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⚾ | Wakasa scored a lot in the final stage, defeated Ohno and advanced to the second round 2 Summer high school baseball Fukui tournament first round

Photo 103rd National High School Baseball Championship Fukui Tournament 1st Round, Ohno-Wakasa 7th inning, Wakasa, Ryosuke Muramatsu who survives to the winning home = July 10, Fukui Prefectural Stadium in Fukui City, Fukui Prefecture

Wakasa scored a lot in the final stage, defeated Ohno and advanced to the second round 2 Summer high school baseball Fukui tournament first round

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Fukui Shimbun will broadcast all the games of the high school baseball Fukui prefectural tournament in the electronic newspaper "Fukui Shimbun D" for each turn at bat.

The 103rd National High School Baseball Championship Fukui Tournament will be held on July 7th at the Fukui Prefectural Baseball Stadium and the Tsuruga City General Baseball Stadium. → Continue reading

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High school baseball Fukui prefectural tournament

Online newspaper

Online newspaper(Online Shinbun,English: online newspaper), No,Web newspaper (English: web newspaper) IsインターネットAbove orWorld Wide WebExists onNews (Chinese)In some cases, it is independent of periodicals, which are print media, and in other cases, it is established as an online version of print media. In Japanese, newspapers provided online not only via the Internet but also via networks are widely available.Online newspaperAnd of these, especially those from the World Wide WebWeb newspaperIt may be used properly as[1].

By going online, newspapers(English: Broadcast journalismYou will have the opportunity to broadcast breaking news that can compete with.It is widely believed in the newspaper industry that the social credibility and high profile of well-established newspapers and the close relationship between newspapers and advertisers will be a powerful weapon for newspapers to survive.[2]..It is said that the move to omit the printing process may lead to cost reduction.[3].

Online newspapers before the early days of the Internet

As an online-only, pioneering example of a newspaper or magazine that operates only online.1974Bruce ParrelloUniversity of Illinois OfPLATOAn online newspaper created using the system "News Report].1987IsBrazilNewspaperJornaldodia[4]Was state-owned at that timeEmbratelIt ran on the network of the Internet, which then moved to the Internet in the 1990s. In the late 1990s, hundreds of U.S. newspapers published their online versions, but interactivity wasn't very much included yet.[5].. For example, the British "Weekend City Press ReviewIt was in 1995 that the week's news summary began to be published online.

Online newspapers in Britain and the United States

Online newspapers are treated in the same way as printed newspapers and are legally considered to be similar to regular newspapers in terms of defamation, privacy, copyright and other legal treatments.[6],The United KingdomIn many countries, including, it is also subject to the law on online publications. In England(English: Press Complaints CommissionNot only was it under the control of(English: Data Protection Act 1998Also puts a regulatory network on online newspapers and news pages[7].. But for the British people, it wasn't very clear what was a blog, what was a forum site, and what was an online newspaper.2007Formal regulatory policies have been established for online newspapers based in the United Kingdom and websites that handle news audio and video, and the responsibilities have been clarified. What is online publication? Yes, it was clarified what was not[8]

Online newspaper reporters also learned how to shoot video[9],インターネットLearn to write articles in the simple writing style required for the news page above. Many reporters learned how to write blogs, and PCC policy, especially in the United Kingdom, facilitated the development of the Internet in this direction. Some newspapers attempt to incorporate the Internet into every process of newspaper production, forcing reporters to write articles for both print and online newspapers.ClassifiedsWe've made it possible to place ads (on a page of small bills) both in print and online, but on the contrary, some newspapers operate their websites in a way that is distinctly different from the newspapers they print. is there. American(English: Newspaper National NetworkSelling online advertising(English: Newspaper Association of AmericaIt is an organization consisting of 25 major papers.

2006At that time, many newspaper websites provided content for free, and few newspapers claimed to make money from the websites. With the profits of daily newspapers squeezed and the circulation declining, new ways of earning money from websites without imposing reading fees on viewers were sought. However, it was difficult to find the answer. With a specialized readership, "Wall Street JournalAnd 'The Chronicle of Higher Education] Etc. succeeded in collecting the reading fee. "Los Angeles Times], [Washington Post], [USA Today], [New York TimesMost newspapers now have an online version.

"GuardianIs2005Experimented with new mediaRicky GervaisFree of charge consisting of 12 parts byLess StupidProvided[10].. In the British newspaper, "Daily Telegraph』Also released an online version. In March 2016, "Independent』Discontinued the paper and moved to a complete online newspaper.

Online newspapers in Japan

JapanNow, let ’s talk about websites that provide news via the Internet using existing print media such as newspapers.News siteIs often referred to as.

