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🏓 | Unstoppable “Fukuoka University Whirlwind” Advance to the Best 4 Dignified Next is Meiji University and <Table Tennis / Incare Boys>


Unstoppable "Fukuoka University Whirlwind" Advance to the Best 4 Dignified Next is Meiji University and <Table Tennis / Incare Boys>

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The momentum has not stopped, and in the quarter-finals, he defeated Nippon Sport Science University in a straight line, creating a “Fukuoka University whirlwind”.

<90th All Japan University Table Tennis Championships (Group Division) July 7st-1th Place: Shimadzu Arena Kyoto> July 4st ... → Continue reading

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Fukuoka University Whirlwind

Nippon Sport Science University

Nippon Sport Science University(Japanese good luck,English: Nippon Sport Science University) IsTokyoSetagayaFukasawaHeadquarters located at 1-1-XNUMXJapan Ofprivate university.1949Was installed in.Abbreviation of university TheJapanese body(Nitai),Daily life(Daily),NSSU(Old abbreviation NCPE).



1891(MeijiIn 24) by Toukichiro Hidaka in Haramachi, Ushigome-ku, TokyoSeijo GakuenIt originates from "Seijo (body) Ikukai" (renamed "Nihon Kaikukai" in 1892), which was established in (currently Seijo Junior and Senior High School).

1893(Meiji 26) Japan Physical Education Training Center (initially aimed at training physical education instructors of national physical education "social physical education, etc.", but later expanded to training physical education teachers), Japan Physical Education School (abbreviation at that time- After going through gymnastics school) ("Higher Course / Higher Normal Course / Women's Club Higher Course")Vocational school ordinanceIt became a Japanese school for education (main course, normal course, women's normal course).Since the days of the gymnastics training center, teacher training has a proven track record and reputation, and sports instructors, aspiring physical education teachers, sports enthusiasts, and highly athletic students have flooded in from all over the country.

Became an illusion1940(15)Tokyo OlympicsMany current students (Japan national team players, competition officials, assistants "volunteer, Etc.) were expected to participate, but the outbreak of the war forced a ban on "hostile sports."Someday "physical education"Also"Military trainingMany of the current students fell to the battlefield (a monument to the war dead students, "a little less than 400 war dead"-a monument to the students is located in the west of the Setagaya Fukasawa Campus).Don't forget this past after World War II1949(24), with the slogan "Democratic Physical Education"Nippon Sport Science UniversityWas opened.

Nippon Sport Science University is also known as the first university to negotiate with the Olympic Games in Japan.The training center was opened just one year before the formation of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) in 1894.The second Olympic Games were held in Paris in 1.At the Olympic General Assembly (then, the International Olympic Committee, now the IOC Session) that year, the representative of Japan was the Nippon Sport Science University (Nippon Sport Science University).Since then, Nippon Sport Science University has contributed to the promotion of Japanese sports while maintaining a close relationship with the Olympic Games, and continues to this day.

Building spirit

In the spirit of the founding of the university, the founder Toukichiro Hidaka came to the belief that "if all the people do not maintain strong physical strength, the development of the nation cannot be expected", and "Taikufukyo" The source) is listed.

In order to promote national physical education and realize a truly prosperous nation and society, we will actively promote the spread and development of physical education and sports, and foster human beings with a healthy mind and body. It is a philosophy.Such a school spirit is also sung in the lyrics of the school song, such as "Simple and strong, united Wako" and "Chitoku Kanshu, physical education service".The school song is one of Japan's leading composersTaijiro Wu(Goutai Jiro) composed andNational literaturePerson ofTadayoshi KondoWrote the lyrics.In the current school song, Nos. 2 and 4 of Chitoku Kanshu and Physical Education Service are omitted, and Nos. 1 and 3 are sung as Nos. 1 and 2.

Japanese bodySpirit(Japanese soul) "Chance (Chance)Luck) Statue "(1954-The statue was built in 29), and there is a statue of the athlete on the left side of the front of the Setagaya Fukasawa Campus.It's just like a scene where Lagarmen is trying to pass to the gymnasium in front of him.This statue is named Chance (named by the first president, Yoshihiko Kurimoto). The words "Become a chance maker rather than a point getter" and "Be a chance maker rather than a tri-getter" are catchphrases for rugby, but sportswomen and sportsmen in general other than rugby (general other than rugby members) (Student) Through the slogan applied to students, I tried to express the educational philosophy that Nippon Sport Science University is aiming for.The way of life that devotes itself to a true chance maker is the Japanese spirit. * Partial excerpt from the university guide, former president of the Japan Athletic AssociationHanin PalaceThe forehead and portrait of His Imperial Highness's founding spirit, "Komazawa University Fukasawa," is posted on the Setagaya Fukasawa Campus.

Education and research

Form the core of Japanphysical education-Sports science It is positioned as a specialized university of (Sport Science), and its history (Physical Education UniversityAmong the oldest in the system and sports department), manyOlympicRepresentative player, world championship representative player,physical educationTeacher(Sports leader "Director / Coach, etc."),nursing teacherFurthermore, the prestigious sports university that produces sports scientists (sports researchers), and in recent years, is also focusing on training leaders who are active internationally.

Traditionally for the purpose of training teachers of health and physical education (including school nurses), they are from the same school.Professionalathlete[1] Is not many compared to other universities.Rather, it trains a large number of world-class athletes in relatively minor amateur sports that do not have a professional organization, and is responsible for raising the level of the Japanese sports world. 2012 LondonParalympicEight graduates participated as directors and coaches such as Tomohiro Ida, Naoaki Ishida, and Naoki Eguro.

2012 athletes at the 23 London Olympics (38 out of 10 Japanese medals won[2]), 2008 people at the 26 Beijing Olympics, 2006Asian Games(QatarDohaIn the tournament), 51 players have been produced.1912(First year of the Taisho era)スウェーデンNippon Sport Science University (current students and undergraduate graduates) have won a quarter of the medals won by the Japanese national team from their first appearance at the Stockholm Olympics to the 29th Beijing Olympics.The reason why it is called "Nippon Sport Science University" (physical education / sports "science") is still inherited from its achievements.

The Setagaya Campus in Tokyo has been redeveloped into an urban and advanced information campus suitable for a "university of physical education and sports science" (completed in 2011), and along with this, a drastic reform of the education and research curriculum has begun. ..The design of the Setagaya campusKume SekkeiWas done by.

Academic style and features

A gymnastics (physical education, physical education science, sports science) university that started from a gymnastics practice center (later a gymnastics school) established under the physical education club, which was established in the middle of the Meiji era. It is a long-established store.And I quickly adopted various departments that spread from physical education.For example, the Department of Health was established for the first time at a physical education university, and the field of health (nursing "Nursing"保健”StudyPhysiology-HealthStudyPublic health), Not only the production of traditional physical education teachers (physical education teachers-high school teachers, junior high school teachers, sports teachers, sports scientists, etc.), but also nursing teachers, elementary school teachers, special needs school teachers, and medical-related engagement. Many OGs and OBs have been produced.Currently, in the social support area of ​​the Department of Health (formerly the social welfare course), some students have acquired the national qualification of a social worker while attending school (or after graduation) and are engaged in welfare-related work.

Teachers are the most aspiring to find employment in Japanese university students, followed by civil servants (police officers, firefighters, prison officers, SDF personnel of the Ministry of Defense, prefecture "city" employees, etc.).About 8% of students go on to graduate school at Nippon Sport Science UniversityUniversity of Tsukubagraduate School·Waseda UniversityGraduate school / prefectureNational universitySeveral graduate students are going on to higher education.

The abbreviation "Nippon Sport Science University" is widely recognized by university students (athletic club members) and sports undergraduate students who enjoy sports, but "Nippon Sport Science University" is widely recognized by general students and the general public. It is well known nationwide.Especially in the year of the Olympic Games, it is a university that is often talked about due to the activities of Nippon Sport Science University officials (including students, undergraduate / graduate athletes, coaches, etc.).Most of the students join clubs or clubs, off-campus business clubs, sports clubs, etc., regardless of whether they are athletic or cultural, and are working hard on their practice and research activities.The athletic system (club / circle)Inter CollegeMany clubs are aiming to win.By the way, there are 18 championship flags of Incare, and while there are many general universities that have established sports faculties (departments / courses) and strengthened clubs in recent years, colleges are struggling.There is no choice but to count the sports powerhouses at colleges, and baseball and golfTohoku Fukushi UniversityThere are several schools

July 2013 7thUniversiadeCompetition (WORLD UNIVERSITY GAMES)ロシア-KazanWe dispatched 75 tournament player managers and contributed to Japan's second highest total number of national medals (2).The breakdown of the total number of medals won by Nippon Sport Science University officials is 84 gold medals, 20 silver medals, and 5 bronze medals.

July / August 2016 Held in Brazil Rio Olympics Japan National Team (including group competitions and individual competitions) Number of athletes (including university / graduate school students / graduates) 1st place 28 Nippon Sport Science University 2nd placeWaseda University18 people 3rd placeNihon University17 people 4rd placeUniversity of Tsukuba10 people Meiji University10 people 6rd placeKokushikan University9 people Yamanashi Gakuin University9 people 8rd placeToyo University8 people 9rd placeJuntendo University7 people Tokai University7 people Hosei University7 people Chukyo UniversityThere were 7 people.

graduateIn addition to regular credit acquisition, in the pastDrop outEven students who have been enrolled for more than 3 years have earned more than 100 credits.Special graduationIf the faculty committee approves the application of the rule of "giving a certificate", you will be graduatedShinichi Chiba 2013May 3Approved as the first special graduation certificate[3][4][5][6][7].. Next day2014On March 3th, following the previous year's ChibaDaisaburo HondaYasutaro MatsukiGraduated with the same certification[8][9][10].


EssassaIs the cheering style and exercise traditionally practiced at Nippon Sport Science University.In college life, I was taught in extracurricular activities for new students (part of the first semester class), and after learning, at each club's celebration etc.TriumphIt is often shown as.In the extracurricular activities for new students, training on group actions necessary for school physical education (events), including Essassa (Ebara physical education for female students), and school song guidance are also provided.Ebara physical education is a traditional support style exercise by female students, and "group action performance" at physical education research demonstration presentations is not as good as Essassa, but in the educational world. It is famous.

