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🇯🇵 | Supporting the new Koyui "Wakatakakage"!Goods sale in local Fukushima

Photo A product hall where goods related to Wakatakakage such as mini banners are lined up

Supporting the new Koyui "Wakatakakage"!Goods sale in local Fukushima

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Director Takeshi Sakurada sent an ale to Wakatakakage, saying, "I want you to bite into a wrestler with a big physique and show him a single-minded appearance." ..

Wakatakakage (from Fukushima City), who was promoted to Koyui in the sumo tournament, will sell related goods on the 3rd. → Continue reading

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Takeshi Sakurada

Takeshi Sakurada(Takeshi Sakurada,1904(Meiji37 years)May 3 - 1985(Showa60 years)May 4) IsShowaOwner.Nisshinbo (currentlyNisshinbo Holdings) Former president.Nisshinbo "Chuko no Sou"[1].NikkeirenChairman, Honorary Chairman, "Mr.NikkeirenAlso called[2][3]. "Business World Four TennoOne of theHiroshimaFukuyama CityBorn in Akasaka Town.Fukuyama City Honorary Citizen[4].


1904, As the eldest son of a merchant, Hitoshi Sakurada and NakakoNumakuma-gunBorn in Akasaka Village (currently Akasaka Town, Fukuyama City)[3].Hiroshima Higher Normal School[5],Sixth High SchoolThrough1926(Taisho15 years)Tokyo Imperial UniversityFaculty of LawGraduated from.Kyosuke KamiIs the first grade of junior high school attached to Hiroshima Higher Normal School[6]..A lifelong ally who was later called "Four Tennos of the Business World" in the same town in the Sixth Higher Judo Club.Shigeo NaganoInvited toKosen judoBuild the throne of the world[7]..After graduating from Tokyo Imperial UniversityNisshinbo IndustriesJoined the company.Was the president at that timeSeijiro MiyajimaHe caught the eye of and held important positions.When I was 1939 years old in 35 when I was the manager of the Nagoya branchConveningAnd as an artillery ensignChinese frontWuhanGet to[3].

Operation YichangI have ambushed the absence team insideChinese armyIn response toSwordbyMelee battleI didn't know how to use a sword, and I threw Chinese soldiers one after another with judo, which I was good at, and retreated the Chinese army.[3].

In 1942, he was discharged as a lieutenant and returned to Nisshinbo.After the end of the war1945At the age of 41, he became president of the company and raised Nisshinbo to become the number one company in the industry.[8]..Radical in the turmoil after the end of the warLabor offensiveAppear inWorkerFight the side,ManagementAs a representative person on the sideNikkeirenEfforts to establish[9][10].1949Prime Minister,1960Is the representative standing director,1974Was appointed chairman.From the founding of Nikkeiren1979Honorary chairmanUntil he retired, he was a "substantial leader of the Nikkeiren" and a symbolic existence.[11][12][13][14][15]..Postwar reconstruction of the Japanese economy and corporate reconstruction from the time of the Gori fogLabor relationsEfforts to normalize[16]..After the war, through his master, MiyajimaYoshida ShigeruSince then, he has had a strong influence on the political world as a "mainstream business world".[15][17][18][19].Hayato IkedaAt the time of the cabinetShigeo Nagano,Kobayashi Naka,Mizuo NaruoWith "Four Tennos of the Business World" (Yonosuke MikiIs now called)1975FromToshio DomitsuTogether with them, it became the center of administrative and financial reform.[20]..One of the people who laid the foundation for the postwar Japanese economy[10][21].1985He continued to have a great influence on politics and business until he died at the age of 81.

