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🏀 | [Basketball] Rui Hachimura scored XNUMX points and won Belgium.

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[Basketball] Rui Hachimura scored XNUMX points. Victory over Belgium "OK. There are challenges for the team."

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Hachimura, who showed an activity suitable for Ace, said in an interview after the match, "It's been a long time, everyone.

The Japan Men's Basketball National Team, who will participate in the Tokyo Olympics, will be at Saiden Chemical Arena (Saitama City, Saitama City) on the XNUMXth. → Continue reading

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Hachimura(Yamura) isFukuiMikata-gunWas invillage.. PresentMikatakamichu-gunWakasa TownIt corresponds to the northeastern part of.


  • Lakes: Lake Mikata, Lake Suga (Five Lakes of Mikata)
  • Mountains: Mt. Yahazu, Mt. Kumagai
  • River: Hasu River


  • 1889(Meiji22 years)May 4 - Municipal systemDue to the enforcement of Mikata Village (including Ikukura Village and Torihama Village), Mukasa Village, Tana Village, Kitamae Kawamura, Minami Mae Kawamura, Fujii Village, Aida Village, Sako Village and a part of Kiyama Village (excluding Makiguchi) ) Started in the area.
  • 1953(Showa28 years) June 4- Nishida VillageMerged withMikata TownWas launched. Same-day village abolition.


Railway line

Currently in the old village areaKiyama Station-Fujii StationIs located, but at that time it was unopened.



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