EssassaTaishoSports support became popular at each school in the latter half of the era,Tokyo Higher Commercial Ship School(Currently Tokyo University of Marine Science and Technology) cheering song "Anchors Aweigh"[11], Tokyo University of Agriculture "Aoyama bank'[12]In search of a style that competes with, etc., Ichi Hirai, who was a student at the predecessor gymnastics school, devised it.

At that time, referring to the "Piston Lodge Arm Motion Running Method" introduced from the United States, the shout was set to "Essassa".In addition, it is said that at the same time as raising the sword called Essassa, it is said that it will release its own feelings to the outside of the body, and the motion of pushing the fists of the current hands alternately forward has evolved from the initial piston lodge arm motion running method It became the current form from the feeling.

Some parts of the country where Nippon Sport Science University graduates have arrived as physical education teachershigh school,Junior high schoolAlso spread to boys at sports festivals and athletic meetMass gameMay be shown as part of.

Generally (officially), a long white headband is wrapped around the head, shirtless, and white shorts are worn.barefootDo it in the style of.Pursue the beauty of the body, the beauty of the spirit (male Takebi, etc.), and the beauty of collective dispersal of the group.In addition, on the Yokohama Kenshidai campusHisateru InoueThe work "Essassa Statue" is erected.

Made in July 2013Great East Japan Earthquake Reconstruction Support Sports Festival Tokyo 2013(68thNational Athletic MeetCum 13thNational disabled sports meet) At the general opening ceremony, "Essassa" was performed as a cheering performance.[13].

In the past, it was a staple of school sports festival programsGymnastics (assembly gymnastics)-Cavalry battle-Stick overHowever, due to the occurrence of serious injuries, etc., they are disappearing from the program, but in such a situation, Essassa and group behavior with less injuries may be reviewed again and incorporated into the program depending on the area.[14].

Collective action

Collective actionTraining (College Student Edition) will be held on November 2011th, 11th, 8nd, and December 15th, 22.TV AsahiSeries programsTrihada (secret) scoop image 100 department JitenIntroduced in.The titles of the members of the collective action are NTF45 (NTF Forty Five), N stands for NIPPON (Japan), T stands for TAIICUDAIGAKU (Physical Education University), and F stands for (FAIRY) fairy.It was born from the desire of 45 female college students to be like fairies who perform beautifully.


(The main source of the history section is the official website[15]

  • 1891(Meiji24 years) --- Toukichiro Hidaka, Haramachi, Ushigome-ku, TokyoSeijo GakuenEstablished "athletic society" in (currently Seijo Junior and Senior High School)
  • 1892(Meiji 25) --Renamed to Japan Athletic Association
  • 1893(Meiji 26) --Become a gymnastics practice center of the Japan Gymnasium.Tokyo cityKojimachi WardInstalled in Iidacho 4-chome
  • 1895(Meiji 28) --Become a graduate of the gymnasiumTokyoFrom elementary school gymnastics special course regular teacher qualification certification
  • 1899(Meiji 32) --Become a "quasi-national (quasi-governmental)" with a national treasury subsidy (5 years).Aiming to build a healthy and flexible body unique to girls ahead of the rest of the country (combining knowledge of health and physical education) Training of female gymnastics instructors Started accepting female admissions (to fill the shortage of female teachers)
  • 1900(Meiji 33) --Renamed to Japan Gymnasium Gymnastics School (Miscellaneous Schools).1-chome Iida-cho, Kojimachi-ku, Tokyo Completed and relocated to Fuchi
  • 1901(Meiji 34) --The Japan Athletic AssociationCorporationReorganized into an organization.Secondary teacher gymnastics non-examination certification qualification for graduates of gymnastics school high school
  • 1903(Meiji 36) --Opened a girls' club at a gymnastics school
  • 1904(Meiji 37) --Japan Gymnastics Association and Gymnastics School Men's ClubTokyoEbara-gunOimuraMoved to a new school building
  • 1926(Taisho15 years) --Completion of "Essassa", a support style unique to Nippon Sport Science University
  • 1928(Showa03 years) --Established a graduate school (1 year course) in the men's club
  • 1933(Showa08 years) --Established a higher normal course (3 years course)
  • 1935(Showa 10) --Non-examination certification for secondary teacher gymnastics training for graduates of higher normal course
  • 1937(Showa 12) --Japan Gymnastics Association and Gymnastics School Men's ClubTokyo citySetagayaFukasawaMoved to (current location)
  • 1940(15) --Dissolved the incorporated association and changed the organization to the Japan Athletic Association.Gymnastics school girls' club moved to Fukasawa
  • 1941(Showa 16)- Vocational school ordinancebyJapanese Physical Education CollegeEstablishment
  • 1945(20) --The main building and gymnasium were destroyed by air raids.
  • 1946(Showa 21) --The Japanese Physical Education CollegeTsuchiura Navy Air CorpsMoved to the ruins
  • 1949(Showa 24)- School education lawbyNippon Sport Science UniversityFaculty of Physical Education Department of Physical Education established
  • 1951(Showa 26) --The old Japanese physical education vocational school was abolished.Nippon Sport Science University relocated from Tsuchiura to Fukasawa
  • 1953(Showa 28) --Nippon Sport Science University Women's Junior College established (first junior college physical education department)
  • 1962(Showa 37) --Faculty of Physical Education Health Department established (first department of physical education and education) School nurse training-School nurses and health and physical education teachers licensed
  • 1963(38) --Established a childcare department at Nippon Sport Science University Women's Junior College
  • 1964(Showa 39)- Tokyo Olympics-ParalympicStaff and students cooperate as competition officers and assistants. Buildings 5 ​​and 6 will be volleyball practice venues
  • 1965(40) --Established martial arts department (first department of physical education and education) Succession Current Department of Martial Arts Education, Faculty of Sport and Culture
  • 1968(Showa 43) --Kanagawa Prefecture横 浜 市Aoba-kuKamoshidachoAcquired land and started construction of a new campus
  • 1971(Showa 46) --Kenshidai General Ground opened
  • 1975(50) --Social Physical Education Department established, Graduate School of Physical Education Department of Physical Education (Master's Program) established (first graduate school established in physical education)
  • 1981(56) --Japan (に ほ ん) From Physical Education University to Japan (に っ ぽ ん) Officially changed the name to Physical Education University
  • 1991(Heisei03 years) --Ceremony held at Nippon Budokan for the 100th anniversary of the founding of Nippon Sport Science University (Nippon Sport Science University)
  • 1996(Heisei08 years) --Changed the English notation of the university to NIPPON SPORT SCIENCE UNIVERSITY (NSSU)
  • 1997(Heisei09 years) --Renamed the Graduate School of Physical Education Department of Physical Education to the Graduate School of Physical Education Department of Physical Education (Master's Program)
  • 1998(10) --Reorganized the Graduate School of Physical Education from a master's course to a doctoral (first and second semester) course
  • 2005(17) --Renamed Nippon Sport Science University Women's Junior College to Nippon Sport Science University Women's Junior College
  • 2006(18) --Established the Department of Childcare, Women's Junior College of Physical Education, Japan
  • 2012(24) --The school corporation Japan Athletic AssociationSchool corporation Japan Physical Education UniversityRenamed to
  • 2013(25) --Established Department of Child Sports Education, Faculty of Child Sports Education.Recruitment of Women's Junior College of Physical Education is suspended.Established Nippon Sport Science University Research Institute at Nippon Sport Science University
  • 2014(26) --Established Department of Repositioning Medicine and Department of Emergency Medicine, Faculty of Health Sciences.Abolished the university major and physical education major
  • 2015(27) --Abolished the Women's Junior College of Physical Education, Japan
  • 2017(29) --Established Department of Martial Arts Education and Department of International Sports, Faculty of Sport and Culture.As a result, recruitment for the Department of Martial Arts, Faculty of Physical Education has been suspended.Graduate School of Education Practical Subjects Education Major Doctoral (first and second semester) courses established
  • 2018(30) --Faculty of Sports Management (Specialized subjects such as Introduction to Motor Sports and Introduction to Aviation-First established at a university of physical education and sports) Established Department of Sports Management and Department of Sports Life Management.As a result, recruitment for the Department of Social and Physical Education, Faculty of Physical Education, has been suspended.Established a doctoral program in coaching (first and second semesters) at the Graduate School of Physical Education.Established Master's Program in Healthcare, Graduate School of Healthcare
  • 2018(30) --Nippon Sport Science University Clinic opened

basic data


  • Tokyo: Setagaya Campus, Tokyo (Headquarters) --7-1-1, Fukasawa, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo
  • Kanagawa: Yokohama Kenshidai Campus --1221-1 Kamoshida-cho, Aoba-ku, Yokohama-shi, Kanagawa


  • symbol mark ――It is designed with cherry blossoms that have 6 petals, using cherry blossoms that represent Japanese flowers.
  • Symbol mascot --Triumphant Lion (Triumphant Lion <lion>, abbreviation: T-lion)
  • Logo --NIPPONTAIIKUDAIGAKU ・ A player who runs by taking the letter N, which is the acronym for NSSU.ラ ン ナ ー) Is expressed by the combined logo mark of N and ●.
  • School emblemUses most of the "Kangxi" typefaces (Kangxi font), and the athletic club "Kangxi"Alumni associationIn addition to the flag, it is often used for sports support.
  • 略 語"NITTAI or NITTA IDAI" and "NSSU" are also widely used in uniforms.The hat of the baseball club uses the abbreviation of "NS" in English for "Japanese body".
  • School colorHas not been decided, but the Japanese bodyblueMany clubs and circles use the blue color of the image of "Nittai Blue" (including blue blue, sky blue and sky blue) and the image of "the sky where Japanese students fly in the sky" for their uniforms (for details).#student lifeSee each club in).The banners and hand flags for cheering are also used in the form of Japanese blue letters on a white background (there are also outline characters on a blue background).The 400m track on the Yokohama Kenshidai Campus, the ring floor of the boxing club, and the outer frame Dangerous Zone (danger zone) of the Setagaya Campus Judo Hall (three official game fields) are also blue.However, such as the handball partwhiteOn short sleevesblackSome clubs and circles have been using traditional uniforms since the foundation, such as the two-line horizontal stripes.

