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🥋 | <Wrestling> "I have practiced to attack no matter how much research I have done" ... Hideo Sasayama, Chairman of the Women's Strengthening Committee (Self-Defense Forces)


<Wrestling> "I have practiced to attack no matter how much research I have done" ... Hideo Sasayama, Chairman of the Women's Strengthening Committee (Self-Defense Forces)

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Saori Yoshida and Kaori Icho are the first Olympics to challenge without the overwhelming players.

Hideo Sasayama, Chairman of the Women's Strengthening Committee, who responded to the interview at Zoom Hideo Sasayama, who is the women's director of the Tokyo Olympics, strengthening women ... → Continue reading

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Saori Yoshida

Yoshida Saori(Yoshida Saori,1982〈Showa57 years>May 10 -) isJapan OfwrestlingLeader,JapanSource ofwrestlingplayer,Sports scientist.Bachelor of Science TheHealth and sports scienceBachelor(Chukyo Women's University-2005),Health and sports scienceHonorary Master(Chukyo Women's Universitygraduate School-2008). ExChukyo Women's University(Current Togakukan University)Vice-president[2][3].

As an individual female wrestler, she won 16 consecutive world championships and 206 consecutive individual wins.The strongest primate girlHas the nickname[4][5].2012Is the best in 13 consecutive tournaments in the worldGuinness World RecordsCertification,National Honor AwardI won the award.Purple ribbonRecipient (2004, 2008, 2012)[6].. The father is a wrestler/leaderYoshida Eikatsu.. Blood type is O[7].

2016Rio de Janeiro OlympicsThen served as captain of the Japanese team[5].. In September 2016, he was appointed as the coach of Japan Women's Wrestling Team while continuing his active career.[8].


He started wrestling at the age of 3 under the guidance of his father who had a wrestling dojo at home.1998,1999After winning the World Cadet Championship in2000,2001Win two consecutive World Junior Championships.2002World Champion of the previous year at the Japan Queens CupSeiko YamamotoAnd also won the Asian Games. He also won the World Championship as it is and the All Japan Championship. In 2003, he won the World Championship and World Cup in quick succession.

Athens OlympicsWith the All Japan Championship which became the representative selection game of2004Won the rival Yamamoto in the Japan Queen's Cup and was selected as a representative of the 55 kg class for women's wrestling. Won a gold medal at the 2004 Athens Olympics.

2007In May, won the Asian Championship. He also won the World Championship in September and achieved his first female 5th consecutive title in history. December 9, the same year, "TV AsahiBig sport賞」受賞。12月18日、JOCシンボルアスリートに選出される(2008年1月1日 - 2008年12月31日)、12月20日、第57回「Japan Sports AwardAwarded by the Yomiuri Shimbun. December 12,Beijing OlympicsHas been officially decided to represent Japan in the 55 kg class of wrestling women.

2008XNUM X Month X NUM X Day,Beijing OlympicsParticipated in the 55 kg class. In the qualifying/semi-finals and in the finals,Kuri(China) overwhelmed from start to finish in the second periodFallHe won and became the Olympic gold medalist for the second time in a row.

In a TV interview after the commendation ceremony, Yoshida said, "I want to win in London four years later," he said he would aim for the third consecutive Olympic title. At the World Championships in September 4,Alexander karelinAchieved 9 consecutive victories alongside the record of the most consecutive victories.

2012 year 6 month,JOC TheLondon OlympicsYoshida was elected as the flag bearer of the opening ceremony. Yoshida said, "The flag bearer was eager to break the jinx that he could not win the gold medal."[9],May 8In the 8 kg competition held on August 9 (local time), we won the qualifying and semi-finals, and in the finalsカナダ OfTonya BarbeekPlay against. He won the gold medal in 2-0, achieved the gold medal in three consecutive games, and defeated the jinx as promised. In addition, at the London Olympics, he also served as the flag bearer at the closing ceremony.[10].

At the World Championships in September 2012, we achieved the world's highest number of consecutive 9 consecutive world championships and 10 consecutive world championships (Olympics + World Championships), and set Karelin's record.[1].. From around this time, it was named after Karelin's synonym "The strongest man of primates".The strongest primate girlAnd domesticMediaAnd so on.Chugoku OfSocial MediaIt is also called "Iron Lady (silver girl)" and "Wrestling Empress" in media and media (TwitterIn that, a tweet spread that Yoshida was called "despair" in China, but such a fact has not been confirmed).[11].. In addition, in response to the achievement of "13 consecutive tournaments in the worldGuinness World RecordsCertified by. In addition, in honor of this achievement, on November 2012, 11Japanese govermentThanNational Honor Award(It is the 1977th individual award since the establishment of the Honor Award in 19.Naoko Takahashi,2011 FIFA Women's World Cup Japan Women's National Team3rd case after)[12].