As a representative warrior in the business world

Post-war1945Shortly after becoming president of Nisshinbo at the young age of 41,1946Launched in DecemberKeizai DoyukaiParticipate in the founding[22]..Here, as a young theorist, he is highly sought after.I had a business relationship during the warNobutaka ShikauchiSakurada is the leading member of this group and will later form a combination.From that time, Sakurada kept an eye on Kauchi, and laterJapan Business Federation (Nikkeiren)Pulled out Kauchi, who was the managing director of JEOL Ltd. at the time of establishment.[23][24][25]..It was Sakurada who found Kauchi.[12].1946In June, SakuradaKanichi Moroi,Takashi MikiPair withThe laborEstablished Kanto Management Association as a specialized organization of[9][10]..Shortly after the warSuibara Cabinet OfLabor union lawEnacted, to many companiesLabor unionWhen you can do thisJapan Communist PartyInstructed byLabor disputeOccurs,GHQDoes not allow companies to set up a section for labor measures, managers avoid and run away, becoming a one-sided game on the part of workers in various placesHoistingAnd people's management was done[25].. For Sakurada, who has a "capitalist spirit from the roots", the activities of the Keizai Doyukai seem to be a "mere friendship group" on the management side that threatens a radical labor dispute, and gradually loses their feelings.[14].Manjo OtsukaEtc. chanted "Modified capitalismWhen "" becomes the mainstream of the Doyukai, it comes to think that management cannot actually be done with such an idea.[8]..The first generation of the Kanto Management AssociationTadashi AdachiChairman = Vice Chairman Kanichi Moroi, but collapsed in the era of labor-management clashes, and the combination of Chairman Sakurada = Vice Chairman Nobutaka Shikanai was re-established.1948Strategy Headquarters for management to unite and fight in AprilJapan Business Federation (Nikkeiren)Leading to establishment[10][12][14][15][26][27]..The Nikkeiren was established mainly by Sakurada, and Sakurada was elected as the general director of the "Fighting Nikkeiren" (later renamed the chairman) and served as the commander of the labor countermeasures command unit.[16]..He bears the brunt of many labor disputes during the postwar turmoil, but with his brave energy trained in judo.Mitsui Miike disputeSurvived the radical labor offensive that occurred in various places[12][16][27][28].

Joint study group and anti-communist activities

1950 eramiddle,Japan Communist Party Armed struggleChange tactics from principle to soft line, and expand the organization with the phrase "Sing, dance and fall in love"MinseiIs the infrastructureLabor soundActively throughSinging voice movementUnfold,teensIt quickly penetrated into the space and expanded its power within the company to organize party members.[29][30][31].Left wingSakurada, who was worried about the expansion of power1955In September, a secret organization called "Joint Investigation Committee" was established with the aim of stopping it.[29][30][31]..Extensive centering on this "joint study group"Anti-communityCarry out activities[8][29]..The representative isUemura KojiroHowever, the actual leader is Sakurada[8][29][31]In establishing this organization, which should be called the alter ego of Nikkeiren,Liberal economyIn response to Sakurada's call, "Let's protect[29][30][31]..From Tokyo business world Sakurada, Uemura, Shigeo Nagano, Ataru Kobayashi, Shigeo Mizuno,Hiroki Imazato,Kiichiro Sato, Osaka business worldYoshishige Ashihara,Konosuke Matsushita,Shozo Hotta, Matsubara Yozomatsu, Nagoya Business World, Nobuchi Sanji, a total of 12 secretaries,Tokusaburo Kosaka,Nobutaka Shikauchi,Well deep, Masaru Hayakawa, Yoshio Tsubouchi,Tashiro Shigeki,Kanichi Moroi,Akio MoritaAs assistant secretary[8][29][30][31]..Due to the nature of the association, it can not be shown openly, it is passed as a masked organization, and the office isHibiyaNikkatsu Building (later Hibiya Park Building, nowThe Peninsula Tokyo), This member gathered once a month without a nameplate.[29][31].. Especially1959 OfMitsui Miike disputeWas a battle of the world where defeat was absolutely unacceptable for business people[29][30], "Joint Study Group" is the business world (userThe company side of the Mitsui dispute to win the victoryMitsui MineTo support the Mitsui dispute, to create a support organization, and to suppress it.[8][29][30][32]..Also responsible for the governmentRyozo MatsunoMinister of LaborDoes not move with no touch at all1st shore remodeling cabinetでHirohide IshidaSakurada et al.[8][29]..Ishida will only do the labor minister because of his achievements in the Miike Struggle.[29]..As a means to counter the previous labor noise, the Music Culture Association (Otokyo) and the National Federation of Cultural Organizations (Zenbunren) were formed.[29][30]..Also, identify the Communist Party members who have penetrated the company[31],Democratic PartyFunding for party formation[31],NikkyogumiOthers such as split work[29][30][31],Nippon Broadcasting System, Inc.Establishment,Fuji Television Network, IncOpeningSokoku ShimbunSupport centered on this group in the acquisition,MediaIt is also said to be a part of anti-communist measures through[29][30][31][33].. "Joint study group"1968Continued activities for 11 years until November[31]..Nobutaka Shikanai said, "The reason for the dissolution isCommunism,SocialismThe sense of crisis about it has diminished.National AssociationAs a result, the amount of money for politics increased by an order of magnitude, and the "Four Tennos of the Business World" could not move the business world.Eisaku SatoHas moved away from businesses and made a fool of the business world. "[34]..Of course, this means the decline of the era when the "Four Tennos of the Business World" reigned.

