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⚽ | Kobe forward Kyogo Furuhashi decides to transfer to Celtic


Kobe forward Kyogo Furuhashi decides to transfer to Celtic

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Celtic is a prestigious Scottish club known to have belonged to Shunsuke Nakamura and Koki Mizuno.

Vissel Kobe officially announced on the 16th that "Japan national team FW Kyogo Furuhashi will transfer to Celtic".Currently both ... → Continue reading


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Prestigious club

Shunsuke Nakamura

Shunsuke Nakamura(Nakamura Shunsuke,1978May 6 -) isKanagawa横 浜 市Totsuka kuFromJapan OfProfessional soccer playerIs.The position isMidfielder.J1 league-Yokohama FCBelongs. ExRepresentation from Japan.

20002013ToJ League MVPAcquired. The first MVP multiple winner in J-League history.BesidesAsian Cup 2004MVP, 2006-07Scottish Premier LeagueHas awards such as MVP.


Before entering professional

横 浜 市Seya-kuBorn as the fourth son of four siblings[Annotation 1]..Shunsuke's name is that of the composerShunsuke KikuchiNamed by the mother. At the age of 3soccer ballI started kicking. At the age of four, the family was in YokohamaTotsuka kuI moved to.KindergartenIn the gymnastics classSadao KonumaUnder the guidance of Kao Wakabayashi, who was also taught[2][3].1985, Joined Fukazono FC and started playing soccer. Enrolled in April 1991 and passed the selection of 4x magnificationNissanBelongs to the junior youth of (Yokohama Marinos since 1993)[4], I experienced two national dominations[Annotation 2],YouthCannot be promoted to[Annotation 3], In 1994Kirikoen High SchoolEntered the soccer club[Annotation 4], I also experienced chores in the first grade[5].. Second grade nextThe 74th National High School Soccer ChampionshipParticipated in, and in the third gradeThe 75th National High School Soccer ChampionshipWon the runner-up in[1].

Yokohama Marinos era

1997,Yokohama Marinos (currently Yokohama F. Marinos)Join.Marinos had a uniform number of 2 for the first two seasons[1].1997Won the J-League Outstanding Rookie of the Season Award.[6]

1999I changed my uniform number to 10 from this season[1]..Also in this seasonJ League Best ElevenFirst award[7].

2000Season is 22 years oldJ League Most Valuable Player Award[8],Japan Player of the Year AwardWas awarded. He is the youngest of the J-League Most Valuable Player Award winners.

Regina era 

2002January,2002 FIFA World Cup Japan National TeamAlthough it was considered promising to convene in Japan, the injury to the ankle that had been hurt at the national team training camp was prolonged, and he was the Japanese national team coach at that time.TroussierWas rejected because it did not meet the selection criteria of[9]..In July of the same year, immediately after the injury healed, ItalySerie A OfReginaTransferred to Serie A, secured a regular and was assigned a place kicker, scoring 7 points and contributing to Serie A retention.

2003January,FIFA Confederations Cup 2003He scored 3 points and won the "Bronze Shoes Award". In the 2003 season, he participated in the national team as much as possible, but due to the fact that he was in poor condition and repeated breakdowns, his participation in the league was drastically reduced.

2004February, teammates from the Yokohama Marinos eraOku DaisukeMrs.Hinako SaekiMarried to a former pet shop clerk who had experience as a talent who met through the introduction (at that time).Held in July and August of the same yearAsian CupAt the Chinese tournament, he was selected as the best player.

In the 3-2004 season, which is the third year of Serie A, he participated in the final few races due to osteoitis pubis and knee injuries, but as a starting member, he contributed to the highest ranking since the club was founded.2005In 3 monthGazzetta dello SportWas selected as Regina's best eleven of all time[10]. July of the same year,FIFA Confederations Cup 2005So, I got 1 point and 2 assists and was selected as the best eleven[11].Celtic FCDirector,StrachanHe was highly evaluated for his play and was transferred to Celtic.

Celtic era 

After playing in Serie A for 3 years2005In September,Scottish Premier League(SPL) (UEFA Europa League ranking 10th) Transferred to Celtic, one of the top two (transfer fee is estimated to be £ 2 million, about 250 million yen).League victory and domesticCup matchWon two crowns[12].

