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⚾ | [National High School Baseball Championship Chiba Tournament 3rd Round] Chiba Reimei wins Chibadai

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[National High School Baseball Championship Chiba Tournament 3rd Round] Chiba Reimei defeats Chijodai

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The 103rd National High School Baseball Championship Chiba Tournament Round 3 was held on Wednesday, July 7th at the Narita Municipal Oyatsu Stadium, where a match between Chishirodai High School (boys) and Chiba Reimei High School (boys) was held, 14-1. Chiba Reimei won a splendid victory.

The 103rd National High School Baseball Championship Chiba Tournament Round 3 will be held on Wednesday, July 7th at Oyatsu Stadium in Narita City. → Continue reading


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Chiba tournament 3 times

Narita Municipal Oyatsu Stadium

Narita Municipal Oyatsu Stadium(Narita Shiei Oyatsuki)ChibaNarita CityIs inBaseball field..The facility is owned by Narita City.It is generally called "Narita Municipal Baseball Stadium" (it is also written on the outer wall of the stadium), but in Narita CityNarita StationnearNakadai Sports Park, In the Daiei districtNaspa StadiumPlease note that there are baseball stadiums owned by Narita City.Sometimes called simply "Otanizu".


1971 (ShowaOpened in 46).mainlySummer high school baseball Chiba qualifyingIt is used as a baseball game venue for junior high school and junior high school.1973 (Showa 48)Wakashio National Athletic Meet,2005 (Heisei17 years)Chiba glitter whole,2010 (22) heldYume Peninsula Chiba National Athletic MeetThen.soft ballIt is often used as a softball field, such as a venue for competitions.

Professional baseballThe first match was held2004 (16)May 4 OfEastern League-Yomiuri GiantsversusChiba Lotte MarinesIt was held as a project to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the enforcement of Narita City in the war (sponsored by Giants).2008 (20), a similar card (sponsored by Chiba Lotte)May 7Was done in.Lotte, who plays home games at this stadium, uses the bench on the 3rd base side like Urawa stadium.

Right next to the stadiumKeisei Narita Airport Line OfviaductPasses through.

North Chiba RoadWith the maintenance of2014 (Heisei 26)May 10Than2020 (Reiwa(2 years)May 3Was closed until[1]..Therefore, in the summer high school baseball Chiba prefectural qualifying2015 From (27)2019 It could not be used until (the first year of Reiwa), and NASPA Stadium was used as an alternative venue. It became available from 2020 (2nd year of Reiwa), but the tournament itself became the alternative tournament "2020 Summer Chiba Prefectural High School Baseball Tournament", and the district tournament of Katori / Toso area (6th district) such as Narita city. Both the stadium and Naspa Stadium will be used as venues.

Equipment outline

  • Location: 952-3 Oshihata, Narita City
  • Both wings: 92m, Mid-size: 120m
  • Outfield fence height: {stub}
  • Scoreboard: Panel type
    Back screenThere is a score bulletin board on the side and a member list on the right middle side (right side of the back screen) (DH system not supported)
  • Lighting equipment: 6 units
  • Capacity: 12,000 (outfield is grass seats)
  • Dugout HOME(3rd base side),visitor(1rd base side


  • JRNarita StationFrom the west exitChiba KotsuGet off at "Otanizu Stadium Mae" bound for Ryukakujidai Garage, Narita Hospital, Otanizu Stadium, Boso no Mura (temporary service for Boso no Mura).

* A temporary direct bus will be operated when the high school baseball Chiba prefectural tournament qualifiers and the Eastern League official games are held.


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