As a mainstream business

Master Miyajima is in sync with the Imperial UniversitiesYoshida ShigeruKobayashi Naka, Mizuno Shigeo, behind the Miyajima-Yoshida system by supporting and taking powerTamaburo YamamotoWork with.When Yoshida retired from the front line of politics, Miyajima resigned from the policy committee, and the political baton was handed over to Sakurada.[17]..Sakurada-Hayato Ikeda becomes the second Miyajima-Yoshida.Ikeda is in the same townKenjinkaiI have been acquainted with them for a long time.Deputy Secretary of FinanceSakurada introduced Ikeda of the era to Miyajima and Yoshida, which was the opportunity for Ikeda to enter politics.1949 Of3st Yoshida CabinetThrough Miyajima at the time of its inaugurationYoshida Shigeruprime ministerIkedaMinister of FinanceRecommended to[8][17][35]..By GHQ after the warThe chaebol is dismantled, A large non-zaibatsu company was also dismantled and became a kind of vacuum state.Sakurada, Kobayashi, and Mizuno, who should be the disciples of Miyajima, and Shigeo Nagano's "Four Tennos of the Business World" who joined later and the people connected to them controlled the vacuum state and the business world of the turbulent world. Build a foundation and manage behind the scenes of the postwar political and business world[8][19][36]..This group includes Keizai Doyukai, Nikkeiren,Keidanren,Chamber of commerceWe put pressure on the political world by putting it together in the form of "consensus of the business world".[10][19]..It had the power to decide or quit the prime minister of a country.[10].

As President of Nisshinbo

Post-war1945When he became president at the age of 41, he was one of the firstPrecision machinery,Automobile,electronicsDecided to make a full-scale entry into the "non-textile sector" that is connected to the present, such as fields[3].Spinning industryLed the postwar Japanese economic recovery. After peaking in the mid-1950s, growth slowedHeavy industryAs the sun changed[37][38]..Many peers changed the company name,Synthetic fiberConverted toOil shockAfter that, the spinning industry is all overNo distributionNisshinbo is the only company that is stable in the midst of the fall.dividendRemained as a company[3][8][14][16][39]..Sakurada saw success while arranging his position as a business leader and his position as a corporate manager.[3][8][12]..For new employees, "NisshinboLiberalism"It is" and "Friedrich HayekAlso preached the importance of liberalism. "[40].. After serving as president for 19 years, in 1964, he retired as chairman of the board, observing Miyajima's precept that "the president is up to 60 years old".