At the 2013 World Championship, he won the championship with a complete victory that gave no points to the opponent throughout the match, achieving 14 consecutive world championships. In 53, we challenged 2014kg classWorld championshipThen in the final after the previous yearスウェーデンDefeated Sophia Mattson 6-0 and won 15 consecutive World Championships[13].

2015 yearsWorld championshipIn the final, he played Mattson for the third consecutive year. Although the points were taken ahead and the tackle was also contained, it was reversed and won 3-2 to win 1 consecutive world championships and 16 consecutive victories. After the match, Yoshida said, "I thought I would lose. I couldn't help it because I was anxious." Mattson said, "There was almost no difference."[14].. At the All Japan Championship in December of that year, he won the 12 kg classRio de Janeiro OlympicsDecided a representative[15].. But after thatEiwatoEven though the head coach encouraged him to play, Yoshida stubbornly refused and concentrated on practicing. It was decided to challenge the Olympic Games after the longest non-competitive period of 8 months. Also, at the end of December of the same yearALSOKSince he left the company and became free, the appearance of TV programs and events overlapped while the Olympics were being held[16].

Late father,Yoshida EikatsuIn the finals of the Rio de Janeiro Olympics, where he challenged to win the 4th consecutive Olympics, he has held down Mattson, who was expected to be Yoshida's biggest rival in the semifinals, with a fall win.America OfHelen MarourisPlay against. Yoshida took 1 point in the 1st period, but lost 2 points in the 4nd period and lost the lead. He won 16 consecutive victories in the World Games (Olympics + World Championships), stopped 206 consecutive victories in individual games, and fell from the position of the Queen of the World, which he continued to defend for 15 years. Yoshida said, "I had a lot of people support me.silver medalI am sorry that it ended with "" as the captain of Japanese playersgold medalI was sorry that I had to take it. I cried, "I'm irreparable," and sent a thank-you message to my deceased father, "Dad, I want to say thank you for raising me so far."[17][18][19].. In addition, the Japanese team captain has missed the past five tournament medals, and Yoshida broke the jinx that he won the silver medal and the captain cannot stand on the podium, but he could not beat the jinx that he could not win the gold medal[5][20].

After returning to Japan, Yoshida denied active retirement2020 Tokyo OlympicsAnnounced to continue active participation with maximum goal[21].. Yoshida's wrestling Japanese Women's National Team coach was approved by the Japan Wrestling Association Board of Directors on September 9 of the same year.[8].

Appointed Vice President of Togakukan University, which is my alma mater, on November 2016, 11 (Resigned in August 1)[3]). On November 11, I made my debut as a coach at a Japanese national camp.

On January 2019, 1, he announced his retirement on his Twitter account.[22].

From XNUM X Year X NUM X Month X NUM X DayNTVWeekday morning information program "ZIP!』\ Friday inaugurated as the main personality.The title is "the strongest personality of primates" that he devised.[23].

Spread of COVID-XNUMX infectionAmong them, Yoshida regularlyPCR testImplemented. The tests on December 2020, 12, 28, and January 31, 2021 were negative, but the test on January 1, 4 turned out to be positive.[24][25].. "I was asymptomatic and had a normal fever, so I was surprised when I heard (positive)." "The fever continued for about a week after that."It recovered steadily and returned to "ZIP!" On January 1th.[26].. Aug. 4,Torch relayServed as the first runner in the Tsu city section and named himselfSaolinaStarted from[27]..The second runner was Yoshida's mother, who played the role of a torchbearer as a parent and child.[27].

Consecutive win record

2001In the All Japan Women's Championship 56 kg semifinalsSeiko Yamamoto(Nihon University= Lost at the time (2-3), and recorded 119 consecutive wins in the official game. Also1996He also recorded 27 consecutive championships in international competitions. But,2008March 1Chugoku・At the Women's World Cup Team Match held in Taiyuan, Marcy Bandusen (America), the record of consecutive wins was stopped, and the first black star in the international competition was recorded. After that, he continued to win again and continued until 58,2012In the Women's World Cup team final held on May 5 in Tokyo,ロシア2-1 defeated Valeria Jolobowa[28].2016May 8In the final of the Rio de Janeiro Olympics, they lost in individual competition for the first time in 15 years, and the record of individual continuous victory stopped at 206. I won this timeAmerica OfHelen MarourisWas a former student of Yamamoto, who was defeated by Yoshida 15 years ago.[29].

