcare Integrated Research Organization
    • IT Research Organization
    • Kobe Biotechnology Research and Human Resources Development Center (BT Center) Waseda University Asano Laboratory - 2010(22)May 7ToHyogoKobe City OfPort IslandEstablished as a medical research and development institution.
  • Extension center
    • Waseda School (Waseda Campus Building 29-2)
    • Nakano School (Nakano International Community Plaza 1F)
    • Hatchobori School (3-17-9 Hatchobori, Chuo-ku, Tokyo)- HatchoboriUtilized the former Keika Elementary School, which was closed downLifelong learningAt the facility2001Was installed in[112]..Offering courses of various genres to the general public[113].
      nearest station:Hatchobori Station

Related organization

Waseda University Press

Waseda University Publishing Department(University University)Waseda UniversityIn the publishing department of, he is engaged in a wide range of publishing activities, including the books of Waseda University faculty members.

1886Published "Lecture Record" in (Meiji 19)Distance learningIs the origin of this.The printing department at that time became independent, and then merged with Shueisha.Dai Nippon PrintingIt became.1935(Showa 10) Graduated from Tokyo Vocational SchoolJitsugyo no NihonshaWas founded and became presidentYoshikazu MasudaBecame the first president[114].. In addition,1986(61)10"Waseda University Press 100 Years Short History" (ISBN-4 657-86027-5) Has been published.University Press AssociationFrom the time of establishment2008He was a member until (20), but he is not currently affiliated. It publishes more than 2009 books a year, including the "Waseda University Academic Series" series, which began publication in 21.In November 50, we started publishing the "Waseda University Booklet <Thinking After the Earthquake>" series.

  • Waseda University Life Cooperative
  • Waseda University Division[Source required]
  • Campus Co., Ltd.


21st Century COE Program

Five cases were adopted from each field in 2002 and four cases were adopted in 5.

  • 2002
    Chemistry, materials science
    • Practical Nano Chemistry Education and Research Center
    Information, electricity, electronics
    • Productive ICT Academia Program
    • Comprehensive research on theater and establishment of theater science
    • Asian Regional Culture Enhancement Research Center
    Interdisciplinary, complex, new areas
    • Creation of contemporary Asian studies
  • 2003
    Mathematics, physics, earth science
    • Self-organizing physics consisting of multiple elements
    Machinery, civil engineering, architecture, and other engineering
    • Coexistence of human and robot technology in a super-aging society
    Social science
    • Building an open political economy system
    • Transformation of corporate society and creation of legal system

Global COE Program

Four cases were adopted in 2007, three cases in 4, and one case in 2008 from each field.

  • 2007
    Chemistry, materials science
    • "Practical Chemistry Knowledge" Education and Research Center
    Information, electricity, electronics
    • International Center for Ambient SoC Education and Research
    • International Education and Research Center for Theater and Video
    Interdisciplinary, complex, new areas
    • Global human resource development base for regional integration in Asia
  • 2008
    Machinery, civil engineering, architecture, and other engineering
    • Global Robot Academia
    Social science
    • Institutional Political Economy
    • Creation of mature civil society type corporate legislation
  • 2009
    Interdisciplinary, complex, new areas
    • Sports science that creates an active life

Private University Academic Research Advancement Promotion Project

In 2007, two new projects were adopted by the Faculty of Science and Engineering.

  • Graduate School of Advanced Science and Engineering, Department of Life Science and Engineering
    • Advanced research in medicine, science and engineering by system life science, integrated research in medicine, science and engineering for elucidation, diagnosis and treatment of pathological conditions
  • Graduate School of Science and Engineering
    • Mathematical research on numerical simulation, highly reliable massively parallel software platform research, environment-oriented material creation research, high-performance material device and system development research

Student life

Circle activity

At Waseda University2014At the time, officially recognized by the universityCircle groupIs about 560[115]..In addition, unofficial circles that have completed the minimum notification but do not meet the requirements for establishing official circles, and circles that call themselves "Waseda University Circles" (named "Unreported Organizations" at Waseda University). ) Exists[116].

Organizations that have been certified by the university will be given a club room in the student hall, receive activity subsidies, preferentially allocate space for opening stores during the new festive season, and can use various facilities of the university under the name of the circle. You can receive treatment.It is necessary to meet the conditions that the number of members is 21 or more and detailed accounting reports are made every year after securing the staff to be the chairman.[117].

