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⚾ | Daisuke Matsuzaka Yusuke Kamiji "🙄 8 kanji characters w often seen in a row" Yusuke spells a long sentence on his blog

Photo Image: Yusuke Official Blog

Daisuke Matsuzaka Yusuke Kamiji "🙄 8 kanji characters w often seen in a row" Yusuke spells a long sentence on his blog

If you write the contents roughly
It is a famous episode that he had a battery with Matsuzaka (a high school pitcher because Yusuke Kamiji was a catcher).

On the 7th, actor and artist Yusuke updated his blog, and Seibu and Daisuke Matsuzaka are reported to be retiring from active duty this season ... → Continue reading

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Uechi Yusuke

Yusuke Kamiji(Kamiji Yusuke[2],1979<Showa 54>May 4[2] -) isJapan OfAn actor,singer..The artist name isYusuke(Yusuke).KanagawaYokosukaBackground[2]. My office isJapan Music Entertainment(E-concept)[2].Blood TypeIs type O[2]. Nickname isYu-chan,Yu-chan,Yuunii,Mindetc.


YokosukaUragaBorn as the eldest son. Started playing baseball at the age of six.He was selected to represent Japan when he was in elementary school and junior high school, and from the first year of junior high school, several high school baseball managers came to solicit, and when he entered high school, he was flooded with offers to recommend baseball from 6 schools. 1, Shinya Tamba, one grade higher[Note 1]Longing forYokohama High SchoolEntered as a baseball scholarship student with only 3 students a yearRigid Baseball ClubBelong to.catcherServed asDaisuke MatsuzakaRatoKoshienAimed to participate[5][6].

From multiple universitiesAdmission on recommendationHowever, after receiving a scout from the entertainment world, he aspired to become an actor.

In 1999TBSThe serial drama "L x I x V x EDebuted in the entertainment world as an actor.After that, he appeared in numerous dramas and movies as a bit part.

2007January,Fuji Television Network, IncOf the seriesQuiz! Hexagon II』Break as a" bacatalent ". Appeared at the same time in August 2007Tsuru no Tsuyoshi-Naoki NokuboWithshame, And made his debut as a singer in April 2008.

2008On June 6th, his official blog "Yusuke Kamiji" was published as "The most viewed in the world.Unique user(People who do not overlap) As a blog with a large number of people (viewing 1 people a day)Guinness World RecordsCertified by[7].

May 2008,Celebrity and Poor Taro』(Fuji Television Network, Inc) AtAya UetoHe also starred for the first time with "Scrap Teacher-Teacher Regeneration-』(Nippon TV) Played a semi-leading role.

On March 2009, 3, he wrote the lyrics under the name of Yusuke, "sunflowerDebuted as a solo artist (see "Yusuke" below for details and subsequent artist activities).

2009 year 9 month,Yusuke KamijiAs the drama "Shinko Yusuke's Genki Outing Love』(BeeTVWill be delivered from September 9st) for the first time.In December of the same year, "The 60th NHK Red and White Singing Battle』First appeared solo.

In February 2010, Seizen Shoji announced the men's costume "U-SUKE".The following year, 2 years, the children's costume "U-SUKe KIDS" was announced.

The drama "Drama" which started broadcasting in July 2010Fugitive lawyer』(Kansai TV), Played the first single starring in a serial drama.

In August 2012, the movie "Noboru CastleIs "36thMontreal World Film Festival Invited to the "World Greats Division" and participated in his first overseas international film festival.

In March 2017, an actress who is a junior of the agencyKyoko Yoshine[Note 2]Is the heroinebeautiful girlAppeared as a photographer[8].

April 2021, 4, of the actorAkio Nakao OfNew coronavirusInfection announced[9], Uechi, who co-starred with Nakao on YouTube, was also a close contact, so it was announced on the 27th that he would be waiting at home.[10].. Negative in PCR test[11].



