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🇯🇵 | Two weeks before the discovery of cannabis, Takagenji Satoshi showed a "rough sumo wrestling" and a relentless stoner with a voice of "too much"


Two weeks before the discovery of cannabis, Takagenji Satoshi showed a "rough sumo wrestling" and a relentless stoner with a voice of "too much"

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Although the gunbai went up to Enho Akira, he got a word, and as a result of discussions, he regained the same body.

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Flame Peng Akira

Enho Akira(Akira Enho,1994May 10 -) isIshikawaKanazawaI'm fromMiyagino roomActive affiliationGrand SumoWrestler.. My real name isNakamura Tomoya(Yuya Nakamura). Height 168 cm, weight 98 kg,Blood TypeIs AB type[3].. Highest is eastFrontal4th sheet (2020March location)[1].. The target wrestler is a brotherIshiura.. My favorite color is green[1].


Kitaguni ShimbunHave a father who works for. I started sumo at the age of 5 and was influenced by my brother.[4].. At first, I was reluctant to take sumo, saying, "I thought it wasn't cool" and "Why do I have to put my ass out in public?"[5]One day, I took a sumo wrestling with a big friend and won with a small body, so I gained confidence and became absorbed in sumo wrestling.[6].. Watching Mai no Umi Sumo in elementary school[7]I thought, "I want to win this kind of sumo someday because I can win against a big opponent like this."[8].

From 2nd to 6th grade of Daitoku Elementary School in Kanazawawater poloWas also the keeper of[1].Kanazawa City Southwest Junior High SchoolTimesTatsudaishi (later Makuuchi / Kagayaki)In the same period, in the third year, he won the group championship as the same representative of Ishikawa Prefecture at the national prefectural junior high school sumo championship.[9].. When I was in junior high school, I did rigorous training, laundry, and chores, and I was made to eat 3 cups of chanko and 3 cups of rice every day to build my body.[6].. After graduating from junior high schoolKanazawa Gakuin Higashi High SchoolProceed to the third yearWorld Junior Sumo ChampionshipWon the lightweight class. Also in the third yearHigh School Sumo Kanazawa TournamentAlthough he shined in 3rd place as an individual, he was not solicited from the Kakukai because it was too lightweight at that time.[8].

Kanazawa Gakuin UniversityWhen I entered the Faculty of Human Health, I started by winning the West Japan Student Sumo Rookie Championship in the first year, and in the second and third years.World Sumo ChampionshipWon a total of 2 titles, including winning the lightweight class for the second time in a row.[10].

During job hunting, the applicant also recommended me to enter the corner by interview.[11]After graduating from university, maybe because of thatYokozuna-White PengAs an uchideshiMiyagino roomIntroduced to[12].. The deciding factor for the introduction was the words from Hakuho, "Sumo can only be done now, take your life."[8].. ShikonaEnho AkiraWas named by Hakuho, "Get a fiery sumo wrestling."[13].. One of the reasons I entered the corner was that I couldn't find anything else I wanted to do.[6].

The place that became the first bale in March 2017 isPrevious sumoI took it and made it the best. For synchronization of the first ringWakatakakageThere is. On the 5th day, when Hakuho received a new career announcement, he borrowed and used the makeup wrapping that Hakuho was planning to put on from this day (Hakuho will be closed from this day).[14].

The May place, which was listed for the first time in the ranking, won all 5 races.IntroductionWon the championship[15].. July placeFirst two stepsAnd won all 7 races againChampionship matchThen, of those who have experience in MakuuchiMasunoyamaWas thrown poorly. From this place, the name under Shikona was changed from Tomoya's real name to "Akira". Initially, it was planned to call himself from the first ring, but because the procedure was not well done, it was treated as being renamed from this place. This name is given to a person who was a senior at the dojo, who died in a motorcycle accident nine years before the introduction to sumo wrestling, and who was longing for the dojo era.[16][17].Third stageIn September, he won all seven races and won the championship match against Mitsuda to win the third stage.[18].

