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⚽ | "I did it with Takumi Minamino and a bee" The secret story of "athletic festival" revealed by classmate Kyogo Furuhashi is interesting


The secret story of the "athletic festival" revealed by classmate Kyogo Furuhashi, "I did it with Takumi Minamino and a bee," is interesting.

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Last month, he opened a hotline in the national team, and Minamino said, "I just touched it because Toru gave me the best cross," he said thanks to Furuhashi.

Kyogo Furuhashi has decided to transfer from Vissel Kobe to Celtic. Selected as J League KONAMI Monthly MVP in June ... → Continue reading


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Kyogo Furuhashi


hotline(English: hotline) IsPoint to pointThe direct line of theOff-hookTo (TelephoneJust pick up the handset, etc.) and automatically connect to the preselected destination without any additional action, such as entering a phone number.[2].. An example is a telephone that automatically connects to emergency services when the receiver is raised. Therefore, the hotline-only telephone does not require a dial or push button for entering a telephone number.

Originally from two countriesGovernment leaderIs a term that refers to a direct line (bilateral hotline) set up to allow direct communication in an emergency, and came to refer to a direct telephone line for making important contacts.

Bilateral hotline

Between US and Soviet Union

Rice soot line(Moscow-Washington hotline,Washington-Moscow Direct Communications Link) IsThe United States of America-Washington DC OfWhite HouseSoviet Union-Moscow OfKremlinIs a hotline between.Cuban crisisAfter1963 May 8Was established in.

It was the intention to prevent accidental wars by communicating directly between the leaders of the two major nations.

this isSecond World WarInside, americanFranklin RooseveltPresidentAnd BritishWinston Churchillprime ministerHowever, it follows the example of a direct telephone conversation.Technically by the spectrum division mixing methodVoice communicationAnd大西洋I used a submarine cable.

Before thatCuban crisisHappened1962 Until the US and Soviet communication took 6 hours.

The communication procedure is as follows[Annotation 1](The order is all reversed when sending from the Kremlin to the White House).

  1. United States Department of State(Soviet Ministry of Foreign Affairs) of Washington (Moscow)EmbassyContact with
  2. At the embassy,letterAt the highest degreeencryption
  3. Deliveryman (Courier) Came to the embassy by bicycle
  4. Deliveryman takes it back to the telegram station
  5. Telegraph and Telephone Office sends ciphertext to the capital of the recipient countryTeletypeStrike at
  6. Received by the Telegraph Bureau and delivered to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Ministry of State)
  7. Cryptographic telegram decrypted by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Ministry of State)
  8. Delivery to Kremlin (White House)

It seems that it has been about 10 years since the US Sohotline was established, based on materials that are believed to be reliable.

  • HotlineLeased lineSo, the US Sohotline is via Northern Europe and the North Atlantic.Submarine cableWas used. One backup line was set up, but it was planned that every line would be mobilized in an emergency. Also,Eavesdropping[Annotation 2]To prevent fake communicationOne time padIt was encrypted by.
  • The machine and the code were prepared in the United StatesUS National Security Agency(NSA).
  • Not voiceTeletypeCharacter communication (uppercase and numbers).
  • It's essentially a White House and Kremlin hotline, but technicallyUS Department of DefenseInside, professional technicians and translators are on standby 24/365President of the United StatesA specialized department to ensure reliable communications everywhere secures communications between the Pentagon and the President. Therefore, communication is maintained regardless of where the President moves, travels, or evacuates. In theory, the Department of Defense can influence the content of communications, but such possibility has not been taken into consideration, and no such suspicion has been raised up to the present.
  • About once a month, test communication was held to confirm the line status.
  • There are two US terminals (the number of spares is unknown): a Russian keyboard for reception and an English keyboard for transmission. Send to each other in their native language.
  • The presidentWaist wingNot the presidential office (Oval office) on the first floor, but the emergency response room in the basement (Situation room) I called.

This US-Soviet hotline happened in June 1967Third Middle East WarIt was used for the first time during the (XNUMX days war). This time, it came to the Pentagon from Moscow shortly after the war began, and was the then president and prime minister.JohnsonPresident and Soviet UnionCousiginprime ministerAre confirming that they will make an effort for the ceasefire[3].

Between America and England

Twenty years ago when the US Sohotline was established,Second World WarFrom 1943 to 1946 after the end of the war,10 Downing Street(British Prime Minister's Residence) andWhite hall OfBritish Ministry of FinanceUndergroundCabinet War OfficeWashington DCThere was a hotline with the White House. This line isSIGSALYCalled the world's firstConfidential deviceThe contents of the call were kept secret by.

Soviet Union = China

BeijingHotline connection between Moscow and Moscow, 1969Sino-Soviet border disputeUsed during However, the Chinese side refused the Soviet Union's attempt at peace and the hotline was removed. The hotline between China and Russia revived in 1996[4].

Between France and the Soviet Union

Charles de GaulleWhen the President of France visited the Soviet Union in 1966,ParisAnnounced that it will set up a hotline between Moscow and Moscow. This hotline was created in 1989telexUpgraded to a high speed fax machine[4].

Between Britain and the Soviet Union

UKThe hotline between Russia and Moscow was not officially established until a treaty of friendship between the two countries was signed in 1992. In 2011William hagueUpgrade announced when Foreign Minister visited Moscow[4].


August 2004, 6,IndiaPakistanThe two countries areNuclear warAgreed to extend the nuclear test ban and establish a hotline between the foreign ministers of both countries to prevent misunderstanding that it could lead to[5]. This hotline isU.S. ForcesIt was installed with the help of an officer.

Between US and China

2008 Has emerged economically and militarily on behalf of the Soviet UnionPeople's Republic of China(Zhongnanhai) Between United States (Pentagon) Opened a hotline[6].2015 ToCyber ​​attack,Space debrisCyber ​​space in response to the problem[7]And outer space[8][9]It is characteristic that the target has expanded to the emergency situation of.


India and China announced the establishment of a hotline between their foreign ministers and repeated their commitment to strengthening relations and building "political mutual trust".[10]. As of August 2015, the hotline is not in operation yet[11].

Between Japan and China

2013 year 2 month,Senkaku Islands DisputeHas added a new impetus to the daytime hotline installation. Until then, there was an agreement to install it, but it was not installed due to increased tension.[12].

Between North and South Korea

north korea South KoreaThere are more than 40 direct telephone lines between the two, the first of which was opened in September 1971. Most of these hotlinesPanmunjom OfJoint security areaGo through (JSA),Red crossMaintained by. Since opening in 1971, North Korea has disabled the hotline seven times. The last time I disabled it was February 7,金正恩Resumed on January 2018, 1 after the New Year's speech in[13].

Between America and India

August 2015 with the White HouseNew DelhiThe hot line between In January 2015ObamaIt was decided to set up this hotline when the President visited India. This is the first hotline between Indian and American leaders[14] .

Other usages

The true meaning of the hotline is that you can only call a preselected destination.

But,SpokenCalling in an emergencyCall centerOr thatPhone NumberIt may also refer to itself.

That is, 24 hours a dayNon-profitTelephone numbers, for example, a general emergency direct-dial telephone (not a representative telephone number,Fire DepartmentThe Yaambulancehospital OfEmergency roomConnectDial-inNumber) orsuicideFor applicantsLife counseling(Crisis Hotline) and so on.

In addition,1979 OfBank of Mitsubishi hostage caseThen, the direct telephone line that connects the police headquarters with the criminal was called the "hotline."


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