When Uechi was in his first year of high school,Akashi familyWhen he put juice into the Yokohama High School Baseball Club[Note 3]To Uechi, who came to thank him directly, pacific saury recommended that he enter the entertainment world because you are interesting.This event became one of the opportunities to aim for the entertainment world.[12].

Kotaro Koizumi-ShinjiroHe is a childhood friend of his brother and has a close relationship with his brother Kotaro even before his debut.Kotaro and Ueji are in the drama "Crazy fruit 2002”, And Kotaro will be the main MC from the fall of 2007.Kotaro W KitchenWas appointed as a regular assistant in the later program "Kotaro goes 2』But co-star.Uechi professed to Kotaro, "I really respect him as a man."Kotaro says, "I hit everything against Yusuke."Also,"Utaban』When he appeared in the appraisal corner, he was the father of his brotherPrime Minister-Junichiro KoizumiIt was revealed that he received an autographed meal menu (appraisal price is 15 yen).

"Applare!! New Professor pacific saury"so"ResumeTo increase writing inQualifications/LicensesI want to take a test, "so I tried two types of certification exams in the program.See blow test(Broadcast on May 2009, 5)Sports FukiyaLevel 2 certification examIs getting.

Broadcasted on March 2010, 12another sky』PlanningスウェーデンGo to the realSanta ClausI met.And as Santa in yellow clothes, "GällivareRecognized by "Santa Claus" (not official Santa by the International Santa Claus Association).

Broadcasted on December 2013, 5Legal counseling serviceWas selected as the number one "person with the best personality in the entertainment world chosen by industry people"[13].


At the time of the work in charge of planning and drafting and special / friendship appearancesYusuke KamijiMay appear in the name.Also, the illustrations I wrote on my album etc. are "Ijima HanakusuiIt is written as.The origin of the name is that the name is made into Roman letters and "yusuke kamiji" is read in Roman letters from the opposite direction.


father·Katsuaki KamijiIs the mayor of Yokosuka (inaugurated on July 2017, 7, incumbent) and formerYokosuka City CouncilMember of the Diet (4th term)[14]..After serving as a member of the Diet for three terms, he resigned in the middle of his fourth term in 3 and ran for the Yokosuka mayoral election due to the expiration of his term and was elected.[15].2021Was also elected mayor of.My mother works for a former airport company.His paternal grandfather, Keisuke, ran a confectionery store in Yokosuka.[16].

The ancestors of the Uechi familyMiyakojimaShirakawa's clansugar caneFarmer..The original reading of the surname was "Uechi", but my grandfather KeisukeBattle of OkinawaLater from Miyakojima to OsakaTaisho WardStowaway to Yokosuka, relying on his uncle who had previously appeared in Yokosuka.He called himself "Kamiji" after learning from his uncle who hated discrimination against people from Miyakojima and Okinawans.Because of that, Katsuaki is Mr. Shirakawa'sCharacter"Megumi" is not inherited[16].

My maternal grandfather is OsakaAji RiverBorn and childhoodUraga OfDaruma shipI was living on board.Known as the third baseball club in junior high school, he dropped out for financial reasons and worked as a worker and a soldier.TugboatBecame the captain ofUraga DockAlso served as captain on the baseball team[16].


My dream as a boy was to be a professional baseball player. In 1991 (elementary school) and 1994 (junior high school), he participated in the world championships as an all-Japan selection member.When I was in elementary school, I organized the team as a captain.In middle schoolBaseballCaptain of the club team Yokosuka Stars.When Uechi was in the third year of junior high school, his team participated in the national tournament and won the Kanto tournament.In junior high school, I belonged to the science department in order to concentrate on practice, games, and independent practice at Yokosuka Stars.