November place is westMakushitaIf you go up to the 14th and win allSekitoriAlthough it was ranked with the possibility of promotion, the first sumo wrestler who had three rolesTsuneyuki RyuLost to, the winning streak stopped at "21". Jokoryu is a sumo wrestler with a record of consecutive wins of "27" since his debut in the beginning, and the record holder has prevented him from updating.[19].. The second and subsequent ones were rebuilt, and this place won with 2 wins and 5 losses.

The following January 2018, the place was 1 wins and 6 losses with the 4th ranking under the East Makushita. Normally, it is not a grade that can be promoted to Sekitori,Ten carsDue to the fact that there are many fallen wrestlers from Japan, the promotion of the new Juryo at the place in March was decided at the ranking organization meeting after the place. Except for those who are new to the shogunate, the promotion of Juryo at the required 3 places was the fastest in history in Thailand.[20].. When I heard the news of the promotion of Juryo, "I went up", Enho was just about to get out of the bath, so there is a joke that "I thought it was a bath".[1].

新十両の場所は西十両14枚目の番付となり、十両の一番下の地位で3月場所に臨んだが、十両の壁に跳ね返されて、4勝11敗と大きく負け越した。幕下に落ちた5月場所からは2場所連続で5勝2敗と勝ち越し、7月場所後の番付編成会議で、9月場所での再十両昇進が決定した[21].. In September, which was the 13th in the West Juryo, Sekitori decided to win for the first time with a record of 9 wins and 9 losses. In March 6, it was reported that the place was doing well, such as welcoming the place with a personal maximum weight of 2019 kg.[22].. 9th day of the placeTokushoryuIn the battle, the hips approach the soil up to 10 cm, and from a pinch, the posture is adjusted like a frog, and the opponent's left foot is taken with both arms and the white star is taken.[23].. This place won with 8 wins and 7 losses, and the May place made a new start.

May place 5th dayDaisho PengIn the battle, roll a 180 kg giant with a poor throw and steal the white star[24]At the end of the 9th day, he took the lead with 7 wins and 2 losses, but after that he suffered 6 consecutive losses and lost with 7 wins and 8 losses. The following July, he won his seventh victory by the 7th day, but lost three consecutive games to the salary sumo. However, on the 10th day, he scored a white star and made his 7th salary sumo wrestling from the first ring, and finally won in the Makuuchi. The sumo wrestlers weighing less than 3 kg won in the Makuuchi in September 14.Mai sea22 years since then[25].ChiakiThe final result was 9 wins and 6 losses, and he won the skill award.

In September, he won the championship on the 9th day, but lost two consecutive games from the 11th day. However, on the 12th day, he won with a white star, and Chiakiraku also won, resulting in 2 wins and 14 losses. NHK Sumo commentatorNorthern Fuji"I won 9th and excited the first half of the game by myself. That's not the number of stars, it's well worth the fighting prize. I think it's comparable to the 1th and 11th wins of ordinary sumo wrestlers." Honoring Enho who fought through the place with a small body while missing the prize[26].

At the autumn tour Kanazawa place on October 10th, which will be a triumphant return tour, we wrestled while being watched by 6 spectators.[27].. At the winter tour Nogata on December 12st, he practiced the tour for the first time in a year. It is said that there were days when he was unable to practice during the tour due to trauma that was transported by ambulance due to a leg injury during the training during the tour and injuries at the main location.ShohozanI took the 4th sumo wrestling, but since I took the sumo wrestling on a tour for the first time in a long time, my brother Hakuho said that he was surprised, "Is it okay? What's wrong?"[28].. At the Shimonoseki place on the 3rd, at this point, he played against Shohozan, who is incompatible with 0 wins and 4 losses in the Makuuchi, and won the first white star including other places by pushing down from the right. In the finishing bump, he is a 199kg giant.green mountainsI borrowed my heart, but the report described it as "a scene like" little sumo "."[29].

