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⚾ | [MLB] “Sign of upset” that appeared in Darvish, who scored 3 goals in 6 innings. Hip anxiety also affects the ball feast ...

Photo: Yes Padres Yu Darvish, who started the match against the Nationals [Photo: AP]

[MLB] "Sign of upset" that appeared in Darvish, who scored 3 goals in 6 innings. Hip anxiety also affects the ball feast ...

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In the All-Star match, which was the fifth election in four years since 2017 during the Rangers era, the match against Shohei Ohtani has received a lot of attention, but be careful because it hurt an important part for the pitcher. It will be expected.

Director Tingler "Thinking about the situation after tomorrow" ■ Padres 9-8 Nationals (9th Japan time, San Diego ... → Continue reading


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Otani Xiangping

Shohei Otani(Oh, I'm sorry1994 May 7 -) isProfessional baseball player.. Right-handed and left-handed.MLB OfLos Angeles AngelsBelongs.Japan OfIwateOshu CityI'm from Nickname isshow timeother(Later).pitcherEven asbatterAlso active as "Two-sword styleWidely known as a player[2][3].


When I was in the third year of high school,Be the fastest high school studentBall speed160km / hWas recorded.

2012 NPB draftIn 1st placeHokkaido Nippon-Ham FightersNominated by2013 Since joining the team, he has been able to balance pitchers and batters.Two-sword styleI participated in the game as a player.

2014 11 wins, 10 home runsJapanese professional baseball(NPB) First ever "double-digit win, double-digit home run"Achieved[4].2016 With the first pitcher in NPB historyNominated batterIn both departmentsBest nineIn addition to the double award[5],League MVPWas elected to.As a pitcherBall speed 165km / hIs the fastest Japanese record.

2017 OffPosting systemMajor League Baseball (MLB) OfLos Angeles AngelsTransferred to.2018 In the same year, he was the 4th person in Japanese history (4th place in Asian history).Newcomer KingWon[6].

September 2021 Joined Prince Henry & Princess Megan, actress Britney Spears, and others among the 9 "icons" who are ranked top in the US Time magazine "100 Most Influential People in the World" rice field.[1]

Career (before becoming a professional)


IwateMizusawa(CurrentOshu City),Adult baseballWith my father who was a player ofbadmintonBorn as the youngest of three siblings to a sportsman's parents' house, which has a mother of athletes.The name Shohei is from my father's hometownOshuHiraizumiRelated toYoshitsune MinamotoIt is named after the name "Shira" from Hiraizumi, based on the image of Yoshitsune flying when he fought.[7].

Little league era

Mizusawa in the third year of Oshu City Anetai Elementary SchoolLittle leagueHe started playing baseball in Japan and participated in national competitions.at the timecatcherSays the ball was so fast that the body escaped.Ball speed 5 in the fifth grade of elementary schoolkm / hIs recorded at the Iwate prefectural baseball field.

Oshu City Mizusawa Minami Junior High SchoolIchinosekiLittle seniorI also participated in the national competition here.

The baseball player Otani admired when he was a boybatterThen.Hideki Matsui,pitcherThen.With DarvishThat was[8].

High School days

I advanced to the Senbatsu tournament final when I was in the third year of junior high schoolHanamaki Higashi High SchoolAce,Kikuchi YuseiLonging for, going to the same school[9].. The goal was to "become the best in Japan", "record 160km, which is the fastest in Japan", and "become the first player to be nominated by eight teams that surpass Yusei Kikuchi in the draft".[10].. Even after transferring to MLB, he says, "Mr. Yusei is special to me."[11].

Dormitory life

Otani later said that the dormitory life at this high school was a good environment and was a catalyst for a big change.By being restricted in life and entertainment, he learned the importance of thinking about what is right and acting.[12].

It was also the first time for me to learn from a leader other than my parents.The director, Hiroshi Sasaki, engraved the words "prejudice makes possible impossible" (discarding prejudice makes impossible possible).[12].

High school third grader

After joining the club, director Hiroshi Sasaki said, "The bones are still in the growth stage. Until the summer of 1st yearfielderAs a policy to slowly raise the stairs of growth”[13], Spring 1Right handTo participate in the official game. From autumnAceAnd recorded the fastest 147km / h.

High school third grader

In the spring of 2nd year, the fastest speed was 151km / h, and "Michinoku OfDarvishIs called and attracts attention (Later).The 93rd National High School Baseball ChampionshipOf the first matchTeikyo High SchoolIn the battle, he started as a right fielder due to damage to the epiphyseal line, but he pitched from the middle of the 4th inning.Masahiro Tanaka(Tomakomai High School attached to Komazawa University), which is the fastest Thai record for a second year high school student at Koshien (at that time), recording 2 km/h. After that, he devoted himself to treatment and played in the batter only for the match.

Spring 3nd year of high school

Just before becoming a third grader, in March 384th Selected High School Baseball TournamentOf the first matchOsaka Toin High SchoolIn the game, he showed a good throw of 5 hits, no runs and 2 strikeouts up to the 6th inning, and the opponent's aceJuntaro FujinamiHe also hit a home run, but in the end he lost 8/2 in the 3th inning with 11 strikeouts and 11 strikeouts with 9 runs (earned run 5).[14].

High school 3rd year summer

3rd grade summer, 2012National High School Baseball Championship Iwate TournamentThe semifinalsIchinoseki Gakuin High SchoolIn battleamateur160km/h, the first time in baseball historyRecorded[15]..In this game, he won 7 innings with 3 hits, 1 run, 13 strikeouts and a cold win.

But in the finalMorioka University High SchoolIn the battle, he manipulated a variety of changing balls and struck out 15 strikeouts, but was abandoned by luck such as making a mistake on his side and hitting a home run on the brink with a foul, and suffered 5 runs, the last national championship in high school. Did not participate[16].

Koshien total results throw 14 timesDefense rate3.77, 16Strikeout.. Two games as a fielderbatting average.333, 1 home run.

In 9 month25th AAA World Baseball Championship OfRepresentation from JapanWas elected, and mainly No. XNUMXNominated batterWas appointed as. 5th Place MatchRepublic of Korea representativeStarting in the game, he pitched 7 times, 2 runs, 12 strikeouts, and recorded the fastest 155km / h.Defeated pitcherBecame. September 9,Professional aspirationsSubmitted[17][18].

Announced major league challenge

Professional baseball draft conferencePreviously, it was noticed not only by NPB but also by the MLB team, and he initially said, "(MLB or NPB) is fifty-fifty."[19]But,Los Angeles Dodgers,Texas Rangers,Boston Red SoxAfter an interview with[20]On October 10stChallenge to MLBExpress[21].. At the interview,minorI think it will start from, but I want to challenge the major leagues.It was a dream from the beginning.I wanted to go while I was young.I had a longing for Japanese professionals, but I had a stronger admiration for majors. "[22].

Nomination by Nippon-Ham Fighters

But on January 10thHokkaido Nippon-Ham FightersGM OfMasao YamadaAnnounces that Otani will be nominated for the first place at the draft meeting[23], Directed by Nippon HamHideki Kuriyama"I'm really sorry for Mr. Otani, but I will nominate him."[24].

At the draft meeting held on October 10, the Fighters nominated Otani alone in the first round and acquired the right to negotiate.At the press conference after the nomination, he said, "I was surprised and upset. But my feelings haven't changed. Thank you for your evaluation, but my desire to do it in the United States hasn't changed."[25][26]Didn't meet when he was visited by Nippon Ham to make a nomination greeting[27].

To join Nippon-Ham

However, after that, he received a nomination greeting on his second visit.[28], Negotiations for joining the group with parents were also held four times[29][30], Kuriyama will be present from the third negotiation[31][32].

In the negotiations, a 30-page document entitled "Shohei Otani: A Guide to Dreams-Considerations for Young Overseas Expansion in Japanese Sports-"[33]Was presented, and after graduating from high school, went directly to the United States South KoreaIt was explained that there are few cases where baseball players are active in MLB, the current situation of harsh minor leagues, and the probability that players who have gained abilities in the professional league in their home country can play an active part in MLB.Until the previous yearWith DarvishNumber worn by11, Pitcher and batterTwo-sword styleI was presented with a training plan.

As a result, Otani announced that he would join Nippon-Ham on December 12th.[34].. On December 12th, the contract fee is 25 million yen + the amount paid is 1 million yen, and the annual salary is 5000 million yen (estimated)[35]I made a temporary contract at[36][37].. As mentioned above, the uniform number was worn by Darvish until the previous year.11Was decided. After the interviewSapporo DomeThere was also an exhibition with a pitcher, Hideki Kuriyama, to play a pitch game.[38].

Career (Nippon-Ham era)

2013 (Nippon-Ham 1st year)

In 2013, at the spring camp, he practiced pitchers and fielders in parallel, and joined the army in mid-February.Open battle・SpringEducation leagueBut pitcher,Right hand,Nominated batterTo participate as. March 3Tohoku Rakuten Golden EaglesIn the open game of the battle, after pitching as a pitcher, he will stand at the bat and then defend the right wing.[39].