As Chairman of Nikkeiren

Spring fightBase-up(Bear) remained at a high level of 1972% in 16 and 1973% in 21.7, but the first in the fall of 1973.Oil shockHappened,inflationHas progressed rapidly.In 1974, the day after the impact, it reached a record high of 32.9%.For the first time after the war, it became a real negative growth (High economic growthIn May 1974, Sakurada, who felt a sense of crisis about the whereabouts of the Japanese economy, set up the "Whereabouts Research Committee for Significant Wage Raises" within the Nikkeiren and held discussions with experts.The conclusion is that the cause of the rapid inflation is that the real economic growth rate is declining, but the wages are being raised significantly, and it is necessary to raise the wages within the range of productivity. Declaring gender and demanding that labor and management refrain from raising wages significantly, we set guidelines to set the base-up rate at 5% or less as a transitional measure in 1975 and in the single-digit range after 15.[32]..As a result, the base-up of the spring battle in 1975 plummeted to 13.1%, and in 1976 it reached the single-digit level of 8.8%.[16]..These impressed me that "Nikkeiren has Chairman Sakurada."After that, the "Wage Problem Study Group"-> "Labor Problem Research Committee"-> "Management Labor Policy Committee" (Nippon Keidanren), And continues to this day, the annual report is widely read as a guideline for management based on various issues of the Japanese economy and issues of companies.

As an entrepreneur

As an achievement as an entrepreneur other than NisshinboTaro YamashitaAs an individual decision of Sakurada, I was touched by the business motivation ofArabic oilWas involved in the founding of the company.In this connection since the founding of Arabian OilStatutory AuditorServed as[29]..Toho Rayon (currentlyToho Tenax) In the bankruptcy crisis, the main bank Fuji Bank (currentlyMizuho Bank)ofKazumi IwasaAsked by to rebuild[13][14].1968Happened toNippon Express IncidentThen, at that timeYasuhiro NakasoneMinister of TransportからNippon ExpressI was entrusted with all the geta of the reconstruction ofTorazou KijimaWas pushed in and succeeded[14].. otherYonosuke MikiFounded by "Business World Research InstituteAssistance, etc.[41]..As an achievement to his hometown, Hiroshima, he served as Vice Chairman of the Hiroshima Kenjinkai for a long time with Chairman Shigeo Nagano.Nippon Steel Fukuyama WorksIn attracting, I made efforts from the side, such as asking Hayato Ikeda for a kiss.[14]..He has also held numerous important positions, including the chairman of the Fiscal System Council.