Education and research



  • Faculty of Physical Education
    • Department of Physical Education[16]
      • Sports Education Major (for students enrolled before 2012)
      • Sports Coaching Major (for students enrolled before 2012)
      • Athletic Training Major (for students enrolled before 2012)
      • Sports education area (for students enrolled after 2013)
      • Competitive sports area (for students enrolled after 2013)
    • Department of Health
      • Health Education Major (for students enrolled before 2012)[17]
      • Welfare Support Major (for students enrolled before 2012)[18]
      • Health promotion area (for students enrolled after 2013)[19]
      • Social support area (for students enrolled after 2013)[20]
    • Martial arts department[21] * Student recruitment suspended in April 2017 (because of the opening of the Faculty of Sport and Culture)
      • Martial Arts Education Major (judo-kendo-Sumo-Shorinji Kempo-Aikido-Archery-Naginata) (For students enrolled before 2012)
      • Traditional performing arts major (Japanese dance-Folk dance-Noh dance) (For students enrolled before 2012)
      • Martial arts education area (judo, kendo, sumo, sumo)karate・ Shorinji Kempo ・ Aikido ・ Kyudo ・ Naginata) (For students enrolled in 2013-2016)
      • Traditional performing arts area (comprehensive Japanese dance, folk dance, Noh dance) (for students enrolled in 2013-2016)
    • Department of Social and Physical Education * Student recruitment suspended in April 2018 (because of the opening of the Faculty of Sports Management)
      • Regional Sports Major (for students enrolled before 2012)
      • Sports Management Major (for students enrolled before 2012)
      • Outdoor Sports Major (for students enrolled before 2012)
      • Therapeutic Recreation Major (for students enrolled before 2012)
      • Lifelong sports area (for students enrolled after 2013)[22]
      • Sports management area (for students enrolled after 2013)[23]
* All of the above four departments can obtain a junior high school teacher's license and a high school teacher's license for "health and physical education".Also, in the Department of Martial Arts, in the traditional performing arts major, which was intended to accept new students before 4Librarian teacherThe way to get a license was also open.
* Every year, for those who wish to take the above four departments, after attending the seminar, an elementary school teacher qualification examination (Teacher qualification examinationSome of the students who have passed the elementary school class XNUMX license have taken the employment examination of each prefecture and are hired as elementary school teachers.
* There is a system that allows you to receive correspondence education (double school / elementary school teacher qualification) while you are in school (however, there are only a few).
    • Department of Martial Arts Education
    • Department of International Studies
  • (Specialized subjects such as motor sports and aviation introduction-first opened at a physical education and sports university)
    • Department of Sport Management
    • Department of Sports Life Management
    • Department of Child Sports Education
      • Children's sports education course[24]
      • Early childhood education and childcare course[25]
  • Faculty of Health Care
    • Department of Reduction Medicine[26][27]
    • Department of Emergency Medicine[28]

Graduate School

  • (Until 2017 enrollment)
    • Department of Physical Education (Master's Program)
      • Physical education science course
        • Sports culture / social science
        • Training science
        • Health Science / Sports Medical Science
      • Physical education practice course
        • Coaching Department
        • Sports Education / Health Education
    • Department of Physical Education (Doctoral Program)
      • Sports culture / social science
      • Training science
      • Health Science / Sports Medical Science
      • Education / Coaching Department
  • Graduate School of Physical Education (for students enrolled after 2018)
    • Department of Physical Education (Master's Program)
      • Physical education science course
        • Sports culture / social science
        • Training science
        • Health Science / Sports Medical Science
      • Physical education practice course
        • Sports Education / Health Education
    • Department of Physical Education (Doctoral Program)
      • Sports culture / social science
      • Training science
      • Health Science / Sports Medical Science
      • Sports Education / Health Education
    • Coaching Major (Master's Program / Doctoral Program)
  • Graduate School of Education
    • Pedagogy Major (Master's Program / Doctoral Program)
    • Department of Health and Medical Sciences (Master's Program)
      • Advanced practice Judo rehabilitation course
      • Emergency Disaster Medicine Course

Education and research facilities

Nippon Sport Science University Library

It has a collection of about 48 books in the Setagaya Main Building and the Kenshidai Annex in Yokohama.The literature on physical education and sports at home and abroad is particularly substantial.It is open to the public and widely used by the general public.

Comprehensive Sports Science Research Center

One of the "establishment institutions" (Article 7 of the School Regulations).It was established for the purpose of promoting and supporting sports science research activities at Nippon Sport Science University.Electronic journal Of "Nippon Sport Science University Sports Science Research" Has been published.According to Article 7-3 of the School Regulations, the Center will have "Physical Education Institute, Olympic Sports Culture Institute and Sports Crisis Management Institute".

Physical Education Institute

We have a large number of measuring instruments related to sports science and sports medicine.The door is open to the use of owned equipment outside the university.

Olympic Sports Culture Institute

Athletic department

One of the "establishment institutions" (Article 7 of the School Regulations). It is stated that "a high performance center, a coaching excellence center and a sports training center will be set up in the athletic department" (Article 7 of the School Regulations).

High Performance Center

Coaching Excellence Center

Sports training center

Known as Tresen.A facility aimed at improving the competitiveness of top athletes.One of the best training facilities in Japan is also used from outside the university.

Sports Cure Center

According to Article 7-2 of the School Regulations, it is a "Sports Cure Center (Osteopathic Institute attached to the Faculty of Health Sciences)".

Health care center

International Exchange Center

Admission center

Education Support Center

Student Support Center

Student dormitory

Social Contribution Promotion Organization

There is a "sports promotion office" within the organization.

Health care center

Engaged in physical and mental health management for students, faculty and staff.


Since the focus of university education has been on teacher training and athlete training, it cannot be said that both teachers and students (graduate students) have a sufficient research environment.Therefore, in 10, 2008 years after the establishment of the doctoral program at the graduate school, the "Basic Plan (5-year plan)" was formulated, which stipulates the basic items for promoting research activities.

Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology commissioned business

Sports academy formation support project

Adopted by the outsourced university (B type) of the "Sports Academy Formation Support Project" implemented by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology for the 2020 Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games.[29]..Also adopted to promote Olympism and sports medicine science researchUniversity of Tsukubaas well as the Kanoya University of Physical EducationWe are aiming to build a network with physical education and sports universities in each country.

Student life

  • The alumni association is organized, but it is an original organization with the president as the chairman and students and faculty members as members.This is because active athletes often remain on campus as faculty members, and inevitably there is a need for activities that transcend the boundaries of students and faculty members.
  • The alumni association has a general affairs department, an athletic department, a support department, a welfare and culture department, as well as a circle club, and about 80 official clubs and circles are active.
  • There are two campuses, and many students live in student dormitories (Kenshidai training camp, Setagaya Fukasawa dormitory, etc.) or in each department training camp and enjoy their student days.It is said that many students spend four years because the dormitory fee and training camp fee are relatively low and the club's practice schedule and start time (change in rainy weather) are contacted (information).In the case of boarding houses, if the place of club activities is mainly the Setagaya campus in TokyoSakurashinmachiIn the vicinity of the station, if it is Yokohama Kenshidai CampusAoba-kuAobadai StationMany students stay in the area.During the class, a free shuttle bus runs between Tokyo / Setagaya Campus-Yokohama / Kenshidai Campus.
  • In the past, events such as joint dormitory trips for men's dormitories and women's dormitories and swimming competitions against dormitories have been held in student dormitories, but they are not currently available.Welcome party for new students, send-off party for educational training, Christmas party, celebration party when winning a tournament such as incarnation, birthday party for members (including teachers-directors, coaches, etc.), neighbors Fellowship at each dormitory (including training camp) such as participatory joint rice cake making competition, coming-of-age ceremony celebration, graduate farewell match, graduate farewell party, study session for employment exam (teacher employment exam, civil servant employment exam preparation, etc.) In order to deepen the knowledge, there are places where it is still held as a custom.The dormitory (including the training camp) depends on the club, butJuntendo UniversityIt is not a dormitory system like this, but a quasi-dormitory system (admission is recommended by educational dormitories).


  • Since physical education club activities are directly linked to university education, it has many of the most powerful clubs in Japan (belonging to the top of the university league in the district to which most clubs belong).In addition, he has records such as consecutive wins in each sport and field.
  • Depending on the sport, there was a time when it overwhelmed other universities as "Nippon Sport Science University", but in recent years, graduates who are familiar with the know-how of strengthening have been appointed as leaders (faculty and staff, etc.) of other universities. The situation of defeating the big is often seen.Stopped the winning streak of the swimming club water polo block described laterSenshu University(Nippon Sport Science University OB as director) is a good example.

Swimming club water polo block

  • Swimming clubwater polo376 consecutive wins for Brock (boys) (21 years undefeated-List of undefeated sports) Is the target for club competitions of other universities and business groups.Nippon Sport Science University belongs to the Kanto Student Water Polo League.
  • Boys-Japan Student Championship Swimming Competition Water Polo Competition 41 wins (2017 consecutive victories at the most winning schools as of 20).30 wins in the Kanto Student Water Polo League.
  • All Japan Physical Education University-Japan Championship Swimming Tournament Water Polo Tournament37 tournament championships (including 13 consecutive victories)
  • Women-Kanto Student Women's Water Polo League (including spring and autumn) 8 times (including 3 consecutive victories) Japan Student Championship Swimming Tournament Water Polo Competition 2st Winner School XNUMX times
  • Nikkei Club-Japan Championship Swimming Tournament Water Polo Tournament12 tournament championships (including 3 consecutive victories)
  • Abek Champion at the Japanese Championship-10 times All-Japan Men's (Most Winning Team), Nikkei Club Women's 2013 Men's and Women's Abek Winner
  • 2014・ Abek won the 2019 Japan Student Championship Water Polo Tournament.
  • 2016From the club team "Kingfisher74Was reorganized into.

