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⚾ | Koshien participation ... Summer high school baseball Kochi tournament 1st round All games ended 20th match result [Kochi]


To participate in Koshien ... Summer High School Baseball Kochi Tournament Round 1 All Matches End 20th Match Results [Kochi]

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At Kochi Stadium, the 4th seed Kochi Commercial and Ino Commercial will play against each other.

Kochi Agriculture and Yutaka Oka won the summer high school baseball Kochi tournament and the spring baseball field game in Kochi City.The match at Kochi Stadium is with Sukumo Kogyo ... → Continue reading

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Kochi City Kochi Commercial High School

Location of Kochi City Kochi Commercial High School (in Kochi Prefecture)
Kochi City Kochi Commercial High School

Kochi City Kochi Commercial High School(Kochi Shiritsu Kochi Shogyo Kochi)KochiKochiLocated inCity OfCommercial high school..It is the only municipal high school in Kochi prefecture.The nickname is "city quotient", which is derived from the fact that it is the only municipal high school in the prefecture mentioned above.It is widespread in Kochi prefecture.On the other hand, the nickname "Kensho" isKochi Prefectural Ino Commercial High SchoolRefers to.

The baseball club is a strong player (Shikoku Shiko) Is known.Also, at the Student Organization Inside SchoolLaosVolunteer activities called school construction activities.



1898(Meiji 31) Is the predecessor of a simple commercial school established in Obiyamachi, Kochi City.2018(Heisei 30) Celebrated the 120th anniversary of its founding.[1]

Installation course

Full time program

Departments related to commerce (4 departments)

  • Comprehensive Management Course (Special Advance Course / License Course)
  • Social Management Course (International Course / Regional Practice Course)
  • Information Management Department
  • Sports Management Department

Part-time program

Department of Commerce Commercial Department

School motto

"Da capo rebellion"

school song 

"Hotebanri" is written by Masatora Takemura and composed by Sotaro Hirai.It is one of the shortest school songs in Japan.The lyrics are up to number 4.[2]


  • 1898May --Established as a simple commercial school (5 years of training) in Obiyamachi, Kochi City.
  • 1899April --A simple course (4 years of training) is attached under the name of Kochi Commercial High School (5 years of training).
  • 1911April-Moved to Otesuji school building.
  • 1918April-Night school is added.
  • 1929March --Moved to the Obida (Shioe) school building.
  • 1948April-Becomes Kochi City Kochi Commercial High School due to school reform.
  • 1970June --Relocated to the current Otani school building.
  • 1987April --In addition to the commercial department, the information processing department and accounting department are established.
  • 1994April-Abolished the accounting department and established the international economics department.
  • 2003April-Established General Business Department, Information Systems Department, and International Communication Department.
  • 2013April-The full-time commerce department will be reorganized into four departments: General Management Department, Social Management Department, Information Management Department, and Sports Management Department.
  • 2018(Heisei 30) May-Held a ceremony to commemorate the 5th anniversary of the founding and an international exchange ceremony.Laos OfVientianeThe prefectural deputy governor attended.[1]

school event

First semester

  • Entrance ceremony
  • Face-to-face
  • Prefectural high school athletic meet
  • National high school overall

First semester

  • City Commercial Festival (Cultural Festival)
  • City business festival (athletic festival)
  • Harimaya Street Festival
  • Music club subscription concert
  • School excursion

First semester

  • Internship
  • Graduation ceremony

Extracurricular activities

Sports Department

He has won the national tournament in the baseball club and swimming club.

  • Baseball club

 Selection: 14 appearances (1 victory, 2 runners-up)

 Championship: 23 appearances (1 runner-up)

 Meiji Jingu Tournament: 1 participation (1 runner-up)

 National Sports Festival: 11 appearances (2 wins)

  • Basketball club boys
  • Basketball club girls
  • Volleyball club boys
  • Volleyball club girls
  • Table tennis club men and women
  • Soccer club boys

 Championship: 3 appearances

  • Soccer club girls
  • Badminton club men and women
  • Softball club boys
  • Softball club girls
  • Soft tennis club men and women
  • Tennis club boys
  • Tennis club girls
  • Athletics club men and women
  • Kyudo club men and women
  • Swimming club men and women
  • Kendo club men and women

Faculty of Education

  • Music club
  • Calligraphy club
  • Art department
  • Theater department
  • English conversation club
  • Flower arrangement
  • Tea ceremony club
  • Literature department
  • Bookkeeping department
  • Comic art department
  • Youth Penfriend Club
  • Photo Club
  • Home Economics Department
  • Zhusuan / Calculator
  • Word processor
  • Broadcasting department
  • Information processing department
  • Movie club
  • Newspaper department
  • Dance club
  • Light music (club)
  • Go / Shogi (club)
  • Jibie product development and sales promotion (club)


  • Student Organization Inside School

International cooperation

Conducted international cooperation activities to build a school in Laos.

2004(16)-"Social Contribution Award(21st Century Youth Award) ”.[3]

2019(Heisei 31-First year of Reiwa)-"Commendation for Foreign Minister in the first year of ReiwaWas awarded.[4][5][6]The reason for the award is that it contributed to the promotion of mutual understanding between Japan and Laos.[5][7]

Prominent graduates






Directions and Parking


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