2006January,UEFA Champions League for the 2006-07 seasonFirst appearance in.Group League Round 1,Old TraffordHeld atManchester UnitedScore points with free kicks in battle,UEFA Champions CupからUEFA Champions LeagueBecame the first Japanese scorer since it was reorganized into (CL)[12][Annotation 5]..In the following match against Manchester United, he scored from FK and advanced to the final tournament.This is Celtic's first current CL[Annotation 6], The first feat as a Japanese player[Annotation 7].. July 2006, 10,Dundee UnitedMy first in an overseas league matchhat trickDecided[13].

2007In April, Celtic's league championship was decided, and he became the first Japanese player to experience consecutive league titles in the European league.[Annotation 8].. In the 2006-07 season, he gave the league's top 12 assists.Scottish PFA Player of the Year Award, Scottish Premier League Best Eleven,Scottish Football Writers' Association Player of the Year AwardAwarded, Best Goal of the Year Award[Annotation 9] Also won.It was also the first feat for an Asian player to win an MVP in the European league.[12].

Espanyol era

June 2009, 6, declined offers such as Yokohama F. Marinos,Spanish second division league OfRCD EspanolTransfer to[14].. "There were great expectations for the Japanese midfielder, but the first season in Spain didn't go well," Goal.com reported.[15].Mauricio PochettinoThe manager said "adaptation" as the reason why Nakamura could not play in Espanyol.West: adaptation[16])[17]..Celtic era teacherGordon StrachanIs directed byEngland 2nd DivisionBelongingMiddlesbrough FCThanRental transferReceive an offer.However, Nakamura himself refused to transfer because he was transferred to the second division.[18], The agent tried to persuade him, but Nakamura refused, so he remained in Espanyol. On February 2010, 2, it was decided to transfer to Yokohama F. Marinos, to which he once belonged.[19].

Yokohama F. Marinos era (second term)

In this 2002 season, which was the return to the J-League since 2010, he played in 34 of the 32 league games.[20].

2011On January 1, the team announced the appointment of Shunsuke Nakamura as captain, and he said that he was "honored" about the appointment of captain.[21].. Aug. 3,Tohoku Pacific Ocean Earthquake Recovery Support Charity Match Ganbaro Nippon!ToDragan StojkovicParticipated as a member of the J League TEAM AS ONE led by[22].

2013Recorded his first league double-digit score per year, and scored a direct free kick, which was the 2th point in total in the J1 Round 30 Oita match.Yasuhito EndoBreaks the record for the most points in J1's free kicks.However, he was hospitalized due to cholecystitis in November and temporarily left the team. Although he was discharged a week later, the team stalled and missed the J-League championship for the first time in nine years.Still, that yearJ League AwardsWon the second MVP in history and the oldest MVP as of 2.Congratulatory comments were also sent from the old nest Celtic through the official website regarding this award.[23].

2015In January, it was decided to become captain for the fifth consecutive season[24].. He underwent left ankle surgery on February 2 and was discharged on February 16.[25]..After that, he made his first appearance in this season's official game on April 4, but in May he was retired due to a strain.[26].. Full participation for the first time this season in the match against Gamba Osaka on July 7.He scored a direct free kick in the same match and jumped to No. 19 in the J1 direct free kick score ranking alone.[27]..This goal was selected as the best goal of the month in July[28]Was praised by the British media[29]..After that, Gamba Osaka, who was selected as the representative of Japan, decided a free kick directly in the match against Urawa on August 8th and the match against Sendai on October 29rd.Higashiguchi Noriaki, UrawaShusaku Nishikawa, SendaiRokutan YujiAnd scored from all the active Japanese national team goalkeepers[30].

2016In January, the captain was appointed for the longest six consecutive seasons in club history.[31]..Although he missed the opening round due to the outbreak of influenza, he made his first appearance in the second round against Fukuoka and decided a free kick directly.[32].. On the other hand,City football groupIs strongly reflected inYuji Nakazawa,Kurihara YuzoThere was growing distrust of Marinos's strengthening policy, which decided that he would reduce his salary or out of force, and after the end of the season, there were reports that he would leave Marinos.At the end of the year, we once fought together for the Japanese national teamNanami HiroshiLeadJubilo IwataNegotiated with a view to transfer[33].