  • Sakurada's teacher,Seijiro MiyajimaWhen the government talked about the award, he said, "It's strange to rank a man as a first-class or second-class job for a man's life in the private sector. Go Sakurada and decline." Received his life and became a messenger of decline.Sakurada himself naturally talked about the honor, but he declined the honor following his teacher Miyajima.[8][42][43].
  • Although he declined the honorary citizenship, he received only the title of honorary citizen of his hometown, Fukuyama, because he wanted to cherish the feelings of simple citizens.[16].
  • When Miyajima retired as chairman, he witnessed the scene where he did not receive any retirement allowance, and learned and practiced the leader's tactics of giving up his selfishness and making it public.[16].
  • 1949,3st Yoshida CabinetFrom Prime Minister Shigeru Yoshida through Miyajima with the inauguration ofMinister of FinanceWant to hire from the private sector.I want you to recommend suitable human resources, "he retired from the Ministry of Finance in January 1949.electionIt's been less than a month since I won my first prize in my hometownHayato IkedaWas recommended.All the human resources that Miyajima thought about after the warpurgeMiyajima told Yoshida on the phone, "How about Ikeda, who just joined your party?" Yoshida overcame opposition within the party and appointed Ikeda as the Minister of Finance of the 3rd Yoshida Cabinet.[17][44].
  • The relationship between Sakurada and Ataru Kobayashi, Shigeo Mizuno, and Shigeo Nagano, who were called the "Four Tennos of the Business World" during the time of Prime Minister Ikeda, began in the same town as Nagano and Sakurada.Sixth Higher~TodaiThrough Judo club friends.Mizuno tooOne highMiyajima, who has experience in a judo match at Sixth Higher SchoolNational policy pulpSo the originalCommunist PartyWhen I had Sakurada do a head hunt to use Mizuno and Kiichi Minami, I immediately hit it off.[45]..Kobayashi is after the warKeizai DoyukaiOther relationships, Kobayashi-Mizuno, Kobayashi-Nagano, Mizuno-Nagano are also through the Keizai Doyukai.And the group close to these four is Nobutaka Shikanai,Hiroki Imazato,Noboru Goto,Tokusaburo KosakaIs[19].
  • In 1949, the state-owned enterprise was made into a public corporation under the direction of GHQ, but again, Prime Minister Shigeru Yoshida said, "National railwayMiyajima recommended in response to a request that "I want to let private people do it."Kobayashi NakaSakurada tells Kobayashi to that effect, but a week later,Railway National LawKobayashi yelled at him and declined his request to take office, saying, "All budgets are approved by the Diet. The president cannot do anything. I'm sorry for the decorations!"Instead, he became the first president of the Japanese National Railways.Sadanori ShimoyamaIs[46]..Ironically, Kobayashi raises his reputation in this case.[47].
  • Around 1949 and 50, a meeting called "Yujikurokai" was held every month, centered on Hayato Ikeda, who later became Prime Minister, and the later "Four Tennos of the Business World" gathered.YanagibashiIt was held at a Japanese restaurant.Ikeda valued interaction with the business world as well as his teacher, Yoshida.[48]..Every time there was a hot discussion, Sakurada did not hesitate to complain to Finance Minister Ikeda and others, and there were often occasions when Finance Minister Ikeda and others were stuffed with words, and he was the secretary of Finance Minister Ikeda at that time.Kiichi MiyazawaThe former prime minister said.In addition, this "Yujikurokai" is not such a name at first, but it is a group of only a small number of business people in the inner circle.Naoto Imanda,Jiro ShirasuEtc. were also included.Ikeda came in there saying, "I should also enter," but because Ikeda and Ichimada are not on good terms, Kobayashi and Shigeo Mizuno were born in 32, centered on Ikeda. Ichimada and Shirasu retired to meet only, Atsunosuke Koike,Shozo Hotta,Seiichi TobataWas added to make a group of 32 people only born in 6.[48][49][50].
  • Sakurada is not a member of the "Yujikurokai", so this story is not about Yanagibashi.Tsukiji OfJapanese-style inn"Sakae"[51]I suspect it isn't.The proprietress is from Hiroshima, the same town as Ikeda and Sakurada, and NaganoKose Nobunobu, Asajiro Takahashi and others were also in Nejo. Of the "Four Tennos of the Business World," Ikeda and Sakurada are particularly close, and Sakurada remains "even after Ikeda's death."HiroikeI took good care of[14].. The head of "Hiroikekai"Shigezaburo MaeoからMasayoshi OhiraIt is said that Sakurada also proceeded with the discussion to change to this "Sakae"[13][52]..SakuradaHiroki ImazatoThe two of them played a central role in supporting Ohira by forming a group of volunteers from the business world surrounding Ohira called "Haruhokai".For this reason, he sometimes rebuked Ohira severely.[14].
  • The true value of Sakurada was the spirit of foresight and direct words.[1][28].. In "The Four Tennos of the Business World," remarks and actions became a hot topic after the other three.[16].1960 eraから1970 eraIn the middle, I put something that I couldn't put on my teethJournalismBecame a topic of[1][20].."Japan is diabetic now" "Japan is a half-serving nation without a nation and no politicians" at the Nikkeiren General Assembly and magazine interviews.MikiThe prime minister is not the captain of the Nippon Maru, but the chief of the public relations section. "" Japan has third-class politics, but the private sector and bureaucrats are first-class. "[54]Repeated harsh remarks such as[1].Showa 40 recessionIn the middle,Metropolitan assembly election,House of Councillors electionAtLDPFor the first time as a business person, he said at the extraordinary general meeting of the Nikkeiren, "I am ashamed of the unknown that only politicians of this level could be raised in 20 years after the war."Conservative partyMade a distrustful bomb statement[1]..State absence remarks1969May 10In a statement at the Nikkeiren General Assembly, he said that it has been a ten-year-old theory, "It is also necessary to amend the constitution to enhance self-defense and regulate the state of national defense."1970May 2IsArticle 9 of the ConstitutionAmendDefense powerShould be clearly stated.AlsoEmergency declarationTo be able to put outammunition OfStockpilingNeed to increase "[55]etcConstitutional reform theoryProudly raised in a formal setting and caused controversy[14][20][56][57].
  • To raise funds for the formation of TatenokaiIwaichi Fujiwara Mishima YukioTakeshi Sakurada offered financial cooperation, but Takeshi Sakurada refused.He threw 150 million yen to Mishima and said to Yukio Mishima, "You, private soldiers are okay."Mishima is said to have done political ugliness in this matter.[59].
  • Sakurada wrote the preface to Kobayashi's memorial record[60].
  • Nobutaka Shikauchi"Sakurada is a man who will not appear in the future. There are various famous people in society, but his patience is completely different."[24]"I was immeasurably influenced by Senior Sakurada and was given the greatest scent. It was my life's happiness and pride to meet these predecessors."[12].