In the world championships (Olympic Games + World Championships), he achieved 2012 consecutive victories in the 13 World Championships, broke the record of 12 consecutive victories held by Carrelin, and became the largest number in history for both men and women.[1]..Since then, it has extended to 2015 consecutive victories in the 16 World Championships.When classified by tournament alone, it achieved 13 consecutive victories in the world championships (the most in history) and 3 consecutive victories in the Olympics.


October 1982, 10,MieTsu City(Former Mie PrefectureIsshi-gunIsshi Town) Was born as the youngest of three brothers. The father is a former wrestlerYoshida Eikatsu, Yukiyo, a former tennis player of tennis, and two older brothers who have wrestling experience, especially their second brother has also participated in international competitions.

Isshi Town Isshi Junior High School[30],Mie Prefectural Hisai High School, Chukyo Women's University (currentlyTogakukan University)[30]graduate.Integrated security guaranteeBelongs. Even after graduation, the practice base is Chukyo Women's University.

Hatoko (a grandson of the paternal grandmother's sister) and a cartoonistMarimo RagawaThere is.

In high school, he tells on TV that he has a classmate who has confessed to the same person XNUMX times and has been hurt XNUMX times.

In 2016, he left Comprehensive Security and became free.[31].. About management TAG International Signed a contract with[32].. 29stShogakkan DIME Trend Grand PrizeThen, "Popular person award"[33],ORICON STYLE Queen Award 2016" 1st place in favorite athlete (female)[34].

From 2017, the athlete management business company established in the same yearYSW Tokyo Co., Ltd.Belong to[35].

Medal and Honor Award

  • Purple ribbon(2004, 2008, 2012)[6].
  • 2004 Mie Prefecture Prefectural Citizen's Award / Tsu City Citizen's Honor Award by winning a gold medal at the Athens Olympics
  • 2008 Mie prefectural special honorary prize (first time) and Tsu City citizen special honorary prize by winning a gold medal at the Beijing Olympics
  • In 2012, Mie Prefecture awarded the Mie Prefectural Citizen's Special Honor Award (second time) by winning a gold medal at the London Olympics.
Tsu City has decided to name the comprehensive sports facilities to be built in the city.[36][37].
  • 2016 Rio de Janeiro Olympic Women's Wrestling Silver Medal[38]Mie Prefecture awarded the Mie Prefectural Citizens' Special Honor Award (4rd time) for the 3th consecutive Olympic medal[39].
  • In 2019, Mie established the Mie Prefectural Honorary Achievement Award, which was awarded on April 4th on the citizens' day.[40].
  • In July 2019, Aichi Prefecture awarded the Aichi Prefectural Citizen's Award, saying that "it made many citizens and citizens have bright dreams and hopes beyond the limits of sports."[41].
The souvenir is a set of plates made by Noritake, which he requested (a special order product with 16 gold medals and 206 stars representing consecutive wins)[41].
  • 2012, 60thKikuchi Hiroshi AwardAward[42][Annotation 1].
  • On August 2019, 8, he announced on his Twitter account that he received the Aichi Prefectural Honor Award from Hideaki Omura, the governor of Aichi Prefecture.


  • All Japan Women's Championship 51kg class runner up (1998) 3rd place (1997)
  • All Japan Women's Championship 56kg class 3rd place (2000, 2001)
  • All Japan Women's Championship 55kg class championship (2008, 2009)
  • All Japan Championship 53kg class championship (2010, 2012, 2013, 2014)
  • 全日本選手権 55kg級 優勝(2002年、2003年、2004年※、2005年、2006年、2007年、2008年※、2009年※、2015年)
* Acquires the best player in the competition, the Emperor's Cup, including men
  • All Japan Selection Championship 55kg class championship (2010, 2011, 2013)
  • All Japan Selection Championship 53kg class championship (2014, 2015)
  • World Junior Championships 58kg class win (2000, 2001)
  • World Student Championship 59kg class championship (2002)
  • Japan Queens Cup 55kg class winner (2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007)
  • World Cup 55kg class winner (2003, 2004, 2005, 2006)
  • World Women Championship 55kg class winner (2002, 2003, 2005-2015)
  • Athens Olympics Women's wrestling 55 kg class championship (2004)
  • Universiade 55kg class champion (2005)
  • Beijing Olympics Women's wrestling 55 kg class championship (2008)
  • London Olympics Women's wrestling 55 kg class championship (2012)
  • Rio de Janeiro Olympics Women's wrestling 53kg class runner up (2016)

Total results: 333 wins and 15 losses (excluding 50 wins bye) (calculated from the official website of the Japan Wrestling Federation since 1995 (1st grade of junior high school)[43])


tv set


TV drama



  • Awake/Go My Way (October 2015, 10,avex)-"Well stone bros.feat. Saori Yoshida"


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