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🚴 | Bicycle, from the perspective of art From the 17th, 19 prefectural museums of modern art special exhibition XNUMX famous cars Think about functional beauty and design

Photo Fernand Léger's oil painting "Beautiful Bicycle Riding" (1944, Prefectural Museum of Modern Art)

From the perspective of bicycles and art, 17 special exhibitions at the Prefectural Museum of Modern Art from the 19th Thinking about functional beauty and design

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The prototype "Everest Champion" (1964, Bicycle Culture Center collection) by Tsuchiya Seisakusho for the 1962 Tokyo Olympics is also drawing attention.

A unique special exhibition "Scene with a bicycle" that approaches bicycles from an art perspective will be held from 17th to 9th September. → Continue reading

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prototype(British: prototype) IsdemonstrationVerification of purpose, new technology, new mechanism, test,Mass productionTo identify problems in frontdesign・Temporary assembly・Prototype machine produced・Prototype circuit・Computer programRefers to.

The word "prototype" (prototype) is different from experimental machines, test machines, prototype machines (cars), etc.Formula(Official) Decide to hirecompetitionSometimes it is lost in mass production after all, and there is no strict distinction.


Created for testing purposes, such as before moving a new product to mass production, to avoid problems due to product design and other issues.MalfunctionCan be found and will be considered for a specific modification. By doing this, mass productionMarketYou can prevent the problem from being discovered after going to.

If it is determined that the production prototype is sophisticated enough to meet its functionality, toughness, productivity and other goals, the product can be put into production. Often, a large number of prototypes for such applicationsIndustrial scienceManufactured using a different technology. The techniques and methods for this arePrototypingCalled.

Electronic circuit

Electronic circuitIn, there may be differences in performance between prototype products and mass-produced products. This is the number and difference of partsPrinted boardDifferences in pattern routingAerial wiringThere are various factors such as whether or not parts are used.

Computer program

C languageToFunction prototypeThere is a declaration, but this isfunction-subroutineIt declares the argument and return value of. In contrast to the "declaration" that indicates the interaction with the outside, what indicates the contents is called the "definition".

Prototype base OfObject-orientationIn programming, the prototype iscloneAs newobjectIt is an object that can be created. On the contrary, from the side of the clone, the object from which it was created as a clone is the prototype.

Prototype programs and screen demonstration programs are also called "prototypes".JapanIn "demo version" or "Beta",Rarely"Alpha version"(Before the beta version) is often called.

Adobe_DirectorUsing tools such as, you can create prototypes and demonstrations such as menu screens more quickly than in a normal development environment. In addition, there is an incompatibility with the actual development environment, so there is an advantage that the prototype can be certainly destroyed.


AutomobileThen variousPerformanceConfirmation and demonstration of new equipment and functionstestManufactured for purpose.

ス タ イ リ ン グAfter the decisionPublic roadIf you want to testMask,CamouflageMay be given,suspension,engine,ト ラ ン ス ミ ッ シ ョ ンIn the case of tests such as, the current model may be modified, and in that case it is difficult to judge by appearance. vice versaフ レ ー ムAt first glance, there are some things that you can see, such as only rain or avoiding rain. Although it is rarely shown to the general public,Prince R380,Toyota 2000GT OfSpeed ​​recordTest car, at the endSonyWas prototyped for verification of next-generation car electronics and car devices.Sedan typeElectric car・ LikePropagandaIt may be exposed for the purpose and become widely known.

GeneralconsumerMainly towardsmotor ShowWhat is displayed atConcept car,Show carIt is also called. Above allSecond World WarAfterAmerica OfBig threeProduced by the motor show in various places and the manufacturer's own tour (GM OfMotoramaSo-called future cars andDream carMany of these are remarkable in the history of automobiles.

1960In JapanToyopet・Sports,Hino Contessa 900 Sprint,Isuzu 117 CoupeOf commercial vehicles such asChassisToYanase,イタリア OfCarrozzeriaSuch asCoach builderMounted a car body manufactured byOne offWill be exhibited. afterwards,FRPThe so-called "only shape"HariboteWas rampant,Bubble periodLaterpromotion videoSomething that can be run has also been produced for shooting.

Public roadThe prototype that can run is registered as a "prototype vehicle" ("model unknown vehicle" for imported vehicles),Car inspection certificateIn addition to the vehicles that received theTemporary operation permission number vote and forwarding operation permission number voteA public road running test is conducted with the vehicle equipped with.

Motor sportsThen,International Automobile FederationAlthough the term "prototype" is used in terms such as (FIA), it does not mean a prototype, but is used in a specific competition category or in that competition.Sports car dedicated to competitionMay be referred to as a prototype.