In January, the 1th position in the front of the west was 5 wins and 8 losses. The three prize selection committee is ChiakirakuShineI was also considering winning the skill award with the condition that I should win the battle[30]However, he lost and missed the award.

2 month 9 day44th Japan Grand Sumo TournamentThen, in the third round, he played against Hakuho, a brother in the room, and was thrown badly by Hakuho. The tournament itself is eliminated in the following 3th round[31].

In the following March place,New coronavirusDue to the spread of the infection, he lost to 6 wins and 9 losses. On the 8th day after suffering the 12th loss and confirming the loss, he left a comment saying, "This is my current ability. It's not over yet. I want to take my sumo in the remaining 3 days."[32].. When the location was canceled in May due to the spread of the new coronavirus infection, "Some people were looking forward to it, and we practiced with the intention of doing it. Still, it can't be helped. Towards July I will prepare well. "[33].

In November, he suffered a big defeat of 11 wins and 11 losses in the 3th position in the front of the west, and decided to let go of the seat in the Makuuchi that defended 12 places. January 9 Place is a sumo wrestler in the same room in front of the placeNew coronavirusDue to the confirmed infection, we took a rest as it may be a close contact.[34]..In consideration of the circumstances, the numbering of places in March the following day was limited to one drop while taking a rest.[35].

In March, he won 3 consecutive victories from the first day, and set a record of consecutive victories from the first day, which is the largest number for Sekitori. 6th dayToryuLost to a good throw in the battle, the consecutive wins from the first day stopped at 6[36].

July place is the second dayKigen OsamuAlthough he was regained in the battle, he was unable to take the sumo wrestling and was defeated.[37]..In the efforts before the retake, Takagenji Satoshi's tension was received on his face multiple times, and when he tried to climb to the ring of retake, he seemed to be staggering, so the referee's director9th TakadagawaDecided that he was "causing a concussion" and decided to make Takagenji Satoshi a bye.[37]..Enho said, "I was more disappointed than losing. (Omitted) It can't be helped because it's a rule."[38]He said that he participated in the race after the third day because he was examined at the hospital and no abnormalities were found.[39]In the end, I ended up losing a lot with 4 wins and 11 losses.[40].


He is good at twisting, as he is nicknamed "Prince of Twist". If it is a twist, twist it from both sides without distinguishing between left and right. Also, it seems that good and bad are not particularly related, and twisting is done from both. BrotherhoodIshiuraEnhō Akira is characterized by moving intently and collapsing from the side, while Enhō Akira sneaks in and takes the front honey.12th MiyaginoIs instructed that "Never stop"[41].

From the time of the promotion to Juryo, sumo wrestling was a straightforward approach that came forward while applying pressure, although the body was small.[1].. At the time of the new opening,gaitIs good at it, but he says he doesn't take any steps in the practice ring.[42].

A wrestler who rarely changes[43]And March 2020 Place ChunichiAbu SakiThere were also reports that showed unexpected surprises when it changed in the war.[44].

In the efforts on the first day of the place in January 2020, Takarafuji leaned back with a stretcher that he does not usually do, and then decided to throw it badly where Takarafuji tried to attack back. In his column, Kitanofuji praised, "The brain-like sumo that seems to have been well thought out made me feel strong. It seems that I will do the place now."[45].. I saw the Chunichi Dragons match at the same place14th Tamanoi"I've gained experience in the Makuuchi, and I'm getting used to doing things with big opponents, and I'm getting better at moving. It leads to the results of[46].

Sumo is a winning pattern, with the left side pointed, then the head lowered and the right side held. In the efforts on the second day of January 2020, Masayo blocked this winning pattern.Hand throwSoiled with[47].

19s AsahiyamaIn an article after the January 2020 location, he is willing to take the risk of hitting the ground when hitting a throw, and uses centrifugal force to lower his head to just below the ground. Touching[48].

January 2020 Place 1th dayFireIn the battle, he took Abi's right foot, which is about 50 kg heavier than himself, with both hands, lifted it up like a squat, and put it out of the ring (the decisive factor is).gait). I was able to lift the opponent because I used the power of my lower body to the fullest.[49].

