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⚾ | High School Baseball Ishikawa Tournament Postponed opening due to heavy rain


High school baseball Ishikawa tournament postponed opening due to heavy rain

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The opening ceremony will be simplified with the attendance of only Matsuto High School and Noto High School players who will participate in the opening game at the prefectural baseball stadium from 10 am on the 9th.

Due to heavy rain, the opening ceremony and opening game of the National High School Baseball Championship Ishikawa Tournament, which was scheduled to start on the XNUMXth, has been postponed to the XNUMXth ... → Continue reading

 MRO Hokuriku Broadcasting

Hokuriku Broadcasting is a radio and television broadcasting station headquartered in Kanazawa, Ishikawa Prefecture. It has been supported by viewers for more than half a century as the first private broadcasting station on the Japan Sea side of Honshu.
Our mission is to broadcast programs that show the current (current) state of Ishikawa on radio and television, to plan events that make people happy, and above all, "close to the community."

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Ishikawa Prefectural Matsuto High School

Location of Ishikawa Prefectural Matsuto High School (in Ishikawa Prefecture)
Ishikawa Prefectural Matsuto High School

Ishikawa Prefectural Matsuto High School(Ishikawa Prefectural Matto High School, English notation: Ishikawa Prefectural Matto High School)IshikawaBaishan CityLocated in Baba XNUMX-chomepublichigh school.


Baishan City(Old:Matto City) A medium-sized school located at the southern end of the old Matsuto city.Known as "Matsutaka" or "Matsuto".

Installation Department

  • general course(Divided into humanities and science from the second year)
  • Integrated course(Divided into the following 2 series from the 3nd year)
    • Humanities International Series
    • Information business series
    • Human creation series



1963ToIshikawa Prefectural Matsuto Agricultural High School(CurrentIshikawa Prefectural Suisei High School) Is separated from the school and established as an ordinary high school in Ishikawa Prefecture.Initially, a part-time course was also added.2000Although it has shifted to an integrated course system,2010It will be reorganized into two courses, an integrated course and an ordinary course.

Chronological Table

  • January 1963 (Showa 1) -Established our school (in service of Matsuto Agricultural High School)
  • March 1963 (Showa 3) -School emblem established
  • April 1963 (Showa 4) -Transferred students from Matsuto Agricultural High School's full-time home economics / part-time school and Domikawa branch school
  • November 1963 (Showa 11) -School flag established, school song established
  • May 1964 (Showa 5) -Matsuto Agricultural High School Miuracho relocation School building Dedicated to the main school
  • October 1964 (Showa 10) -Establishment of founding anniversary (October 39)
  • May 1966 (Showa 5) -Completion of the 41st Gymnasium
  • July 1967 (Showa 7) -Completion of management classrooms, etc.
  • May 1970 (Showa 3) -Completion of the 45st Gymnasium
  • March 1972 (Showa 3) -Abolition of the part-time Mikawa branch school
  • July 1972 (Showa 7) -Completion of the pool
  • October 1972 (Showa 10) -Ceremony held to commemorate the 47th anniversary of the founding
  • September 1974 (Showa 9) -Completion of extension work for the administration building and entrance
  • April 1975 (Showa 4) -Suspension of recruitment for home economics
  • March 1979 (Showa 3) -Completion of classroom building extension work including the library
  • July 1980 (Showa 7) -Completion of combat field extension work
  • September 1980 (Showa 9) -Completion of new construction of the 55nd gymnasium and extension of the management classroom building
  • March 1982 (3) -Abolition of the part-time system
  • May 1982 (Showa 5) -Completion of extension work for the east wing of the management classroom
  • October 1982 (Showa 9) -Ceremony held to commemorate the 57th anniversary of the founding
  • November 1983 (11) -Training ground, 58nd gymnasium stage extension work completed
  • March 1984 (Showa 3)-Pool shed, archery hall extension work completed
  • June 1985 (Showa 6) -Completion of playground maintenance work
  • April 1992 (4) -Tennis court maintenance work completed
  • October 1992 (10) -Ceremony held to commemorate the 4th anniversary of the founding
  • April 2000 (4) -Reorganized the general course into an integrated course
  • December 2000 (12) -Completion of large-scale renovation and seismic retrofitting of the management classroom building
  • December 2001 (12) -Completion of large-scale renovation and seismic retrofitting of the special classroom building
  • October 2002 (9) -Ceremony held to commemorate the 14th anniversary of the founding
  • April 2010 (4) -Reorganized into two departments, an integrated course and an ordinary course
  • October 2012 (10) -Ceremony held to commemorate the 24th anniversary of the founding
  • July 2016 (7) -Survey and research project for improving learning to establish basic academic ability of high school students (designated by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology)
  • October 2017 (10) -Completion of large-scale renovation work for the management classroom building and the first gymnasium

Extracurricular activities

Sports Department

  • Athletics part
  • Fencing club (male / female)
  • Volleyball club (male / female)
  • Soccer club
  • Baseball club
  • Basketball club (male / female)
  • Soft tennis club
  • Table tennis club (male / female)
  • Badminton club (male / female)
  • Swimming / water polo club
  • Archery
  • Cycling club

Ministry of Culture

  • Word processor
  • English conversation club
  • Art department
  • Flower arrangement
  • JRC Department
  • Tea ceremony club
  • Calligraphy club
  • Brass band club
  • Broadcasting department
  • chorus club
  • Photo Club

Educational policy

School motto
  • "In a clear heartInnocent and high ideal
  • "In a deep heartEfforts to pursue the path of learning
  • "With a firm heart”Love school spirit, unity spirit


Prominent stakeholders


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Opening ceremony

Opening ceremonyWhat is (Kaikai Shiki)?Events,Competition OfHoldingIt is a ceremony that is held prior to.

It is mainly held on the first day of the event, but depending on the event, it may be held on the day before the event.

Held at the opening ceremonyceremonyThen, the opening declarationFlag raising・ Guest congratulatory speeches will be held.After that, attractions (performance, chorus, etc.) may be performed.

At the opening ceremony of the competition, players can enterPlayer oathAnd so on. The order of admission isPrefectures/市町村Order/holding areaOfficial terminologyThere is an order, past or previous grade order. As an example,Modern olympicThen at the beginningGreece→ Enter in the order of the official language of the host country → The host country at the end (It is different in the case of Greece held. It was held immediately beforeAthens Olympics (2004)Then, only the Greek flag enters at the beginning → Participating countriesGreekThe method was taken to enter in alphabetical order → the Greek team entered at the end).

In competitions of specific events, from the previous winning club or country / regionChampionship flag・ Trophy[1]Etc. will also be returned.

"NHK Red and White Singing BattleIn the Showa era, which started at 21:XNUMX, there was an opening ceremony, and all the participating singers marched in, from the host of the previous winning team.Championship flagIt was returned and the representative singer was sworn in as a player. Especially1963To that ofTokyo OlympicsThe year before,Modern olympicConscious ofTorchRunner march[2]However, due to time constraints, the return of the championship flag and the oath of the players are often omitted after the current start at 19:XNUMX.


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