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🏓 | Kobe Shoin Women's Academy, without stopping momentum to the final with a straight win <Table Tennis / Incare Girls>


Kobe Shoin Women's Academy, unstoppable momentum to the final with a straight win <Table Tennis / Incare Girls>

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Even in the Japan Table Tennis League held just before, Kobe Shoin Women's Academy, which was mixed with the business team and decided to be promoted to the first division, will face the winners of Waseda University and Senshu University in the final match with that momentum.

<90th All Japan University Table Tennis Championships (Group Division) July 7st-1th Place: Shimadzu Arena Kyoto> July 4st ... → Continue reading

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Kobe Shoin Women's Gakuin University

Kobe Shoin Women's Gakuin University(University of the university, universityEnglish: Kobe Shoin Women's University) IsHyogoKobe CityNada WardHeadquartered in 1-2-1, ShinoharaobanoyamachoJapan Ofprivate university.1966Was installed in.


Japan Anglican SocietySystemChristian school(Mission school).

Mt. RokkosanAt the footYamanoteToKobeIt has a campus overlooking the city and the sea.The beautiful brick-colored school building was built in 1983.BCS AwardReceived the (Building Industry Association Award)[1].


In sports, the tennis club, which has won the Wimbledon championship, the soft tennis club (2009 All Japan Student Tournament Group 1rd, West Japan Student Tournament Group 2006st), Table Tennis Club (Spring 2011 / Spring 10 Kansai League Winner), Has a national level track record, such as the Naginata Club (XNUMX wins in team competitions for all-Japan students).The calligraphy club has also received numerous awards at the All Japan Calligraphy Exhibition.Located in Rokkodai-cho next to the east in a circle etc.Kobe UniversityThere is also a lot of interaction with other universities, such as working together with other universities.


  • 18921 --The Anglican Church establishes Matsukage Girls' School in Kitano-cho, Kobe.
  • 19154 --Renamed to Private Matsukage High School
  • 19223 --Established a foundation for management
  • 1930April-Established a major
  • 1947
  • 19484 month - Matsukage High SchoolInstallation
  • 19503 month - Shoin CollegeOpening of school (Christianity, English).Matsukage Women's College abolished
  • 1951March --The management body becomes the school corporation Matsukage Girls' Academy
  • 1953April-Expansion of clothing department to junior college
  • 1956 --Due to the death of Isamu Asano, the new directorHinsuke YashiroInauguration
  • 1960April-Expansion of home economics department to junior college
  • 1962April-Expansion of Japanese literature department to junior college
  • 1966April-In Tarumi Ward, Kobe CityMatsukage Women's AcademyEstablished (Faculty of Letters, Department of Christianity, Department of English and American Literature, Department of Japanese Literature).Along with this, the Christian department and Japanese literature department of the junior college were abolished.
  • 1969April --Renamed the English Department of Junior College to the Department of English Literature, the Department of Clothing to the Department of Fashion, and the Department of Home Economics to the Department of Home Economics
  • 1974April-Matsukage Junior CollegeMatsukage Women's Academy Junior CollegeAnd change the school name
  • 1980April-Junior college relocated from Aoya.University Christian Department abolished
  • 1981April-University relocates from Tarumi
  • 1986April-Established a major in English Literature and English in the Junior College English Literature Department, and a major in Life Sciences and Food and Nutrition in the Home Economics Department.Junior College Home Economics Department Food and Nutrition Major is designated as a dietitian training facility
  • 1991April --Renamed junior college clothing department to life modeling department and home economics department to life science department
  • 1992
    • April-Renamed the Department of English and American Literature, Faculty of Letters, to the Department of English and American Literature
    • September ―― 9th anniversary of the founding of the academy
  • 1995April-University nameKobe Shoin Women's Gakuin UniversityThe name of the junior collegeKobe Shoin Women's Academy Junior Collegechange to
  • 2000April-Graduate School of Letters, Department of English, Department of Japanese Language and Literature (Master's Program) established.Established a comprehensive literary arts department in the Faculty of Letters.Suspended recruitment of students for each major in the English Literature Department of junior college (abolition of the major).Renamed the English Literature Department of a junior college to the English Communication Department
  • 2001April-Department of Psychology established in the Faculty of Letters
  • 2002April-Language Science Major (Doctoral Program) established at Graduate School of Letters
  • 2004April-Psychology major (master's course) established at the Graduate School of Letters.Established Department of Psychology, Faculty of Human Sciences at the university (suspended recruitment of psychology students, Faculty of Letters)
  • 2005April --- Established the Department of Life Sciences (City Life Major, Food and Nutrition Major) in the Faculty of Human Sciences.Student recruitment for junior college life science department (life science major, food and nutrition major) is suspended.Kobe Shoin Women's Academy Junior CollegeKobe Shoin Women's Academy Junior CollegeRenamed to.University Faculty of Human Sciences Department of Life Sciences Department of Food and Nutrition is designated as a registered dietitian training facility
  • 2007
    • --University 60th Anniversary Project Implementation
    • 9 --Abolished the Department of Life Sciences (Life Sciences, Food and Nutrition), Junior College
  • 2008April-Established Department of Child Development and Department of Fashion and Housing Design in the Faculty of Human Sciences, University.Suspended recruitment of junior college department English communication department and life modeling department (junior college department, student recruitment suspended)
  • 2009April-University School of Human Sciences Department of Child Development is designated as a designated childcare worker training facility
  • 2010April-University Psychology Department abolished
  • 2011
    • April-Faculty of Letters English, English and American Literature Department, Japanese Literature Department Student Recruitment Suspended.Established English Department and Japanese Japanese Culture Department in Faculty of Letters
    • May --Abolished Kobe Shoin Women's Academy Junior College
  • 2012 --Implementation of the 120th anniversary commemorative project
  • 2015April --Certified Children's Garden Matsukage Okamoto Nursery School Opened (Affiliated Social Welfare Corporation Matsukage Michael Welfare Association)
  • 2017April-Faculty of Human Sciences Department of Life Sciences (Urban Life Major, Food and Nutrition Major) student recruitment suspended.Department of Urban Life (City Life Specialization, Food Business Specialization) and Food and Nutrition Department established in the Faculty of Human Sciences

Organizational structure


graduate School

  • Graduate School of Literature
    • English Studies (Master's Program)
      • Language enhancement course
      • Practical-oriented course
      • Researcher-oriented course
    • Department of Japanese Language and Literature (Master's Program)
      • Japanese linguistics system
      • Japanese literature system
    • Psychology major (master's course)
      • Clinical Psychology Course
      • Psychology course
    • Department of Language Science (Doctoral Program)

University personnel and organizations

Prominent graduates

Foreign relations

International academic exchange agreement schools

Affiliate school


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