He himself analyzed that the July location was slowing down due to the cancellation of the previous May location.[50].

When I lost the Kotoshogiku match on the 9th day of SeptemberHanada Torakami"I remembered sumo. I'm taking sumo only by moving up and down. If I move left and right, I can scare my opponent. I've lost weight, but it's good because I'm hit. It's just small, so if your upper body gets taller, you'll be taken in one shot. "[51].

It is weak when it receives the power of a giant wrestler, and it is the 2020th day of September 9.Yano CastleWhen you have a black star in the battleABEMAServed as a commentaryKumagayaPointed out the point, "The biggest difference in physical strength from Enho Akira. I can't easily leave it in my strength skills."[52].

Former KoyuiMai no Umi Shuhei(Heisei OfUshima-maru), So the approach may be similar, and I was struck by the sea of ​​dance (Reiwa OfUshima-maru) Called.

Enhō Akira's high skill is largely due to the fact that Hakuho teaches as much skill as he has, as well as his own qualities. Also noteworthy is the core that was trained by strength training under the guidance of Ishiura, a brother in the room.[53].. It also has the flexibility of being polished by stretching, which was taught by a trainer specializing in Hakuho Haya. There are many likes and dislikes in the diet, and the fact that the diet is thin and does not gain weight is supplemented by taking supplements at the right time.[54].. On the other hand, "" broadcast on March 2020, 3Sakurai/Ariyoshi THE Night PartyAccording to the story in 』, it is said that he hates training a lot,Collision trainingThere is also a theory that even I experienced it for the first time since I entered the corner world.[55].

Former in November 2020Morning blue dragonWas tweeting on his Twitter account that he should practice wrestling with the cooperation of the Japan Wrestling Federation.[56]..At the same place, because sumo is a straightforward attack, the opponent has learned sumo, and the weight that was 99 kg when he went up to the Makuuchi has decreased to 92 kg.14s FutakoyamaWas pointed out in[57]..Wakanohana MasaruABEMAIn the commentary, I pointed out that the movement of this place is slower than it should be, that there is no biting gesture, and that it is held by a large sumo wrestler.[58].


Before entering the corner

  • <span>Grade 1-2</span>Era,breakfast Theice creamI was eating 1 ice bars a day[9].
  • Same junior high school and same gradeShineWas a friend of mine in junior high school, and the contrast between the large Kagayaki and the small Enho[59].
  • When I was looking for a job in college,Komatsu SeirenAt the interview, I was advised that "I have a great career, so I should wrestle."[9].
  • I was very scared when I was a childCharacter showWhen I first watched it, I screamed, ran away, hid and cried, the first time in my lifeHaunted houseAn episode such as not being scared to enter was exposed by a friend[60].
  • It was revealed that one of the reasons for entering the Kakukai was that he was flirted with his junior high school classmates who had been dating for six and a half years during college.She also thought, "I'll look back!"Teru is "fightI was taken away because I liked it.But without it, he wouldn't be in the world of sumo, "he said.[61].

From entering the Kakukai to before promotion to Juryo

  • At one point, 1 meals a day,MealI tried to increase the amount by increasing the number of times[9].
  • Third stageAlready since that timeSekitoriCandidateThere were many sumo fans who watched from the third stage of the effort for the sumo wrestling of Enho Akira.[9].

