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[National High School Baseball Championship Gunma Tournament Round 1] Ota Kou defeats Takasaki Kou

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The 103rd National High School Baseball Championship Gunma Tournament Round 1 was held on Tuesday, July 7th at the Kamige Shikishima Stadium, where a match between Ota Technical High School (boys) and Takasaki Technical High School (boys) was held, 13 – Ota Technical High School won in 4.

The 103rd National High School Baseball Championship Gunma Tournament Round 1 will be held on July 7th (Tuesday) at Kamige Shikishima Stadium, Ota Technical High School ... → Continue reading


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Gunma Tournament 1 time

Gunma Prefectural Shikishima Park Baseball Field

Shikishima Park > Gunma Prefectural Shikishima Park Baseball Field

Gunma Prefectural Shikishima Park Baseball Field(Gunmaken Ritsu Shikishima Koen Yakyujo)GunmaMaebashiPrefecturalShikishima ParkInBaseball field..The facility is owned by Gunma Prefecture and is owned by Shikishima Park Management JV (joint venture).Designated administratorThe operation is managed as.

Facility naming rightsNicknamed byJomo Shikishima Stadium(DetailsLater).It may be called Maebashi Shikishima Stadium in newspaper reports.


Shikishima Park1922A baseball stadium in a suburban park managed and operated by Maebashi City since (Taisho 11)1932It opened in (Showa 7).Since then, it has been improved as an athletic park.1950It was transferred from the city to the prefecture from (25), and redevelopment was promoted as a full-scale city park.In addition to the baseball field in the park,Athletic field,Soccer/Rugby field, Tennis courts, swimming pools, etc., and is known as a mecca for sports in the prefecture.

Baseball field1963(Showa 38),1986(Showa 61),1989(XNUMX),2010A large-scale renovation was carried out in (22), and the outfield stand was renovated to concrete in the renovation project in 1986 (Showa 61).At that time, many of the outfield stands at local stadiums were covered with grass, and concrete paved stands were said to be unusual. In the renovation project in 1989 (Heisei 91.5), the infield stand was expanded.However, in recent years, it has been pointed out that the equipment inside the venue is aging, such as the fact that both wings of the field are only 1500m and neither professional baseball nor amateurs meet the official standards, and that the illuminance of the lighting equipment is only XNUMXLx between batteries and it is a little dark. It was.

For these reasons, Gunma Prefecture decided to carry out a large-scale renovation of Shikishima Stadium in 2009 (Heisei 21). 2010 (Heisei 22)May 2The groundbreaking ceremony and safety prayer festival were held in Japan, and the construction was completed in early July of the same year.May 7The renewal opening ceremony was held in.In this 2010 renovation, the outfield stand was once removed and set back as a whole, expanding the field to 22m on both wings, which meets the standards for holding professional baseball.Lighting equipment has also been enhanced, and the maximum illuminance is 99.1Lx between batteries. The seats on the infield stand, which had only FRP bench seats, were replaced with individual seats, and the FRP bench seats were also installed on the outfield stand, which had only concrete pavement.In addition, the outdoor bullpen provided in the foul area on the 2000st and XNUMXrd bases was removed and "Field sheetWas additionally installed.Also, the color of the fence was changed from green to navy blue.

Mainly at Shikishima Stadiumhigh school baseballAmateur official games are being held.Professional baseballOfficial games are held irregularly,Saitama Seibu LionsHolds an official game sponsored by one game every two to three years.2008From (20)Baseball Challenge League OfGunma Diamond PegasusIs holding a sponsored game, and Gunma participated2009 Grand ChampionshipBut one match was held.However, in 1 (Heisei 2014)Takasaki City Jonan Baseball StadiumThe number of games has decreased since it was decided to be the base, and there are two games in 2015 (Heisei 27).

In addition,2010 (Heisei 22) generationA local expedition to the official professional baseball game is also being held from Japan (mainly Yomiuri Giants-sponsored games), and on May 2011, 23,SE LeagueAs an official gameYomiuri GiantsversusYokohama Bay StarsThe battle was held in a night game.The stadium held by the giant is1955(30)May 8It was the first time in 56 years since the war against the ocean.Yokohama won the match 8 to 1.In addition, the Central League match will be held on June 1989, 6.Hiroshima Toyo CarpversusYakult SwallowsThis is the first time in 22 years since the war.

In October 2012Saitama Seibu LionsversusOrix BuffaloesThe war was held.Saitama Seibu is normalMetLife Dome,OmiyaUnlike the main game in, use the 1st base side dug out.