Jubilo Iwata era

2017May 1Night,Kyodo NewsAnnounces a general contract agreement with Iwata in a flash report[34],May 1Officially announced by both clubs[35]..Yokohama FM offered an annual salary of 1 million yen, but decided to transfer to Iwata, who offered 2000 million yen, saying, "I want to face only soccer and burn out."[36]..From the Yokohama FM side, the loss due to this transfer is large, and it has reached the point where a statement is issued on the official website.[37]..From the opening game against C-Osaka, he made a full appearance in the starting lineup, and the mileage of that game was the best for both teams combined.[38].. Of Section 3 on September 11Omiya ArdijaI decided with a free kick that I am good at scoring for the first time after transferring in the battle[39].. March 4, Section 1Shimizu S-PulseFirst in the warShizuoka DerbyAnd contributed to the victory by playing an active part in 3 goals.In the end, he scored 30 goals in 5 games in the season, and finished the season in 13th place after the team that had been competing for the remaining 6th place last season.

In the early part of the 2018 season, although he participated as a regular, he underwent surgery in June due to an injury to his right leg.[40].. Although he returned from around September, he participated in 9 league games and finished the season with no points for the first time in the J-League.J1 entry playoffsAfter the end, he revealed that the contract with Iwata will expire only for the same season, and did not state the trend of next season.[41].. December 12,"Sports paradiseIwata's director Nanami appeared in the club and revealed that he was presenting an offer as a club.[42].

Iwata remains reported on January 2019, 1[43]On January 1, it was revealed that he will carry the number 12 on his back and play in Iwata in the 3 season, which is the third year since joining.[44]..In addition, 40 years old will be the oldest J2019 in the 1 season[45].. Of the opening roundMasaru Matsumoto FCAlthough he participated in the starting lineup in the match with, he was affected by the injury after that, and by July when the transfer was decided, he only participated in two league matches.[46].

Yokohama FC era 

August 2019, 7,Yokohama FCWas announced to be transferred to[47].. My firstJ2 leagueIt will be a play in. Section 7 on July 31stRenofa yamaguchiPlayed for the first time after transferring in the war, Section 10 on October 27Tokyo VerdyHe scored his first goal after transferring in the match.This score was selected as J2's "Best Goal in October"[48]..Partly due to his injury, he participated in 10 games, although he missed some games after his debut, and contributed to the promotion of the team to J1.

The 2020 season took place on February 2VISSEL KOBENamed in the opening starting lineup in the war[49]..Former Spain national team in KobeAndres IniestaNakamura and Iniesta played against each other because they belonged to the media and attracted attention from the media.2007-08 seasonWith CelticBarcelonaIt's been 13 years since he fought in CL[50].

Japan representative era

1996,AFC Youth Championship 1996Was elected to the Japan national team, participated in 6 games and scored 1 goal against Qatar.[51].

1997,1997 FIFA World Youth ChampionshipParticipated in and scored one goal against Costa Rica[51].

1998At the beginningFull representativeParticipated in the training camp for the first time[52].. On February 2th against AustraliaTakeshi OkadaWas convened for the first time to the full national team, which is directed by, but was not able to participate in the match at this time.[53].. In June of the same yearAsian GamesElected to the U-23 Japan National Team and scored one goal against Kuwait[51].

1999In the first qualifying of the Sydney Olympics, Ono and Ono competed for the position of the command tower, but in the final qualifying, Nakata, who was convened in place of the injured Ono, took charge of the command tower, and Shunsuke was appointed mainly on the left side.[54].. On November 11th, in the match against Kazakhstan held at the home national stadium where the Olympics were checked, the third point of the bad push to ensure victory and participation in the main tournament was decided directly by FK, 6 goal 3 Contribute to the team with the success of assists.

2000,U-23Elected as a representativeSydney OlympicsStarted in 4 games at[51]. On September 2,AFC Asian Cup 2000 (Qualifying) First appearance as a full national team against Singapore, and scored the first full national team goal against Brunei on the 16th of the same month.[51]..Won the championship and the best eleven in the Asian Cup finals[55].

2001, June 3Stade de FranceAlthough he started in the French national team match held in Japan, it was a shocking game in which he lost 0-5 against the world champion at that time, and only the first half of the game ended.In addition, due to the influence of Yokohama FM, to which he belongs, was involved in the remaining battle, he moved away from the convocation of the representative and was convened in the final match against Italy this year, but he could not participate on the bench.