Entered the first army as a batter with the pitcher registered[40], Season of March 3Opener(Saitama Seibu LionsBattle,Seibu Dome), start with the 8th right wing. High school graduate outfielder starter participation2011 OfSumidaSince then, in the team1959 OfIsao HarimotoIt was the first time in 54 years since then.He recorded 2 hits and 1 RBI in the opening round.High school graduates recorded multiple hits in the opening round1960 OfYanoura KunimitsusinceSecond person for the first time in 53 yearsMet[41].

After that, he was adjusting as a pitcher in the game of the second army while participating in the lower batting line, but on April 4thOrix BuffaloesBattle (Hot Motto Field Kobe) With your right ankle while defending the outfieldsprainTooth[42], The participation player registration was deleted.

He returned on May 5th and played as the first batter in the Seibu match (Seibu Dome) on May 4th for the first time since he became a professional player. May 5Tokyo Yakult SwallowsIn the battle, he was the first pitcher/starter as a pitcher. It was 5 goals in the 2th inning and could not win or lose, but it was the fastest new pitcher's first pitch in history, 157.km / hRecorded[43].. In the Sino-Japanese battle on June 6Starting pitcherServed as a professional and won the first professional win with 5 goals in 3 times[44].

May 6th against Hiroshima (MAZDA Zoom-Zoom Stadium Hiroshima) Is a starting pitcher in the XNUMXth pitcher because the designated hitter cannot be used in the Central League team-sponsored game.Starting pitcher batting order from 3rd to 5th (Cleanup) Is hit1963 OfTakao KajimotosinceAfter 50 yearsWas that[45]..As a pitcher, he dropped out with 4 runs in the 3th inning, but after leaving the pitcher, he defended the right fielder and recorded 1 hit and 1 RBI as a batter.

July 7th Rakuten match (Kleenex Stadium MiyagiIn)Rei NagaiHit a professional first home run from.The first high school graduate to record a professional victory and a professional home run1967 OfYuka EnatsuSinceAfter 46 yearsMet[46].

However, when he was running in the outfield during the pre-match practice on the 11th (Rakuten match) the next day, he missed the match because a free batting hit the ball near his right temple. Diagnosed as "right cheekbone insufficiency fracture"[47]However, three days later 3 days (Chiba Lotte MarinesBattle)Tomohisa OtaniFrom my firstHittingHome run, home base first home run, 2 home runs for 2 consecutive home runs[48].

All star gamesWas selected as an outfielder by a fan vote for the first time, and pitched as a pitcher from the 1th time in the first round, showing 5 hits and no hits in the first game, showing a pitch of 1 km/h at the fastest, and after deciding, he became a defense of the left wing.[49].. In the second roundThe first batter in the history of All-Star Game as a high school graduate rookieRecorded a double hit, the first hit in the first at bat[50]In the following Round 3, as a high school graduate newcomer1986 OfKiyohara KazuhiroSince then, he has scored the RBI in the all-star game and has been awarded the Fighter Award and the Sky Active Technology Award.[51].

In the game against Lotte on August 8, he will be the first relief pitcher since he became a professional player from the 9th inning.[52].. April 8Fukuoka Softbank HawksBattle (Obihiro Forest Baseball Field), he started as a fifth and right-winger, and started pitcher from the 8th inning, keeping one inning with no hits.[53].

In the first year, he pitched in 13 games as a pitcher, recording 3 wins and undefeated, and an earned run average of 4.23.As a batter, he participated in 77 games, with a batting average of .238, 3 home runs, and 20 RBIs.

2014 (Nippon-Ham 2st year)

The first time to enter a pro at the Orix game (Sapporo Dome) on March 3Smash hit awardRecorded[54].. Recorded the first double-digit strikeout and the first victory of the season in the Seibu match (Sapporo Dome) on April 4th.[55].. Seibu Battle on May 5 (Hakodate Ocean Stadium) Was the first time to enter a professional with 9 hits and 6 strikeoutsShut-out victory[56].

The fastest Pacific League history in the match against Hiroshima (Sapporo Dome) on June 6thBall speed 160km / hMeasure[57].. After that, the giant battle on June 6 (Sapporo Dome)[58], Battle of Hanshin on June 6 (Koshien)[59], June 6Yokohama DeNA BaystarsBattle (Yokohama Stadium[60]The fastest speed of 160km / h was measured for 4 games in a row at other stadiums.

In the game against Lotte on July 20, when he was 7 years old, he recorded two home runs in one game for the first time as a professional player.[61].. July 7 against Rakuten (Rakuten Kobo Stadium Miyagi), 16 wins with a complete pitch of 1 goal in every 8 strikeouts. One match 1 strikeouts1980 OfKida IsamuTeam Thailand record alongside[62].. He is the first to strike out every time, and is the 10th player in history (13th time). Again in 1968Yuka EnatsuNPB's youngest record of 20 strikeouts or more, renewing 2 years and 16 months[63].

All star gamesFollowing the outfielder of the previous year, was elected as a pitcher by the director's recommendation. Being elected by both pitchers and fieldersJunzo Sekine[Annotation 1]Second since[64].. Starting pitcher for Round 7 (Koshien) on July 19th, with the first batter on the backTakashi ToritaniThe second ball to measure the fastest 2 km / h in the history of all-star games, after this,Shinnosuke AbeAlso measured in the first ball to. Including the official game of 2008Mark Kroon以来の史上2人目のタイ記録。1イニングを投げ、打者5人に対し3被安打1失点の内容で、全23球のうち12球で160キロ以上を記録した。試合は12対6でPacific LeagueWins and Otani becomes the winning pitcher[Annotation 2]However, the starting victory at 20 years and 0 monthsMasaaki IkenagaBecame the youngest record for all-star games after 19 years and 1 month[65][66].

By the end of the first half of the game, he had won seven consecutive games, but in the Rakuten game (Kobosta Miyagi) on July 7, which was the first pitch in the second half of the game, he threw 7 innings and lost 26 hits, 8 strikeouts and 5 runs. Do not use[67]In the Softbank game (Sapporo Dome) on August 8, the Japanese fastest tie record of 3 km/h was measured, but 161 innings were thrown, 7 hits and 9 goals were scored[68].

September 8th Softbank game (Fukuoka Yahoo Auctions! Dome) Gave him his first 10 wins, but it was the first time in the history of the Pa League that he recorded 10 wins and 6 home runs in the same season.[69].. August 8 Lotte match (Tokyo Dome) For the first time, he recorded his first home run of No. 2 for two consecutive days, and was the pitcher who won a double-digit victory in 8.Hideo Fujimoto(26 wins) Updated NPB record for 7 home runs[70].. Orix game on September 9 (Kyocera Dome Osaka) Recorded No. 10 home run,"Double-digit win and double-digit home run in the same season" for the first time in NPB historyAchieved[Annotation 3][71][72].

After pitching in the Rakuten match (Kobosta Miyagi) on September 9, the opportunity to pitch was delayed until the Rakuten match (Sapporo Dome) on October 21 due to fever and other factors, but it was the first time in that match.GinjiPitching toBall speed 162km / hWas measured. NPB season official game record (2008 March 6Mark KroonIs the fastest record in line with the record)ReasonJapanese NPB fastest record by Japanese and Pacific League record by himself[73].

10 month 11 dayClimax series(CS) First stage starting pitching in the first round (Kyocera Dome) of the first stage (Orix). In the 1nd inning, he scored 2 points with 2 four-balls from the second base, but with 2 innings to 6 goals, he won his first CS victory.[74].. A 20-year-and-three-month-old pitcher wins CS in 3Masahiro TanakaThe youngest record in history to break 20 years and 11 months[Annotation 4].

This year, he pitched in 24 games as a pitcher, recording 11 wins and 4 losses and an earned run average of 2.61.As a batter, he participated in 86 games with a batting average of .274, 10 home runs, and 31 RBIs.

Off is "US-Japan baseball 2014"ofRepresentation from JapanElected to. Uniform number in the pastHideaki WakuiIt was decided to be "16" that they wore[76]..In the first round, he pitched as a middleman and kept the first time to a trio.In the starting pitcher, Round 1, the result was 1 runs, 5 strikeouts in the 4th inning, but he became a defeated pitcher.

In December, in the third year high school graduateDaisuke MatsuzakaSince then, the contract has been renewed with an annual salary of 2 million yen (estimated), which is the second person in history.[77].

2015 (Nippon-Ham 3st year)

The first time at the Rakuten Battle (Sapporo Dome) on March 3thOpening pitcherHe became a winning pitcher by holding 5/2 on 3 innings and hitting 3 hits, 1 goal and 6 strikeouts.[78].. At the Seibu Battle (Seibu Dome) on May 5, the team1979 OfTakahashi NaokiSince then, he has won 6 consecutive victories in his final victory.[79].

On the other hand, the hitting side was sluggish, and it was the starting lineup in the match against Lotte (QVC Marine Field) on April 4.Takahiro FujiokaIn the fielder, he hit the first home run, which is the fastest professional entry in the second and sixth bats, but in the Softbank game on April 2, he recorded four strikeouts in his first professional entry.[80].