Gymnastics club

  • The official name is the Gymnastics Club of Nippon Sport Science University.
  • A club that can be said to be a tradition of Nippon Sport Science University (Gymnastics) Department has a history of more than 125 years since the school was founded.
  • For OB,Fujimoto Shun,Kouhei Uchimura,Makoto Okiguchi,Koji Yamamuro(Konami sportsBelongs),Takuya Nakase(TokushukaiGymnastics Club / Nippon Sport Science University Doctoral Program),Shinichi Chiba,Shinji Morisue,Yukio Iketani,Water bird,Kenzo Shirai(Nippon Sport Science University faculty member), OGRie Tanaka(Nippon Sport Science University Faculty),Koko Tsurumi-Natsumi Sasada・ There are Mai Murakami (while studying at the Department of Physical Education).
  • All Japan Student Gymnastics Championships2014年団体戦男子優勝31回(初代優勝校・最多優勝校・6連覇・5連覇2回・3連覇2回)2014年女子優勝42回(最多優勝校・12連覇12年間無敗「List of undefeated sports・ 10 consecutive victories ・ 6 consecutive victories ・ 5 consecutive victories ・ 3 consecutive victories 2 times ・ 7 consecutive victories) Men and women abeck championship
  • All Japan Gymnastics ChampionshipsTeam men's victory 10 times (university most winning team) Women's championship 25 times (most winning team)
  • Nippon Sport Science University Swallow (formerly known as Swallow Club) is a powerful team of old men in the gymnastics world, consisting of Japanese OBs and OGs. In particular, the men's team has won the All Japan Gymnastics Championships 16 times in history. ing.

Wrestling club

  • Alumni Association Nippon Sport Science University Wrestling Club.
  • BoyswrestlingThe record held by the club is 84 consecutive victories in East Japan Incare (14 years undefeated-List of undefeated sports), Incare-All Japan Student Wrestling Championship 11 consecutive wins (most winning school-24 times, 2011-Gakuren record), etc.
  • All Japan University Greco-Roman Championship team championship 15 times.                               
  • East Japan University Women's Wrestling Championship Team Battle 2018 2019 Nippon Sport Science University wins 2nd consecutive championship 3nd place Nihon University XNUMXrd place Toyo University. 
  • For OB,Tsutomu Hanahara,Hideo Fujimoto,Yuji Takada,Hideyuki Nagashima,Takuya Ota,Mitsuru Sato,Tananbu Power,Tomohiro Matsunaga,Kenichi Yumoto,Yuji Nagata,Katsuhiko Nagata,Yujiro Takahashi,Kazuhiro Hamanaka,Kohei Hasegawa,Ryutaro Matsumoto, Norikatsu Saikawa,Eiwato,Shinobu Ota,Rei Higuchi(While attending university) and so on.
  • After cleaning the area around Shibuya Station, the party to celebrate the adult ceremony of the wrestling club (commonly known as the wrestling club "Adult Marathon") is a marathon event from Shibuya Station Hachiko Square to the main gate of Yokohama Kenshidai Campus (about 25 kilometers) and a marathon event. A social gathering to celebrate adults at the same time as aiming for labor is held with teachers (directors, coaches, etc.).

Archery club

  • Alumni Association Nippon Sport Science Universityarcheryunit.
  • 1959In (34), Nippon Sport Science UniversityTamagawa University・ Tokyo University of Education (currently:University of Tsukuba)・Gakushuin UniversityTogether with, the Japan Student Archery Federation (currently the All Japan Archery Federation) is formed.Even now, as a regular game (interleague game), the Nitamachi Kugaku game is held every year.In the university archery world, Nippon Sport Science University is an old school (rootsTo the school).
  • Men have won 6 times (including 3 consecutive victories) and 16 runners-up in the All Japan Student Archery Men's Championship Championship.
  • Women have won 20 times in the All Japan Championship Archery Women's Championship Championship (including the most winning schools and 9 consecutive victories) and 13 runners-up.
  • For OB,Yamamoto HiThere is. For OGHayakawa nami,Ren HayakawaAnd so on.

Volleyball club

  • Alumni Association Nippon Sport Science Universityvolleyballunit.
  • The wound is1918(Taisho 7), to the federation1928Joined (Showa 3).
  • Women's uniform Navy blue Symbol mark of flower cherry blossoms on the left chest Thin red line vertically and horizontally The color of the shorts is navy blue, and the letters of Nippon Sport Science University are on the back.
  • Men's uniform Traditional white tasuki Top and bottom Navy blue Two white lines on the side The symbol mark of the cherry blossoms on the left chest, and the characters of Nippon Sport Science University on the back.
  • IncareIn 2014, the girls won the championship in 1957, and won the first championship school for 1969 consecutive years from 13 to XNUMX (List of undefeated sports)are doing.It is also the school with the most victory 29 times.Men, 6 wins, 7 runners-up.1990Men's and Women's Abek Runner-up 2011 Men's and Women's Runner-up 2012 Women's Runner-up 2013 Men's Runner-up 2014 Men's Runner-up.
  • For OB,Jungo Morita,Toyohiko Ota,Kenji Yamamoto,Shunichi Kawai,Takahiro Yamamoto(Panasonic Panthers),Nobuharu Saito,Mt. Yoneyama Yuta(Toray Arrows) And so on.
  • For OGMichiko Furuhashi, Reiko Takizawa,Ayumi Kusano(Shonan Bell Mare Sports Club) And so on.

basket Club

  • Alumni Association Nippon Sport Science UniversitybasketballIn the club, the men's club is nicknamed "Lions (formerly known as Grizzly)" and the women's club is nicknamed "Phoenix".
  • IncareIn, boys won 14 times (including 4 consecutive victories) and girls won 19 times (including 4 consecutive victories), both of which are the most winning schools.He also holds a record of six abeck wins.
  • For OBShigeaki Abe,Akira Rikukawa, Takayuki Seto, Takeshi Isshiki, OGKeiko Namai(Currently: Keiko Konno) and so on.

Badminton club

Soccer club

  • Alumni Association Nippon Sport Science University Soccer Club.Joined the federation in 1954 (Showa 29) and joined the Women's Club Federation in 1985 (Showa 60).
  • Uniforms for both men and women-Nippon Blue (blue) and second uniforms, white The symbol mark of flower cherry blossoms on the left chest.Three white lines on both sleeves and shorts.
  • BoysKanto University Soccer League Match1 win, 1 runner-up, 3 2rd place.All Japan University Soccer Championship2 wins and 2 runners-up.Kanto University Football FederationAffiliation. 2016 All Japan University Soccer Championship Runner-up University Soccer Tournament Best 4
  • Women belong to the Kanto University Women's Soccer Federation,All Japan University Women's Soccer ChampionshipIt is a traditional school that won the first victory, and boasts the most victory 17 times (5 consecutive victories). In the Incare final match on January 2012, 1, he won both schools by drawing with Kanagawa University.

Soft tennis club

  • Alumni Association Nippon Sport Science UniversitySoft tennisunit.
  • In Incare, boys have won 8 times, girls have won 11 times (most winning schools), and Abek has won 3 times.
  • In the All Japan Championships, boys won 6 times, women won 10 times, and Abek won 1 time.
  • Toyoaki Nishida, OBMichio Inagaki, Masaaki Sonoda, Motoshi Ohashi, Tetsuro Hoshino, Kazuho Nakamoto,Keio Takakawa(NTT WestHiroshima), Yosuke Asakawa, Akiji Komine, Tetsuya Murotani,Hidenori Shinohara(Sakurayukai),Kobayashi Koji, Masumi Inada, Hiromi Hamanaka, etc.

Life Saving Department

  • Alumni Association Nippon Sport Science University Life Saving Club.
  • UniversityLife savingThe wound is old in the world1987(62).It all started when volunteer students gathered and were founded on the basis of the spirit of "let's do our best for people!"
  • All Japan Student Life Saving ChampionshipIn, boys have 18 overall wins (most winning schools "including 6 consecutive victories"), women have 9 overall wins (most winning schools), and 8 abeck overall wins. Achieved men's and women's abeck championships in 2012, and women are winning three consecutive titles[30].
  • At the 1st All Japan Student Life Saving Pool Championship (abbreviated as Pool Incare), he won the first men's and women's abeck overall victory. Women are winning 2012 consecutive titles until 3[31].
  • Men won the All Japan Lifesaving Championship 10 times[32], All Japan Lifesaving Indoor Championships 18 times[33].
  • 1993, NHK Educational TV "Fight!』Cooperated in appearance.
  • At around 2011:10 on October 6, 15,KanagawaFujisawaKatase coastIn the vicinityLifesavingOn January 2012, 1, a letter of appreciation was presented by the fire chief of Fujisawa City.