Received scouts from a total of 38 schools in junior high schoolPrivate Yokohama High SchoolGo on to school.at firstYukio KiuchiI want to play baseball underIbarakiTsuchiura City OfJoso Academy High SchoolI had decided to go on to school,Kiyoichiro OguraShinya Tamba in the summer of the third year of junior high school[Note 1]After seeing the pitching, I changed my course thinking "I want to receive this person's ball".When I was in school, I belonged to the baseball club andMototomo WatanabeUnder the strict guidance of OguracatcherAnd had a battery with Tamba. For 1 year juniorDaisuke MatsuzakaWhen Matsuzaka joined the club, he first assembled the battery. I carried a uniform number 2 from the second grade, but that yearNational High School Baseball Championship Kanagawa TournamentOf the right elbow during the matchRupture of nerveBecause of that, I became a regular catcher for a yearYoshio Koyama(At the Kanto tournament, I carry the number 2 on my back[17]).

Matsuzaka Corps vs. on January 2008, 1Ibaraki Golden Goals(Yokohama Stadium), Participated in the middle as Matsuzaka team SAMURAI.At the first turn at bat2 run home runAnd then the finalSacrifice flyIt was an activity of 3 RBIs.In defense, he teamed up with Matsuzaka for the first time in 11 years.The match was won by the Matsuzaka Corps 7-5, and Uechi was selected as the MVP.

Debut work "L x I x V x E"Including,"Astro team], [ROOKIES], [Vancouver Asahi』And many appearances in works of roles that make use of baseball experience.


TV drama


original video


Variety, information program

Regular appearance program

Special program

  • Diet Village(2014å¹´8月29日、2015å¹´11月11日、2016å¹´11月9日)- 2014年放送時は司会者、それ以外は合宿見届け人として出演

Internet / Distribution



Radio program





Singer "Yusuke"

Yusuke(Yusuke) is the name of the artist used when working as a singer.The discography is on the following CDSolo "Yusuke" nameDescribed in.

Gaki RangerDJ GP is an exclusive DJ for Yusuke under the name of NOBB.

In addition, the "Yusuke" logo on Yusuke's jackets and goods iscalligrapher OfTakeda SounIs writing.