  • Born in 1904
  • 1926 Tokyo Imperial UniversityGraduated from the Faculty of Law and joined Nisshinbo.
  • 1939 Service (~ 1942)
  • 1945 Appointed President of Nisshinbo.
  • 1946 Keizai DoyukaiInaugurated as secretary.
  • 1947 KeidanrenInaugurated as a standing member.
  • 1948 Nippon Kogyo ClubInaugurated as a director.Inaugurated as Vice-Chairman of Nikkeiren.
  • 1949 Appointed General Director of Nikkeiren.
  • In 1950, he became a permanent director of Keidanren.Japan Chamber of CommerceInaugurated as a representative.
  • 1953 Appointed as a director and advisor to Okura Silk Mill.
  • 1954 Nippon Broadcasting System, Inc.Inaugurated as founder and director.Inaugurated as Vice Chairman of Hiroshima Kenjinkai (Chairman, Shigeo Nagano).Appointed director of Japan Productivity Center.
  • 1956 Japan RadioAppointed as a consultant.Industry Planning CouncilStanding committee member (chairman, chairman)Yasuzaemon Matsunaga) Inauguration.
  • 1957 Fuji Television Network, IncAppointed Audit & Supervisory Board Member.
  • 1958 Arabic oilAppointed founder / auditor.
  • In 1960, he became a permanent director of the Nikkeiren (renamed to chairman in 74).
  • 1961 JOC(Japan Sports Association) Organized committee member, appointed chairman at the same time as the establishment of the Japan Business Volleyball Federation[61].
  • In 1964, he retired from the president of Nisshinbo Holdings and became chairman of the board.Appointed director of New Japan Radio.
  • 1965 Shikoku KaseiAppointed as a consultant.
  • 1966 Toho RayonAppointed as a director and advisor.Appointed chairman of the Tokyo Defense Association.Became acting chairman of the Financial System Council.
  • 1968 Sankei ShimbunInaugurated as a director.Japan World ExpositionInaugurated as a director.
  • In 1969, he became chairman of the board of Toho Rayon.
  • 1970 Retired as Chairman of the Board of Nisshinbo and assumed the post of Advisor.
  • 1971 Appointed President of Hachioji Golf Club.
  • 1972 Okinawa Ocean ExpoInaugurated as a director.
  • In 1973, he became chairman of the Japanese National Railways Advisory Committee.Appointed chairman of the Japan Jordan Association.
  • 1974 Representative caretaker of the Industrial Planning Council.
  • In 1975, he became chairman of the Japan Venezuela Economic Cooperation Council.Inaugurated as Chairman of the Financial System Council.Meiji JinguInaugurated as president.
  • In 1978, he became the leader of the Northern Andean Regional Economic Mission.Appointed as an advisor to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
  • In 1979, he retired as Chairman of the Nikkeiren and became Honorary Chairman.KodokanInaugurated as a director.
  • 1980 TeijinAppointed as a consultant.Yasukuni ShrineAppointed chairman of the support group.
  • 1981 Honorary citizen of Fukuyama City.
  • In 1984, he retired from Nisshinbo Spinning Counselor and became an advisor.
  • Died in 1985


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