The participation rate of students in extracurricular activities, including all of these, is high at over 7%.[118].

In addition, there are information magazines published by students such as "Milestone Express" as a means to search for the desired circle from many circles.

Major circles and student autonomy

Federation of Cultural Organizations
Maru Gakudo Leather Maru SchoolIs a student association that holds the real power.Although it is an official body of the authorities, there are few affiliated circles now.
Waseda Spiritual Excitement Party
A circle that hosts Waseda's traditional event "Honjo-Waseda 100km Hike" that has continued for more than half a century.An event that takes two days to walk about 100km from Honjo City, Saitama Prefecture to Waseda University.Approximately 1500 people, mainly students and graduates, participate.Held every May, it is counted as one of the "three major events of Waseda University" along with the spring Waseda baseball game and the Waseda Festival.It is called "5 high" by university officials.
Waseda University Seiyukai
Waseda University's largest academic circle with a history of more than 50 years and more than 100 members.His activities are centered on study sessions on politics, economics, journalism, and international affairs, as well as lectures twice a year.
Waseda University Pengshikai
One of Waseda's three major political circles, along with Seiyukai and Oral Society.The activity is centered on the internship of politicians.
Waseda University Oral Society
Waseda UniversityOral clubIs.Many politicians, including the Prime Minister, are graduates.1884The predecessor of the same political society was established in (Meiji 17).1902It became the Waseda University eloquence in (Meiji 35).
Waseda Festival management staff
Hosts the Waseda Festival, which is a school festival.The official name will be "Waseda Festival 2xxx management staff" including the Christian era.Known as "luck star".
Waseda University Advertising Study Group
1913Founded.Known as "Hiroken".Together with the Waseda Festival management staff and the Waseda University Broadcasting Study Group, he is one of the three major Waseda circles.
Waseda University Broadcasting Study Group
Known as "Rakuken".The oldest broadcasting circle in each university in Japan.The Waseda ceremony was held in the postwar period at the Faculty of Science and Engineering of the same university.CRTIs based on the TV development research team.Initially, there was an entrance examination that was said to be more difficult than the university entrance examination.After that, he expanded the range of activities such as training announcers and producing amateur programs, and many alumni have found employment in broadcasting stations and media all over the country.Waseda University Announcement Study Group (WAK)Is a circle separated from the association and has produced many announcers.
Waseda University Aerospace Study Group
Waseda UniversityFaculty of Science and EngineeringIt is an official circle andJapan Women's UniversityAn inter-college circle that has also been officially recognized by.Bird human contestFor the purpose of participationHuman powered plane"Birdman Project" to produceNHK University Robocon"Mechatronics Project", which manufactures various robots for the purpose of participating in robot competitions such as liquidsRocket engineDevelopment and utilization of themModel rocket"Rocket Project" to produceAstronomical observation・ Astronomical photographyAstrophysicsThere are 4 projects of "Astronomical Project" to study.Abbreviation "WASA (Waseda university Aeronautics & Speace AThe name in "ssociation)" is common.
Waseda University Gree Club
1907A male chorus circle founded in Japan.Known as "Waseguri".Bonnie JacksHas produced many celebrities such as.
Waseda Symphony Orchestra
1913The orchestra circle founded in.Known as "Waseoke".He also plays at Waseda University official events such as entrance and graduation ceremonies.
Waseda University English Department (WESA)
An official circle of the Faculty of Education, Department of English and English Literature, founded in 1948 as the Waseda University School of Education English Society.The English name is Waseda English Speaking Assosiation (WESA).We have adopted an overall activity system (full activity system) that includes activities using four English words: debate, discussion, speech, and lessons. With the policy of aiming to develop comprehensive English proficiency without being biased toward one activity, it has become the best English club on campus.After the long service of Professor Kiyoaki Nakao, the advisor was taken over by Professor Hiroshi Matsuzaka.
The Waseda Cup Competition All Japan Intercollegeate English Oratorical Contest for the WASEDA Trophy, sponsored by WESA, is one of Japan's leading English speech contests with a tradition of 50 times (as of 2017).In addition to the high level of speech, it is also known as a tournament that is regarded as a model for other universities in terms of management.
Waseda University Modern Jazz Study Group
1960Founded.A circle that continues to produce many professionals in the music world, including jazz.Known as "Danmo".TamoriIs also from this circle.
Waseda Milestone Editing Committee
A circle that publishes five types of magazines, including the comprehensive information magazine "Milestone Express" for Waseda students. Established in 5 as a circle that publishes mini-comic magazines, it is the largest publishing circle in Japan that publishes a total of more than 1978 copies annually.
Waseda Sports Newspaper
Studentsports newspaperIs a pioneer ofWaseda Sports] Issuing circle. In July 2014, we celebrated the 7th anniversary of the publication of the 500th issue of paper.There are many people from the same association in the media.
Waseda University Historic Site Study Group
A travel and history circle with a history of more than 50 years.It is a circle specializing in domestic travel.
Waseda Fairy Tales
1925Founded.Currently derived from several organizations.
2003ToSuper Free CaseThe event circle that caused.2000It was officially recognized by Waseda University as a club in (12),2002In (14), the official approval of the university authorities was revoked.It is now gone.
Waseda University Newspaper Association
Although it was a leather circle group,1999The official approval was revoked.