June 2013, 25, Central League official game Yomiuri Giants vs.Chunichi DragonsThe 7th round was held at a night game starting at 18:4.The match is for the XNUMXth batterShinnosuke AbeThe Giants won the Maebashi victory for the first time in 4 years, 1 to 59 with consecutive home runs.[1].

In 2014 (Heisei 26), the Yomiuri Giants vs. Hiroshima Toyo Carp match was held on September 9, and the giant won 3-4.Along with this event, the scoreboard was updated and the multipurpose toilet was renovated.

June 2016, 28 (Friday), Saitama Seibu Lions vs.Chiba Lotte MarinesThe battle was held in a night game starting at 18:00.Saitama Seibu's main match in Maebashi was the first in four years since 2012.

2017 (Heisei 29) is May 5, Saitama Seibu Lions vs.Hokkaido Nippon-Ham FightersThe Yomiuri Giants vs. Chunichi Dragons match was held on September 9th.

In 2018 (Heisei 30), the Yomiuri Giants vs. Chunichi Dragons match was held on April 4, and the giant has won 25-20.Also on August 4, Saitama Seibu Lions vs.Tohoku Rakuten Golden EaglesThe war was held.

2019 (first year of Reiwa) is May 5th Saitama Seibu Lions vs.Chiba Lotte Marines戦、9月4日に読売ジャイアンツ対中日ドラゴンズ戦がそれぞれ開催され中日が8-4で勝利。


Naming rights

Gunma Prefecture is 2008 (Heisei 20)May 10, Shikishima Park Baseball FieldGunma Public HallAnnounced that it will sell the facility naming rights for the nickname of.The desired sale amount is 700 million yen per year for baseball stadiums, 1000 million yen per year for prefectural halls, and the desired contract period is 5 years, the same year.May 10からMay 12For the two months before, we solicited buyers.

As a result, the person who applied for the naming rights of Shikishima StadiumJomo NewspaperThere was only one company, and the desired amount offered by the company was a two-year contract of 1 million yen per year.2009(21)May 1The prefecture's selection committee, which consists of seven lawyers, unanimously decided to sell the company, and in response to this, the prefecture decided in the same year.May 4Nicknamed the facilityJomo Shikishima StadiumWas announced.

However, the Yomiuri Giants match, which is held regularly at the stadium, is a competitor's match.Yomiuri ShimbunThe official name "Gunma Prefectural Shikishima Park Baseball Stadium" is used because it is sponsored by[3].

注意 点

When Gunma Diamond Pegasus plays a night game, the last bus that stops at the stadium entrance bus stop, which is the nearest bus stop of Kanetsu KotsuMaebashi StationThe last bus to go arrives very early (the last bus is 19:48 on weekdays, 18:22 on weekends and holidays), and after the match we call a taxi or about 2km away.National Route 17It is necessary to take measures such as walking to the Shimokoide bus stop along the road.Also, the nearest station to Shikishima Stadium isGunma Soja StationHowever, it is about 4 km away (6 km from Maebashi station) (it takes 45 minutes on foot).Also, if professional baseball is held, the J LeagueThe Spa Kusatsu GunmaA shuttle bus is operated in the same way.

Besides in MaebashiMaebashi Municipal StadiumTherefore, when professional baseball players hold games in the city, this Shikishima Stadium is used, so be careful when visiting.Also, since high school baseball and Gunma Diamond Pegasus use both stadiums, it is necessary to confirm which stadium will be held.

Equipment outline

  • Both wings: 99.1m, Mid-size: 122m
  • Infield: clay, outfield: natural turf
  • Scoreboard: Large video display device (Mitsubishi ElectricMadeAurora vision) Delivered on March 2014, 3[4]
    • Vision size: 729 inches (5.76m x 17.6m)
    • Control picture element pitch: 8mm
    • Count display: BSO order
  • Lighting equipment: 6 lighting towers
    • Maximum illuminance: 2000Lx between captures
  • Capacity: 20,934
    • Infield: 13,206 (including field seats) Outfield: 7,728 * Both infield and outfield include standing
Facility overview before renovation in 2010 (Heisei 22)
  • Both wings: 91.5m, Mid-size: 122m
  • Scoreboard: Magnetic reversal type
    • Count display: SBO order
  • Lighting equipment: 6 lighting towers
    • Maximum illuminance: 1500Lx between captures



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