2nd place for All-StarKazuhisa MakitaWith a big difference of more than 28 votes, he was selected in the pitcher category.Both pitchers and fielders were elected to the All-Star Game by fan voting.Elected in the 1953 pitcher category and the 1963 outfielder categoryJunzo SekinesinceSecond person for the first time in 52 yearsBecame[81]..The All-Star started in the first game, and the result was 1 hits and 2 run in the 2nd inning.

It will be his first time in the Rakuten match on August 8th.goodbyeRecorded a hit[82].. On August 8, in the match against Lotte (QVC Marine), he scored his 18th win, which is the highest number of his own, surpassing the 9 wins of the previous year by shutting out 12 strikeouts in 11 innings.

Ultimately, at the end of the entire Pacific League schedule on October 10, Harler's top 6 wins, ERA 15, and win rate .2.24.Most wins,Best defense rate,Highest win rateThe pitcher's triple crown shined. Achieving 3 wins in the third year of high school graduation2007 OfWith DarvishSince[83]..On the other hand, as a fielder, he was sluggish throughout the year and ended up with a batting average of .202, 5 home runs and 17 RBIs.

March 101st WBSC Premier 12 OfRepresentation from JapanWas elected as the final roaster of 28 people[84].. Team greeted in second place in the leagueClimax series first stageHe started in the first round, but became a losing pitcher with 1 goals in the middle of the third inning.[85]..In the 3rd round, the team was defeated by CS due to lack of vividness in throwing, such as striking out even though they appeared as a substitute hitter in the 1th inning with a chance of 8 point behind 12st and 12rd base.Dedicated to one pitcher at PremierXNUMX.PremierXNUMX opening round South KoreaHe started in the game and contributed to the victory by showing an activity to keep the 6th inning to 2 hits and no runs.Japan broke through the group league and started in the semi-final against South Korea, keeping the 7th inning to 1 hit and no runs, but the team lost 3-4.In recognition of this good throw, he was selected as the Best Nine of the Premier12.

This year is also on August 8thJapan Post Hokkaido BranchUsed the photo of OtanistampAnnounced that the set will be released in Hokkaido[86].. Stamps of professional baseball players have precedents, but this is the first time for Nippon Ham players.

2016 (Nippon-Ham 4st year)

Although he served as the opening pitcher, he was not blessed with the support of the batting line and there was no white star in the starting five games.In the 5th starter game against Lotte (QVC Marine) on May 6, he won the first complete game of the season by holding down 5 innings with 1 goals.However, the ERA was in the 9-point range until the middle of May, and it took time for him to improve as a pitcher until the middle of the season.

On the other hand, the hit was strong, and in the match against Orix (Tokyo D) on May 5th.Daiki TomeiSince then, he has recorded his first home run in four consecutive games. On May 4, in the Rakuten match (Kobosta Miyagi), the designated hitter was not appointed from the beginning even though it was an official match of the Pacific League.[Annotation 5], 6th, started as a pitcher, scored the third win as a pitcher with 7 hits and 4 RBI in the 1th inning, and recorded a batter with 3 hits and 3 RBI.

At the Giants Battle (Tokyo D) on June 6thLewis CruiseBreak the fastest record of NPB official game that you have by pitching toBall speed 163km / hWas measured. July 7rd, the first time in the Softbank game (Yahoo Auction)First pitcherAs a batter, he hit a home run for the first batter in the first ball, and as a pitcher, he was able to strike out with 8 strikeouts in the 10th inning and scored his 8th win (4 losses).The first starting pitcher in NPB1971 OfYoshiaki ToyamasinceThird person in history for the first time in 45 yearsButFirst hitter home run is the first in history..By the way, even in MLB, the pitcher's first batter home run is unprecedented in the past.[87].

In June, he will be his second time with 6 wins and 4 losses, 0 strikeouts, and an earned run average of 41.Monthly MVPWon[88].

During the match against Lotte on July 7thBeansHe crushed the pitcher and dropped out on the way, and for about two months, he did not pitch as a starting pitcher.Mazda All Star GameAlthough he was elected as a pitcher by a fan vote, he was allowed to participate as an exceptional fielder in consideration of the fact that he could not be thrown due to the influence of beans.

7月15日、オールスター第1戦試合前のホームランダービーでは一回戦で山田哲人、決勝戦で柳田悠岐を破り、優勝を果たした。7月16日、オールスターの第2戦では5番・指名打者として先発して、自身初のオールスター本塁打を放つなどMVPを受賞する活躍を見せた。7月24日の対オリックス戦で、3年ぶりとなるリリーフ登板で1回を無失点に抑え、プロ初ホ ー ル ドRecorded.

Fastest in NPB history and fastest in Japanese history

After returning to the starting pitcher for the first time in about two months in the match against Lotte on September 9, the match against Orix on September 7Itoi YoshioSet the fastest NPB official game record (and the fastest Japanese) by pitching toBall speed 164km / hを計測した。9月28日の西武戦(西武ドーム)で9回1安打15奪三振で完封勝利を挙げ、日本ハムの4年ぶりのリーグ優勝達成に貢献。この試合で10勝を挙げ、自身2度目の「同一シーズンで2桁勝利と2桁本塁打」を達成し、NPB史上初の「10勝、100安打、20本塁打」を達成した[Annotation 6][89].Regular pitch timeMissed the best defensive rate for the second consecutive year[Annotation 7].

Climax seriesファイナルステージでは、第1戦に8番・投手として先発出場し2打数1安打、7回1安打6奪三振無失点で初勝利。第5戦では3番・指名打者として先発出場し9回にDH解除でリリーフ登板。自身初セーブを挙げ、4年ぶりのJapan seriesI decided to advance.In the same game, I had my own at that timeBall speed 165km / h that breaks the fastest NPB record (and the fastest Japanese)Is measuring[Annotation 8].



Especially in the 3rd round, in the bottom of the 10th inning, in the scene of XNUMXnd baseOsera earthHe shot goodbye in a timely manner and contributed to the team's first victory in the series.The team has won three consecutive victories since this victory, and will enter the sixth round with the best check in Japan.

Although he did not have a chance to participate in the 6th round (Mazda Stadium), he was a member on the bench.Score 4-4 tied, 8th inning Table 2outFull base, At batSho Nakata, Next batter is pitcherバ ー スOtani is in a scene where a pinch hitter is expectedNext Batters CircleWaiting at, as a result, the opponent pitcherJacksonIs an extruded walk against Nakata without any strikes.After that, Otani did not go to the turn at bat and retired to the bench, but he entered the turn at bat in a timely manner.LairdThe grand slam of the grand slam jumped out, and the victory or defeat was almost decided by scoring a total of 6 points only this time.[90]..Kuriyama later revealed that he intended to put pressure on Jackson in this scene and "I had no intention of appointing Otani."[91]..The team that also won this match was the first to win four wins, and Otani himself experienced the best in Japan.

Hit the ceiling of Tokyo Dome directly

On October 10th, "Samurai Japan Baseball NetherlandsRepresentative baseballメキシコElected to represent Japan in the national team strengthening match[92].Tokyo DomeIn the game against the Netherlands on November 11th, the ball hit in the top of the 13th inning entered the ceiling in the direction of the right wing and was doubled according to the rules.[93]..This was recorded in 2002Hideki MatsuiSince then.

Double award for Best Nine

November 11, in the Per LeagueBest nineWas announced,First-ever double award for pitcher and designated hitterPlayed[94]..Originally, the Best Nine Voting Regulations prohibited duplicate voting in the pitcher and fielder divisions, but the rules were changed in late September in consideration of Otani's success in the same year. December 9ndHoriproAnnounced that it has signed a management contract with[95].

2017 (Nippon-Ham 5st year)

4rd WBC OfRepresentation from JapanAlthough he was elected to, he declined because his ankle was not in good condition.

Left when running to first base in the game against Orix on April 4HamstringsHe was injured (back of thigh) and was examined at a hospital in Osaka city. As a result, he was diagnosed as having muscle loss in the left biceps femoris and was deregistered on the 9th.[96].. Although he returned to the 6st Army on June 27, he was not able to play satisfactorily due to his injury during the season, and as a pitcher he had the worst tie of 3 wins after joining the pro, and as a fielder he also participated in 65 games and hit 8 home runs. It's over.

A total of 9 wins against Rakuten on September 12, achieving 40 wins and 4 home runs, the fourth in history.[Annotation 9][97]..In the final pitching against Orix on October 10th"No. 66 pitcher" for the first time in 4 years in NPB historyRecorded a shutout victory with 4 hit in 1 at bats and 10 strikeouts in pitching.[98].

On October 10, I underwent endoscopic "right ankle painful triquetral bone (posterior ankle impingement) removal" at a hospital in Tokyo.[99].

Re-announcement of major league challenge

March 11Posting systemAnnounced to challenge MLB using[100].

According to the MLB labor-management agreement, Otani, who is 5 years old with a professional career of 23 years,International Bonus Pool[Annotation 10]Since the player is eligible for the contract at, the contract fee is low and only minor contracts can be concluded (Annual salary mediation rightMLB minimum guaranteed annual salary until you get[102]You can own a player with a degree)[103]Therefore, various baseball teams aimed at the acquisition of Otani regardless of their financial resources.[104].. Negotiation periodMLB Players AssociationBy request from Otani, it was shortened from the usual 30 days to 21 days, and instead, presentation by documents before the negotiation period was allowed.[105].. On June 11AgentThrough this, we sent a questionnaire to all 30 MLB teams with the contents such as "evaluation for themselves" and "future training method".[106].