School festival

Waseda UniversitySchool festivalIs called "Waseda Festival" and is usually11It will be held for two days in early.In the pastLeather martialWaseda Festival Executive Committee, which was hijacked by the company, was suspended due to problems in accounting, etc.2002From (14), the Waseda Festival management staff was established and resumed.This is a "Waseda Festival 2xxx" management staff, which is completely independent of the former Waseda Festival Executive Committee and is formally organized every single year, and was organized by students seeking the revival of the Waseda Festival. In response to this, the university authorities take the position (formally) that they are sponsored by students and not official events of the university, and do not make any investment from the university (class cancellations, faculties).・ Measures such as posting on the graduate school schedule will be taken). Therefore, the Waseda Festival budget exceeding 3000 million yen is covered by the public relations activities of the Waseda Festival management staff and the participation fee of the participating organizations. According to the announcement, about 2 people in two days[119] The number of participating groups is about 400, and the number of projects is about 450.This is the largest university festival in Japan (Keio University, which is held for four days, has announced more than 18 visitors.Mita FestivalIt is held for 3 days and is held at the same time as the local festival (only the Hitotsubashi Festival), which is the largest number of visitors per day.The "Science and Engineering Exhibition" held at the Nishi Waseda Campus, where the Faculty of Science and Engineering is located, will also be held on the same schedule as the "Waseda Festival".In addition, the "Tokorozawa Campus Festival" held at the Tokorozawa Campus is held on Sundays in late October every year.


Waseda Weekly

A university public relations magazine published by the university.1966First published as "Waseda" in March, September of the same year, "WASEDA WEEKLY",1973In October, the name was changed to "Waseda Weekly".2016Moved to a web magazine from April.A relay column "Ebicha Zone" by faculty members, "My Wasemeshi" that introduces gourmet food (commonly known as "Wasemeshi") near the university,Kazuyuki SasakuraIt consists of corners such as the "Student Support Declaration" devised by the professor and the "Peeple" featuring active Waseda students.


A comprehensive portal site for students, faculty and staff, graduates, and alumni.The "Waseda-net Portal" has been operated as a site where you can make various applications, take online classes, inquire about grades, and contact you.[120], Was renewed to "MyWaseda" in February 2016.

Global Leadership Fellows Program

Waseda University develops internationally active leaders米 国We offer the "Global Leadership Fellows Program" as a study abroad program, and agreed with the purpose.Delta AirlinesTickets are provided to selected students.This is the first time Delta has supported a Japanese university study abroad program.[121].

Student movement / student autonomy

Formed mainly by Waseda students before the warBuilders AllianceAnd the cultural alliance, which is an on-campus organizationdemocracyからSocialismWhile working from the standpoint ofOral meetingAnd through the athletic clubRight wing groupThere is also a connection with the Shio no Kai and the Research Institute of National Policy.Military research team caseThere was also an incident in which the two collided.

After the war, the Union Student Committee was formed on January 1946, 1, and demanded the official recognition of the university self-government association along with the reconstructed cultural and athletic associations.The following day, April 15, 1947, the Waseda University Students' Union Regulations were approved, establishing student autonomy.afterwardsSecurity struggleOn campus duringJapan Communist PartyCell criticizes the central Communist Party and leaves.New LeftSect activities have become more active, and over tuition fees and student hall management and operationWaseda struggleThere were several student activisms called.