  • May 1,Yokohama ArenaMade inOntamaAppeared in "Carnival 2011".
  • May 2, The second album "Um ... I can dream.] Is released. On February 2011th and 2st, 14, he won the No. 21 position on the Oricon Weekly Album Chart for two consecutive weeks.
  • May 2,Hie ShrineHeld atSoybeansWe invited old man and old woman fan club members to the event and performed "Ore nari no love song".
  • May 3, The live performance "Oira no Mura de Ked." Was held in August 2010. Is released on DVD and Blu-ray.
  • May 3Happened at 14:46Great East Japan EarthquakeUnder the influence ofNippon Budokan"Ah ... Guzen de Ked.", Which was scheduled to be held from 18:30 pm, has been postponed.Also, the next day, the 12th live at Nippon Budokan and the 21st of the same month.Osaka Castle HallLive was also postponed.
  • May 3, The live was scheduled to be held due to the postponement of the liveOsaka Castle HallWe raised money at.
  • May 4からMay 5Until, his second national tour "This is Hitsuzen Ked.Is held.at firstMay 5Was the last live in Fukuoka, but due to the effects of the Great East Japan Earthquake, the live in Niigata, which was scheduled to be held on March 3, was the last day of the tour.
  • May 4,Shimajiro Hesoka』(TV Tokyo / TXN series) in charge of the OP theme song.The song title is "Rainbow" (included in the 7th single).
  • May 6,May 4ToSendai Sun Plaza HallSince the tour scheduled to be held in Japan was canceled due to the effects of the Great East Japan Earthquake, an event called "Yusuke's Genki Courier Service" was held at Zepp Sendai.
  • May 7, "It was postponed due to the Great East Japan Earthquake.That's ... Guzen.Is held at Osaka Castle Hall.
  • May 7On the 15th, the first live performance "Are ... Guzen de Ked." Was held at the Nippon Budokan, which had been postponed due to the effects of the Great East Japan Earthquake.The tour title was given because March 3th, which was originally scheduled to be held, happened to be Yusuke's CD debut day.In addition, the postponement date of July 11 is "Sunflower Day".[Note 9]"was.
  • May 7, The 7th single "I like everything.Released.
  • May 7Public movie "Theatrical Version Naruto Blood Prison』In charge of the theme song.The song title is "roar. "
  • May 8,Fuji Television Network, IncSummer event "If OdaiAppeared in the live "Mezamashi Live" in "2011".
  • May 8, 2th single ", which will be released for 8 consecutive monthsroarIs on sale.
  • May 10,Universal Studios JapanHeld "Yusuke 2011 Fan Event in Universal Studios Japan" at.
  • May 11, The 9th single "The first double A-side single"Laugh hard / Samurai InazumaWas released.
  • May 12,Nippon BudokanLive performance atThat's ... Guzen.Is released on DVD and Blu-ray.
  • May 2, The 15th single "ThereWas released.
  • May 3, The fifth album "Um ... I'm in the middle of a trip.] Is released.Also released on the same dayDoji-TAlbum ofT's MUSICParticipated in "Runner feat. Yusuke, Mummy-D".
  • May 4From the Fuji TV information program "Mezamashi Doyoubi』Theme song (formally," Mezamashi TV "is supposed to be in charge of the daily theme song Saturday from Monday to Saturday, but" Mezamashi Doyoubi "is a real theme song because it is broadcast only on Saturday. There is.) In charge.The song title is "Sunshine. "
  • May 5From the anime "Pokemon XY』(TV TOKYO / TXN series) OP theme song for the second consecutive term.The song title is "Mega V (Mega Volt). "
  • May 6, The 16th single "Sunshine / Mega V (Mega Volt)Released.Also, from this day to September 9, the 7 hall tour "That ... I want to make the best encounter together" will be held at 21 locations and 32 performances nationwide.
  • May 8, Appeared in the live "Mezamashi Live" in the Fuji TV summer event "Odaiba New Continent 2014".
  • May 9,rakeAppeared as a surprise guest at a free live in Kesennuma, and performed "Catch Ball U-turing Rake".
  • May 10From the Fuji TV information program "Mezamashi Doyoubi』Theme song continues from the previous term.The song title is "You. "
  • May 11, The 17th single "You / oneWas released.
  • May 12, Live DVD / BD containing the tour that took place in 2014I want to make the best encounter together.Was released.
  • May 3, The 22th single "ItineraryIs on sale.
  • May 4, The second album "Um ... I'm getting fat right now.Was released.
  • From July 7th to September 12th (special performance at the Tokyo International Forum on September 9th), the national hall tour "LIVE TOUR 24 Yusukesai" Hoshi "-that ... I put my wishes on the stars. ~ ”Is held.
  • DVD recording at the local Yokosuka performance on September 9th, as a guestKariyushi 58Appeared.Show off "two stars" that played touring.
  • At the Osaka performance on August 8DOZAN11Appeared as a guest.Show off "Kana Akannen to the party" that was touring.
  • At the special performance on September 9thSHOCK EYE(From Shonan no Kaze) Appeared and performed "Phantom Thief MAGNUM" and "Brother".After the encoreShinji ShinagawaAnd show off the mini control.
  • May 11, The 23th single "From weedsIs on sale.
  • On December 12th, a DVD / BD containing "LIVE TOUR 20 Yusukesai" Hoshi "" will be released.
  • December 12, NagasakiHuis Ten BoschParticipated in the countdown live at.
  • May 1, The 26th single "hourglassIs on sale.
  • May 2, The second best album "Yusuke BEST 2009-2019 ~ That was between Attoyu Ked. ~Is on sale.
  • On February 2th, a live performance was held to commemorate the 28th anniversary of the solo debut of Nippon Budokan (228th performance).
  • On March 3th, a live performance was held to commemorate the 11th anniversary of his solo debut at Osaka-jo Hall (debut day).
  • May 7, The 27th single "Senbazuru" will be released.
    • On the same day, "Yusuke 10th Anniversary Live -Chance !?-", which recorded the 10th anniversary live at Nippon Budokan, will be released.
  • May 7, Yusuke TOUR2019 "ZERO" is scheduled to start from this day starting from Hall 21 in Matsudo Mori.