As a result of document screening on December 12, the transfer destination candidates are 4 teams mainly along the west coast of the United States (Seattle Mariners,Los Angeles Angels,Texas Rangers,San Francisco Giants,Los Angeles Dodgers,San Diego Padres,Chicago Cubs), The agent stated[107].. For the defeated team,New York Yankees,Boston Red SoxThere are many prestigious names such as this, and it was very well received by MLB fans.[108].

Career (Angels era)

Below, all dates are local time (The United States of America OfPacific Standard Time).

Contract agreement with Angels

XNUM X Year X NUM X Month X NUM X DayLos Angeles AngelsIt was announced that a contract agreement was reached with[109]..On the same day, the team also announced the acquisition of Otani.[110], The uniform number is "17Was announced[111].

The following day, on the 10th, he signed a minor league contract and was assigned to the rookie-class Arizona League Angels.[112][Annotation 11], BasedAngel Stadium of AnaheimA press conference was held at[113]..Some of them in JapanNippon TVseriesInformation program "ShuichiWas broadcast live in[114]..The agent is Nez Balelo and the interpreter isIppei Suwon.

2018 (Angels 1st year)

Open battle

XNUM X Month X NUM X Day,Spring trainingAs an invited player[115]..In the open game, he started pitching in two games as a pitcher and was appointed as a designated hitter in 2 games as a batter, but his ERA was 11 and his batting average was .27.00.Although some local media said that "minor should be appointed"[116], Signed a major contract on March 3,Active roasterEntered[115].

After the opening

XNUM X Month X NUM X Day,Opener OfAuckland AthleticsStarted in the game with "No. 8 Designated Hitter"Kendall GravemanRecorded the first hit in the first at bat. First pitched victory in the Athletics match on April 4st, April 1rd, the first match of the home baseCleveland IndiansHe participated in the battle as a designated hitter and hit his first home run in the first at bat.It was the first home run of a match in which the winning pitcher played as a batter within two days.1921 OfBabe RuthIt's been 97 years since thenIt is a feat of.

In the first at-bat against Athletics on April 4, he recorded his third home run for three consecutive games.Three consecutive home runs by Japanese2004 September (second year) and2007 Recorded in JulyHideki MatsuiThis is the second player since then, and it is the first time in the history of Japanese players that he achieved it in April of the first year. The fourth feat in MLB history.In addition, it is the first time in the American League that home runs and two RBIs have been played for three games since the opening game of the base since the RBI became an official record.[117].

4月8日に本拠地初登板となったアスレチックス戦で、7回を投げ1安打12奪三振1四球の快投を見せ、開幕2勝目を挙げた。新人投手としてデビューから最初の2試合で6奪三振以上は、球団史上3人目の記録となった[118].. In addition, it is A League tie record that recorded 2 strikeouts in 12 games from debut pitching[119].. Two wins and three home runs in 10 games since the opening was the first achievement in 2 years since the 3 Jim Show.[120].

On April 4, he was selected as the Weekly MVP and won the award for the first time.Japanese players won the award2016 8 month 7 dayIchiroIt's been 2 years since[121]. Also,1973 It was the first dual wield player to be elected since the "Players of the Week" was created in the American League.[122].. The first year Japanese player was selected in early April, the fastest, and 1 years and 4 months was the youngest record.[123].

Participated as No. 4 designated hitter on April 22[124]However, in MLB, the player who started in 3 or more games in the same season participated in 4th place.1961 OfDon Larsen57 years since then[125]The 16th and 13th person in history.

On March 4th,Houston Astros100 in battleMiles(160.9km/h) shots were thrown in successionJosh ReddickOn the other hand, Otani was the 101th player to throw 162.5 miles (2 km/h) of a fastball twice, and the first pitcher to throw a fastball of 10 miles over the last 101 years.[126].

It was also the previous year's American League MVPJose ArtubeWas closed to 3 at bats without hits (of which 2 were struck out).In the same season "Sai Young Awardpitcher"(I played on the 4thCorey CluverThe fifth pitcher in MLB history to hit a home run fromBecame[127].

4月27日のヤンキース戦で、MLB移籍後初の5番・指名打者で出場し、第1打席で第4号本塁打を放った。1か月での4本塁打、25奪三振達成は1971年9月のFerguson JenkinsFor the first time in 47 years since then[128].

May 5nd, April A LeagueRookie of the MonthWas elected to[129].. The selection of Japanese players2012 4 of the monthWith DarvishIt's been 6 years since then and the second person.

June 6th, right elbowMedial collateral ligamentFor the first time in 10 daysDisability listRegistered in[130].. Aug. 7,Seattle MarinersReturned as a batter for the first time in about a month since June 6th at No. 6 DH in the battle[131].

He released No. 7 solo at the White Sox match (Angel Stadium) on July 23.All of the home runs so far have been hit at the home run Angel Stadium, and it is the first time in the history of the team that a new player has hit all the first eight (finally nine) at Angel Stadium.[132].

On August 8rd, he started in the match against the enemy land Cleveland Indians with No. 3 DH.Mike ClevingerIn MLB's first at-bat, he hit the first at-bat with No. 1 and 10 runs, and then hit the second at-bat with No. 2 solo home run for two at-bats in a row.[133].. Double-digit home runs reached by Japanese players in the first year of MLB in 1Aoki NobuchikaIt has been the 10th person for the first time in 6 years since (7)[134].

On September 9, he returned to the Astros as a pitcher for the first time in 2 days since the match against the Royals on June 6.It is the second person in MLB history to start in more than 10 games and record more than 10 home runs in the same season since Babe Ruth.Is a feat of[135].

Before the match on September 9thMRI examinationAs a result, a new injury was found in the right elbow ligament in Otani, and doctors performed ligament reconstruction surgery (Tommy John surgery) Has been recommended[136].

On September 9th, in the White Sox match that participated in No. 7 DHCarlos RodonHe hit the 3th home run in three consecutive games with three home runs.Kenji KijimaLined up in (2006)Breaking the record of home runs in the first year of the Japanese Major League BaseballAnd became the first place alone[137].

On September 9th, he was selected as the weekly MVP from September 10rd to 2th, the second time this season.The second season of Japanese major leaguers1996 Became the second person since Hideo Nomo and was the first ever to be elected in the first year.[138].

On September 9th, at the first at-bat against the Mariners who participated in No. 15 DHErasmo RamirezHe hit the 20th solo home run from.More than 20 Japanese players in the season are the second in history after Hideki Matsui.

このシーズンは打者として104試合(代打22試合)に出場し、打率.285、22本塁打、61打点、10盗塁。投手としては10試合に先発登板し4勝2敗、防御率3.31の成績を残し、Achieved the first "10 pitches, 20 home runs, 10 stolen bases" in MLB historyAnd the season is over[139].

Successful Tommy John surgery at a hospital in Los Angeles on October 10st[140].

On the same day, the American League in SeptemberRookie of the MonthWas chosen by. The second award since April[141], Japanese players won the same prize more than once2001 Since Ichiro's[142].. Second placeMiguel AnduherA big difference of 48 points in the leagueNewcomer KingWas chosen[143].. This is the fourth Japanese player to win the award for 2001 years since Ichiro in 17.[144].

2019 (Angels 2st year)

Repeated rehabilitation from the opening, May 5Detroit TigersReturned as batter in battle[145].. April 6Tampa Bay RaysParticipated in the battle as "No. 3 Designated Hitter" and was the first Japanese to participateCycle hitsAchieved[146].. Since 1900, the pitcher has won more than two wins and has hit a cycle.1920 ,1921 OfGeorge Sisler(5 wins, 2 hits in a cycle) Second in history since 2, the first time in 98 years[147][148].. In the athletics match on June 6, he shot two runs of No. 27, a double-digit home run for the second consecutive year. Hideki Matsui, Shijin Iguchi, Kenji Jojima, who have struck 2 or more home runs for two consecutive years since joining the Japanese major leaguer.Kousuke FukudomeBecame the fifth person after[149].. September 9, left on 12thpatellaSurgery (Bisection patella) Was announced.It will take 8 to 12 weeks to heal, and will miss the rest of the season. He participated in 106 games and recorded a batting average of .286 (384 hits, 110 hits), 18 home runs, and 62 RBIs.[150][151].

2020 (Angels 3st year)

From this season "Two-Way Player" (Two-sword player) Is defined in the rules, and OtaniMLB's first "dual wield" application playerBecame[152].. "Two-Way Player" can "enter the disabled list as a pitcher, rehabilitate in the minor league official game (rehab assignment), and at the same time participate in the MLB official game as a fielder," which was not possible until the previous year. Next (for details, see "Roaster (MLB)# Player classification), the Angels went to Otani from the openingDHAnnounced a plan to make pitching adjustments at the same time with minors, and return pitching at MLB by mid May.[153]. But,Impact of COVID-19The season start was postponed to the end of July, and it became possible to use dual wield from the start.