  • The first Waseda struggle at the end of 1965
  • The Second Waseda Struggle in the late 1960s
  • Early 1970s Third Waseda Struggle

Especially since the first struggle was converging, it had its headquarters in the neighborhood.Leather martialBoasting power since the Tokyo Socialist Student ConferenceCompanyConflict intensifies.For the company Seidou liberation groupCompany school,CoreBetween studentsInner GebaAnd attacks on the police force occurred frequently.As a result, it happened in November 1972Kawaguchi caseThe official approval of the Executive Department of the 1973st and 6nd Departments of the Faculty of Letters, which was under the control of the Leather Maru faction, was revoked.It seemed that the executive departments led by the Leather Maru faction would be recalled one after another in the other faculties' unions, and the unions would be rebuilt.However, due to internal conflicts within the Reconstruction Execution Department, the Leather Maru faction counterattacked, and the struggle involving activists outside the university would cause damage to surrounding shops and residential areas. On June 4, 5, five shopping districts around the university offered to hold discussions with the university authorities and work to resolve the dispute.In particular, the Nanmen shopping street, which was severely damaged by the repeated destruction of show windows,Totsuka Police StationA big gap was created between the students and the local residents by making an offer to request the safety of the area.[122]..In addition, from the opposition to the Waseda struggleJapan Student AllianceA student organization of ethnic groups such asPrinciple Study GroupAlso grew in power.

As a result of the Waseda University struggle, except for the Faculty of Law Autonomous Society, the Autonomous Society, the Federation of Cultural Organizations, the Waseda University Newspaper Association, and the Waseda Festival Executive Committee fell into the hands of the leather Maru faction, and the university authorities also became other new left-wing sectsMinseiThe system to allow the activities of the leather Maru faction continued in order to suppress the activities of.HoweverTakayasu OkushimaBecame president and changed the policy, revoked the official approval of the Faculty of Commerce Autonomous Society (1995) and issued a request for accounting clarification of the Waseda Festival Executive Committee.Student department manager home eavesdropping caseWaseda Festival was canceled (1997 years from 4).After that, the influence of the leather Maru faction was finally erased by the withdrawal of the official approval of the Waseda University Newspaper Association (1999) and the official withdrawal of the Autonomous Society of the Faculty of Social Sciences (2005).

Currently, there is an officially recognized autonomous organization only in the Faculty of Law, which was not under the influence of the Leather Maru faction, but Minsei, who had been in control of the executive department for a long time, has shifted the initiative from the bottom of the activists who are in charge of the activities of the autonomous association to the non-sect system. In addition, the law department authorities no longer collect the self-government membership fee on their behalf, and in 2012 the name was changed to the law department student association.

University personnel and organizations

University related organizations

The alumni association, which is an alumni and social gathering organization of Waseda University, is called Tomonkai.The Waseda University Alumni Association has been organized with the university as its headquarters, and various Tomonkai and Alumni Associations have been formed in various fields.There is a book that introduces Waseda University Alumni Association as Waseda University Tomonkai, but this is incorrect.This universityFaculty of medicineBut after graduating from our universityDoctor's license-Dentist license-Nursing qualificationThere are many people who have obtained the certificate or who are from the medical school and have re-entered the university or entered the graduate school.2016May 1Will be the first in our universityMedical association"Tomon Medical AssociationHas been launched[123].

Waseda University Alumni Association1885(18th year of Meiji)May 12Was established in.Regular members are Waseda University graduates, faculty and staff alumni, and recommended alumni, and associate members are students of Waseda University faculties.Waseda University graduates are called "alumni" and automatically become regular members of the alumni association upon graduation.The number of members is about 50.

  • Registered Tomonkai (1308 groups,2015As of March)
    • Regional Tomonkai (400 groups): By prefecture and major municipalities (Example: Hokkaido Tomonkai, Shinjuku Tomonkai)
    • Overseas Tomonkai (68 groups): There are also Tomonkai overseas. (Example: Taipei Tomonkai, Los Angeles Tomonkai, Lima Tomonkai)
    • Occupational Tomonkai (302 groups): By company, by industry (Example: TSE Tomonkai, JPO Tomonkai, Diet Tomonkai, Information Industry Manager Tomonkai, Financial Tomonkai)
    • Annual Tomonkai (275 groups): By year of admission and graduation (Example: 19 ○○ Annual Tomonkai)
    • Seminar Tomonkai (55 groups):SeminarAnother
    • Physical education department Tomonkai (42 groups): By athletic association (Example: Tomon gymnastics, rice swimming)
    • Circle Tomonkai (48 groups): By circle (Example: Waseda University Sports Newspaper Alumni Association, Waseda University Modern Jazz Study Group Alumni Association Tomonkai)
    • Volunteer Tomonkai (75 groups)

In addition to the above, there are many unique alumni associations such as circles, graduate schools, university faculties, and seminars that are not registered with the Waseda University Alumni Association.In addition, as an active student fellowship organization by region of origin, there is a Tomonkai by prefecture under the National Waseda Student Association (Zenhayen).