Yu Turing

Other artists with their own single album etc.FeaturingTo do "Yu Turing"(Ucharing).Mainly recorded in the album. The best album "Yu Turing" which was recorded on the CD by February 2016.Yujo BestWas released.

Also,"Honey beeWhat is Makoto Narita of "ESCAPE Yuturing Makoto Narita" recorded in ""Fugitive lawyerIt is the role played by Kamiji, who starred in the song, and the song is a song produced by Kamiji with the feelings of Makoto Narita, and does not feature the artist. The best album released in 2019 ``Yusuke BEST 2009-2019"Mou 10nen Yu Turing 10 Years Ago I" recorded in "Mou 10nen Yu Turing XNUMX Years Ago" is a song recorded with his own voice XNUMX years ago.

"Yuturing" songs
Doji-T10 Years Yuturing Dohzi-TUh... this is Ked.
leccaNever Ever Yuturing lecca
HeartbeatSenjouno Ongakudan Yuturing Heartbeat (Live ver.)People
Ongaku Ongakudan Yuturing HeartbeatUm ... I can dream.
JAY'EDUnaddressed letter Yu Turing JAY'ED
Gaki RangerTonight is a rude lecture Yuturing Gaki RangerUm ... I have love because I have tears.
Tomomi ShibataGlass Ace Yu Turing Tomomi Shibata
GILLEWherever you are Yuturing GILLEUm ... I've met Ked.
MAKESelfish play tuuring TEE
SHOCK EYE(From Shonan no Kaze)Phantom thief MAGNUM Yuturing SHOCK EYE (from Shonan no Kaze)
Brother Yuturing SHOCK EYE (from Shonan no Kaze)Um ... I'm getting fat right now.
Mummy-DRoulette Yuturing Mummy-DUm ... I'm in the middle of a trip.
rakeCatch ball play tuuring Rake
Ms.OOJARing Yuturing Ms.OOJA
Michel TeloVIVA! Nossa Nossa Live ver. Yuturing Michel Teló[Note 10]
USK World CrewStand up for yourself Yuturing USK World CrewTake me out to the ball game
RED RICE(from Shonan no Kaze)You're the only one Yu Turing RED RICE (from Shonan no Kaze)You're the only one Yu Turing RED RICE (from Shonan no Kaze)
GReeeeNKimidream Yuturing GReeeeNYujo Best
Kawabata KanameWhat I'm feeling now Yu Turing Kaname Kawabata
PES disciplineMy Pace Yuturing PES, MycoUm ... I'm enjoying Ked from here.
RYO the SKYWALKERThere is no mistake Yuturing RYO the SKYWALKER
Miss MondayYou are so beautiful Yuturing Miss Monday
DOZAN11Party Ikana Akanne Yu Turing DOZAN11Um ... I'm getting fat right now.
Kariyushi 58Futatsuboshi Yuturing Kariyushi 58
MOOMINHarewatari Yu Turing MOOMINThat ... this is a mountainous area.
KIRAAmore Yuturing KIRA
Mountain monkeyJyousyouyuturing Yamazaru

NHK Red and White Singing Battle participation history

Year/Broadcast timesTimesProgramOrder of appearanceOpponent
2009(21)/60 timesFirstsunflower12/25aiko
2010(22)/61 times2People05/22Hirahara Ayaka
* Appearance order represents "appearance order/number of participants".