Swimming club

Athletics part

  • Alumni Association Nippon Sport Science UniversityAthleticsunit.
  • Short range, medium range, jumping, throwing, long range,EkidenDepartment,RacewalkDivided into blocks such as mixed and para-athlete trainers, they specialize in activities and each block has a training camp. As of June 2011, the number of members of 6 is the largest in Japan.
  • Incare Women's Overall Championship 9 times (7 consecutive victories) 2021 championship.
  • OBs and OGs include Akira Okano, Keinosuke Tamiya, Koji Watanabe, Kunihiro Tsuruya, Kinichi Ozawa, Haruo Omi, Eiji Machino, Yoshiaki Unetani, Nanae Sasaki, Hisatoshi Shintaku, Takao Nakamura,Hiromi Taniguchi, Yuko Arimori, Eiji Daigo,Shinji Kawashima, Noro Susumu, Naoki Maeda, Moriyuki Nakata,Jun Hiratsuka, Yoshihiro Horigome, Takeshi Kuchino, Shinya Saburi, Takashi Ishii,Satoru Kitamura, Kazuya Deguchi,Shodai HattoriAnd so on.
  • The Ekiden men's uniform is a white running shirt, the Japanese blue sky blue (horizontal stripe line) with the letters "Nippon Sport Science University" in white, and the short bread is blue with two orange vertical lines written vertically on the right side. The letters "Nippon Sport Science University" and the 襷 are white, and the "Hanasakura symbol mark" and the blue letters of Nippon Sport Science University are embroidered.When Hakone Ekiden won the first victory (1969・ In 44) and when the All Japan University Ekiden achieved the first three consecutive victories (1972・ The uniform around 47) was a symbol mark of a dark blue running shirt (or short-sleeved shirt) and a flower cherry tree (6 petals T-TAIIKUDAIGAKU T) on the chest.The current characters of Nippon Sport Science University will be replaced with the uniform of Hanasakura for a while (used when the Hakone Ekiden won the first victory), but now it is back to the uniform with the characters of Nippon Sport Science University engraved on the chest.
  • Women's Ekiden Club-Medium and long-distance blocks have been using uniforms with the flower cherry blossom symbol on the chest from the wound for many years.The color of the short-sleeved shirt and short pan is blue (blue), the vertical writing "Nippon Sport Science University" in the lower left of the short pan, the color of the tasuki is dark blue, the letters are orange, and the letters "Nippon Sport Science University".
  • The Men's Ekiden Club boasts a total of 21 championships in the three major student relay road races, following Komazawa University.All Nippon University EkidenHe has a record of 11 section prizes (winning 68 times).Izumo EkidenThen, in 2010, he won second place.Hakone Ekidenでは、71年連続71回出場(2019年現在)の名門。総合優勝10回(5連勝含む)、準優勝9回、完全優勝5回、往路優勝10回、復路優勝10回、区間賞獲得72回などの記録を持つ。第89回(2013年)では、前年の第88回(2012年)の19位から予選会を経て出場し、30年ぶりの総合優勝ならびに26年ぶりの往路優勝(いずれも10回目)を成し遂げた(復路優勝はKomazawa University[34].. As of 2017, it was Nippon Sport Science University that won the traditional two-university Ekiden, the All Japan University Ekiden Championship and the Tokyo Hakone Round-Trip University Ekiden.Waseda University-Daito Bunka University-Juntendo University-Kanagawa University-Komazawa University-Aoyama Gakuin UniversityThere are only 7 universities.In addition, it is said to be the toughest and steepest relay road race in Japan.Fuji climbing EkidenBoasts two wins.
  • The women's relay road raceAll Nippon University Women's Ekiden(Mori no Miyako Ekiden, 27 times participation),All Japan University Women's Selected Ekiden Race Tournament(Mt. Fuji Women's Ekiden, 7th participation) It is a regular school that has participated in the first competition of 2 competitions and is a traditional school of old men.The highest rank was in 1988Yuko ArimoriIs the 6rd place in the 1991th tournament, which showed the success of the section prize, the 9th tournament in 2020, and the 38th tournament in 3.
  • In 2009, a student belonging to the track and field club (jumping block) was at the training camp in Aoba-ku, Yokohama.marijuanaCultivate, and moreCurrency counterfeitingIt was discovered that he was doing this (details will be described later).Student members are expelled from school.

Fencing part

  • Alumni Association Nippon Sport Science UniversityfencingDepartment.Women won 4 consecutive wins in Foil at the All Japan University Fencing Championships (Incare)Foil9 times-Epe8 times-Saber3 times-All events Foil Epe Saber conquest including 2 consecutive victories As of 2-All events conquest achieved only by Nippon Sport Science University-Event Epe first championship school) Past individual event incarnation victory-2012 times
  • All Japan Fencing Championships Foil 4 times, Epe 3 times (including 2012 consecutive wins) 2019 Epe championship XNUMX Foil championship.
  • Women's 2012 2013 All Japan University Fencing Championships Epe Team Championship (2 consecutive victories).
  • For boys, he won the All Japan Student Fencing Championships Saber Epe once and the Incare championship by individual event eight times.
  • 1991(3) Men's and Women's Abek Championship 1st-Event Women's Epe / Men's Saber.
  • Eiichi Takahashi (currently a professor at Tokyo University of Agriculture), as an alumnusHiroki Ichigatani(Currently a high school teacher in Kagawa Prefecture) Barcelona / Atlanta Olympics representative Rio / Tokyo Olympics representative, Kenichi Sasada, Kennori Omae, Shoichi Kizen. OG includes Kozue Horikawa, Yoshiko Saito,Chieko Sugawara,Hideko Oka, Tomoko Oka, Nouna Kiriya, Maiden nameNozomi Nakano(Currently Nozomi Sato) Rio Tokyo Olympics representative, Sera Azuma (while attending the Faculty of Physical Education) -Rio Azuma (Meiji Yasuda Seimei) Tokyo Olympics representative, Ayaka Shimookawa, etc.

Handball club

  • Alumni Association Nippon Sport Science UniversityhandballDepartment.Formerly nicknamed NITTAIDAI Eagles.
  • BoysAll Japan Student Handball ChampionshipMost wins 23 times.
  • In 2011All Japan Handball Championship 3rd place prize (highest among students).
  • The girls are the first school to win the All Japan Student Handball Championship with 17 wins, the most.
  • In the All Japan Student Handball Championship, Abek won three times.
  • The uniform has white short sleeves and two black horizontal stripes. The shorts are white and have not changed since the wound.
  • 1950All Japan Handball Championship Men's first championship team Nippon Sport Science University "Sakura" is also a large team.
  • In the pastJapan Handball LeagueThe Osaka Eagles (Osaka teachers team), which was a member of the team, was a team formed by the OB of the Nippon Sport Science University Handball Club, and was a strong team that was partly enrolled and was in the upper ranks (withdrawal in 63- Currently not).All-day body size won 5 times (3 consecutive victories).
  • For OB,Miyazaki Daisuke(However, after dropping out of university in the 4th year, he returned to the Faculty of Physical Education and graduated in 1), Shusaku Higashinaga, Hozuki Higashinaga,Takagi Hisashi, Akihito Kai, Hiroki Shida, Hiroki Motoki, Daichi Komuro, etc.
  • Published in 2012Japanese Red Cross SocietyA member appears as an extra in the blood donation promotion public relations movie "Double Sky" and cooperates in handball instruction.A handball scene was filmed at the Nippon Sport Science University Yokohama Kenshidai Campus Gymnasium.

Rugby club

  • Alumni Association Nippon Sport Science UniversityrugbyIn the club, the nickname is "Unicorns".
  • National university rugby championship2 wins, 3 runners-up,Japan Rugby Football Championship1 wins and 1 runners-up.Kanto University Rugby Counterattack GroupBelongs to, 5 wins and 3 runners-up.
  • For OGOB,Keiko Asami,Yoshiharu Yamaguchi,Eiji Kutsuki,Hiroyuki Tanuma,Hiroshi Haruguchi,Masayuki Iwade, Kimura Kiyoshi and so on.
  • The uniform is a blue (sky blue) for men and women and a navy blue horizontal stripe line.1979(54) At the time of victory, the letters P (physical-physical education second jersey) were all in sky blue.Currently, the second jersey is a uniform with a sky blue body and navy blue sleeves.
  • Girls were Japan's first university and the only club team, but in 2016Rio de Janeiro OlympicsWith the official adoption of rugby (7s) at the (Brazil Tournament), a women's rugby team was established at other universities as a strengthening measure.The girls' club has never beenRugby Women's Japan National TeamIt has produced many players.The Yokohama Kenshidai PHOENIX Rugby Team, which is a strong player in the club team world, is a team mainly composed of the Nippon Sport Science University Women's Rugby Team OG.The national title boasts the highest number of 10 times in history.
  • It is a sport derived from rugby as a circle activity (Alumni Association-Touch Rugby Circle).Touch rugbyWe are trying to popularize (simplified football).

Rigid Baseball Club

Softball baseball club

  • Alumni Association Nippon Sport Science UniversityBaseballunit.
  • The color of the uniform is Nikkei Blue (Sky Blue) with the blue letters of NITTAI in the center, the symbol mark of Hanasakura on the right sleeve, NSSU on the left sleeve, the abbreviation N of Nippon Sport Science University on the hat, and stocking blue.
  • The boys belong to the Tohto University Baseball League.All Japan University Softball Baseball ChampionshipIn 5-1997, he achieved 2001 consecutive victories, with 14 wins and 5 runners-up, with the highest number of winning schools.Especially in 1998All Japan University Softball Baseball ChampionshipIn the final match of W Ace Tsuchiya, Satsuka's good throw, and the main gun Hoshino's 3 runs, the golden age was built with a historic overwhelming victory of 19-0.
  • GirlsKanto Roku University Women's Baseball FederationBelong to the league,All Japan University Women's Baseball ChampionshipHe has won 7 consecutive victories (2002-2008), and has the highest number of winning schools with 20 wins and 4 runners-up.Japan CupIn (Women's Japanese-style Baseball Japan Championship), he won the most Thai championships in history 6 times.
  • The color of the women's uniform is NITTAI blue in the center of Nikkei Blue (Sky Blue), "Ganbaro Japan" on the right sleeve, the symbol mark of Hanasakura on the left sleeve, TOKYO characters under it, the color blue of the headband, and NIPPON on the hat. Abbreviation for SPORTS NS character, stocking blue.
  • To OGMaya Kawaho・ There are Hikari Hashimoto (professional baseball player), etc.

Trampoline part

  • Alumni Association Nippon Sport Science Universitytrampolineunit.
  • The trampoline derived from gymnastics is quickly adopted to train front-line athletes.
  • To OBTetsuya Sotomura,Daisuke Nakata, In OGYuriko IwashitaAnd so on.
  • BoysAll Japan Trampoline ChampionshipIn the team competition, 6 consecutive victories (first winning school, most winning school-13 times), 2002 consecutive victories in the university competition (incare) team competition that started in 2 (3 championships), and 14 individual championships. In the 2012 All Japan Student Trampoline Championship, won the group championship (two consecutive victories) in the university competition.
  • Women have won the All Japan Trampoline Championship (3 consecutive wins, 9 wins), 2013 Synchronized Winners, the 2013 All Japan Trampoline Student Championships University Championships (5 wins for the first and most wins), and 19 wins for other individual matches.
  • Abek victory once.

