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⚽ | Governor Suzuki "Olympic soccer is unattended" interview uncut

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Governor Suzuki "Olympic Soccer is No Audience" Interview Uncut

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Please see the video of the press conference uncut.

Governor Naomichi Suzuki of Hokkaido will hold an extraordinary press conference after 9:11 pm on the XNUMXth, and the Tokyo Olympics will be held at the Sapporo Dome ... → Continue reading

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director's cut

director's cut(Director's cut) ismoviesThe name of the category of the different book in.


America'sHollywood moviesTraditionally, the final editorial rights (final cut) of a movie are held by the producer who is the producer of the movie.[1]..Director's Cut is a version of the movie that was edited by the director, who was unwillingly edited by the producer, in addition to the version that was originally released in theaters.This work is often re-released in movie theaters or released in software.

Incidentally,Japanese movieSo basically the director has the editing right[2]Since the theatrical release version is usually edited by the director, the theatrical release version should also be the director's cut version, but when another version is announced later, it will be released as "director's cut". May be sold.This is a different use from its origins in Hollywood movies.

The background to the creation of the director's cut is that "the intention of the producer who emphasizes sales performance and the intention of the director who emphasizes artistry are inconsistent, and no compromise has been reached."In many cases, a version that emphasizes sales performance is initially announced, but when the evaluation of the movie is decided, the director may create and announce a "version closer to his ideal image".

Also, in most cases, the director's cut version tends to have a longer screening time than the theatrical release version.This is because if you record everything exactly as the director wants to draw, it will inevitably become long, and it will be cut off from the judgment that it is not suitable for theatrical release.Therefore, the director's cut version is often the most obvious change to be added in the form of reviving the unreleased scene that was cut at the time of theatrical release.In the case of works with many unreleased scenes, some works have a director's cut version that lasts for about 3 or 4 hours.

video tape,DVD,Blu-rayDue to the expansion of the market such as, the chances of releasing a version different from the theatrical release version have increased, which is also behind the increase in director's cut.If the sale is made by adding unreleased scenes, it is expected that fans who have already watched the work in the theater will be able to take it into the purchaser of videotapes and DVDs again, which will have a commercial effect.Therefore, even if the director is not particularly dissatisfied with the public version, he dares to include additional scenes and sell it, or in anticipation of adding scenes at the time of software sales at the time of release, dare to preserve some scenes at the time of release. Alternatively, it may be stored in advance.Judging that these cases are not appropriate to be called "Director's Cut Edition", they may be given different names such as "Complete Edition", "Unreleased Edition", and "Final Edition".In addition, despite the fact that the distributor decided that a separate version that was re-edited after this would not be made, it was labeled as "complete version" or "final version", but additional editing was performed after that. Since a version may be produced, the "final version" is not always the true final version.

recent yearsTelevision Animation,TV dramaHowever, the expressions that were regulated at the time of broadcasting (mainly sex appeal, cruel depictions and unpublished because they did not fit the scale)shot) Is becoming more common as a director's cut version of the version that was restored when the package was sold.