Profile at the time of promotion to Juryo

After promotion to Juryo

  • Only two and a half tatami mats部屋 OfPrivate roomTo wake upFrugalI'm living a good personal life.Enho Akira said, "When I entered the Miyagino stable, my goal was to enter this room (private room)."[63].
  • Father and brotherKitaguni ShimbunHe has a good reputation for answering because he is a family member of the media who works in Japan, and he is a person who can win or lose without making noise.[64].
  • 2019 yearsweekly magazineIn the article, he boasted that he was scared of sumo wrestling only when he took it with Hakuho, the yokozuna of the room, when he started.[65].
  • TurningThe number of swords attached to is 13 and from the reporter during the active era in May 2019KonishikiWhen I heard that the number was 21, Enho Akira, who thought that the number of swords was unified with 13 swords, uttered "lie !?" and further said "disturbing at the time of partitioning".existStated personal impressions about[66].
  • My favorite types of women are those who get up well and those who care about beauty as they get older. Someone who can do it well when in public[67].. Women with short hair are more confident and firm. I feel like a woman with a core[68]..In the celebrity, "Anna TsuchiyaOr something.Eiko KoikeNamed "Sanmo"characterI like people who are dry and have Shin.It's a person who makes me want to do my best for that person. "[69].. An older woman who takes good care of her. Appearance, I like short hair with clean eyes and teeth[70].TanakaProclaimed to like.
  • TerutsuyoshiAccording to the dialogue withPLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS(Hereinafter "PUBG"),Tamawashi,Chiyo Tairyu, Terutsuyoshi is a "PUBG" companion[71].
  • FavoriteColor Thelight blue..The reason I like light blue is "alwayscalmI want to fight coolly. "[72].
  • As mentioned above, I am not good at white rice (I have never seen rice when I ate it, according to Terutsuyoshi, the same wrestler in the Makuuchi family.[71]) Butcooked riceIs okay, at the winter tour Nogata on December 2019, 12Kashiwa-meshi lunchWas eating[28]..In addition, in the meal in the roompastaTheStaple foodI have to[73]..On the other hand, my favorite food iseggAndTamago kake gohanとBoiled egg TheRegular dietdoing.Mother's handmadeConfectioneryI've been eating sweet omelet like this since I was a kidPuddinglike[74].. In Ishikawa Prefecture's foodNodoro,crablike[27].
  • November 2019 Place ChunichiToyoyamaIn the battle, the first time they didn't hit each other and they were in a mid-waisted posture, and they couldn't stand up. The second time, Enho Akira caught up and they couldn't stand up.audienceAlsoGyojiI was surprised at the meeting, but after the meeting was established, Enho Akira, who wanted to go back to his bosom, started the battle, and Toyoyama turned it around.At the end, Toyoyama struck Enho Akira's body, which was about to jump into his pocket, from above and put soil on it.Of commentaryHanada Torakami"It's not just about going forward. This is also the real thrill of sumo," he summed up his efforts.[75].
  • Enho Akira, who lost the place in May 2019, returned to the room after finishing the efforts of Chiakiraku and said, "Your power is like this now, I will definitely win the next place, so I will die. I'll practice. If you lose, I'll retire. " The July location was worth the blasting and won, avoiding forcing the brothers to retire.[76].
  • January 2019 Place 11th dayShohozanIn the battle, he opened his legs and endured the throw, but in the end he was crushed by a good throw and hit the ring from his hips in a posture like a 180-degree open leg.AbemaTVFormer who served as a commentary forsummary-Mount AsahiI was just impressed, "This soft leg! I can't do it! My leg stretches well."[77].
  • December 2019, 12, localKanazawaConfectionery makerHokuriku ConfectioneryPresented a make-up mawashi featuring the characters of the popular products "Beaver" and "White Shrimp Beaver".[78].
  • Being the lightest wrestler in the Makuuchi as of 2019Sogo/SeibuWas appointed for the 2020 New Year advertisement "Let's turn it over."[79].
  • Designated for 2020 days for the first time from January 1 locationSweepstakesWill be attached.The breakdown is 4 in total in 15 days from 62 companies such as Sogo and Seibu.[80].
  • January 2020 Place Chunichi, a senior in the same town(I.e.It became the first face in the curtain and won by pushing out. He commented on his efforts, saying, "My body moved freely. I don't remember much."[81].
  • As of January 2020, the size of the foot is 1 cm and "If you do your best, you can wear ladies' shoes"[8].
  • 2019 New CoronavirusEnhō Akira is in the midst of refraining from going outpancakeI worked on dishes such as pasta and pasta. On April 2020st, which was the day when the practice of the room was resumed after the end of March 3, he said, "I can do something now. What I can't usually do.study,ReadingSo too.I want you to find something that is good for you, "he advised children who could not go out freely due to the coronavirus epidemic to take on new challenges.[82].. Before September 2020powderFrom spicescurryI came to show the insistence to make[83].
  • Own on November 2020, 11Photojournalism"Enho Akira Burning Small Soldier" has been released[84].
  • 2021March placeIn the case where Hakuho's new coronavirus infection was confirmed before, when he was surrounding Chanko in the room, as mentioned above, Enho Akira, who hates rice, said, "Today's rice smells", but Hakuho said I noticed an abnormality in my sense of smell because I didn't smell it,PCR testIt was said that it was an opportunity to receive[85].
  • In January of the same year, the place was closed due to Hakuho's new coronavirus infection.During the holidays, I watched the sumo wrestling broadcast for the first time after entering the Kakukai, "I was able to watch it like a customer. I thought it was good." I thought there was no such thing. I had to do it to become positive. "[86].
  • In July 2021, he volunteered to serve as the uchideshi of Yokozuna Hakuho, who is going to move forward and backward after six consecutive holidays.[87]..The reason for applying was "I have various thoughts"[38]However, because he is ten cars, Hakuho'sWith Yokozuna ringIt seems that the background was that I could not participate in[87].
  • According to a report in August 2021, he said that he improved his eating habits with the advice of experts, and he also introduced beverages such as tomato juice and amazake that he had never drank before.[88].