Triathlon club

  • Alumni Association Nippon Sport Science UniversitytriathlonDepartment.The uniform is Nippon Sport Science University Blue (Sky Blue) T Lion on the right chest. White in the center is the character of Nippon Sport Science University.
  • Japan Student Triathlon Championship Incare Men's Team Time Trial 4 consecutive wins.
  • Japan Student Triathlon Championship Abek Winner 2019 Incare Men's Team Winner 2019 Women's Team Winner (6 consecutive victories)
  • Japanese studentDuathlonChampionship 2013 Men's Team Competition 3rd consecutive victory
  • 2012 Japan Student Sprint Triathlon Championship and Team Time Trial Championship Men's team runner-up, women's team 3rd place.
  • He has won three consecutive men's team competitions in the Kanto Student Triathlon Championship, and won the men's and women's abeck in 3.
  • To OBTaro Shirato,Wataru MoriThere is.

American football club

  • Alumni Association Nippon Sport Science UniversityAmerican FootballClub, nicknamed Trian Fan Tryon (formerly nicknamed Golden Bears)
  • 1956(Showa 31) Sobu.
  • The uniform color is NSSU on the top and bottom, Japanese blue (blue), helmet (blue), and TRIUM PHANTLION on the back of the upper garment.Second uniform-white (formerly red & gold)
  • Koshien bowlThen in 1993, the runner-upCitron bowlThen won the championship in 2000/2001.
  • Azuma bowl(Kanto University Championship) won 1 time and 5nd place XNUMX times.
  • In the Kanto League match, he achieved five consecutive victories in 1980-1984.
  • Spring Interleague Play Flower Bowl Kwansei Gakuin University FightersNippon Sport Science University (traditional exchange game that has been held since the 50s) 2018 Nippon Sport Science University 16:14 Kwansei Gakuin University
  • For OBKimura Shunsaku, Ken Izawa (Kashima Deers), Mt. Yoneyama Kouji, Nishimura Gotetsu (Fujitsu Frontiers) Etc.

Skating club

  • Alumni Association Nippon Sport Science Universityskateunit.
  • speed·Figure skating·hockey·curling-Short trackParting into each department and practicing professionally.Japan Student Ice Competition ChampionshipWomen's overall victory 11 times (until 2014)
  • Student on icespeed skateCategory championship 1 times including 9 men's victory and 27 women's consecutive victories (until 2014)
  • Ice hockeyThe nickname of the (ice ball club) section is NSSU YONG GUNZ.In 2006/2007 in the Kanto University Ice Hockey League matchfair playHas won the award.Belongs to the Kanto Student Ice Hockey Federation. 2015 Japan Student Ice Hockey Championship Runner-up
  • 2014 Women's Ice Hockey Division Sobe The same NSSU YONG GUNZ as the boys. 2018Japan Student Women's Ice Hockey Tournament 5 consecutive victories (5 wins, the most in history),Japan Student Ice Competition Championship3 consecutive victories at the first winning school (Most wins in history XNUMX times).
  • The men's and women's uniforms are in Japanese blue, with the flower cherry blossom symbol in the center of the surface, both sleeves, and the N and runner logos on the upper left and right.
  • For OBOG,Toru Aoyanagi(Speed ​​skating) Ryosuke Sakazume (Short track)Mari Motohashi(curling)Yoko Kondo-Sato Kikuchi·maiden nameShoko OnoCurrent surnames-Shoko Ono, Tomomi Iwahara (ice hockey) (speed skating), Miho Takagi (speed skating) and others.

Softball part

  • Alumni Association Nippon Sport Science Universitysoft ballunit.
  • A pioneer in the university softball worldTokyo University Softball FederationIt is a traditional school that has been enrolled since its inception.
  • Made in 1966All Japan University Softball ChampionshipHe has won the men's and women's abeck in the first tournament.In the tournament, boys have won 1 times and are the most winning schools.Runner-up is 29 times.Women have won 4 times and are the most winning schools.Runner-up is 19 times.In addition, Abek won 13 times. 9 Men's Championship
  • Men have won 3 times and 4nd place in the All Japan Men's Softball Championship.
  • The uniforms are men's and women's body blue (blue) top and bottom, upper shoulder white and red lines.
  • For OBYutaka Miyake, OGMotoko Fujimoto,Juri Takayama,Aya TakizawaAnd so on.

Sumo club

Judo section

Other athletic clubs (including those related to circles and clubs)

He has won national competitions such as incarnations (including group and individual competitions).
  • Cheerleaderunit
    • An old-timer team in the university cheerleading world (participating in competitive cheerleading), a regular school that appears in the top DIVISION 1 of the Japan Cup Japan Championship every year.
    • Cheerleading Competition 1993/1996/1997/2004 Japan Cup Cheerleading Japan Championship University Division Champion.
    • All Japan Student Cheerleading Championships Incare championship 5 times, runner-up 3 times, 3rd place 7 times.
    • 2009Tokyo Metropolitan Government2016 Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics bid campaignDeparture ceremonyShowed off the cheering ale at.
    • 2011 IFC World Championships Hong Kong Tournament Runner-up (Group Stants Division) The powerful team TWISTERS, which achieved the third consecutive victory in the Japanese Players Tournament, is an old-timer team founded by the Nippon Sport Science University Cheerleading OG.Currently, various university and high school cheer club OGs are also enrolled.
    • Many OGs are advisors to club activities in high school.
  • Golfunit
    • Men's and women's incarnation championship.
    • For OB / OGToshimitsu Izawa, Tetsuji Hiratsuka, Kiyoshi Murota, Kazuhiko Hosokawa, Naomi Ota, Masao Nakajima, Shintaro Kai, Taichiro Kiyota, Chikayo Yamazaki, Misuzu Narita (Free Tour Affiliation, 2012)Fujitsu ladies,Year 2013NEC Karuizawa 72 Golf TournamentWinner) and others.
  • Weight liftingunit
  • Table tennisunit
  • Lacrosseunit
    • Founded 1992[35] Kanto Student Lacrosse Federation
    • The uniform is Japanese blue with the letters NITTAI in white and T-LION on the left sleeve.Second uniform White with blue letters NITTAI.
    • 2010 girlsLacrosse All Japan University ChampionshipTournament (Incare) Winner 2015 Incare Men's Championship.
    • FALCONS LACROSSE CLUB (FALCONS LACROSSE CLUB) Japanese men's OB-based adult team Japan Championship championship (Lacrosse All Japan Championship
  • kendounit
    • All Japan Student Women's Kendo Championship 2017 Championship (twice) 2 All Japan Student Kendo Championship Women's Individual Championship. 2016 All Japan Student Kendo Championship Men's Individual Championship. On February 2013, 2020, the Kanagawa Prefectural Police Aoba Police Chief presented a letter of appreciation to the Kendo Club for contributing to the prevention of juvenile delinquency and sound development activities through the guidance of the Aoba Shonen Kenyukai.
  • karateunit
    • All Japan University Karatedo Championship 2012 Women's Team 3rd place.
  • Shorinji Kempounit
    • Shorinji Kempo All-Japan Student Tournament Women's Group Championship (6 divisions including 2012 seats for men and women, XNUMXrd dan, XNUMXnd dan) XNUMX.
    • Shorinji Kempo All-Japan Student Tournament Men's Team Winner (Wondered Evaluation Method Lightweight Men's, Women's Second Dan and above, Women's First Dan, Men's First Dan, etc.) 2013.
  • Aikidounit
    • Participated in Japan Aikido Demonstration Tournament, National Student Aikido Demonstration Tournament, etc.
  • Canoeunit
    • Incare men and women championship.
    • OG is in OB.
  • ボ ー トunit
    • Green regatta overall victory, All Japan Lightweight Championship / All Japan University Championship participation-W1 victory, All Japan Boat Championship single scull victory.
    • 2013 Incare Women's Group Overall 3rd Place All Japan Rowing Championships Quad Scull 3rd Place
    • To OGAkiko IwamotoThere is.
  • Skiunit
  • boxingunit
    • Both men and women belong to the Kanto University Boxing Federation.The uniform is white with horizontal stripes of Japanese body blue (blue), the white center with the characters of Nippon Sport Science University, short pan white with sideline Japanese body blue, the symbol mark of flower cherry blossoms at the bottom left, and the head cap color Japanese body blue (blue).
    • In 2011, he won the class award (light weight) in the first division of the Kanto University Boxing League match.
    • 2000NHK serial TV novel "My blue sky』I was involved in shooting cooperation guidance assistance.
    • For OB / OGMikihito Seto(Chairman of Kyoei Shinjuku Boxing Gym)Shinya Nagase,Chaos Minowa,Hikaru Nishida, There is Yumeno Furukawa (Yunoka-Kickboxer).
  • Bicycle competitionunit
  • ダンスunit
    • Kanto Student Dance Federation
    • Participated in overseas performances such as the Greek International Conference and the German International Gymnastics Festival, Miyagi Summer Festival Sendai Suzume Dance, Kanto Student Dance Federation Presentation, Traditional Performing Arts Research Demonstration Presentation, Creative Dance Presentation, etc.Since its inception, it has been devoting itself to research and practice so that it can become a leader of Japanese dance and Japanese drums by belonging to the traditional student dance federation.We also teach dance, Japanese dance, and Japanese drums at the request of each school and group.
    • All Japan High School/University Dance FestivalParticipation (2010 Japan Association of Physical Education for Women's Chairman's Award, 2nd and 11th competitionsMinister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology AwardReceived "Best School")
    • Participated in Archistic Movement in Toyama (2014 Toyama Prefecture Governor's Award)
  • squashCircle
    • 2013 All Japan Student Squash Championship Women's Group Champion (3 consecutive victories). 2013 26th Kanto Student Squash Championship Men's Championship, Women's Runner-up.
    • To OGChinatsu MatsuiThere is.
  • Inline hockeyClub (NITTA IDAI-DREAMS)
    • 2001 All Japan In-line Hockey Championship Aomori Tournament Men's Championship. Women won the 2010 Shiga Tournament.
  • NSSU Basic ski team
    • 31st and 32nd National Iwadake Ski TournamentBasic skiGroup championship.
  • UltimateCircle (NITTAI-BAR BARRIANS)
    • The uniform is upper and lower Japanese body blue (sky blue) Front white BARBARRIANS Under the back NO, NSSU T-LION on the right sleeve.
    • All-Japan student / Japanese championship participation championship.
    • Incare (2013) Women's group championship.
  • aerobicsClub (NITTA IDAI-SPARKS)
    • All Japan Aerobic Championship, Participated in all-Japan student aerobic championships, etc.
    • In 2011, won the All Japan Student Incare Women's Singles category (Maho Ueda), 3rd place (Ayaka Honjo), 2nd and 3rd place in the men's flight category,Sasakawa Sports FoundationReceived an award.
    • Kanto University Student Dance Federation
    • Shonan Roku University Dance League affiliation (Nippon Sport Science University, Keio University, Nihon University, Kanto Gakuin University, Tokai University, Meiji Gakuin University)
    • Every December, a CYPHER performance (presentation) is held at the Aoba Public Hall in Aoba Ward.
    • Won the 2004 and 2006 Kanto Student Dance Contest and the 2006 East Japan Student Dance Contest.
    • Dance classes (guidance is hip hop dance, etc.) are held upon request / request from each school / welfare facility.
  • oceandivingResearch Group (NITTAI-NORDIC)
    • Winner of all-Japan sports diving indoor championships.
  • Fin swimmingク ラ ブ
    • Winner of the Incare / Short Waterway Japan Championship / Japan Championship.
  • NaginataClub
    • Participated in the All Japan Student Naginata Championship and won the acting competition. 2011 East Japan Incare Group / Individual / Acting 3 crowns (3 wins).
    • OGs include Chihiro Matsui and Ayumi Yamaguchi.
  • Rigid typeTennis(Rigid tennis club) club
    • Participated in men's and women's incarnation, and won the national private junior college athletic meet tennis competition.Former All Japan Student Championship champion / formerUniversiadeJapan national team director Daiji Morii (Professor of Nippon Sport Science University) is instructing.
  • Semi-rigid baseballClub (Circle)

