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🇯🇵 | Shosaru, a great fight against a giant opponent, but at the end, "Poi" at Ichinojo


Shosaru fights against a giant opponent, but at the end, he does his best to "poi" at Ichinojo and gets tired under the ring.

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From the viewers, "Flying www" and "Poi!"

<July place of sumo wrestling> ◇ 12th day ◇ XNUMXth ◇ Nagoya Dolphin's Arena The third frontal piece, Shosaru (follow-up style) is the frontal two ... → Continue reading


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Edge of the ring

Shozaru Masaya

Shozaru Masaya(Jumpless Masaya,1992May 4 -) isTokyoEdogawa-kuI'm fromPursuit roomActive affiliationGrand SumoWrestler.. My real name isMasaya Iwasaki(Masaya Iwasaki).Height 174 cm, weight 120 kg,Blood TypeIs type A[1]..Good at pushing.The highest rank is westFrontal2th sheet (2021September place).Kise roomBelongingEinoumiIs my brother[2].


MakuuchiEinoumiThe real younger brother of (real name: Takuya Iwasaki), he started sumo wrestling when he went to a local sumo dojo (Komatsuryu Dojo) that he used to attend when he was in the first grade of Kamishiro Elementary School in Edogawa Ward. Met. When my brother transferred from the Komatsu Ryu Dojo to the Katsushika Shiratori Sumo Class, he accompanied himself and also transferred.[3].. Around this time, I was familiar with soccer, swimming, and baseball in addition to sumo, and I wanted to become a professional baseball player in the future.[4]. But,Katsushika City Daido Junior High SchoolWhen I went to school, I couldn't play both sumo and baseball, so I gave up on baseball and became a sumo wrestler.[3].. I gave up baseball as a result of the rigorous training at the dojo and the fact that I couldn't say "I want to concentrate on baseball."[5].. I participated in the third year of middle schoolNational Junior High School Sumo ChampionshipWaking up to the fun of a group game by winning the group atSaitama OfSaitama Sakae High SchoolWent on to[3].. High school syncKitakatsu FujiThere is. In the second yearNational High School General Sports Tournament Sumo TournamentAlthough he contributed to the team championship, he was unable to win the team championship in the third year of the tournament.Iwasaki, who was active at Saitama Sakae High School, was a longing for high school sumo players of the same age at that time, and Ura said, "I am a high school." At that time, I wasn't able to participate in national competitions, so I've been watching Shosaru Seki's activities for a long time ... I thought it was amazing even though I wasn't big. I was happy to be able to fight on this ground regardless of whether I won or lost. "[6].

When I was in high school, I wanted to be a childcare worker as my future career.[3], Choose the way of sumoNihon UniversityWent on to the Department of Economics, Faculty of EconomicsSumo clubentered in. After all, I couldn't express my true feelings like when I gave up baseball in junior high school, so I ended up giving up my childcare worker's dream.[5].. For university synchronizationO Amami(Real name: Motonori Sakamoto), he was defeated in the final match against Sakamoto in the East Japan Student Sumo Rookie Championship, which he played in the first year, and became a runner-up. In the same year, he won the first title in the East Japan Student Sumo Individual Weight Championship Championship less than 1 kg, and in the second yearAll Japan Sumo ChampionshipAchieved a record of more than 16[4].. When he got a regular seat in the 3rd year, he won the group title at the East Japan Student Sumo Championship and won the group title, but his right ankle broke and he could not get the sumo for a year.[3].. In the 4th year, the Vice General of Sumo Club[7]After returning to the regular position of the team competition, he decided to enter the sumo because he could not leave a satisfactory result.[3].

