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🏉 | [Breaking news] Japan Aviation Ishikawa vs Ryutsu Keizai, Ryutsu Keizai leads the first half with a 5-point lead

Photo Rugby Match Summary

[Breaking news] Japan Aviation Ishikawa vs Ryutsu Keizai, Ryutsu Keizai leads the first half with a 5-point lead

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Whether Ryutsu Keizai Okashiwa can maintain the lead or Japan Airlines Ishikawa can reverse the 5-point behind, the match will continue in the second half.

Japan Aviation High School in the plate tournament semi-final of the national high school 7-person rugby tournament held at Sania Park ... → Continue reading


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Japan Airlines High School Ishikawa

Position of Japan Airlines High School Ishikawa (in Ishikawa Prefecture)
Japan Airlines High School Ishikawa

Japan Airlines High School Ishikawa(Japanese language) is,IshikawaWajima CityLocated in Sui Mitsui,Japan Aviation AcademyOperated byprivatehigh school.. Of an affiliated school operated by the same corporationJapan Aviation UniversityAlong withNoto AirportIt is adjacent to (Noto Satoyama Airport).YamanashiKai cityIt is inJapan Aviation High SchoolIs an annex of the corporation, and it is a major feature that both schools have an "aviation department".

Aviation workerThe main purpose is to train students, and about half of the graduates each year are the integrated schoolJapan Aviation University Ishikawa,Japan Aviation University HokkaidoOther graduates have chosen to go on toUniversityMost of them go on to school, and most of them go on to work for civil servants or private companies (aviation-related), or go to the Self-Defense Forces.



  • 2003(15) June- IshikawaWajima CityNewly established as Japan Airlines Second High School.
  • 2005(17) June- pilotSet up a course (currently a pilot major).
  • 2005(17) June- rugbyDepartmentNational High School Rugby Football TournamentFirst appearance at (Hanazono).
  • 2009(21) June- Japan Airlines High School IshikawaRenamed to.
  • 2009(21) June- Yusei Imakuradirected by[1]UnderBaseballThe department is in its 7th year since its creation,IshikawaAs a representativeKoshien in the summerDecide to participate for the first time. On August 8th, he will defeat Meioh High School in the first round (second round).NotoIt will be the first time to participate in the region.
  • 2011(23) April-Within the regular courseCabin attendantA major is established.
  • 2017(29) August-The baseball club participates in the summer Koshien for the second time in eight years.
  • November-The hardball baseball club first entered the high school division of the Meiji Jingu tournament as the representative of the Kita-Shinetsu district and advanced to the best eight.
  • 2018(30) June- BaseballDepartment as Kita Shin'etsu, the first representative schoolKoshien in springFirst appearance in. The first best 8 advance. Lost to Tokai University Sagami in the quarterfinals[2].
  • 2020(2rd year of Reiwa) April- BaseballAs a representative school of Kita ShinetsuKoshien in springParticipated for the second time.It was canceled due to the spread of coronavirus infection, and in AugustKoshien High School Baseball Exchange GameParticipate in.

Department / Course

Aviation Department

Club activities/club activities

Sports Authority

  • Baseball club
  • Soccer club
  • Rugby club
  • Men and women basketball club
  • Volleyball club
  • Golf club
  • eSports club
  • Table Tennis Department
  • Athletics part
  • Bayonet club
  • Kendo club
  • Judo section
  • Glider section
  • Motorcycle part
  • Yacht club
  • Dive

Cultural bureau

  • Dance company
  • Brass band
  • Calligraphy club
  • ESS
  • Aviation Department
  • Yuhi Gakujuku


As a high school, it is a rare course organization specializing in aviation, so Japan全国Of courseOverseasFromstudent4 on the school grounds because there are manyDormitoryIs provided.About 9% of all students live in dormitories, but students living in areas where they can go to school are allowed to go to school, and 1 students, which is about 70% of all students, go to school.In addition, school buses for all five routes in the Noto area are operated free of charge for those students.

The student dormitory has a 4-story "J-Ship Sunshine" (men's dormitory) with a restaurant, convenience store, and a large communal bath, and a 5-story women's dormitory "Symphony". It is shared with students of the University of Aviation Ishikawa.However, only in the men's dormitory2016A new university student dormitory called "THERMAL" was newly established in J-Ship Sunshine, except for some areas, which are occupied by almost all high school students.

Regarding meals, we will have three meals in the morning, lunch and evening at the student / student restaurant "Rainbow" located on the lobby floor of J-Ship Sunshine (* Students who go to school can choose to use the restaurant Rainbow or bring their own lunch). On the lobby floor of J-Ship Sunshine, there is not only a restaurant but also a play corner such as billiards, as well as a vending machine and an on-campus convenience store "Spot Inn", so students during extracurricular hours can use it. It is also a place of relaxation.

Study abroad system

The United States of AmericaOregonHillsboro and Portland,New Zealand-RotoruaThere is a pilot study abroad program and an overseas language study abroad program at affiliated schools, and all applicants can study abroad regardless of the department or course if they meet certain criteria in terms of grades.Also, even if you study abroad, you can usually graduate in 3 years.

Problems with admission to the school

201810,Japan Airlines High School Japan Airlines High School IshikawaFrom a vocational schoolJapan Aviation University』(Attached school) A problem that occurred when the exemption of the admission fee of 25 yen when going on to next school will be abolished from admission next year.

The school side reportedly contacted the examinees and parents through each high school teacher, but some students were exempted from the admission fee at the rally for third year students held on October 10th after the announcement of the university's passing. I heard that it was the first time I abolished, and there is a discrepancy between the student and the school side.

IshikawaConducted a survey[3].


サ ッ カ ー


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