7月26日のアスレチックス戦で2018年9月2日以来693日ぶりに復帰登板を果たしたが、1回途中一死も取れず3安打、3四球、5失点で降板し、敗戦投手となった[154]。8月2日のアストロズ戦ではこの試合最速156km/hの速球が2回途中から140km/h台に落ち、1回2/3を無安打5四球2失点(ExtrusionWalks 2) 3 strikeouts[155]..After this pitchMRI examinationReceived, "Right" on the next 3 daysFlexion pronationIt was diagnosed that "the group was damaged and it took 4 to 6 weeks to resume pitching", and the return pitching during the same year became hopeless, and as a pitcher, only the above two games were played.[156][157]..He did not register on the injured list and continued to participate as a DH from the 6th of the same month, but in the end 44 games[Annotation 12]With a batting average of .190 (153 hits in 29 at bats), 7 home runs and 24 RBIs.

2021 (Angels 4st year)

At the end of the 2020 seasonMLB service timeHas reached 3 yearsAnnual salary mediation rightHowever, the annual salary negotiations have passed the year, and it was officially announced on February 2021, 2 that the contract was agreed for a total of $ 9 million for two years, avoiding the annual salary mediation.[158].

In the match against the White Sox on April 4, he started in the first "No. 4 pitcher" after transferring to MLB.As a batter, he hit the first home run No. 2 for the first time.As a pitcher, he pitched well, measuring a ball speed of 2km / h, but he was injured with 163 goals in the 5th inning and did not win for the first time in 3 years.[159].. Hideki Matsui's 4 at-bats were significantly repainted in the Blue Jays game on April 9, achieving a total of 1393 home runs in MLB with 997 at-bats, the fastest for the Japanese.[160].. April 4Texas RangersAchieved 100 home runs in total for NPB / MLB in the game[161].

In the match against the Astros on April 4, he became the first MLB defender to defend a left fielder (since there was no fielder to replace him, he hurriedly released DH and appointed him).[162]。同26日のレンジャーズ戦では、5回9奪三振4失点で、3シーズンぶりに勝利投手となった。5月11日のアストロズ戦では2番・投手として7回10奪三振1失点の快投後、右翼に就いて試合終了までプレーを続けた[163]..He hit the 17th home run against the Indians on the 13th, and jumped to the top of both league home runs for the first time in a Japanese major leaguer.[164]。6月4日、マリナーズ戦に2番投手で投打同時出場を果たすと6回を4安打2失点で4月25日以来39日ぶりのシーズン2勝目を挙げた。この試合では、MLB20試合目の登板で初の無四球を達成し、さらには10奪三振を記録した[165].

In the match against Diamondbacks held in the enemy territory on the 11th, he was the second pitcher and played the first pitching in the interleague game after transferring to MLB.It is the first time for a pitcher to enter the batting order from 1st to 4th at the National League stadium.It became.


On the 18th, of the All-Star GameHomelander BeeTo participate inInstagramExpressed in.In addition to being the first Japanese player to participate, the player who started his career as a pitcher will also be the first player to participate.[166].

In the same day's Tigers game, which started in 2nd DH, he hit a 3th home run in the 20rd at bat and reached the 2th home run in the season for the first time in 2018 years since 3.[167]..Reaching No. 70 in the 65th game of the team (20th batter participation)Hideki MatsuiEstablished in 2007, the fastest record for Japanese players to reach No. 106 in the 93th game of the team (20th game of batter participation) was significantly updated.[167]..After that, he also hit No. 5 solo home run in the fifth at bat, recording two home runs in one game for the first time in two years since 21.[168]..On the 19th, he started in the 2nd DH against the Tigers in Anaheim.Two games in a row in the second at bat, hitting the 2nd home run in line with 2 in the first year of MLB[169]..On the 20th, he participated in the starting lineup with No. 2 DH in the Tigers game at the base.He hit the 3rd home run in the third at bat for three consecutive games.Updated his most professional home runs[170]..On the 23rd, he started in the Giants game at his home base as the second pitcher.This created the first-ever rarity in which the American League team lifted the DH and the National League team used the DH.

結果、この週(6月14日 - 20日)で7試合に出場し、打率.296(27打数8安打)、6本塁打、9打点、1盗塁を記録。投げては6回1失点、奪三振5でシーズン3勝目を挙げ、翌日の21日には2018年4月、9月に続いて、3年ぶり3度目となるア・リーグのプレイヤー・オブ・ザ・ウィークを受賞した[171].

All-star game first appearance decision

27th,MLB All-Star GameOtani passed the top spot in the American League Designated Hitter category with 1 votes after announcing the first result of his fan vote.[172].. The final result of the MLB All-Star Game Fan Voting was announced on July 7st, with an overwhelming voter turnout of 1% of the total in the American League Designated Hitter category.[173]First elected to the MLB All-Star Game[174].

On the 28th, he hit the 25th home run,AsianThen it was the second place in historyShin-Soo Choo(South Koreawhere one is from. In MLB total home runsHideki Matsui(1st place in Asian history), surpassing the record 24[175].

In June, he participated in 6 games, batting .25, 309 home runs, on-base percentage .13, slugging percentage .423, and OPS 889, and was selected as the first monthly MVP in the American League fielder category on July 1.312. Was done[176]..2thBaltimore Orioles戦で第2打席で右翼席へ29号ソロ、第3打席で左翼席へ30号2点本塁打を放ち、NPB/MLB通じて自身初となる30本塁打に両リーグ最速で到達。日本人選手としては2004年の松井秀喜が31本塁打を記録して以来、17年ぶりの快挙となった。また、オールスターゲーム前の本塁打数として2019年にMike TroutIt set a new record for the Angels team, overtaking the 28 records recorded by the Angels.

Incidentally,Babe RuthThe most home runs recorded in the season when he played more than one game as a starting pitcher was 1 in 1919, so an American reporter said, "Otani is more than Babe Ruth as a dual wield player."[177].

XNUM X Month X NUM X Day,New York PostThe newspaper elected Otani as the first half MVP of the American League[178].

Japanese most season home runs

4 The starting lineup for the Orioles match, which was held in Japan, with "No. 2 DH".He hit the 2st home run in the second at bat in 31.Hideki Matsui(New York YankeesThe most number of home runs in the season as a Japanese player recorded by (affiliation) "31" (AsianMost[175]) Lined up[179].

On the 4th, pitchers and fielders selected by all-star game player-to-player voting were announced, and following the fan-voted A League DH category, they were also selected in the starting pitcher category.[180]Was elected for the first time in history by dual wielding[181]。6日にはプレイヤー・オブ・ザ・ウィーク(6月28日 - 7月4日)を受賞し、シーズン2度目の受賞となった。打者として6試合に出場し、打率.286、6本塁打、8打点、1盗塁、OPS1.543を記録[182]..6 He participated in the Red Sox game at Anaheim, Japan, with "No. 2 pitcher" at the same time.In the 7th inning of Thailand, the longest in the season, he threw 89 balls and scored the 5th win, which is the 2th win of NPB / MLB in total with 50 hits and 4 runs.[183].

On the 7th, he participated in the Red Sox game at his home base with "No. 2 DH" and hit the 3nd home run for the first time in three games.By Hideki MatsuiRecord of the most home runs of Japanese playersWas 31Updated during the first half of the seasonHowever, it became the largest number of Japanese alone.[184](Most as an Asian[175]).In addition, it has the highest number of home runs in both MLB leagues at this time, andAll star games32 home runs or more and 12 beforeStealAchievement of the above is the first in MLB historyIt was also a record of[185].

When he achieved 4 home runs on the 31th and 7 home runs on the 32th, Matsui gave a congratulatory message to praise and support Otani.[185]Otani said, "I've been watching (Matsui) since I was a kid, so I'm honored." "I'm honestly happy, and I'm happy that (Matsui) bothered to comment. I want to do my best to meet my expectations. "[186].

In the end, he hit 33 home runs before the All-Star.This is the number of pre-All-Star home runs from outside the United StatesSammy Sosa(DominicaIt is a record of top ties along with (origin).On the 10th, it was given to athletes who made remarkable achievements in the US sports world and excellent play, and is said to be the Grammy Award or Academy Award in the sports world.ESPY AwardSelected as the first Japanese player in the "Best MLB Players" categoryWas done[187].

All-star game participation

July 7th, the next day's all-star gameAmerican leagueAt the same time as starting in the side "No. 1 designated hitter"[188]It was announced that he will also participate as a starting pitcher[189]..Japanese players started in 1995 in the All-Star GameHideo Nomo(Los Angeles DodgersIt was the second person in 26 years since I belonged to)[190].

Held on the same dayHomelander BeeThen in the first roundWashington NationalsBelongingJuan SotoAlthough he fought a fierce battle involving two extra times, he was eliminated.[191].

In the All-Star Game held on the following day, 13th, as the first batter in the top of the first inningNational league OfMax ShurzerHe stood at the first at-bat in the MLB All-Star Game, but became a grounder on the second base.[192].. In the bottom of the first inning, he pitched for the first time in the MLB All-Star Game as a starting pitcher, and kept it to a trio. In the bottom of the second inningLance LynnWas pitched only once[192]..As a batter, he continued to throw, and in the top of the third inning, he reached the second at bat and the BrewersCorbin BurnesHowever, he hit the first ball and became a grounder on the first base.[192].. Red Sox in the top of the 5thJD MartinezWas sent to a pinch hitter.

