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⚾ | [High School Baseball] Corona declined, Yonago Shoin returns to the tournament Relief plea fruitful rematch on the XNUMXst

Photo The summer of the ball child again!

[High school baseball] Corona declined, Yonago Shoin returns to the tournament

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Chairman Tanabe of the Takano Ren, who attended the press conference, explained, "We will explain to Sakai High School and understand it, and it will be held on July 7 (after the temporary closure of Yonago Shoin)."

The Tottori Prefectural High School Baseball Federation held a press conference at Dorayakidora Park Yonago Municipal Stadium on the XNUMXth, and school officials announced the new coronavirus ... → Continue reading

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Chairman of the Takano Ren Tanabe

From July 7st until July 21th


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