PieRelease datetitleStandard product numberHighest rank[Note 11]
1st2009/3/11sunflowerSRCL-6980 / 1 (First Press Limited Edition)
SRCL-6982 (regular edition)
2 bit
2nd2009/6/24Dandelion / Pirate Ship / Its FistSRCL-7070 / 1 (First Press Limited Edition A)
SRCL-7072 / 3 (First Press Limited Edition B)
SRCL-7074 (regular edition)
1 bit
3rd2009/11/4stomachSRCL-7166 / 7 (First Press Limited Edition)
SRCL-7168 (regular edition)
2 bit
4th2010/3/10LionSRCL-7230 / 1 (First Press Limited Edition)
SRCL-7232 (regular edition)
1 bit
5th2010/7/28Honey beeSRCL-7346 / 7 (First Press Limited Edition)
SRCL-7348 (regular edition)
2 bit
6th2010/11/10PeopleSRCL-7413 / 4 (First Press Limited Edition)
SRCL-7415 (regular edition)
4 bit
7th2011/7/20I like everything.SRCL-7651 / 2 (First Press Limited Edition)
SRCL-7653 (regular edition)
8th2011/8/3roarSRCL-7697 / 8 (First Press Limited Edition)
SRCL-7699 (regular edition)
9th2011/11/9Laugh hard / Samurai InazumaSRCL-7782 / 3 (First Press Limited Edition A)
SRCL-7784 / 5 (First Press Limited Edition B)
SRCL-7786 (regular edition)
10th2012/3/7Baby BabySRCL-7857 / 8 (First Press Limited Edition A)
SRCL-7859 / 60 (First Press Limited Edition B)
SRCL-7861 (regular edition)
11th2012/10/31VIVA! Nossa NossaSRCL-8103 / 4 (First Press Limited Edition A)
SRCL-8105 / 6 (First Press Limited Edition B)
SRCL-8107 (regular edition)
12th2013/2/27lemonSRCL-8230 / 1 (First Press Limited Edition A)
SRCL-8232 / 3 (First Press Limited Edition B)
SRCL-8234 (regular edition)
5 bit
13th2013/8/7Corn / Earth ChildSRCL-8322 / 23 (First Press Limited Edition A)
SRCL-8324 / 25 (First Press Limited Edition B)
SRCL-8326 (regular edition)
10 bit
14th2013/12/4V / Santa Claus with an hourly wage of 850 yenSRCL-8383 / 84 (First Press Limited Edition A)
SRCL-8385 / 86 (First Press Limited Edition B)
SRCL-8387 (regular edition)
6 bit
15th2014/2/19ThereSRCL-8466 / 67 (First Press Limited Edition A)
SRCL-8468 / 69 (First Press Limited Edition B)
SRCL-8470 (regular edition)
16th2014/6/18Sunshine / Mega VSRCL-8546 / 47 (First Press Limited Edition A)
SRCL-8548 / 49 (First Press Limited Edition B)
SRCL-8550 (regular edition)
5 bit
17th2014/11/5You / oneSRCL-8585 / 86 (First Press Limited Edition A)
SRCL-8587 / 88 (First Press Limited Edition B)
SRCL-8589 (regular edition)
6 bit
18th2015/3/25Take me out to the ball game
~ That ... I want to go see it together.Please! ~
SRCL-8671 / 72 (First Press Limited Edition A)
SRCL-8673 / 74 (First Press Limited Edition B)
SRCL-8675 (regular edition)
8 bit
19th2015/7/1SayonaramatanaSRCL-8819 / 20 (First Press Limited Edition A)
SRCL-8821 / 22 (First Press Limited Edition B)
SRCL-8823 (regular edition)
5 bit
20th2015/12/2You're the only one Yu Turing RED RICE (from Shonan no Kaze)SRCL-8944 / 45 (First Press Limited Edition A)
SRCL-8946 / 47 (First Press Limited Edition B)
SRCL-8948 (regular edition)
6 bit
21st2016/11/16凛SRCL-9201 / 02 (First Press Limited Edition A)
SRCL-9203 / 04 (First Press Limited Edition B)
SRCL-9205 (regular edition)
11 bit
22nd2017/3/8ItinerarySRCL-9205 / 06 (First Press Limited Edition A)
SRCL-9207 / 08 (First Press Limited Edition B)
SRCL-9209 (regular edition)
11 bit
23rd2017/11/15From weedsSRCL-9557 / 58 (First Press Limited Edition A)
SRCL-9559 / 60 (First Press Limited Edition B)
SRCL-9561 (regular edition)
12 bit
24th2018/3/14Everyone is doing their bestSRCL-9688 / 89 (First Press Limited Edition A)
SRCL-9690 / 91 (First Press Limited Edition B)
SRCL-9692 (regular edition)
17 bit
25th2018/10/31Please go out with me.SRCL-9947 / 48 (First Press Limited Edition A)
SRCL-9949 / 50 (First Press Limited Edition B)
SRCL-9951 (regular edition)
10 bit
26th2019/1/16hourglassSRCL-11001 (Limited Edition)13 bit
27th2019/7/3SRCL-11165 / 66 (First Press Limited Edition A)
SRCL-11167 / 68 (First Press Limited Edition B)
SRCL-11169 (regular edition)
8 bit
28th2019/12/4SRCL-11283 / 84 (First Press Limited Edition A)
SRCL-11285 / 86 (First Press Limited Edition B)
SRCL-11287 (regular edition)
12 bit
29th2020/8/5SRCL-11520 / 21 (First Press Limited Edition A)
SRCL-11522 / 23 (First Press Limited Edition B)
SRCL-11524 (regular edition)
10 bit
30th2021/1/27SRCL-11600 / 01 (First Press Limited Edition A)
SRCL-11602 / 03 (First Press Limited Edition B)
SRCL-11604 (regular edition)
10 bit
31th2021/6/23SRCL-11814 / 15 (First Press Limited Edition)
SRCL-11816 / 17 (Limited Edition)
SRCL-11818 (regular edition)
11 bit