Blue Jays in the top of the secondMarcus SemienScored the first goal and the American League finally defeated the National League 5-2, making Otani the winning pitcher.[192].

The hand gloves used by Otani in this All-Star game,Spike shoes, Foot guardAmerican Baseball Hall of FameEntered[193].

Second half

On the 18th, in the Mariners game held at the base, he hit the 5th home run for the first time in the second half for the first time in five games.[194]。7月19日のアスレチックス戦では「2番・投手」の投打同時出場で後半戦初登板し、6回を3安打無失点、8奪三振1四球の快投を見せるも勝敗は付かなかった。また、打っては4打数1安打で二塁打を放ち、7回からは右翼の守備に就き、8回の守備で退いた[195]..In the same 26th game against Colorado Rockies in Japan, he pitched with "No. 2 pitcher" and struck out with two swords. rice field[196].

On August 8, he won the monthly MVP in the American League fielder category for the second straight month.The multiple awards of Japanese fielders are the first feat in history.In 2 games as a batter, he hit 2 home runs in the league top tie, pitched 23 games as a pitcher, 9-3, ERA 2. He threw 0 innings and recorded 1.35 strikeouts.[197].

Participated in the match against Houston Astros (Angels Stadium) on August 8th with No. 14 DH. In the bottom of the first inning, Luis García hit the 1th home run in 1.Reggie JacksonRecorded the most home runs of the left-handed batter season in the baseball team Thailand record.

同18日、敵地でのタイガース戦に「1番・投手」で出場。MLBでの自己最長となる8回を投げ、被安打6、与四死球0、奪三振8、失点1(自責1)で8勝目を挙げた。打者としても8回の第4打席で4試合ぶりの40号本塁打を打ち、Reggie JacksonSet a new record for the season's most home runs for left-handed batters[198].

On September 9, he won his ninth win against the Rangers and became the fifth pitcher in history to record a winning percentage of 3% or more among pitchers who started 9 or more in the season.[Annotation 13].

On the 15th, the US magazine "TIME" announced "100 most influential people in the world" and was the only one selected in the baseball world.The nominee is a Yankees legend who hit 696 home runs in all majors.Alex Rodriguez[200].

On the 24th, he set a new record for the American League with 3 walks in three games for the first time in 11 years.Also in 50Bryce HarperLined up with the most major league records[201].

On the 25th, he set a tie record for 4 walks in four games, alongside Babe Ruth.[202].


Although he was one step behind the home run king, he completed the season without injury as the first two-sword strikeout in MLB, and his final result as a batter was .257, 46 home runs, 100 RBIs, OPS.965, 26 stolen bases, and pitcher. The final result was 9 wins and 2 losses, an ERA of 3.18, and 156 strikeouts.

Characteristics as a player

In the Pacific League-sponsored game, the designated hitter may be canceled and the starting pitcher may enter the turn at bat, or in the Central League-sponsored game, the starting pitcher may hit the main axis.In addition, there are cases where the starting pitcher is the starting pitcher, the starting pitcher is the starting pitcher (designated hitter), and the starting pitcher is the starting pitcher.[204]There are also cases where you start out as a fielder and start a relief pitching from the middle time.[53].


2021 pitch data[205]
Pitch typeAllocationAverage ball speed
%mphkm / h
Four seam44.295.6153.9
Cut ball12.286.9139.9

Overthrow[208]Average 96.7mph (approx. 155.6km / h, 2018 season)[209]・Up to 165km/hFour seam, 139km/h on average[210] OfFork ball[211][212]Sharply brakedslider[213]Approximately 115km/h on average[214] OfcurveTo mix[10]..Forks are highly regarded by US scouts[215].. Master a fork after joining a professional[212].. In high schoolCut ball,Change upAlso mixed[10].

In high school, stability of form and stamina were issues.[216].. There are also issues with ball control, such as recording the number of dead balls 145 against high school total strikeout 61[217], NPB total four-ball rate[Annotation 14]Has reached 3.3[218].. In the era of Nippon HamcatcherAssembled the battery asKensuke Kondo"If you can get the rhythm, you can control the course firmly,Four ballsI am careful about the goal pattern that it will collapse."[219].


Regarding batting, from a professional scout in high school, "Yoshinobu TakahashiBy typeTriple CrownMaterial that can be targeted"[220],Hideki MatsuiSince long-distance hitters"[221]Received high praise, 56 in total in high schoolHome runRecord[222][223]..In addition, it takes 3.8 seconds to reach first base.[221][224], No step, long cast 90 meters[224]Combine.

The average hitting speed in MLB was 88mph in 2018, 92.9th overall, and 10mph in 2019, 92.8th overall, while the league average was about 9mph.The sprint speed is 2018 in 28.4.ft/Sec, 2019ft/sec in 28.2, above the league average of 27.0ft/sec[225]..On the other hand, the number of strikeouts is outstanding compared to the number of at-bats. For example, in the 2018 season, 367 at-bats recorded 102 strikeouts.On the other hand, after the end of the 2018 season, the magazine said, "This is also a part that I threw away because I lacked my ability." Is answering[226][227].. MLB total (2018 --2019)OPSIs .883, of which the value for right-handed pitcher is .945 and the value for left-handed pitcher is .725, which is relatively low for left-handed pitcher.[228].

Regarding the difficulty of the designated hitter, he said, "In extreme terms, it's like playing in four pinch hitters. I think the most important thing is how to concentrate on the game."[229].

Koichi TabuchiNames Otani's batting method as "Denden daiko batting method"[230].

Pros and cons of dual wield

OB players and experts have expressed various views on Shohei Ohtani's "dual wield".

Dual wield

◦ Ichiro

After the 2021 season, he announced his comments through his agency and praised Otani for his success this season. "Shohei Ohtani is often referred to as dual wield, infinite possibilities, exceptional talent, and such vague expressions. No one has ever experienced that there is no comparison. It is a waste that is challenging the frontier, and it is also a destiny that you have to make a ruler yourself. From the outfield's point of view, XNUMX that was active throughout the season without injury was a year that gave a certain answer with concrete numbers. I think that in order to play for a long time as a core player, it is indispensable to play the core season with full power for one year. I think that was built this year. The time as an athlete is limited. There are various ways of thinking. However, I can only do it while I can. I want you to take the opportunity of the XNUMXst season to build an era where you can only draw with Shohei while trying as hard as you can. "[231].

Looking at Otani immediately after joining the team, he said, "Batters are good, but I'm a pitcher. Anyway, he has something that Japanese people haven't had before. Above all, he's good. (Height) 194-5 (Cm) I think there is. Still, I can do that. Looking at that movement, I think it's an MLB pitcher, "said the pitcher's opinion.[232]Later, he changed his opinion, saying, "I can't say (stop dual wielding) now, the scale is different.[233].

Although he has the view that he will concentrate on either pitchers or batters in the future, he said, "I won't say either 200 wins or 2000 hits,MeikyukaiCome to If you want to continue the dual wield, I want you to do it with that kind of enthusiasm."[234].

"Why do I want to do it, but where do I need to pick the buds? Let me do it, and take responsibility for the results myself."[235]"It's about people, but I'm curious. I want to see. As a person who played baseball, more people might want to see if this really can be done in the United States. "[236]He said he was interested in the will of Otani himself and the possibility of the dual wielding in Major League Baseball.

He recommends a choice that respects his own will, and as of the summer of 1, when he was in the middle of his first year as a professional player in Otani, "There seems to be an opinion that if you do both, you will not be first-class, but so far it is almost unheard of. I feel that it's strange to say that it's impossible because it wasn't there. I know it's difficult, but I can't deny the unprecedented thing suddenly. I think. "" It's a very simple idea to try both because both are good, but it wasn't in the common sense of the ball world. "And so on.[237].. He also congratulated Otani when he updated his season's most Japanese home run "2021" in 31, saying, "Season 32 home runs are just a passing point if you have Otani's batting. I've been called a long-distance hitter in the big league, but I feel he's a true long-distance hitter. Also, Otani is a great pitcher. It is the one and only thing that has changed. I hope that I will continue to carry the dreams of fans and boys and survive the season. I am looking forward to it as a baseball fan. "[238].

In the winter of 2014, he said about Otani, who finished his second year as a professional pitcher, "I was honestly surprised that he has improved so much this year as a pitcher. I cheered[239].


At first, there was an opinion that "Don't lick the Japanese professional baseball world" about the use of two swords, but after seeing his success, he began to recommend that he continue to use two swords. I agree with you. It is also attractive to do things that no one has done before. There are many people who are called "one talented person in 10 years", but in the history of 1 years of professional baseball, such a player Will be the first time. "[240].. However, in an interview in April 2017, "Isn't it possible to "follow two rabbits but not get one rabbit?"" "If the pitcher is not satisfied with the five bodies, he cannot throw. However, if I'm the director, Otani wants to use it as a pitcher without any complaints. There is no player who can turn the batter at any time, but there is no player who can throw 4 km," he said. ing[241].