Railway car

Railway carWill be manufactured for the purpose of actual testing and operation when mass-producing new models. The manufactured vehicle isAdvance mass production vehicle","Mass production leading vehicle","Mass production prototype vehicleIt is also called ".

One off OfTest carUnlike the above, in many cases it is premised that it will be used for commercial operation during mass production. The specifications will be reflected in the mass-produced vehicles after being operated and tested in prototype vehicles.

These vehicles形式(EF66 type ← EF90 type) Or different series number (JR East E231 series 900 series ←209 series 950 series), appearance andComposition/organizationEtc. are different from mass-produced vehicles (Series 300 Shinkansen J1 formation,E3 Series Shinkansen R1 formation ← S8 formation,JR West Japan 207 Series F1 formationand so on. Although it is often modified to suit mass-produced vehicles, it is not uncommon to continue to use it as it is.

In addition, if mass production is postponed, it may be a vehicle with only a small number of power or one type 1 car (in the formerJNR 207 series,JNR 713 series, In the latterJR East Kuha 415-1901AndJapan Freight Railway(JR Freight)EF500 typeandED500 typeIs an example). For vehicles that have completed a series of tests and vehicles that have been put off mass production,OperationBefore the vehicle age is less than 10 years due to inconvenienceScrapped carIn some cases (in the latter caseJR East E331 seriesSuch). In addition, some vehicles have been scrapped without conducting a test, let alone commercial operation (JR Hokkaido Kiha 285 series railcarIs an example[1]).JR Tokai OfN700 series,N700S seriesLike the preceding prototype car (9000 series), after the appearance of the mass-produced car, it is not put into commercial operation, but there is an example in which it is used as a test formation as it is.


model-Plastic modelworld of(Railway model-Automobilemodel·aircraft-weaponIn), the prototype refers to the actual model (prototype) for reference in production.

In particularNorth America OfRailway modelManiaIn between, the real thing to refer to when making a modelRailway car-Railway facilityIs called a prototype.

For example,AssarnCompanyEMD GP38 type diesel locomotiveModel of[1]When making a car, the real locomotive is called a "prototype."

Technically,CreatureAnything that is not, including structures, equipment and accessories,NATURE OfLandscapeEverything is useful as a prototype. EspeciallyDiorama,Layout, The case where it is used as a reference in order to produce a scenery (modeling of terrain and landscape in a railway model) is applicable.

However, in North America the following are preferred prototypes:

Fiction items (eg,Star Wars,ス タ ー ト レ ッ クIt is open for debate whether the spacecraft ofEur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.eu,dolls(EspeciallyAction figure) Is never called a "prototype" for the humans and creatures that are the models when it is produced.

In Japanese models, the word prototype is often used for small-scale production/small-distribution prototypes made at the individual level, as well as corporate prototypes/mass production precursors.

Robot anime

"Mobile Suit Gundam]Real robotOf the lineAnimeSo, I wasn't originally a pilot of the prototype aircraftheroOne of the standard story patterns is that the story is unfolded as a result of being boarded and piloted by accident. In such works, the story is developed with the prototype machine that the hero boarded as the protagonist. In addition, even in the case of a controlled machine, it can be seen that a small-volume machine that is virtually the same as a prototype machine is the leading mechanism.

When the prototype machine is the main character's boarding machine, the story development may be made in which "mass production machine" and "successor machine" appearing in the play are modeled from this. In this pattern, the aircraft that is positioned as a mass production machine / successor aircraft is detuned compared to the prototype aircraft in terms of maneuverability and combat ability in order to give priority to productivity improvement, cost reduction, stable operation of the aircraft, etc. There are many.

However, in actual weapons, most mass-produced machines have improved problems found in prototypes, so mass-produced machines have higher performance.[2]It is extremely rare for the prototype to be superior. In the case of the succeeding machine, it is basically that the performance is improved by the improvement. In the case of anime on the real robot route,"One-of-a-kind special that ignores profitability and stability (One off) Machine"Or"Experimental machine with the latest technology" "Only a person with special abilities and elements can exhibit the prescribed performance(Many people with maneuvering ability cannot be secured even if they are mass-produced as it is)” is often set.

In addition to this, there are small variations for each work, but in many works, the prototype machine is set to be higher performance than the mass production machine for some reason, and the mass production machine is destroyed in large quantity or thoroughly. RuHurtIs carried out, which makes the prominence of the protagonist's strength and the protagonist's machine outstanding.


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  1. ^ JR Hokkaido's successive accidents, scandals, and plans to open the Hokkaido Shinkansen, and development was discontinued due to safety.
  2. ^ However, there is such a description in the world of real robot animation,Armor Senki Dragner]Mass production type metal armor "Dragoon"Corresponds to this.

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