Other club activities

  • gymnasticsunit
    • It is not a gymnastics club but an independent, formal gymnastics club "Alumni Association".For example, "a manual gymnastics club that does not participate in competitions in principle" (to let people know the fun of gymnastics and the importance of gymnastics without competing with others) We are working to contribute to the spread and development of gymnastics widely. ..We undertake gymnastics announcements and gymnastics guidance requests from various organizations and schools.
    • Presentation (domestic / overseas gymnastics festival / variousEventsEtc.).CustomaryBunka Gakuen UniversityGraduation event "Taketori story'Musashino College of MusicParticipate with.
    • Yasukazu Hamada for OB,Hiromichi Sato, Yoshihisa Kobayashi, OG has Kumiko Kurihara.
    • 2009May 3Tokyo DomeWBCParticipated in and cooperated with the national flag march at the opening ceremony.
    • 2014May 10Special OlympicsParticipated in and cooperated with an exchange event commemorating the 20th anniversary of the founding of Tokyo, Japan.
  • Double dutchCircle group name "Ranjo"
    • Circle founded (1998) Is old, and the Kanto area is a pioneering traditional school for the spread of double Dutch in the university world.About 120 members are registered for competition every year, and it is a university with many members in Japan.
    • 20th National Double Dutch League Double Dutch Holiday Classicニ ュ ー ヨ ー クHe has won the fusion category in the main event of the world championships (the eighth time in a row for three years and the most victory among Japanese universities).
    • In 2012, Eager-Beaver, who belongs to Ranjo, won the Double Dutch Delight Japan 2012 Holiday Classic Japan Selection Tournament.
  • Sepak Takraw(Rattan) Circle
    • All Japan Student Sepak Takraw Championship Men's and Women's Incare 3 consecutive victories.
  • FutsalCircle
    • Participating in the Kanto University Futsal League, etc. Team nicknames MOMOGA, ELGOLAZO, CRELKA
  • FistballClub
    • Participation in various competitions
  • Mixed volleyballClub
    • First victory in the 1st Student Mixed Volleyball Championship.
  • Rhythmic gymnasticsClub (women only)
    • Founded in 2011.All Japan Rhythmic Gymnastics ChampionshipsWon the individual battle (6 consecutive victories)Yukari Murata・ Ikuko Uraya gives advice as a leader. 2017 All Japan Student Rhythmic Gymnastics Championship Team Runner-up
    • Graduates include Sayuri Sugimoto (Toyota Motor Corporation), a student of the Faculty of Physical Education, Ayuka Suzuki.Sugimoto / Suzuki Rhythmic Gymnastics Fairy Japan POLA Group member.
  • MountainDepartment (Climbing・ Sports climbing)
    • Camp craft training (tent construction, etc.)
    • Climb once a month (TokyoOkutamaMountains in the vicinity,Mount Fuji,YatsugatakeWait)
    • Sports climbingA large number of prizewinners have been produced in the Japanese student sports climbing championships, such as individual competitions and competition (group) competitions (various national competitions). In the XNUMX university competition, women's runner-up and boys won the XNUMXrd place.
  • Training department
    • Belongs to the Ministry of Health and Culture.
    • The only physical education universityTeacher recruitment testIt is a club that aims to pass, and conducts practical training and research classes for all physical education classes, such as physical education classes, health classes, moral education, and athletic trainer research classes.
    • Gymnastics, volleyball, soccer, baseball or softball, basketball,Folk dance・ Handles a wide range of dances.In gymnastics, there are gymnastics presentations within the department several times a year, and team and individual competitions are also held.A dance presentation is also held.
    • Since it was a teacher training university, it has a tradition as a pioneering club in the research and practice of folk dance in school physical education.If there is a request for folk dance instruction from each facility or school official, we will undertake it.
  • trainerStudy Group (Athletic Training Circle)
    • tapingThe study group is the predecessor circle,1975It was founded in (50).It is a pioneer at a physical education university.The current adviser isTokuyoshi KonoHe is also the head trainer of so-called SAMURAI JAPAN, such as Sydney, Athens, Beijing Olympics, 1st to 3rd WBC, ALL STAR SERIES, Premier12, and the chairman of the trainer department of Nippon Badminton Association.Although he educates trainers at many universities, he is one of the few people who also serves as a trainer for the national team and a trainer representative for the association as a teacher.In terms of facilities, both the Tokyo / Setagaya campus and the Yokohama / Kenshidai campus are equipped with American-style AT rooms. Especially in Setagaya, it is one of the most well-equipped trainer facilities not only in universities but also in Japan.
    • Athletic trainerWe are aiming to train sports trainers (Japan Sports Association official athletic trainers) by conducting research and practice.At the request of the tournament organizer, we support various types of incarnation and sports tournaments, and we are also involved in the physical and mental care of athletes and, in some cases, management, etc.All Japan Student Wrestling Championships-All Japan Wrestling Championship・ American football X-League ・World University Baseball Championship-US-Japan University Baseball ChampionshipSelection training campHonolulu MarathonSuch).We undertake any requests from trainers of various groups and schools.
    • Trainers and medical research presentations are held several times a year, and lively discussions are held.He also participates in student trainer gatherings (university trainer circle club national convention) every year to spread his knowledge.In addition, we have an agreement with the University of Hawaii and conduct annual trainer training that includes curriculum such as anatomy training and American football field training.
    • Although it is generally said that it is difficult for trainers to find employment, they are employed in various teams such as professional baseball, soccer, rugby, volleyball, and badminton, as well as in the Japanese national team.
  • General Affairs Department
  • Cheer teamunit
  • More
    Modern Five-kind Competition Club, Ground Hockey Club, Song Reading Club 2017 USA National Tournament 2019rd Place, Barbell Club XNUMX All Japan Student Bodybuilding Championship Winner Kanto University Bodybuilding Championship Winner, Archery Club,Brass bandAndDepartment (belonging to the support department-single abbreviation "N-BRASS", support for various tournaments-consolation, etc., gathering of traffic safety city residents, regularconcert, MarchSenshu UniversityJointChristmasconcertActivities such as), CIA (Camping Instructor Academy),Outdoor educationActivity Study Group (Activities including outdoor sports research), Emergency Medical Circle NEXT (Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences) 14th East Japan Student Emergency Lifesaving Technology Championship Overall 3rd Place Student Medical Rally 2017 Overall 1st Place, May 2019 Inside the car A letter of appreciation has been given by the fire department for the rescue of a man in his 5s who had cardiopulmonary arrest by a cardiopulmonary resuscitation method.Traditional Performing Arts Wadaiko Club, Physical Education Guidance Study Group, Physical Education Research Circle, Physical Education Management Research Circle, Health and Physical Education Research Circle,レ ク リ エ ー シ ョ ンStudy Group, Childcare Research Circle, Social Physical Education Study Group,broadcastDepartment,English conversationDepartment,写真Department,HousekeepingIt can be said that it is rare for a physical education (college university) university because there are many activities of the literary clubs such as clubs and aqua sports study groups.

University officials and graduates

University organization

  • The "Nippon Sport Science University Alumni Association" is organized by graduates.The number of current members is 75000 (21), and there are branches all over the country to support the fellowship of graduates and current students (sponsored by the alumni association and holding teacher employment exam preparation seminars, etc. in each prefecture). There are also activities such as).
  • A "parents' association" is organized by parents of current students, and the world competition (Universiade・ Support and support tours from the association can be seen in overseas expeditions of athletes such as world championships and the Olympics.