He praised Otani as a pitcher, "I think the American batter can't hit it when I see how to throw it."[242]"The two-sword style is injured, and it may be possible to become the world's best pitcher, but it is wasteful to injure that chance with the two-sided style. I criticized the Nirugari for the risk of injury.[243]He also admits that he has batting technology, and he admits that only a part of the two wielding is "If you see that way of hitting, it should be just for substitute hitting".[242].

"If you have the potential to become number one, you're a pitcher. You should take the possibility of becoming number one." "(Dual wield) I think it's interesting and interesting to watch considering the popularity of professional baseball. However, when he wants to go to the majors, he will definitely get stuck, "he said, recommending that he concentrate on the pitcher.[239].

"MLB won't let players who make a lot of money do that risky thing. For each team, DH will be hit by the slugger with the highest salary, and there is no place to protect. Because there is a possibility as a pitcher. If you really want to play MLB, the batter should give up early. "[244].

From 1, the first major season, he insisted that he should concentrate on pitching.[245]Seeing his success as a batter in 2021, he said, "My expectations were wrong."[245]..However, he continues to recommend that he concentrate on pitchers, saying, "The only condition that you can become the best pitcher in the world is if you concentrate on pitchers. I still think so, and I appreciate it as a pitcher. is"[245], "At the moment, the fastball, which is highly reproducible due to his physical strength, is unrivaled in the majors, and the split is definitely the best in the ball world. If you concentrate on the pitcher, there are three changing balls that represent the ball world. I feel like I'm a pitcher like that. "[245]It has said.


In an interview in 2015, "I thought I should do a batter. There are a lot of great pitchers, but such a batter does not come out easily. In a sense of distance that I did not actually play on the ground I don't think there are as many batters as he does. "" (Two-sword style) If you can play a pitcher and protect the outfield the next day, you can do both. " It is pointed out that pitchers are not rare, and it is recommended to concentrate on batter-oriented two-sword style or batter.[246].

After the opening of the first year of Otani, "Otani has been able to handle the ball of a professional pitcher immediately after the opening" "It is not a hit of a high school graduate rookie. He is a real genius." If you are wearing a ball that you can take as a weapon, you can go with one pitcher, but if you feel that you can not suppress it unless you mainly throw a ball that hesitates with a changing ball, I recommend you to take the plunge and make it one batter. I think I can be a "first-class pitcher", but I want you to think that it is not as good as the "monster" of the Noshige / Matsuzaka class. If so, I want you to concentrate on the batter. " I recommended devotion to all hitters[247]..However, after the end of the first year, he mocked "both swordsmen" and "what did you want to do, like you?" If you become a batter, you can't. "[248].

Based on the assumption that "I have to be in either direction," I rate it as "I want to be a batter every day if I'm a director," and "the distance is great."[249].

Although he agrees with the two-sword style, he is a home run batter comparable to or better than Hideki Matsui in Japan, and is said to have the potential to hit more than 50 batters if he concentrates on the batter.From the point that it is excellent in running base and can hit a home runBarry BondsSays he's a type of batter[250].

Dual wield denial

Although he opposes the dual wield usage, Otani's pitcher and batter's abilities are highly evaluated, and if he concentrates on either one, it will be easier to update the season record.I am developing my theory.[Source required]


Have dual wield experienceBrooks Keishnik"When I come to MLB, I won't let you do both. If you do both, you'll get a lot of things. For example, what if you hit your ankle or toe with a broken ball? Especially 500 to 2000 million a year. It's impossible for someone who earns dollars. "[251][252].

I was a dual wield player when I was in collegeJohn Orludo"Probably a professional team would want to protect Otani if ​​he could throw 100 miles, and he would want to do it as a pitcher, because if he did, he would have to throw from an unreasonable position. There are times. What if I hurt my arm at that time? "[251][252].. However, in 2 off when the Best Nine was won in two categories, the MLB organization reports on Otani's double award as "Birth of a Legend" on the official website.[253][254]There were also MLB teams paying attention to Otani with the appointment of "dual wield" in mind.[255].




In the form of comparison with Darvish, which Otani himself was aiming for when he was an amateur,Michinoku's DarvishWas called.

After transferring to MLB, it was shortened to "Shohei Ohtani" written in English.ShortaniWas called by the fans[260].. afterwards,show time(SHOWTIME[260]OrSHOTIME[261]) Was born, but it was unpopular at first.[260]..However, after that, it became a popular nickname such as being selected as the 8th best nickname.[261].

In addition, when the MLB first home run was recorded in April 2018, the Angels exclusive live commentary(English editionShouted "Big fly, Ohtani-san!", Which became a big topic in sports newspapers in Japan.[262]..Since then, Rojas has used the name "Ohtani-san" "only when Otani hit a home run" ("Big fly" was originally used).Therefore, even after Rojas retired from the actual situation, when Otani played an active part in the game, etc.OtanisanIs popular as one of the nicknames, such as entering the trend.

Belief in baseball

Challenge to the world

  • Although he was highly evaluated as a fielder in high school, he was very particular about pitchers.[263]Had set the goal of being "the best pitcher in the world"[10].. "I want to do something that no one has ever done.Hideo NomoI think that's the case, and if you succeed, you can open the way from high school to major. When I set the goal of 160km / h, some people said, "I think it's impossible," but when I said that, I felt like I would definitely do it.I had the idea that it would be stimulating or motivating. "[10].
  • When he was in his third year of high school, he revealed that he intends to aim for a contract with the MLB team directly without going through NPB.[220]"First Japanese pitcherAmerican Baseball Hall of FameI want to get in.It's said that you have to do at least 15 years in majors to be inducted into the Hall of Fame, so I think it's too late to challenge majors when you're nearly 30 years old. "[10]"It's also attractive to crawl up from the minor league and go to the majors," he said.[19].
  • Even after announcing that he would join Nippon-Ham, he said, "I would like to go to the major leagues in the end, and the place I admire."[264].. He said, "I have that feeling," even if I was prepared to live in America.[10], Japanese and Americanculture,言语As for the difference in baseball, "I think I'm used to it rather than whether or not it fits. I think it's better to get used to it while you are young, including that meaning. So I'm not worried."[263]..Regarding Otani's dual wield play, experts highly appreciate and agree with the above-mentioned activities.[265].

Will to practice

  • It's fun to play baseball every day, but I don't like practicing, and I did it as an obligation to improve.In 2019 after coming to the United States, "I really don't want to practice. (Omitted) every dayGameBut if you can hit it when you go to the game, that's fine. (Omitted) I can't hit unless I do it, so I'll practice and do it (laughs). "This belief isHanamaki Higashi High SchoolIt is said that it was cultivated by living in the dormitory[12].



Friendship with Nippon-Ham Teammates

  • I was a teammate in the days of Nippon HamNaoyuki UesawaIn a video message from a public press conference held at the Sapporo Dome when Otani joined the Angels, he said, "I couldn't teach anything in baseball, but I was able to teach gag or chat. I think. At the last Angels (joining) interview, "TroutI wanted the number 27, but I made it number 17. ”I thought it was because of me that I could make this joke. I asked them how close they were to each other.[270].
  • Was also a teammateYohei Kaguya"Because I'm a pitcher and a fielder, I can talk to everyone without any gaps. I have a personality that I can talk to anyone and say what I want to say. Everyone is familiar with me."[271].

Friendship with Angels teammates

Friendship with Ippei Mizuhara

  • InterpreterPerson ofIppei SuwonSince the days of Nippon-Ham, he has been friends with him, and after moving to the United States, he was supported both publicly and privately as an exclusive interpreter for Otani.[278].
  • Otani in the United StatesDriver's licenseSuwon acted as a driver and played catch.Otani said in 2018 that he could not play an active part without Suwon's support.[278]..Even after Otani obtained the license in February 2020, Suwon was in the passenger seat and supervised when Otani drove.[279].
  • From 2018 to spring 2019, Otani is out of orderリ ハ ビ リ テ ー シ ョ ンAnd during the period when he was making adjustments for his return, Suwon joked with Otani andCrash RoyaleI relaxed by playing video games such as.Clubhouse manager Angel said, "(Suwon) Ippei has helped (Otani) Shohei so much, so I think he was in good mental condition."[282].
  • 2021 yearsAll star gamesWhen Otani participated in the event, the day before the "Red Carpet Show" (an event in which the participating athletes dress up and march. It is customary to accompany the family, and in the case of single athletes, they may accompany their lover). Attention was paid to who the single Otani would appear with.[283]But walked with Suwon[190]..Furthermore, Otani participated on the same dayHomelander BeeThen Suwon acted as a catcher[284].

