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🚴 | Jr Road Men's Kanno (Kokudaka) V Ishikawa Cycle Festival

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Jr Road Men's Kanno (Kokudaka) V Ishikawa Cycle Festival

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Hiromi Kaneko (Iname Shinano Yamagata, graduated from Shirakawa 4nd High School), the representative of the Tokyo Olympics Cycling Women's Road, also participated in the F (Women's) Road Race as an open participant and finished XNUMXth.

The Ishikawa Cycle Festival 2021 will be held on the 10th and 11th in Ishikawa-cho, etc. → Continue reading

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Inner Shinano Yamagata

Legal Sui Iname Shinano Yamagata(Legarsi Igname Shinano Yamagata)NaganoHigashichikuma-gunYamagata[1]Based inBicycleRoad raceProfessional team.The team name "Regal Sui" means "connection" in French, and "Iname" means "long potato". Is[1].


Established in 2007[1].

Team team

2018 team

  • Director-Kiyoshi Nakahata
  • Mechanic-Nobutaka Kiyohama
NameDate of BirthAffiliation periodRemarks
playerRyutaro Nakamura (1990-12-24) 1990May 12(30 years old)
playerKatsunori Toyota (1988-09-29) 1988May 9(32 years old)
playerChihiro Sano (1987-11-11) 1987May 11(33 years old)
playerYasuhiro Daito (1987-11-05) 1987May 11(33 years old)
playerKitano common sense (1988-07-20) 1988May 7(33 years old)
playerYamato Kanematsu (1980-10-28) 1980May 10(40 years old)
playerNobuo Iwatsuki (1973-08-08) 1973May 8(48 years old)
playerEndo Sekiho (1981-10-19) 1981May 10(39 years old)
playerKeigoro (1975-05-12) 1975May 5(46 years old)Competition team captain
playerTomoaki Takasugi (1986-10-09) 1986May 10(34 years old)
playerTomoya Koyama (1998-07-18) 1998May 7(23 years old)
playerPaul Salisbury (1974-04-09) 1974May 4(47 years old)
playerKimiyuki Tabuchi (1993-07-15) 1993May 7(28 years old)
playerShoichi Iwasa (1986-06-28) 1986May 6(35 years old)
playerMasanari Komuro (1971-01-29) 1971May 1(50 years old)
playerKyojiro Kawada (1987-09-29) 1987May 9(33 years old)


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  • Charider★ ――Team members such as Kei and Nakamura are appearing in the programs such as "Sakabaka Excursion" and "Road Race Men's Club" in the program.

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