Setagaya Campus, Tokyo

  • Fukasawa School Building (7-1-1, Fukasawa, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo)
Approximately 40,000 square meters (m2), In addition to each school building, a memorial hall, two gymnasiums, a ground, a swimming pool, a library, etc. are concentrated and located.In the main arena stage curtainKataoka Kyoko"Flowers to Fuji".
The memorial hall is held every December in Dance Summit in Japan (open recruitment system national comprehensive dance competition "creative dance, rhythm dance, Japanese folk dance,"Folk dance-Ballroom dancingIt is also famous for being the venue for the "National Competition in the Division").It also served as a venue for workshops to restore student qualifications for professional baseball players who are famous in the baseball world to become high school and university leaders.
Kenshiro MatsunamiUnder the collection of works of art[36]..In the entrance hall (beauty corridor) on the 1st floor of the Education and Research BuildingShinya Nakamura,Amemiya Jiro,Katsuzo EnbaIs decorated with a statue of.In the main arena stage curtainKataoka KyokoThe picture of the lion at the entrance of the Education and Research BuildingMitsukoshi department storeThere is a donation from.

Yokohama Kenshidai Campus

  • Yokohama Kenshidai Campus (KanagawaAoba-ku, Yokohama-shiKamoshidacho1221-1)
    1971Opened in (Showa 46).At that time, it was called the Kamoshida Campus.About 166,000m2Baseball stadium, athletics stadium, Yonemoto Memorial Gymnasium (with two other gymnasiums), gymnastics stadium, soccer field (fully artificial turf, with viewing seats), rugby field (fully artificial turf, with viewing seats)・ Archery field ・ Pool ・ Archery field ・ Tennis court (2 sides) ・ Golf school (6 sides)グ リ ー ンYes) ・ Beach volleyball courts are lined up.1992The Centennial Memorial Hall was completed in (4) (Laboratory·Lecture room·training center・ There is a health management center, etc.).
    • The baseball stadium has infield bleachers, and the artificial turf at the stadiumTokyo DomeSame as the specifications.
    • Athletics stadiumJapan Land FederationOfficialAthletic fieldSo, urethane finish roller embossing method (National Kasumigaoka Stadium,Yokohama International StadiumIt is a 1m all-weather blue truck with the same specifications as the truck.
    • The gymnastics stadium is said to be the number one facility in Japan for equipment such as "gymnastics equipment" in the gymnastics world, and games such as university competitions and junior competitions are held.
    • The pool is heated outdoors and has a 50m pool and a diving pool court.
    In addition to being the venue for official competitions such as university competitions in each competition, track and field record meetings (not only university students but also working adults and junior high and high school students participate)Nippon Sport Science University Long Distance Record MeetingIs held several times a year.Also in 1998All Japan University Ekiden Kanto Area QualifyingIt also became the venue for.
  • Transportation access: Tokyu Denentoshi LineAobadai StationTake the Tokyu Bus bound for "Nippon Sport Science University".The boarding time is about 10 minutes.
  • Student dormitory
    • Fukasawa, Setagaya, Tokyo-Fukasawa Dormitory / Izumi Dormitory
    • Kanagawa Yokohama Aoba-ku --Kenshidai Camp Dormitory / Kenshidai Sakura Dormitory
  • Training camp-Some club activities have training camps, and clubs with many members have training camps for each block in the club.
    • Nippon Sport Science University Sumo Club Training Camp Senshin Dormitory
    • Nippon Sport Science University Wrestling Hall (Wrestling Club Training Camp)

Next to the entrance is "Ichiro HattaA bronze statue is erected.

  • Nippon Sport Science University Judo Club Katsumi Dormitory (Judo Club Training Camp)

Sugadaira training ground

  • Training ground (1223-3909, Sugadairakogen, Ueda City, Nagano Prefecture)
    About XNUM X m2Site training site, training camp, training center, etc.[37]

Foreign relations

Overseas exchange affiliated schools

Schools with academic / sports exchange agreements

Japan-North Korea exchange

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has sent a member of the movement to North Korea, which is seeking to refrain from traveling.Regarding the reason for the expedition, the university explained, "I fully understand the situation between governments, but I would like to deepen friendship through joint practice."[38]..Comment from President Matsunami "For the purpose of sports exchange, we will make friends with all countries. If we do not appeal that Japan is seeking peace, the bid for the Olympic Games (Tokyo) will not be successful. This expedition is called an invitation from North Korea. It was realized in the form. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs understands the process. "

Six universities in Aoba-ku, Yokohama (concluded a partnership agreement with Aoba-ku, Yokohama)

Both are supporting Aoba Ward, Yokohama City.

AOBA Baseball Festa An interleague game is held every year.Participating schools will change depending on the year and university circumstances.

Meijo University

2014 year 6 month,Meijo UniversityHas concluded a comprehensive cooperation agreement from the standpoint of educational institutions.

Great East Japan Earthquake Reconstruction Assistance Project

Since May 2011, a team of students and faculty members has been visiting the areas affected by the Great East Japan Earthquake and conducting support activities. In 5, a physical education research presentation demonstration was held in Fukushima, Miyagi, and Iwate prefectures under the title of "Nihon Physical Education University Sport Caravan."

Relationship with society

Community Contribution / Activities

We have set up the "Community / Social Contribution Promotion Committee" to widely disseminate the results of education and research and contribute to the community / society. We are engaged in community-based community and social contribution activities such as support.In addition, students are also active in community and social contribution activities, and various activities such as seminar students, clubs holding sports classes for children, and exchanges with local residents at Japanese festivals and physical education demonstrations are being developed. Has been done.

  • Practical training assistant dispatch business
    Students who have signed an agreement with Yokohama City / Kanagawa Prefecture, Setagaya Ward, and Meguro Ward and have received on-campus training in advance are providing practical training assistance and club activity guidance assistance at elementary and junior high schools.In particular, many students are dispatched in Yokohama City and Setagaya Ward, and in elementary schools they assist in practical skills such as mat exercises as assistants in physical education classes, and in junior high schools they provide technical guidance in club activities such as land, soccer, baseball, and basketball. ..
  • Setagaya beautification movement
    Setagaya Men's First Student Dormitory This is one of the community and social contribution activities proposed by the dormitory students, and participates in the cleaning activities of Todoroki Shotengai and Sakurashinmachi Shotengai near the university every time.About 100 people from Todoroki Shotengai and about 50 people from Sakurashinmachi Shopping Street will participate in the event to collect garbage scattered on the streets and in the plants.The roads from around the Yokohama Kenshidai Campus to Aobadai Station are also beautified mainly by students from the General Affairs Department (other clubs also participate).
  • Holding an early childhood education extension course
    At the public lecture held at the Setagaya Campus in Tokyo at the end of July every year, we think about problems and questions in daily childcare and give lectures and practical skills to help in on-site childcare.
  • Get together!Cheerful child!
    This project is conceived and run mainly by men and women in the third grade of the early childhood physical education seminar. It is a "small athletic meet" for preschool children up to 3 years old in the Setagaya area.The purpose is for children to have fun and move their bodies and spend time together with their parents during the midwinter season when there is less play outside.


Boxing member cannabis possession case

In January 2016, when a boxing member of Nippon Sport Science University 1 years old received a job question from a police officer of the Metropolitan Police Department on the street in Shibuya Ward, Tokyo, he explained that it was a diuretic agent used when losing weight, and the police officer drove. While checking the driver's license, steal the driver's license and escape.After that, at the end of May, the Shibuya police station arrested the current offender on suspicion of violating the Cannabis Control Law, alleging that he had about 3 grams of cannabis at his home in Kawasaki City.The Tokyo District Public Prosecutor's Office filed an indictment in June.[39][40]After bail, submit a request to withdraw from school.Voluntary withdrawal.

Cannabis cultivation and currency counterfeiting case by the track and field club (currency counterfeiting is subsequently not prosecuted)

On March 2009, 3, a student belonging to the track and field club cultivated cannabis at the jumping block training camp in Aoba Ward, Yokohama City.Kanto Shinetsu Health and Welfare BureauIt was discovered that he had been investigated by the Drug Control Department.Following this leak, the university dropped out of a third grader on the 5th of the same month, and revealed that he had dismissed the director, manager, and coach of the track and field club.

After that, on the 26th, the then president attended a press conference and the same competition group as the student who was expelled from school (jumping block-Pole vault,Long jump,Triple jumpEtc.), announced that it has imposed an indefinite suspension of activities on as many as 46 male athletes.Initially, the entire track and field club was suspended for 10 days from the day after the incident was discovered, but in order to dispatch players (players other than jumping blocks) to the upcoming Universiade Summer Games representative selection. It was also revealed that this was shortened to 5 days.

Furthermore, when the jumping block training camp was searched by the Kanto Shinetsu Health and Welfare Bureau Drug Control Department on suspicion of violating the Cannabis Control Law, a color copy (including banknotes with a blank back)Counterfeit billIt was discovered on the 25th that several sheets had been found.In response to thisKanagawa Prefectural PoliceIs proceeding with an investigation on suspicion of currency forgery[41][42].

In response to these series of crimes discoveredKanto Student Athletics FederationAll blocks of the track and field club-including "long-distance block (ekiden)"Hakone Ekiden-All Nippon University Ekiden-Izumo EkidenThe seed right was deprived, the participation was suspended for 3 months, and the relegation to the Kanto Incare 2nd Division school was decided.However, Nippon Sport Science University said, "The cannabis problem has not been prosecuted yet." "The copy of the bill is not a case of being prosecuted for counterfeiting the bill." "The student has been expelled from school. It is a mistake to hold 400 people responsible for solidarity, "and submitted a counter-thesis in the name of the president requesting the withdrawal of the disposition.[43]..In response, the federation has not changed its disposition and has revealed its willingness to punish Nippon Sport Science University.[44].

Rape injuries by wrestling club

In September 2009, a male student belonging to the wrestling club was arrested on suspicion of being raped and injured.Later dropped out.On October 9, Nippon Sport Science University announced that it would impose an indefinite suspension of activities on the wrestling club and dismiss the director and director. On September 10, 15, the activity was suspended.After that, official participation after September 2010Japan Wrestling AssociationAlso accepted, participation was allowed[45].

Affiliate school

Attached facility


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