Example of director's cut

In the initially released version, the abbot (Peggy Wood) is the main character Maria (Julie AndrewsThere was a scene in the monastery where he sang "Climb Ev'ry Mountain" to encourage him.But then the director'sRobert WiseHas cut this scene ("Climb All Mountains" is also used in the ending scene, which is retained).The cut version is not labeled "Director's Cut", but it is an example of a different copy made by the director's rework.
Commercially pointed out that the version screened at the early screening was "difficult to understand" and "unhappy ending does not fit into American movies", and the former was the main character Rick Deckard (ハ リ ソ ン · フ ォ ー ド) Descriptive monologue has been added, against the latter by Deccard and Rachel (Sean Young) Stopped ending with the escape scene, and the last scene that succeeded in escape was added.This modified one1982This is the version published in.afterwards,1992Another version was made, including the restoration of these modifications, and was released as Director's Cut. In 2007, to commemorate the 25th anniversary of the release,Ridley ScottThe "Final Cut" re-edited by the director has been released.
The initially released version was criticized by critics because the distributor aimed at the audience, organized the timeline of the story, and drastically shortened the movie's show time.This is the director'sSergio LeoneThe staff, including the one, was shocked, but when the re-edited version by Leone was released, it was praised and became regarded as a masterpiece of gangster movies.
OkiriScenes cut by terrestrial broadcasting (long-time material, uninteresting material, etc.)BS Nippon Televisionof"Shoten oversized issue"At the inner"Director's Cut OgiriIt is broadcast uncut.It is also a rare example of a director's cut version being produced in addition to movies and dramas.
Luke SkywalkerIs the main character's old trilogy1997With the title "Special Edition", some changes and corrections were made using the latest CG technology at that time, and the creator of the seriesGeorge LucasA version closer to the concept of is released. It is not called "Director's Cut", but it is an example of a different book made by the director's rework.The changes and corrections to the main story will be released in theaters → Special edition →DVDBlu-rayIt is done every time it is republished.However, the original version was sealed with Lucas' intention, resulting in fierce pros and cons and various controversies among fans (as an example).Han shot firstSee).
Upon republication in 1980Stephen SpielbergThe "special edition", which was additionally shot and re-edited under the direction of the director himself, has been released.Although this version is actually a director's cut, there are parts that Spielberg has to make unwilling edits (such as adding scenes inside the mothership) due to restrictions with the movie company, and later as a "final cut" The second re-edited version has been released.

Other examples of director's cut

  • James Cameronof"ア ビ ス''Terminator 2-Cameron himself describes the director's cut version as a "bonus". "Theatrical release version is original, and it is the movie version that is superior in terms of movies. However, if you look at the special edition, it is a good material for those who learn movies to know which scenes will be cut at the editing stage. I think it will be. "But on the other hand, "Alien 2』, The director's cut version is said to be" this is the alien 2 that I really wanted to make ".
  • Luc Bessonof"レ オ ン』――To be exact, the" complete version "was the original original version, but since some scenes were regarded as problems by the audience at the preview, a version that cut them was unavoidably released to the theater. It was.
  • Ridley Scottof"エ イ リ ア ン』――A rare example where the screening time is shorter than the movie version.
  • Terry gilliamof"Future century brazil』――For consumer humor like" Blade Runner "Movie studioThe last scene has been changed to a happy ending.Later, the director's own re-edited version was republished.However, the version recorded on the current Blu-ray is based on the version edited by Director Gilliam, but some scenes of the theatrical release version (scenes that the director judged to be superior to his own version) are also incorporated.
  • Richard Donnerof"Superman II』--The movie company and executive producerIlya SalkindDue to the feud with, I got off the board just before the completion.Later, the version reconstructed under his own supervision was released as a "donor cut version".
  • George A. Romeroof"zombie』- Cannes International Film FestivalAlthough it was re-edited for listing, Romero himself complained in a later interview that it was "unsatisfactory" because the editing period was short and it was a rough edit.
  • "RAMPOWas a producerKazuyoshi OkuyamaIs the directorRintaro MayuzumiI didn't like the work produced by, so I made a work that I reconstructed as a director myself, and two versions, the Mayu version and the Okuyama version, were released at the same time.In this case, if Okuyama has a strong editing right based on the case of "Superman II" mentioned above, the Okuyama version will be released to the main story, and the Mayu version will be released to the director's cut as "Mai cut version".


  1. ^ Koichi Sakamoto"Interview 5 Director Makoto Yokoyama" "Movie Director Koichi Sakamoto All Work ~ A Rare Worker Who Works on Ultraman, Kamen Rider, and Super Sentai ~" Kanzen, August 2018, 8, p. 9.ISBN 978 4862554772.
  2. ^ Producer'sTakashige IchinoseThere are exceptions such as signing a contract and holding the editing right.


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