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🏓 | “Star Corps” Aichi Institute of Technology, good visibility for consecutive championships Straight into the top 4 <Table Tennis / Incare Men's Quarterfinals>


"Star Corps" Aichi Institute of Technology, good visibility for consecutive championships Straight into the top 4 <Table tennis / Incare men's quarterfinals>

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Aichi Institute of Technology is a star corps of student table tennis with Kakeru Sone (TT Saitama), Yuto Kizukuri, Mami Takami (both Ryukyu Asteeda) who also play in the T-League, and Yusuke Tanaka who will play in the Bundesliga from this season.

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T League

Yuto Kizukuri

Yuto Kizukuri(Kizukuri Yuto[1],1999May 10[1] -) isJapan OfTable tennisplayer.AichiBackground[1].ITTFWorld rankingThe highest rank is 65st.RankIs 7 steps.Aiden Meiden High School[1]Graduated from (captain in table tennis club)2018In 4 monthAichi Institute of TechnologyWent on to. T League TheRyukyu AstidaBelongs.


I started playing table tennis from the first grade of elementary school due to my sister's influence[2], I honed my skills at the local club Misaki Club.2009 OfAll Japan Table Tennis Championships(Turnip section)[3],2011Runner-up in the Hopes club of the tournament[4], In SeptemberCadet section under 13 years oldWon the victory[5].

2013 after enrolling in Aichi Institute of Technology Junior High SchoolNational Junior High School Selection Table Tennis Tournament,National Junior High School Table Tennis TournamentGroup[6], Singles[7]Won various tournaments.

After entering Aiko Daimeiden High School2016All Japan Table Tennis Championships (Junior Division)[8][9],National high school general physical education competition table tennis competitionWinner at (Inter-High)[10],South AfricaHeldWorld Junior Table Tennis ChampionshipsThen I won the group.

In 2017, achieved the second consecutive victory at the All Japan Table Tennis Championships (Junior Division)[8][11], Runner-up in the doubles with U-3 at the ITTF Challenge Series Belarus Open in March. May-June54th World Table Tennis Championship Individual MatchThen I accompanied him as a practice partner[8][12].. Won the U-6 at the ITTF World Tour China Open in JuneTomokazu HarimotoIn the semi-finals in the doubles teamed up with54th World Table Tennis Championship Individual MatchGold medal pairSakaki Higashi(Flag of the People's Republic of China Chugoku),Forgiveness(Flag of the People's Republic of China Chugoku) Is defeated by Venus, but in the finalHitoshi Ueda,Yoshimura MaharuI lost to and ended up in the runner-up.At the National High School Comprehensive Athletic Meet Table Tennis Tournament (Inter-High), which he challenged as a candidate for the championship, he won the group, singles, and doubles and achieved three crowns under pressure.

In 2018, entered Aichi Institute of Technology.

2019 years55th World Table Tennis Championship Individual MatchThen, he was selected for the first time in doubles with Tomokazu Harimoto.

T LeagueFrom the 2019-2020 seasonRyukyu AstidaBelong to[13].

Play style

Mainly good at rallying both hands with fast pitch in the front middle team.He is an all-rounder player, sometimes going down to the apse and surpassing him by lobing.

In addition, he is good at serving, and there are many types, and he attacks with the 3rd and 5th ball attacks centering on the sideways and reverse sideways rotation serve.

He makes heavy use of Chiquita Receive, and often counters the opponent's drive by himself like Koki Niwa.

Main battle record

  • ITTF Global Junior Circuit Final Junior Men's Singles Winner[8][23]
  • Inter High Men's Singles XNUMXnd Place, Men's Doubles XNUMXst Place (Yuki Matsuyama Pair)[8][24]
  • 2021 Asian Championship Japan National Team Player Selection Camp Winner

Representative history

Hopes Japan National Team

Junior Japan representative

T league results

SeasonTeamUniform numberSingles (including VM)DoublesVM (Victory Match)
Number of matchesNumber of winsNumber of defeatsNumber of matchesNumber of winsNumber of defeats Number of VM appearancesNumber of VM winsNumber of VM defeats
2019 20Ryukyu Astida10734945000
2020 2110743734000


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