Original album

PieRelease datetitleStandard product numberHighest rank[Note 11]
1st2009/12/16Uh... this is Ked.SRCL-7179 ~ SRCL-7180 (First Press Limited Edition)
SRCL-7181 (regular edition)
2 bit
2nd2011/2/2Um ... I can dream.SRCL-7494 ~ SRCL-7495 (First Press Limited Edition)
SRCL-7496 (regular edition)
1 bit
3rd2012/4/4Um ... I have love because I have tears.SRCL-7930 ~ SRCL-7931 (First Press Limited Edition)
SRCL-7932 (regular edition)
4th2013/4/17Um ... I've met Ked.SRCL-8246 ~ SRCL-8247 (First Press Limited Edition)
SRCL-8248 (regular edition)
2 bit
5th2014/3/19Um ... I'm in the middle of a trip.SRCL-8529 ~ SRCL-8530 (Limited Edition A)
SRCL-8531 ~ SRCL-8532 (Limited Edition B)
SRCL-8533 (regular edition)
4 bit
6th2016/4/27Um ... I'm enjoying Ked from here.SRCL-9045 ~ SRCL-9046 (Limited Edition A)
SRCL-9047 ~ SRCL-9048 (Limited Edition B)
SRCL-9049 (regular edition)
8 bit
7th2017/4/19Um ... I'm getting fat right now.SRCL-9365 ~ SRCL-9366 (First Press Limited Edition A)
SRCL-9367 ~ SRCL-9368 (First Press Limited Edition B)
SRCL-9369 (Regular Edition)
3 bit
8th2018/5/30That ... this is a mountainous area.SRCL-9799 ~ SRCL-9800 (First Press Limited Edition A)
SRCL-9801 ~ SRCL-9802 (First Press Limited Edition B)
SRCL-9803 (Regular Edition)
6 bit
9th2020/3/11YugenjikkoSRCL-11433 ~ SRCL-11434 (First Press Limited Edition A)
SRCL-11435 ~ SRCL-11436 (First Press Limited Edition B)
SRCL-11437 (Regular Edition)
4 bit
10th2021/3/24SRCL-11743 ~ SRCL-11744 (First Press Limited Edition A)
SRCL-11745 ~ SRCL-11746 (First Press Limited Edition B)
SRCL-11747 (Regular Edition)
14 bit