List of university personnel

Waseda University Guest

Waseda University Student Training Department

Waseda UniversitySino-Japanese warIn1940(Showa 15) In the fall, taking the initiative of other universities,Hozumi TanakaThe president himself became the director and established the "Waseda University Student Training Department" centered on the Kurume Dojo.Higashifushimi,Totsuka,Toyama,KansenenThere was also a dojo.After the war, the building of Waseda University Kurume Dojo was demolished.Daiichi High SchoolTransferred to[125].1943(18) AprilUeno Onshi Park OfSaigo Takamori statueBy Waseda University students in front ofSend-off partyWas made[126].. October 10st in TokyoMeiji Jingu Gaien StadiumとTaiwanTaipei[127] でMinistry of EducationSponsored by the School Bulletin HeadquartersStudent soldier send-off partyWas held (held simultaneously in Tokyo and Taipei).In Tokyo, the University of TokyoShinshiro EbashiRead the answer aloud.Ebashi was later appointed as a professor at Waseda University.Munehiko HaradaAnd "Recreation Handbook" (National land company (December 1990) is conducting joint research.

Waseda University assigned officer

Waseda University Toyama Campus,Toyama Park,Waseda University Nishi-Waseda Campus,Gakushuin Women's Universityな どWaseda OfToyamaThe surrounding areaArmy Toyama School,Army Military Medical School, Army shooting range,Army Technology Headquarters, At the site of the Tokyo Army Daiichi Hospital, etc., before the wararmyIt was surrounded by facilities.Waseda University Department Training AssignmentOfficerToHisae Miyaji(Colonel),Torao Ishii(Major General),Yoji Fujii(Lieutenant General),Tomitaro Horii(Lieutenant General),Yoshio HongoThere are (Lieutenant General) and others.

Student hall

Toyama CampusIn addition to the official circles and club activities in the eastern wing, there are university affairs for general student life such as the Student Life Division, Scholarship Division, Career Center, and Residence Center that operates directly managed dormitories.Seven-ElevenIs moving in.


As a university dormitoryNakano International Community Plaza"International Student Dormitory WISH" in Tokyo, "Higashi Fushimi Student Dormitory" located near the Higashi Fushimi Campus, where many athletic students live, and made efforts to set up a university libraryKenkichi IchishimaIchijima in the relatives ofSoyaThere are three "Ichishima Memorial Sendagi Student Dormitories" donated by Nobu Ichishima to the university, and the universityKyoritsu maintenance"Waseda University International Student Dormitory", "Waseda University Recommended Student Dormitory", and "Espoir Mejiro", a female student dormitory operated by a university affiliated company, are available. In 2015, the "Ichishima Memorial Waseda Dormitory" exclusively for Waseda female students was completed at the "Okuma Square Building," which was built along Okuma-dori near the university and houses affiliated companies of the university.other than this,WakejukuIs close to the Waseda campus, so many students have traditionally moved in, and a writer from our universityHaruki MurakamiThe novel "Norway ForestIt is a model of the dormitory that appears in.

Waseda University Okuma Juku

Organized by Extension CenterOpen lectureOne of the heads of the schoolSoichiro Tahara,Meng TakanoPeople who are active on the front lines of various fields will be instructors, and it is set up for the purpose of developing the next generation of leaders.Although the recruitment target is prioritized for working adults, there are also courses for students, mainly first and second graders.

Affiliated and affiliated schools

Affiliated school

Waseda UniversityWaseda UniversityInstalled byAffiliated schoolExists.The position on campus is treated in the same way as undergraduate.In addition to this, there are schools that are affiliated schools, although they are not affiliated schools.These are set up by a separate school corporation and are handled differently within Waseda University.

Affiliate school

Separate from Waseda UniversitySchool corporationInstalled by "Affiliated school"Exists.AnotherCorporationforAffiliated schoolAlthough it is different from, it has a recommended admission limit to Waseda University.