When entering Sumo, my older brother Enoumi was alreadyKise roomI was introduced to, and it was up to XNUMX cars, but "If it is the same as my brother, I will get spoiled"[8]I dared to choose a room different from my brother[3]Is a two-year senior at the University Sumo Club(I.e.Belongs toPursuit room(Former frontal ・Mt. Shosho) To[4],2015January, stepped on the first ring[9].. Of this placePrevious sumoIs a graduate of Otsuka and Ritsumeikan University graduates with experienceFlying FujiLost 3 to 2[4].. At the place in March of the same year, he went up to the beginning, and was promoted to the end of November as early as 3 wins and 4 loss in 6 consecutive places. Even after promotion to the Makushita, I raised the number without losing2016At the place in November, he went up to the third piece in the Tohoku period just before Sekitori, but suffered two wins and one loss to four consecutive losses, ending his first loss. At the Yokosuka place on April 11, 3, it was told that Aminishiki would be rehearsed.[10].. At the place in May of the same year, he left a good record of 5 wins and 2 loss in the second piece of the West Makushita, and missed the Makushita victory because he was defeated by the 6th sumo, but at the numbering organization meeting after the place, the promotion of the new ten cars at the place in July It was announced that it will be renamed to "Shouzaru" in line with the promotion. This makes him the 1th pair of brothers Sekitori in history with his older brother Enoumi.[11]..In addition, the simultaneous sibling Sekitori by brothers who entered separate rooms is the third case in history.The origin of the Shikona name of "Sho-Saru", who has been named after the promotion to Juryo, is that he was born in the year of the monkey and sees his movement as "like a monkey".[12].. At the time of promotion to Juju, it was reported that he was aiming for pulling that makes good use of speed and hitting sumo to destroy the opponent without hesitation even after hitting lightly once.[12].. Shozaru was enthusiastic, "I want to get a fast wrestling that no other wrestler can imitate."[12].. I'm a senior at Nihon UniversityIshiuraAt the same time, he revealed that he dreamed of a skirmish confrontation with[13].. However, the new Juju place lost 14 wins and 6 losses on the 9th piece of the West Jukyu, and was bounced back to the wall. On the first day of this place, when I entered the Dojo ring, I finished the work, went around the ring, and made a mistake in the place where I went down the ring.[14].. The September location was back to the bottom of the curtain, but at the summer tour Nagaoka location on August 9th, from the morning practiceToyoyama,Asanoyama,Asahi Daisei,ToryuI continued to practice enthusiastically.Taking advantage of the good movement of the small soldiers, I tried various shapes such as going under the tall Toryu[15].. The place in September recorded a good record of 9 wins and 2 losses in the second piece of the Tohoku period. Normally, Sekitori's return after the place was definitely close, but in this place there were only two star wrestlers who fell from ten cars to the bottom of the curtain, with 5 wins and 2 losses at the top of the TohokuKigen OsamuAnd in the third piece of the Tohoku Shimbun, the 3th to 6st defeat of Masuko was given priority for promotion due to the relationship between status and Hoshitori, and he was unlucky enough to prevent the promotion after the place. In the following November, the place was appointed as the first position in the Nishi-Makuta. With the 1th sumo wrestling with 11 wins and 3 losses, we climbed to the dozens of rings that were the second time in this place,YagoAlthough he witnessed his opponent and made a kick, he lost after a misfire, and was not able to re-do it with 3 wins and 4 losses.

2018Was greeted by the third piece of the West Makushita. This place was a record of 3 wins and 4 losses, but there were many people who fell from 3 cars, so at the numbering meeting after the place it was decided to return to 3 cars at March place.[16].. He lost 2 wins and 7 losses in two consecutive places from 8 cars, but due to his numbering luck, only half the number dropped during this period. At the place in July, he had 7 wins and 9 losses, and in the fourth place he experienced the first victory over ten cars.

New entry in place in September 2020.11th chase styleBecame the 1th Makuuchi wrestler for the first time in a year since the sibling's swordsho, as the chasing-style room after the establishment of[17]. In addition, he became the 100th Makuuchi wrestler from student sumo.[18].. At an online interview during the new entry, he smiled, "I will show you fun sumo. I want to play with the opponent and show fast and tricky sumo."[19]..この場所は初日から4連勝するなど、序盤から白星を積み上げた結果、6日目に全勝力士が消滅したことで優勝争いの先頭に1敗で並ぶことになったAs a result of accumulating white stars from the beginning, such as winning four consecutive wins from the first day, all the wrestlers disappeared on the sixth day, and it was decided to line up with one loss at the beginning of the championship battle.[20]..中日に敗れて2敗に後退するも、他の1敗力士が全員敗れたため優勝争いのトップに並び続けたAlthough he lost to Chunichi and retreated to XNUMX losses, he continued to be at the top of the battle for the championship because all the other XNUMX losers lost.[21].. On the 14th day, Ozeki, who lost 3 with a new openingNoble scenicLost in a battle and dropped out of the top of the battle for victory[22]..Chiakiraku is the only one who loses 2 SekiwakeMasayoIt ’s a battle, and if you win, you ’ll have 12 wins and 3 losses.Championship matchI was able to advance to[23], I lost in the main discount and could not advance to the championship deciding match[24]..しかし、11勝4敗の成績が評価されて敢闘賞を受賞したHowever, he won the fighting award in recognition of his XNUMX wins and XNUMX losses.[25].

At the November location, which was the 4th in front of the west, I was forced to struggle against the top wrestlers, but on the 11th day, Ozeki, who won all the games.Noble scenicShowed an activity to break. Former Ozeki's even after the loss was decided on the 12th dayTakayasuTheKick backI made a showcase to break with.In the end, he finished the place with 6 wins and 9 losses.

At the place in March 2021, although it was the start of consecutive losses, on the 3th day, he decided to win since the new opening.After that, he lost in a row again, and although he dropped out of the competition for the championship, he took the lead in the competition for the championship with 11 losses on the 14th day.summary-TakayasuAfter a fierce battle,Neck twistShowed an activity to break in.Chiakiraku also won, and the place ended with 10 wins and 5 losses.


