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⚾ | [High School Baseball] Cycle hits Cold win just before the turn at bat “Summer victory” is the highest priority even if “a little disappointing”

Photo: Kyosuke Kaneko with Daisuke Morioka [Photo: Toradai Kawamura]

[High School Baseball] Cold win just before hitting for the cycle "Summer victory", which is the highest priority even if "a little disappointing"

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The second round of the National High School Baseball Championship / Iwate Tournament held at the Iwate Prefectural Stadium on the 15th.

Morioka Daisuke / Kyosuke Kaneko, 2 runs → Timely triples → Nakamae timely walks → Walks → 7 times cold doubles. "Honestly, consciousness ... → Continue reading


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Iwate Prefectural Baseball Field

Iwate Prefectural Baseball Field(Iwate Kenei Yakyujo)IwateMoriokaIt is inBaseball field..The facility is owned by Iwate Prefecture and is owned by the Iwate Prefecture Sports Promotion Corporation.Designated administratorThe operation is managed as.


Iwate National Athletic MeetIn front of1970May 4Complete.Since thenNational High School Baseball Championship Iwate TournamentIncluding the use as the main venue of, many types regardless of hard type or soft typeAmateur baseballAn official game is being held.Also,Professional baseballOfficial games are held once or twice a year, and it is a typical baseball stadium in Iwate prefecture.

The official professional baseball game will be completed in the year of completionYakult SwallowsversusOcean WhalesThe battle is being held.Since then, Yakult, Ocean / Yokohama, etc.Yomiuri Giants,Hiroshima Toyo Carp,Hanshin Tigers,Nippon Ham Fighters,Orix Blue WaveAnd others hold official games.2005FromTohoku Rakuten Golden EaglesOfficial games are held once or twice a year (2012It rained one game scheduledNo gameBecame[1]).

2012May 7Will be the first in Iwate prefectureAll star games(Round 3)Great East Japan EarthquakeIt was held by inviting about 2400 elementary, junior high and high school students in the disaster area.[2].

Equipment outline

  • Ground area: 13,677m2
  • Both wings: 91.5m, Mid-size: 122m
  • Infield: clay pavement, outfield: natural turf (Koryo turf)
  • Lighting equipment: 1000w x 6 units (maximum illuminance: capture interval: 2300Lx, infield 2200Lx, outfield 1038Lx)
  • Capacity: 25,000 (Infield: Separate type with backrest, Outfield: Turf)
  • Scoreboard: Magnetic reversal type (LED freeboard available, ball count from 2012SBOFrom lighting to "BSO』Repaired to light)
    • The freeboard is installed under the inning score display subordinate.It was installed at the time of renovation as a replacement for the "home run lamp" (which lights up when a home run hits) that was installed when the scoreboard was a panel type.The freeboard has been compatible with ball speed display since 2005.Also, until 2009, it was a light bulb type. (Color is red only)
  • An indoor driving range is set up under the stands on both the 1st and 3rd bases.When using in professional baseball, the bullpen in the indoor practice field may be used instead of the bullpen in the ground.

About jet balloons

  • At this stadiumJet balloonsThere is a theory that it is prohibited to skip.2004Held inYokohamaIn the sponsored game (Yakult game), there was an announcement in the hall that "use of jet balloons is prohibited".
  • But in fact,2005Held moreTohoku RakutenHosted match, held before thatHiroshimaIn sponsored games, it can be used normally without being prohibited, and jet balloons are also sold at the stadium store (in some cases, a saleswoman who sells jet balloons patrolled the venue).
  • For this reason, it is not prohibited as a stadium rule, but it seems that the correspondence will differ depending on the host team (Yokohama is based until 2012).Yokohama StadiumThe use of jet balloons is prohibited in Japan, and it is believed that this is in accordance with it).


Around the stadiumNational Route 455And city roads are usually heavily congested during rush hours.For this reason, professional baseball is on weekdaysNight gameIf it is held in, there will be more vehicles passing by in the evening than usual, so be careful when visiting the stadium by bus.
StadiumParking LotAlthough it is narrow, it is generally used as a temporary bus waiting area (when professional baseball is held) with related parties and media vehicles when holding professional baseball and summer high school baseball Iwate prefecture tournaments with many visitors. Vehicles are not available.
In addition, local residents around the stadium may open private land as paid parking lots, but since these parking lots are not officially recognized by the organizer, tickets etc. say "There is no parking lot" and "By public transportation "Visit" is called.


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  2. ^ "In one heart" 2012 elementary, junior high and high school students in the disaster area at the ball banquet seat in Iwate July 7, 23 --Sponichi Annex, viewed August 2012, 8.

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