2002Tokyo in FebruaryShibuya OfTokyu Toyoko storeJapan national team official uniform on the wall, appointed for huge advertisement, etc.[56],2002 FIFA World Cup Japan National TeamIt was expected to be called to, but in May, the ankle injury that had been hurt at the representative training camp was prolonged.[54], Was the Japan national team coach at that timeTroussierWas rejected because it did not meet the selection criteria of[9].

ZicoAs soon as he becomes the national coach, he is convened and given the number 10 and is appointed as the main player.2003January,FIFA Confederations Cup 2003So, give 3 points[57]Received the "Bronze Shoe Award"[58].

AFC Asian Cup 2004Then, he was assigned the command tower in all the games, and contributed to the victory by being involved in all the points in the final.[59]Was selected as the best player in the tournament[1].

2005January,FIFA Confederations Cup 2005So, 1 score[60] Selected as the best eleven[61].CelticDirector,StrachanWas highly evaluated for his play and was transferred to Celtic.[62].

2006January,2006 FIFA World Cup Japan National TeamWas elected to.However, due to poor physical condition, performance deteriorated.StillZicoThe trust of the manager is high, and he has participated in all games.Round 1AustraliaIn the match, he scored the only goal in his World Cup, but the team was defeated with 2 losses and 1 minute unwinned.

2007XNUM X Month X NUM X Day,Giraffe challenge cup-Battle against PeruIt is,Osim JapanIt was the first election since its inauguration and contributed to the victory with 2 assists.Nakata retired from the last World Cup last time, and for the next three years he reigned as the king of the team and always led the national team.

The representative directorTakeshi OkadaEven after changing to, it will continue to be appointed as the axis of the team.South AfricaMade in2010 FIFA World CupHe was enthusiastic about "the culmination of his life as a player", but he became ill before the tournament due to the failure of his transfer to Spain and the accumulation of fatigue.When the team continued to lose in a row just before the tournament, Okada decided to make a major change in tactics and player appointments in this tournament, and decided to put Shunsuke, who was not in good shape, on the bench.As a result, in this tournament, the pair of the second round of the group league NetherlandsOnly participated in the battle from 64 minutes[63][64][65][66] ..On July 7st after returning to Japan, he announced his intention to retire from Japan at the end of this World Cup.[67].

Play style

Place kickIt is said to be a master ofFree kickGood at[68]..It is characterized by running from a position that is not too angled with respect to the goal, stepping on the shaft foot as if sliding it on the ground, and swinging the foot as if rolling up while pushing out the upper body with the same momentum (see image) ).Originally he was good at kicks that draw a big arc, but since he transferred to Regina, he often uses kicks that emphasize speed.[69]..Therefore, a normal player can kick a curve-free kick ball at about 90km / h, but Nakamura can kick a ball at 100km / h.

Evaluation of professional soccer officials

During the Regina era, the directorMazzarriIs "NakamuraBaggioYou can do FW and MF.A qualified player can pass the defender and pass. "[70].PrandelliDescribed Nakamura as "a player who is creative and has the ability to dodge opponents."[71].

In the Celtic era, there was a contest to see which player kicked the FK in the practice that he participated in a few days after the contract, and he was assigned the FK kicker by scoring 10 points out of 10 points.[72]..Strachan, the commander, left the words "he is a genius" and argued that he was criticized as a player who could not tackle in the streets.[73]..Was a teammateDonorty"Naka ​​is the number one team in terms of technology. BesidesMcGeady,BrownThere are some good players, but Naka is exceptional. "[74].

Was a teammate at EspanyolDe la pena"Naka ​​is the most skilled player on the team," he said.[75].

Former Japan national team coachPhilippe TroussierCommented in May 2010 that considering defensive ability, it should be considered not to appoint Nakamura at the World Cup.[76].

Pavel NedvedPraises Nakamura's technique when asked about Japanese players in an interview[77].

Keisuke HondaIs January 2009, 9 NetherlandsIn the 18th minute of the second half of the friendly match (Enschede, the Netherlands), he collided with Nakamura, who was an absolute player at the time, over the FK kicker. Has never been, but I insisted because I wanted to kick at that time. "[78].

