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🇯🇵 | [Nagoya Place] Kotonowaka Makuuchi's XNUMXth win, the most talented flowering, "It wasn't a complimented sumo ..."

Photo Kotonowaka defeated Takarafuji and won his XNUMXth victory

[Nagoya place] Kotonowaka Makuuchi's XNUMXth win, the most in his own right.

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There was a scene where Takarafuji (34 = Isegahama) in Makuuchi was driven to the brink, but in the end he won by a close-up.

Grand Sumo Tournament Nagoya Place XNUMXth day (XNUMXth, Aichi Prefectural Gymnasium), Makuuchi Kotonowaka (XNUMX = Sadogatake) has XNUMX wins, the most of his own ... → Continue reading

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