  • Although he is a push wrestler, he usually moves and tosses his opponent, and then uses a round ring to finish off with a pulling technique. It is strong when it moves, but when it is pulled straight to the front, it breaks the ring as it is.
  • The motor nerves that have been honed through many sports competitions since childhood are notable among active Sekitori.[26].
  • In the ten dohyo, it was conspicuous that they lost due to the difference in body size, and when they fell vigorously under the dohyo due to the sticking out in the Abi battle on the first day of July 2017, they said, "(Loss) flew, under the dohyo. Laughing and making a selfish joke[14].. July 2017 Place When I suffered a black star in the Chunichi Meisei war, I reflect on my sumo, saying "Today was a bad pull. I pulled it to the front"[27].
  • Kicker,Kick backAlso good at[28].
  • When he was sluggish in Juryo before the promotion in Makuuchi, he reviewed the basic push and started weight gain at the same time. As a result, the ground strength has definitely increased since the beginning of the promotion of Juryo.[29].. In a sports media article in November 2020, "Witness hits with your head, tightens your armpits and moves forward low. There are many decisive factors, but because you have the power to move forward, you pull out. The duster is also decided. "[26].
  • In the match against Chiyotairyu on the 2020th day of September 9, he won a white star by setting up a head-to-head game without fear of physical disparity. The courage I showed in this sumoNorthern Katsuaki FujiWas also evaluated by[30].
  • In September 2020, I bought my own ticket and watched the gameKunihiro Sugiyama"I was surprised at Shosaru. From those who knew the Juryo era, it seems that a completely different person came out."[31].
  • The match against Hakuho on the 2021th day of July 7 was a sumo wrestling that was defeated by a good throw by going to the left as if he had just finished his appearance.Northern Katsuaki Fuji"That is not sumo. That isFirst cutWas criticized[32].


  • Saitama Sakae High School Sumo Club has a rule that "first graders should not eat ramen" from the intention of growing to a sturdy body, and Shozaru followed it when he was in first grade.[33].
  • When a wrestler from Saitama Sakae High School Sumo Club is promoted to Juyo, he is given a make-up dress from the school, but on the contrary, there is also a “Shikiri” that presents 500 kg of rice to the Sumo Club. Shozaru was also asked by his teacher, Michi Yamada, "It's okay for summer (2017)"[33][34].
  • He has a joke-loving personality, and when Koichi Sakuma, a teacher in the Katsushika Shiratori Sumo class, said, "Why did you pull it?" Because it ’s a tamon. ”[31].
  • At the end of 2020, when I measured the grip strength in the planning of the video released by the Japan Sumo Association official YouTube channel, I recorded 62 kg with my right hand.[35].

Main grades

As of the end of July 2021

Total results

  • Overall result: 239 wins and 195 losses (39 places)
  • Makuuchi results: 42 wins and 48 losses (6 places)
  • Ten-car record: 117 wins and 108 losses (15 places)

Three awards

  • Fighting Award: Once (July 1 location)

Performance by location

Shozaru Masaya
January place
First place (Tokyo)
March place
Spring place (Osaka)
May place
Summer place (Tokyo)
July place
Nagoya place (Aichi)
September place
Autumn place (Tokyo)
November place
Kyushu Place (Fukuoka)
(Former sumo)17th piece
West Ordinal 30nd XNUMXst
West third row 66th sheet
West third row 11th sheet
West Makushita 37th sheet
24th piece
West Makushita 19th sheet
West Makushita 13th sheet
West Makushita 10th sheet
West Makushita 7th sheet
3th piece
10th piece
3th piece
West Makushita 2th sheet
Nishi Juyo 14th piece
2th piece
Nishimakushita first
West Makushita 3th sheet
East Ten Ryo 13th piece
Nishi Juyo 13th piece
Nishi Juyo 13th piece
East Ten Ryo 10th piece
Nishi Juyo 11th piece
/ Reiwa first year)
Nishi Juyo 10th piece
East Ten Ryo 11th piece
Nishi Juyo 12th piece
Nishi Juyo 6th piece
Nishi Juyo 8th piece
East Ten Ryo 10th piece
(2nd year of Reiwa)
Nishi Juyo 6th piece
East Ten Ryo 4th piece
Infectious disease spread
Canceled due to
East Ten Ryo 2th piece
9-6 [Note 1] 
14th east front
West Front 4th
6-9 [Note 1] 
(3nd year of Reiwa)
West Front 7th
West Front 8th
10-5 [Note 1] 
West Front 2th
West Front 3th
West Front 8th
The numbers in each column areWin-Loss-ClosedIs shown.    Win Retirement Closed Ten cars Makushita
Three awards : Daring=Fighting award,Especially= Distinguished Service Award,Skill= Skill Award Others:★=Venus
Numbered class : Makuuchi - Ten cars - Makushita - Third stage - First two steps - Introduction
Makuuchi rank : Yokozuna - Ozeki - Sekiwaki - summary - Frontal("#Number" is the rank within each place)

Rename history

  • Masaya Iwasaki January 2015 Place-May 1 Place
  • Masaya Shobiru July 2017 Place-

Media appearance

TV program


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