Josip IličicWhen asked about the players who were influenced by the set pieces, he said, "Nakamura was in Celtic. He's the best in the world."[79].

From the perspective of sports science

University of TsukubaTakeshi Asai (soccer methodology), a professor of the physical education group, said that the "curve shoot" that Nakamura kicks with a free kick has a rotation speed of about 7.5 revolutions per second and a ball speed of 99.7 to 101 km / h (this is one of the fastest in the world). That's right.), I think it will bend more than 25 meters to the side while flying 3 meters.In addition, because the axis of rotation of the ball is slanted, it is said that the trajectory will drop sharply near the goal.Asai also says, "Nakamura leans and uses the springs of his whole body to generate great power."[80].

In addition, the ball may hit a so-called "blurring ball" shot in which the ball sways without rotation.Asai is a common way to kick a "blurring ball"(1) Kick the center of the ball (2) Push the foot out (translational movement) (3) Strong (72 km / h or more)I will give three points,Nagoya UniversityHiroyuki Nunome (Sports Science, Sports Biomechanics), Associate Professor, Faculty of Physical Education, General Health and Physical Education Center, and NakamuraKeisuke HondaAfter a comparative analysis of how to kick, he pointed out that Nakamura's "Buretama" kicking method is "the part that is good at the inside (closer to the inside) than Honda. Other than that, the principle is the same."[81]

It is said that "sports vision" (visual acuity required for sports) and a wide field of vision are necessary to instantly grasp the position of a player who is disturbed on the pitch and to lead to accurate play.Among them, in soccer, it is the ability to find a small space.Deep visionHas been pointed out as important.One measure directly below the representative of the Sports Vision Study Group is "Deep vision is to recognize the positional relationship of the players in three dimensions. Comparing the top players of the J League such as the Japanese national team with other players, only deep vision is "There was the most difference." "People who pass through a string-like path one after another are good at the ability to get a bird's-eye view of the positional relationship." He also has experience teaching Nakamura about Nakamura's deep vision in the past.UrawaSeigo Ikeda, academy center coach, testified that "Shun had good deep vision."[82].


Nakamura's free kick is highly evaluated worldwide, and is often selected in the ranking of famous kickers selected by overseas media.[83][84]. AlsoComputer gamesEven in, the ability value is generally set high, and more than 15,000 players appear under their real names.FIFA 17], The free kick ability value is 9th.[85].

The sports variety program "Dream Confrontation! The Sports King of Tunnels is me! Special』(TV Asahi), not a soccer ballRugby ballI kicked it in the usual style and hit it with a single shot with a diameter of 25 cm at a distance of 70 m.The British newspaper "Scottish Sun" reported that "Celtic hero Nakamura showed an astonishing technique to hit with a rugby ball."[86].

In April 2020, selected by the British media as the 4th best Japanese representative in the 21st century[87].


He married an ordinary woman in 2004 and has five children (four sons and one daughter). In 5The Men's Fashion Unity of JapanSelected for Best Father Award[88].

The representative teammate,Yuji Nakazawa,Yasuhito EndoGood friends with[1]..Once a teammateKawaguchi NoukatsuIs longing for "existence like a master"[89][90]..CommentatorTetsuo NakanishiHave a friendship with[91].

Affiliation club

Amateur career
Professional career

Individual grade

Domestic competition individual performance
年度ク ラ ブUniform numberleagueLeague matchLeague cupOpen cupTotal period
JapanLeague matchLeague cupEmperor's cupTotal period
1997Yokohama M25J2753010315
1999Yokohama FM10J12674031338
イタリアLeague matchItalian CupOpen cupTotal period
2002 03Regina10Serie A32741-368
2003 0416220-182
2004 0533200-332
Eur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.euLeague matchS. League CupScottish cupTotal period
Celtic25S. Premier3364010386
スペインLeague matchKing's CupOpen cupTotal period
2009 10Espanyol7Primera13020-150
JapanLeague matchLeague cupEmperor's cupTotal period
2010Yokohama FM25J13251021356
Yokohama FC46J2101-10111
イタリアSerie A811161-8712
Eur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.euS. Premier128297112114731

Other official games

International competition individual results
年度ク ラ ブUniform numberParticipationscore
2006 07Celtic2582
2007 0840
2008 0950
Participation history

Representative history

Participation meet

The results of each tournament are as follows.

