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⚾ | High School Baseball Miyagi Tournament Advance to the 3rd round such as Gakuin Tsutsujigaoka

Photo Tohoku Gakuin Tsutsujigaoka-Japan Wellness Miyagi 1st table Tohoku Gakuin Tsutsujigaoka No death, Ito hits the first batter home run over the right

High school baseball Miyagi tournament Advance to the third round such as Gakuin Tsutsujigaoka

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He scored 4 points with consecutive timely hits from XNUMXst and XNUMXnd base to Yoshioka, Yaguchi, and Watanabe, and added points after that.

On the 4th day of the high school baseball Miyagi tournament, there were 11 games in the 4nd round at 2 stadiums such as Sendai City Baseball Field, and Tohoku Gakuin Tsutsujigaoka was 11-1 ... → Continue reading

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4 points


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