Mini album

PieRelease datetitleStandard product numberHighest rank[Note 11]
1st2012/5/30That ... it's a festival, Ked.SRCL-8018 (First Press Limited Edition)
SRCL-8020 (regular edition)
5 bit

Best album

PieRelease datetitleStandard product numberHighest rank[Note 11]
1st2016/2/3Yujo BestSRCL-8975 ~ SRCL-8976 (First Press Limited Edition)
SRCL-8977 (regular edition)
6 bit
2nd2019/2/27Yusuke BEST 2009-2019 ~ That was between Attoyu Ked. ~SRCL-11080 ~ SRCL-11083 (First Press Limited Edition A)
SRCL-11084 ~ 11086 (First Press Limited Edition B)
SRCL-11087 ~ 11088 (Regular Edition)
11 bit

Participating works

Release datetitleArtistsSong
2014/3/19T's MUSICDoji-TRunner feat. Yusuke, Mummy-D
2018/5/2Aikotoba 5Mountain monkeyTsunecho feat. Yusuke

配 信

Delivery dateDelivery titleSongRemarks
2009/12/25Yellow Santa's My LoveYellow Santa's My LoveThis song is not a download distribution but a viewing distribution.
A song sung at Yokohama Stadium on December 2009, 12. I was able to watch it for free for one day only. Not on CD.
2010/5/26Today's flowerToday's flower"Zoom in SUPER" 2010 Spring theme song. 2010th single "7th single released on July 28, 5"Honey bee”.
2010/12/8That ... Christmas is Ked.I haven't met Santa yet2011nd album released on February 2, 2 "Um ... I can dream.].
Santa Claus in your pocket
2013/11/13V (animation size ver.)V (animation size ver.)The theme song for the TV anime "Pokemon XY". "V (bolt)TV broadcast size.
2014/5/28Mega V (animation size ver.)Mega V (animation size ver.)The theme song for the TV anime "Pokemon XY". "Mega V (Mega Volt)TV broadcast size.


Live DVD

PieRelease datetitleStandard product numberHighest rank[Note 11]
1st2010/8/11Um ... I'll do this.SRBL-1437 to SRBL-1438 (DVD)
3 bit
2nd2011/3/2It's the village of Oila, Ked.SRBL-1470 to SRBL-1471 (DVD)
SRXL-18 (BD)
2 bit
3rd2011/12/7That's ... Guzen.SRBL-1509 to SRBL-1510 (DVD)
SRXL-23 (BD)
6 bit
4th2013/10/30I want to make a wonderful time.SRBL-1590 to SRBL-1591 (DVD)
SRXL-45 (BD)
5th2014/12/3I want to make the best encounter together.SRBL-1639 to SRBL-1640 (DVD)
SRXL-60 (BD)
5 bit
6th2016/3/16I came to Dreamland.SRBL-1694 (DVD)
SRXL-90 (BD)
10 bit
7th2016/12/14LIVE TOUR 2016 Yusuke Festival "Umi" -That ... I came to Yumiyagi. ~SRBL-1734 (DVD)
SRXL-116 (BD)
4 bit
8th2017/12/20LIVE TOUR 2017 "Hoshi" -that ... I put a wish in the star Ked. ~SRBL-1771 (DVD)
SRXL-141 (BD)
14 bit
9th2018/12/19LIVE TOUR 2018-Yusukesai 2018 "Wa" -Ah ... I'm Ked. ~SRBL-1831 (DVD)
SRXL-189 (BD)
47 bit
10th2019/7/3Yusuke 10th Anniversary Live -By chance!?-SRBL-1856 (DVD)
SRXL-209 (BD)
8 bit

Music video collection

PieRelease datetitleStandard product numberHighest rank[Note 11]
1st2013/2/13Music Video Collection ~ 2009-2012 ~SRBL-1568 (DVD)
SRXL-40 (BD)
7 bit

Participating unit

Participation under the name of "Yusuke Kamiji"





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