Representative by age[51]

  • U-20 National Team
1996 AFC Youth Championship 1996 Best 4 6 games participation 1 goal
1997 1997 FIFA World Youth Championship Best 8 5 games participation 1 goal
  • U-23 National Team
1998 Asian Games 2nd league defeat 3 games participation 1 goal
2000 Sydney Olympics Best 8 4 games participation 0 goal

Full representative

2000 AFC Asian Cup 2000 5 wins, 0 goals[51]
2003 FIFA Confederations Cup 2003 Group league defeat 2 games participation 3 goals[57]
2004 AFC Asian Cup 2004 6 wins, 2 goals[51]
2005 FIFA Confederations Cup 2005 Group league defeat 3 games participation 1 goals[57]
2006 2006 FIFA World Cup Group league defeat 3 games participation 1 goals[57]
2007 AFC Asian Cup 2007 Best 4 6 games participation 2 goal[51]
2010 2010 FIFA World Cup Best 16 1 games participation 0 goal[57]

Number of matches

  • International A Match 98 games 24 points (2000-2010)[92]
    • 89 starting games, 9 substitute games, 7 warnings, 0 sent off

Representation from JapanInternational A Match


#Date heldvenueOpponent teamVictoryMatch outlineSource
1.2000/2/16Flag of the People's Republic of China ChugokuBrunei flag Eur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.eu○ 9-0AFC Asian Cup 2000 Qualifying[3]
2.2000/6/11Japanese flag JapanFlag of Slovakia Eur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.eu△ 1-1Giraffe cup football 2000[4]
3.2000/8/16United Arab Emirates flag United Arab Emirates○ 3-1[5]
4.2002/5/2Honduras flag ホンジュラス△ 3-3[6]
6.2003/3/28Uruguay flag Eur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.eu△ 2-2International friendly match[7]
7.2003/6/18French flag FranceNew Zealand flag New Zealand○ 3-0FIFA Confederations Cup 2003[8]
9.2003/6/20French flag France● 1-2[9]
10. 2004/6/9Japanese flag JapanIndian flag India○ 7-02006 FIFA World Cup Asian Qualifying[10]
11. 2004/7/20Flag of the People's Republic of China ChugokuOman Flag Oman○ 1-0AFC Asian Cup 2004[11]
12. 2004/7/24Kingdom of Thailand flag Thailand○ 4-1[12]
13. 2005/6/22German flag GermanyBrazilian flag Brazil△ 2-2FIFA Confederations Cup 2005[13]
14. 2005/9/7Japanese flag JapanHonduras flag ホンジュラス○ 5-4Giraffe challenge cup2005[14]
15. 2005/10/8 ラトビアLatvian flag ラトビア△ 2-2Friendly match[15]
16. 2006/6/12German flag GermanyAustralian flag Australia● 1-32006 FIFA World Cup[16]
17. 2007/7/13 Eur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.euUnited Arab Emirates flag United Arab Emirates○ 3-1AFC Asian Cup 2007[17]
18. 2007/7/16
  1. Transfer [[T || ○ 4-1 || [18]
19. 2007/9/11 オーストリアSwiss flag スイス○ 4-33 continent tournament[19]
21. 2008/6/2Japanese flag JapanOman Flag Oman○ 3-02010 FIFA World Cup Asian Qualifying[20]
22. 2008/9/6Bahrain flag バーレーンBahrain flag バーレーン○ 3-2[21]
23. 2009/3/28Japanese flag Japan○ 1-0[22]
24. 2009/11/18Hong Kong flag Hong KongHong Kong flag Hong Kong○ 4-0AFC Asian Cup 2011 (Qualifying)[23]

Title / Record

Club title

Yokohama F Marinos[93]
Celtic FC[94]

Personal title




TV program




Writing books

Related books


  • Shunsuke Nakamura's "I Love Soccer" Soccer Class <Permanent Preservation Version>
  • Shunsuke Nakamura DVD Biography 2002 --2005
  • Celtic 2005-2006 Season League Champion Trajectory
  • SHUNSUKE NAKAMURA THE SECRET OF DIRECT FREE KICK Shunsuke Nakamura The secret of a direct free kick

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