Foreign relations

Overseas offices


  • Beijing office
  • Shanghai office
  • Nanjing Liaison Office (Abolished)
  • Taiwan office
  • Singaporeoffice
    • 57 West coast Road, Singapore 127366
  • Waseda University Bioscience Singapore Research Institute
    • 11 Biopolis Way, # 05-02 Helios, Singapore 138667
  • Waseda University Olympus Bioscience Institute (closed in 2009)
  • Bangkok Office / Waseda Education
    • 1 Empire Tower, 5th Floor, Room 501, South Sathorn Road, Yannawa Sub-district, Sathorn District, Bangkok 10120 Thailand
    • In collaboration with the Saha GroupBangkokJapanese language education base set up in.


Av. A. Depage, 1, 1050, Brussels, Belgium
27 rue Saint-Guillaume 75337 Paris cedex 07 – France

The United States of America

  • San Francisco office
  • New York office
    • c / o Sumitomo Real Estate Sales (NY) Inc.

800 Second Avenue, Suite 300, New York, NY 10017

  • Oregon Office (closed in 2012)

Agreement with local government

According to the Waseda University Social Cooperation Promotion Office, agreements have been concluded with the following local governments.

  • Gifu --R & D Agreement (2001)
  • Yamaguchi Ube City --"Basic Agreement on Collaboration between Ube City and Waseda University" (2002)
  • TokyoSumida-ku --"Agreement on Industry-Academia-Government Collaboration" (concluded in 2003)
    • Comprehensive agreements in a wide range of fields such as cultural development / development, human resource development, community development, academics, and environmental issues. "Waseda University Sumida Satellite Lab" is set up in "Sumida Industry-Academia Collaboration Plaza".
  • TokyoSuginami --Agreement on industry-academia-government collaboration (2003)
  • SaitamaKawaguchi city --Agreement on industry-academia-government collaboration (2003)
  • TokyoTaito --Agreement on industry-academia-government collaboration (2004)
  • TokyoShinjuku ward --"Basic Agreement on Collaboration between Waseda University and Shinjuku Ward" (2003), Library Agreement (2008), "Agreement on Provision of Temporary Accommodation Facilities for Persons with Difficulty Returning Home" (2012)
  • IbarakiUshiku --"Basic Agreement on Collaboration between Waseda University and Ushiku City" (2004)
  • SaitamaTokorozawa --"Basic Agreement on Government-Academia Collaboration" (2004), "Partnership Agreement on Collaboration and Cooperation" (2016)
    • Cooperation on improving policy-making ability is being carried out for the reform of the Tokorozawa City Council.[134].
  • ChugokuSuzhou --Comprehensive Agreement (2004)
  • Shizuoka --Agreement on Business Collaboration (2004)
  • SaitamaHonjo City --"Basic Agreement on Collaboration between Waseda University and Honjo City" (2005)
  • Saga --Basic Agreement on Collaboration (2006)
  • Minokamo --Cultural Exchange Agreement (2007)
  • Nara --Basic Agreement on Collaboration (2008)

In addition, an agreement is signed with the Atami City Tourism Association for cooperation in supporting industrial promotion such as tourism.[135] And so on.

Agreements with other universities

Part of the graduation credits can be obtained at other educational institutions.As for other educational institutions available,F-Campus(5 university credit transfer system: BesidesGakushuin University,Gakushuin Women's University,Japan Women's University,Rikkyo UniversityIs a member),Musashino Art University,Tokyo Kasei University,Tokyo Women's Medical University,National Zhongshan University, Kyoto area 48 universities and junior colleges (University Consortium Kyoto)and so on.AlsoDoshisha UniversityThere are programs for studying abroad in Japan and a one-year study abroad program for more than 100 overseas cooperation universities.furtherKeio University,Hitotsubashi University, Doshisha University andKansai UniversityHas a mutual use agreement with the library.

2008In (20), an academic exchange agreement was signed with Kansai University.American FootballClub exchange game (in odd-numbered yearsWaseda UniversitySo, in even-numbered yearsKansai UniversityHeld at) and at both universitiesopen campusAt, each university has a booth and participates in each other every year.

