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⚽ | Lawless zone ... Openly sucking cocaine in the EURO final ... British police are serious about drug elimination


Lawless zone ... Openly sucking cocaine in the EURO final ... British police serious about drug elimination

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"Soccer fans may be a group whose offensive consequences associated with cocaine use are amplified," the paper said. "In fact, cocaine has become an element of youth culture and, along with alcohol, goes to the game. From the time of moving to the end of the game, it fuels competitiveness and aggression. "

The EURO 2020 final at Wembley.Fans who do not have tickets forcibly guard the stadium ... → Continue reading


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Youth culture

Youth culture(Wakamonobunka), orYouth cultureWhat is (English: youth culture, youth subculture)?teensSupported by strata (both men and women)CulturalForm and activity.TransienttrendUnlike, it is supposed to have a certain degree of sustainability.Exactly completeAntonymNot, butAdartismIt is a cultural form that is contrasted with.


In a form called youth culture,art(Music-literature-A paintingEtc.) and various cultural activities are "new" that are considered heretical by the "existing" culture that has been widely recognized until then.Valueshave.It was said that the supporters were young people in their 13s to 20s, and it was often difficult for other age groups to understand the "goodness" of the things that belonged to them.

However, it shows a high degree of culture, especially in Japan and the United States in recent years.High cultureAnd there are supporters who make up the majority of societyMain cultureHowever, while it is no longer regarded as old-fashioned, the diversification of values ​​and the borderlessness of generations are progressing, and the boundary between youth culture and other cultures is becoming less clear.In this part, after the younger generation denies the existing culture, new generations will emerge, while former supporters may continue to have that orientation even after aging, or the youth group. Some are interested in the former main culture and high culture, or even tend to be interested in the once obsolete avant-garde culture.This is "Retro futureThere are also trends such as.

Youth culture in one era can transform into high culture in the next.For examplekabukiIs derived fromEdo PeriodIt originates from the youth culture of "Turnip".Kabuki is one of the high cultures of Japan nowadays, but at that time, it produced "a gorgeous and gorgeous taste."Avant-garde artIt was one of.

History of establishment

Youth cultureThe United States of AmericaThen, the concept of teenage was established.1950 eraIt is believed that it was established after that.in Japan,Burnt generationHas grown up1950 eraIt is thought that youth culture was established after that.The word for the youth culture of the burnt generation is "Sun groupThere is,1980 eraUntil the first half, "Kaminari""Miyuki tribe""AnnonA young man who shares a behavioral pattern is called "○○ tribe".People(Different culture).In this part as well, it can be seen that values ​​that are incompatible with existing culture have arisen.

Even before this, various forms of youth-specific culture have repeatedly risen, but this is related to the part that is not powerful enough to overturn the mainstream, and the values ​​of adults who are the bearers of the main culture It is believed that it was moving society.

In the background of the times when this youth culture was clearly established,communication,TransportationThe net is very well developed.Until then, it was very difficult economically for adolescents of this age group to travel to remote areas, and it was also possible to know how adolescents in other areas lived. Because it was difficult, it occurred at the same time in a wide areatrendDid not progress.However, long-distance transportation such as road transportation network and Shinkansen was established, and magazines for young people and young people were targeted.tv set-radioAs the number of programs began to increase, it is thought that it became possible for young people in other regions to strongly influence each other and form their own culture by using them.

At the same time, in the past, these cultural media for the younger generation were not very profitable commercially because they were not economically rich, but after the same period, the younger generation gradually becameHobbies,Leisure timeThe time and money devoted to this will increase, and commercial activities aimed only at this group will also generate enormous profits.MarketIt is considered that the information transmission side can afford to strengthen the related industries.

In the market where the relationship between the consumer and the supplier of culture is established in this way, the traditional transient and localboomIt can be said that the value as a "culture" that is comparable to the main culture has been generated.

JapanThen,1970Up to the area, youth town,Youth cultureSpeaking of the epidemic ofShinjukuwas.But,1973ToShibuyaPARKThere is a store opening,JapanInYouth culture OfHistoryHas changed significantly.The flow is "ShinjukuからShibuya, ま た はShibuya Ward"To the whole".

1980 eraThanFemale college studentIt is touted and as the times go downHigh school girl, Focusing on junior high school girls, etc.Information senderHowever, there were also activities to find out the direction of the times from their active and sensitive trends.1990 eraPopular from the second halfインターネットByconsumerThere are also activities such as collecting information directly from.

Impact of declining birthrate

in JapanYoungerAs a result, the youth population is declining, and some are concerned about the decline in youth culture.

Sales of entertainment media such as music CDs and weekly shōnen manga magazines1990 eraIt has been decreasing since the second half.For example1990 era"Weekly Shonen Magazine Sales No. 1"Weekly Shonen Jump』, The circulation was 1990 million in the 650s,2006It fell to 290 million copies, less than half.Television AnimationAlso,1970 eraIsSpace Battleship Yamato],1980 eraIsド ラ ゴ ン ボ ー ル],1990 eraIsSailor Moon』The audience rating was over 30%, but2000 eraWhen you enter, the TV animationIndependent UHF stationIt was moved to such a frame, and the audience rating also dropped.

However, in the 2000s TV animation, the amount of works released as a whole has increased, and in the case of works targeted from the beginning, it is impossible to make a simple comparison based only on the audience rating of each work. (The above example also compares the popular programs of the time with the recent "ordinary anime programs").In addition, sales of comic magazines, etc., are partly due to consumers simply shifting to other media, such as the number of births in Japan.Total fertility rateEven if we look at the transition, it cannot be said that the number of generations who entered boyhood in the 1980s and those who entered boyhood in the 2000s is simply less than half.

In addition, despite the sluggishness of weekly magazines and TV animation, comic books and anime software[1] On the contrary, sales are increasing.It sent a boyhood to the heyday of manga and anime1965~1979Another point is that born men are showing a strong desire to buy in genres such as anime and manga.

There is also a remarkable tendency in Japan to shift from what was previously thought to be a medium for children and boys (including girls) to work targeting a wider age group.Even in media such as manga and anime, which have traditionally played a part in youth culture, they are now taking a wider range of target generations.For this reason, it is thought that no significant changes will be seen while the populous generation born between 1965 and 1979 maintains its presence as a consumer of manga and anime.

Typical youth culture

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  1. ^ It is easy to sell as a series or box product at a low unit price instead of the video software medium using video tape, which used to have a high unit price.DVDIs the mainstream.


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