Main grades

As of the end of July 2021

Total results

  • Total results: 158 wins, 146 losses, 30 holidays (27 places)
  • Makuuchi results: 61 wins and 74 losses (9 places)
  • Juryo results: 57 wins, 63 losses, 30 break (10 places)

Three awards

  • Skill Award: Once (July 1 location)

Each stage win

  • Third stage victory: 1 time (May 2017 location)
  • First two-stage victory: 1 time (July 2017 location)
  • Introductory victory: 1 time (May 2017 location)

Performance by location

Enho Akira
January place
First place (Tokyo)
March place
Spring place (Osaka)
May place
Summer place (Tokyo)
July place
Nagoya place (Aichi)
September place
Autumn place (Tokyo)
November place
Kyushu Place (Fukuoka)
x(Former sumo)9th piece
10th eastern order
West third row 18th sheet
West Makushita 14th sheet
6th piece
Nishi Juyo 14th piece
6th piece
West Makushita 2th sheet
Nishi Juyo 13th piece
Nishi Juyo 10th piece
/ Reiwa first year)
East Ten Ryo 8th piece
Nishi Juyo 2th piece
West Front 14th
West Front 14th
West Front 11th
West Front 6th
(2nd year of Reiwa)
West Front 5th
4th east front
Infectious disease spread
Canceled due to
6th east front
9th east front
11th east front
(3nd year of Reiwa)
East Ten Ryo 3th piece
Closed[Note 1]
0 – 0 – 15
East Ten Ryo 4th piece
East Juryo first
East Ten Ryo 5th piece
East Ten Ryo 11th piece
Closed[Note 1]
0 – 0 – 15
The numbers in each column areWin-Loss-ClosedIs shown.    Win Retirement Closed Ten cars Makushita
Three awards : Daring=Fighting award,Especially= Distinguished Service Award,Skill= Skill Award Others:★=Venus
Numbered class : Makuuchi - Ten cars - Makushita - Third stage - First two steps - Introduction
Makuuchi rank : Yokozuna - Ozeki - Sekiwaki - summary - Frontal("#Number" is the rank within each place)

Rename history

  • Yuya Enho March 2017 Place --May 3 Place
  • Enho Akira July 2017 Place-

Media appearance

TV program


  • Radio for everyone who loves sumo wrestlers now- (June 2020, 6,NHK Radio First)



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