The Asahi Shimbun1995On the Internet from "Asahi.com" (asahi.com: laterAsahi Shimbun digital) Was set up to provide some news for free.[11],1998Since then, he has described this as the "Asahi Shimbun news site."[12][13].

Yomiuri ShimbunIt is,1995Breaking news site operated byYomiuri Online (YOMIURI ONLINE, YOL)Is positioned as a "comprehensive news site"[14]In addition, "NEWS Yomiuri / Notification", which is a paid service for mobile phones, is also called a "news site".[15].

In addition,Sankei ShimbunIt is,1996ToFuji TelevisionYou can read articles in the newspaper with text information using the radio wave area of ​​the analog broadcasting series.E-NEWSService[16]And initiallyKanto regionThe policy was to provide it on a limited basis and gradually expand it, but due to the high price of receiving terminals, etc., it did not spread, and the paid service was abolished in just half a year, and the service itself ended in two years.[17].

Online newspapers in other countries

IndiaThen,The Times of India], [Hindustan Times], [The Hindu], [The Indian Express], [The New Indian Express] And other major newspapers provide the latest news online. Some even offer a digital copy of the printed newspaper, called E-Paper.

AustraliaThen,Australian], [Sydney Morning HeraldSome newspapers, such as ”, offer an online version so that readers can read news articles online.

チリ OfSantiagoIt is in"The Santiago TimesIs fully online, and every Monday to Friday, it publishes events in Chile in English.

Online only newspaper

A true online only paper is published independently of any printed matter.In england2000To theSouthport ReporterAn independent online-only newspaper has appeared.This is a weekly regional newspaper, and its publisher, PCBT Photography, did not publish it in any form other than "soft copy" on the Internet.BlogAnd unlike other news sites, this newspaper is run as a newspaper, even in the UK media industry.(English: National Union of Journalists,International Federation of JournalistsIt is also recognized as a newspaper by the (IFJ).The newspaper is also under the control of the United Kingdom (PCC).Another example is the United StatesNew JerseyBased in1999Since then, the daily newspaper "Atlantic Highlands Herald][18].. Furthermore, those with a proven track record as print media may be expanded to online only.2009Today, due to the collapse of the traditional business model of the newspaper business, which is premised on printing, various newspapers such as regional newspapers, local newspapers, and national newspapers are not limited to summarizing and commenting on the coverage of other publications and publications. So, we are trying to move to an online-only newspaper that provides original coverage. An early and important attempt in the United States was "Seattle Post-Intelligencer』And this newspaper2009In March, it stopped publishing newspapers by printing, which had continued for 3 years, and moved to online only.Eur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.euThen,2010ToCaledonian MercuryAs Scotland's first online-only newspaper,Southport Reporter』Appeared with the same purpose,YorkshireIn the state, "The Yorkshire Times] Followed by2011Became the state's first online-only newspaper.2012In May, online news agency Southeast Texas Investigates (www.setinvestigates.com) was originally a journalist working in print media, Jerry Jordan. ByTexasFrom the southeastLouisianaIt was created with the purpose of providing in-depth coverage and investigative news articles on issues affecting people living in the southwestern region. Its low-cost, paid-subscriber-based format is an attempt to make new revenues while relying on electronic media.

In the US,CNET,TechCrunch,ZDNetTechnical information news sites such as these have begun to provide information on the Web and have gained readers comparable to conventional newspapers. Furthermore, with the further development of online media, even among the historic print media, "US News & World Report], There are some that stop printing media and move to online only.

In Japan, among the online newspapers, "JanJan, "Livedoor PJ", "Oh my news』, Which does not have a print medium and organizes mainly articles of citizen reporters,Internet newspaperI used to call it[19], "OhmyNews" Japanese version2009Closed[20], "JanJan"2010Suspended in[21], "Livedoor PJ" inherited "PJ News"Also2013Was suspended in[22].. However, in the discussion in Japanese, "Electronic newspaper","Online newspaper","Internet newspaperThere is also a view that it may be used indiscriminately.[23].

Hybrid newspaper

In some cases, it is basically an online newspaper, but it also publishes a small number of printed newspapers.[24]. For example,2009In summer"The ann arbor newsThere is an example of annarbor.com that has been migrated from. annarbor.com is basically an online newspaper, but it also publishes a printed version twice a week.[25].

Soft copy "news sheet"

In English, a newspaper with only one or two pages is called a "news sheet".Soft-copy "news sheets" deal primarily with news articles, and anything that isn't just advertising or gossip can be considered like any other online newspaper.Unlike ordinary newspapers, these "news sheets" are updated regularly.Like newspapers, these are considered by the media industry and various government agencies to be part of the news reporting circuit.[26].


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