Private life / hobbies

  • Blood Type TheType B[285].
  • My favorite subject in high schoolHistorySo, "especiallyBakumatsuI likeThere are many new efforts to change Japan in a modern way, and historically it is a time of great change.revolution,維新I am attracted to that."[263].
  • When I went out from the policy that I rarely go out during the Nippon-Ham era, "I have a lot of things to put up with when I think about trying to do dual wield," the directorHideki KuriyamaI had to get permission from him, but he said, "I don't think it will change whether it is restricted or not. I don't really have anything I want to do, and I think it's okay."[286].
  • The amount of money you can spend freely from your parents from the Nippon-Ham era to 2018Pocket moneyIt was only 10 yen that was handed over as a gift, and it was said that it was saved with almost no use.[287].
  • As of 2013, he declared that he had no hobbies, and the hobbies he mentioned strongly wereReadingDVDWas appreciation[288]..Regarding reading, he said, "It depends on the time, but when I can read it, I can read it all at once in a day, and when I am on the move or when I have time, I read when I am not sleepy."[289],ComicThen.Takehiko Inoueof"RealAnd 'Slam dunk],Yuji Terashimaof"Diamond A』And said that he has read[290][291].
  • I wasn't very interested in romance as of 2013, and when asked about my lover after attending my brother's wedding, he said, "I'm not interested."[288].
  • AutomobileCommitment to is not as of 2013[288], I had never driven a car in Japan as of 2020[279].
    • Even after moving to the United States, as of 2018, the means of commuting from home to the stadium was lent by the team.Car rentalAnd the car model is based on Otani's wishesHyundai Sonata(About 200 million yen in Japanese yenPopular car)Met.Otani did not have a driver's license, so the interpreter Suwon drove[287].
    • Then in 2020 in the United StatesDriver's licenseAs the first car after acquiringElectric carIsTesla Model XIt was revealed in July 2021 that he had purchased a custom-made product of[292].TeslaCompanyDirectorIsHiromichi MizunoAnnounced and praised "Good choice, Shohei" and is the founder of the company.Elon MuskAlso reacted favorably[292].


Detailed information

Pitcher results by year


Every time











A person




2013Nippon Ham131100030001.00027461.25743308462030294.231.46
2014242432011400. 733639155.1125757041796150452.611.17
2015222253015500. 750621160.2100746031969040402.240.91
2016212041110401. 714548140.089445081746033291.860.96
2017551103200. 60010525.113219002910993.201.26
2018THE A10100004200. 66721151.23862201635019193.311.16
2020220000100. 000161.2308003107737.806.60
202123230009200. 818533130.198154421015610248463.181.09
NPB: 585821371421501. 7372187543.0384242000236242411621522.521.04
MLB: 3353500013500. 722760183.2139217421122216274723.531.16
  • At the end of the 2021 season
  • Of each yearTaiziIs the best league

Pitcher results at WBSC Premier 12


Every time







A person



  • TaiziIs the best

Hit results by year


Every time
















2013Nippon Ham7720418914451513712041021201643. 238. 284. 376. 660
2014872342123258171101073110012100484. 274. 338. 505. 842
201570119109152240541171002810431. 202. 252. 376. 628
201610438232365104181221906772045421987. 322. 416. 5881.004
201765231202246716181093101032402630. 332. 403. 540. 942
2018THE A114367326599321222184611040137221022. 285. 361. 564. 925
20191064253845111020518194621230433121106. 286. 343. 505. 848
2020441751532329607562471002200503. 190. 291. 366. 657
202115563953710313826846318100261002962041897. 257. 372. 592. 965
NPB: 540311701035150296704485181661340121193431615. 286. 358. 500. 859
MLB: 44091606140023637073159375224755180718823845118. 264. 353. 537. 890
  • At the end of the 2021 season
  • Of each yearTaiziIs the best league

Defensive results by year

Every time
pitcheroutfieldLeft wing (LF)Right wing (RF)
























2013Nippon Ham1327011.0005475711. 988--
20142482311. 9698150001.000--
201522152910. 978---
20162192312. 970---
2018THE A1016011.000---
20212311610. 944-10000----60000----
NPB85378734. 9766290711. 990--
MLB35121211. 960-10000----60000----
  • At the end of the 2021 season




International competition



First record
Pitcher record
Hit record
  • First appearance/first start: March 2013, 3, first round against Saitama Seibu Lions (Seibu Dome), No. 8Right handStart with
  • First turn at bat: Same as above, 3 timesTakayuki KishiStrike out from
  • First hit: Same as above, Takayuki Kishi on the 5th inning, double hit on the right line
  • First RBI: Same as above, Takayuki Kishi on the 6th table right front timely strike
  • First stolen base: June 2013, 6, 29th round against Saitama Seibu Lions (Sapporo Dome), 11nd steal behind 6th pitcher (Pitcher:Togame sword,catcher:Tatsuyuki Uemoto
  • First home run: August 2013, 7, vsTohoku Rakuten Golden Eagles10rd round (kobo park miyagi), 4 timesRei NagaiFrom Uegoe 2 run
Other records
  • 1 strikeouts per game: July 16, 2014 against Tohoku Rakuten Golden Eagles (Rakuten Kobo Stadium Miyagi) * Team Thailand record, 7 strikeouts or more at 9 years and 20 months is the youngest record in NPB, 0 in the ball worldMasahiro Tanaka18th person since then (20th time)
  • Each strikeout: Same as above, 10th in team history
  • Climax Series Youngest Victory Pitcher (20 years and 3 months): 2014 Climax Series First Stage Round 1
  • Save: October 2016, 10, vsFukuoka Softbank Hawks 2016 Climax Series Final Stage Round 5 (Sapporo Dome), Relief pitching in 9th place on the 5th table, 1 run without goals *First save through official games
  • Season double-digit home runs and double-digit wins: 2 * First in NPB history (including MLB)Babe RuthIt's been 96 years since then)
  • Season double-digit home runs and double-digit wins: 2 * Second time for myself (the second achievement is the first in history including the world's professional leagues such as MLB)
  • Season 10 wins, 20 home runs, 100 hits: 2016 *First in NPB history (first in history including MLB and other professional leagues in the world)
  • All star gamesParticipation: 5 times (Outfielder selection: 2013, Pitcher selection: 2014-2016, Designated hitter selection: 2017) * In 2016, he was selected as a pitcher, but he was injured (the middle finger of his right hand was crushed). As a result, he was a designated hitter.


First record
Pitcher record
Hit record
Other records
  • MLB All-Star GameSelected: 1 times (2021
  • Cycle hits: June 2019, 6, vsTampa Bay Rays1st round, achieved in the 7th inning with a middle hit[302]Second person in Asian history,First in Japanese history,6th in MLB history in DH
  • Participation in "No. 2 Pitcher": April 2021, 4, vs.Chicago White SoxRound 4 (Angel Stadium of Anaheim) * September 1903, 9(English editionThe third person in history for the first time in 118 years since then[303]
  • The player with the highest number of home runs in MLB starts pitching: April 2021, 4 againstTexas Rangers4rd round (Grove Life Field), 5 times 4 runs * June 1921, 6Babe RuthIt's been 100 years since[304]
  • Recorded winning pitcher and first batter home run in the season: June 2021, 6, 26th round against Tampa Bay Rays (Tropicana Field), Participated as "No. 1 DH", first hitter home run * 1891 years since Jimmy Ryan and Kid Madden in 130[305]
  • The first ever simultaneous selection of throws in the 2021 All-Star Game[181]: Following the A League Designated Hitter category, which was selected by fan voting, the starting pitcher category was also selected by inter-player voting.
  • Season 39 home runs: August 2021, 8, against Houston Astros (Angels Stadium), first batter home run from Luis Garcia in the bottom of the first inning * Along with Reggie Jackson, team tie record (left fielder)
  • Season 40 home runs: August 2021, 8, against Detroit Tigers (Comerica Park), Jose Cisnero in the top of the 18th inning, right fielder solo * Team record (left batter)
  • Season 20 stolen base with pitcher: August 2021, 8, against San Diego Padres, second stolen base in the bottom of the fifth * First in the 28th century, the first 5 home runs and 20 stolen bases
  • Season 45 home runs & 25 stolen bases: September 2021, 9, against Texas Rangers (Globe Life Field) * 28th in MLB history[306], Second in American League history
  • Season 185 strikeouts: Same as above, strikeouts in the top of the first round * Team record
  • Season 100 points: Same as above, achieved by Jack Mayfield's timely hit in the top of the 6th inning * Second Japanese player in history
  • Season 45 home runs & 25 stolen bases & 100 points: Same as above * First in the history of the American League

NPB/MLB total

Record of milestone
  • 100 home runs: April 2021, 4, Texas Rangers 21rd round (Angel Stadium), in the bottom of the 3rdMike FoltynewicFrom Ugoshi solo

Record of ball speed

  • 165km / h
    • October 2016, 10, against Fukuoka Softbank Hawks Climax Series Final Stage Round 16 (Sapporo Dome) * NPB playoff fastest record, Pacific League fastest record
  • 164km / h
    • September 2016, 9, 13nd round against Orix Buffaloes (Sapporo Dome) * Fastest starting pitcher record
  • 101.9 mph
  • 163km / h
  • 162km / h
    • July 2014, 7, Round 19 of the 2014 All-Star Game (Hanshin Koshien Stadium) * The fastest all-star game
    • October 2014, 10, Tohoku Rakuten Golden Eagles 5th Round (Sapporo Dome)
  • 160km / h[Annotation 15]: June 2014, 6, vsHiroshima Toyo Carp2nd round (Sapporo Dome) *The first League of 160km/h

Uniform number

  • 11(2013-2017, Fighters)
  • 17(2018-, Angels)

Appearance song

Representative history

Related information


Related books


Television Animation



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