2010In (22), Japan's first joint major with other universities (joint advanced biomedical science major (joint advanced biomedical science major)) at the Graduate School of Advanced Science and EngineeringTokyo Women's Medical University), Joint Advanced Health Science Major (Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology), Joint Nuclear Energy Major (Tokyo City University)) Was installed.Also,Akita International University,International Christian University,Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific UniversityA partnership agreement was also signed with these three universities.

2011In (23), the Advanced Science and Health Care Research OrganizationKobe UniversityA partnership agreement has been signed between the Faculty of Medicine and the Graduate School of Medicine to cooperate in advanced medical research activities.

In addition, as an academic institute unit, with the Graduate School of Economics of the Faculty of Political Science and EconomicsKeio University Graduate School of Economics,Tokyo Institute of TechnologyThere is a tie-up with the Graduate School of Decision Science and Technology, and you can take lectures from both graduate schools and earn credits for completion.

In addition, Waseda University has inter-university agreements with 84 universities in 477 countries, and 40 inter-university agreements with universities and institutions in 381 countries.[140], Promotes exchange of human resources and research.

Relationship with society

Industry-academia collaboration and university-launched venture companies

There are several companies that were founded with research at the university as seeds, and "from Waseda University"VentureIs certified as.incubationSupport by establishing a promotion room, etc.[141], Off-campusventure capitalLaunching a fund in collaboration with[142].

Development of next-generation electric bus

Waseda UniversityFaculty of Science and EngineeringProfessor Yuji Kamiya plays a central roleToshibaDeveloped the next-generation electric bus "WEB-3 Advanced (Waseda Electric Bus-3 Advanced)" that enables wireless charging. From February 2016, 2Tokyo International AirportAround andKawasaki CityKawasaki kuof"Tonomachi International Strategic Base King Skyfront DistrictInAll Nippon Airways(Star allianceAffiliation) and Kawasaki City cooperated to start a public road demonstration test[143][144].

Efforts to create a negawatt trading market

Waseda UniversityAd-Sol Nissin,NEC,OMRON,Kyocera,Sumitomo Electric Industries,Daikin Industries,Toko Takadake,Toshiba,Panasonic,Hitachi, Ltd.,Fujitsu,Fuji Electric,Mitsubishi Electric,MeidenshaIn January 40, the "Energy Resource Aggregation Business Forum" (Energy Resource Aggregation Business Forum) is aimed at establishing a "negawatt trading market" for buying and selling electricity generated by households, which the government aims to establish by 2017 in collaboration with about 2016 companies. ERABF) ”was established[145].

Joining the SAP University Alliance

Waseda University is a major European software company in December 2019 as part of global human resource development.SAPEducation support program "SAP University AllianceJoined.This will allow students to use SAP products and cloud services for learning.[146]

Systematic gangbang case within the official circle

Former official recognition of Waseda University, discovered in 2003CircleOrganizational that was done in "Super Free"GangbangIncident.There are 14 students in total, including not only Waseda students but also students from Keio University, Daito Bunka University, Meiji University, Hosei University, Gakushuin University, Nihon University, and The Open University of Japan.Semi-rape crimeWas sentenced to prison.Called a serious social ripple, 2004Penal CodeIt led to the establishment of the old Article 178-2 (gang rape crime, group rape lethal injury crime) provision in.

Doctoral dissertation related

Waseda University held a press conference in November 2015Stimulation-induced pluripotent acquired cellsOf the 2006 doctoral dissertations since 2,789, which were investigated in relation to treatises, 89 of them were found to have deficiencies in citation methods.[147].

Art and cultural activities

The person / company from which the facility name was derived

Waseda Internal Facilities
Other facilities

Extracurricular activities

Place name / station name

Works set in Waseda University


Evaluation from companies

Evaluation from HR personnel

2021Nihon Keizai ShimbunとNikkei HR"Image survey from the perspective of corporate personnel personnel" conducted by[154](allListed companiesAccording to a survey of 4,850 personnel managers from some of the leading unlisted companies, the university was asked about the image of the university from the perspective of students hired between April 2019 and March 4). , "National Comprehensive" 2021 Universities[155]9th place in the middle[154]Was ranked in.


Diamond CompanyPublished in the business magazine "September 2006, 9"Weekly diamondVol. 94, No. 36 (Volume 4147, No. 3,800) Ranking of career advancement in a special feature entitled "Universities that can advance" (All surveys of representative directors of more than XNUMX listed companies in Japan[156][157][158]), The university is 2006 universities that exist as of 744[159] 10st place in the middle[160] Was ranked in.


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